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Tabletop dream team thread. you, and 5 other famous people would play a weekend session of your preferred setting/rules.

you can be the DM, or elect one of the famous to be your DM. choose a class for each person and tell us the system that your running with.

>System: D&D 3.5
>DM: Morgan Freeman
>Myself: Paladin
>Vin Diesel: Ranger
>Felicia Day: Cleric
>Alice Cooper: Barbarian
>George W. Bush: Sorcerer

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>Picking 3.X for a dream session.

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3.5 D&D
DM: Myself
Swordsage: Bruce Lee
Cleric: George Patton
Gary Gygax: Wizard
Edward Snowden: Rogue
Douglas Adams: Bard

Though Gygax would probably punch me for making him play 3.5.

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>George W. Bush: Sorcerer

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think for a minute, morgan freeman is a bleeding heart liberal, bush is a right wing hawk, just watching the two get into rule disputes would be hilarious. and while wizards have more throughput with spells, if you specialize a sorcerer, you can fast cast most spells, and get more spells a day (especially if you specialize yourself)

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>System: OD&D
>DM: James Malinewski
>Fighter: Stephen Colbert
>Cleric: James Raggi
>Thief: Christopher Ward
>Fighter: Me
>Fighter: Ernie Gygax
>Wizard: Joe Dever

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>System: OD&D
>DM: James Maliszewski
>Fighter: Stephen Colbert
>Cleric: James Raggi
>Thief: Christopher Ward
>Fighter: Me
>Fighter: Ernie Gygax
>Wizard: Joe Dever

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Bushisms in a fantasy universe would be the beat thing ever.

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My, and my buddies from middle school.
That's who i know, and always had fun with.
Famous people? I don't know them, i'd feel inferior to them, and there wouldn't be any fun.

Additionally, don't forget, that plenty of actors thought their iconic roles were "shit", or "just a job".

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>System: Pathfinder
>DM: Sir Ian Murray McKellen
>Myself: Cleric
>Neil Patrick Harris: Bard
>Ron Pearlman: Monk
>Alan Rickman: Sorcerer
>Bill Murray: Rogue
>Lewis Black: Barbarian

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System: M&M
co-GMs: Doc Hammer and Jason Publick
Hero Players: Myself, Don Edwards, Zelda Williams, Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Villain Players: H. Jon Benjamin, Raymond Carver, Ruth Wilson, and Andrew Jackson.

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This is close to the thinking behind >>26209781, except I went for industry celebrities.

Plus Colbert & Ward, but y'know.

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Derp, Jackson Publick

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System: Call of Cthulhu

GM: Warren Ellis

Me: travelling insurance salesman / grifter
Christopher Walken: my accomplice
Audrey Hepburn: actress / our shill
Humphrey Bogart: hard-boiled shamus
Christopher Lloyd: eccentric inventor

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that just gave me a silly thought. the best 'sounding' tabletop team.

>Sir Ian McKellen
>Sir Patrick Stewert
>Morgan Freeman
>James Woods
>Christopher Walken
>Tara Strong

just listening to them all narrate theyre actions would be an orgy in your ears.

pic partially related, cant find the damn screencap about patrick stewert doing all the voices of a video game

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System: Vampire: the Masquerade

Storyteller: Mark Rein*Hagen

Adolf HItler (Malkavian)
Me (Brujah)
Siouxsie Sioux (Toreador)
Elizabeth Bathory (Tremere)
Alan Moore (Gangrel)

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actually, i think this guy wins.

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Vin plays a half orc barbarian IRL

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Mark Twain - Bard
Benjamin Franklin - Artificer
Nicolai Tesla - Wizard, Dove Familiar
Theodore Roosevelt - Ranger
Abraham Lincoln - Inspiring Warlord

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very nice

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Anthony Hopkins: DM

Nathan Fillon: Rogue
Mads Mikkelsen: Alchemist (Surgeon)
Jack Black: Bard
Dwayne "Rock" Johnson: Paladin
Me: Mute fighter

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DM: Me
Paladin: George Zimmerman
Bard: Chris Hanson
Wizard: L. Ron Hubbard
Barbarian: Trayvon Martin
Knight: Chris Dorner

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Oh, and DM: Christopher Waulken

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>Alan Moore
>not the Malkavian
Son, do you even into fun?

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Dorners barbarian has defensive awareness so you can't flank or corner him

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yeah, he supposedly likes to play as a drow witch hunter too.

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GM: All right, your party is resting in a tavern, enjoying a few pints of-
>Lewis: I begin my rage...
GM: What?
>Lewis: I grab the nearest baby, soak it in kerosine and fling it toward the ruling nobleman of this city's front lawn!

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Oh ye of little understanding.
> Anthony Hopkins: DM

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>voluntarily subjecting yourself to Felicia Day
Maximum dumb

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found the picture.
the thing with lewis black is you have to have someone to completely fuck with him at the table to keep getting him more pissed off and doing silly shit in game. without someone messing with him, he just gets really angry at the dumbest shit and will piss off your table mates.

