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Hello elegan/tg/entlemen. Today I started drawing some new female 40k mascot characters in the draw thread and I would like you to help come up with names for them.

One is a Sister of Battle and the other is a Tau. The SoB tries to be stoic but is easily embarrassed. The Tau is outgoing and flirtatious, and may have a schoolgirl crush on the SoB (but they are not necessarily les). That is about all I have for now. I'd like to see what you can come up with.

And remember, the main goal here is for them to be cute and sexy.

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Please stop.

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I agree.
I like the art though, keep drawing.

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This. You are obviously an artist, not a writer.

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And this is why we're loosing drawfriends on /tg/: every time someone so much as think about mentioning something that's non 40k canon, they get bitched out.

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Cleopatra and Obnok

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It's not so much because it's "not 40K Canon." It's more "This idea has been done to death 5 times over."

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It's not that it's just... well just because we are space/fantasy /u/ doesn't mean we have to be so blatant about it. We already have a lot of lesbian OC.

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I disagree.

While they probably didn't need their own thread, op was a good sport in the drawthread and I think we should encourage that.

As for names, I would likely go for something punny like Sister Sasha and Shas'La Si'Sterr. Weak, I know, but its late here.

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Generic and Mcnoonecares

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W-Well I liked it, op...

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I like Cleopatra, its nice name for a Sister.

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Guilty as charged.

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Pick up your spaghetti and get out.

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Please keep drawing for /tg/! I like your style, but maybe you should stick to either requests, or your own take on the OCs we already have.
Or, fuck it, just draw whatever man.

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Clearly, the only way 40kids will be satisfied, OP, is if you draw the manliest man ever to be a man and have him wearing the manliest amount of hats and pauldrons possible.

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>sad face
>white knight urges kicking in
>must... resist...
...Admittedly, you are just kind of late, you know? I mean like I said in >>26345619 we already have a lot of lesbians... actually how many lesbians do we have? Has anyone been keeping count?

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Is it bad that I would actually like that?

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Which is bullshit, since everyone was clamoring for more of them in the drawthread. The way I see it, it was incredibly polite of him to split off and do his own thing instead of clogging up the drawthread with his own little cutesy characters.

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It's probably because the drawthread is full of faggots and all the people that saw this thread weren't in the drawthread because all those faggots are still in the drawthread.

I'm sure if it was ANY other divisive topic, he would receive the same kind of abnormally polarized reactions.

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Yes, because I'm sure you'd also want to see a picture of the same dude being femdom'd by Lelith or Boone. Fa/tg/uys aren't hard to read.

@ OP - Carry on with your work. Ignore the idiots. I for one welcome our new rage-inducing Tau-chan.


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Obnok isn't much of a tau name, but I do like Cleo.

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Well he's got balls that's for sure.

You know... considering /tg/'s typical reaction to these... types of things...

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>how many lesbians do we have?
-Cultist X Random SoB, but I don't think that really counts.
-Maybe Raege
-Xeno, though she denies it
-These two unnamed lesbos pictured to the left
-The was that one Vaedrisa x Blue fapfic, but it was noncanon and that was more of Vaedrisas misplaced ork lust than actual lesbianism
Not that many, really. /tg/ is more about sappy hetero relationships than lesbians, like LCB, Octavia and the Commissar, Eversor x Daemonette, Techpriest x SoB, Soldier and the Witch, and now that recent writefaggotry about the Techpriest and the Psyker.

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You made the Blue Xeno CRY!!!

Bighat Mc'Paludron?
...Fucking HATE that guy...

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...asking for more?

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Blueberry? Met with acceptance..?

What the fuck /tg/. You dropped the ball.

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More blueberries plz.

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I do like Cleo as a name for a Sister, but this one doesn't look like much of a Cleopatra...

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Only sperglords flip out over blueberries.

I love it when they try to say they're non-canon.

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i laughed way harder at this than it probably deserved. good show, sir.

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I know right, another good one is Chaos Sororitas!

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I like these, OP, but I can offer no advice.

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This thread isn't for you. You should go back to space marine threads, or what ever the hell you allow yourself to enjoy.
What are you gay?

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40k's fanbase is 85% sperglords....

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>another good one is Chaos Sororitas!
Most people just roll their eyes at that one since its so fucking overdone, not because its noncanon. Also because you personally are an abrasive cuntflap.

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Sister Vera and Shas'ui Whitemane. She outranks the SoB.

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I like it, OP. Draw more and ignore fart commanders.

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But muh miriel

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Dont really like it. And I think theres a WoW character named that to boot.
Chill, dude, op just wanted names.

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Leave them, nameless because another blueberry and generic sister will take their place in a week or so.

The cancer has no brakes.

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Love you too Anon!

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Haha time to draw my male Brother of Battle wearing a corset making out with a male fire warrior!

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Fio'El Ma'ri the Earth Caste engineer and her Gue assistant, Yuki. I should know, I concieved these two. Also they're not lesbians. Ma'ri has the hots for a Fire Warrior (I've yet to name) that can never be quenched (being different castes and all), and Yuki is too interested in the junky drone Ma'ri owns and her own crazy blueprints to notice anyone.

I had some writefaggotry planned... but got too busy with RL crap.

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I know. I wasn't pissed at him, I'm tired of people going batshit over things not going along with lore.

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Like I said, its got grounds in canon, but its so fucking annoying that /tg/ is so creatively bankrupt that the only way they can think to spice up Sisters is HURR DURR KAYOSS

Onto the topic at hand, maybe Sister Veritas? And does anyone have that sheet of Tau to Gothic translations?

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> /tg/ is more about sappy hetero relationships than lesbians

I could have sworn we had a thread about a setting where we were all yuri lolis not too long ago.

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Eh, its pretty, but come on. Forcing characters?

I always thought that the best kind of board characters come from those inspirational, bizarre pieces rather than starting with a planned idea and working from that.
It seems to cheapen the idea of an OC board-related character to have them be deliberately designed rather than created through the spasmodic thoughts of many Anons.

