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>Attempt to pick a pocket
>Critical failure

What happens?

>> No.26201435

You accidentally stuff your wallet into your target's pocket.

>> No.26201443

You accidentally put your wallet into his pocket

>> No.26201473

The live grenade goes into your pocket, instead.

>> No.26201476

You accidentally marry the victim, through a wacky series of mishaps and goofs involving a ring and an ancient dwarven prophecy.

>> No.26201489

You now hold the target's heart in your hand.

>> No.26201509

Your hand stuck in the target's pocket.

>> No.26201550

You punch them in the butt.

>> No.26201555


That's a successful strategy to deal with Briarhearts in Skyrim though.

>> No.26201564

You rip the pocket and the entire back of his pants, leaving the mans undies exposed, he blushes and apologizes profusely

>> No.26201584

Holding someone's heart in your hand is a pretty successful strategy for dealing with most things, really.

>> No.26201595

You cop a feel.

>> No.26201614

You get your hand stuck in the butt.

>> No.26201633

you ask them to dance

>> No.26201657

You forget what a pocket is.

>> No.26201662

>> No.26201681

you stick your hand into another dimension

>> No.26201694

Don't you mean a pocket dimension?

>> No.26201712

Accidental handjob!

>> No.26201727

You're completely unable to decide which pocket.

>> No.26201731

But how would you pick a pocket dimension

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>> No.26201865

I did that once, dm made my hand go into the guy's ass
I don't play with him anymore

>> No.26201879

While it's back is turned.

>> No.26201940

You are the wallet

>> No.26202188

Kill self and adjacent target.

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>> No.26202544


A critical failure on a pickpocket roll causes the player character to grab the nuts of the target. If the character has medical skills, they can attempt to make a diagnosis for testicular cancer.

>> No.26203434

Not only do you get caught by the mousetrap in his pocket, but you also set off all mousetraps in a 1d10-foot radius.

>> No.26206565

you grab his cock.
>inb4 what if it's a girl.
It magically grows a cock for you to grab.
it's bigger than yours.

>> No.26206580

You picked your own pocket.

>> No.26206616

> critical success.
> you pick-pocket one of the intended victim's vital organs.

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>> No.26206685

You get caught by your target, spotted by everyone around you and your hand is stuck in their pocket

>> No.26206855

You steal your own pants. Without you noticing.

>> No.26207379

You completely miss the person entirely and end up falling face-first in front of them, taking 1d3 damage and embarrassing yourself profusely, anyone witnessing this now has a -10 DC (or +10, I'm tired and can't think straight, whichever is the one that makes it harder) when you attempt any intimidation/other cha based checks

>> No.26207488

Die painfully, faggot.

>> No.26207714

>wheel is on the right side of the car
Every time.

>> No.26207742

Aren't all euro cars right side drivers?

>> No.26207816

You successfuly steal the man and all of his possesions except for the wallet.

>> No.26209965

You accidentally open the switchblade in your target's pocket which cuts you and him leading to blood-blood transfer.

Roll for AIDS

>> No.26210083 [SPOILER] 

Let's just say your hand is stuck and leave it at that.

>> No.26210112

Not all. England is one of the major areas where that's the case, which is probably where that's taken.

>> No.26210217

Actually, most of Europe uses left side drivers. The UK is more of the exception than the rule.

>> No.26210236

If your object is assault, mugging and robbery then sure, but a clandestine burglary or a necessary key grab as a part of a greater operation wouldn't exactly gain from a messy, unnecessary and implicating death.

Or basically, not if you're trying to be subtle it isn't.

>> No.26214099

rip one of there kidneys out.

>> No.26214117


Nice boobytrap.

>> No.26214165


I love it.

What webcomic is this?

>> No.26214200

your victim is actually an adventurer/the BBEG

>> No.26214233

The url is right in the middle, good sir

>> No.26214241


thats is DRAMATIC critical failure

>> No.26214262


Wow... How did I not catch that. Thank you good anon. :)

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