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So I just checked out anonkun thinking it would basically be like /tg/ or tgchan, but it seems a lot different. Every quest I looked at was filled with mountains of text that would make even /tg/'s text-quests say tl;dr, and they had ridiculous shit like glossaries. Fucking glossaries, anon.

Do simple, concise quests have any place there, or is it like trying to post a text-quest on tgchan?

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Also, pic is unrelated. Just a bit of quest nostalgia.

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You sonnova bitch.

You made me nostalgia too hard!

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Quests here use pastebin and 1d4chan.
It's not such a big difference,.if you think about it.

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Its basically suptg, 1d4chan, and pastebin all on one site. I bet its extremely handy once you get past the ugly interface, but that will never happen for me, especially since I know all that awaits me on the other end is poorly written SOL animu shit peppered with lesbian rapists.

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But we also have/had quests that keep posts short and sweet. anonkun doesn't seem to.

I didn't even follow that quest, but I loved the art and the things it was doing.

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Did you notice the copious amounts of poorly written lesbian rape?

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>anonkun doesn't seem to.
Because it doesnt have to. There is no time limit, no competition. You just post and type at your own pleasure and update whenever you please. I personally consider the quest bloat on /tg/ pretty terrible, especially with how many of them are pretty fucking shitty quests, but at least the impermanence of the board and the slightly hostile nature of 4chan ensures some minor quality control.

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I just saw the paragraphs upon paragraphs upon paragraphs in the intro posts alone and my eyes just glazed right over.

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>Do simple, concise quest have any place there, or is it like trying to post a text-quest on tgchan.

Hello, glad you checked out anonkun. To answer your question yep concise quests do have a place there, anonkun is more open to every type of quest, cyoa and anything else you could think of.

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It returns from the squalid depths we cast it to.

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>anything else you could think of.
But if /tg/ is to be believed, the only thing that anonkun has a place for is lesbian smut.

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And shitty SOL anime quests like what tale writes.

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Hmm, I've only really written only one SoL anime style one. All the other ones have just been romance.

As for the /u/ stuff, hmm you just have to live and let live if you don't like them.

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What even brings you to /tg/? Do you play magic or something? Is it solely for quest? I've been curious.

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>you just have to live and let live if you don't like them.
Or leave and let live.

No one has to wait around in that shithole. Except you, I guess, since /tg/ keeps driving you off whenever you run a quest here.

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Yeah, I'm trying to build an EDH deck.

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I feel like I could screencap this post and use it to insult people who play EDH.

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Go for it. If you really do hate me that much I don't mind :3

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Lesbian rapists you say...?

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>gb2 >>>/u/

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If you write a quest like that there and let us know, I'll be there!

What is OP pic from, pray tell?

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/tg/ is more about forbidden love, not forbidden rape.

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Anyways, I would encourage newer writers to check out anonkun. It's a lot harder to get a dedicated fanbase, but it's worth it once you get it!

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/u/ is even more so, if anything. I have no idea why the hell Delinquent Lesbian Rapist exists, or who's driving.

If anonkun fell into the ocean tomorrow, the only thing worth mourning would be Golden Empire.

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Zombie Quest, an old quest done by Monday, the same drawfag that penned up Skirmish Quest and its VC-knockoff sister, Iron Hearts. The latter of the two is remembered for its massive clusterfucks of battles and becoming increasingly dense around the 2nd volume, and getting denser as it went along.

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I'd like to, but I'd need to think of a story I can tell, in multiple directions depending on player decisions, before I could.

I don't know how to give a quest a satisfactory conclusion either.

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>but it's worth it once you get it!
Eh, its more worth it to get one on /tg/

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Yeah the constant whining and bitching about quests really makes for some entertaining board content. QTEs are the greatest thing.

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>QTEs are the greatest thing.
Nigga fuck you. I hate quick time events. And this aint even the board for that shit.

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Which is why its so satisfying to be able to rise above all that and get a devoted fanbase willing to ignore the trolls, just for you. Anonkun is babbymode and lesbian rape bait

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lolwhoops, I meant QTGs.

>Which is why its so satisfying to be able to rise above all that and get a devoted fanbase willing to ignore the trolls, just for you

Anonkun's shit, as is tgchan, but you delude yourself, methinks. You're just as much in the shit as everyone else is, you just have your own crowd of asskissers telling you you're not.

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Check out this buttflustered /u/rapist from anonkun.

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Oy! You forgot Seaborn Sky! It has lesbian monstergirls and an extremely tsundere shark!
On the topic of u-tg relations, anyone here ever play Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle? If not, look it up, it's goddamn hilarious and also has lesbians.

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>Seaborn Sky
Is that the monstergirl skypirates quests that failed to launch on /tg/

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Don't believe so. It's about a very, very angry sharkgirl trying to help a bird-angel-dragon-thing girl that she MOST DEFINITELY DOES NOT LIKE. At one point she tries to bite a sword. It's pretty great.

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That sounds completely awful, to be honest.

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Eh, I can't describe it very well. Give it a shot, it's not too shabby. There's a very silly rant about how mermaids are fucking stupid and overrated and shit. I mean, they don't have any legs!

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Sounds like generic sharkgirl faggotry combined with generic animu tsundere faggotry. At least /tg/ tends to stick to plain old moe instead of tsunshit.

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Back on topic...
Despite my love for yuri and all things related, I will admit that there's too goddamn many quests putting fanservice before plot on anonkun.

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To be fair, /tg/ is pretty guilty of that too. With lesbians, too. We just have less rape. Not none, though, just less.

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It's the nature of the internet, I suppose. If given democracy, they WILL vote to rape everything at the drop of a hat.

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Not just rape, but mind and soul rape.

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Well, this IS 4chan after all... Nothing can truly escape the horror. Except all those boards nobody goes to. I don't even know what half of the letter mean.

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'Cmon guys. /tg/ isn't THAT into /u/... right?

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/tg/ is all about the lesbians. They shipped these two bitches in this picture for fucks sake.

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/tg/ is as /u/ as it gets without actually being in /u/.

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Yeah, we are. I mean, look at Embric. The jokes are almost all from tg (It's not gay if it's an elf!) but it's all about lesbians. And yes, the dwarf, who has a beard, is in fact female.

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>/tg/ isn't THAT into /u/... right?
I like me some lesbian liches.

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/tg/ is just sci-fi and fantasy /u/

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It's true.
I mean, most of the male characters here are probably crossdressers. Including the likes of Tordek and Old Man Henderson.

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And if they don't crossdress, they wear robes. Or are asexual fungoids. Wearing robes.

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>Or are three asexual fungoids. Wearing robes.

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Wait, we don't have any ork yuri?
We need to fix this.

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I can't help it, anon. Yuri is love.

I don't know why it's so prevalent here, though. Some Freudian shit could probably explain it. Lesbian-PC is a curse, though.

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We got orky blueberry on necrony blueberry action, but that's about it.
Threegrot wears a coat, not a robe.

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I think its just that the site of two girls mashing their tits against one another while getting all emotional and romantic for each other stimulates the "hot damn, this is hot" boner as well as the "dawww, this is adorable" boner. And its pretty hard to argue against a doubleboner.

