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I wanna get into tabletop Warhammer... the problem? I don't have a fucking clue how to play a tabletop role playing game. I know a decent amount of Warhammer lore, but I have no idea where to start with models, books, dice, the whole nine yards. Is there a comprehensive guide for this sort of thing? I'm completely new to this and don't even know where to start, or let alone what to buy first. I kind of wanted to start out as the Necrons, they're my favorite race in the RTS and I love their aesthetic. Is this a good race to start on? or should I start with some vanilla spess muhreen chapter?

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I was all set to help you out until I saw this

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He used a DoW pic so maybe he meant Oldcrons.

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Oh yeah the new Necrons are nothing like DoW Necrons.

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Newcrons suck dude, best bet is Blood Angel Spess Mehrens. I know that's pretty vanilla but until you play the game a bit and find out what your preferred playstyle is then you can't really branch out.

I can personally vouch for Black Templars if you like Crazily Devoted Melee Monsters

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>tabletop role playing game
Hang on, do you mean the tabletop battle game? A role-playing game is a game where you play the role of one charater and have crazy adventures. These also exist for Warhammer 40k, but it seems like you're talking about the battle game.

Also, you should call it Warhammer 40,000 to avoid confusion. 'Warhammer' is the original Fantasy game, and Warhammer 40k is so called because it kinda was (and kinda still is) Warhammer, But In Space.

[pedantry ends here]

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Read the fluff look at the models, then make a decision.

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Play what you like, OP, and ignore these Necron haters. An army costs a lot of money and even more time (assuming you're not fielding it unpainted like some kind of horrible monster), and there's no point picking an army which isn't even your favourite to start with.

Also Necrons are relatively easy to paint, and they're not even particularly hard to win with if you're worried about that.

But do check out the models of all the factions to make sure that they're your favourites. Dawn of War is lacking a whole lot of stuff that's in the tabletop, especially when it comes to Chaos.

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10/10 Also consider SoB witohut allies

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Download the core rule book, and then maybe some of the codexs once you read that. Then think about buying them and a army.

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...oh, and if you're brand new to this stuff do NOT go crazy and drop hundreds of shekels on it.
1. Check out whether anyone actually plays near you, and whether they are cool dudes.
2. Download pdfs of the rulebook and Necron codex, and/or ask if you can see people's games locally, to see if you like the look of the game.
3. Buy one box of dudes you like, or one model you really like (ideally an HQ dude or basic troops, because you'll need those for a starter army anyway), some paints, and see if painting makes you cry.

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>1. Check out whether anyone actually plays near you, and whether they are cool dudes.


There are so many faggots that play this game, especially in the US I've found

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Why? Do Necrons suck or are they just cheap?
What's the difference between oldcrons and the newer necrons?
I really don't like the spess muhreens much. What about Chaos? Is there a nice vanilla version for them?
I think I mean battle game. And of course, I do mean 40k. Sorry about that.
What does fluff mean?
Anything else I should download? Should I read all the other races lore books or just the one I plan on playing?

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Fluff is story and background, as opposed to crunch which is rules.

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Fluff is story and lore.

And the core is all you really need, it will give you a run down of all the races, and supply you with the (pre codex) stats for some of their units.

The codex just contains all the up to date stats/fluff for a specific army... Once it's released for the current edition of the game.

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>Should I read all the other races lore books or just the one I plan on playing?
I'd hop on the main Games Workshop site and look at the minis for all the armies. That way you can make a shortlist and get codices for the ones you really like. But if that turns out to be Crons, go Crons. The people telling you not to are either Cronhaters or trolling.

And there's absolutely no need to start with something
...even if there were, Crons are vanilla enough.

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Necrons are top 2 in tournaments atm, and when I see someone say they want to play Necrons it usually means they're a powergaming faggot.

Guess that wouldn't apply here though. My bad

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Honestly, I just prefer their aesthetic over the other races, I had no idea they were the tryhard option.
So is there any race you wouldn't recommend for a first timer? (provided I do change my race from Necrons)
Any books I should buy, or should I just torrent the PDF's?

