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Just acquired my first book of the Horus Heresy series, Horus Rising by Graham McNeill.

Just started reading and I can't help but think that EVERYONE in 40K pre-heresy was a fucking MORON.

> Luna Wolves encounter a solar system just like ours
> Their main planet is ruled by an "Emperor" who "saved mankind" and who sits in a fucking Golden Throne
> Did I fucking mentioned he sits on a Golden Throne exactly like the one on Terra ?
> This "Emperor" is a stupidly powerfull psyker
> This "Emperor" is also a decaying corpse.
> Horus kills this Emperor.
> After Horus kill the "Emperor", the planet starts being affected by the warp.

Motherfuckers came up several hints and preludes at what was gonna happen to the Imperium and didn't take a hint ? Seriously ? Even after all the remembrancers reported their records back to Malcador ?


The Imperium is ruled by morons
Malcador either does drugs or was senile

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The Emperor and the High Council don't exactly have a history of farsight or making good decisions.

Here's some of their best:

- Outlawing the use of computers or AIs to navigate through the Warp, instead making use of Navigators, which increase the chances of the ship being stranded in the warp and attacke/corrupted by daemons.

- Not telling his Primarchs about the Imperial Webway making them go butthurt (it's not like they would've gotten in the way)

- Letting Malcador found the Inquisition

- Not dispatching Constantin Valdor to kill Horus

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> Outlawing the use of computers or AIs to navigate through the Warp, instead making use of Navigators, which increase the chances of the ship being stranded in the warp and attacke/corrupted by daemons.

AIs where outlawed because their machine spirit can be corrupted by Tzeentch and that means instead of being stranded in the Warp the ship would explode.

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You are now aware that the emperor that horus killed was the true saviour of mankind.

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To be fair you have to remember the Emperor kept a lot of secrets so much of the higher ups are making decisions blindly in the dark and they have to contend with forces that we don't have to today, like psykers randomly exploding into daemons or T-800s rising out of the ground or having our PCs turn on us.

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Actually Nurgle can infect machines and computers the same way he can infect humans.

Yes, Nurgle is so awesome he can make computer viruses.

That's how Papa Nurgle rolls

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Nah. The real savious of Mankind would've not gone down with one round from a Storm Bolter.

Also Horus wasn't even stunned by this Emperor.

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My memory might be a bit fuzzy, but where is it said that the "emperor" was a powerful psychic?

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Nurgle can kill the necrons.

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Combat ability =/= saviour of mankind.

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>The real saviour of Mankind would've not gone down with one round from a Storm Bolter
Why not? Are you assuming there's a direct correlation between saviour-ness and Powah Levuls?

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Maybe he had a different way.

A different way to save the Imperium.

Maybe that's why he had to die.

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Yes but why would he do that ?

The Necrons aren't really a treat to Chaos.

Chaos is a treat to them, but not the other way around.

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>Why not? Are you assuming there's a direct correlation between saviour-ness and Powah Levuls?

When you are so goddamn powerfull you can call yourself "The Emperor of Mankind" and actually go toe to toe with gods, you can actually turn bullets into kittens

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I keep forgetting we don't have OP necrons anymore.

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Why would being able to turn bullets into kittens make you the saviour of mankind?

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A Storm Bolter bullet wouldn't kill a regular Space Marine. Thus it cannot kill the real Emps.

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You ever been shot in the face with a cat?

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You chaps seem to be having difficulty appreciating what i'm getting at.

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Pssssssh cron air spam suddenly disappear?

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Uh plenty of marines have been killed by bolter fire bro

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Tg missing the mark?


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Because, y'know, Tzeentch and Nurgle totally can't corrupt people at all.

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I was talking about fluff.

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Astropaths are trained to be harder to corrupt

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Is that why when they're in training there's always someone in the room who just happens to be a crack shot with a pistol?

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That's pykers

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Implying that navigators don't always have someone in the room who happens to be a crack shot with a pistol anyway.

Whether they like it or not.

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>voluntarily reads space fantasy
>i can't help but think

Stopped reading right there.

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> After months of preparation through fasting, prayer and ritual preparation, the chosen psykers are brought into the very depth of the Imperial Palace in procession of a hundred at a time, there to undergo a ritual that will either kill them, drive them insane, or bind them for all eternity to the Emperor.

The reason there's a guy with a pistol is because they often go insane during training.

They are hard to be corrupted because they are already binded to The Emperor (who has presence in the warp)

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Other things the Emperor was an idiot about

-Didn't save Angrons friends who were about to die. He didn't even kill their enemies, let alone teleport a few along with Angron.

-Banning Magnus from using sorcery (Although it's implied Magnus had been doing stuff he really shouldn't have, like making pacts with daemons to save the Thousand Sons) More important here is the end of the Librariums in the legions, preventing the space marines from having an effective means to fight the forces of Chaos

-Not telling anyone about Chaos

-Not preparing the Primarchs and their legions for angst when the Crusade neared its end

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Plz stop posting.

or get rid of the trip if you want to shitpost

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Confirmed for not understanding how navigator houses work.

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Seems like somebody really should have LOOKED OUT.

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>(Although it's implied Magnus had been doing stuff he really shouldn't have, like making pacts with daemons to save the Thousand Sons

Magnus didn't knew he was dealing with Tzeentch until Tzeentch revealed himself to Magnus.

The reason why Magnus didn't interfered when the Space Wolves destroyed Prospero until the very end was because he wanted to stop Tzeentch's plan of having both Legions destroy one another ( and Tzeentch was so amused by this he actually made Magnus his prince as a reward)

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Like I give a fuck if someone gets offended over the internet.