>> No.26206153

>tfw you come right before the absolute boner kiler part of a sequence

>> No.26206158

I'm right there with you, but I really would like to know why it's the norm here. I want to be a woman so that's my reason.

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I know that feel bro
I'll never get to be a clueless moe girl in high school...

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>those faces

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Monstergirl Skypirates actually did rather well on /tg/, but I had some real life trouble at the time and delayed running it for too long.
I tried porting MGPS over to anonkun, and it died a horrible, horrible death. They were the worst of players, and give you literally nothing to work with.
The site was nice, but the playerbase ruined it.

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Because most of us here are grognardian white-knighting fatbeards. Most everyone on /tg/ wants to be the little girl, but we also want to be the hero.
We want to see girl on girl action (or be in the girl on girl action), but we're too empathetic for it to just be that - so we also want it to be romantic.

That's my guess anyway.

>> No.26206257

>Monstergirl Skypirates actually did rather well on /tg/,
I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. By failed to launch I just meant that it died within the first 5 threads for whatever reason, be it lack of interest from /tg/ or QM problems. Most quests don't make it past the first five, but if they do they are usually around for a good 500 threaads.

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I would've been happy if I could've got the second thread going on mine...

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Anonkun is slower than /tg/. With quests on /tg/, you need to write shorter posts so that the audience doesn't get bored or distracted and so that you can get more done.

If you spent just 3 hours questing per week, with an average of 9 minutes for writing and responses by players, you'd only make 20 posts in a quest thread.

>> No.26206344

Silencer should have run on Anonkun, so Control wouldn't have quit the quest.

>> No.26206345

Unless you're Exabyte, in which case you make a good sized post every ten minutes for six hours like a maniac.

>> No.26206361

Yeah, but all of it is just verbose filler.

>> No.26206373

Why hasn't someone tried to do an "episodic" quest thread, where you progress through short arcs every 1-3 threads then move on to something different within the same universe?

I guess I'm asking why aren't more quests structured like TV shows.

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The amount of feels.

>> No.26206381

What, as opposed to other quest threads where every word matters?

>> No.26206384

I did a fairly verbose quest once. I just pre-typed most things in a word doc. It went over pretty well, I think.

>> No.26206388

Even if you were female, you wouldn't be the cute moe girl. You would more likely end up as the naruto loving landwhale wish you were the cute shota in all your boys love comics.

>> No.26206405

Well, if it's not plot-progression, character development, or world-building, it's filler. This includes excessively* long descriptions, random SoL posts, and irrelevant segues.

*Definitions of excessive might differ from person-to-person.

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They aren't 20 threads whinging about slutty waifus and getting nothing done.

So yeah, kinda.

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... we are well aware.

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How do you get the collective to agree to that?
How do they know the episode ends?
Why would they come back after it ended?
How much plot can you get done in a thread? Will three be enough for an arc?

>> No.26206437

Because /tg/ gets attached to characters really fucking easily.

>> No.26206483

Well, I was thinking it would work for certain scenarios, like a starship quest or a mercenary quest. Basically, the first thread would introduce a conflict at a place, and the players would resolve that conflict, make relationships/connections/etc. Once the conflict is resolved, the arc is over, and the ship/mercenary band moves on to the next star system/war.

You would keep the same core characters from the first thread through the quest, and possibly pick up new ones as you progress through arcs. If you set the quests in one geographic area, you can set up call-backs to previous threads and the events there.

>> No.26206489

If my appearance as a male is any indicator I would be pretty fucking moe.

>> No.26206495

Many quests are mildly episodic.

>> No.26206564

That's basically what my current quest does.
I just haven't stated it is episodic. It's just more subtle, with less hard lines and no credits between episodes.

>> No.26206575

Well, I wouldn't put credits in either. Basically, I was just wondering about keeping plots shorter and simpler, so that you don't end up with a situation like Privateer Quest or Iron Hearts.

>> No.26206640

No, no, I fucking hate that naruto bullshit. AND STOP CRUSHING MY IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS!
I can't wait till it's the future and I can just stick my brain in a female body or something.

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>> No.26206670

You know, socially the neckbeards that put themselves into little girl bodies would probably be on par with furries, right? Maybe even worse.

>> No.26206673

Well played.

>> No.26206689

Who cares? I'm a cute girl forever now.

>> No.26206690

That does raise a good point. The future now scares me.
Wait, scratch that, even worse: The furries will have access to actual anthropomorphic animal bodies.

>> No.26206701

It's not like people would *know* unless you told them.

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We Second Life now, son

>> No.26206720

Yyyyyup. Don't worry though, it'll just make them easier to spot when they become legal to hunt.

The catgirls would be a bit more difficult to sort out. I imagine they'd be rounded up and either slaughtered or adopted out based on their furry:human ratio.

But don't worry, even if society doesn't understand you, I do. Heck, I imagine if I could change form at will, I'd probably spend the vast majority of my time as Motoko Kusanagi.

>> No.26206722

Oh god that would be terrifying.
Anyone could be some perverted 80 year old. Even the babies. Especially the babies.

>> No.26206727

There'd be a registry. Even if it was an unofficial one.

>> No.26206733

Hey man, that's not nice.
Calm down bro, You don't need to fight this fight.

>> No.26206745

What if that hot 25-year old woman was actually a 13-year old girl?

>> No.26206749

Holy shit he's right
In the future we'll have anthros to hunt! And we'll have laserbolterchainsaws and it'll be awesome!

>> No.26206764

Back alley loli transformation.

Hey, in the utopian future, everyone lives up to hundreds of years. 80 years isn't that much in this hypothetical situation.
And anyway, old people and babies are pretty much the same, with the drooling, baldness, and incontinence.

Plausible deniability!

>> No.26206773

And anyone could be a spy. The chickens, the children, the senile old men, the people who look like spies, the goats...
I'll be about as paranoid as Friend Computer.

>> No.26206785


>Hey, in the utopian future, everyone lives up to hundreds of years. 80 years isn't that much in this hypothetical situation.
And anyway, old people and babies are pretty much the same, with the drooling, baldness, and incontinence.

Sounds like Warhammer 40k to me.

>> No.26206792

We need to develop goat-staring powers then.

>> No.26206796

If it were warhammer we'd be drafting the old men and sending them on suicide missions.

>> No.26206809


Also see >>26206749

>> No.26206817

Someone needs to run a transhumanity quest.

>> No.26206823

Man, I can't wait for the dystopian grimdark cyberpocalyptic future.

>> No.26206830

Is there an RPG setting like this?

>> No.26206835

Look upon your creation anon.


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File: 16 KB, 332x398, 1356099583834-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think we, the liittle girls, shall fight?

>> No.26206840

Isn't Transhumanist Quest already a thing?

>> No.26206852

>I want to run something in an existing IP!
It really, really bothers me when people make quests in established settings. But I try to be helpful, so Eclipse phase.

>> No.26206854

Yes, actually. It's called Eclipse Phase.

>> No.26206865

See that rock over there? That's a 12-year old girl living out her dream.