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I would say download the books for now. You don't know if you will like the game so it's probably better to read up on the rules first. Then you can drop horrifying amounts of money on the book/models/paints.

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>tfw been into 40k for years but never bought a single model
>tfw no confidence in my ability to paint

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Jesus, is painting that hard? I thought it would be the most fun part.

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>tryhard option

Ignore what I said man, if you want to run Necrons for the aesthetic, thats not tryhard at all.

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No one does when you start.

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>Been into 40k for quite some time now
>Want to get into it
>Don't have the money currently to fund such a hobby.

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It's not so much that it's hard, so much that Warhammer games typically have you fielding a lot of units. IG can have like, 50 dudes to a single conscript squad if I recall.

Painting isn't amazingly difficult, but trying to paint well on a lot of units can be tiring.

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Painting isn't hard.

Painting properly, however, takes time, practice, and knowing what to do

Thin ya paints

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>Are you me?
This is how i've felt for like 15 years.

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One thing I messed up on is buying models already painted and not painting with people. No one is gonna start out as Picasso when they paint.

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Some people cannot into it at al. Some can and enjoy it. Some can't and still enjoy it, though.

>is there any race you wouldn't recommend for a first timer?
Eh... not really, unless the people you play with are super-competitive. But then I wouldn't recommend playing against super-competitive armies at all, especially if you're starting out.

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OP here again, What should I buy in the event that I buy something? Just any old model that I like the most or should I consult with you guys first? I don't know how much stats go into play, which units that suck, that are useful, etc etc.

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Painting is fuckin easy man, if you pick the right faction.

The secret is washes. Any idiot can paint well enough if they finish with a wash.

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generally a basic troop choice is a solid pick

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>making eye contact first
Pffft, scrub.

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Hit up ebay or w/e and you should be able to find basic Necron warriors on the cheap. Get them, paint them up, and go from there.

>recommended race

You can choose a race for aesthetics, or for playstyle. You like the way the Necrons look but you should also see if you like their playstyle.

For new players Marines are pretty easy. Imperial Guard are also easy, they have heaps of "sit there and shoot" stuff which is the easiest stuff to use.

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If you like Crons, I'd go for a basic box of Cron troops. Can't go wrong with robot skellingtons. Also, although I previously said you could get a random HQ model you liked, I forgot that a lot of HQ models are made of Finecast rather than plastic, which is... not recommended for a first model. Or any other model.

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It is fun. But you know how sometimes you just want to strangle your woman and bury her in the woods? But you also love her to death? It's sort of like that.

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I take it it's a bad idea to buy from the Game Workshop website?

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When it comes down to it its up to you to decide, as others may suggest armies that you might end up not liking. In the end, go with ya gut and take a dive

[spoilers]Pick Orks, ya git, any udda race is good fer one fing and one fing only; STOMPAN' FLAT!

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I am neither creative nor artistic. My best works would end up in those awful paint job threads.

>pick the right faction.
I would either go with Chaos Space Marines
>Bought the codex in 5th grade just because I loved the pictures
Or Tau
>Bought the codex in a fuckhuge mall during a vacation to nashville

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Washes look terrible if you don't clean them up on the flat areas.

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It's THE WORST idea. First I think you should find out where you can play locally- if it's a shop, then you'll want to buy at least some stuff there so you're not a horrific mooching moocher.

Secondly if you are buying online there are online retailers that sell GW's stuff new for around 20% cheaper than it does. Which ones depends on which country you're in.

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It's always more expensive to buy direct. But by going to a game store you'll see the models in person or what's on display which helps.

>mfw i have 3 GW stores nearby and the actual game stores are at least an hour away
>mfw gearing up to fight the teens with my thousand sons this month

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Lol, yes. Avoid that shit like the plague.

A good faction for getting on the cheap is Orks, I find that shit second hand online all the time. Average less than 50c per model. They're no good for competitive play if thats what your looking for, but great for fun and narrative games

Me neither. Hence the 'any idiot' thing. Its really that easy.

