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GMs, please tell us about the best group you've had the pleasure to GM for.

If none were that good, do share what you THINK an ideal group would be like.

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Nobody on /tg/ GMs. Thats why you have the game begging thread that always maxes out.

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really my group takes turn gm diffrent types of rpg sytems and all of us hang out here

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People on /tg/ GM, its just that a good group will continue for years. People constantly looking for players are GMs that can't keep them.

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back on track my only group have GM for have all the right rolls filled when we play such as The Skill monkey, The Combat guy and The Crazy man

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Well, I'm pretty 'nobody' is impossible, but I get the point that only a very small percentage GM.
But I think that's part of the way the game's played. There's only one GM to 4-5 PC's, usually. So, I would guess that GM's only represent about 16-20% of people on /tg/.
Anyway, I GM 3 days a week.

My favorite party started in 3.5 and moved through Pathfinder beta and into Pathfinder, as the campaign was very long-lived.
The players were in no particular order: A doctor of Biology, a US Marine, an actor, a lawyer, and a business consultant who moonlighted as a bartender. I'm an unemployed drop-out slacker piece of shit, except when GMing. So we pretty much ran the full gamut of people.
Shit was pretty cash.
Actor=Elven Factotum/Alchemist
Marine=Warforged Dungeon Crasher/Juggernaut
Consultant=Neanderthal Monk/Fighter/Warbinder

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I'm not sure who was the best group I've played with, but there have been two that were a lot of fun.

I GMed for a few of my friends in college. They were a lot of fun to play with, but they didn't care to play anything other than D&D 3.5. They always found creative ways to cope with my plots. And there was always PC vs. PC pranks that kept it lighthearted.

After college, I played with and GMed for a mixed-age group, with the older guys being middle-aged players. The hosts always had nice snacks for the group, nobody was THAT GUY, they liked roleplaying and not just fighting everything. They also were willing to try different games. We planned to start a Star Wars game, but then I moved away for a different job.

It's been almost five years since I moved back to Kansas. I think I might finally be able to start playing with a group of friends again.

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Oh, and I might add that the potential new game will probably A Song of Ice and Fire (that's Game of Thrones for HBOfags) or the new Star Wars.

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How about just a group of players that cares more about the characters than the numbers? I have a mastery over d20 games, thus I GM them much easier. However this carries the curse of them being number driven, and thus all the players see it as a game of having the most effective character over having the most interesting or unique character. Heck, they don't even have to be one of those things, i just want to be able to look at a party and say "those are real people, not JRPG/WOW characters".

I know powergaming is a method of play, just not the kind I enjoy GMing for. Though they always say they are now "powergaming" simply "optimizing" that is full of shit because they are essentially the same thing.

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>Be a GM.
>The "best group" and "better groups" were the ones I was a player in.
>The never ending quest for the reverse.

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