That old man? He's actually a 38-year old office worker, recently put on part-time. He's been trying to claim Medicaid benefits ever since.

That werewolf man that ran naked through the streets the other night? That was actually a dog in it's owner's body.

>> No.26206868

I'm so proud.

>> No.26206874

Shit we gotta make this a thing
To the homebrewmobile!

>> No.26206877

You mean there isn't a Culture RPG yet? Hm...

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File: 334 KB, 256x202, 1368346503288.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An army of little girls who are actually cyborg commandos vs genetically engineered, thus genetically superior, furries.

No words can describe... should have sent a poet.

>> No.26206889

I'd watch it

>> No.26206891

Replace "furries" with "nanobots" and you've got the quest of 'Magical' Girl Quest, A.K.A. Sufficiently Advanced Technology Girl Quest.

>> No.26206895

>Lolis vs. Furries: the RPG

I'll take 20.

>> No.26206903

Until the QM accidentally gave the players time travel. Then they stopped running it as the horror dawned on them.

>> No.26206923

No, no, it's Lolis vs. Furries: Cyberpocalypse Dystopia Edition

>> No.26206928

Wait, really? That's hilarious.

>> No.26206940

Well I don't think it was ever explicitly stated that was the reason...but yeah, probably.

>> No.26206947

We'll need to work in the Dark Heresy injury charts for maximum furry carnage.

>> No.26206968

Why not AFTER a dystopian future where everything has kind of leveled out thanks to proper population control. Everything runs on clean energy and all that shit BUT there are these two factions locked in a grudge war and are wrecking shit across the globe and everyone just has to put up with it.

>> No.26206985

Post-post-cyberpocalyptic, then?

>> No.26206990

We'll also need a mary sue furry edition table in order to make them REALLY properly infuriating. I mean, you'll just shoot generic wolf furry #23, but if it's one of those hipster skrillex imitating furries with floating wings and rainbow neon everything and has a name on par with ebony dementia ravenway? You'll describe in excruciating detail how you skin them alive and toss them into molten salt.

>> No.26207002

So, essentially traps then?

Or is that trannys?

>> No.26207013
File: 101 KB, 1235x474, thereisonlywar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just saying you could walk around some cities and everything is nice and the people are happy with their lives, and have cool technology, but then you go to Detroit or Africa and it's a 24/7 war zone. Think pic related but with lolis and furries.

>> No.26207014

Traps have penises. Trannies could be either pre or post op, and I guess having a future brainswap with a cloned little girl body would be post-op.

>> No.26207019


>> No.26207021
File: 58 KB, 696x552, 1350860422408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everything between #23, and ?


>> No.26207025

A trap is anything with a dick that you could never possibly guess actually had a dick. A tranny is someone who wants to attain the physical characteristics of the opposite sex.

All traps are trannys, but not all trannys are traps.

>> No.26207036

>All traps are trannys
Naw. Really pretty boys can be traps, too. OP pic semi-related.

>> No.26207068

Oh god Neo Cyber Detroit must be such a shithole

>> No.26207079

I grouped it with Africa for a reason.

>> No.26207110

Neo Cyber Africa's probably calmer, though I'm guessing it's been conquered by furry-sympathizing Cyberlions and Robogiraffes.

>> No.26207135

It might have been calmer during one period, but the loli furry war turned most of it back into a shithole, the only difference is now nothing much lives in that shithole.

>> No.26207138

This thread went places.

/tg/ I am proud

>> No.26207159

Alright, somebody get a pastebin or a page in the wiki, and get all our ideas sorted.

>> No.26207173

Never change, /tg/, never change

>> No.26207217

Wait, wait, and there are PMCs composed of cyborg loli commandos who are hired to defend against the cyberfur menace. It's sorta like the war economy in MGS4! The economy revolves around defense and killing furries (fur clothes have made a comeback).

>> No.26207241

I'm now thinking Davy Crockett as a loli, and also a lesbian cyborg, wearing a coonskin hat made from a dead winged-rainbow-magic-raccoon.

>> No.26207268
File: 1.99 MB, 285x214, thefuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here. I was sure it would turn into a QTG and I'd have to delete it.

I don't even.

>> No.26207278

Well I suppose you could also have Furry PCs... Imagine if someone was born that way, their parents engineered them at birth.

>> No.26207285

does that mean someone should make a qtg to fill the void?

>> No.26207300

I started the cyberlolis. I was not expecting it to go in this direction. But who cares, it's fucking awesome!

>> No.26207302

99% of the loli army are lesbians, or at lest into girls. It's the kind of people they attract, and it's just expected of them.

>> No.26207308
File: 671 KB, 320x240, HotdogShotgun.gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is pretty much the opposite of what it means.

>> No.26207310

I honestly had no idea when I posted >>26205886

>> No.26207326

So I should post about quests here and just see how that goes?

>> No.26207332

Somebody add this to the wiki, 4 realzies

>> No.26207342


>> No.26207348

nah man it's homebrew time. Time to get shit done!

>> No.26207357
File: 1.92 MB, 320x240, ibssCFwS7OiUcx.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. It means QTGs are for the weekends, broski.

>> No.26207359

So you're saying I /should/ make a qtg, now?

>> No.26207385

start another thread if you must! WE'RE BUSY HERE!
Isn't the point of the setting that anyone can be what ever the fuck they want to be? So what's stopping the breed furry from switching bodies to something decent?

>> No.26207401

More ideas! There are also assorted furry warbands and whatnot, such as nazifurs, sonicfurs, and all that shit. They're generally unorganized raiders but will occasionally team up with other warbands and go on mass rape-and-pillage sprees or attempt to conquer cities. Places conquered by the furries generally fall into disrepair and anarchy, with roaming groups of bandits, scavengers and whatnot around every corner.

>> No.26207485

It makes sense that the furs are socialist hipsters, which of course doesn't work at all even in the Post-post-cyberpocalyptic future. The lolis set everything right when they can, but once things are back on track, they are no longer needed in that area and the locals don't take kindly to having hyper powered little girl death machines running around their neighborhoods, so the lolis have to just move on.

>> No.26207490

The furries range from semi-civilized bandits capable of communicating with most nonfurs and using modern tech, to disgusting inhuman cave-dwellers who walk on all fours, unable to communicate outside of howls and growls and purrs, using improvised spears and clubs to hunt prey.

>> No.26207554

Time for a briefing, ladies.
Your mission is to liberate one of the long-uncivilized parts of Africa taken by the furs Little remains there apart from tribes and small warbands, who have even been known to turn on each other in a disgusting attempt to mate with and eat one another at the same time. It's practically mercy to kill them. READY THE FLAMETHROWERS, GIRLS!

>> No.26207574

>this thread
11/10, /tg/ does it again.


/u/, for all its "pure love" talk really does like rape a lot, yea.

Class system or something more open for the lolis?
-Some sort of loli battle machine
-Some sort of loli plane
-Some sort of loli tank
Or more "X points in cybernetics with Y points in Magic"?

>> No.26207598

This thread is proof enough to me that SCP;Monstergirls Loli Quest will go fantastically.

>> No.26207605

It's you again!
Why don't you start it, in that case?

