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In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of thousands of Imperial provinces that form the frontline in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commisioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale. Lead them to glory or to oblivion, choice is yours.
Our chat: http://client01.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23RisingSons&server=irc.Rizon.net
Our wiki: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki
Initiates are welcome.

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Time to stomp some chaos sorcerer ass.

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We control a Chapter has 641 brothers and our treasury is worth 189 millions of Imperial Thrones. Our Chapter fleet is composed of 4 ships and we own one planet.
Last thread we entered abandoned space Hulk known as the 'Dark Sister' and our psychic senses warned us that our old enemy, sorcerer Ashkenor the Wrathbringer, is onboard. We pray that this time we will bring Retribution upon him for his crimes against the innocents of Prothera and numerous other Imperial worlds.
Dossier: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Ashkenor_the_Wrathbringer

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You follow Seran, going with him through the ancient tunnels. As disturbing as it might seem to you, only a few of them seem to be of natural origin, the rest were either mined or caved in with explosives. Suddenly, your psychic senses come alive. As if through smoke, you feel dark presence somewhere nearby. But you know that you are safe, because you have not yet been detected. Maybe it's luck, or maybe Emperor truly watches over you. but it seems you'll have your chance for revenge. You turn to Seran and spit out an order:
>Warn all units. We have a sorcerer to deal with. Ashkenor the Wrathbringer is here.
You hear Brethorius crackle back his answer through the vox:
>Are you sure? We expected Red Giants here, but if he's also somewhere around, then we just hit a jackpot! What are your orders?

You have spent 4 hours in the Dark Sister
You have explored 14% of it
Dark Sister is expected to return to warp within 20 - 45 hours.

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Call up Trianon and Damokleon, try and all 3 of our minds on visions to locate ashkenor without him being alerted to our presence, also consult Seran and other techmarines about reactivating internal scanners to try and locate them as well.

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I knew we should have done this first

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Seran shakes his head:
>It's impossible, milord. Space hulk is not a single ship, even if I could somehow reactivate systems(which is highly doubtful) in this shipwreck, if Ashkenor is where you say - it'll be territory of another ship.
Trianon and Damokleon soon show up at the end of the tunnel.
>We came as fast as we could, milord. Are you sure, that we are up to this task? If we will fail to cast our powers properly, he will be alerted and we will lose the only advantage we have - surprise.
Brethorius thinks for a moment and only then shares his thoughts:
>We are at a disadvantage here. It's their ground, they know it while we don't. Also, our brothers are not that well trained to fight in closed environments and our Terminators are few. Finally, this place has just returned from the warp, it is unstable and can return back to it at any moment. I am no coward, you know me, but let us thread lightly here.

What do you do?

If you wish to cast joint 'visions' - roll your PR+2(for Damokleon and Trianon)

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While you have no viral weaponry, you can still try to retreat from the space hulk and engage it with orbital weaponry.

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You take life too seriously Skargan.

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Can we choose what to shoot at? I believe you said the ship we are currently on is an old imperial ship. Can we basically blast all the rest of the hulk and cut this one ship free?

It would probably kill Ashkenor. If not he is stuck on a much smaller ship with us that presumably isn't going to be hopping back into the warp. If he does die we can search this one old imperial ship at our leisure.

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I think we should scout around with our poer-armoured veterans to find ashkenor and his chaos marines location, then breach it from all openings with terminators followed by waves of veterans, with lots of melta and plasma, they cut down all the red giant marines whilst we head straight for ashkenor to engage him, possibly with the support of our librarians.

We have to eliminate him as quickly as possible before he causes too much damage with his powers.

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How about we retreat from the hulk, charge up our guns and use visions to find him. At that point, it doesn't matter if he knows we found him or not, the ship will blast him mere seconds later.

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Rolled 43

We should either get Ourselves, Trianon and Damokleon to engage Ashy in mental combat.
Or have the ship fire on his general location, to kill him.

Bitch has unknown numbers and probably has the entire place under his goddamn thumb.

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We do have an ENTIRE 1st company of veterans, the most experienced marines in our chapter, along with our 1st captain whose in terminator and whose primary weapon gives bonuses for breaching into areas?