That said, I dunno.
Sister Clarence and Shau'o O'kovos maybe?

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Shas' something for the blueberry, some generic white-sounding name for the Sister: leaning towards old Germanic names, Latin names, or Greek names.

Also, consider bringing the armor on that sister up to the neck. It's supposed to seal at the top when the helmet is on.

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You may have conceived them and given them romances, but /tg/ already yuri shipped them. No going back from that.

>> No.26346250

They get shipped anyway.

>> No.26346258

>Forcing characters?
Not really forcing them, seeing as /tg/ was asking for more in a different thread.

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I accept this sad fact... and will modify accordingly. For if one doesn't adapt one loses sight of the Greater Good.

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I was talking in regards to 40K. Questfags are all about yuri. And /tg/ has plenty of lesbian cheesecake, but few reoccurring lesbian characters if that makes sense

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No offense to this guy
But this
Actually sounds more interesting.

I'm sick of endless lesbianism between random SoB and female T'au. How about a pair of Gay characters.

To be uncreative, a Human Guardsman and a T'au Earthcaste member.
Hell, an underworld Ganger on one of those hive worlds the Tau 'control' and a water caste diplomate maybe.

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Also I said that in my last posting as a joke... I'm not TIDF.. he's a assmunching over-rustled weirdo.

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>I'm sick of endless lesbianism between random SoB and female T'au
I'm not. Fuck off and find your own drawfag, faggot. If you didn't like this one, you have no reason to be here.

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>sad fact
I-if you don't like it... it's okay. it- it's not like we are forcing you or anything...
whats wrong with lesbians?...

>> No.26346340

>but its so fucking annoying that /tg/ is so creatively bankrupt that the only way they can think to spice up Sisters is HURR DURR KAYOSS
Now to be fair, I had realise how overdone Sisters turned to Chaos could come off, but at the time I was actually suggesting a twisted mockery of the Sororitas created by the Chaos Cults.

>Onto the topic at hand, maybe Sister Veritas?
Veritas sounds good...

Oh goddess that's horrifying...

...Being stuck as a Loli, eeuuuuhhh...

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>female T'au
Gee, I didn't know planets could be female.


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Please don't try to make this thread about you.

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But... lesbians are gay.

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>the Blue Xeno
Thats not a Blue-Xeno. THIS, is a Blue-Xeno.

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Nothing, really, just I gotta change my story up now... at least once Ma'ri and Yuki accept what is going to happen to them at some point, they'll need each other to survive.

Namely a really nasty way Tzeench himself gets rid of them and their compatriots. By sending them to an alternate Earth in the 21st Century.

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Like I implied earlier, I don't really see them as being lesbians, although the Tau is very curious about the SoB, which may manifest itself as a school girl crush.

It's all really an excuse plot to draw sexy pictures of them, and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Also, I like the name Cleo. It actually seems like a good fit for the Tau, but I m not sure how fluff-friendly that would be. Not that fluff is important when it comes to Moe characters in 40k...

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>doesn't want to be the little girl

This is one of those bait thingimajigs everybody talks about, right?

>> No.26346401

Isn't T'au that correct spelling of the name of their species, rather than the planet itself?

God forbid we have something other than endless 'SoB+Tau 4eva" art.
That said, its actually quite good.

>> No.26346416

>endless 'SoB+Tau 4eva" art.
There is actually next to no SoB x Tau girl art. Trust me, Ive checked. Several times.

>> No.26346417

"Dick in butt" gay, not "Clit in Touch" gay.

>> No.26346438

Gau is gay, faggot.

>> No.26346448

But I don't!
Little girl toys SUCK for the most part...
...No freaking articulation...
What the hell am I suppose to do with a Horse STATUE?!?!

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I have an idea for this. Have them stuck on some far backwater planet, having to learn to survive by trusting each other and assisting where the other has a hole in their skills.

Over time, their armor becomes dilapidated from no maintenance, so they have to make do with a old 3D printer they found that can only make school uniforms (it was a academy ship from before the dark age of technology) and they use that to give them selves some modesty.

In the end the Sister learns to accept the Tau, and the Tau understands the Gue. This in turn awakens some latent Lesbianism with the two and the next thing you know.. BAM.

Luckily the Tau find them first, and bring the Sister into the Greater good and congratualte the Tau on bringing a Zealot to her senses.

Thus their adventures REALLY begin.

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I swore there was an endless supply of it. Maybe I'm just confusing it with basic female Tau porn.

Same thing, just with more dicks really.

>> No.26346482


Man I wish I could hug Katia.

>> No.26346490

>Maybe I'm just confusing it with basic female Tau porn.
Most likely. Which still isnt anywhere near the amount of Imperium cheesecake.

>> No.26346495

Shit, I feel bad for that warthog

>> No.26346525

Nigga, you don't touch another man's Fruity Pebbles.

>> No.26346527


Clearly, the only solution is to make aforementioned retardedly manly man gangbang clones of himself.

Oh sorry, that's 40k in general.

>> No.26346541

I don't. Mean-hearted little bastards.

>> No.26346548

>I m not sure how fluff-friendly that would be.
Just make her name something like Klee'Oa but the SoB always mispronounces it as Cleo.

>> No.26346554

Let's not start this here anon. Just remember the title of the story, and that it takes place roughly a week before the oblivion crisis. There is nothing to worry about. Just keep telling yourself that.

>> No.26346563

Its mostly implied. Besides, whats wrong with having a male set of gay characters?

>> No.26346614


Two wrongs don't make a right. Just because somebody called you out on your creepy neckbeard sexlust doesn't mean everyone's a homo.

>> No.26346636

Nothing, in a vacuum. It's just I'm not into it.

>> No.26346656

Nothing, but this isnt a thread for that. Go write some Leman Russ/LionEl Johnson slashfiction if thats your thing, but do it in another thread

>> No.26346667


I like the suggestions I'm seeing so far.

Even if no-one cares in a week, it's still fun to draw cute girls and come up with names and personalities for them.