>> No.26207609

I'm thinking no defined classes, perhaps a perk system and plenty of varied equipment and cybernetics?

>> No.26207610

For some reason I imagine the commander having a completely normal male voice despite having the body and genitalia of a 14-16 year old girl.

>> No.26207643

I'm imagining something like Ripley crossed with the general (the true hero) from Avatar.

>> No.26207652

Preparation needed. Or procrastination. Not sure of one or both. Probably both. Still fun to talk about it, though.

>> No.26207662

The loli war engine revolves around antipersonnel weaponry such as chain guns and flammers, seeing as the furs tend to fight like savages. Only the civ-furs require war machines to engage. Are civ-furs like an unholy hybrid of /k/ and /pol/?

>> No.26207689

Innawoods furs, in short?

This is good. Lolis would still try to be unique after all.

>> No.26207692

The only human I really hated in Avatar was the doormat who said "They're just trees." right after being told exactly how they are more than trees.

>> No.26207710

>improv weapons and GUNS GUNS GUNS everywhere

>> No.26207711

It's funny because there are actually quite a lot of /k/-furs

>> No.26207716

Mother of god. I'm thinking if you took the entire population of /k/, bred them with /pol/, and made all the children rapist sons-of-bitches (literally) who fight for the sake of killing, and also rape.

>> No.26207726

Wait, there are?
Huh, never thought those demographics would cross.

>> No.26207750

I am aware, that is why I mentioned it. /k/ is still one of our bros though.

>> No.26207770

yeah, guns apparently are as connected with furs as they are with politics.

>> No.26207804

I'm guessing they also keep around high-caliber rifles and elephant guns for the larger furries (bears, bison, dragons) as well as some light air support (helicopters for use against birds?)

>> No.26207831

Flying furries? BIG flying furries? Legit fire breathing dragons? Sweet Jesus, I didn't think about that.

>> No.26207848

Can't forget that. I'm guessing there are also cyberanimals and dinosaurs and shit like that so it'll be cool.

>> No.26207873
File: 1.12 MB, 760x1035, Rocketangels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know how to answer that!

>> No.26207906

Awesome! Sorta like Raging Raven.

>> No.26207980

The non-militarized population who sits (mostly) safe in their semi-utopian assortment of arcologies and underground complexes probably wear nothing but fur coats and whatnot made from the spoils of war, and mostly work in medical, agriculture, or research, with production being heavily automated. I'm thinking Russia is probably one of the primary bastions of cyber-humanity. Then again, there'd be cyber polar bears and shit... I dunno, what do you guys think?

>> No.26207999
File: 142 KB, 850x1201, sample-214cc5ee1530f71878c83272ef6261ea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lissa allowed herself a small sigh as she trudged the ruins of southern Detroit. She was remembering, again. How life had been. Throwing dice, calculating damage, creating neat little backstories... just having fun. Safe, with friends.

Like so many others, she had embraced the chance. She became the little girl, a hushed goal often bandied about the web. And it was good, for a short while. For they had forgotten. An insidious thing had been stirred by the new technologies. A primal thing. And with tooth and claw it broke upon the world in a frenzy. A peaceful world that knew not the dangers, and cared less. So many, so fast, and only one thing dared oppose it.

The little girls.

They came in droves. Far more than you could have imagined. They left their quiet loves and peaceful lives behind. They grabbed the second chance that had been given to them and tossed it it into the flames of war, fuel for a new hope. They lashed out against the old menace.

And the world kept going around them. Without support, and even decried as a nuisance, they fought on.

A terrible stench filled her nostrils. Lissa stiffened, jerked out of her reverie. She remembered this as well. It had been a long time since she last smelled it. Not long enough. The cries of fallen comrades filled her mind as she spat and readied her weapon, the thick musk nearly choking her. A low hiss emanated from the darkness just ahead. Her heart beat just a bit faster. A humorless smile crawled across her face.




>> No.26208065

Well wrote, good sir.

>> No.26208089
File: 1.47 MB, 320x240, 1368988205667.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That feel when someone writefags the shit you've worked on.

>> No.26208112
File: 968 KB, 380x262, YES.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26208127

As the person who accidentally started this, I approve.

>> No.26208154

hey now you're not the only one who accidentally started this. It was a group effort, but I think we all approve.

>> No.26208164

>Wake up, it's 13:23
>see this
Haha! It's game development time!

Okay, you bag of cats. I know how much you like to go on off tangents, but I propose that we concentrate on the base mechanics in order to get shit done.

For simplicitiy's sake I'm proposing a d100 class based system. Maybe limited to
> Assault Loli
> Support Loli
> Heavy Loli
> Psycho Loli

The simpler and easier we make our first goals, the more likely we'll get it done.

>> No.26208165

Point taken. GOOD WORK TEAM
Have we settled on a name for the setting?

>> No.26208182

>Psycho Loli
As in psychic powers, or as in batshit crazy?

>> No.26208190

> whynotboth?

>> No.26208194


With the revolution of bodysleeving technology, allowing people to put themselve permenantly in a specially grown body, Fa/tg/uys and internet autists alike have elected to become Little Girls of all shapes and sizes (Usually with DFCs, of course). They've finally achieved it... Until they realized something. Something terrible.

The otherkin, the furries, had just the same desires, but for something... inhuman. Something not meant for a human mind to be born within. And with that 'sleeve, with the sergals, foxmen, and winged anthromorphs... comes madness. Instincts going wild, rending claws and hungry for human flesh.

The Little Girls are our last hope.

So You Want To Be The Little Girl: The RPG

>> No.26208199

Assault focuses on mobility and engineering
Support does marksmanship and medic
Heavy has the biggest friggin' guns and explosives
Psycho gets speed, flamethrowers, and melee
Change as need be

>> No.26208222

Make them psycho, with speed, berserk, flamethrowers, and such, but give them another ability called The Knowing. Something about their new body gives them perceptions even they don't even understand very well, giving them ESP-like powers. Sadly, only the really insane ones can even understand what they sense.

>> No.26208231

If the lolis are all fa/tg/uys and related neckbeards, then shouldn't their weaponry/classes reflect that?

>Wizard Loli
>Spess Mahrine Loli

>> No.26208258
File: 36 KB, 231x231, 1369616393236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lolis with guns

>> No.26208270

Were talking about a post-post-apocalyptic age. It's likely most things we know from this generation are long forgotten.

>> No.26208277

Anon, please. This is a serious matter.
Some Lolis would probably try to call themselves that, but I doubt it would take hold.

>> No.26208287

Ok, into more detail... I'm thinking assault gets light automatics (small assault
rifles, smgs, the like) and shotguns
Support gets assorted accurate shit, from battle rifles to anti-material rifles to lower-end light machine guns.
Heavy gets the big stuff, autocannons, machine guns, lasers, satchel charges, etc.
Psycho gets flamers, chainaxes, and psychic whatnot.
I might stat up some shit, but first: We need a framework system. What dice are we using?

>> No.26208320

unless the chain weapons are like the lancer from GoW, I think it would come off as too 40K. Why not heated blades made for slicing off limbs? Or straight energy weapons? Plasma swords?