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>Outlawing the use of computers or AIs to navigate through the Warp,

Part of the reason the Imperium is currently like it is, is because humanity did at one point have advanced AIs and it didn't go well. Not to mention it's easier for Chaos to corrupt or possess an AI.


>Not telling his Primarchs about the Imperial Webway making them go butthurt

There was no Imperial Webway and I doubt any of the Primarchs outside of perhaps Magnus ever knew what the Emperor was doing with regards to the Webway.


>Letting Malcador found the Inquisition

There's a pretty good chance the Inquisition has done good than harm.


>Not dispatching Constantin Valdor to kill Horus

It wasn't the Custodes battle to fight, plus if I recall correctly the Custodes and SM never exactly got along.

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The point about the Emperor not telling the primarchs about the webways is that working on claiming the webway for mankind was the Emperors reason for returning to earth. And while he was tinkering with eldar left-overs, Horus though the Emperor was going to discard the Primarchs and the Imperial truth and declare himself a god.

Cause the Emperor is terrible at communicating with this sons. Even Guillman recognizes that the Emperor was a terrible father

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>There's a pretty good chance the Inquisition has done good than harm.


Besides creating the GK's, the Inquisition only fucked up big time.

> Letting the Ecclesiary declare Space Marines sanctioned heretics because they don't believe in The Emperor as a God.

> Setting Gorge Vandire as Master of the Administratum, which nearly collapsed the Imperium into another Civil War

> Giving the Assasinorum the white card to fuck with Space Marines at will for no reason at all. Often causing seriously bad shit to happens to Chapters that sacrificed themselves to the max to contain a treat and are on the verge of stopping to exist or who did fuck nothing except Protect the Imperium (Read, Fire Hawks and Crimson Fists)

> Setting Space Marines agaisnt Space Marines for no reason at all.

> All of the above which at some point will only instigate bitterness of the SMs agaisnt the Imperium and result in a major fuck-up (The last thing you want is having your Hard to kill Super Humans turn agaisnt you because you where a dick to them.)

> Ordering Exterminatus on civilian worlds for absolutely no reason at all (example: you're eating alphabet Cereal and your cereal spells "Murgle" and bam, Exterminatus because the word was too similar to "Nurgle".

> Being dicks to everyone.

> Refusing to admit the Alpha Legion exists which only gives them the White Card to wreck more shit. (Can't fight something that doesn't exist)

> Creating the Sororitas which will often use any excuse to go agaisnt Space Marines.

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>t wasn't the Custodes battle to fight, plus if I recall correctly the Custodes and SM never exactly got along.

Constantin fought both Horus and Leeman Russ (strongest Primarchs when it came to sheer combat) and won.

At the time the Master Custodian was the one who ruled the Assasinorium, and Custodes are trained as assassins as well. Constantin offered himself to kill Horus in single combat and The Emperor awknowledged he would succeed, however he denied it because he wanted "Not more lies. No more veils"

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An inquisitor tried to fight the Alpha legion once. He was pretty good at it, till they led him into a trap and replaced him with their own agent. Now the agent pretends to fight the Alpha legion, while furthering its cause

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That's because it's hard to fight the Alpha Legion when they have the Ultramarines backing them up

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>Creating the Sororitas which will often use any excuse to go agaisnt Space Marines

I'm sorry, what? All these facts are false as fuck. Vandire took over on his own accord not because of the Big I.

>> No.26220623


>Giving the Assasinorum the white card to fuck with Space Marines at will for no reason at all.

The Asssinorum answers to the High Lords of Terra, not the Inquisition.

> Creating the Sororitas which will often use any excuse to go agaisnt Space Marines.

The Inquisition did not create the Sororitas nor do the latter use any excuse to go after SM. The Sororitas dislike that a majority of SM do not revere the Emperor as a god, but at the same time realize that they are the closest thing humanity still has to the Emperor as his blood flows through their veins, this would also make SM some form of divine.


I also forgot to mention that the Emperor thought he could still save Horus, it wasn't until after Horus killed Sanguinius that Emperor realized he had fallen too far to be redeemed, not to mention whatever pure part of Horus that still existed begging to be killed.

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The Alpha Legion has infiltrate mos of the Ultras Sucessor Chapters.

There's also hints that they infiltrated the Ultras themselves. Or are posing as a Chapter called Minotaurs.

There has been several threads on the matter, some of them are archived on 1d4chan

Some theories:

A) Guilliman knew Alpharius wasn't heretical and falsified the records stating he had killed Alpharius so Alpharius could vanish.

B) Omegon killed and replaced Guilliman as the Ultramarine Chapter Master Then got stabbed in the neck by Fulgrim

C) Omegon is Marneus Calgar given his nigh indestructability and Primarch-like invinsibility and the Ultra's Librarians are infiltrators.

D) Most of the Ultramarines sucessor Chapters are Alpha Legion. (The Alpha Legion operate within Ultramar but nobody can find them).

E) The Ultras are in direct alliance with the Alphas.

>> No.26220682


Actually screwed up here:

C) Marneus was killed by the Swarmlord and replaced with Omegon.

>> No.26220694


None of that is canon it's just bullshit /tg/ made up.

You have a retarded sounding word for it, too. "Head canon".

>> No.26220717


That's retarded. Calgar's body never left anyone's sight. He was recovered by his honor guard, evac'd to orbit, and then repaired.

There was no point in time where he could have been replaced.

Alpha Legionfags are the absolute worst.

