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Have you feared the Psyker today /tg/?

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I would kiss her on the mouth and cuddle with her until she stopped crying that her eyes got burned off.

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Fear not the Psyker.

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The Psyker will end up as our Inquisitor once we hit Ascencion, so basically yes, yes I did.

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The well-trained psyker is your best chance at not getting killed by daemons.

The poorly-trained psyker is your best chance at getting killed by daemons.

How to recognize the difference...

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I'm one of the psykers, not that anyone realizes that, because I don't use my powers unless I can't find a better solution. There's a reason I have 0 corruption and 0 insanity.... also a 50 intelligence.

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>eyes burned off
Are you sure you aren't the reason she's crying in the first place?

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I guess it's unknown whether or not the Astropath Sanctioning ritual burns the subject's tear ducts or not.


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You don't need eyes where we're going

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Being soul-bound to THE EMPRAH blinds most psykers, not all of them though.
Was part of the character creation in Dark Heresy.
Other side-effects are your teeth exploding, losing all body-hair, and being afraid of bald, robed women

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I was thinking of the Astropaths, who all lose their sight. Although only some have burnt-out eyes. If I remember correctly, some only become noticeably blind with milky eyes or actually grow skin over their eye sockets. Which is creeepy.

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Sometimes they're terrifying freaks, sometimes they're cute and cuddly freaks. I wonder if that correlates?

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They all go blind, but its in different ways. Some have burned out sockets, others just have milky whites, some even grow hardened, blackened orbs, and that flesh growing over thing is probably a thing, too.

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Mon-Keighs... fearing the only and very thing that can save you! Truely your brash ignorance is boundless...

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Have a story somewhat related to the thread

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I'd give this one a hug.

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Unsactioned psykers are cute, too.

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s te eldr girs
gruf tink tey be pretty
tey ennmis vif epra?
gruf smack den

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I wouldn't say that's shitty drawing, it's not great, but at least it isn't completely retarded.

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What is this "psyker" you speak of?

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I shall tell you if you send a corpse of one of your "Ethereals".

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Nigga, dont pretend like you dont know bout your own Nicassar.

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Navigators are weird shit, mang.

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I fear only their effect on the reserves of holy promethium.

Tell me, where can a Sister get a steady source of promethium and promethium accessories?

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Did someone say moe psykers?

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Tell me /tg/, how do unsanctioned psykers work? Individuals who are separate from the IoM and thus don't receive training by them, but who don't fall to Chaos. Can they become powerful beings on the same tier as Primaris Psykers?

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>ITT: Target practice.

You can have all our stuff. And remember, when you look at our XBAWKS HUEG fleet: Don't ask, don't tell.

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Black Ships only visit planets every 100 years. So any psyker born during that time is unsanctioned. Theres also lost primal worlds and more lawless worlds where psykers can roam as shaman, witches, illuminati types, etc. Its hardly ever pleasant living, though, unless a Rogue Trader picks you up.

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I tell you what that psyker ain't right

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This guy's taking the statement "you're gonna eat steel" so deeply that he even put catchup in his sword.

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Meh. Shes trying too hard to be moe, which makes her not moe enough.

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Being an ASTROPATH means you're blind.

This just means that you're some kind of psycho who put her eyes out and now wants to cuddle with her.

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I didn't fear the psyker, but I did d'aww at the psyker.

That was actually some surprisingly good writefaggotry.

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>Black Templar in a psyker thread
get out you focken hypocrit - you suposedly hate psykers yet you love the Emperor who was the most powerfull human psyker ever...your chapter wants to burn all the witches yet you wouldnt be able to communicate between the masive crusader fleets or navigate the warp without astropaths and navigators...psykers are a must for the imperium of man to survive- deal with it you bigots

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my sword stabbing your psyker buddies in the dick.

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>space marine
>thinking for a second about anything
>much less his irrational hatred
I see you haven't quite figured out why space marines are shit, keep working on it, you're almost there.

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What book is that from?

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Navis Primer, supplement for Rogue Trader.

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Dear Emperor, how heretical.

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>being this heretical

It makes me so angry, I want to shoot the floor you walk on.

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Enjoy those stairs faggot.

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>Bitches don't know about my heightened psychic awareness.

>Muh Emperor's Tarot.

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That isn't enough. Their filthy, heretical floor must be set on fire too!

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Welcome in ordo Hereticus, Sister.
Here is you free, laminated Promethium-club membership card,
ingraved with an image of HIM UPON HIS THRONE

May your righteous fire cleanse this galaxy of the witch.

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Indeed they are

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420 fear earry' day.

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I thought that Soritas use psykers?

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Astropaths arent Navigators.

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They have to if they ever intend on leaving their homeworld.

>> No.26193877

Or talking to someone on another planet.