>> No.26346696

>Even if no-one cares in a week
I doubt that will happen if you keep drawing cutesy pictures of them.

People still talk about Marcia, after all.

>> No.26346773

Have you chosen a name for the SoB yet?

>> No.26346966


It's great that you're sticking around. Not to badger you or anything, but we could use a drawfriend over @ >>26338629

I don't know what's funnier, the fact that you replied to that, or did the exact same thing you called him out on.

>> No.26347349

I'm 12 and what is this

>> No.26347402

prequel adventure

Look it up.

>> No.26347595

You could call the Tau Be'a Ta and the Sister Maria.
Can't say they aren't tempting.

>> No.26347604

The most irritating part about it is that if Sisters show up at all in any piece of 40gay fiction it's to either be shit on by other factions or turned into KAYOSS goons for teh lulz. EVERYONE does that shit like no one realizes how fucking overdone it is. They ALWAYS fall. It's ALWAYS to fucking Slannesh. Then they do nothing but rape and orgy. Fucking neckbeards.

You know what would be more interesting? Sisters caught between faith and orders. Purge this temple of worshipers because the deacon told your Prioress that these guys were heretics but on investigation really aren't at all and he just wants their shit. Now the Prioress has to decide between doing the right thing and doing what she's told by one who should be doing the right thing.She can't outright execute him she has no proof. She can't outright disobey him because he's still a Deacon.

That would be interesting. Not generic convent of sisters gets possessed and raped by slanneshi demons for 40 pages part 3829

>> No.26347613

I am currently leaning towards Sister Astrid. As far as my Google results are aware, it's not taken.

>> No.26347630

I like it. Its kinda stuffy and old fashioned, like she tries to be.

>> No.26347635

Any reason she has Marine pauldrons and backpack?

>> No.26347643


This sounds like either the beginning of falling to Tzeentch, or going on a murderous purge ala Khorne.

>> No.26347680

Marcia has character and has yet to be dicked which drives blue ball /tg/ insane.
>She gets less then Macha for goodness sake
>mfw some heretic on here wrote Macha getting some from straight shota
Shamefur dispray

>> No.26347694

>>She gets less then Macha for goodness sake
Not true at all. Macha never got earplay. Also, there are some NSFW pics of her, but I dont want to get banned again.

>> No.26347861 [DELETED] 

Ummm... she doesn't? Because they're clearly not?

>> No.26347896

If they don't look accurate, it's because I should have referenced.

>> No.26347908

Closer to that than to actual SoB armor.

>> No.26347916

Thought so.

>> No.26347923

>that smug look on Titus face

Take me now.

>> No.26347926

I thought he was referring to his own image.

It's two in the morning. It's been a long day.

>> No.26348074

Clearly an administratum mixup.

>> No.26348255

Don't make me dump my Myr folder.

>> No.26348368

>we myr now

>> No.26348399

Wasn't quite sure what the consensus on tau hooves is amongst blueberry fans, so I decided to wing it. I just didn't want her to look like a satyr abomination.

>> No.26348420

Not the Myr I was referring to.

>> No.26348434

Also, I'll be taking a few hours out for sleep. I haven't decided 100% on the tau's name yet, but I am thinking Klee'Oa Whitemane with Cleo as her accidental nickname would work well. Also, Astrid and Cleo sound good together.

>> No.26348473


>> No.26348478

At least the newer models have hooves like this, though not all looking exactly identical.
The pathfinders have more slender hooves

>> No.26348492

No, it weren't

>> No.26348536

Yeh. Twas.

>> No.26348627

Weren't + 1 more than whatever you say.

Ha. There. I win. Pthfthfhthfp.

>> No.26348637

myr are kawaii nigga

>> No.26348715

While the schoolgirl uniforms and rampant lesbianism may be a bit much, I do like the idea that they got stranded somewhere and that's how they became friends. If was a lush uninhabited tropical world, I can think of plenty of fanservicey situations to draw them in.

Goodnight y'all. Hope this thread is still here when I wake up, but if not I'll either start a new one or be in the draw thread.

>> No.26348719


Sorry to ruin your party anon, but 2 out of 5 of my Fallen Sisters are tzeenetchi. And one got Rubricae'd, but that's another story.

Also, keep it up OP. I like them a lot.

>> No.26348734

Meh. I prefer Chem-chan and whatsherface the Tau.

>> No.26348824

dont be a pussy and post them

>> No.26348851

Or he could upload them somewhere else and link them.

>> No.26349256



>> No.26349336

They are not canon.

Been confirmed that the Imperials can't tell female and male Tau apart even without their armor on. So that's that.

>> No.26349354

T'au is the planet.

Tau is the race.

Got it? Good.

>> No.26349373

Slaanesh has a monopoly on boobs.

Deal with it.

>> No.26349471


>> No.26349542

those pants make no sense!

>> No.26349569

It wouldn't be a good fit for them.
I think he was just joking about how Cléophée cannot be a BATTLE SUSTER but that's a whole different thing.

>> No.26349585


>> No.26349593

All Tau look the same from the same Caste look the same.

>> No.26349597

>And one got Rubricae'd

>> No.26349611

That's totally wrong, though.
Blue and Xeno don't look the exact same, for example. TRQ and Por'ui K'tadie don't look the same. Shadowtsun and Party Tau don't look the same.

>> No.26349622

Please not Cléo, it's goingt to create a lot of confusion and it doesn't sound tau.

>> No.26349635

>arr rook same
It makes so much sense now.

>> No.26349638


>> No.26349705


Yes, fuck those shitty writers, both BL and fanfics! They cannot write our heroic nuns properly or well!

And speaking of your caught between faith and orders thing, you basically described Sister Miriya from James Swallow's SoB books. Highly recommend picking them up if you like Sisters, he writes them very well.

>> No.26349716

I didn't realize it was taken. I will reconsider some of the other suggestions.

Also, can anyone think of a Tau sounding name that could have a cutesy nickname? I think something like that would be good.