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/tg/ sure likes to blow Alpha Legion espionage out of proportion.

They are Raven Guard with cultist contacts, it's not like they're a fucking legion of Mystiques.

>> No.26220746


Not the guy you two where quoting.

The fact that SMs are created from the Emperor's modified genetic material is a secret kept by the High Lords and the Mechanicum.

Sororitas don't know shit about SMs having Big E's blood.

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The Emperor being autistic is canon.

>> No.26220815

>look at this sheeple
>look at him and laugh
40k Ultrafags mad their Codex doesn't account for Jason Bourne level operating like the Based Alpha Legion and spy shenanigans.

>> No.26220824

Also don't forget that a primarch is much taller than a regular astartes.

>> No.26220870

Regardless, he is still wrong and the Sisters barely fight Space Marines.

>> No.26220872

It is known.

>> No.26220907


Your codex doesn't account for it either.

>> No.26220956

Except that Alpharius and Omegon are only as tall as regular marines.

Otherwise the "I am Alpharius!" nonsense wouldn't make a lick of sense.

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> That's what we want you to think.

>> No.26221035


Just as planned.

>> No.26221119


Alpha fags can't lose.

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The necron pylons are basically absolutely vital to holding chaos in its place.

>> No.26221234

The Ultramarines use the Omega as their symbol, ie. they're Omega Legion.

>> No.26221279

>Sororitas don't know shit about SMs having Big E's blood.

I don't know. I'm reading Death of Antagonis now, and the Cannoness in the story treats the Space Marine's heritage like it's common knowledge.

>> No.26221337

You have it backward, it's the alpha legionnaires who are a bit taller than the common sm, but it is also said everywhere that Alpharius and Omegon are both taller than the rest of the legion.

>> No.26221351

Necrons have no souls. They cannot feed the warp. What happens if the Necrons kill most warp-sensitive life forms (or all)

>> No.26221377

> The necron pylons are basically absolutely vital to holding chaos in its place.

Actually no, they are just keeping the eye of Terror from expanding and provinding a way out of said Eye.

Chaos doesn't need the Eye of Terror to appear in the materium, they can just kick their daemons into the Materium like Khorne does or open portals and send their CSMs through like Magnus did on two occasions

>> No.26221399


Actually it's an "U" bro.

>> No.26221407


They use the agemo you plebe.

>> No.26221431

I know little bits about 40k lore from multiple threads on here and the wiki and i was wondering what books i should start out with and continue onwards with?

>> No.26221442

And after retcrons, we don't even know if the pylons are Necron anymore.

>> No.26221446


Yes but the Eye of Terror/Cadian Gate seems to be one of the few stable ways for CSM to venture forth, otherwise every other Black Crusade wouldn't focus on wrecking Cadia.

>> No.26221452


It's an "U" goddamit.

The agemo is a upside down Omega that holds no value or meaning outside of mathematics

>> No.26221485


Wrecking Cadia would cause the Eye to expand, ergo, more Daemon Worlds, less Imperial Worlds, ergo more people to turn into CSM's.

They wanna do this purely to boost their power.

>> No.26221497


It's an agemo. It has bars at the top of the U.

>> No.26221519

>Alpha Legion
>writing a Codex
>actually leaving evidence that could be captured
>being able to do everything other legions can, but reveal self as Alpharius
>not using Abnett and Black Library writers as greatest ally for plot armor
>being plebian tier for wearing bright colors and fighting like a 5 year old's cartoon

>> No.26221586


They have the same fucking armor color what are you on about. They're both blue.

>> No.26221600


There are thousands of stable gates out of the Eye of Terror. It's why there's a fuckton of SM chapters created and stationed directly around the Eye.

Also how several CSM legions slip past the Imperials (Thousand Sons, Khornate Warbands, World Bearers, Emperor's Children, etc.)

The Cadian gate is just the biggest/easiest one to cross and it represents a tatical advantage to control.

>> No.26221626

We do, 6e CSM.

If Abbadon succeeds in breaking them, daemons are gonna be able to freely materialize in realspace. If he does, the galaxy is FUCKED, probably irreparably.

>> No.26221628


Times News Roman has fucking bars on top of their U s

>> No.26221643

Alpha Legion are a thousand times more shitty and Mary Sue than Ultramarines or even Space Wolves.

"They're just misunderstood! They're still fighting for good!"

"they're unbeatble because just as planned lol!"

The scheming of one Alpha Legion wiped out an entire loyalist chapter.


>> No.26221668


It really makes more logical sense to have the "U" of "Ultramarine" as a logo rather than an Agemo that just means a negative Omega

>> No.26221686


It has a circular curve to the U not just straight up with bars.

>> No.26221693

The Alpha Legion have a special legion strategem that uses arcane and almost heretical archaeotech combined with thousands of years of tactical genius. Its called paint you dingus. See Forgeworld's when they pretended they were Dark Angels and literally walked through the spaceport like a bunch of tourists, ALL the Alpha legion books, and codex entries.

>> No.26221698

>We do, 6e CSM.

There is nothing implying any connection to the Necrons here.

>> No.26221745

What the fuck is mary sue? They just do what the fuck they want, hell real life history has characters just as badass and crazy as these fuckers. They are Chaos renegades after all.
>look up Belgian Congo mercenaries

>> No.26221764


Abaddon is not so stupid after all

>> No.26221789


GW gave him his arms back

>> No.26221798


You sure?

>> No.26221805


Loyalists have paint too. Lots of chapters use camouflage or black for night world operations. And for the chapters that never change colors, there's a reason for it.