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I do have a shop about 15 minutes away from me, so finding a place to play won't be a problem. I guess my next step is to check out a game night the next time it comes up. It's not considered bad etiquette to spectate, right?

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>They're no good for competitive play

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Look! OP If you join Necron you can get this for the small price of...

>160 USD

Seriously though, fuck the haters the Necron are one of the best armies and they are fun to play and collect. There are plenty of fun builds because no unit is *completely* useless

>except flayed ones.

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oh sweet a new player thread.

how should i learn the table top rules? just read the newest edition codex of my race?

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>It's not considered bad etiquette to spectate, right?
Not as long as you give the players blowjobs while they do it.

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Nope. You need the rulebook, brah.

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Actually it's kinda rude to just stand there. Interact a bit. People usually love to talk about their game unless they're getting smashed.

>Oh hey anon what size game is this?
>sup, its 1500. im about to beat the smack out of these guardsmen with my orks
>psh, not by the emperor you wont
>mfw i love banter between people

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We all know this feel.

All of us.

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This, plus it can really help you get into the game if you talk to players in person. Unless you meet huge dicks, they will probably explain things to you

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Alright, OP here again, got a question about stats 'n shit. As you know, I've never played any tabletop games, so I don't know how damage calculation works, do I need to be a huge math buff to be able to play this? or is it pretty straight forward?

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>mfw nobody talks like that even In a GW store

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Then I'd drop in there to buy something small to start off with. Maybe look up the dudes first on GW's site in case there's anything you really like but want to ask /tg/ about in case it's a bad choice.

Also drop in to see if people are cool. If they're cool and you're non-terrifying, spectating should be fine.

Warning: if it's an actual official GW store, you might get a hard sell attempt. Fight that shit and get one dude/box of dudes and probably some paints and brushes if you don't have any.

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I like to say "Do you guys mind if I watch?" and they're usually pretty cool about it since asking like that puts them on the spot and they don't want to look like a douchebag and not let you watch.

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It's pretty straight forward like any game, though people love to math hammer out things. But here's the thing; you're playing with dice. You can't really count on the odds.

>terminators with 2+ saves have about 0.17% chance to die to small arms or most things

>on a 1 they die
>mfw my terminators have died from just a few hits instead of wadding through tons of fire

Then strike up a conversation, work on those social skills. This is a game where grown men say waagh every few minutes.
>mfw i hardly follow my advice

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>This is a game where grown men say waagh every few minutes.

When I first learned about Warhammer about 13 years ago, I was told it was a quiet game with very little talking except to conduct game actions.

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It doesn't work like a computer game where things have hit points or whatever. The 40k system at heart is starker and bleaker than that. You get hit or you don't, the shot takes you out or it doesn't, your armor either saves you or it doesn't.
A guy in a big suit of armor doesn't get chipped away over time, he does just fine until finally some lucky shot gets him in the throat and then he's dead.

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Were you playing with monks?

Because if so, cool.

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Not sure what part of the world you're in, but over here in Texas, USA people love to be loud in just about everything.

>alright time for combat
>feel the emperors might heretic
>oh? has the emperor been working out lately?
>bro, do you even lift?
>im gonna smite you so hard for that joke heretic
> :3

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This game breaking piece of shit wants a word with you mate

>tfw deff dread is coolest thing in the entire game yet is total garbage

>> No.26224855

>tfw you try to banter and the other guy is just dead serious


I just want my games to be like the WAAAAAGH batreps from miniwargaming

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>wanting to get into a hobby where it costs $100 for a mini

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But anon, all forms of Ork tech are garbage.

>> No.26224924

The hell are you talking about

The GW here in Springfield, we're all shouting and roaring and WAAAGHing and having a damn good time purging heretics and slaughtering the lapdogs of the false Emperor

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>100$ per mini

If you have an army full of wraithknights...yes

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Most I ever payed was $50/40 for a second hand landraider I never use, this was back in 4th. I swear it blew up first turn every time.

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People spend more on things they can't even play with or build.