>> No.26349741

Well right now your tau girl is the spitting image of O'shaserra, only much less tsundere.

>> No.26349745

and blond except of red-haired

>> No.26349939

Just something with two syllables like Sa'chi or Ni'zu or Mi'ko.

>> No.26350055


Yeah, her. How many tau sex bunnies are we up to at this point? There's shlicktau, race queen tau, the original pic of Shadowsun being tsundere, Fuc'Myr and Do'Myr, Xeno...

>> No.26350076

You're forgetting Fap Tau.

>> No.26350086


Fap tau is a male Fire Warrior with a grotesquely misshapen right hand. He doesn't qualify.

>> No.26350088 [DELETED] 

Earth Caste:
>Sar'A Ker'Gan
>TIDF's little sister
>Party Tau

Fire caste:
>Fuk'Myr and Do'Myr
>Hueg tau

Water Caste:
>Tau Race Queen
>Survey Tau
>Por'Ui K'Tadie
>That one tall redhead diplomat

>> No.26350091

>How many tau sex bunnies are we up to at this point?
Too many.

>> No.26350100

Earth Caste:
>Sar'A Ker'Gan
>TIDF's little sister
>Party Tau

Fire caste:
>Fuk'Myr and Do'Myr
>Hueg tau

Water Caste:
>Tau Race Queen
>Survey Tau
>Por'Ui K'Tadie
>That one tall redhead diplomat


>> No.26350121


No air caste on this list. Hmm.

>> No.26350135

or ethereal

>> No.26350143

>TIDF's little sister

Wasn't he like Water or Ethereal?

>> No.26350145

Hey let's not forget Torchstar!

>> No.26350148

thank god for that

>> No.26350163

No. That's the joke.

>> No.26350165

You don't like monk girls?

>> No.26350179

No, as a matter of fact I don't.

>> No.26350212


>> No.26350214

not if they look like this

>you may guess wich one is the ethereal

>> No.26350229

They don't look like this.

Look at Aun'shi and the rest of the Ethereal Caste. They are more fit than the rest of the Castes and more physically stronger. Also they know Tau'Fo!

>> No.26350248

Fuck you, he's beautiful. Fuck you and your sexist bullcrap!

I demand that Fap Tau be recognised as the sex bunny that he is THIS INSTANT, or I will use my GW connections to have the Tau nerfed by Robin Cruddance himself. I am serious.

>> No.26350271

Tau already got a Codex.

Your threats are empty. Faptau will be cast into obscurity as punishment for your insolence.

>> No.26350277

I have to agree with this guy, faptau is one sexy motherfucker.

>> No.26350279

twas a joke my friend

>> No.26350286

>And remember, the main goal here is for them to be cute and sexy.
Well there's only one solution here.
Make them both wear diapers and argue about whose diapers are the best

>> No.26350289

A joke that many believe to be true.

I want my sexy blue skinned monks now, please!

>> No.26350300

>more physically stronger
>not more physically strong
>or just simply physically stronger

>> No.26350308


>> No.26350310

Now I want to go fap to alien porn...

>> No.26350331

here's one

>> No.26350334


>> No.26350376

Yes! You are the one sane person in this thread, it seems.

You underestimate the power of The Cruddance. Such is his power that he could easily release a second 6e Tau book.

I am very close to homing GW and telling them to let slip the Cruddance of nerfing. Accept Fap Tau as the beautiful, sexual object that he is or see your precious blueberries nerfed into oblivion.

>> No.26350401

Joke? What's the joke?

>> No.26350414

That he claims to be a water caste ambassador when he's actually a Gue'la adopted by an Earth Caste family like a bunch of yuppies would adopt a Nigerian child to make themselves look good.

>> No.26350446

Might as well request it... These two lesbians making out. Which means for SFW here... lots of kissing and Ma'ri taking Yuki's coat off. (She's wearing a machine interface suit underneath... sort of the Tau version of a plugsuit when someone doesn't have cyberware implants to control a machine.)

>> No.26350609

Taus do happen to have implants to control battlesuits.

>> No.26350629

Gue'vesa aren't authorized for those implants.

>> No.26350650

Earth Castes aren't either, but in the Enclave they are allowed to pilot suits.

Make your characters members of the Enclave.

>> No.26350685

So... humans in the Enclave are given access to the greatest weapons known to the Tau?

Crazy... but when you're in a desperate struggle against the known universe you've gotta work with what you got.

Alright, Yuki is wearing a standard Crisis Suit Pilotsuit under her coat. She's Ma'ri's most trusted test pilot partner.

Their love is forbidden in the Empire, but in the Enclave they have their freedom.

>> No.26350740

You didn't before?

How can you have spent any time on /tg/ and not had this urge?

>> No.26350748

The Enclave is soldier's without galactic borders after all.

>> No.26350782

So... Farsight is Snake?

>> No.26350807


>> No.26350915

Exactly. Since they're not pants..

>> No.26350939

>Their love is forbidden in the Empire
Inter cast reproduction is, but inter-cast/interracial love and sex ?

>> No.26350945


>> No.26350974

That's like double forbidden

>> No.26350981


Shit, jeanstealer. Haven't seen her in ages.

>> No.26351003

Well those briefs make no sense anyway.

Those do >>26350740

>> No.26351007

"Yuki! Where is that report of that last test fight of that XV-9 variant I asked for yesterday?!?" Ma'ri shouted. She knew Yuki was notorious for sleeping in. Then again, most days she tolerated it as Yuki was the best test pilot she's seen. Having needed to fly a few times in combat herself, Ma'ri has learned a few things but she isn't like her commander Shas'O'Markai.

Yuki stumbled in, her lab coat over her shoulders with her red pilot suit still on from yesterday's test-run.

"I actually... *yawn* still have it on my data chip here... I was writing it in my sleep."

"Oh right... that one implant lets you do that... how efficient." Ma'ri said, caressing Yuki's face.

