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Well, current thread is going fine, but will soon ride autosage into the abyss. Let's continue without stopping for the week.
>discuss ERP
>plan ERP games
>never actually start ERP games
>bitch about ERP players

No ERPing in the thread.

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Any stories to share?
I'm in a mood for a good read.

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Gonna share my info again for the new thread. If you don't get an immediate reply, apologies, I'm heading off to a work thing for a few hours.

Anyway! Looking for friendly, semi-reliable partners to play girls from anime or video game series'. I'm looking to play any sort of OC or even canons - I tend to specialize in nerdy or larger perverted males or monster men. I like doing plain average guys too. Watching Free has me interested in playing more fit, athletic types of guys though when possible.

Modern anime and Touhou settings preferred, but I've got a wide range of knowledge if there's a series or girls you'd like to play in particular. I'm pretty vanilla, but also extremely flexible! E-mail me if interested. Looking to buck the trend of poofing partners I've had for awhile now.

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Can we get a brown elf image dump too?

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I've got a few I could share later today if the thread's still up.

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In hindsight, I should have expected that reaction.

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AIM? Skype? Just plain e-mail?

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My main problem with ERP games is, for anything truly long term or sustainable, large numbers simply do not work. GMing a regular roleplay session is not easy, having to craft a story to engage three to five different people's characters while still maintaining a comprehensive and open world.

In an ERP game, it becomes near unsustainable, having to incorporate their individual kinks, and allowing each of them their turn at sexing it up while still progressing the story. Nearly impossible to juggle. If I were to GM another ERP game I think I could handle two, maybe three characters at most.

Though I don't even know where to begin in regards to the campaign.

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I play primarily through AIM. I just like to get the specifics sorted through e-mail first.

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Well, at least brown elves are related to the topic.

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I just wanted to say it's been really nice how polite the last thread was. It's great to see a serious discussion about ERP without the thread being abused or turning to terribleness.

I hope that anybody looking finds what they want, and anybody looking for advice finds that too.

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Well, I might aswell try again in this thread. I'm into /ss/, harems, romance, hyper voluptuous women, impregnation, kisses and cuddles, slutty clothes, worshipping and incest.. Toss me an email if you are interested or something. I had an AIM but it refuses to work for some reason so lets just go with email. I am also sitting in Rizon, nick can be given if interest is there.

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I second this, as I have been pleasantly surprised as well, especially considering how it turned out two months ago...

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You're forgetting about letting players sex up other players. That takes a bit of a load off.

Annd idunno, in erp campaign I'm in there isn't much pressure to have sex all the time and to incorporate it. And neither are the highly personal kink baits.

We /may/ be just a bunch of very undemanding players, but I don't have other examples to compare.

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I want you. Please be in touch once you're man hungry again.

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>says last thread was nice and almost troll free

You just had to to say it out loud, didn't you? This is why we can't have nice things.

On a more upbeat note: Anyone around who ever tried a normal RP campaign (yunno, BBE, grand story arc, the whole jizzle) where erp-encounters were optional although encouraged? How did that turn out?

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I feel as though this is going to end badly for what i'm about to do, but, I was wondering if anyone's at all interested in my f-list character?
I want someone who's...not shit i suppose. In the email field.
If you have any suggestions, those would be loved too, I'm still trying to get used to it and all.

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Oh, er, did you already drop your contact details?

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I am confused.
Seems like "Live with your shame" is sleeping.

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That's why I always go diceless, one-shot, with one partner. Easy, simple, both sides get what they want.

But until I find a girl partner into TF, that last part won't really be true for me.

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Yes. I was the guy who spoilered an F-List link with a cat girl picture.

I'm also this guy though >>26312792

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This is turning out to be a lot of fun.

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Good for you. I wish all of us were so lucky.

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Okay, I'll keep you bookmarked.

Mami just happens to be one of a small handful of personal defaults for me.

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Do you guys have any suggestions for prudes who want to loosen up a bit and give this sort of thing a try?

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No, but feel free to post brown alongside your contributing posts.


The point of group ERP is to play a game as a group, an admittedly sexy game where the encounters are in general different from the usual, and leave the ERP for the downtime between sessions.

If you ask me you should do fine with one or two kinks a session in large, even kinks that doesn't in particular hit someone on the nose.

A session shouldn't just be about rape beasts or something. Imagine a pair of gorgon artist sisters for instance. They spot one of the PCs and offer them a hefty sum of gold if they'd "pose" for an art show. Invite the other PCs to the show, probably at some snooty noble's mansion, where you can do a small scene of some sort but leave everything else out of it. Maybe leave the "art" alone with the PCs if they want to have some fun with it, but save all of that shit for the downtime. If the player doesn't mind, have the gorgons flee the next morning with all of their "art," the PCs going through a small dungeon and finding the artists and their "art" in a compromising position. You know, ADVENTURE.

Point is, in group erp, the e comes later.

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Hey I'm a dom/sub and up for most things. All you gotta do is ask.

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As someone who needed a quite a bit of loosening up, just take it slow and steady and pray you have someone willing to take you hand and be a little patient. I found it works best with someone willing to set up a scenario with the potential for lewdness rather than skipping ahead to INSERT ROD A INTO SLOT B!

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But I don't have any browns. I also don't know how to contribute to an erp with guys that want to erp as little girls.

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Go to F-list, lurk around a bit for a session with a subject you like, and ask to join. Mention you have zilch experience at this. If they agree, read a bit to gauge the group dynamics and then jump in.

Yes, you will probably be terrible, but hey, we all started once...

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I'm the guy who was avatarfagging in the previous thread, aka
I could see you had much more interesting partners lined up. I am not holding up false hopes.

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>Point is, in group erp, the e comes later.
That indeed.
All ERP scenes in campaign I'm in were done after some action
>seducing a pair of NPCs we captured
>having a strategic meeting among ourselves with fucking once we're done with thinking
>consoling in arms of a shota cultist after having our assess kicked by BBEG
(no, not bad GMing, it's our own fault for running into him)
>sexing up the shota again after a cult feast

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Are you a sub? I love playing dominant demon girls, and I have a thing for inexperienced/virginal men. Older prudes are just as fun as naive boys to corrupt.

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I wouldn't say so, no. It really depends on the character, though.

And I'm not really inexperienced, just extremely uptight.

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y-you too

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You've got good taste.

I have a weakness for fluffy anime blonds.

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Forgive me but I have a short term memory. Still, why can't you find anyone?

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I just dont. Everyone either just runs for it before anything happens. Or they get my hopes up for nothing. And considering I have been trying for three years, you might guess it has lot of dissapointments in it.

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>that feeling when your erp partners just timeout halfway through a session you thought was actually really good.

I feel you, Anon. I feel you.

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I will play out your fantasy's for you~

>> No.26313583


That's shitty of them, anon. I stick to #mymagicalrealm myself - oddness aside, it's small and has a lot of regulars, so there's a better chance of people sticking around.

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Can I watch?

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I went there aswell. Found one interested guy. Did the same thing as everyone else. So eh.
Are you teasing me or are you in for it legit? Your kinks seemed lot less vanilla than I am used to. You would be teaching me to like things, most likely.

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M-me too!

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You know what, actually, I'd be willing to try it, if you're interested.

I've got to get out of this mindset somehow.

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I wish I could make it clear to such persons I am far happier with them saying they have to go than vanishing outright. But my guess is they are used to passive aggressive assholes who guilt trip them about it.


What worked for me back in the day was being brought into it by partners more experienced than I. Back when I was 14-15 or so I thought 'erp? eew! Dats gross." Now I enjoy it too much. Halp..

One thing I stress for someone entering the activity is to maintain a sunny, friendly and 'casual' disposition. More than playing a big, bold, burnished-copper skinned Dom I think it's my warm and relaxed demeanor which has brought more success. You catch more flies with honey and all that - never make the person feel like they are obligated to play with you or do passive aggressiveness. If they can't play at that moment even if you are disappointed just be happy: "Aw drat, well I'll catch ya next time!" and such.

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Theres nothing wrong with vanilla! Vanilla is my favourite flavour.

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My favorite flavour is mint chocolate chip.

I wonder what fetish that is.

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Well, how to contact you then? I don't have f-list, so if you prefer that for communication, this will take some time.

>> No.26313700


Yeah, it's always about being nice and seeing what you can do for each other. Both sides need to be happy.

>> No.26313704


if you check my f-list thingy I have two ways to get in contact.


>> No.26313707

That's lucky! All of my fantasies involve inappropriate apostrophe usage.


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No idea.

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I wonder which of those four people you are from Steam. Tried to add you to friends but bones456 is surprisingly common.

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> meet new ERP partner
> promise self they're just going to be there for ERP
> discuss how things went before/after encounter
> become friends
> chat with person just whenever
> never ERP anymore, too busy just hanging out

How do I stop myself from doing this, /tg/?

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There used to be an IRC channel, but it closed down. Can anyone tell me a good place to go for ERP?

>> No.26313812

>be in long-term ERP relationship with chick from RP group that splitt up a while ago.
>get started simply fooling around over msn, sexual innuendo becomes more and more common
>realize one day HOLYFUCK, we share almost all fetishes
>first half year is great, me mostly dom and comming up with scenes, we're having a blast. also become great friends outside of the virtual bedroom
>second half year is still good, but I notice a severe lack of new ideas. at one point pretend to have no internet for two weeks to come up with new stuff. non ERP-conversation grow shorter and shorter.
>third half year is horribly. she says she still likes it, but everything seems fake to me. still try to continue because I don't want to let her down. non ERP-conversations feel incredibly forced and die down.
>fourth half year mostly consists of me comming up with excuses why I can't ERP right now. almost no other conversations, either. I can't bring myself to start chats with her.
>fifth half year is current half year, we're barely talking anymore, she pokes me on facebook from time to time but that's about it

I destroyed something beautifull, /tg/. And I hate myself for it.