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I suggest we split into four man fire teams, with experienced marines attached if we have enough, start with simple scouting and searching low profile. avoiding contacts and gathering info

after a set amount of time gather back together and report findings.

Any opinions on this?

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Rolled 60

And what if Ashenkor speeds the ship into the warp?
Spawns a goddamn large amount of Daemons on our ass?
Shit, he could even blow off parts of the ship that contain half of our troops.

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All the marines we've brought to the hulk are experienced marines.

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That makes things easier then, perhaps split the three psykers between areas of operation that the marines will be scouting to provide support

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I find it unlikely he could do something like that on the spur of the moment when he suddenly finds a dozen bolt rounds flying towards him.

Remember, he has absolutely no idea we're on the hulk.

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First of all this old Imperial ship in which you are at the moment is so wrecked that it's not space-capable anymore. Most likely if you would blow the space hulk apart, it would simply disintegrate.

On the other hand, destroying space hulks is a hard business, that's why in most cases space marines and Imperial authorities prefer mine them and detonate them from within. Because it still is sitting on the gates of an active warp rift, it could easily slip back into the warp because of the powerful energy discharge. Also some of the ancient machines inside it are still working, giving it some protection, that could hold out just long enough so that denizens of the hulk would find a way to save it and themselves.

Atm you are 50% sure that you could destroy the hulk cleanly.

For this you should roll d100 to explore and d100 to attack. Please remember that your proficiency in spaceship environments is Average.

If you wish to engage Ashkenor in mental combat, please roll your Psychic Rating. Other psychers will help you once you'll engage him.

For this option you should roll d100 to explore and d100 for dangers.

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Since we aren't getting a lot of support for my earlier suggestion, I will vote for a standard search.

Splitting up is acceptable in order to find him faster, but we may not split up into units of less than 10.

I vote against using visions at this time.

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I think majority are in favour of search&destroy approach. Please roll 2d100

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I wouldn't agree to splitting the psykers. Remember that Damokleon is a relatively new librarian and also that Ashkenor is more powerful than any single of our psykers already (level 5 is same as Chapter Master but he's lost every time we faced him).

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you make a good point, keep the psykers together then strength in numbers

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Rolled 83, 19 = 102


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Rolled , = 0

welp, hold on to your butts

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You spend next three hours trying to get closer to the location where you feel Ashkenors presence, but it seems that the deeper you go into the space hulk, the more maze-like it becomes. Your brothers cannot find anything of value either, but on the other hand space hulk(unlike legends claim) seems to be completely harmless - you've encountered no dangers so far. Then comes a message from Sergeant Graspen, who was leading one of the forward squads:
>Enemy detected. Passage on 3'44-9'31 axis, leading to the target area. Guarded by at least two renegade space marines, we are almost guaranteed that those are Red Giants. There is no way aroung the passage. Requesting further orders, out.

What do you do?

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Rolled 2

Take down as quietly as possible.

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Chapter Master is assasnating'n'shit

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Graspen tuned to his brothers and nodded. One by one, like shadows, massive warriors moved forward. Passage was narrow and full of iron junk left from the millenia of erosion. At the very end of it, there were two figures, giants clad in red-painted armour. One of them was speaking, loud and boisterous:
>...and that weak-spine surrendered to Thrukan, hah! He was too afraid to lose his precious eyes! What a weakling... Waste of good geneseed, I say. We should have used it on an ork or something, maybe he'd made a better brother than that weakling. I swear, if he'll fail the honour of our squad in Sorcerers eyes, I'll strangle him with my own arms, Sergeants orders or not!
The other one, his ugly snout open to the world, barked, making noises that were supposed to pass for a laughter. They were once Astartes, but pride and boredom made them inattentive. That was all Graspen and his brothers needed. Suddenly, something metallic whined in the air and ugly one grabbed his throat, trying to rip out power dagger that pierced his neck. His comrade reacted without a second thought, grabbing his ornate bolter, but it was too late - Graspen and Dastrom grabbed him from the shadows. With one strike, Graspen smashed renegades' helmet-linked vox caster, while Dastrom repeatedly hit stabbed him with his power blade. At the same time, Roxver emerged from shadows and finished second renegade with a single boltshell to the forehead:
>Bastard should have known better and worn his helmet. Fucking traitors. Is the other one alive?
Graspen smiled back:
>He is, for another few minutes. Dastrom didn't pull punches with him, his innards are all over the place. Maybe he'll tell us a secret or two before we'll send him to his 'gods'.
Within next few minutes you are contacted by Graspen with good news that you have access to the area that is controlled by Red Giants and that you even have a prisoner.