Ma'ri, with what she was doing right now in the empire was illegal, one act that in the Empire would get you into a Etherial-run re-education camp. But here in the enclave...

She kissed Yuki square on the lips. "Good morning, kid. Breakfast is waiting." Ma'ri eyes shone with her effection towards her best pilot... although this didn't serve her well as Yuki would make a brilliant combat pilot... particularly in the custom XV-9 their cell stole last week from a damaged Tau cargo ship that drifted into the Enclave.

"Thanks... Ma'ri." Yuki said, her white hair kept short for ease of wearing her helmet. She was rescued from a outlying Schola Progenum facility that was ransacked by Orks. She wasn't indoctrinated fully into the mad zealotry of the Imperium. "Although your cooking needs practice."

Yuki was also the better cook of the pair...

>> No.26351013

Being IG is suffering.

>> No.26351019

>Forgetting eldar
Looks like there seems to be a loophole. Time for some farseer-assassin sexy times now.

>> No.26351050


What do you mean, forgetting? There's a banshee right there.

>> No.26351081

I uh, I don't know how to breal this to you.
But there is an eldar in that pic.
I'm sorry

>> No.26351091


Obviously, this man is a true servant of the Emperor! The xenos ass is invisible to him!

>> No.26351120

The Eldar are like The Silence. You forget they're there. That is how they kill you. Best thing to do before they get their perception filters going... park one between their dandelion eating eyes.

>> No.26351131

only the eldar one.
tau and jeanstealer are still visible

>> No.26351811

If OP gets tired about bitching, your presence will be always appreciated at /d/

>> No.26352107

I got this.

>> No.26352122

> Implying theres ever enough Yuri

>> No.26352127

I actually thought it was pretty dumb since Chem-chan was Tank Girl 40K and Schlicktau was never supposed to get any.

>> No.26352128

Woops looks like I indeed cannot percieve blatant eldar booty.
>mfw I am blind to heresy

>> No.26352139 [SPOILER] 

Indeed. Posting most best and lewd Yuri ever.

>> No.26352157

Which is why so many go Guevesa.

>> No.26352195

Better than anything I could ever draw. Kudos.

>> No.26352197

> Earth caste is the definition of physical perfection

B-but... I'm s... supposed to hate the x-xenos, r-right?

>> No.26352207

> muh dick

>> No.26352218

I didnt draw it. The guy who did that sketchy Taubuster comic did. I wish he would come back...

>> No.26352224

>Nuclear launch detected

>> No.26352245

> you will never cuddle your Earth Caste waifu

I could just imagine some IG crying themself to sleep because of this. Make said IG an awkward woman for added /u/

>> No.26352272

Even orks know to loot dem hips!

>> No.26352292

> your earth caste waifu will never sit on your shoulders

Though her hips would be wider than my shoulders...

>> No.26352312

Is this an actual thing or what?

>> No.26352321

>you will never rest your head on the massive pillow of your Earth Caste waifu's thighs while she gently hums you the rustic, cozy song of her people
No wonder tau are so good at diplomacy.

>> No.26352336

You mean you don't know about Blue, da blue grot? Man, that means you dont know about the Scraplootas. Or Mr. Squig. Or Threegrot. Or Boris. Oh shit! You don't know about Boris!

>> No.26352346

How hard would it be to defect and join the tau?

Are Tau and Human's even sexually compatible?

>> No.26352359

Shas'El'Rly: Remember dat time we were killin' dem 'nids up over in the Raelis sector? Man... you my Gue'la.

Private Phyle: Shit Xeno... we wrecked their shit good.

El'Rly: Don't go full Gue on me now.

>> No.26352363

Nottau is Besttau!

>> No.26352368

Honestly, this isn't one bit worse than the shit /tg/ usually writes these days.

God, I became a grumpy old man at the age of 22. The internet accelerates ageing. Alert the press.

>> No.26352381


You mean /u/. Unless, you know...

>> No.26352440


Does this even matter?

>> No.26352472

The last one, the grey one never. All the other ones I would take toa nice dinner, to the movies, the park, to kill some IG, conquer the xenophobic humans. Make her proud.

I would, be a dutiful human Tau, i would serve my caste with honor. I am a part of the whole, i am playing with advance tech. And i am not stuck with a dead would be god.

>> No.26352484

> awkward female member of an IG vehicle crew (so she can relate with earth caste)
> found herself madly in love with an Earth Caste she saw while scouting a tau base
> too awkward, beta, and commissar fearing to try anything at getting with that perfect EC body

Sounds on par with what we normally write when it comes to /u/

>> No.26352491

>How hard would it be to defect and join the tau?
As hard as it would be to hitch a ride into tau space.
>Are Tau and Human's even sexually compatible?
They have vaginas on their faces, at least. Just hope you don't get stuck with a Fire Caste. They could probably snap your neck with their thighs in the heat of the moment.

>> No.26352505

Best death ever..?

>> No.26352525

Best death ever.

>> No.26352528


Well with the Tau you are important in the empire you are not.. Why are we not jumping onto the Tau bandwagon again? I mean human psykers could advance the tau warp abilities and then the empire would be crushed under the boot of SCIENCE.

>> No.26352530

If not, its definitely far up there.

>> No.26352544

>I mean human psykers could advance the tau warp abilities
They already have telekinetic pancake bears for that.

>> No.26352578

> tfw no domme fire caste waifu

>> No.26352602



Mate I think you had one too many beers.

>> No.26352613

They are real bro. I agree it's retarded.

>> No.26352624

> There will never be a table top model of this

>> No.26352654

Nicassr. Nomadic, telekinetic flatbears that help with Tau spacefaring

>> No.26352668


Well i still still be ok as long as I get an earth caste waifu I will go against the empire. Hell I would deliver the killing blow to the emperor himself if she asks me to.

>> No.26352680

Shit that's hilarious.
another reason to join the tau, the psychic flatbears.
can this get any better?

>> No.26352730

I know.

>> No.26352737

all tau girls are submissive.