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When they start talking, go straight for the dick. If you've done this enough times, eventually you'll find one who'll give it.

Bonus points if you can orchestrate a gangbang for one very frustrated character.

>> No.26313861 [SPOILER] 

An ERP thread on 4chan? Interesting, I am always looking for new partners.

I play single characters. Female. I prefer to play elves, nubian beauties (pic related), or, in rare cases, drow. I have nothing against playing an olive skinned greek priestess type.

I prefer my men to be monsters. Minotaurs, aliens( from Alien) or other insectoid aberrations, illithid-esque (more carnal and bestial, but with the tentacles that go in mouth/ears preferably sexual) creatures are all the ones I particularly enjoy. If that's too weird for you, I can settle for ogres.

I like gangbangs, non-con, light bondage, and excessive semen. I play by email. Let's give the NSA a boner, shall we?

If you're new or want to just try things out, we can keep it tame. If you have a long term idea and you think I would work out for it, let me know. Contact me at the email submitted with this post. Don't feel like you need to be in a rush, I take things slow.

>> No.26313866

I know that feel, did something similar with my erp-mate on WoW.

>> No.26313906


Making friends first and partners second is ideal, I think. I'm still trying to learn how to do this, and that's involved figuring out what I look for in honest-to-goodness friends.

>> No.26313914

It's hard to keep it up in the virtual bedroom.
*Bum bum, tissh*

>> No.26313936

Yes, but I now have *FIVE* friends who started that way. It's getting a little frustrating.

>> No.26313944

problem wasn't keeping it up, problem was comming to a satisfying conclusion.

>> No.26313965

>If that's too weird for you, I can settle for ogres.
This is some internet.

>> No.26313984

Do any of you guys hang out in Omegle for this stuff?

If so, what Interests do you use?

>> No.26313987


Well, definitely ask them for ERP. They won't know what you want until you give them a call to action. You have to be proactive.

>> No.26314006

"roleplay" usually works. also has the advantage of sometimes meeting another grognad who takes you on a magical journey.

sadly, more often than not you will find teenage girls who want emotional erp.

>> No.26314013

I have. And then we get to chatting afterwards, asking how it was and explaining a few absences that happen because real life happens, and then I say hello and ask how they're doing to gauge their mood before suggesting ERP because I'm not a fucking savage who just storms in going SEX NOW, and then boom, friendship.

The worst part is all the people who fall in love with me via this method. No, I don't want another boyfriend. No, you being willing to wait isn't noble

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Tempting, but I've never done this before.

>> No.26314045


>>Teenage girls erping

Oh god.

Oh god no.

Nothing makes you wish you could return to men playing pretend like that.

On the flipside however milfs are ridiculously awesome partners. On top of loving milfs - they are plain awesome


Check your privilege, you cis-civilized scum. Some of us happen to be fucking savages. Or savages fucking.



Well that time is now ogre, and you should give them a whurl.

>> No.26314047


Friendship? AGAIN?

Keep doing calls to action. Asking for "business" is all about massaging your network and reminding them what you're looking for.

>> No.26314048

So I have an ERP problem, /tg/.
I have a hypnotism fetish, but more often than not I find that other people take to much farther than I am comfortable with (or perhaps just in a different direction?)
Is there a way around these creepy experiences, or should I just keep at it in the hopes of stumbling across something good.

>> No.26314064


Explicitly inform them in the initial conversation before the roleplay what your limits and boundaries are. What lines you don't want to be crossed, and what hypnosis means to you.

>> No.26314073


This. Always be honest and crystal clear with each other about what's okay and what isn't.

>> No.26314076

Elaborate further. How far is "much farther"?

I'm not going to lie, I'm asking because I have an interest in mind control and manipulation.

>> No.26314094

> asterisk and obelisk pic
You're a well-learned savage, sir.
Rephrase that, please?

>> No.26314095

I can't be only one who saw that image and thought: "is that black box covering a penis?"
That was the first thing to come to mind.

Now I want to do some normal RP, I like to do it face to face, but now I'm more tempted to do it by internet.
Shame that I only really know how to play DH.

>> No.26314103

try and start with "Hey. So, you in the mood?" Or try and steer the topic towards ERP during normal conversation. Junno. If you do emotes during your chats, casually sit down on their laps. that kinda stuff. Won't work always, but more often than not. It's how the girl in >>26313812 got me ERPing when I didn't want to during the third half year.

>> No.26314104

it's Monday are you retarded

>> No.26314121

>Wants to ERP but afraid and don't know where to start
>Makes sure to avoid anything sexual at all least I be accused of daring others to enter my magical realm in normal games

It is rough.

>> No.26314141


Just sign up for Elliquiy if you really want to try out ERP.

They usually have a few good campaigns in the works at any given moment.

>> No.26314145


Just keep asking for it in a friendly matter. That's all, really. Don't be pushy but bring it up more often.

>> No.26314149

Oh, do you now?

Do you play dominant men who'll use me hard and knock me up?

>> No.26314151

The IRC Channel is still there, I just logged on...


>> No.26314153

Fuck yes Milfs. I knew one, erp online and she'd also talk on how her husband fucked her. I've probably picked up some tips there. I'm in the habit of keeping logs for postarity, and when i told her that, she got a little scared about it. Because pricks, who blackmail.

It ended with her being able to trust me. And tender loving assfucking.

Ahhh, those years gone past.

>> No.26314157

I know the feeling.
Maybe all the people with our problem should get together and have a game?

>> No.26314164


Corruption of Champions is basically a crash course on how to ERP, or rather it's good reading and thought material for beginners, since it covers many fetishes and such.

Try playing through that a few times, then look for forums dedicated to ERP.

>> No.26314187

Well, so far I've found that as soon as things wander towards "you are permanently mindless" or "you will now give up your life and be my constantly mind-controlled slave" or anything of that sort it just sort of... Stops being hot.

>> No.26314190

How awkward would that game be?
>Just a bunch of people fidgeting uncomfortably in their chairs.

>> No.26314214

online game, presumably

>> No.26314220

I've networked my collection of subs and erp buddies. So they can shoot the shit, or scissor, or whatever. Make the one im fooling around with tell the others in a group to tease them.
Keeps it fresh

>> No.26314230



>> No.26314255

Very, unless it were online like >>26314214 suggested.

Finally, a reason to have porn tabs open during games.

>> No.26314266

That was a story on here at one point wasnt it. a /tg/ thread of a fairly open group of players fondling eachother while playing. Never saved the screencaps.

>> No.26314272


Is it bad that I'm actually trained and qualified to hypnotise people?...

In my old job we were put on courses to learn it, its very fun!

>> No.26314281

Well, that seems kinda like someone projecting a power fantasy onto people, which seems a bit selfish.

Admittedly, I probably wouldn't have the right to judge, but then I haven't exactly done mind control ERP with anyone.

>> No.26314300


Not him, but rather the fellow from the previous topic. I definitely echo the sentiment, as the brief vignettes one's offered seems to hint you've got the fluffy blonde anime lass down to a T.

And seems each time I see a post of yours describing your appetite, it's matching me to a T. Though unlike >>26307575 I'm not one to vanish after stirring, stroking and stoking that heat between a partner's legs until it bursts over and over again. Impregnation isn't an 'option' - that'd imply there was an alternative I'd consider

>> No.26314317

... What did you work as?

>> No.26314330

>know milf in normal (online) RP
>hang out with her in chtrooms on regular basis
>notice she keeps dropping sexual inuendo more and more often
>ignore because "hah, she's just toying, can't be for real"
>she says it's for real
>"Oh shi-"
>milf is married, 3 kids
>Give in to the pressure, try ERP once, like it, but don't want to like, since -->married
>end chat, immedeatly write mail to GM and leave group because "lost interest in game" while it's the best game I've ever joined so far

being a moralfag is hard, /tg/. being a borderline weakwilled moralfag even more so.

>> No.26314372


Social Worker, they believe hypnotising can help relieve patients of mental health of stress of block out memories, insert triggers to stop them freaking out or going mad etc.

This is all done under patient willingness of course, I've even done it to family members who needed help with dieting (putting them off some food types for example).

I had to deal with a poor girl who was emotionally and mentally abused by hypnotism too, we kept accidentally saying a trigger word (not sure what it was at the time) which would unleash a split personality of hers that would go into defensive mode about her ex. She was quite literally controlled by her boyfriend into doing what he wanted her to do.

>> No.26314373

Oh my.

I, uh, I'm having a bit of difficulty breathing here. I think I need to step outside.

>> No.26314385 [SPOILER] 

I bet a mystic.

>> No.26314393

As far as I can tell, a lot of people (both on the giving and receiving ends of the hypnosis) find that really arousing.

But I like my hypnosis to be less permanent. I like my characters to be able to walk around and live their normal lives (with perhaps no memory of what happened) until they are triggered again.