It's amazing how much more you know when you're not wasting your time spamming Alphafag lines.

>> No.26221809


He never was, at most you could say he has anger issues.

>> No.26221822

Read False Gods next (because it is next !!). I almost want to believe Erebus and side with Horus. I guess I've got to keep reading to see the Emperor's true plans and motives, but there's no denying he fucked up a few things and left his primarchs kind of kicking it in space with not much to do, allowing chaos to set in.

>> No.26221824

So Angron's Monolith on Armageddon was built by the Necrons too?

>> No.26221851

It's brass and red.

Ain't black.

>> No.26221975



>> No.26222192

Betrayer actually gave me a bad case of the feels. In Angron's case, I probably wouldn't have co-operated at all.

What made it worse is that he was remembered on his own home world for being a coward and abandoning his army.

>> No.26224599


>> No.26226821

Not the guy you were replying to, but I think he was referring to how the Alphas will paint their armour in the enemy's colours to confuse them, or just straight up assume their identities like in Deliverance Lost.

I like the Alphas myself, though I'm not the type to claim that they're unbeatable. The Long Games at Carcharius was a good example of why people tend to think of them that way, though.

>> No.26227029

You have to keep in mind this is before the Imperium at large knew Chaos was even a thing, there were no witches, aliens were laughably feeble, the warp was a scientific anomaly and nothing more, this was literately the Imperiums golden age, they were a young and foolish race grabbing the stars with both hands.

You gotta read more man, its a fucking fantastic series.

>> No.26227226

has anyone read Promethean Sun? I dont know yet if I want to buy it.

>> No.26227296

Alpharius and Omegon disguised themselves as regular SMs all the time, in multiple HH books, they were also much smaller than the other primarchs, it stands to reason they were roughly SM size even if it doesn't expressly state how tall they were anywhere.

>> No.26227325


>> No.26227357

>inb4 Alpha Legion are a bunch of mini Primarchs who have mary sue genetech from the Raven Guard raptor and captured Custodes or whatever.

>> No.26227457

they have sickly withered souls in some deldar cannon.

>> No.26227800

Nope, just Space Marines with unconventional training and a Primarch in two bodies, each roughly the size of an Astartes.

IIRC, they decided neither side should have the gene-tech and trashed it.

No idea on the Custode thing, but that seems like one area they'd have a hard time with. Custodes are individually superior to Astartes, so normal Alphas would be suspiciously weak if they tried to pose as the golden boys.

Alpharius or Omegon might work as Custodes-replacements, though.

>> No.26227935


Well, Alpha legion infiltrators nearly killed Guilliman.

>> No.26227946


I thougth the Lion was Autistic?

>> No.26227972


Salamanders vs Dinosaur Riding Eldar.

it's not to everyone's tastes. I do have an Epub if you want to see for yourself.

>> No.26228057

The Lion is closer to actual autism. The Emperor is perfect for /tg/'s definition, which is "asshole".

>> No.26228069

Didnt they give it to Horus who gave it to Fabius?

>> No.26228099

I'm going to buy it no matter what just to have the whole series but was just wondering on /tg/'s opinion on it. Was just hoping it wasnt another Battle for the Abyss.

>> No.26228114

>It wasn't the Custodes battle to fight

If you're a little girl [and we all are] carrying a heavy as fuck bag, and next to you there's an 8' tall dude made of muscles grafted on muscles that have muscles then he can carry the bag for you. You won't go 'oh, it's not his bag to carry'

>> No.26228150


I've read all the HH books (and quite a few that haven't come out yet) and Promethian Sun isn't brilliant like A Thousand Sons of Know No Fear, but it's not Battle for the Abyss either.

It all boils down to whether you like Kyme's prose or not. People either like him or hate him.

>> No.26228425

Confirmed for Omegon doing a handstand.

>> No.26228476

>implying primarchs can do handstands with their heavier, large power armor and increased body density

Alpha faggots with their Mary Sue primarchs that can do handstands

>> No.26228490


I don't know where that came from. In the last book I read, the Lion comes off as patient, restrained, pleasant, polite even and guilliman actually envies him, one of only two primarchs he envies (the other is Horus).

>> No.26228539

Autism just means whatever you want it to. Apparently that's how language works or something.

>> No.26228572

Hʎpɹɐ poɯıuɐʇns

>> No.26228583

Basically, the Horus Heresy is summarized as such

1) Luna Wolves: Horus was an baby with daddy issues. Also an idiot who trusts dreams even when he knows they are lies.

2) Emperor's Children: Fulgrim was an vainglorious idiot. Also, the Emperor should have told him talking swords were not a good idea.

3) Death Guard: No one really knows what the hell Mortarion was thinking.

4) Thousand Sons: The Emperor was an idiot for not telling Magnus about the webway. Magnus was an idiot who thought himself in full control of the uncontrollable. Also, Lolz Just as Planned Tzeentch.

5) World Eaters: The Emperor was an asshole.

6) Word Bearers: The Emperor was an asshole who let Lorgar do whatever he wanted then curb stomped him. Also, he really should have told Lorgar about Chaos.

7) Iron Warriors: Perturabo had jealousy issues. Also he was an idiot.

8) Night Lords: Night Haunter was one creepy dude.

9) Alpha Legion: No one has any idea about anything anymore.

>> No.26228606

I think the thing with the Lion is that on the outside, he is all those things, but on the inside, part of him is still that feral boy Luther found in the forests of Caliban.