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Have Klementhos tickle the prisoners insides for information.

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Rolled 20

Ask him where Ashenkor is, and we'll grant him an honorable death, instead of hauling him to an Inquisitor.

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Renegade is almost dead by the time you get to the passage. Klementhos is already there, trying to keep heretic alive, while Graspen is carving up his chest and commenting on his findings:
>...and this one, brothers, seems to be a his Larraman's Organ. I wonder what he'll do if I do this?
Graspen pinches out a chunk of dark brown organ from inside his prisoner. Klementhos frowns on him:
>First of all - you are making it hard to keep him alive, secondly - that is Preomnor. If you want to torture him, you still have his legs.
>Sure, Apothecary, sure. It's just that...
Graspen notices you approaching.
>Ave Imperator, milord! We were blessed, passage is ours, what are your next orders?
You can ask prisoner 1 question before he dies. Roll d100 for interrogation.

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Rolled 75


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Rolled 28

See: >>26135760

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>Well, fuck the Sorcerer. *Cough*. Never liked the bastard anyway. He lead the warband to great things, but we are now his play thing. It shoudn't be like this. I hope you'll kill him and let us stand up again as a proud brotherhood and not pawns of a fucking warp freak. I don't fear death, you stinking loyalist, I don't fear pain. But I hold no love for him and I hope your bolt will find a way to his dark heart. Some of my brothers might die before you reach him, but the warband will prevail, you will see. We will make this Sector burn, and there will be a time when even the False Emperor will shit himself in his golden tomb once he'll hear of our deeds. Enough of the chatter. He's deeper down this passage, within the ship. Hold 342-C is his personal cave, but he quite often meets with his so called 'students' in the mess hall. Those wankers sacrifice meat there and do other nonsense. Oh, and if you want to kill him - try to do it quickly, otherwise you'll be sorry. He's stronger than he looks. I've said what I had. Finish me, you dishonourable scum.

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Plunge ironhaunt downwards into the back of his neck.

>> No.26136060

Rolled 22

I thank you, pawn of Chaos.
Then break his neck with our hand.

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He grunts and dies. Graspen smiles:
>And do the warp he goes... What's next, milord?

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Go to Hold 342-C first. If he's not there, lay ambush.

>> No.26136155

Rolled 57

Down the passage, to Hold 342-C.

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Please tell me what kind of detachment do you send there? The more of you there will be, the easier it will be for Red Giants to detect you.

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just the 4 of us currently

>> No.26136239

I reckon we should go with the Shadow Guard and both Librarians.

>> No.26136240

Rolled 15

Chapter Master, Trianon, other Psyker, and two Terminators.

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Shadow Guard and CM enter his room and find a good hiding spot. The two librarians and, say, 5 veterans find a hiding spot somewhat near to the cave entrance as spotters. Terminators including Brethorius go to adjacent room.

Librarians give us a heads up when Ashkenor is coming and then enter the room after him. Terminators, on CM's signal, bust through the wall in a surprise ambush or, if things are going badly, to make an exit and extract.

>> No.26136339

The rest of the veterans do their best to hang out in the general area so they can come if called but prioritize stealth over nearness.

>> No.26136400


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Rolled 93

Then they will have to stay beyond the passage.
Good then, please roll d100 for Stealth(your agility is 44 and divided by 2 it's equal to 22) as you are leading the group and then roll additional d100 for your luck. I am rolling for Red Giants.

>> No.26136420

Sounds good

what if ashkenor's already in the cave though?