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Wasn't saying they were. Just another image I had related to Psykers.

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Ah. Astros are pretty cray too, though. They actually briefly mindmeld with the Big E.

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Are there any Regiments that deal heavily with Psykers?

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The 1st Membranes.

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No. Their use of psykers would be limited to navigators.

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And Astropaths.

And Navigators technically aren't psykers. They just can see into the warp.

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No, they're Psykers, and they're mutants.

They're just a very SPECIFIC form of Psyker.

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Do they feel pain? I bet they feel a lot of pain.

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I havent heard of them before, what are they from?

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Made by /tg/, for /tg/

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Dice gods went crazy and made a regiment 99% psykers or something.

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They exhibit no psyker powers and their mutation is wholly hereditary and not random like traditional psykers. They are genetically engineered abhumans with a single psykerlike ability.

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Ah, what about any Marines? Or is it just the Blood Ravens with their oddly high number of librarians and psychicly adept?

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Grey Knights are technically all Psykers

>> No.26194393

They employ psyker auxiliaries. This is canon.

If you can't be bothered to figure out whether a statement is objectively false before you vomit it out, you can fuck right off.

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Thanks, anon. Gonna have an unsanctioned "Primaris Psyker" as the leader of my heretical IG army.

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I dont think he can be a primaris without being sanctioned, but Im fairly certain its not too snowflakey to have an unsactioned psyker of that power leading some Traitor Guard.

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Yeah, what I meant by that was that I'd be using the Primaris Psyker tabletop unit to represent him but he'd be completely unsanctioned, just one of the 'leader type psykers' as described in that picture above.

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Big E's a psyker, i fear him all the time

>> No.26194620

But they shall know no fear, right?

>> No.26194621

I'm terrified, but I have feels.


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Go find it yourself. I'm not your mother.

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> angrily asserts that something is true
> cannot find a source for it

>> No.26194878

>can't do basic research by himself
What's it like not being a sentient creature?

>> No.26194926

You made the claim, you bring the evidence for it.

Unless, you know, you've just realised that you can't find any evidence and are trying to not look like you're just making things up.

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No fear, limitless pain.

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>Boons of St. Alys
>psyker daughter of a planetary governor
>survived sanctioning and joined the Imperial Guard

Those magnificent bastards...
Guys...this is a thinly-veiled reference to Alice Boone of Boonequest, the one run by ColossalFagot/Mr-Culexus. Fantasy Flight is once again referencing /tg/ OC, those glorious bastards.


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1)I'm not the guy you were talking to before.
2)You should be able to do your own fucking research, especially if it's that goddamn important to you.

FFG really loves 40ks fan fiction. The first couple of paragraphs basically describe Boone's life.

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We already know that. They've also made a reference to LIIVI of LCB and did a full on fucking page length report on Grendel.

>> No.26195010

We've known this for awhile.

>> No.26195040

I must be late to the party then...I knew about the LIIVI and Grendel references, and I knew about the "Just as planned!" quote, but this one was new to me.

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But I'm not claiming that Sisters use psyker auxiliaries. The person claiming that they do should be expected to provide evidence themselves and not angrily demand that people who disagree with them do it, no?

And I do know SoB lore very well, and I've never come across any evidence of them using psyker auxiliaries.

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Read. The fucking. Codices. The ones before most of their army list got taken away from them. They can take psykers as auxiliaries on the tabletop (at least in prior additions), and there has not been fluff specifically reversing this.

The fact of the matter is that they lost this not for fluff reasons, but because their army has been systematically brutalized by subsequent updates. So until you dig up a source that says they no longer do that in fluff, we're at an impasse.

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But those psykers come from the Inquisitorial side of their WH codexes, though. Their presence was due to the Inquistion and not the Sisterhood itself. In their codexes before and after, which were Sisters only, they can't take psykers. The Sisterhood itself does not utilise psykers.

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>implying Adeptus Sororitas aren't the army of the =][=

>> No.26195593

They aren't. They're one of many imperial assets frequently commandeered by the Inquisition.

>> No.26195627

Ordo Hereticus. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Adepta_Sororitas

>> No.26195637

They're also recognized in canon as the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Hereticus.

>> No.26195650

They're just the chamber militant of the Ordo Hereticus. They're actually the Ecclesiarchy's army, the Hereticus just make use of them a lot since they're so damn good at purging heretics.

>> No.26196042

everyone is good at purging heretics, they are valued because of their insane zealotry.

>> No.26196155

Aw stop it, you flatterer you.

>> No.26196265

So then they still work directly with Psykers.

The Theomancer, Ecclesiarchy's flavor of sanctioned psyker.

>> No.26196297

Yes, but they themselves don't have psykers.