>> No.26208344
File: 16 KB, 255x255, 1353297982148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God fucking damn it, I laughed and raged.

>> No.26208349

Hmm. I say heated blades, or possibly maybe just an axe with a car battery on steroids plugged into it.

>> No.26208365
File: 249 KB, 600x535, BEvDc6WCAAElpPU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26208377

...Is that a loli Raiden?

>> No.26208388
File: 120 KB, 251x251, 1365006337093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26208407

No, that's a 2hu named Youmu, kitted out as Raiden.

>> No.26208422


>> No.26208424

Oooh, we going full MY MIND BEARS A GREAT PAIN with this?
>Sadly, only the really insane ones can even understand what they sense.
So for a PC it would have to be at around 10 SAN (25 being baseline because I just ass-pulled that number) to even get access to the power in any meaningful way?

Fucking. Glorious. Well played, good sir.

Aye, it is known™.

>> No.26208478

Maybe they get a beserker rage which gives them ESP stuff but also makes them a bit crazier?

>> No.26208485

I'd say make it mostly electro based stuff for close combat.
Fry those furries, fry em good.
d100 roll under
CUT (Cuteness instead of Charisma if we want to make it a bit tongue in cheek. If not, CHA)
stats are in 10-30s mostly. Stat + Stat determines what you roll. For example Str 22 + Dex 35 = 57 roll under
Learned Skills give +5/10/15

>> No.26208518

If you wanted to go full magical realm who doesn't? you could make it so advanced Psi lolis have to be hooded and restrained when not deployed.

>> No.26208543

I want to be the esper battle loli.

>> No.26208554

They have to wear collars and be escorted by sane lolis who would be more than capable of putting her down should it come to that.

>> No.26208555

That's not even too extreme unless you really emphasize it and have, I dunno, leather everywhere.

>> No.26208563

Woah there, tiger. Let's not go crazy. Game first, magical realm later. During playtesting.

>> No.26208564

You just went full magical realm.

>> No.26208589

I'd like to avoid the grimderp. Why not try Nobledark for once?

Maybe some precautions like shock or bomb collars or something for the really cuhrazey ones?

>> No.26208607

Nobody has started to mention what /else/ they use the collars for yet, right?

>> No.26208618
File: 9 KB, 179x205, hopeforman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit! Someone else who actually likes Nobedark? I thought I was the only one!

>> No.26208644

GENTLEMEN. Control your inner whizzard. Focus.

Little gorls, various weapons and abilities, d100, tables. Though for furry generation, I believe going to deviantart and clicking the random button will be enough.

>> No.26208655

/tg/chan probably has a bunch stated that you can convert over.

>> No.26208667
File: 77 KB, 704x396, 1368478589992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using deviantart as an actual mechanic

>> No.26208675

psi powers follow some couple archetypes, or does it all depend on the indivual loli's particular brand of cuhrrrrraaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyy?

>> No.26208695

>start thread with Yuri rape
>return to Yuri rape
The circle of liiiiiiiiiifeeee~

Perhaps it varies. Some get really angry and suicidal, some have random episodes of crippling depression. Others have the Mania/Moe perk which allows them to be more stable than others at the cost of having certain quirks or triggers that require a will check such as
-Breaks down when her uniform is torn
-Cannot shoot unless she isn't being watched by peers
-HAS to attend to cute things, even in the midst of battle
-Tsundere. Cannot interact with teammates without flaring up.
That kind of thing.

>> No.26208697
File: 323 KB, 847x600, 1369666360369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Ready for battle." states Misaka as she lines up a killshot on a fox thing.

>> No.26208711

So, make it like Raildex and have it fluctate between NobleWank and EdgeDark constantly?

>> No.26208727

>not determining powers by animu waifu archetypes
>not playing as a Genki Mage

>> No.26208733

Woops. Didn't mean to sage.

>> No.26208772

I've got nothing against insanity.
I'd just like to keep the all round GRIMNESS and Magicalrealmness of everything on a reasonable level.

Everything should feel a bit tongue-in-cheekish if you ask me. Insanity and horrors, yes please, but with a slight dose of lightheartedness. Without going overboard and making it lolrandumb.

>> No.26208780

That's actually a really good idea.

>> No.26208839

> Moe perk
*Sweets addict: Your character has to roll a 12 or better to withstand the mysterious allure of sugary foods.
*Puppy Eyes: Take your moe score score, divide it in half and add it to your charisma.Does not work on younger team members.

>> No.26208846

Also a good idea. Perhaps all classes get a moe perk and psi stuff? Anyhow, someone needs to put this on the wiki or at the very least archive it

>> No.26208855

>Does not work on younger team members.
Needs to be reworked since it's all artificial bodies anyway. Age is irrelevant.
Change it to doesn't work on lolis with a higher Moe score unless they have some other perk that makes them a great big softie, but then it's effect is still reduced.

>> No.26208887

>this entire thread
I-is this it? The true face of /tg/?

>> No.26208990

Par for the course, yeah. Now we wait for the new game to fade away before it ever had a chance.

>> No.26209218


>> No.26209234

Which happens because nobody writes it down.
If this is still a thing when I get home on Saturday, I'll do it. But till then...

>> No.26209269
File: 127 KB, 600x1000, blt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoy your shit tier sketch

>> No.26209273

We'll see how far it goes.

And by loli god, we'll make those faggots pay for every single yiff.

>> No.26209329

Loli for the loli god! MOE FOR THE MOE THRONE!

>> No.26209356

>Enjoy your shit tier sketch
I will not.

>> No.26209374



pretty cool.

>> No.26209386

>lazy eye
>boots on wrong feet
>knife holsters set up so grenades could easily catch on arm when you draw them
2/10 would not fight sergal scum with

>> No.26209388

They shall drown in cute.
Their homes shall be razed and covered in sparkles.
Till the world ends I shall hunt their foul kind.
This I swear by my ribbon, my randsel and my gun.

>> No.26209547
File: 1.90 MB, 600x1800, N0CQUEST18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone remembered this shit ?


>> No.26209566

What the fuck is even happening in that pic

>> No.26209583

Seriously what the fuck is going on

>> No.26209594


The comic aggregated after a series of responses. essentially one update adds a panel or sets of panels until you saw the page before you. Needless to say some verbage also associated this scene that made more sense when the artist was doing it.

But essentially the hero encounters a monster and relies on the help of the first npc they find and opt to fighting it by exploiting its weakness. There was some rolls involved but it equated to the MC going airborne and firing down on said weak point with a gun smuggled from another world [ours]

>> No.26209618

same poster here:

I would sugest seeing the quest archives.

I think it was called N0C Quest. Some pages required going to archive fools to find. But you essentially played in a VRMMORPG.

>> No.26209646


Where did that drawfag go, incidentially? his quests were so much fucking fun. Zombie hunting, Iron Hearts, that space warfare hex game, the adventuring quest... all awesome.

>> No.26209706

Driven from the board like most content creators. Being constantly under the threat of bans is not conducive to hanging around.

>> No.26209756
File: 80 KB, 500x500, Journal145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone summoned me it seems.

but to answer your question:
naw I just got busy. Really busy.
For every "threat" I got there was like 10 players usually so there was no problem with social pressures.