>> No.26228619


Peturabo, Lorgar and Magnus all have one thing in common: they didn't want to just be warlords. Lorgar wanted to be a Priest, Peturabo an architect and Magnus a librarian or something. They were the ones who would have led the Imperium in peacetime, but because they fell to Chaos mankind's hopes of a brighter future were fucked. Seriously, aside for Guilliman, would a single one of the Loyalist Primarchs have been able to improve the Imperium in peacetime?

>> No.26228660

Sanguinius and Vulcan, perhaps. They appear to be decidedly low on the "All I want to do with my life is murder" scale (Sanguinius' prodigious combat skills aside).

>> No.26228671

Dorn would build really nice castles.

>> No.26228676

It's all about perspective and different writers.

In the ones I read, he was described as emotionally distant, prone to absolutely losing his shit when he got mad, unable to interact socially, and uncomfortable with proximity/touching.

If it weren't for the Primarchs' Psychic Loyalty Field(tm), no one would have followed such a man.

>> No.26228691


Well, the thing I quoted here >>26228490 was written by Abnett, and Abnett is very good with Primarchs. His Lion is certanally less autistic then Thorpes of Lee's.

>> No.26228696

These are the Dark Angels Books, yes?

In those books, he was an asshole. You actually feel sad for Luther and the other Angels he exiled

>> No.26228710

My husbando Sanguinius.

>Sanguinius was a visionary. During his earliest life he desired to lead his people to a new and better life. When he joined the Great Crusade he did not abandon this vision, but instead brought it to a greater arena. He wanted a better life for all Mankind and an end to the strife brought on by the collapse of human civilisation at the close of the Dark Age of Technology.

>The outlook of Sanguinius did much to shape his Chapter. There is a powerful mystical streak to many of the Blood Angels’ traditions, and this can only have come from the spiritual teachings of the winged Primarch. Sanguinius also indoctrinated his followers with a strong belief that things can be changed for the better. After all, the process of transforming a scabby scavenger into a tall, proud and handsome warrior is living proof of the tenet that courage, refinement and nobility can be shaped from the crudest clay.

>> No.26228711

Corvax could work at a convenience store.

>> No.26228720


You'll find Abnett has fixed him. Lion is much less arseholeish later on.

>> No.26228736

Which book was this? Was this the short story of him grabbing those huge cannons and giving them to the Iron Warriors?

>> No.26228753


Nope. I'll give you a hint, this book is number 27 in the series.

>> No.26228778


I liked Abnett's Horus and A/O; don't recall reading him on the others.

ADB's Magnus and Angron were breddy gud, though Magnus didn't get much screentime with him. His Lorgar and Kurze were too angsty for me.

McNeill blows at Primarchs, IMO.

>> No.26228806

Oh Fallen Angels. I need to get that sometime.

>> No.26228807


McNeil did a good job with Peturabo and Magnus in my opinion.

>> No.26228822


Fallen Angels is book 11, and written by Mike Lee, not Dan Abnett.

>> No.26228833

apparently hes always very "weird".

like living in the jungle in his early days has made him something unhuman to people. he may have learned the human ways but in one twisted sense he's more a predatory wild animal still

>> No.26228856

>‘Angron’s not much better, mind; he’s got a temper on him like you’ve never seen. You think you know anger, I tell you now that you don’t know anything until you’ve seen Angron lose his temper. And don’t get me started on the Lion.’

>‘Of the Dark Angels? His is the First Legion is it not?’

>‘It is,’ replied Horus, ‘and doesn’t he just love to remind everyone of that. I could see in his eyes that he thought he should have been Warmaster because his Legion was the first. Did you know he’d grown up living like an animal in the wilds, little better than a feral savage? I ask you, is that the sort of man you want as your Warmaster?’

>‘No it’s not,’ said Horus, answering his own question.

>> No.26228868

His Magnus was too wishy-washy for me, and I hated how he handled the fall of Prospero.

Perturabo was promising at first, but overlooking the health drain stone was so derptastic that it broke my suspension of disbelief about him being a genius. I did like that he kept Perty bitter rather than angsty, though.

>> No.26228911 [DELETED] 


‘There has never been a time before,’ replied Guilliman. ‘The universe has never closed in so tightly around us to squeeze the words out. I will be plain. I have never had the courage before. I have always been too in awe of the noble Lord of the First.’
‘The Master of the Five Hundred Worlds in awe of me?’ laughed the Lion.
‘You know it. You know we all were. When Horus was named Warmaster, he did not much care that he had succeeded above me, or Rogal, or Ferrus. What he truly savoured was being chosen over you.’
Guilliman felt a curious wash of relief at having spoken so candidly. He saw, though he wondered if it was his imagination, that the Lion seemed uncomfortable when confronted by such openness.

>> No.26228963


Kyaaa~ Lion-sama was embarrassed because he wanted forbidden boys love with Guilliman-sempai~

>> No.26228992


Why is that always the first reaction?

Good grief, someone I know who's also read all the HH stories says the dialogue between the Priomarchs is among the most gay talk he has ever read.

>> No.26229080

Pojection from those who want some sweet, sweet Primarch dick.

>> No.26229097


Or the reverse.

>> No.26229110

It's because space marines are already very bara, and the primarchs are essentially like space marines but more so.

>> No.26229112

It's wonderful isn't it.

>‘A god?’

>‘Aye, Fulgrim, a god,’ said Horus, his anger spilling out in a surge of violence. The Warmaster roared and hammered his fist into the mural, his gauntlet smashing the painted face of the Emperor to shards of cracked stone. Ruptured blocks fell from the wall to crash upon the metal deck, and Fulgrim released the papers he held, watching them flutter to the floor amid the ruin of the mural.