>> No.26314400


>I had to deal with a poor girl who was emotionally and mentally abused by hypnotism too, we kept accidentally saying a trigger word (not sure what it was at the time) which would unleash a split personality of hers that would go into defensive mode about her ex. She was quite literally controlled by her boyfriend into doing what he wanted her to do.


>> No.26314438

And this is why my fetish scares me.

>> No.26314445

I see. I'm kind of new to the whole mind control thing, and not all of my interest is sexual.

What ERP I've had in my past is pretty vanilla, and I don't think my partner would be interested in it. What a shame.

>> No.26314456

Sorry, my milf was just too much to resist. She sent her kids to sleep, wore a little ring skirt at a renni fare, got assfucked by her husband in the back of their car, and then told me of it the next day.

She had a rough first marriage, was in something very saddening before that when she was a teen. This second marriage, the guy was Good. I was happy she found him, and was damned jealous of him.

>> No.26314463


>> No.26314465


That's a shame. Seems like mind control would be a lot of fun to work with. You could make them do things they'd otherwise hate if not mind controlled (such as if they were a prude, an aristocrat, monogamous or just reserved about that stuff), maybe turn them into a femdom not to dom you but to help you dom some other poor girl who hasn't been mind controlled.


I don't know that feeling, but take solace in having the high ground. I've done some pretty depraved things got back in touch with a friend from our NWN days, now married with a kid. Hardly any sexual tension previously, but I'd changed from an innocent teen into a lurid son of a bitch. 30 minutes after putting her kid to bed she was squirting over and over. Kept trying to get into her pants after that but she was more morally upright than I was. Some other cases where they said they were a milf and probably were (often single), but that was the one case I -know- was legit

I justify the approach by considering erp to simply be living out fantasies, with no strings attached or otherwise insinuations or real life complications to it. But still, it's pretty darn anti-moral-fag.

And I'd do it again in a second.

>> No.26314478

The trouble is with hypnosis/mind control as a fetish, is that it has a lot of different nuances, and not every one of them is equal. I happen to be a fan of body control, where I'm aware of what's going on and trying to fight but my body knows what it wants and it's going to be a good girl. Permanently changing my mind seems to have little point to me, because why not ust start the RP as the person you were going to turn into? Other people are into other things.

It's all about communication.

>> No.26314510

Yeah. I'm more into control, I guess. Mental subjugation, through drugs, psychological manipulation, and terror.

Funny how the thought of the real deal (MK-ULTRA, Project Monarch, and the like) bothers the hell out of me.

>> No.26314537

It's okay to have fetishes, as long as boundaries are clear.

I'm an absolute sucker for rape fantasies, but I'd never even come close to condoning that shit in real life.

>> No.26314539

>I prefer my men to be monsters.
How do you feel about werewolves?

>> No.26314541

You see, I don't have a problem with any of those things (in fact, an strong or prudish character being mind-controlled and fucked is just about the best thing). It's only when they become permanent that I lose interest.

>> No.26314546

Oh shit, I think I know that girl! Is she the chick that FLIPS THE FUCK OUT whenever hypnotism is brought up in MMR or whatever? She's a fuckin' legend.

>> No.26314555

Yep. Boundaries are important. I shudder at the thought of actually hurting someone in real life.

I guess what they say is true. It's always the quiet ones.

>> No.26314568

It's a fantasy. When you approach it as a fetish, you go 'erotic --> mind control' in compartmentalizing. When you look at real stuff, you go government plan --> mind control, which leads to different thoughts.

An example is a haughty upper-class madame who spent the night heckling a stage magician, so he approaches her after the show. It seems that he's implanted several triggers that, while leaving her aware, change how she's feeling, all of them related to tarot cards. The emperor makes her want to worship him (even though she knows he's a jerk), etc

>> No.26314574 [DELETED] 




I also know another guy who was turned into a sissy boy. You could say the old him died and he just became this slave fuck toy for his masters pleasure.

He almost ended up getting a sex change until his master backed out.

I made the bad move of mentioning I could do it and he was begging for me to do it to him and was willing to do anything; money, slavery etc

If you want to do hypnotism then do it with someone you trust, its a power complex that people take too far.

>> No.26314575

I was actually about to ask this question.

Does anyone else here have extremely condemning opinions of the IRL equivalents of the things you fetishize about sexually?

>> No.26314594

I never ERPed but see people do it all the time in MMOs. How can people get off to some random person on the internet they know nothing about?

>> No.26314597

>tfw I used to have multiple people who would do sex rps with me and enjoyed my kinks
>they've all drifted and everyone who wants to ERP thinks my kinks are gross or lol2furry4me

>> No.26314616

Hit me.

C'mon, you got me curious.

>> No.26314618

>Getting into this for the first time
>No idea what I'm doing
>Absolute terror

>> No.26314620

Is this a serious question?

Why do I need to know something about them to get off?

>> No.26314626

I suppose you're right. But, it started after one particular game where I was planning to use in-character knowledge of chemistry, psychology, and brainwashing to subjugate a primitive population of catgirls. So I guess that the thoughts aren't entirely separate?

>> No.26314631


Either because of laughter or because of lust. And that's downright mild compared to my normal demeanor - amazing I have some shred of modesty to not go all out in public. Assuming you are lil' miss Mugi/Mami, I think it's just a very arresting image - the contrast of porcelain skinned, doe-eyed tawny-haired and soft and slight woman (almost symbolic femininity) juxtaposed to the presence of that mountain of a man, raw muscularity hewn beneath supple, sun-burnished skin. Even as warm flesh as the fluffy lass might have, it'd seem downright cool by comparison to the scorching touch of dusky, calloused palms or red-hot tongue upon her.. Kind of a bind I find myself in. I absolutely love to flirt, tease and talk raunchy - but a lot of people and rightfully so set up a very stoic wall between the roleplay and the reality. Which is admirable, I do it too and suggest anyone else do so, as failure to realize this is all in good fun and harmless fantasy leads to drama and heartbreak. We've all been there. But I've been able to completely separate the fantasy and the reality - I'd downright panic if someone wanted to merge the two despite my flirting, teasing and raunchy talking with them. Why communication is key and I always try to make sure we are on the same page. And if I have to respect them not wanting that dirty banter, I will refraim from it.



>> No.26314663

It's shit like this that makes me glad when it comes to my apparent inability to be properly hypnotized, even when it comes to "professionals" which was for a completely unrelated reason.
It always feels like a downside because it's my biggest fetish and I'd love to experience it once, but then I realize shit like that could happen and I feel better about it.

>> No.26314668

>Fapping to what people of possibly the same sex are saying to you
Just sounds a little.... what the word? Gay.

>> No.26314674

Oi, shota/milf guy with AIM troubles in previous thread: what's your handle on Rizon?

>> No.26314677

Only time I was in an ERP was when I didn't know I was.

My friend invited me cause they needed people and I said why not. I played a widowed knight who's wife died in child birth to a still born daughter. He became a furious alcoholic, who constantly lead raider squad to kill orcs and goblins in the surrounding lands around the kingdom he knighted for.

A lot of the stuff I did was pure madness, like waking up in the night with a succubus pinning me to the bed to fuck me, which resulted in a head butt to her face, and stab to the chest which banished her. Another time a bunch of mindflayer captured the party but me, because they were all weak willed compared to me(I was 2 levels above them because the DM liked all the crazy heroic shit I was doing even though it was an ERP). I busted into the mindflayer den solo, and cleaved my way through 10 of the ugly bastards, saving the party and a few fair maidens.

I got some more tales if you want.

>> No.26314682

How can people enjoy killing Bothar, boss of the lvl 3 Dungeon Of Wolves, with people from around the world that they don't know anything about?

I wonder. Exbie, do you come here? That would be hilarious.

>> No.26314685

> implying that matters

>> No.26314698

Nothing wrong with that

>> No.26314704


So when you fap to porn, do take into consideration the gender of the artist? The gender of the guy holding the camera?

>> No.26314708

I'm into surprise sex and rough stuff that borders on deadly assault. Ended two RL relationships because I was hella afraid to go to far. Almost did the second time and avoid long term relationships ever since.
...anonimity does have something liberating about it.

>> No.26314712

Anthros, Ferals (preferably canine), lycanthrophy, cock milking (machines made to suck semen out of dicks n shit), size differences (huge male, tiny female etc), some watersports, pegging, bestiality, pokemon....
It goes on lol.

>> No.26314738

>Implying it doesn't make it hotter when a porn artist is female

>> No.26314748

Not her, just similar interests.

>> No.26314763

try and look around furaffinity. they will deliver.
now, let's never talk of this again.

>> No.26314772

If you are still around.

>> No.26314780

I fucking hate most furries though. Too many autistic shitheads who are LOL SO RANDUMB RAINBOW CAWKS FOXES YIFF YIFF XD and have the writing skills of 4th graders.

>> No.26314794


I know that feel bro.

I have no fucking idea about where to start or what I could be facing.


>> No.26314798


A-are you me? All I want to do is play a fluffy anime girl and get pounded hard, but even that's hard to get...

I feel like I fall in this really weird place where all my fetishes are too weird for vanilla roleplayers but not weird enough for the really 'hardcore' people. Like, I love group sex, but I don't like rape; or I love gender transformation and shapeshifting but not the extreme tf kinks that most people immediately bring up...

(And to shamelessly plug myself, if anyone is interested, I have a profile! http://www.f-list.net/c/alex%20carson/ )

>> No.26314805

> implying that's unique to furries

>> No.26314819

So this f-list sight. Is it a dedicated ERP site? Is it for furries only?