Giant gundams, Hot Toys figures, anime statues. My cousin bought a $600 Hot Toys Batmobile because it was the largest scale replica of the Batmobile in existence besides the actual cars.

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OP HERE, YET AGAIN! Is there any online way to play this game? Maybe a version where I can just download the models I'm thinking about playing with just to get a hang of the game?

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Vassal for sure. It's pretty active and I've taught how to play it from time to time on there.

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I only ever field Deff Dreads in Zone Mortalis now. They're still not fantastic but at least good enough to field.

Would be so keen to try a Dread Mob dredbash list. 15 deff dreads, 15 kans in one force org. Mekka Dread with KFF and use allies to get extra HQ to take two SAGs. Back it up with Lootas and Burnas... a fuckin mekboyz dream right there

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Some shit called vassal. Not sure how representative it is though because 2D cover and 3D cover are very, very different things.

To make it as accurate as possible, make sure you count every piece of terrain on the board as completely transparent. Because fuck true line of sight

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Here's the program

And the here's the module

It's not as bad as you think. You can mark terrain and usually come to agreements on what's what. Really the 2k games are worse since everyone is trying out tournament lists.
>mfw I've been cutting my teeth on flying deamon princes, spammed vendettas, grey knights paladins, etc
>mfw my grasps of tactics is still pretty
>my only good idea is putting a 1k son squad in the middle of the board and letting the enemy crash into it and keeping heldrakes back a little

>> No.26225994

Does vassal have the rules built in or is it just markers to move around and apply the rules how you like?

>hoping for the latter

>> No.26226145

Vassal just had the models, you can get the pdfs online easily.

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One thing that helps me out is to youtube battle reports. Miniwargaming has them all the time. Also, youtube "how to paint" stuff. You can learn a lot from what they gotta say.

>> No.26226260

my first model didn't look that great at all. But with practice comes all your skill - now I have 4 40k armies, and 3 fantasy armies The majority is painted - it's become my favorite part of the hobby. Also, painting can be fixed/undone. So fuck around, try new things - don't like it? repaint it.

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MWG's "How to Play 40K" was really useful. It teaches you how to move, shoot, hit, wound, assault, and remove casualties. Each one is just a short demonstration of one squad fighting another squad and an explanation of what you are rolling the dice for.

You pretty much know how to play the game after watching those.

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It's not so bad costwise if you're as slow at it as I am. Can you afford like 40$ a month or so? Just take your time at things, maybe start with a small killteam list, etc.

>> No.26227078

Start with a box or two of necron warriors. Then get a command/annihilation barge kit, go for the annihilation barge build for a (quite good) vehicle and get a free overlord into the bargain. From there, more warriors, maybe some immortals/deathmarks, some ghost arks... it really broadens out, but definitely start with some warriors (you could maybe squeak your way by starting with immortals, but it wouldn't be my recommendation)

>> No.26227144

I'd take it with a grain of salt MWG is generally pretty good but during there barrels they glaze over the rule sometimes. (not obeying wound allocation rules, making disallowed multi assaults ect. ect.)

>> No.26227223


I think the videos were made during an older edition so that may be why.

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Different new/poorfag, looking to start Marines (yeah, yeah, IZ 4 BABBYS etc.).

If my FLGS sells at GW prices, where do you recommend I go? Looking to avoid eBay if possible because of scams I've heard of. Any other places?

>> No.26227431


Stop listening to bullshit on the Internet eBay is safe as fuck and YOU can scam THEM because eBay always sides with the buyer. Guarantee all these "eBay scams" are actually people trying to SELL and getting ripped off or idiots buying bootlegs from Hong Kong and Russia.

eBay is your best bet, but even if you refuse to buy there, marines are one of the cheapest armies to play aside from Deathwing or Draigowing.

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If you're only interested in playing the game then try using paper cutout substitute pieces before you put down any money on plastic men.

If you want to try the modeling stuff just get a pack of army men or something cheap to fool around with and then maybe try a small set to start with, you will inevitably fuck up the first few.

Also make sure you look around for second hand models / kits, they can be significantly cheaper.

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