>Fulgrim cried out as his world shattered into shards as fragmented as the rubble of the mural, his love for the Emperor torn from his breast and held up for the dirty, useless thing it was.

>Horus came to him and cupped his face in his hands, staring into his eyes with an intensity that was almost fanatical.

>‘I need you, my brother,’ pleaded Horus. ‘I cannot do this without you, but you must do nothing against your conscience. My brother, my phoenix, my hope, wing your way through the darkness and defy fortune’s spite. Revive from the ashes and rise!’

>Fulgrim met his brother’s stare. ‘What would you have me do?’

>> No.26229146


It wasn't. He was one of the Invisibles - His Throne had the technology built into it.

The whole thing was meant to be an ironic echo: Just a crazy coincidence. Especially when Horus shot him and fried him, turning him into a charred corpse on the golden throne.

They were actually very similar to the Imperium, except they didn't have Space Marines. Instead, they had cool invisibility technology and light-bending powers.

>> No.26229191

>Fulgrim: ‘And now you flatter me, hoping my ego will coerce me into obeying your orders.’
>‘Is it working?’ asked Horus.

>> No.26229199



>> No.26229216

Citing Fulgrim is hardly fair, though, he may have been intentionally written as gay, with the art and what have you.

>> No.26229220


And look how that turned out.

>> No.26229235


>> No.26229250


I thought Angron's men were all Khorne-tainted.

I literally can't imagine why else the Emperor would abandon them. Remember, Marines were pretty murderous people as kids: This group of gladiators had to have had something *special* for him to reject them.

Their skulls fuel Angron's transformation into a Daemon Prince, don't they?

>> No.26229262


Nigga pls

And the ugly Fulgrim version still has those dick sucking lips

>> No.26229269


Angron's anger at his betrayal coupled with the murder of the 500 worlds of Ultramar fuels his ascention actually.

>> No.26229286

>Somehow reading Horus as Clancy Brown
Why did I never make this connection before?

>> No.26229298

It comes with alternate head, sword, and arms?!

>> No.26229304


Nope, that's a second Fulgrim sculpt. It'll be released later this year.

>> No.26229326

That seems silly but it looks nice.

>> No.26229328


Well, that'll have to change. Looks like I'll have something else to pass on then.

>> No.26229336


I've looked and there doesn't seem to be a book 27 anon.

>> No.26229343

I'm fairly sure that a kitten moving at the speed a bullet would would hurt more than the bullet.

>> No.26229353

Why was Aurellion a limited edition?

>> No.26229364


The same reason Soulforge and Tallarn:Executioner Are limited Editions: Because BL want your money anon.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

>> No.26229395

Pretty sure OP is trolling. Horus Rising was written by Dan Abnett, not Graham McNeill.
Pic Related.

>> No.26229433


Maybe OP confused Abnett for McNeill. It happens.

>> No.26229460

Why does 40k feels like it was written by a 9 year old?

>they can spit acid and and they are stronger than anything and and and....

>> No.26229475


Because 40k is deliberatley over the top like that.

It's part of the charm.

>> No.26229502

If that's what you call that.

>> No.26229514


What would you call it then?

>> No.26229524


Spartans sound the same in Halo, as do comic book heroes like Superman and Wolverine.

>> No.26229600

True, and if it had been a while since he read the book I would agree with you.
However he said that he had JUST started reading the book. Also he gets several things wrong. First of all the "Emperor" was not psychic at all and was just using technology built into the throne. Second, the "Emperor" was very much alive until Horus killed him and not, as OP claims, a rotting corpse. (Admittedly after Horus killed him he was a charred corpse.)
All of this put together leads me to believe that OP is deliberately making these mistakes in order to troll people.

I could be wrong though. I can be a bit too suspicious sometimes. (Which is odd because I also tend to be very gullible.)

>> No.26229604


They gave a defective (possibly the broken-ass corrupted Raven Guard) version to Horus/Fabius and claimed that was all that was left, but kept 'the good stuff' for themselves IIRC.

>> No.26229612

Newcron cannon says they loose their souls.
"In that moment, he knew with cold certainty that the price of physical immortality had been the loss of his soul. With great sorrow the Silent King behelded the fate he had brought upon his people: the Necrontyr were now but a memory, and the soulles necrons reborn in their place."
Newcron codex P7 under biotransference

>> No.26229613

That's just the boring parts. The truly awesome bits were written by a committee of nerds who were high as fuck.

>So they are, like, psychic but they don't know that. And all the shit they do is fueled by brain magic. And they use their reality warping powers to swing on ropes through vacuum and board your ship that way. And they're also all Milwall supporters, only with more teeth. Which they use to pay for stuff.
>That was some, like, deep shit Dave.

>> No.26229650


Not worse than bioshock inifinite's highly praised story and emohshuns

>> No.26229683

Let's not forget the most awesome investigator of all time.

>> No.26229694

>best game evur
>10/10 purfect gaem
>De story is very deeph and emoshunal

>> No.26229706


>> No.26229714


Is this a new one? I haven't heard of it.

>> No.26229718

A true renaissance man

>> No.26229739

Goddam Millwall supporters. Scum.

>> No.26229822

How would he know ?
Even if he did know, it's not like Angron knew the exact situation of the emperor fleet, so the Emperor just had to intervene as late as possible to let most of the gladiators die in battle. Or join Angron with just enough troops to protect him and let others die.
He's a dick for sure, but he should be an intelligent dick.