>> No.26352760


Farseers have been done ad nausium, Needs more Howling Banshee, Striking Scorpion, and stalker yandere Warp Spider girls.

>> No.26352770

Forcing memes never goes over well on any board.

>> No.26352784

"your OC is a forced meme" is a forced meme.

>> No.26352827

>ad nausium
>per say

>> No.26352830

Any potential relationships with tau women just got significantly more awkward.

>> No.26352836

Torchstar aint.

>> No.26352849


Shas'ui Ha'nay Whitemane aka "Annie"?


Keep an eye open anon, for I like the stalker Warp Spiderette idea.


Why no love for our Aspect Girls?

>> No.26352853

Yes she is, she offered herself body and soul to Farsight along with a ton of battlesuits, that's devotion.

>> No.26352876

Because there's no room for characterization and design with aspect girls.

What the fuck do you find attractive about a girl with a huge unwieldy backpack and a goofy, ugly mask?

>> No.26352888

> be sub
> there will never be a domme waifu for you

Not even in the world of fantasy will you find your perfect woman

>> No.26352923 [DELETED] 

Tau diapers are the best! They're engineered by superior technicians to be both perfectly comfortable and absorbent.

>> No.26352946


Same way you add characterization for a Space Marine, or a Sister of Battle. History, experience, situations that aren't killmaimburn, etc.

>> No.26353007

Space Marines still turn out as cold robots in most cases though.

>> No.26353022

Just don't listen to the Imperium propaganda, fool.

>> No.26353065


Not always, though yes, mostly they're killing machines and nothing more. It tends to take a lot of shit to make a Space Marine nostalgic, or even acting in an emotion other than anger.

>> No.26353082

Tau troll? That's one of the Myr sisters.

>> No.26353113

Just had a heretical idea of Egyptian styled Sisters.
I will probably post this in a seperate thread in a couple of hours (goin out) but thought I would plant the seeds.

>> No.26353130

We already dealt with that: ethnicity-based battle sisters always turn less flavorful than the already-existic ethnic armies.

You need to base them off fetishes.

>> No.26353158


Who said she always have to wear the helmet? And/or the backpack?

>> No.26353159


I was specifically talking about cute things in 'fantastic' situations, still being cute...

>> No.26353196


> Base them off fetishes

I thought that was with Death Cults, not Sisters of Battle.

>> No.26353197

you, because you wanted her to be a warp spider and those are the tools of their trade. Along with the ridiculous gun.

>> No.26353202

Oh god, so something like this as a Sister?

Ordo Pneumatica?

>> No.26353205

You thought wrong: BOTH are John Blanche's fetishes given official canonicity.

>> No.26353217

No because using the term "Ordo somethinglatin" is not something battle sisters do, it's something inquisitors do.

>> No.26353257

I'm pretty sure every blueberry exists solely to troll Imperials.

>> No.26353265

>You need to base them off fetishes.
But brown IS my fetish!

>> No.26353273


So what would they be called then? Also not sure on which sort of planet... either a low-pressure world (making the suit a pressure suit) or a water planet (giving them a suit that can become buoyant when deployed out of the back of a flying vehicle or surface ship).

>> No.26353286

The Order of Dobson’s Brows.

>> No.26353298

Isn't that all of 40K?

>> No.26353325


Ok then, what if I give her only the armor and a shrunken backpack? It would be enough warp-spiderish imho.

>> No.26353337 [DELETED] 

Order of the Flowery Euphemism.

For example, diaper-themed battle sisters would be the Order of the Untainted Cloth.

>> No.26353345

But it would still be mediocre and not attracitve, what the fuck do you find sexy about warp spiders in general?

>> No.26353348

>Sister of BJs

I know what it means but there was still probably a better way to phrase that.

>> No.26353352

Man, I just want to go back to op drawing cute SoB on Tau girl stuff.

>> No.26353360


>> No.26353364

I'd taste her pie of you know what I mean....

>> No.26353376


Order of the Bouyant Spirit
Hailing from a water planet, these sisters excel in naval and aquatic combat, unfortunately Tzeench cursed their order with the inability to swim, so special suits were made to allow these sisters to continue their fight, providing the oxygen they need to breathe and the buoyancy they need to keep from sinking at the same time.

>> No.26353394

See? We're getting somewhere.

>> No.26353414

Tzeench doesn't work that way.

Also take it to another thread.

>> No.26353417

Eh, the Order of the Ebon Chalice already exists.

>> No.26353456 [DELETED] 

This thread has been thoroughly hijacked. Trying to knock it back in place won't help. Just makes you look like a buzzkill.

Also... Who would be better to place "The Drowning Curse" on them?

>> No.26353464

Not canon at the moment. Every new release introduces retcons. All it would take is GW deciding that some cheesecake models would be good for their bottom line, and we'll suddenly have canon blueberries and female space marines.

>> No.26353465

Order of the Martyred Heart is actually a thing /tg/ came up with and thats a picture of them. Basically, batshit insane Aztec Amazons.

>> No.26353477

>This thread has been thoroughly hijacked
Except not, you shitmongering mongoloid. Its mostly been tau cheese discussion and you keep trying to force your shitty inflation fetish on the thread. If anything, you're the buzzkill.

Now fuck off to another thread.

>> No.26353548


And why are you so angry? Oh, wait. You are one of those "40k is srs bsnss" guys, aren't you?

Sweet Emperor use your imagination. There MUST be a girl under that armor.

>> No.26353549

Can /tg/ even agree on what a sexy blueberry looks like? I just get so sick of busty elves that look like humans with pointy ears.

I thought the general conclusion with tau was that they have dem hips and muscular shapely legs with hooves (evoking heels)

>> No.26353558

>mfw I requested that pic ages ago and it keeps getting repoasted

>> No.26353636

No, you fag, I'm a strong advocate for blueberries, but you seem intensely attached to the idea of warp spider chicks as if there was any potential in that idea.
this is pretty much agreed upon

>> No.26353660

You're doing the Greater Good's work, muh gue.
They're pretty much all based on >>26350214, more or less. You'll see some variation, but /tg/ typically tries to keep roughly to those body types.

