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You grots know what to do.

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Wot'z dat boss?

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Click hide thread?

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What's going on in this thread?

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Welp, we'z ded.

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Just a reminder that the ''Sparky Eldar gitz'' saved your green arses from the Tyranids.

That is all.

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Orkses don't need no saving

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Whatever you say, boss.

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Dose pretty Eldar boyz? Dat's okay, dey was green! Green is best, ork or Eldar. Dey's scrawny but dey's dead killy.

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For the aspiring warboss

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Nah, dat war ovar in da Oct...Ocvt...place where da big scrap with da bugz is waz goin' just fine for da Orks. They ate a few of da boyz, but we came back for anova go. Doze bugs got some good loot on 'em, and dey fry up right nice.

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But who's going to save you?

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Poxa gronka?

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Any comments on Tau looting Ork stuff?

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sumtoims i jus wanna roid til da street runs out

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i remember a story where some tau took an ork warp drive, then the captured weirdboy busted out, stole it back, and flew off in a plane that shouldent have bin able to pick up off the ground

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Like how repulsor field drones were based off captured ork tractor beam technology?

Now imagine what they could do with a shokk attack gun if they could into warp. I give you, the Warp Antimatter Bomb. Instead of teleporting grots, teleport a pound of antimatter directly into a pound of positive matter, ensuring that they are both attempting to occupy the same position in space. What kind of blast yield would you get from that do you think?

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You ain't dead 'til I sez you're dead!

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>Empluyin dat der wos not jas sum orky sneak taktiks, dat wos.

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Immah git mah body ready, baus.

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fuckin lost it

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