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OIE! boyz! how much dakka.... is right propa dakka?

would itz be... lotz-o-dakka + big dakka x boomy dakka + "oh my zogan gork datz sum big dakka" = propa dakka?

yur thoughts boyz?

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However much this amounts to

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propa dakka = ALL da dakka!

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Dakka isn't just a thing, it's a way of life, a goal to strive for, keep striding forward in search of more dakka, if you ever stop and think you've got enough then you've failed.
You can never have enough dakka

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Dat ain't enuff dakka ya dum git! We'z gotta get some more dakka from da humies! Dem big beakie boyz gots some right propa dakka, and we'z gonna take it for ourselves!

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Da propa amounta dakka is MORE DAKKA!!

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propa dakka is when youz sit bak afta firin' and sez ta yerself "dats some right propa dakka, can I fit more?" Any less, and youz a stoopid git.

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To conquer dakka, you must become dakka

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Who's da dum grot dat ain't painted dis thing red yet?! I told ya lot, da red ones go fasta!

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I just noticed that that thing doesn't actually have all that many guns on it...

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when it inevitably and catastrophically explodes it'll send out a shower of molten hot metal and gubbins over a large area, that's dakka as fuck

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Get outta here ya pointy eared git! You'z sparkly dakka ain't REAL dakka!

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We'z gonna put bombz on da inside, boss. Make it even more BOOM! Hahaha!

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Nah boss, dat's not roight! Roight propa dakka iz wun a dem intanjy bull fings loik 'enuff dakka' an 'standed operatin prosejure'. Wun a dem fings ya just kant get. Itz a fing ta stroide tawardz, ta reach but neva get. Quoite sad, sort of fing.

Anyway, which wun a you ladz wants sum wingz, eh?

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Da problem be, dakka a finite resource. Each time use use it you av less dakka den before. Therefore a state of propa dakka can't be got ya idjits.
Ya always need moar dakka.

Now choppy, dats propa Orky. One Choppa can chop thru at least lotsa gits. Givin ya almost infinite choppy power.

Muh thoughts is; we need ta make choppas into dakka. Den we gots shootas shootin choppas thru lotsa gits, givin us infinite shootin powa.
Maybe strap a rokkit to each choppa too.

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Ya don't need wings when you'z got a big rokkit!

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>thinking choppin' is better than dakka
>get a load of this grot

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What does Fight Juice taste like?

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coconut milk and banoffee

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>we need ta make choppas into dakka. Den we gots shootas shootin choppas thru lotsa gits, givin us infinite shootin powa.
>Maybe strap a rokkit to each choppa too

You'z real smart, boss! We'z gonna start makin' a choppa shoota fer ya!

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soooo ya meanz....DAKKA DAT SHOOTZ CHOPPAZ!!!!?!?!?!?!

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Wif rokkits on da choppas dat da shoota's shootin'!

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...How's this?

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brutal kunin! or kunin brutal!?

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why not both?

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wutz dat fing? iz itz like a shock attack gun?

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Dis ere 'umie's got a gud Choppa shoota. Only problem be dat it shoots fwocka not dakka.

Dese squishy 'umies n dere fwocka, it's just not Orky. Dey shud know dat da path of dakka is da one true path.

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Dakka is a concept on par with things like boobs, or power. You can never have enough, no matter how much you already have. There can always be more dakka.

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Don't be daft! Ya can' fit foinely tuned choppaz onto a rokkit loik ya can wiv wingz!

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This sound effect will never cease to amaze me

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Cuz ya gotta know if ya talkin' ta Gork or Mork.

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Can't? CAN'T! That's 'ummie talk ya git, get it done!

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Ya don't need choppaz on ya rokkit ya dumb git! Ya just crash into 'em and den the whole rokkit goes boom!

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Pretty sure the Necron ''finished Dakka'' when they harnessed all energies of the Universe in their weapons and then unleashed them on the C'tan.

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Don' be a stoopid git, ya stoopid git!

Fwocka iz clearly da sound of da shooty bits turnin' into da choppy bits!

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Oi've alreddy dun it wiv wingz! Git ova 'ere and 'ave ya surjerry!

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>finishing dakka

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add wings to me rokkit' CHOPPY WINGS!

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Ya don't add organic wingz to a rokkit! Ya add rokkits ta organic wingz! Now 'old still, cos Oi forgot ta feed me cutty squig

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while you're at dis can you replace my arms with guns? I am become dakka

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Ever herd of sharp-nal? Da rokkit 'spoldes den da choppas go fast, da faster a choppa goes da choppier it gets.

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Then why is the war between the Tau and Ork is called the War of Dakka instead the War of Pew Pew Zappity Zap?

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because they're Orks not british

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Coz' da Orkz make da dakka.

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CAUZE ORKY DAKKA IZ DA ONLY REAL DAKKA! so it cancels out da grey skin dakka

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Lasers I think...

I don't know, someone challanged me to put even more guns on a space ship then this...

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The Orks were shooting at the Tau with their own plasma and rail weapons. Tau weapons don't make Dakka sounds.


The Orks are so British they shit soccer balls (made outta fungus),

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orks are football hooligans not the refined British gentry who'd use a phrase like " the War of Pew Pew Zappity Zap"

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It ain't about da choppa ya dumb git! It's about da BOOM!

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Wot koinda gunz wud ya loik. Lotz a little dakka, big dakka, shoiny dakka, zzappy dakka, chompy dakka, rokkit dakka, choppy dakka, da list goes on an' on.

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All 'o em, an then double it

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Dis iz gonna cost ya a lotta teef. You got inn sewer antz?

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ork battlestar online.

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Am I the only one who noticed the right, inside, there's a single piece missing?

Is it autism, doctor Teeg?

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Oh that's not missing, Lego Digital Designer just starts derping out when you have that many piece on screen...

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