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I'm starting up a DH campaign soon. Let's have us an Imperium image for inspiration. Preferably pics having to do with the Inquisition, Ecclesiarchy, and acolyte character portraits (or images that could pass for one).

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This thread is fucking *perfect*

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Why does he have a rose?

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Only 350 more to go.

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Because he's empty inside.

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That's deep, man.

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> dat faith level

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lol'd at the filename

Wasn't there a copypasta about this? I wish I saved it when I first saw it.

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He actually is empty inside, you know
Rubric Marines are pretty much animate pieces of armor

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> Heretics, you say???

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>Mfw I wasn't the only other one to save that
Kate Beckensororitas

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I saved it too, it's fap worthy.

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Do they still have emotions? Also if I shoot him does he leak sand.

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Why would Eldar and Tau fight?

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She looks like she smells ork farts

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The fun/sad part is that this is EXACTLY how our Dark Heresy games go, partly because we're not all that hard on the whole grimdark thing and partly because my players are crap at rolling fear rolls.

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Anyone got any good Assassin pics, or Clerics?

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She smells their farts because the Orks believe that their farts can lead their favourite humies to them.

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Here, have a higher quality version of that.

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I miss Ragathol. Too bad it seems he got bored of WH40k, and draws Touhou doujins and dickgirls nowadays.

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I really like this one, for some reason. The design is somewhat practical and subtle, while still being gothic enough to fit the WH40k setting.

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I'm working on a Women of the Imperium calendar. This thread has been most productive to my efforts. The major question is gregorian or imperial dating system...

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They are completely devoid of all emotion

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oooooh yeeeaaahhh

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Too much like an Iron Man, doubt that that'd have any free will

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I like it, but not for my Warhams

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Times are grim, they may mistake friend for foe in the dark.

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>Dark Heresy acolytes

>low-level agents who have to infiltrate society in small groups, so as to avoid being shot on sight by the people they're investigating

>always depicted wearing giant =][= icons all over

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Imperial, duh. Even if it will be a lot more work.
Anyone got any clerics?

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Thank you for the vostroyan. I'm gonna see if I can get the drawfriends of /co/ and /tg/ to use pre existing pics and give us new ones. I've got a pic of a catachan lady I really like. But I'd rather see her dirty and sweaty in the jungle, y'know? Stuff like that. Guess ill need a mathematician for the imperial system though...maybe.

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I take it you haven't checked 1d4chan? http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Imperial_Guard Although few of the guardswomen there actually look like they'd been in a fight.

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Forgot ma pic.

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Being a Rubric marine is suffering.

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Except you don't even have a mind to suffer in
Ahriman really fucked up with the Rubric

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Not just yet. My goal is new pictures. And a splash page from the commissriat saying its purpose is to improve troop morale.

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Is there anyone who fucked up worse?

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That's one of the most badass 40k characters I've ever seen. Which says a lot in a setting that's positively crawling with badasses.

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...those heels better contain poison injectors.

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Have you read her books?

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No? Who is she?

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Shira Calpurnia of the Adeptes Arbites in hyrdraphur. Her uncle is an Ultramarine and her family comes from a long line of Imperial Servants. Enforcer trilogy.

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Are the books any good, and how much of them is a badass female Arbites kicking ass with a shock maul?

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Thank you, guy who is currently dumping in this thread. A lot of great stuff here.

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I rather liked them and that's her preferred weapon. She gets a transfer to a shrine world. They are much more "civilized" there. She is very straightforward and somewhat blunt. It's her adapting to her new assignment but refusing to compromise the Emperor's justice. So she gets in a lot of fights.

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First books I read in the 40k universe, and the reason I kept reading after. It kind of reminds me of Law and Order in space, with more ass kicking.

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So what did you think about the end? I think everything would turn out fine actually.

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Is he a Blood Angel or a Black Templar? Or is that supposed to be the crux terminatus? WHAT IS THIS?

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Homebrew chapter.

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its a white blood templar.
The chapters that actually defended Terra decided to to have a mashup.

The fists were a little pensive, so the the Templars stole their invitation.

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Sounds like fun. I've been looking for decent 40k novels (only read Ciaphas Cain books), and space marines bore me. So something focused on an Arbites could be worth checking out.

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Knowing 40k, I think that she'll end up following through with her sentence but with her head held high.

Not that I liked it, I would expect her results excuse her or a least get some kind of special consideration.

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As soon as I posted this, I realized that it could seem like I'm implying that I didn't like the Cain books. To clarify, I like them just fine, but I have a hard time getting into any sci fi since to be honest most is garbage.

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For CSM I recommend the Night Lords trilogy by Aaron Debemski-Bowden. The Blood angels trilogy was ok. I liked Gaunt's Ghosts because it focuses on the imperial guard.

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Well the inquisitor likes her. She had no control of the situation, which was well in place before the crew docked. If she gets a sentence I think it would be a light one.

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I just wish there were a trilogy written from the Ork's POW, although reading page after page of dyalog 'ritten like deez would be exhausting.

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True, I forgot about the Inquisitor. If anyone could pull her ass out of the fire, it would be an Inquisitor.

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There was a story in Fear the Alien. But I haven't read it.

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Speaking of inquisitors, are the Eisenhorn books as good as I've heard? Seem a bit angsty, but that's kinda what I'd expect from grimdark.

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...Archer has a sister in M41?

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I've read the first one. Nothing great. Shows a Puritan inquisitor become a radical one. By the end of it he has secrets that most of the inquisition would execute him for.

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>Woodhouse, get me another bottle of amasec. And the sanctified bolter polish.

>bleebeep-bloop bloop fzzzzrrrt

>Anything more out of you, Woodhouse, and I'm drilling another hull in your cranium. And then I'm pouring ground glass into it. I don't know what that will do to a servo skull. But I'm betting it involves hurting.

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>If there's a grading system...coarse.

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Okay. So Archer is the Arbitrator, Lana is an assassin, Cyril is an adept, Pam is the scum, Cheryl the psyker, and Krieger the techpriest.

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And his mother is a high inquisitor?

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Malory Archer as alcoholic, radical Inquisitor, Kreiger as tech priest (very, very VERY close to being a heretek, of course), and Cyril as an adept. This works almost too well.

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This fits so fucking perfectly.

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"This is just like the time you came crying to me about that shipment of Frenzon."

"MOTHER! That ship was full of genestealers!"

"Genestealers, shmealers. What happened to my drink?"

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Oh. And babu is one of those psyker cats.

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UGH! It's just my stupid ol' gyrinx.

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What about Ray?

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Now I kinda want to see Adept Archer freaking out over Brother Krieger making a gay cyborg. Gay servitor?

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At this point I have to wonder if our supplier ran out of images or is laughing themself silly.

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