>> No.26136431

Rolled 86


>> No.26136439

Rolled 25


>> No.26136442

Rolled 45


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Your party managed to go down no more than two corridors, when you encounter a locked door with a number 322-C. Trianon smiles:
>We are close, it seems, we should check whether it's possible to find a shortcut through here...
He carefully lifted his bolter and opened the door when something shrieked wildly from the inside and ran out as if all hell was after it. Trianon opened fire and Brethorius knocked at least one beast down with his hammer, but they were coming one after another, dozens of them. However what at first seemed like an attack, turned out to be an escape - the creatures ran through the marines, down the corridors.
>Groxes! Fucking groxes! Trianon, you fool! You unleashed those beasts from their cage, now they will alert all base! How could you have not detected them with your powers!? They must have been keeping them for food or as sacrifices...
Brethorius is furious, while Librarian tries to explain that low-psychic signature beasts sometimes are almost invisible to him. However you are lucky enough that no Red Giants are around and you manage to reach hold 342-C without any other encounters.
>They know about us, I am sure. Are they running away or preparing for an ambush, that is what I am not getting... Shall we breach the door?

what do you do?

>> No.26136703

Rolled 7

Smash down the door.
Guns blazing

>> No.26136718

This is either going to go very well or we're going to shoot the hell out of an empty room

>> No.26136732

Turn around and go home.

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So you want to evacuate space hulk?
While you always were the first to enter a fight, this time you decided that Brethorius and his Terminators are better suited for the role. Your faithful friend swung his relic power hammer 'Gatebreaker' and slammed it into the door with the might of a young god, shattering it and nearby walls to dust.
Terminators advance through the breach, protected by the shining field from the relic and their ancient armour, bellowing their battle cry. Their storm bolters immediately open fire, riping shadows that were hiding in the darkness of the room to pieces. Screams and prayers indicate that they are slaughtering mainly human slaves, concubines, scholars and manservants, but soon more worthy targets appeared from the back of the room. Four power-armoured warriors, clad in crimson armour emerged, firing bolters at your indomitable Terminators.
Brethorius and his brothers turned their tracer rounds at the traitors, destroying their armour and cutting them down. Suddenly, one of the human slaves screams as if a daemon would be born in his mouth and unleashed lightning upon brother Varg, left-most Terminator in the group. He grunted and bent his knee, power armour melting and refusing to work. Without losing your concentration you command:
>Kill the witch!
Psyker is quite powerful, it manages to divert a few bolts away before you put him into the sights of your beloved Star of Maccrage, plasma pistol unlike any other. One hiss and vile creature is without half of his head. You feel joy of victory in your chest, but Ashkenor is nowhere to be seen and it worries you.
>Forward, brothers, there is work to be done!

You have cleared Ashkenors den. Brother Varg, one of your Terminators, is seriously wounded. Roll d100 for Klementhos' medicae and d100 for loot.

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Rolled 8, 99 = 107


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>roll 99 for loot
I know what we won!

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Klementhos lifts his head up with a relief showing on his face:
>He will live. Minor burns on his body, but other than that he seems to be fine. However we should evacuate him as soon as possible. Regarding the armour... I think you'll need to give Seran at least a few days to restore it.

As your men go through the contents of the hold, you found dozens of books and notes, however all of them seem to be encrypted or written in some language that you have never heard of. Also there are quite a lot of strange furniture, such as statues, mirrors, altars and jewelry that seem to have no material value, but Ashkenor somewhy kept all of it close to himself. Whether these were part of his rituals or just decorations is hard to say. However in the very end of the room you find a beautiful golden statue of a naked woman, dancing on a pile of skulls. In her hands she holds a magnificent power sword that doesn't seem to part of the statue, but rather something that was incorporated later. It's hard to see what's written on it because of the dust, but you are sure it's High Gothic and that the power sword is forged for the hand of an Astartes. It bears no taint, you are sure of that once you try to scan it, but it definitely bears a power within itself, of wisdom and ages past, maybe even from the times of the Heresy.

>Ashkenor now will know for sure that we are here. What shall we do next, milord?

>> No.26137452

Well next actions are still being debated but everyone seems to agree to taking the sword and anything else that doesn't seem tainted back to the ship. Brother Varg and a few battle brothers will go back with it. Throw a melta bomb on everything else.

>> No.26137511

Rolled 78

Bombs would alert the enemy

Get Klementhos and the injured Terminator to take the statue back, along with ten other brothers that are nearby, it's to be placed under heavy quarantine after it's back in the ship.