>> No.26314826

F as in fetish, not F as in furry.

>> No.26314827

Eh, there are decent ons. I started browsing furry sites for the written smut. I'm not into anthros (not anymore than humans, that is), but the quality is usually quite decent, not to speak of all the delicious fetishes aside from the obvious fur.
just be tenacious.

>> No.26314830

So what if like, we get all the people who are new to this and don't know where to start, and put them together in a chatroom with just their imagination and a copious amount of hormones?

>> No.26314831

Ignore the people, enjoy the art. e621 is good for that, just search tags

>> No.26314836


It's a frame of mind - when I have only met or gotten to know the character rather than the person, I think of the person as that character. When I have gotten to know people over mumble or such (in serious roleplay) as males the prospect of then playing with them as their female character just wouldn't work for me. I couldn't shake the association of them as "dude-player" rather than "player-character". So ignorance can be bliss - you don't know if the person is male or female or transgendered, white or black or asian, young or old. For some that can gross them out, for others it's a non-issue. Though in my case I am a goddamn sexual omnisaurus - I will fuck anything that looks good.

If I can offer advice it would be what's served me well - see them as their character but DO NOT FUCKING FALL IN LOVE WITH THEIR CHARACTER OR THEM. It should erase your inhibitions and concerns. If you get to know them out of character then it may jeopardize it, or it may not.


Well do feel free to send over a salut on F-list if you are interested, I'd be happy to discuss things further.

>> No.26314844

I see. The banner threw me off.

>> No.26314847

Yeah I have plenty of art, it's RPing I'm looking for.

>> No.26314858

said, though for better or worse a very large percentage of the userbase happens to be furry.

>> No.26314860

>DMing monstergirl ERP campaign
>End up with a two heroic shotas, a busty knight, a busty mage and a DFC succubus/imp summoned by said mage
>Intend for the players to have a grand old time, be heroes, save the kingdom, etc. with some sex added in
>Campaign ends with:
>>One of the shotas and the busty mage being taken captive by monsters
>>The DFC demon getting banished back to the realm of lust
>>The busty knight kidnapping and enslaving the other shota

I honestly don't know if all the players ending up like this in an ERP campaign is a win or a fail. Or a good fail.

>> No.26314877


Looks like I have a message to write after I grab dinner.


Funnily enough I remember a furry friend of mine complaining the reverse. She was a massive jerk who went loco on F-list for silly raisins, though.

>> No.26314914


>janitor on a vendetta against me

Anyway like I was saying;

I also know another guy who was turned into a sissy boy. You could say the old him died and he just became this slave fuck toy for his masters pleasure. He almost ended up getting a sex change until his master backed out.

I made the bad move of mentioning I could do it and he was begging for me to do it to him and was willing to do anything; money, slavery etc. If you want to do hypnotism then do it with someone you trust, its a power complex that people take too far.

>> No.26314919

So this is where all the shy boys and girls are? Such inquisitive, depraved minds. I know how it is. You're sitting there feeling slightly horny, not enough to do anything truly crazy, and you're thinking about maybe trying this ERP thing out. Eventually, you work yourself up into full-fledged arousal... but you chicken out. You go watch some porn, read some erotic fiction, work out your frustrations, and move on. But its never truly satisfying, is it? You wish you had a mistress eager to stroke and tease you to feverish heights before giving you shuddering release. You want someone, anyone, else to be there, to experience the lust, passion, and exquisite shame of your ultimate perversion.

Interested? Perhaps interested enough to break the cycle, and reap the sexual gratification you so desperately need? I'd be more than willing to help. That is, if you are fine with the type of help I offer. You see, I am only interested in playing dominant, powerful women. Are you a powerful business man whose secretary has him in the palm of her hand? Are you a collared slave who is the fuck toy of a beautiful queen? Maybe a high school virgin who becomes the plaything of the MILF next door...

I enjoy women, too, so if your most fervent desire is for a stern paladin to take out her frustrations on you, then I'm here for you. Just send me an email, if interested.

>> No.26314928

Will there be romance? R is better than E, and I want to learn it.

>> No.26314941 [DELETED] 


I'm very happy to play by your rules.

>> No.26314946

I ain't got anything yet, so your input is more than appreciated.

>> No.26314949


I see these posts on F-List all the time and they always disappoint.

>> No.26314953

>Unsure if want
>Unsure if brave enough to want
>Unsure if brave enough to take part even if want

>> No.26314957

You've got my attention. I have a tiny bit of experience, but outside of a lone partner, I haven't gone very far.

>> No.26314975


The darkest secret is that you are not very interesting, and dominant females literally swim in unlimited dick and pussy.

>> No.26314991

>dominant woman for ERP
You're about to get real darn popular.

>> No.26315011

>tfw want to email but afraid of dice falling out of pockets

>> No.26315030


The secret is that they are usually men.

>> No.26315043

Sadly, both this:

And this:

>> No.26315044

Knock. Up. Everything.

For ERP, its hot as all hell, but the thought of creating my own little league team in real life is massively irresponsible bordering on criminal. You know, unless you're some kind of polygamist millionaire, but even then I'm not sure it'd cut it.

>> No.26315053

just as a remark on the side, would you mind posting the number of (satisfying) encounters this post created for you in the next sunday night erp thread? just asking out of curiosity.

>> No.26315109

Pffffft, nope, I'm far too chicken. You'll never have my genderswapped booty.

>> No.26315126

>tfw playing a benevolent dom and everyone want to get mindbroken

I'm too vanilla for my own good.

>> No.26315130


It'll probably only be one to three at most. That is usually how much traffic my ads get in ERP thread on /tg/, /v/, /vg/, and etc. get.

>> No.26315136

This sounds like you're about to ask for my credit card any second now.

>> No.26315140


I suppose it was rude of me to ask the question without offering my own data first. I have a frothing, incendiary hate for any perceived abuse of authority, up to and including even slyly phrased 'requests' from people who know you can't politely refuse without causing a shitstorm.

Frothing. Incendiary. Hate.

I want a slavegirl to do what I please with.

>> No.26315145

So I visited the ERP thread last week, found two promising groups: One with a lady DM who wanted to do a ERP Pathfinder campaign. Had a few seemingly nice people.

Don't normally do the ERP thing, so decided I'd try to talk to em. Ended up discussing characters all night, interesting ideas around, DM left early, promising to email with details

Cut to this week. Not a word from the DM, and now it's just me and a couple of nice ERPers who all have other games to DM, or don't know how to.

We're basically left holding our dicks.

Second group seems better though, so that's something

You're about to be SUUUUPER popular. Love me some strong women.

>> No.26315159

Can I join your group?

>> No.26315160

Listen, faggot. If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your fucking default web browser, you're brave enough to give this a fucking try.

>> No.26315161

>Benevolent dom
Believe it or not anon, I know your pain. All the ladies want to be choked and beaten these days.

>> No.26315179

What are you using for communication? E-mail?

>> No.26315181


I get that feeling too.

>> No.26315184

I...uh...am not really one for Shota, but otherwise your world sounds cool bro.

I think they found their own fetishes.

>> No.26315186

Thank you all of these stories, now I must leave because life dictates that I be up in the morning.

Oh the temptation, but now is not the time.

>> No.26315195

Talked in a IRC first. Then exchanged emails

>> No.26315216

> using e-mails to communicate
> not using an IM service
> not texting each other

Where the fuck are you guys stuck, the 90s?

>> No.26315225

My fetish is: Male and Female. Missionary position for the sole purpose of recreation.
Can anyone help me?

>> No.26315228

>So I visited the ERP thread last week, found two promising groups: One with a lady DM who wanted to do a ERP Pathfinder campaign. Had a few seemingly nice people.
>Don't normally do the ERP thing, so decided I'd try to talk to em. Ended up discussing characters all night, interesting ideas around, DM left early, promising to email with details
>Cut to this week. Not a word from the DM, and now it's just me and a couple of nice ERPers who all have other games to DM, or don't know how to.
Fucking lol. You should have been here for the last thread. We got a guy who admitted that he pretends to be a DM, puts out involved story and setting/mechanics ideas, promises the characters their backstories will be a big part of it, then disappears. It's how he gets his giggles.

He says he does it because he hates Pathfinder and wants to punish the people who play it.

>> No.26315237


It help even less that my character is actually female and not of the futa bitch breaker kind.

>> No.26315239 [SPOILER] 


You know it brother.

>> No.26315246


>> No.26315253

Did it just so happen that you were trying to make a tiefling rogue or bard for that game?

>> No.26315262

this is /d/lite. contrary to our big sister, we really do everything.

>> No.26315265

If it was still together, then I would.
I still consider running another ERP campaign from time to time, but ever since I got a girlfriend I'm not quite so motivated.

They sure did, buddy
They sure did

>> No.26315277


>> No.26315279


Oh, by being a passive-aggressive shit. So he's worse than the Pathfinder players. Got it.

>> No.26315305


*If it was still together, then I would let you

>> No.26315323

The horror

>> No.26315334

Now you have me curious. How does she handle other dominate behavior?

>> No.26315350

Yes, yes it does.
Hello anon

>> No.26315364


This has to be a trick.

>> No.26315377

Is it gay to watch porn directed or filmed by a man?

>> No.26315386

not that guy but I'm totally in for what you're describing, also fairly new to the erp community.

>> No.26315388

We might have found a GM.

You should check out the channel.

>> No.26315399

Oh, did you? That's great!