>> No.26353687

I'd have to say though, that the etherial seems a bit too wrinkly. Young Etherials look damn healthy.

>> No.26353756

Its an old picture. Another thing you might be noticing is not everyone who draws tau cheesecake for /tg/ is entirely familiar with the tau and sometimes /tg/ grabs cheesecake from other sources, leading to more variations on the theme.

>> No.26353770

That's not too bad a drawing find, by the way.

>> No.26353787


Colored version coming through...

>> No.26353797

Its one of the "classier" slices of cheesecake I got.
Many thanks, Ive actually been looking for that.

>> No.26353798

Wait, is this Shliki'tau? Fo a second I thought she was just unbuckling her front armor...

>> No.26353808

>Fo a second I thought she was just unbuckling her front armor...
Well fuck, me too. So much for class.

>> No.26353845

higher resolution version just for you.

>> No.26353853

She could still just be unbuckling that strap thing connected to her front armor. Especially since it looks like the underlay is one skintight bodysuit, so she wouldn't be able to flick her xenobean through the front like that anyways.

>> No.26353854

It's always those darn little details.

>> No.26353867

And then you get stuff like this.

>> No.26353888

So we got a love affair between a Gue and a Earth Caste, lots of lesbian blueberries, and the prospects of half-breeds...

>> No.26353903

Wouldn't she have three xenobeans?

>> No.26353910

>the prospects of half-breeds.
Nobody said anything about that. Like, at all.
We can hope. I'm all for foreign xeno genitals, myself.

>> No.26353916

'Dat Biomass.

>> No.26353928

If you're still here op, please do draw more of those two.

>> No.26353935

>Nobody said anything about that. Like, at all.
Fair enough. Just seemed that way.

>> No.26353937

I'm not familiar with the term "blueberry" with regard to Tau. What's it mean?

>> No.26353953

it means sexy tau girl

>> No.26353966

Slang term for sexy tau girls. I think Mass Effect fans use it on asari, too.

>> No.26353970

It refers to their front ends, to keep it work safe...

>> No.26353977

I doubt that, if they do, it's utterly coincidental.

>> No.26354012

Thanks, broskis.

>> No.26354017

They actually do, but like you said it holds no relation to tau.

>> No.26354025


>> No.26354140


Additionally; I've used the term blueberry as a sort of insult towards the Samsaran character in my Pathfinder group.

>> No.26354383

I won't have much time to draw today I'm afraid, but I wanted to give you guys at least a little something. Astrid's blueberry friend still doesn't have a name, but I'm working on it. It will probably be something Tau sounding with a cutesy nickname.

>> No.26354490

Just gall her Sandi.

>> No.26354550

Shas'La Vior'la Ukos
Literally meaning Pvt. Hot-blooded Spoon. After all, I imagine SoB on Fire Caste spooning would be quite hot blooded.

Or maybe go with Vash'Ya, meaning in between spheres, because we all know which spheres she ends up between.

>> No.26355370

Anymore lewd earth caste pictures?

Also go with Hot-Blooded Spoon

>> No.26355435

Not, but I have the pictures that started it all.

>> No.26355445


>> No.26355460


>> No.26355482

In the name of my Greater Wood, I demand more!

>> No.26355586


>> No.26355606

Now you see why this thread was made.

>> No.26355788

Xeno! Don't be lewd.

>> No.26355869

Given the artist, that would prove difficult.

>> No.26355894


>> No.26355945

I like the 80s glam hair.

>> No.26355964

It looks more like sex hair. THIS is glam hair

>> No.26355983

Xeno cannot into sex. No vagoo.

>> No.26356004

Can we get these two dressed like Japanese schoolgirls?

>> No.26356017

Just stick it in her scarab factory.

>> No.26356055


>> No.26356063

That sounds like a great way to get your dick mangled. Do you have any idea how many moving parts are in there?

>> No.26356090

She can still pretend and give herself sex hair. I imagine she dry humps Weaver all the time.

>> No.26356114


Fucking bring it.

>> No.26356145

I come prepared.

>> No.26356149

Nah, Weaver installed a fleshlight in her crotch and went to be all creepy codependent with a Rogue Trader.

Because Rogue Traders are fucking boss.

>> No.26356181

Obviously, these are individuals who have learned the hard way not to fist android girls.

>> No.26356216

Yeah, but Xeno still wants Weaver’s body so bad she slotted herself into it once.

I also like to image the RT totally knows Weaver is a Necron since her disguise was hastily stitched together from skins stolen from a Flayed One, but he goes along with it so he can brag to all of his other Rogue Trader friends about how he is the first man to bang a necron.

>> No.26356285

that arm is awesome

>> No.26356324

Braver souls than you.

>> No.26356341

Faust is a grammatically female noun in German.
So it would be 'die Arschfaust'.
Although I would think a more specific term would be in order to reflect the nature of the product.
>androidensicherer Variostimulator 'Adamantfaust' (android-proof variable stimulator 'Adamant Fist')

>> No.26356443

She's probably rocking a bit of a Corpse Bride look.

Actually, now I kind of want to hear about Weaver's been up to.

>> No.26356492

>She's probably rocking a bit of a Corpse Bride look.
Franken Fran is probably a better analogy, especially given her cryptek nature.

>> No.26356495

>your Fire Caste Waifu will never softly dominate you through pure over enthusiasm

>> No.26356513

>and then accidentally crush your head in her thighs

>> No.26356580

Worth it!

>> No.26356655

Im sure tau medicine could patch you up well enough for round 2 anyways.

>> No.26356664

Oh easily... and worth it!

>> No.26356690

Especially if thats what you see when you wake up after the medical procedure.

>> No.26356723

Livin the Gue life.jpg

>> No.26356741

I didn't choose the Enclave life, the Enclave life chose me.

>> No.26356760

You'll wonder why you even hesitated to defect from the guard

>> No.26356800

Now I want a picture of some humans and tau doing bodyshots off a blueberry.