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Suddenly you hear drums from somewhere deep in the space hulk. Brethorius turns to you.
>I have a bad feeling, milord.

>> No.26137662

Rolled 50


>> No.26137676

>translation: I'm getting bored waiting for you guys to make up your mind.

Everyone falls back to wherever the closest point is that we can exit the ship. Thunderhawks prepare to receive us.

Barring a good extraction point we cut through the side of the ship and jump. Space marines can survive a long time in the void

>> No.26137694

Vox back to the basecamp
>Ready defences

>> No.26137701

Rolled 3

Prepare a cyclonic torpedo for launch.

>> No.26137734


take sword. Cut statue in half and take the upper portion as a trophy/weapon.

GTFO, grenades/bombs into remaining shit.

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Your men being retreating down the tunnels, abandoning junction after junction. However narrow corridors and difficult terrain make it slow and hard process. Do you:
>move in large groups, it's safer but slower
>move in squads or similar sized groups, it'll be harder to keep contact but we'll get out quicker

Please roll d100

>> No.26137842

Rolled 2


>> No.26137869

Rolled 58

>move in squads or similar sized groups, it'll be harder to keep contact but we'll get out quicker

>> No.26137883

sorry, forgot to turn dice roller off

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Shit, Wrenloft, you are breaking my game. Ok, you can describe for me in no more than 10 sentences how you evacuate.

>> No.26137995

Rolled 47

Silently and swiftly we traverse the mazelike paths of the Hulk, towards our eventual safety.

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Rolled 9, 2, 6, 4, 10, 2 = 33

Suddenly, you feel that someone is trying to find you through warp, what do you do?

>> No.26138022

can we stall their attempts with our psyker powers?

>> No.26138055
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Rolled 4, 6, 4, 5, 3, 6 = 28

...yes. Do you want to roll your psychic rating?

>> No.26138065
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Rolled 10, 3, 8, 2, 10, 6 = 39

Try to recognize the target, if it's presence is that of Adriel, then don't do much, if it's Ashy..
We attack back, backed by Trianon and the other Psyker.

>> No.26138078

Let's try and identify it first, then we'll see about resisting

>> No.26138128

Then again, why do we need to identify the person?
Adriel shouldn't be trying to contact us and we already felt Ashenkor's presence, if he was searching for us we'd know.
Please be more specified OP.

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Suddenly you hear a voice booming from the walls of space hulk:
>Coward... Just another coward. You failed at Prothera, you failed here. How predictable. You act like a child who went into father's workplace, stole a coin and is now running away, because he knows what awaits him. If you are a Space Marine, if you value your honour, you'll fight me and at least try to avenge all those poor innocent souls we sacrificed on Prothera... And if you run, I'll strike again and I'll strike where it hurts!

Your men seem to be concerned about this. While you have almost completed evacuation, evaded all traps and ambushes, now they feel worse than if they would have lost a battle, they understand that they are running. You hear them murmuring. Graspen is the first to open his mouth:
>This is not right, milord. We should finish that sorcerer once and for all!

What do you do?

>> No.26138367

Rolled 44

Give a hearty laugh to your men. "Let him throw a tantrum. We'll see who gets the last laugh when we blow him and his entire base up from our battle barge."

Continue extraction.

>> No.26138401

Rolled 10, 4, 4, 5, 2, 2 = 27

Then you shall fall by the MIGHT OF MY MIND

>> No.26138409

My idea is we retreat to the basecamp and the aspera dominus begins bombarding all sectors of the hulk except us, forcing the red giants to flee to the only safe extraction point, and right into our bolters.

>> No.26138472


"A Space Marine that has forsaken his vows to Mankind lecturing about honour? A Sorcerer too cowardly to use his own strength, no less. Your attempts at trickery are pathetic."

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Your Charisma 42(+5 Leadership)(-20 modifier) is equal to 27 and you lose the test by 17 points.

Your men are disheartened and your morale falls, but they listen to your orders.

Do you want to enter psychic duel? It will require at least 2 more 'yes' posts.

>This is Copernicon, we are ready to begin bombardment at any moment. I hope that you realise, how dangerous this is? Whole space hulk can fall apart if my calculations are wrong... Do you order me to proceed?