>> No.26315406

What I want to know is what happened when you found out you were playing in an ERP.

>> No.26315419

well, you aren't really interacting with the other man when watching porn. so, depending on where you draw the line, it's either pretty fucking gay or completly irrelevant.

>> No.26315426

Given that I tend to fetishize things that bother me if I can't resolve them quickly... yeah, I have a few.

Had a regular game, and in our group one PC was an naive sorceress with plenty of Charisma and the looks to go with it, and a abysmal Intelligence and Wisdom scores. Got into a drinking game for "something nice" and lost, my own PC managing to win her back before the grubby drunk dragged her off to use for the night. Still bothered me for weeks. Now I have a thing for date rape fantasies, but those seem rather boring to RP.

Another came from a webcomic that went on haitus on a cliffhanger about two characters getting castrated. Now... ah, the wonderful world of things that belong on /b/ and such.

>> No.26315448

But you are, in a way. He decides how to shoot the porn, what positions to do, exactly how they will fuck.

It's all a matter of how you think of it, anon.

>> No.26315467

So for those who have actually into ERP what percentage of dm/gm's are pic related?

>> No.26315472

It's kind of like unknowingly fapping to Bridget being gay or not. It's a male character, but you didn't know that, effectively fapping to a Rule 63'd version of the character, which would not be gay. But you didn't know that.

Is it gay, or isn't it?

>> No.26315504

Never entered THAT part of magical realm.
Course I am sorta new

>> No.26315513

Well, as I'm >>26314860
and that was the only time I've DMed an ERP (never done anything other than 1on1s apart from from that), I certainly *hope* I wasn't overly fetishy.

Most of my players seemed pretty content though.

>> No.26315518


Depend entirely on the scene, someone with as much backbone as her is likely to create a sort of switch scene more than anything else, but it depend on the context of the rp itself, more often than not she's approached by subs.

Someone trying to actually break her will never succeed, people have tried quite often already and nobody came close, it's not my interest to see anyone reduced to a drooling mess of flesh, spits and tears anyway.

>> No.26315520

If your brain perceives them as female, and you're picturing your dick entering her pussy again and again, then it's pretty straight bro.

Rule 63 is both beautiful and terrifying that way.

>> No.26315542


sub girls are easy to find.

>> No.26315570

Sounds pretty hot anon, not gonna lie. The best kind of sub is one that's normally dominate.

I hate that broken mess stuff too. It's pretty pathetic, and not in a sexy way.

How many RPs you have going with this fine lady?

>> No.26315571


>mfw so few people are interested in submissive futas

>> No.26315579

Is a Rule 63'd Bridget a reverse trap?

Pretty easily, yeah. We actually had a thread last night were a bunch of us kinky sorts started talking and we ended up having an extreme femsub join in. Many neckbeardtears were shed about her being almost exclusively lesbian.

I'm spaghetti as fuck anyways.

>> No.26315588

As a lady who does NOT want to be choked or beaten, I feel your pain as well... I just want a strong, firm man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go for it, not a jerk or a rapist. You don't have to force me, I'm the one getting off on being used as a sexual object by you or anyone else who wants me. I WANT to do this.

But most people watch to much hentai and think every dom should be a one-dimensional edgy douchebag and every sub should either be lying back saying "iyyaaa no don't~" all the time or be a mindbroken cocksleeve with no in-between option. Some of us just want to be slutty and enjoy ourselves thankyouverymuch

>> No.26315621

I'm completely straight, and even I would be interested in that. As a dom, tacking such a titanic bullseye as a penis onto a shy, ultra-effeminate gal in a frilly dress is about as ideal as it gets. Alas, actual futas don't exist.

>> No.26315624

It's like Schrodinger's Fap right there.

>> No.26315630

Ahh, it's so nice to see that they still make em like you. Personally, I'm a big fan of keeping the girl on edge till she can't stand it anymore, then have one big glorious orgasm.

Good stuff.

>> No.26315632


If you liked my kinks as well, I'd totally give you what you want. All sides should be happy.

>> No.26315636

Of myself and two other GMs that do ERP, I don't think that pic really works.

We all have some kinks that get sort of worked in to things, but nothing super blatant that makes those playing uncomfortable.

>> No.26315670


A few but I had to keep away from F-list for a while, and probably will need to continue due to real life business for a little while, I'm just in this thread out of interest for the time being.

And because /tg/ is a pretty cool place

>> No.26315673

aww man, I've been missing all the good stuff,

>> No.26315696

That is the most wonderful, refreshing thing I've heard in a very, very long time. You, Miss, are a complete gem.

>> No.26315699

mfw that's an album cover

>> No.26315712


I've found it to be frustratingly uncommon for dominant males to be interested. Of those that I've met who are, well.. I suspect that they were looking for a surrogate for young men, instead.

>> No.26315716


>> No.26315729

That it is. That it is.

A shame about the busy life, I'd love to have a chance with a decent lady dom one of these days.

>> No.26315747

O-oh gosh, you flatter me~

Agreed. Just like in real life, it's about both parties- or more, if thats your thing (it's mine)- enjoying themselves.

>> No.26315755

>Be playing in an arena-esque online game with custom character classes.
>I'm this big-ass fucking red oni whose power is basically to get stronger and stronger the more hits he takes.
>Pretty fun for awhile, lots of interesting characters.
>Eventually one of the other players comes to me and says she's kind of tired of the game but wants to go out with a bang, and she was "interested" in my character.
>Expected some kind of duel to the death or something.
>She wanted me to eat her character.
>Battle starts. Hadn't really interacted with her character before, but it was a blonde ditz fencer with frizzy 80s hair and go-go boots.
>Some rolls are fudged, I grappled her and start shoving her down my oni's throat head-first.
>Suck her down inch by inch until only her legs are flailing, then pop off her ridiculous shoes and finish swallowing.
>Belch, toss the shoes aside, claim victory. Later vomit up the bones.
>Player said she loved and and would be interested in doing it again sometime.

>> No.26315764


I wasn't in the last thread. What do you like? Maybe we can work something out to both our satisfactions.

>> No.26315767

it is? whats the albums name?

>>choking to death

I'm not really into the choking to death thing, and I certainly don't like that doujin stuff of "I fucked you now you are a cock addicted onna hole." but I do like non concent, especially when a more calm and commanding dom trains me against my will. it may involve punishment, but s/he's not there to be a sadist, but to teach me my place. Kidnapping or otherwise imprisonment is also a nice addition to that.

>> No.26315787


Lord Xenu! How terrifying!

>> No.26315800

Really? Huh. It was always seemed like a pretty intuitive leap of logic to me. Dom wants femsub, futa femsub is femsub with an expansion pack of erogenous zone you already know how to expertly manipulate. (And if you think on it, a prostate, too.)

>That image
>Posts with email
Are you the ultra-sub femanon from the thread last night?

Also, http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/ABNORMAL_DANCE

>> No.26315829 [SPOILER] 

Y'know, I've always wanted to play with someone from /tg/, but I've never had the chance, and MyMagicalRealm seems a little...insular, you know? Might as well post my info.

I play females and futas. I've got a thing for powerful people: rich, strong, intelligent, just something that indicates they're not a spineless, wimpy sub, that makes it satisfying when they're dominated or believable when they're in charge. High stakes, you know? Drama. A subset of that is powerful women being broken/seduced/made pets, sluts, etc.

I'm a switch and bisexual (pansexual?). I like spanking, anal, BDSM in general, collars, public play, tattoos, master/pet, that sort of thing. Keep it fun, though, I'm sick of these "hurr imma bitchbreaker" types.

I'd like to play in a proper ERP campaign one of these days, but I might be in too many non-ERP online games at the moment. I'll love you forever if you're up for Persona or Skullgirls scenes.

>> No.26315830

I'm >>26314798, check my f-list profile.

>> No.26315832

ITT: horny teenagers

>> No.26315840


I will never understand vore as a fetish. And it always seems to be women on the internet who love it.

>> No.26315849

>BDSM in the Persona universe

Oh the places that could go.

>> No.26315850

I can't help but wonder how busy a fine lady like you finds herself.
It must be pretty rough.

>> No.26315857

>Mfw i never even knew these threads were a thing.

I've been doing ERP for years now...what is everyone favorite site to do them?

>> No.26315858


I'll send you a message on F-List now. Let's talk.

>> No.26315878

Tempted. Not enough people into the rough stuff or noncon/semi-noncon.

>> No.26315886

Are you the same random dom person?
thanks for the album link,
though I probably wont enjoy it as much as I would like to.

>> No.26315893

>ITT: Dudes fucking Dudes but thats ok because its what they want and as long as I'm not affected actually then whatever

>> No.26315903

I have an ex who I think could eventually be interested in it.

Every girlfriend I've had has loved it when I laid on top of them. That feeling of being completely covered by your sexual partner and feeling the weight of him.

That one ex said specifically that she wanted to just be 'covered' by me almost like I 'swallowed' her up.

It seems natural that those feelings could turn until very sexual feelings, and it's a hop, skip and jump from there to fetish-land.

>> No.26315916

Non-ERPer here, just curious--isn't the whole thing insanely awkward for all parties involved? And one other question, since I know hardly anything about it. Is ERP usually just straight up efucking or does it tend to have some sort of plot / adventure / story alongside?

>> No.26315918


Shit just got call of cthulhu

>> No.26315919

I certainly am. Non/Semi-consent is where it's at.

