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Why is Howard-kun so dreamy?

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Because of the Silver Key

>> No.26230233

Because he scorns the prosaic dullness of our daily life.

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Far over the Watchers in the waste's cold.
Trough caves of ghouls and spider vales....

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How is it any /tg/ relevant?

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those worms look comfy.

>> No.26230293

Calm down.

>> No.26230310

the rats in my balls

>> No.26230321


Because of his enormous chin.

>> No.26230435

I think those aren't worms but the tentacles of his lover, perhaps the daughter of Cthulhu.

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If i'd be any calmer, i'd be considered dead, so i'm not exactly following you here.

Still: how's that any /t/g related?

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>HPL's O-face is -_-

Though Cthulhu is off there in the distance, watching, so that being Cthulhu's daughter would be a bit lewd.

Those also look like negro eggs not far from him, so he's probably just being sucked off by a Dhole.

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You. I like you.

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I think that such "enormous" stream of answers makes it obvious, that it's not /tg/ related thread.

Watch and learn people. Watch and learn.

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