>> No.26356812

Why isn't there more fiction of Sisters being badass and purging heretics in the name of the Emperor?
Why isn't their more fiction dealing with the harsh realities of being a badass space nun?!

But how will the Tzeencthian Sisters control their backstabbing urges... or even show signs of corruption since they'd most stay with the Ecclesiarchy while arranging for the Deacon to have an "unfortunate accident?"

As for the other, well...

(Even if it is the guy who's writing this headcanon that Khorne is secretly a women and thus a Bro-tier Sister.)

Clearly we must assist this poor sister in regaining her flesh... or at least get her transformed into some sort of Dust cloud Monster Girl...



I, the seductive Sailor-suited servant of Slaneesh, Sailor NiceDaemonette, shall save you from your EVIL Commissar!


...And that's a problem... how exactly?
Wide hips are all the better for BABIES!!! after all...

Though their are Xeno threads in /d/...

You will be when I get done with you!

But Anon, the Daughters' of Peace need him alive so we can change him into a Woman!
It is the first step in our plan for TOTAL GALACTIC SAPPHIC UTOPIA!!!

>> No.26356831

Stop. This isnt a chaos thread.

>> No.26356884

> Guardsman declared inferior fighter compared to the fire warriors
> kept on the base to be visited by female Tau to keep morale up among them
> your job is to cuddle qt Tau women for psychological reasons

>> No.26356903

I thought you only had to cuddle the Sanctioned Psyker for morale reasons.

>> No.26356952

It won't be much different than your previous job then.

>> No.26356984

Less exploding into daemons or bleeding, screaming walls, I would imagine.

>> No.26356993

Those too.
See, with the Tau it's keeping morlae high. You are like Ianto, just less gay.
For the psykers it's more about psychic stability. They are less likely to fucking explode with their mental fortitude monitored and supported.
So the difference in job description is manslut/manservant as opposed to handler/partner.

>> No.26357009

Tau cuddler confirmed for best job

>> No.26357049

If you are assigned to Fire Caste, you are at risk of cracked ribs/pelvis/skull

If you are assigned to Earth Caste, you are at risk of suffocation under them pillowy, delicious thighs

And Water Caste are just cockteases.

>> No.26357063

And Air/Ethereal?

>> No.26357072

Actually a Earth Caste would figure soe way to give you an uninterruptible oxygen supply. Just so you can enjoy their thighs for hours on end.

>> No.26357118

Air Caste - vertigo and nausea from tantric Zero-G sex all day since Air Caste are biologically adapted to no gravity. Also gradual muscle and bone deterioration on your part.

Ethereals - they just tell you about how good sex with them totally is without ever actually doing anything. At least Water Caste have the decency to give you a lapdance and blue balls, Ethereals just talk at you all day.

>> No.26357126

>If you are assigned to Fire Caste, you are at risk of cracked ribs/pelvis/skull
>If you are assigned to Earth Caste, you are at risk of suffocation under them pillowy, delicious thighs

> implying either of these are that bad

> implying its not problems they can't just fix with Tau medical science

> Implying its not infinitely better than the job hazards of being a Psyker Cuddler

>> No.26357127

Reminds me of an idea I had for Femcron army...
Their Necron Lady was a Queen in life and one of the few whose looks were spared by all the Radiation, so now she and her servants wear Death masks molded after her living face.
Her vanity is such that she goes around collecting females of other races that "complement but do not surpass" her own beauty, often outright lobotomizing the unwilling ones into living Statues...

But what if our Fetish IS Pure-spirited Fighten Nuns with Guns?

Uh, yeah I don't know...
I like Inflation, and 40K does allow some pretty ridiculous things, but inflatable body suits just don't sound like a good idea for combat...

Indoctrinate that Gaunt with the power of BOOBS!


I like my Berries Juicy!

INDEED Robo-Xeno!

Oh you wimp...

...I can make that arm grow a REAL tentacle if you want.
You'll even be able to taste EVERYTHING it picks up!

You act as though Chaos would care...

Isn't Science fantastic?
...Now how does one get in touch with these "Tou?"

>> No.26357153

There already is a canon femcron.

>> No.26357176

>I like Inflation, and 40K does allow some pretty ridiculous things, but inflatable body suits just don't sound like a good idea for combat...

> Sororitas Hospitalas or whatever the medic nuns are called

> Implying they can't have ridiculous chests and plump ass and thighs to make their patients more at ease

> Implying they can't use faith to grow their tits/ass incredibly large at will eliminating the need to bring beds for patients

>> No.26357232

Yes, but is there an ARMY of them?
...Then again, the whole idea falls apart when you realise we'd need to know what a living Necrontyr face actually looked like...

Better, but the problem with Emergency Sororita T&A Beds is that you'd have one stuck in place for every 2-4 patients...

>> No.26357262

What is your deal with that fuckin feminazi bullshit?

>> No.26357410

There can be many Sororitas some of them arent beds , if you have your patient on your breasts you can still tend to them with your arms. The Imperium has tons of people, making and transporting equipment is hard, if you have a woman to serve as beds for up to four people, while herself being comfortably nestled in a cocoon of her ass and breastflesh and shrink back down to her normal size when she doesn't need to be a bed. Each woman saves the medics from needing to make and transport four beds.

>> No.26357435

I still say Tau Cuddler is the sexiest job.

>> No.26357478

>Implying its not infinitely better than the job hazards of being a Psyker Cuddler
I had a picture for this statement, but >>26355146 is currently using it.

>> No.26357626

But does she have dem thighs?

>> No.26357644

I prefer my blueberries with sweet candy vags. Eldar are human-like so I assume they have human-like genitals too.

Demonettes are kind of scary though. I'm pretty sure they have teeth down there, and exoskeletons on their vulvas.

>> No.26357661

It can be weird but still familiar. Like a Y shaped vagina with a clit on each end.

>> No.26357667

Quit being so racist, you know no human can stack up to tau hips.

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