>> No.26229893

Huh I just realised Omegon and Alpharius are total manlets.

Who would ever respect them?

>> No.26229902


Well, the Khan sort of respects them. So does Russ, for that matter. Have to respect them when they're fucking over your fleet.

>> No.26229919

Yup, they probably aren't even 8' tall. And are just two of the most skilled strategists and tacticians out there.

>> No.26229960


>> No.26229967


Well, they're going to suffer a major loss very soon. Khan fucks their fleet over.

>> No.26230003

>Who would ever respect them?
No one.

That's why they rebelled.

>> No.26230009


They rebelled because a bunch of Xenos convinced them to.

>> No.26230045

This is the effect of writing history backwards. After building up the characters and heroes of legend in the present. You are constrained to use plot induced stupidity in order to make the present come about by way of foregone conclusions.

>> No.26230096


>See Forgeworld's when they pretended they were Dark Angels and literally walked through the spaceport like a bunch of tourists

>"Fuck you Alpharius, I cannot believe this shit worked."
>"Told you those Imperials are nuts, Alpharius"

>> No.26230333


And that explains this part of their backstory:

>The last pockets of Alpha Legion forces were declared eradicated in a proclamation by the High Lords of terra at the end of M.32, but subsequent attacks proved this to be untrue. Similar declarations were made during M.33 and as recently as M.39

> In his address to the Ikrilla Conclave, an impassioned Inquisitor Kravin warned "the only possible answer is that new Chaos Space Marines are being recruited and genetically modified somewhere within the Imperium. And yet Terra still refuses to acknowledge there is even a serious threat! They are all around us - just look over your shoulder! Perhaps when you are attacked in your own cities, and murdered in your own homes, then you will see I am right."

>> No.26230425

>mfw if the Imperium had the TSA they would have caught Alpharius
Can any drawfags draw a clearly Alpha Legionnaire trying to get through airport security with an overweight Space Marine in the TSA colors body searching him.

>> No.26230576


But it would be more adorable.





>> No.26230657


> "Commisar, they are shooting Cats at us."

> "Then we shall shoot gogs at them Guardsmen."

>> No.26231707

He did it to punish Angron for defying him. Remember, the Emperor gets FUCKING! PISSED! if you don't obey him.

>> No.26231911


Just saying, from when I led legion, there was a part where Omegon was joining Alpharius(?) and a few of the SM were meeting up with some guard leader and afterwards one of the humies leaned over and said "That Omegon guy is definitely important, he's like a foot taller than the other guys, as tall as alpharius."

>> No.26231929

What have we learned about the two missing legions from the Heresy books?

Two statues were removed from Terra and the other primarchs were sworn to silence.

Lorgar remarks that the Ultramarine legion swelled in numbers during this time.

Someone comments that the legions fought each other before the Heresy.
I think they implied Leman Russ had a part in it.

Sanguinius fears that if the Emperor discovers the flaw in his gene seed he'll have the Blood Angels erased and reminds Horus that such a thing is not unheard of.

>> No.26231994


they were taken in by heretics/mutants.

>> No.26232051

And the crons may or may not have one of the missing primarchs

>> No.26232116

One of the things I really dislike about the Horus Heresy stuff now is that, from what I've read (so probably missing a lot of the newer stuff), they kinda go easy on the Emperor.

Much of the stuff which seemed like him being a massive dick or just flat out stupid have been deflected off him and based on chaos running interference on his orders or information and stuff like that.

>> No.26232138


Wasn't there something about their pods being damaged or not working right even before they all got cast across the galaxy in one of the earlier books?

>> No.26232147

And now you know the full Imperial Sanctioned story.

>> No.26232361

Newcron cannon says nothing and loose is a very good word, since they don't lose them. AFAIK the more often they get rebuilt, the more they lose of their soul. Or I could just mix that with general sentinence and self-awareness. Image related, it's a cannon.

>> No.26232452

>pls forgive my bad enrish?

>> No.26232521

After doing some reading, it appears we're both right, they did lose their souls instantly and they also lose part of their intelligence when remade.

>> No.26232575

I think one of my favorite things about /tg/ is almost all 40k threads come back to my favorite army, the necrons

>> No.26232612

>> Letting the Ecclesiary declare Space Marines sanctioned heretics because they don't believe in The Emperor as a God.
Lol wut?
>> Setting Gorge Vandire as Master of the Administratum, which nearly collapsed the Imperium into another Civil War.
Inquisitors had nothing to do with that, in fact they made the Ordo Hereticus to make sure it wouldn't happen again.
>> Giving the Assasinorum the white card to fuck with Space Marines at will for no reason at all. Often causing seriously bad shit to happens to Chapters that sacrificed themselves to the max to contain a treat and are on the verge of stopping to exist or who did fuck nothing except Protect the Imperium (Read, Fire Hawks and Crimson Fists)
Ordo Sicarus, see above.
>> Creating the Sororitas which will often use any excuse to go agaisnt Space Marines.
Nothing to do with the Inqusistion, the SoB serve the ecclesiarchy.

For all else try to remember that the Inqusistion is a shit ton of minor ideologies that combat each other as much as outside threats. Some are trying to resurrect the emperor, others believe try to gain immortality through eldar-tech.

Read up on this shit before you post please.


>> No.26232782


Who voices the others?

>> No.26232897

I read both Horus Rising and A Thousand Sons.

The only issue i have is with the remambrancers thing. In HR they are sent to the crusading fleets after Ulanor, in TS they already have a couple of them working with the Legion, in the beginning of the book, before the triumph.