>> No.26138546

Rolled 1, 4, 1, 9, 6, 2 = 23

>Do you want to enter psychic duel? It will require at least 2 more 'yes' posts.

>> No.26138562

Does this have to be 1v1 or can the librarians help us?

>> No.26138574

Rolled 5, 6, 10, 8, 8, 8 = 45

Librarians can help us.

>> No.26138589

Alright, I'm going with this.

>> No.26138615

If we bombard the hulk we can have our men ready to board the thunderhawks and cheese it

>> No.26138962

I have an alternate idea that may be ultimately more fun, all our men evacuate, except maybe a small team of volunteers. We and the volunteer stay behind whilst the fleet does bombards the hulk (but....sort of....lightly bombards it....), utilising the chaos, we forge through the hulk, cutting down anyone in our path to find Ashkenor and take his head.

>> No.26139043

Rolled 4, 10 = 14

Added extra two dice.

>> No.26139187
File: 766 KB, 900x1443, 1355826545901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is gonna be good.

Next session:

Psychic duel in the void on the shards of destroyed space hulk!

Thanks for playing tonight and stay tuned!


>> No.26139238

ok, I am here with you for another 5-10 minutes for questions/criticism/etc

>> No.26139242

Rolled 3, 1 = 4

Nerf perils and other psykers pls

>> No.26139284


how screwed are we?

>> No.26139294

Yeah what was the shiny thing we took? The loot?

>> No.26139370


>> No.26139392

I hope you understand that psychic powers are single most powerful, game breaking(sometimes even in the meta sense) thing in the 40k universe.

Because of this reason I chose to represent them as something very powerful, but dangerous, making the price for their use clear.

Regarding other psykers - you can destroy low level psykers like kittens at the moment, but Ashkenor is someone who spent centuries studying forbidden arts. You stand a chance against him but, you haven't invested yourself heavily enough into this to receive same benefits.


Chapter wise? Not at all, you operate about as successfully as an average 40k Chapter of your age.
Situation wise? Double edged sword. This is gonna turn out either as a great victory, great defeat or a phyrric victory. Stakes are high and there a few cards you missed, that haunt you from your past.
Can't tell atm.

>> No.26139395

Oh yeah what all did we grab aside from the sword/statue? Anything else?

>> No.26139441


I think the sword we took alerted ashkenor or worse...


yeah meant sitch wise...well heres hoping we don't fail too hard...

>> No.26139453

If that's how you wish to run the game then so be it. I do feel that the missions would benefit from not always coming down to psychic rolls in the end.

Also would we benefit from acquiring psychic hoods? Do the librarians have them? How much do they cost? Would they deny/protect from psychic attacks as in the fluff?

>> No.26139458

The problem is that 'Visions' seems to be the only way we ever manage to get some useful battlefield intel, trying to find our enemies using conventional methods (i.e. looking around) always inevitable ends with failure or worse.

>> No.26139487

>but Ashkenor is someone who spent centuries studying forbidden arts.
The Eldar are a race who are genetically superior to humans, psyker and body, they spend THOUSANDS of years training and devoting their entire lives to training and following the path they have chosen.
Farseers, are the pinnacle of of those people.
And yet, looking at them on the table they're hideously misrepresented, outclassed by Psykers of the Imperium who have received less than a tenth of training than the Eldar, and probably a hundredth of the experience.
Age, experience, and training means jack shit in 40k.
Don't give me, "Spent centuries studying forbidden arts", that means NOTHING IN 40K.

>> No.26139567

I decided to from now on give you xp for actual achievements by Chapter Master rather than just doing generic things. Also I think bigger rewards at the end of an arc/plot act are better. However if you'd prefer to switch to daily xp I could make it happen.
As I understood, you took the statue with the sword. There was nothing else of apparent value. Well, expcept for Ashkenors' notes, but no one said they are taking those, so I guess they are still in hold 342-C. Shiny things turned away your glance from items of power.
Psychic items would definitely help you out, help you to ignore perils, etc. However I prefer these to be relics and not just items of the line. Both of your Librarians have psychic hoods, but they don't give them any apparent bonuses game-wise.
You do not properly employ scouts/spies/servo skulls, etc. It's about adding up modifiers so that you wouldn't fail no matter what. Sending tactical marines(no matter how stealthy they are) will always be a 50/50 or similar risk. You should get back your revenants. Also, Visions are a little bit overpowered, to be honest, but I guess as this is the only psychic power you used recently, I'll leave it like that for now.