But I did get a job doing some cool stuff.

Maybe I should pick up a quest idea that isn't a huge timesink ? I could definitely deal with drawing less...

>> No.26210005

>Everyone in here went to sleep

>> No.26210046


I guess so, lets not drive it to autosage before they wake up.

>> No.26210084



Well, anything but a hex game would be fine, right?I remember you drawing really fucking fast.

Also, nice to see you, dude. Didn't get the chance to thank you for the hours and hours of entertainment I got from your quests, so I'm gonna do it now. Thanks.

>> No.26210094

OP here. I...I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that this is by far the most "successful" thread I've ever made.

>> No.26210103


Actually, your drawing style and general aesthetics would work wonders for this setting:


I humbly request some drawfaggotry of anything you find interesting in that thread.

>> No.26210122

There was one of those, except it was about little girls, six year old AIs, and genderbent personality shards of stoners all in the bodies of little girls abusing the time space continuum to fuck each other.

>> No.26210128

Sounds like it was made for this thread then.

>> No.26210150
File: 771 KB, 1500x1500, Techloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Transhuman nanololis
Nah, I will stick with techlolis.

>> No.26210158

And then we wonder why people hate us.

Hell, I kind of hate us right now.

>> No.26210168

Look at the cyberloli from that new quest by papa-n. That would be a good place to start.

>> No.26210179


/tg/ gets obsessed with lolis from time to time. Ignore it and it will go away.

>> No.26210197
File: 184 KB, 1075x824, Skelebust-a-move.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some still do, anon. Some still do.

>> No.26210210

>that papa-n quest
>that new strike witch quest
>that scp shit
>now this shit
Looks like little girl quests are on the rise once more.

>> No.26210219

You forgot Vampire Dolls.

And Shadow Quest, to some extent.

>> No.26210244

>Vampire Dolls.
Is that one even still running. Besides, I was mostly looking at more recently created quests.

>> No.26210249
File: 662 KB, 250x195, irqpLkB5cdfz7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woah woah wait, Monday posted? Nevermind. I know how to feel.

>> No.26210274

Should we make a qtg? I don't think most people realize that this is the place.

>> No.26210298

It isn't, though. I was gonna delete it if it turned into QTG.

Wait for the weekend, nyarlabrotep.

>> No.26210439

wut. What is this thing with not talking about quests except on weekends? Is it some kind of appeasement of quest haters?

>> No.26210455

>I was gonna delete it if it turned into QTG.
Well fuck you too, because it kinda did.

>> No.26210557

Apparently there was a "gentlemen's agreement" that QTGs would be restricted to weekends. I didn't want to dick with that.

But since it turned into Lolis VS Otherkins, I decided the thread was legit.

>> No.26210597

>Apparently there was a "gentlemen's agreement" that QTGs would be restricted to weekends
Yeah, no one listens to that.

>> No.26210601


You see any gentlemen on /tg/? Yeah, that's right because we're all little girls

>> No.26210607
File: 2.06 MB, 300x270, Lesbians.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gentle little girls, at least.

>> No.26210738

But it's not a quest, it's a setting and possible game.
I swear to god, once I'm not confined to my phone anymore, I shall make this into a game.
>I don't even fucking like Lolis or d100 systems.

>> No.26210752

I know, but I didn't want to be That Guy. Looks like someone else stepped up to the plate.

>> No.26210809

>But it's not a quest
It wants to be. You can try another homebrew hijack if you want, but its still quest stuff right now.

>> No.26210901

>isn't a quest
If you don't like what is happening here, then go away. Because this is content creation. If it is bad content it will be forgotten, if it is good, then dedicated people will work on it and make it into something.

>> No.26210911

>Rocket Angels
>Red Alert 3
>why does it get the biggest hate of all the C&C games? It's really fun! Sure it's stupid as fuck but a hell lot of fun.

>> No.26211048

It was pretty clearly discussed with quests in mind.
I think I can hate the idea of transhuman fa/tg/uys pretending to be little girls without it being attached to a quest. In fact, I like some quests.

Quit being such a revisionist.

>> No.26211146

>It was pretty clearly discussed with quests in mind.
>people writefagging
>developing classes and mechanics

>> No.26211365

>quests have never before had classes
>quests have never before used writefaggotry as a jumping off point
>implying you don't just have a hateboner for quests
No. Also
>in a quest thread
>bitching about quests
Get out.

>> No.26211445
File: 91 KB, 500x500, ihaveapenor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy, oh boy indeed.

>> No.26211527
File: 431 KB, 615x535, 1336924629725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

W-what did lolis ever do to you guys?

>> No.26211532

In a vain attempt to get the thread back onto its derailment.

Why are transhuman loli's fighting furries as opposed to normal humans fighting furries?

One answer I got in mind is perhaps an bio-engineered was used in the production of the furry bodies which mutated into something deadly around the same time as the crazy furries got loose. Only transhuman loli's can safely engage the furries as they are immune.

tl:dr The furries got aids and the loli's are immune.

>> No.26211557

Or because this shit is expensive and the govt offers free lolification for those willing to serve in an anti furry force. Have the furs be kind of like orks that constantly mutate and junk and are hard to kill for [reasons]. I'm thinking spores, but it's starting to rip off 40k a bit too much. So maybe something else.

>> No.26211566

No need for more bullshit science-y things.

The ability to become the little girl was invented. The masses seized it. Things were quiet. Then the furries came. Np one cared, but the little girls remembered. So now they fight. Inanely, and with no end in sight, they fight.

>> No.26211579

So in this hypothetical setting, what happens to all the monstergirls?

>> No.26211583

They raped me. With their transhuman futa mortarcocks.

>> No.26211592

I'd say wariness at best, mistrust at worst. The sliding scale of furry becomes a slippery slope.

>> No.26211621
File: 121 KB, 457x700, 1357934528857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>normal humans
>implying such a thing exists in a world where anyone can become a transhuman loli
Covert agents of the League of Loving Imoutos, or LoLI for short.

>> No.26211624

They could be a third faction, possibly alongside those who were xenophiles and turned into something completely nonhuman, as opposed to anthropomorphic aliens (or that could be a fourth faction)

>> No.26213056

.....The Drakon stories are almost this.

>> No.26213536

I think you could actually, and the funny part is that you'd find people trying to defend themselves from 'accusations', all of which would be invented by a practically random context.

>> No.26213601

Clankers, or Those Guys who Downloaded Their Brains into Military Hardware. Or mechs.
So the factions would be:
Loli Motoko Kusanagis
Genemod Furries
Hulking Battlemechs
maybe Normal Poorfags/naturals?

>> No.26213974

The last one would be bioroids. Normal humans in slightly upgraded but largely normal bodies. If the tech is that easily accessible, it would be childsplay to cheat the corporations out of their stranglehold by giving everyone healthy normal biologically fit bodies.

>> No.26214088

holy shit guys. I go to bed on a yuri rape thread, and I wake up with this! I love you guys.