>> No.26315926

Yeah. It's like a security-thing only perverted.

>> No.26315930

I think so, but there were a few of us in there. I'm the one that was the same age as you.

>> No.26315938


>> No.26315946

Imagine regular DnD with fucking. There'll occasionally be sexy monsters like catgirls or some shit and you won't hear a colossal sigh from that one ultraprude in the party that's so loud and jarring it's like someone vented the atmosphere out of your apartment.

>> No.26315949

Why would it be awkward? Why should anything be awkward? If they're working towards the same thing that you are, it should be just fine, shouldn't it?

>> No.26315951


Toho music is so hit and miss it's ridiculous. I usually purge 80% of any album I pick up, even when I REALLY love one or two of the songs.

>> No.26315962

>tfw no dominant ERP partner to indulge straight-shota human-pet fetish

>> No.26315968

ERP tends to be game related. but most people who do it are no strangers to the sex chatrooms in yahoo or irc where this kind of thing is common place, called cybering sometimes. A lot of us have done this since childhood, I certainly got into it at a very young age, so it's hard to feel awkward about it.

>> No.26315970

Some of the production values are really amazing, though.

>> No.26315973


>> No.26315975


I know! Right? Part of me suspected it was because I enjoy the shemale-type that some of the appeal was lost. That paired with playing a tomboy.

>> No.26315989


f-list seem the most poopular despite al lthe furries

>> No.26315999

Are there any good ERP sites/fora that are a bit more... vanilla than F-list?
Or, failing that, is anyone into non-con femboy scenes?

>> No.26316003


>> No.26316010

Are you still upset at me then? or was that poster only posing as you turning on me?

>> No.26316014

Used to do it on WoW for a little while. Stumbled into this thread to see what was up.

>> No.26316021

Indeed. That mixed up with some sub tendencies.

Picture a sub who gets off on the feeling of excitement and danger of being tied up and used for sex.

Now picture a sub who gets off on the feeling of excitement and danger of being swallowed and used for food.

Doesn't seem too unreasonable.

That said, I'm very awkward with vore. Sometimes it's hot, but only in a very weird way.

>> No.26316053

What? I followed that thread to 404 and was never upset by anything you said. Must have been someone else. I probably should have used a name; I think you had 3 or 4 people talking to you all at once, all of them Anon.

>> No.26316065


>people think dominating means raping

I just don't get it.


That wasn't me, janitor doesn't like me avatarfagging but doesn't seem to mind anyone else doing it, whelp.

>> No.26316075


Production values don't mean that much to me.

I post this every time, but it simplifies my musical interests.

>> No.26316096

>>wasn't me
it's fine, It's not like I wouldnt expect disingenuos behavior from someone trying to argue with me. glad to hear it though, I'm not a good judge of character.

Vore is pretty terrifying but just as enthralling as noncon stuff.

>> No.26316100

Is it weird that my spurious interest in ERP is sparked not by horniness, but by frustration at my inability to finish any of my recent writing projects?

>> No.26316105


I've gotten only a single reply so far. Don't be shy! I'm pretty easy going.

>> No.26316110

>people think dominating means raping
>I just don't get it.

Really? A lot of the time it does. In either circumstance it means bending someone to your will, either through restraints, punishment, or vocal command.

I know, I know, not all dominating is raping, but all raping is dominating, but it doesn't seem that hard to comprehend why they're often confused.

>> No.26316124

>woop woop you are under arrest for being 2cute4me

>> No.26316136


As a femdom should, you have intimidated the vast majority of the male population (cause we all know there aren't any girls here). Congratulations.

>> No.26316161


If you ask me rape and domination are completely different things in their own context, rape has an aspect of domination but domination is entirely its own league of types.

>> No.26316181


It's hard to explain what I like about vore...

I think it's the degrading aspect, that all i'm good for is fulfilling some base need. In this case, hunger. But the whole torn apart, gore fest doesn't appeal, either, so it's usually things big enough to swallow me whole.

>> No.26316192


Sorry, I already fucked off to /f/

Bet you can't guess which /f/ Hint, it's not flash.

>> No.26316213

I've never seen someone intentionally co-op someone else's side of a conversation as a tool for stirring shit in thread, and I've been here a while. That's a new one.

That is catchy as fuck. I wish I had some relevant genre stuff to toss back at you.

Ah, yeah. I can see how playing a tomboy would kind of alter the dynamic a bit. I prefer the ultra-effeminate. Long hair, frilly dresses, soft skin, delicate voice, etc.

>> No.26316217


Not at all. A friend of mine started a slash fanfic that ended up being more plot and far less sex. Not quite the same situation as yours, but similar I guess.


For my character dominance tends to express itself in the sense that he knows what he wants and will get it however he must. Whether by charm, seduction, coercion or sheer strength of his muscular frame. Naturally how he actually does so depends on what my partner's preferences are - personally I favor the first four or basically anything prior to 'hard rape' where you are holding her down and kicking and screaming and afraid she'll bite your dick off. It's fantastic to have such a type A, confident and smoothly aggressive personality just overwhelming a more subdued, submissive personality. Caveman club over the head drag into the cave is, to me at least, boring and one sided as hell.

>> No.26316224

I deeply considered it, but I'm not sure if I'm...how do you say... your type?
A shame, because you sound very sultry.

>> No.26316231


That explains why SNK has so many female fans!
I'm kidding please don't hurt me!

>> No.26316232


Well if you want some more pets I'd be happy to sign up.

>> No.26316235


I think most of us are assuming:

A. Trick

B. Scam

I for one am too paranoid.

>> No.26316244


Guy you replied to.

And I sure do. I haven't been able to impregnate a thick blond anime girl in ages.

>> No.26316253


All right, note sent. I'm The General General. Let's jam.

>> No.26316265

This is my kind of music.
heh, I guess i could drop you one but umm, I'm just not sure if I could commit the time.

Anyway you know what's missing with my life. theres lot of images of girls in chains being lead by the viewer, but I'd much rather a picture from the perspective of the chained. I wonder if theres anything like this.

>> No.26316270


SNK? Hah, sorry, i don't quite get the reference, so no harm incoming.

>> No.26316272

Same here

>> No.26316275

> Semi-consent

>> No.26316280

I'd consider it, but I'm not really that submissive. My only experience with that sort of thing was playing a hapless man in one non-ERP thing that turned into him getting abused non-stop in both ways.

I didn't really dig it.

>> No.26316290


No real way it could be a scam unless you are silly and give them information. And if it's a trick, well, what's the worst that'll happen? They'll go and post your chat transcript in this topic? Heck, I'll post some random transcript here if you get up and message that lady.

Carpie diem, however the pizza-eating latin scum YOU ARE WORST ITALIC. REMOVE LATIN. SAMNITE GREATTST COUNTRY. pronounce it. Go get em!

>> No.26316300


Only one way to find out.


How exactly am I going to scam you? Just make a fake email address and give me a shot.


We don't have to play by IMs. Playing by e-mail is just as good, and gives you all the time you want.

>> No.26316306

Ask and ye shall receive <3

Also, good taste. If I had to pick a favorite Touhou group, I'd probably go with Floating Cloud Acoustic Band at the moment. Live renditions of folk mixes.

>> No.26316317

"NO please, oh well you're already here and I'm horny so maybe it wouldn't hurt..."

Is what I'm sure they mean by it.

>> No.26316319


You on YIM? I'll chat with ya there.

>> No.26316340

>>fapping while you ERP
casual, the masturbation is only after youre finished. ERP fueled by lust is always cut short and of lesser quality.

I am completely lost.

>> No.26316358

Play by email you say?
Hm...you may have tempted me.

>> No.26316371


This is my favorite of all time, ever.

Especially if it's a monster giving her everything he's got.

>> No.26316372


C-can I play?

>> No.26316389

Frankly it's because you seem like a woman I'd hate to have to fight.

>> No.26316397


Sent you a message

>> No.26316409

>>dat extra chain just flowing out.

This is one of my favorite pictures because of the rarity of stuff like this, more if you have it. Man Louise is such a bleeding heart ontop of being a dominating personality. I love it.

>> No.26316415

So guys, how do you handle two doms conflicting? Who decides who goes sub? Is there an easy way to tell other than flipping a coin or having one player just give up their chance for domming?

>> No.26316426


I've been in that position and got RP NTR'd. Silly stuff.

>> No.26316432


>That is catchy as fuck. I wish I had some relevant genre stuff to toss back at you.

I don't think there's much toho like it. Hard to tell because I can't navigate moonrunes anyway.

>> No.26316433

"This topic is most popular with women aged 18 to 25."

>> No.26316441

I'm more the "maybe i should just give in, it would be easier that way right?" type.

>> No.26316450


After much internal back and forth and despite the fact that this is exactly what I am looking for, I am going to decline.

I just straight up can't trust this.

>> No.26316453

I found out about this Months ago.

Muh Diiiiiiiick
>And pic related for more MUH DIIIIIIIIIICCCK

>> No.26316459

Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan/Eoten is a show where lots of people get eaten by titans. Has many female fans for an action show.

Oh I agree completely.

>> No.26316461


Hambeasts, the lot of them.


>> No.26316464


I never said I erped. I just fapped like a normal person.

>> No.26316467

I personally enjoy the "oh wait I didn't sign up for THAT" kind of thing

>> No.26316488

I found something sort of similar to this, though I can't find it in my watch history right now.

>> No.26316492

>dat ponytail
I think I've just discovered a new fetish.

