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Ok, /tg/, Im in a bit of a pickle.

Im running a Mutants and Masterminds game for a couple of friends and Ive put myself in position where I need to give one of my players a few trials that legitimately give him moral quandries.

[insert player name] needs to use the lance of longinus to beat an angel out of his brother, but in order to do it he has to pass the lance's trials. Now the game has an element of snark and 4th wall leaning to it that make it fun, but now its time to get serious. Trial 1 was "why do you want the lance's power?" simple enough. free his brother. Trial 2 was intentionally made to play out like a bad 2004 adventure game. basically placing [insert player name] in a battle during the crusade where hes given the choice to save civilians or destroy invaders. it was basically the adventure game equivalent of Duty Calls. linear, cliche dialogue, things conveniently falling over to block the path, et cetera. basically something to make him muse "Wow, these moral quandries arent what they used to be."

trial 3 was a character backstory important plot point being played with a "would you do it differently" thing.

i need a few more before I throw him into battle against a cosmic entity, preferably good ones that make him think and put him into character.

tl;dr How do i test a players morals in trial format?

also superheroes general

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I need to get some Marvel Heroic going again, and I think I've got a forum I can do it on. Normally I don't like play by post, but this forum I've been on for a long time and I think I can introduce some Marvel Heroic into it.

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Fuck that.
Post more of this shit.

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Sadly I dont have more of that shit. I wish I did

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