>> No.26214147

I actually wrote up a bit of backstory going off of this >>26211624 and some other stuff from around the thread. Thought the thread was dead (and I write shitty), so I didn't bother posting it, but the general idea was:

Blackbox nanomachines are made avalable to people, and become pretty common.
Because blackbox, the nanos are somewhat unreliable; Attempts at eternal youth mods turn the recipient into a Hyper Durable Loli/Shota.
Cosmetic stuff like tails and horns becomes common, because it doesn't backfire.
Some /d/eviants turn themselves into totally inuman things (think lovecraft)

Then some pseudo-terrorist furries get their hands on a huge shipment, and decide that everyone else should be like them because (insert broken logic here).

So they start infecting people with their own variation on the nanos, one that turns the infected into crazed monster-furs. Turns out, the only ones with the strength to damage them (or wield weaponry that can), are the super-loli/shota's. And they tear right fucking through them, wiping out most of the mutated furs.
So in a final act, the furrorists (kill me now) detonate their stores to create a massive cloud of mutating nanomachines, which would transform everyone except that the nano's didn't work against those already heavily infused with them (who knows why).

So the govt uses as much of the superloli nanos as they can and then releases a variation of the cosmetic nano's that would leave the recipient -mostly- the same, resulting in the monstergirl/boys. The "Xeno" groups vanish in the chaos.

>> No.26214189

So there it is; Most of humanity unwillingly transformed into mindless monsters who's primary advantage aside from the "common superstrength" is their rapid breeding (explaining why a niche fetish became a legitimate threat), and what remained became either monsterpeople (civilians) or super lolishota's (the last defense). The xenos don't care either way and are hiding away from it all, and (based off >>26213601) some people probably uploaded themselves to escape aforementioned fates.

>> No.26214215

Louise examined the ruined streets around her. Broken glass and rubble littered the roads, and the stench of rotting corpses and the filth of the animals was omnipresent. Behind her, Fila, her partner, fiddled with her fully slaughtermatic plasma rifle. No one had expected the fall to have come so quickly. At first, the furries claimed they were merely exercising their right to pursue happiness. They had adapted to their new forms quickly-a little too quickly, in retrospect. Then they started implanting their pets into furry bodies. By the time the pets had started breeding, it was too late. No longer a basement confined minority, their numbers blossomed out of control. They, quite literally, bred like rabbits. The East and South had fared poorly, but they still maintained some semblance of control, of civilization. But the West had stood no chance. She still remembered the last stand at San Francisco.
The last remnants of the US military, a few poorly armed citizen militias, and Bob Barker had fallen back to Alcatraz Island. The Nazi diaperfurs had already overrun the rest of the West Coast, declaring it to be the new Fur-th Reich. Under the influence of their depraved leader, Adoglf Shitler, they had built terrible weapons of war. They were great, shuddering three-headed mechs, each head representing a different fursona. Each head could breathe fire and shoot lasers from its eyes. The arms bristled with missile launchers and electrified claws. The man-like upper chassis was mounted on a tank covered in fleshy biomechanical armor. Earlier that month, a squadron of them had destroyed the Korean defenders at the Battle of Los Angeles. The only mech the military had was being driven by Bob Barker, the acting general. It was impressive, to be sure, at a whopping 80 feet tall. It had state-of-the-art targeting systems, and the best railguns money could buy. But it wouldn't be enough.

>> No.26214349

Sounds about right. Now I'm envisioning a sort of campaign in Lagos, Nigeria.
So, before things went to shit, apparently the Lagos metropolis had experienced a boom in living standards due to cheaper technologies, mostly from China. Now, when shit hit the fan and China tried to take Lagos (and a few other African cities), the mega city was yet again embroiled in war. While the Chinese presence was largely kicked out by the militia, now warlords from other African nations (and quite a few foreign ones) began tormenting the land. During the chaos, some gene mod Furries even tried to take a slice of the pie, deposing the current prince of Nigeria and causing even more chaos. Now, the remnants of the mega corps who used to flourish in old Lagos hire mercenaries to protect their holdings...
This is where the lolis come in.

So yeah, the lolis might fight remnant Chinese Clankers, or /kpol/ Furries, or the usual crazy Africa militia with upgraded tech.

>> No.26214425

The furries had struck at the break of dawn. Their landing sharkgirls began to deploy wave after wave of wolfman shock troops. Many of the defenders were nothing more than civilians, with only a few gun owners, and even fewer soldiers. Still, the last few weeks had taught them well. The furry hordes were cut down by a torrent of Moist Nugget fire, and many attacked tried to turn tail and run, to no avail. Elephant skulls were blasted to fragments by the Barkertron's main guns, and the battlefield was soon coated with blood and furry viscera. It had looked like the defenders had won. Cheers were heard along the ramparts. The survivors had seen friends and family killed, raped, or worst of all, dragged away to be indoctrinated and transformed into the enemy. Adoglf had promised to fursecute the world as badly as it had fursecuted him, and in each city he conquered, he made good on his gruesome promise. Victims were drugged to remain awake while furgeons operated on them, slicing and chopping, growing and mutating limbs into their new furry forms. Then they were thrown into sealed propaganda chambers until they turned. They would not be given any food or water until they praised the almighty Fuhrer. Some of those present at Alcatraz had only narrowly avoided this fate, escaping their captors before they could be operated on.

>> No.26214437

Their hopes died almost as quickly as their wolfman attackers. Out of the brackish depth rose Adoglf's personal warmech. The Fuhrer had arrived to personally direct the battle. He headed straight for Bob Barker. The two mechs stared each other down, then began the fight that would determine the fate of the West. Barker discharged his railguns at Adoglf, who went into a full charge at Barker. Barker sidestepped him, and Adoglf plowed into one of the buildings. Barker then unleashed a flurry of blows, sending sparks flying as he smashed apart the Fuhrer's armor and broke the machine. Barker followed that up by putting the Fuhrer in a headlock. But Adoglf had a trick up his sleeve. He unleashed a cloud of poisonous gas that quickly enveloped the island. Most of the survivors were unaugmented. They died choking on their own bile as their innards dissolved. Adoglf next breathed fire unto Barker's arms until they melted under the heat. He angled his cockpit at Barker's, then jumped, landing right next to the old man. With a savage grin, he tore out Bob Barker's heart, and ate it. Bob Barker could only croak out one last desperate plea to spay and neuter your pets.

>> No.26214560

With that, the defenders were broken. The victorious furries began to swarm over the island, their manhoods drenched with their lustful secretions. They cornered people in cells, on rooftops, and by the craggy shores of Alcatraz. Louise had jumped, thinking her chances were better in the icy water of the Bay. She had escaped. Most of the others had not been so lucky. Now she, and a few other cyborg lolis, were the only law and order left on the West Coast. On occasion, some eastern adventurers, or a corporate caravan would break though with some much needed supplies, but those days were getting rarer and rarer. If you needed something nowadays, you had to scavenge it or steal it from the furries. She missed the days she could walk down here and pick up some nice dim sum, or haggle with one of the street market vendors. She would lovingly stroke the neckbeard she used to have as she debated between getting orange chicken or shumai. Back then they called it Chinatown. It was nothing more than a pleasant memory now. The only orange chicken around here was the Rooster Gang, a group of local anthropomorphic chickens that scouted for the Fuhrer.