>> No.26316493

Too good to be true? Don't be a pussy, he seems legit.

>> No.26316505 [SPOILER] 

I wish I could help you, but to be honest I saved the image because of the frilled up slave on the right. I didn't even notice the second chain until I'd already had it for a while. If I see anything else relevant in my collection as I go, I'll make sure to post it.

I don't think I'd be able to handle that situation. Being overpowered is more likely to send me into a panic-fueled rage because reasons. So, if I can't Dom, I'd have to try and politely bow out.

Same. My general rule is that it's out there, though. There's too much of it for there not to be.

>> No.26316573


Yeah, yeah, I can see that now..

>> No.26316644

>Same. My general rule is that it's out there, though. There's too much of it for there not to be.

I mean, there's tons of stuff on either side of it. See:
One of the best jazz one's I've heard. It's in the recommended of the other one I think even. I don't know, I think part of the problem is no one can ever correctly identify it. I've found that song under 4 different genres, jazz/funk, jazz/hip-hop, jazz/techno, and trance/hip-hop or something which I believe was the funniest one.

>> No.26316648

I was gonna send you a message until I noticed so many other people did. Now I imagine you're pretty busy.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

>> No.26316651

This comic is strangely fascinating

>> No.26316676 [SPOILER] 

Sure. "Fascinating".

>captcha: oferoci came
Oferoci's not a bad fantasy character name, actually.

>> No.26316703


I hadn't gotten to that part yet
I'm at the bit where she meets up with MC and starts punching him

>> No.26316718

I'm Sorry! I'm juggling two subs right now because i found a new one eager to please a thick demon cock and the other wanted to continue out ERP of two best friends dealing with one of them being turned into a woman. We havent even Reached any E and she's gotten off several times from it, and it's been an ongoing rp!
I've enjoyed the Fuck out of the series of drawings of Lilith in a commissar outfit.

>> No.26316734

Sent a message. If you're too busy, then just let me know. I'm the 'adventuer' one.

>> No.26316762

I picked that "reaction face" (kind of) because out of context you don't know what's going on other than that someone's getting it GOOD.

>> No.26316787


Back from work thing and just bumping this ad before the thread's done and I do things for the rest of the day.

>> No.26316803


It is fucking hard to be into femdom (even with what is probably a dude on the other end) and also have severe trust issues.

>> No.26316809

There seems to be a relative abundance of doms in this thread, so, um. If anyone's interested in a sub, my F-list info's in the email line.

I'm still new to ERP but I have done a lot of character work, so I'm very, very flexible.

>> No.26316811

Are there other comics on the site? Because I still haven't come across some of the reaction faces posted, nor the spoilered one posted.

I just finished the one with FF and MC. Strangely emotional.

>> No.26316831

A lot of the good ones are from SS Issue 3 I believe.

>> No.26316924

So it's like 150% Tsundere.

>> No.26316961


Sent you an email!

>> No.26317100

>see someone in chat with the name 'wonton slut'
>want to complain about typos in names
>check profile and they're an Asian character into racist degradation, snuff, and cannibalism
I... guess that checks out, then.

>> No.26317168

Aaaaaaaaaaand sent.

>> No.26317171

That's actually mildly amusing.

>> No.26317181

>dominant female
Thanks for the offer, but I don't want to be the little girl only to miss out on the D.

>> No.26317187

Which end do you prefer to be on, then?

>> No.26317228




>> No.26317298

Welp, that one girl had to go because we went on for six hours.

She is naming her ~8 inch friend my character's name.

>> No.26317389

Are there new resources for networking with this thread? I've been looking for Partner/player listings, but find next to none.

>> No.26317413

Looks like this baby's dead...
Email for anyone that wants it, I like to sub, but I'm cool with most other things.

>> No.26317424

Sounds like fun.

>> No.26317435


>> No.26317444

That's not email, this is.

>> No.26317467


I obviously meant playing in two separate ERPs with one character in one position and one in the other.


>> No.26317516

Oh, well, that makes much more sense.

>> No.26317650

>mfw I found my fiancee by ERPing
Shit is weird whenever someone asks how we first met.

>> No.26317684


Howdja meet?

>> No.26317733

IRC, she was into feminine guys and I was into strong women. Bondage, whipping and Nazi cosplaying ensues, and eventually we hook up together. Thank god I became sterile a long time ago.

>> No.26317754


Howdja become sterile? Mt. Dew? Bottle rocket?

>> No.26317840

>feminine guys
>things /tg/ stands for
Gee, I wonder.

>> No.26317928



>> No.26317936

Man I used to get excited when seeing these threads. Not so much anymore I think. I even joined one the irc channels and because of my dom nature, got constant pms and messages from people that liked to get subbed.

Then it all just became so....repetitive, every time I'd suggest or try something new I'd always get "Can we please not? I like it more when you're totally domming like before!" Hell even after quitting my regular partner just mostly likes getting dommed by beastmen, monster cocks, ect.

Is it that odd for me to want some romantic rp? Or maybe be the one that gets dommed? (As long as no dick goes inside me. I'm fine with traps buuut yah.) Or hell, actually get a fucking game going that doesn't die a few sessions in because DRAMA or flaky people. How do you guys deal with...the repetitiveness of it all?

>> No.26317956

Testicular Gauze? The Gays? Thermopolian Groper?

>> No.26317975

the side being terrified, small, and meek?

>> No.26317982 [DELETED] 

>Death by donkey kick

>> No.26317984

Terrifying Genitals.

>vagina dentata, it's a wonderful craze

>> No.26318013

We don't deal with shitty people. Gotta pick the best of the litter anon.

>> No.26318015

By getting depressed and going off to do something else. But then again, that's just my average schedule. le sad

Basically, I step back for a month or two and try to see if I'm interested then. I just count myself lucky to have made friends ERP.

>> No.26318016


Nothing wrong with variety. I have multiple "worlds" running, actually, so my TG/pregnancy RPs always have different conditions and such. Keeps things interesting and accounts for my different moods. And that includes continued stories, romance, etc.

>> No.26318021

Wait... you actually suffered from VD?

>> No.26318038

Transient Guttersnipe

>> No.26318043 [SPOILER] 

You make it sound so charming.

>> No.26318063

Nah I'm just making up more things that fit those two letters.

>> No.26318080

Wow. You're right, that is not a story I'd repeat. Frankly I'm not sure I could have admitted something like to anyone, even /tg/. Even anonymous. btw I'm judging you.

>> No.26318115

The only objectionable thing I saw there was the Nazi Cosplay, and that is only because Nazis...

>> No.26318147

It's not the kind of story you wanna tell your kids.

>> No.26318150

Funny you should mention that, the one with my regular partner is a continuous story. Started off with a character that had slight corruption and was trying to hold it off...now he has a harem with a demonic dick and spreads his corrupted magic around. Shit got over the top fast.

Does the best of the litter actually run games and not just "Lets play with simple d6 then not actually play and say how awesome and sexy our characters are?" Because that'd be a huge step up for me.

>> No.26318158

Eh, I don't know. More and more of /pol/ has been leaking onto other boards, /tg/ being no exception. Someday it might just be acceptable everywhere.

>> No.26318199

>let's play with simple d6
Fuck I hate that system with the intensity of a thousand suns.

>> No.26318207

Bah, my parents meet at a Bar that is now also a restaurant that serves delicious Tacos...

...And that's STILL not as bad as the story my dad keeps trying to tell me about that one movie that was on the night I was born...

>> No.26318211

I'm no good goy but it was the nazi thing combined with the "thank god I'm sterile" kicker like the cumshot at the end of a really fucked up porno. I really can't imagine telling a story like that to anyone. ANYONE.

>> No.26318262

>Someday it might just be acceptable everywhere.
I dread a day when mass murder is an acceptable source of arousal.

>> No.26318271

You and me both, the moment someone suggests that system now I go "Yeah no thanks." So many bad experiences with it.

>> No.26318287

I love these threads as well. But I've abstained from any activity because I only really want the romantic relationships.

I don't think it's uncommon buuuuut... we don't seem to do anything about it.

>> No.26318292


Bad experiences? How so?

>> No.26318315

Why don't you two hook up if you want the same thing?

>> No.26318342 [SPOILER] 


What's wrong with it? The only systems I've ever played with are 3.5/Pathfinder and World of Darkness. I've thought about trying to learn something new, and something "simple" sounded nice.

My first attempt at tabletop was Anima: Beyond Fantasy ohgodwhy

Also it's getting really hard to find technically-SFW pics in my folder.

>> No.26318345


My current continuous story involves a princess giving birth to a insect creature made of dark magic who attaches to her as a parasite and has begun corrupting the castle with her magic.

I don't even know what the fuck I was thinking on that one.

>> No.26318366

Every single time someone tries to use that system, it never works like they thought it would. Especially if combat is involved, not to mention the system is kinda easy to break since it's a simple system that you're supposed to use when you need something on the quick, not to run full campaigns on. Guess what most people use it for?

>> No.26318405


Yeah, I see what you mean. In any case, rules get in the way of lewd for me.

>> No.26318420

The problem is that people only use it as an excuse system. It's basically 'hey, we want to roleplay with only a little bit of dice action so that we can determine everything that happens'. That, and it also REALLY sucks at doing anything in combat.

>> No.26318446

Do you have a dump for these images? I do enjoy this kind of thing as it were, and I appreciate your folder.