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The one on the right reminds me of the elf noble from oglaf

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System: Legend of the Five Rings

GM: John Wick

Boudicca: Shinjo Bushi
Lionel Messi: Usagi Bushi
Aleister Crowley: Asako Henshin
Kofi Annan: Doji Courtier
Me: Kitsu Shugenja

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System: Any Star Wars, KotoR era

Gamemaster: Morgan Freeman

Bounty Hunter (the Boba Fett): Myself
Jedi Consular (the Obi-Wan): Sir Ian McKellen or Sir Patrick Stewart
Dashing Smuggler/Scoundrel (the Han Solo): Nathan Fillion
Tech specialist (the Wisecracker): Neil Patrick Harris
Jedi Sentinel (the pretty party face): Alison Brie

You all meet at a cantina...

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As if Alice Cooper and George W. Bush would be any better.

That list is more like taking a bunch of different insects, throwing them into a jar, shaking them up, and watching as Vin Diesel emerges having killed all the rest.

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Implying that Moore's Gangrel wouldn't blow your mind.

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oglaf, its the webcomic that keeps giving DM's new ways to fuck with their players.

by way of booty bay (which is no longer around but you can find him on DA as drakefenwic if i remember correctly) while doing mostly WoW related stuff, does some dnd things here and there

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System: World of Darkness
GM: M Night Shymelon
Hirohiko Arraki: Geist
Michael C. Hall: Geist
Adam West: Vampire
NPH: Changeling
Jensen Ackles: Hunter
Me: Promethean

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One-on-one ERP with Scarlett Johansson as GM.

It's my dream team, I'll run it how I like.

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Oh, he would. But Malkavian seems a better fit, don't it.

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System: MechWarrior

GM: Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Tina Fey: Wise-cracking tech
Manfred von Richthofen: The Ace of Aces
Justin Bieber: "The Kid"
Demi Moore: Ageing Femme Fatale
Me: Embittered Mercenary

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Not as good as Hitler. He'd play the Fishiest of FishMalks, and we'd be like, "Adolf, you're the WORST PERSON EVER!"

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>No /k/ Approved list
Goddammit /tg/.

>System: Hunter: The Vigil with Dogs of War
>GM: Richard Marcinko

>Myself: Recon / Spotter
>''Cowboy'': Sharpshooter
>Dalton Fury: Assaultman
>Dave "Dawson" Tyson: Face
>Paul Howe: Team Leader

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>Richard Marcinko as DM

It'd be an entertaining thrillride of real-world info and utter bullshit. Would be entertaining as hell.

...wait, does /k/ take Marcinko seriously?

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Any more of this? Hilarious.

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Yes, No, not really, some of the things the man did were amazing. But overall, it'd be funny because of the bullshit.

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unfortunately I dont.

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/k/ pls

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Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Storyteller: Bear Grylls

Björk: Get of Fenris/Theurge
Epaminondas: Black Furies/Ahroun (metis)
Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Silver Fangs/Galliard
Julian Assange: Uktena/Philodox
Me: Shadow Lords/Ragabash

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Wrong post, that's /pol/

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>System: Paranoia
DM: /pol/

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Pathfinder/ 3.5
DM: Eiichiro Oda
Terry Pratchett: Whimsical and forgetful ;_; wizard
Ozzy osbourne: Necromancer with twisted black humour
Vladimir Putin: Party leader and tough guy fighter
Henry Rollins: Intense but wise barbarian
Varg Vikernes: Racist elf bard
Me: Ranger

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Oh god I'd pay to watch that.

FIASCO might work too.

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Man, I'm just seeing the arguments between Rollins and Vikernes, it'd be hilarious when Varg eventually gets his ass kicked. That and the semi-passive aggressive moments between Putin and Rollins.

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With me as DM.

And the answer is very,

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DM: Myself

Rogue: Kenneth Branagh
Paladin: Patrick Stewart
Cleric: Cate Blanchett
Bard: Neil Patrick Harris
Ranger: Liam Nelson

Probably 3.5 in a homebrew setting set around gods and demonic forces.


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>Three of your players don't speak the DM's language

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>>not GMing

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Vin Diesel confirmed for cliche-mongering That Guy

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We can trade GM duties. I'm curious about what's in her magical realm first.

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>Dove Familiar
I see what you did there.

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Changeling the Lost

Storyteller: Neil Gaiman
Michael Emmerson: Darkling Tunnelgrub
Jewel Strait: Fairest Blossoming
Judi Dench: Wizend Oracle
Ron Perlman: Beast Hunterheart
Me: Antiquarian Darkling

We all read Goblin Market, watch Ink and listen to Doctors of Physic before coming to session bring pot-luck. Awesomesauce ensues.

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>BBEG: Le happy merchant

>> No.26211752

>DM: Terry Pratchett

That alone would be amazing

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This is not my dream tabletop.
This is a dream about tabletop settings.

I was inside an orbital space station. More precisely, inside an university. I meet this guy. His name starts with a D and finish with octor. You know that guy. He looks surprised I called him The Doctor, as if he was hiding something.
Quickly befriend him. Turns out the tardis was stuck on Terra. Imperial Terra. Fourty K terra, with emperor and marines and all, but not quite. Less Heresy, more Caldari, all firepower nevertless.
And I had to help retrieve the TARDIS past the whole planetary defense.

Weird dream.

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All Charisma, no INT

It fits

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Patton Oswald
Reggie Watts
Dr. Howland Owll
Philo Drummond
Steven Colbert

I don't even care about what system it is, but Fiasco would probably work best.

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