>> No.26139573

I mean, even with
Single figure rolls against
90+ roll, we still were no wiser as to Ashkenor's location before he discovered us.

>> No.26139578


tabletop =/= fluff if you know anything about the tabletop and lore it's this plus since when is skargan going by the tabletop?

>> No.26139613

They weren't Tactical Marines, they were Veterans.

>> No.26139623

Even in fluff they're grievously misrepresented, in fucking everything Eldar are shat upon.
Only thing a Farseer ever did right was the fucking pinnacle of pinnacles, Eldrad, and even that was a goddamn stalemate, and against fucking Abbadon.

>> No.26139664


GW aint gotta explain shit

>> No.26139687

>You do not properly employ scouts/spies/servo skulls
I was actually thinking of servo skulls today (or perhaps a C.A.T. unit, anyone?). Can you elaborate on what you mean by not properly using scouts then? They are currently spread throughout the chapter but apparently we have to do something different with them.

>You should get back your revenants.
While I certainly agree they, like the psychic powers, seem a little like a crutch in the game. Honestly if you never gave us Revenants (which do not appear in any fluff to the best of my knowledge) and our psychic powers then our Chapter would unquestionably have fallen by now. Our entire missions basically boil down to sneak in and kill stuff with Revenants and then use psychic powers. I like using them but it gets one-dimensional when those are the only realistic options for getting anything done.

>> No.26139726

>which do not appear in any fluff to the best of my knowledge
Yeah they were a lost STC we recovered from a joint-mission with the AdMech

>> No.26139843

You have all the cards in your hands to win. Seriously. Even with the bad rolls. And without ultra-careful solutions like 'bombard them from afar'(which I have nothing against while it doesn't become a standard approach).

1) somewhere there is a piece of fluff that describes human psykers as sparks that shine brightly before they are gone with eldars being like embers that don't die out, but are not as strong
2) knowledge is power: thought for the day
3) you are not sure how did Ashkenor gain his current powers. maybe he simply sold a part of his soul and made a pact? or maybe he simply has more knowledge how to call upon sacrificial and blood magics to empower him? etc etc
4) >>26139578

The way they are armoured is the same. And sneaking in full power armour, no matter what /tg/ memes say, is not as easy as it looks like. There is a reason why almost all of the forces over history had a clear separation between scouts and regular troops.
Just tell something along the lines:
'We send 10 scouts in pairs to cover area X and bring us back info Y, Z and Q. Their priority is stealth/speed/sabotage while on the mission.'
I think there was maybe a single instance where in this quest you actually deployed scouts. I am not saying it's bad - scouts are more likely to die, sure, but they are also better scouts than tactical marines, just because of their equipment and mode of operation.
Regarding psychic powers/Revenants(which are indeed not in the fluff, that is something we together made up for our Chapter) - I also wouldn't want them to be the quick-way to victory. That's why challenges that you face are very different and these approaches won't work always. Don't stick to one way of doing things. Sometimes you'll need silent assassination or sabotage, but there will be time when you'd best be off deploying a company to an open battlefield or even engaging enemy in the space. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

>> No.26139897


do we even HAVE scouts? I could have sworn they were never made by the chapter to begin with.

>> No.26139911
File: 26 KB, 305x460, 1344243033121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my 40k eldar are more powerful and successful than GW eldar are in the latest codexes, however I stick to official timeline 95% and yeah, eldrad gets his butt kicked. shame.

I hope I made at least some thing more clear. See you next time and I'll try to use your criticism to improve myself, thank you!

>> No.26139916

Yeah we have scouts

>> No.26139921

Um, the fluff states that other races are envious of humanity's psychic gifts. So no, fluff matches crunch and vice versa here.

Eldar psykers are a lot more refined.

>> No.26139934

Goodnight Skargan, gthanks for the session.

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