>> No.26214722

The sound of gunfire brought her back to her senses. It was dangerous to get lost in your memories out here. Last week Jill had been eaten by a crocodile-kangaroo hybrid. The gunfire seemed to be far off, but you could never be sure here. She scanned the burnt out buildings surrounding her. Seemingly nothing. Giant posters of Shitler were plastered on all of the structures left standing, glaring at her as if to pass judgment. The air was stagnant and reeked of the stench of furry. It was the smell of shit, piss, week-old semen, fish, and sweat, left to putrefy underneath the wretched California sun. Add to that the smog cover, which still remained from the days of civilization. She heard the sound of glass crunching underfoot. There was definitely somewhere nearby. She signaled to Fila to get ready.
Is anyone interested? Should I stop?

>> No.26214834

Im interested man. keep going. this entire setting is going to end up heavily influencing the DtD setting im making, but without the loli aspect, and some of the more blatant furry things. the explanation for the furry monsters will be "RADIATION" and I will be making everything, and I mean everything, up as I go along

>> No.26215049

> without "the loli aspect

>> No.26215203

A pack of wolfmen came charging out of a side street about 200 yards ahead. Louise revved up her laser-guided chainsaw gun, and opened fire. Frankfrankfrankfrankfranfranfrafrafrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrf! The chainsaws tore into the furries, shearing limbs off and splattering bits of flesh onto walls, where they dribbled down like slugs. Others were burnt to ashes by Fila's plasma gun. One of them leapt at Louise. She could feel the hairs on the back of neck being shorn off as it narrowly missed. Fila put a hole in its chest. One of them stopped to try and eat its dead comrade, only to be decapitated by a ricocheting chainsaw. Another stood up, beating its chest in a display of primal ferocity, just before the top of its head was blown off by a blast of plasma, leaving its jaw and tongue flapping in the wind. One by one, Louise and Fila dispatched their assailants, making sure that all were dead. The enemy could bring them back if they were merely wounded.
“That's the last of them. We've got to move before more of the bastards show up,” said Louise.
The two began to move at a frenetic pace. There were still eight blocks to go before they reached the abandoned SineTec Human Augmentation labs. The labs themselves were safe-the furries didn't know how to bypass the security systems. But every street between them and the labs would be crawling with furry patrols. If they could get to the labs, they could find some more technology to take back. Anything to keep the colony going for another month. She preferred not to think about the possibility that there was nothing. It was too painful to realize that they were living on borrowed time.
It makes me glad at least one person's interested.

>> No.26215329

hey man, its my group that I don't trust to go with this, and Lolis aren't really that interesting to me. The setting also involves Giant mecha, magic, Ghost in the Shell style cyborgs, and a transmetropolitan style city

>> No.26215369

They crossed Fifth Street, and then froze. Waiting for them was a furry mech. Its claws dripped with fresh blood, and the exhaust pipes on its back resembled a perverse parody of a church organ. Its speakers crackled to life.
“Vell, vell, vell. VUT do WE have here? Little FRAU-leins RUNning around at night? Did mother not tell you to be afraid of the Big Bad Vulf?” asked the machine.
It leaned its torso forward.
“Lucky for you, I am feeling merciful today. I have a gift for you adorable little dumplings,” it continued.
He paused.

>> No.26215462

Both Louise and Fila raised their guns, opening fire. They sprayed it with everything they had, to no effect. It creeped forward, shrugging off fire. It was sixty feet away. Fifty. Forty. The speakers on it were emitting a horrible static, tearing at Louise's ears. Thirty feet away. Twenty. Louise began to pray internally. The metal juggernaut was unstoppable. Fifteen. This was it... A lucky shot must've hit the machine in something critical, because it burst into a ball of flame. Louise breathed a sigh of relief.

>> No.26215725

Then, a figure rose out of the smoke and wreckage. The dogman was twelve feet tall, wearing only a diaper. He was grinning ear to ear. His fur was singed in patches, he had some minor cuts, and part of his left ear was blown off, but apart from that seemed mostly unharmed.
“You didn't think you could kill me with your little girl weapons, did you?” asked the abomination.
“You're unarmed. Surrender, and you'll have a quick death,” replied Louise.
“Nein. Nein. Little girl... MEIN NIPPLES ARE AUGMENTED.”
Two arrays of tiny missile launchers emerged from his nipple fur, filling the air with munitions. Louise jumped to cover, but Fila was knocked aside by a blast, falling unconscious. Louise wanted to return fire, but the sheer volume of fire filling the air made it impossible. She took out a grenade, and threw it out, but the explosion didn't seem to stop the fire.
“Hiding? Behind a wall? You are just like little French. Don't worry. Your resistance only makes MEIN PENIS into Oktoberfest SNAU-SAG-EES.”
She cursed underneath her breath. She was outgunned here. She checked the ground next to her for something, anything that could save her. Old gum? Ant covered carcass of a rat? Pebbles? She tossed the rat body behind and was rewarded by being showered in bits and pieces of dead rat.
“Silly FRAU-lein. SILLY. SILLY. You know story of Maginot line? French build wall. We have sex with it. PLUS TEN BLITZKRIEG.”
She shoudn't have been a That Guy for so many years. Maybe then she'd have more friends, someone to back her up right now. But she always had to play the little girl. Well, that was it then. Now she was the little girl, and she was going to roll for anal circumference. She closed her eyes.

>> No.26215891

“I am ALMOST THERE, petite shortcake. OUR WAR is a little DIFFERENT from SOVIET. It is the HAMMER and the DICKLE. NOW YOU WILL SEE WHY THEY CALL ME... A WIENER DOG.”
She opened her eyes again. The dogman was standing right in front of her, reaching downwards towards his diaper clasps. Just don't cry. Just pretend you're playing FATAL Quest. Haha. We just raped a guy. Yeah, that was the good stuff. Ok, those thoughts weren't helping. Maybe Engine Heart? She closed her eyes and mentally sang to herself. I'm a little toaster, short and stout. Here is my statblock, here is my... She involuntarily opened her eyes. The dog was leering at her, and it had gotten its dick out. She was about to take the knot.
“It's time for you to go back to the future!”
Suddenly there was a gaping hole in the dog's chest. He let out a death rattle.
“ARRGHghhghghsghsgsoooooeeeeeeffffhhhhhhiiiiinnngngggggggrroooooooowwwlllloooossossssoooooarrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... MEIN LIEBEN!”
Through the hole in the dog's chest, Louise could see Fila holding her gun. As the body tumbled backwards, Louise ran towards Fila. They hugged each other.
“Oh my god... I thou-” said Louise.
“Don't worry. I got your back. I'm your friend, what else do friends do?” responded Fila.
Fila grinned and gave Louise a thumbs up.
“Besides,” continued Fila. “We're the good guys. The good guys always win.”
Louise smiled. There were still six blocks to go before the lab. It was definitely going to be a long night. But as long as she had a friend, they could do it-together.

>> No.26215914

S'alright? Good, bad, mediocre?

>> No.26216824

It's glorious!
Is this on suptg yet?

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