>> No.26318476


I'm not looking for a guy.

>> No.26318478

Heh, my idea is you go into the Vault of ancient transmutation archmage of questionable morality, only to find out said Vault is magically boobytrap to slowly morph the now all female party into various /d/eviant monster girls...
And all this is just a test so said Archmage, the Perverter, can recruit you as an Adventuring Party!

>> No.26318486

You know my pain well comrade!

See, that's fine, but when you're in the mood to be an adventurer or a sky pirate or whatever the fuck WITH lewd on the side...it makes it extremely annoying that everyone fucking uses that system for any good game ideas.

>> No.26318496


>> No.26318506

...I may want.

Yeah, I get what you mean. I suggest, as always, Fate.

>> No.26318524 [SPOILER] 

I don't, sorry. The folder is my personal accumulation of years of lurking relevant threads across many boards and occasionally being pointed at a particularly affluent-in-quality Tumblr.

>> No.26318538

Fate is good, I learnt the system since someone wanted to use it for a pokegirl game, I played a pokegirl researcher with one of the other PCs as my starting pokegirl...Then the game died cause the GM just vanished. My fucking luck.

>> No.26318583

What if he's a trap?

>> No.26318593

>people actually roleplay pokegirl games
I've wanted to suggest this to /tg/, but couldn't think of a way it wouldn't look like trolling.

I want to RP a girl experiencing threshold and accepting that she needs a tamer.

>> No.26318626

Traps are still guys.

>> No.26318633

But they're pretty guys.

>> No.26318644

What the heck is threshold?

>> No.26318651

Pokegirls is just a different way to spell Monster girls, and I love me some monster girls.

>> No.26318667


She would have accepted her need for a tamer when seven or more cards hit her graveyard.

>> No.26318668

...Is this a good reaction image or a bad one/

Yeah, hit a bit of a wall when it came to actually designing the Vault though...
I had several ideas for what several paths the PCs could choose to determine what type of Monster Girl they changed into, but got bogged down in laying out and Stating the Cowgirl path...

Plus I really haven't played much PnP DnD to begin with, so crafting a whole campaign around sexy tiem shenanigans seems a bit out of my league...

>> No.26318705


Still, a TF into a female lizard girl sounds enchanting now...

>> No.26318712

It's a "tell me more but I won't admit I wanted to know more if anyone asks."

>> No.26318726


See, I thought you meant something different...

¬¬ this>>26318667

>> No.26318728

Basically in the pokemon universe, pokemon can only truly bring out their best with a tamer. I think that's what they mean.

>> No.26318772

I believe it's when regular girls in the Pokegirl setting end up transforming INTO Pokegirls do to that settings creepy backstory...

>> No.26318822


I remember shortly after I finished Pokemon Red I had the idea that team rocket decided it would be easier to just turn trainers into girl pokemon and capture them instead. I almost wrote a fanfic about it.

>> No.26318843

>I almost wrote a fanfic about it.
You could write it now. It could be a campaign.

>> No.26318857

Is it what it is? Never heard of that before...sounds pretty hot.

>> No.26318867

Sigh, I know Anon, I know...

Dat tail...

Ah, well, that's pretty much all I have...
The Perverter is actually a holdover from a Felarya character concept, though there she did originate from a DnD style universe before getting Giant Laima'd and stealing the old Perverter's Items of Power...

>> No.26318929

I don't suppose there's any such thing as a Shadowrun ERP out there, is there? I mean, there's a dozen runs that come immediately to mind for this idea.

Mr. Johnson needs you to...

>...seduce a corp socialite slumming it in the Barrens. Take pictures.
>...get this year's hot new personafixes out of a porn studio.
>...promote a dwarven madam in Humanis Policlub territory.
>...bodyguard a celebrity whose public image requires (description of one runner) on his/her shoulder, but is really into (description of another runner).
>...rescue a person from a bunraku parlor and gently romance him/her back to full health. Sexin' before recovery is a CRITICAL MISSION FAILURE.
>...find weird fertility-related magic artifacts.
>...bring Romeo Ares Macrotech and Juliet Aztechnology together and get them to Sader-Krupp before anyone figures it out.
>...make a name for yourself in sim-sense reality porn which isn't nearly as fun as actual amateur porn and get to know your favorite porn star.

And then really you could just do regular runs. Just with legwork involving more blowjobs or something.

>> No.26318944


Damn, I still kind of want. Will have to salvage the idea for another RP down the line.

>> No.26318981

I haven't played Shadowrun before, but I'd enjoy a, ERP cyberpunk game with missions like that, or an ERP modern fantasy.

>> No.26319008

Like there wouldn't be... dedicated cyber-augmentations for sex related stuff in a world like that. Beyond just that whole "bunraku" thing.

>> No.26319021

>an* ERP

>> No.26319025 [SPOILER] 

>Cyberpunk ERP
>Transhumanist augmentation

Yes, please.

>> No.26319033

I'm not an expert on the subject though, so don't hold me to it...

...Kind of was off put by the setting's back-story, where in a Forever Alone Autistic Marty Stu somehow creates his own Test-tube Magical Monster Girl Waifus and, when the rest of humanity is justifiably horrified by this, decides to force his fetish on the world by declaring war on it, relapsing a deadly plague that only targets women, sicking his godly powerful abominations on it, then fucking off squealing "just as planned" when some solider boy finally figures out how to RAPE said Monster Girls into personal servitude...

I try to keep an open mind about these things, but that's REALLY pushing misogynism way to far...

>> No.26319050

Yeah, there would be. And biotech. Or some people just like it all natural. Or in VR. Or with magic.

Really, there's gotta be something for everyone here.

>> No.26319152

Never mind that sound pretty fucking awful. I thought it was just "Girls turn into Monster Girls" Which hey that's awesome not...whatever that is.

>> No.26319163

Go ahead, I'm actually suprised no one had thought of "Perverted Magic User who is actually a pretty fun employer" as an ERP plot line until now...

>> No.26319186 [SPOILER] 

>With magic

I'd love to be able to use illusions on my sub. Suddenly our livingroom is a dungeon with hand-hewn stone floors, chains dangling from the walls, with grim, fleeting lighting; a crack in the ceiling drips water, and from the hall comes the violent sounds of nonconsensual sex.

All without so much as scooting the couch over. (Which in her mind now appears to be a set of stocks.)

>> No.26319216

>I try to keep an open mind about these things, but that's REALLY pushing misogynism way to far...
But the best rape is when you know deep down that it needs to happen.

>> No.26319306

Though I am guessing we should keep such ads to a minimum, I figured it'd be good to throw my info out given the apparent glut of submissives scurrying about. Particularly directed towards submissive lasses of anime, elven, or even furry backdrop.

I am not a cat

Well technically I am, but I play a human on TV

>> No.26319353

Yeah, I get the feeling that others tried to take it and turn it into that, but there is still the whole fact that this was based on the idea of building a harem by beating girls within an inch of their life, then fucking them to make them submissive to you...

>> No.26319371 [SPOILER] 

>Keep ads to a minimum

Isn't that... kinda the point of the thread? I'm not a regular in here or anything, but it seems like that would kinda be the primary purpose of being here. It's not like actual ERP is allowed here.

Also, the more I think about the magic thing, the more possibilities present themselves.

>> No.26319424


I wasn't quite sure since there hadn't been too many and I recall someone making a stink about not having this turn into a /soc/ hookup situation.

>> No.26319458

>Dat tail...

I was considering making an Flist char of the Lusty Argonian Maid, actually...

>> No.26319463 [SPOILER] 

So we're posting girls in bondage pics now, are we?
Too bad I don't have any girls in bondage.

>> No.26319506

If you do...I may have to make an Flist just to message you. Stop playing with my emotions.

>> No.26319517


I'd actually love to do a recurring storyline where a female PC has to control her lizard transformation and she tries to find a solution for it while going on various adventures.

>> No.26319553

That sounds great, especially if she had an adventure buddy she drags around and uses in case URGES. But that's neither here or there.

>> No.26319577


Some urges, some actual help needed. I mostly like the TF aspect really.

>> No.26319587

Not a Stockholm fan?

>> No.26319597

>Not making Dar Ma
>Having her crushing HARD on her rescuer
>Not having her and her mother bone the hero in thanks

>> No.26319653

I haven't decided yet for certain. Plus I don't really like the "YOU HAVE TO WRITE 500 WORDS PER MESSAGE" society on there.

>> No.26319724

I had been doing it in lieu of taking on a name, but I certainly wouldn't mind. Trying to not attract mod attention, but we're -deep- into Autosage.

>> No.26319996


The difference is that there are game ads and non-game ads.

>> No.26320024

>Page 10
New thread, guys?

>> No.26320070


I've always wanted to play a lion-headed character but I can never get into the whole anthro stuff. I mean I can screw them, but not play as one.

Shame, lion headed guys are cool. I blame it on seeing the lion headed dude in the Escaflowne movie when I was a child

>> No.26320105

Go for it.

Capcha: Stiffened unlita

>> No.26320119


I grabbed the image to play it too.

Though the point was to play a genderswap/de-monster. This was the other half.

>> No.26320214


I'm thinking I'll eventually try something more like the Mithra. Despite not liking abatap, I think it gave an idea of the furthest anthro I could go with the Na'vi's facial features - with digitigrade legs, a nose/snout setup and in my case probably more minotaury than feline-y.

>> No.26320263

Continue there, guys.

>> No.26320347

What do you tell people?

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