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this is how I eversor assassin

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cool thanks for the anime

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>hating on black lagoon

get the fuck out of /tg/ NOW!

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that crazy-smile face from the 6th panel is in every anime holy fuck.

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black lagoon wasn't even that good go fuck yourself

and while im at sacred cows cRPGs are also shit.

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>every anime
If by every anime you mean very few outside of Lagoon and Hirano stuff then sure.

On topic.
This is how I necromancer.

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that episode was so good

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Ignore and report shitposters.

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Is Roberta`s Blood Trail out in dub yet?

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If by every anime he means every time there's a 2edgy assassin who's a totaly nice guy up until he goes "a little psycho" when killing things then sure.

Have you ever been to deviant art? They fucking feed off that shit.

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>If by every anime you mean very few
No, he means every dude. Even as an anime fan, I agree that that creepy deranged smile is so common a visual trope that it's almost "veins on forehead" or "sweatdrop" commonplace.

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she is a pill popping crazy bitch.

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Fuck, even one punch man made fun of it at some point.

When One Punch Man makes fun of it you know it's gone on too long.

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>this thread

what the fuck are these shit posters doing

this is how I captain

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This is how I assemble the party.

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This is how I Fencer

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This is how I Rogue Trader

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this is how I Paladin

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this is how I doom the ship

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yes its out and it is damn good

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This is how I react to the ship's doom

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This is how I diplomacy

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Would you want that? I mean, c'mon... Roberta's English VA does voice for Twilight Sparkle in MLP:FiM

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This is how I Knight

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Black Lagoon is a mediocre, overrated anime with mostly shitty characters, especially Revy, who is awful and unlikable.

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This is how I science fantasy settings

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so does the guy who plays fucking Q on star trek but I don't see you giving him shit.

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polite sage for offtopic post

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This is how I Dashing Swordsman/Bard

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This is how I ranger

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This is how I Operator in Only War.

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This is how I assassin.

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I bet you hate fun.

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This how I bardic knowledge.

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This is how I Lawful Neautral

Also I've never seen an anime

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Can't have Black Lagoon thread without the best girl.

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>saging with an image
This is how I Paladin

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just fucking leave

This is how I SCIENCE

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image sages don't bump anymore, that bug's long since been fixed.
Unless Moot unfixed it in the last few months when I wasn't looking

this is how I player character

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This is how I Civil Engineer

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This is how I Eversor Assassin.

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This is how I backstabb.

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This is how I get a good codex

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This is how I Callidus Assassin.

No heretic can resist.

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Good luck

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Yes, Rotton is best waifu.

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This is how I help in a stressful situation.

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This is how I graciously accept defeat

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This is how I react to peasants begging me for alms

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This is how I sneak attack

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This is how I deal with NPC monologues

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My person of color.

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This is how I feel when I use Codex: Space Marines.

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This is how I thread derailment

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This is how I feel when I use Codex: Imperial Guard

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This is how I run character development.

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>not Balalaika
plebs, all of you

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This is how I GM

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this thread is /b/ level shit

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This is how I Utilize Harem.

You break everything, become a total That Guy, and are objectively the worst part of the campaign.

You may be Eversoring correctly.

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Are you me?

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demasiado temprano, hombre

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>This is how I feel when I use Codex: Space Marines.
>This is how I feel when I use Codex: Imperial Guard

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Like these threads were ever good?

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This is how I San Loss

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get out /a/

this is how I Wizard

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This is how I rogue trader

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Funny, this is how I Rogue Trader.

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This is how I wizard, part 1.

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And part 2.

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This is how I helpful NPC.

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This is how I Imperial Guard

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I'm you from the future.

I can't tell you much but purple can't be trusted.

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Is that the one with the shitty nun character in it?

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This is how I IG

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Green is not a creative color.

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This is how I Annihilator Barge.

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This is how I rogue trader

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>All these animu mary sues

How do you guys keep finding groups?

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This is how I Inquisitor

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This is how I cleric

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This is how I rogue trader

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Nice entry level trolling, summerfag.

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This is how I techpriest

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What's up with her teeth in panel three, it's like the entire right side of her mouth became canines. And those teeth don't even reach her gums, they just conjoin with some long persistent strand of tooth that runs the length of her mouth.

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This is how I Adept.

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This how I let others know something is wrong

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Protip: Neither does anyone else in your group.

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It's just a cartoon, you autist overlord.

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A very bad one.

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This is how I Arbitres

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Nice entry level trolling, summerfag.

Keep it up and you might become a first grade shitposter.

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Nice weeaboo tier delusional behaviour.

Keep it up and no one, not even yourself, will take you seriously.

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>implying I'm weeaboo

Nice entry level trolling, summerfag.

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Everytime I see that word in a post, I feel like /tg/ gets further and further away from its meaning.

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/tg/ was never about being a second /a/.

Sorry that your meaning is absolutely retarded. Perhaps you should go back to one of your several ERP threads shitting up the place.

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Well whatever the hell you are, get out.

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Because when the campaign will last more than 12 hours I put quite a bit of work in.

Otherwise I do something silly.

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>hating anime on 4chan
westaboos, please

this is how I kawaii uguu in OW

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This is how I roll to intimidate

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>Last Decade

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This is how I (sparingly) DMPC.

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One of my players based a character off of him for a one shot, I ok-ed him to use a greatshield in one hand and a greatsword in the other just cause of my love of that game.

Shit was hilarious

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This is how I rogue

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This is how I rage.

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My friend, this is the Guard. There is no last decade.

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>tfw you will never have a burned, hard smoking, blonde, ex KGB waifu

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this is how i begin campaign.

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This is how I begin campaign

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>such is life in everywhere that isn't Russia.

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This is how I Inquisitor

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Did you recently see the 25th anniversary musical too?
But yeah, Javert is a kickass LN inquisitor.

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Didn't get the chance, sadly.

Back on topic, this is how I Military Engineering

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A few days ago I played in a 3.P one-shot. I was a red-painted Warforged named Null with the Psiforged Body feat, dotting my armor in crystals, and wore a magnificently flowing yellow cape. Three levels in Swordsage let me be nimble, execute multiple attacks per turn in spite of only being level 3, and enabled me to selectively charge my weapon (a bastard sword made of Riverine, a rare material that is literally a wall of force shaped into an item) with fire or cold damage. I had been given the sword free of WBL consideration, as it offered no mechanical benefit at the level we were playing at, so I spent the entire rest of my money on a psionic tattoo of Energy Burst. While using it, I fluffed it as my charging energy into my fist and slamming the ground.

Nobody caught on until after the game was over.

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you can get a burned girl though, and she's definately waifu material

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