What's a Theomancer, exactly? Googling around tells me it's from Fantasy Flight Games but nothing else.

>> No.26196334

Even more surprisingly, the Sisters actually work with Jokaero. Pic related.

>> No.26196531

Yes, but that's what Auxiliaries are. They're not members of the SoB, but they're working on their behalf and presumably under their observation.

>> No.26196583

Trained by Ecclesiarchy to read the Emperor's Tarot for divinations, other than that, their normal Psykers but approved by the Ecclesiarchy pretty much, and only tentatively approved .

>> No.26196604

I'd see it more like the Inquisition bringing in their psyker assets to work alongside their SoB assets, since it's the Inquisition who would be actually employing the psyker and not the Sisters.

>> No.26196610

Like Missionaries, Clerics, Priests and Confessors, none of them are actually Sisters, rather agents of the Ecclesiarchy that fight with the Sororitas on a very regular basis.

>> No.26196639

On their behalf, maybe, but under the observation and authority of the Inquisition. The Battle Sisters themselves cannot order the deployment of psyker auxiliaries; only the Inquisition can do that. And although the Battle Sisters may be close to the Inquisition, and even under their umbrella, you cannot say that they are one and the same. The Battle Sisters may be part of the Inquisition, but the Inquisition is not part of the Battle Sisters. As such, any psyker auxiliaries would be under the direct aegis of the higher Inquisition, and not subject to the authority of the Battle Sisters.

The Sisters themselves will not willingly or knowingly induct a psyker into their own ranks, although if given an order by the Inquisition they will work alongside them.

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He looks like he wants to do unspeakable things ot that servoskull

>> No.26197340

He wants to polish it.

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>> No.26197607

At this point, ffg is more canon than gw.

>> No.26197707

Remember GW brought us stuff like this?

>> No.26197870

Doesn't FFG have Sisters shooting eye lasers as a faith power?

If so, I am willing to go full heretical and agree with your heresy.

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Started reading blood of martyrs, hope that's in there
if so, AWESOME

>> No.26198356


Why haven't anyone modeled an ork piper yet?

>> No.26198566

Apparently, Squig (if properly cooked) has a taste like roast ham with all the lightness of young chicken.

>> No.26198727

Also, there are such varieties as the: oily squig, herd squig, colossal squig, spiky squig, squigeon, squigshark, swab squig, syringe squig, vampire squig and the Wrydsqiug.

>> No.26198765

I could be wrong, I just remember somebody saying that Blood of Martyrs got some stuff wrong about them, and they cited that as an example.

> reading blood of martyrs
Damn man, jelly as fuck. I'm so damn tempted to buy that just for the SoB fluff. But I'd also like to actually play it, and, alas, lack anybody to do so with.

>> No.26198859

Story of my entire roleplaying career there.

>> No.26198994

Wasn't the wyrdsquig only ever mentioned in Xenology, as some kind of psychic bomb?

>> No.26199023


Like... like a squig pigeon?

>> No.26199048

It was in Deff Skwadron.
It was exactly that.

>> No.26199060

Yup! The orks use them to transport messages.

>> No.26199068

Yes, they're used to send messages to other orks.
Unless the squighawks get them.
Not making any of this up, ork biology is that awesome.

>> No.26199104


>> No.26199108

Squiggoths are also a breed of squig.

>> No.26199138

As is the orkeosaurus.

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>> No.26199201

>bald robed women, I know this is a refenence but fuck all if I know to what.

>> No.26199230

The only bald psychic woman I can think of is Jack from ME2

>> No.26199239

It's like an orky dinosaur.

>> No.26199248

Yeah, but she was a latent psyker at best.

>> No.26199254

That Brotherhood of Steel scribe from Fallout?

>> No.26199263

Can I have some sauce for that?

>> No.26199266

Dune with the Bene Gesserit, I'm fairly sure.

>> No.26199267

It's a reference to Dune

>> No.26199282

It's a good bit bigger than a sqiuggoth.

>> No.26199295

Unsactioned ganger.

>> No.26199301

It's the old Brobdingnagian version of a squiggoth from Epic.

>> No.26199315

Thanks, Anon.

>> No.26199320

About that much bigger.

>> No.26199322

She wasn't scary, though. Just kind of weird.

>> No.26199329

Awww, its just a gigasquiggoth. Still awesome, though.

>> No.26199336

Sisters of silence

>> No.26199520

A small cuddle will suffice as payment.

>> No.26199615

Hey! You aint no psyker!

>> No.26199702

For you, sugah , I could be anything.

>> No.26200260

what are Thousand Sons

>> No.26200427

The Blood Raven's parent chapter?

>> No.26200486

exactly, so how could you forget them as a marine make-up that is practically all psykers

>> No.26200872

Only psykers can do that...

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