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I haven't played Rifts in years and the world has gotten much larger. Was thinking about getting back into it but I have no idea what occ/rcc to play.

What are some of your favorites classes to play as and why? Just trying to get ideas.

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Depends on what part of the world the game is in. The power level and appropriate themes vary wildly.

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I would be joining an on going game but not sure what exactly they are doing. Haven't gamed with the group in some time and thought about just a surprise visit and having a character ready to go.

That said, and knowing the GM and group, they are probably running a pretty high powered game. So I am sure short of something absolutely insane there wouldn't be much issue playing whatever I wanted.

Figure if anything I would roll up or so characters of varying power and see what fits best.

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Be a Rogue Scholar, laugh as you get a bounty on your head higher then that of all the combat monsters combined.

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RUE Operator, be the richest by being the only one able to fix shit.

Also, fuck yes, character creation day for new Rifts game tomorrow.

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