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My guys eat worlds.
Do your guys eat worlds?

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Zunga eat sun. Your tribe only eat world? Zugga dugga.

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That was so fucking terrible, I don't even. The second truly is always the best out of a trilogy.

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Yup. Tasty, tasty worlds.

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DS2 really was the best.

- good as far as scariness goes
- gameplay lacking
- interesting premise
- muh event horizon
- nice suit evolution

- not very scary
- awesome setting, setpieces, visuals
- great gameplay
- more engaging characters
- possibly the most "horrifying" since you actually see a Necromorph outbreak in progress
- no apparent homage to other media
- best suit selection

- not scary at all
- broken gameplay due to crafting (electrocution module on a rivet gun completely destroys all difficulty)
- muh always online
- did have some nice space sections and stuff in the ship graveyard
- kind of neat later on with the mountain climb, the labs, and the alien city
- muh lovecraft
- muh junji ito
- having more puzzles was nice
- worst suits

I think DS3's main redeeming factor would be if it actually was the last game. If, at the end of Awakening, they're just too late. The Moons eat Earth, humanity is wiped out, the cycle of extinction continues. If they continue the series it'll just be terrible.

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I would indeed applaud if they had the balls to say 'No, everyone dies. The end.' and just leave it at that. Unfortunately, it's more likely that EA will just pull the plug because they're fucking EA.

Also, don't forget, 2 had the best endboss (not that that's hard with what the other two had) and the cool mindfuck bits. Otherwise I completely agree, except my preference was the rapid-fire probe with statis upgrade. NOTHING could get close.

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I wouldn't mind if they just pulled the plug. I mean, what they showed at the end of Awakening, pretty much says "Earth's fucked" and without anyone saying otherwise I'd assume that's what happened.

But yeah, DS2 had the best boss. Also the best weapons (dat contact beam, dat force gun) and, I think, just all-around best in every way except actually being scary. Which is ok, because I play it more as a sci-fi shooter in space than as a horror game.

I particularly like how they just show you so many parts of the station, with so much detail, so many objects, so much stuff in it. It feels like Titan Station was a real place that people lived in.

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Eater of Worlds you say?

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Well, EA set some unrealistic sales goals, so they likely put the franchise on ice. We'll get a horrible sequel when their IP tank runs dry.

And yeah, Titan was great. They could have gone easy on the whole 'Elementary school! Are we scary yet?' thing, but as a piece of an actual station, it worked. And while most of the game wasn't scary, the Unitologist cryocrypts were creepy.

Also, goddammit, why'd they have to ruin Ellie.

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Oh god, I think my sides have just reached escape velocity.

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My guys bear words.

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