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So I signed on to this Rogue Trader LARP and thought the dress code would be rather lacklustre. Not so. People have posted pics in gear and they look friggin amazing. So now I have a problem.

What do I wear?
What kind of trinkets do I bring?

>Playing a spoiled and possibly psychopatic nobleman son.

Give me ideas! So far I've only come up with this.
>Use some old club/rave clothes from the 90s
>maybe mix in some of my classic medieval larp clothes
>maybe add a b/w checkered dinner jacket
>pearl fake body tattoos
>what the hell do I use for shoes and trousers?

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Well in rogue trader you're a pirate space pimp with infinite money and the sensibilities of a medieval lord, so I imagine anything that draws some combination of those would be fine

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Most everyone in 40k wears some sort of knee-high boots.

The kind you'd find in a pirate costume would probably work well for an RT character.

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Dress like an 18th century nobleman with a few spacefuture bits glued onto your costume. Alternatively, cosplay as Geoffrey Rush a la Pirates of the Caribbean and buy a raygun to go with that.

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Jealous as fuck, please come back and post how they do rules and stuff, omg.

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I'm thinking of latching on too the pimp thing but everyone else seems to go the full space pirate or space viking route so I will avoid that.
>I also look vaguely asian/indian so maybe the alladin look is better

>knee high boots
will consider

I won't because other ppl will do this and do it better than I

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>some old club/rave clothes from the 90s
What have you got?

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Pretty much anything from the 1600s to the mid 1800s that isn't too frilly will work nicely. As the other anon said, decorate with space stuff, particularly weapons.

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Do you have any relatively fancy coats?

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RogueTrader LARP? Any like, links please?

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>Rogue Trader LARP

This cannot be a real thing that is actually happening. I refuse to believe something this amazing exists without proof.

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Item one
>Beige 3/4 top in fleece with the last quarter of the sleeves in beige nylon. chinese collar in beige nylon

item two
>Dark green puffy top with short sleeves and drag string(?) midriff. Some weird pocket in the middle of the chest and some bright orabge details.

item three
>black jacket with zipper and high collar. from elbows to cuff there are clip on tubes of black fluffy material. It gives the thing a slight bearlike look.

LArp will take place on the bridge of the ship with computers and several custom programmes to stear the ship, sensors, torpedoes etc. The players will communicate through military radioes with our minions on/off ship and most of the intrigue will take place on this bridge. Much of the stuff is appropriated props from a recent BSG LARP.

sadly no

this is the testrun so no links yet
if it goes well it will be a larger and public LARP as I understand it

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ok so there was a link
just use google translate to turn this into engrish

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I'd sell you one of my old Savile Row overcoats for $1000.

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I'm sure that's a nice coat but I'm a poor guy so no buy

Also I want to wear makeup in my role but as a guy I know shit about applying that stuff...

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Remember to have a BIG hat. The bigger, the better

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I'd advise against makeup, unless you want to end up looking like the Joker.

It's hard as fuck to get makeup right, especially if you have dark-ish skin.

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I'm sure they know alot about making costumes

but they probably know shit about the setting

hmm maybe

you are probably right

I have
>hourglass made from a solid block of clear resin with blue sand. time: 3mins. Perfect amount of time to give ppl ultimatums for.
>thumb sized glass vials with cork. Should fill them with weird coloured liquid to drink from time to time. And offer ppl a sip of

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>I'm a poor guy
>dressing as a nobleman
>in Rogue Trader
This is gonna end well...

Go to a thrift store, Goodwill store, etc. and look for suitable clothes. Every now and then you'll find something really high end and foppish that some richfag wore once and got rid of.

Given that it's summer, you should be able to find plenty of overcoats, suis, vests, etc. for cheap.

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I sure am gonna hit the thrift stores
>poor man
well, let's put it like this. I'm not buying a coat that I use only for this larp for 1000monies

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oh well got some advice at least

thanks guys

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Just powder your face and get a shitty wig at a costume shop and powder that as well. When someone mocks your character, have him toss his wig on the ground and then shoot the man who insulted him.

And act like Dennis from "The Gang Cracked the Liberty Bell".

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Uhh yeeeeees...

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Wearing a scarf as a belt and sash is always a good and easy way to look medieval

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