>> No.26232915

I've been imagining Patrick Stewart as Sanguinius for a while now.

I don't know how that started but I like the image.

A few people suggest Brad Pitt and I can understand that after seeing Troy, but Patrick Stewart just feels right.

>> No.26233349

I see Patrick Stewart in the movie for sure but I'm not sure he fits the beatific angel that is sangunious. I think he would make a better Dorn or Roboute Guilliman you know? I think he's better regal than angelic.

>> No.26233397

Jean Luc Picard is the missing primarch of the Reasonable Marines.

David Bowie is Sanguinius.

>> No.26233507


Are the primarchs all supposed to look like septuagenarians now?

>> No.26233560

No. I finished watching the Next Generation and I'm having Picard withdrawal.

>> No.26233569

Not really I always pictured them as kind of old and grizzled like maybe 30-60 depending. Fulgrim and Sanguie were always the pretty one's.

>> No.26233620

Sean bean is The lion, calling it now.

>> No.26233705

Punish him for what? He didnt even meet The Emperor yet.

>> No.26233756

Who'd be the Wolf for the duel? I'm thinking Liam Neeson

>> No.26233887

Well the whole distrust for AI's came from that war with the Iron Men, which nearly wiped out Humanity. They didn't want a repeat of that event.

>> No.26234227

Lorgar can be played by danny Dyer.

>> No.26234265

And /tg/ comes up with the best argument for progressive taxation and democratic socialism in an unrelated discussion.

>> No.26234431

Any books on the Alphas beside Legion?
Legion was pretty cool, set a much different tone with the guardsman's POV.

>> No.26234643

While individually the Custodes are superior, the marines would beat them based on their numbers and squad tactics.
Source: the First Heretic

>> No.26234646

It isn't the eight foot dude's responsibility to carry your shit.

>> No.26234683

Shit, that just reads like how everyone talks to each other in the Illiad.

>> No.26234795

Pretty much any fantasy or sci fi sounds like that if you explain it in that way. Example; Wolverine is a big Canadian lumberjack that has knives for fists and he's immortal and he can't be hurt by anything ever and his bones are made of adamananaitium so they can't ever ever break etc.

It sounds better when you're introduced to it slowly and the story is told competently. Halo books are like this with Spartans. If you tell someone that the protag is a cool guy in super-armour that has super-strength and is faster than anyone in the galaxy, even the super-aliens that are trying to kill them, and everyone thinks they're really cool and they're really tall and they can do anything then it sounds stupid as fuck. But the books don't explain it like that. They show it as a bunch of child soldiers getting horrific bodymods and being abused until they completely retreat inside themselves, and only come out to kill what they're pointed at.

So yeah, Space Marines sound shit when you try to explain them, but they sound interesting when Abnett shows them.

>> No.26234874

No homo.

>> No.26234909

While I dislike the idea of having two Fulgrim sculpts short of one being a daemon prince, I do prefer the second one by far. Less raving lunatic, more smug swordsman who cut down four space marines without breaking a sweat.

>> No.26234922

Yeaaaaaaah... But you're kind of missing the context there.

Aplhas would have a hard time blending in in things like Custodes sparing matches or obstacle courses or whatever because they're weaker.

Also, one for one Custodes still win, teamwork aside. Remember: the Gal Vorbak were A)posessed and B)outnunbering the Custodes at the end.

>> No.26234966

Hugh Jackman? And not just because of the Wolverine thing. He's just one whole lotta man.

>> No.26234993

Honestly, some Alpha Legion fanboys probably beleive this. Makes me happy that Guilliman rang their primarch's neck out with his dual power fists.

>> No.26235003

>Listen closely Brothers, for my life's breath is all but spent. There shall come a time far from now when our Chapter itself is dying, even as I am now dying, and our foes shall gather to destroy us. Then my children, I shall listen for your call in whatever realm of death holds me, and come I shall, no matter what the laws of life and death forbid. At the end I will be there. For the final battle. For the Wolftime.

>> No.26235061

As was my point, being possessed notwithstanding. Every space marine Legion still outnumbered Custodes at least two to one. Oh, and I didn't mean to imply that Alphas would have any success at infiltrating their ranks, much less so now that they are all stationed in the Imperial Palace.

>> No.26237825

>Not dispatching Constantin Valdor to kill Horus
this was a stupid as fuck move, I agree

>> No.26238109

He strikes me as more of a Dorn. Leman Russ was just kind of an ass.

>> No.26238516

best part of 40k is anything goes, so fuck your universe, alphalegion successor chapter m.42 infiltrate smurfbase rape Popsicle girlyman end spiritual leige, I am matt ward, deal with it.

>> No.26238720

Hmmm. I always saw Dorn as quite aged-looking, white haired, handlebar moustache. Maybe he'd make a good Angron, or Corax.

>> No.26238805


As opposed to Primarchs and Space Marines who certainly are incorruptible.

>> No.26238863


Angrons case is bizarre even by 40K standards.

What did he expect to happen?

Its like the Emprah got pissed because poor Angron failed to conquer his planet as the other Primarchs did and decided to punish him out of spite.

>> No.26241244

Woah read that as
>And the crons may or may not be one of their missing primarchs
Gotta turn off the Ward vision.

>> No.26241290

>Have to zerg rush Custodes wtih their hordes of Marines
Tactic consists of sending enough marines to overrun Custodes position.
>Didn't work for the Siege of Terra
Source: The Horus Heresy (all of it)

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