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Among other reasons, after enough people complained that the Kae'Moda weren't Grimdark enough and didn't fit into the 40K universe (or galaxy, as it were), I eventually gave up on working on the codex as a supplement to Warhammer 40,000.

In fact, after I almost killed myself (and someone else) in a car wreck, one of the changes I made in my life is to, instead of working on gaming projects such as the Kae'Moda codex and roleplaying systems, decided to turn my creative energy towards writing fiction. It's something that I enjoy doing and could possibly get published with some day, if I can stick to it.

So, I've done a short bit of writing already, and I've had a lot of fun with it. However, I'm trying to translate the context of the world that they're in into something that isn't 40K. Survival against the Tyranids feels as though it is something necessary to the setting now, for instance. I'm keeping them as a colony that was settled long ago, though not 10,000 years ago, and having interacted with other human colonies over there history. Should I keep aliens at all, should I keep an analogy to the Imperium at all? How should I deal with converting these, if at all?

Reference to the actual codex:

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I'm going to do a bit of bumping in the meantime.

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I love you...

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>How should I deal with converting these, if at all?

By using your imagination.


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Y-you too, anon. T-thanks.

/tg/- The most helpful board on 4chan.

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[You must wait for 1 second before posting]

Really now?

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man I love the cataphractii design. Something about how ridiculously huge and ponderous it seems, but unstoppable at the same time.

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Alright, well I'm winding down out of 40K imagery, as that my hard drive failed about a month or so ago, so I've had to start over all of my image folders.

It anyone happens to want to dispense advice, I'll leave the thread up on my computer to check for anything every so often. Maybe thanks in advance?

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Give me the elevator pitch for the codex. Who are they, why are they someone I should care about, what is their playstyle, etc.

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A bigger issue was that they were blatantly an insert of tacticool AWSUM without any considerations of the overall theme of 40k. Tau are already the railgun using forward thinkers. We don't need a republic that respected people's ideals, and we didn't need a codex that presented a faction that was annoyingly perfect.

Also stolen art.

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Basically, they were human tau who were better than tau on the sole virtue that they were human, because 40K isn't HFY enough as it is for some people.

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Aw, fuck that noise. I was hoping it was some kind of arbites-ish marines with a twist or something, not Tau+1

I think a faction of slavers or something that specialized in capturing units and turning them into their own troops would be cool. Make their shtick like gravity or something so they can either try and "enslave" low-Ld models, and use gravity traps to drop high-chance-of-pinning or something on high-Sv models.

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The oddities of old school 40k.

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It would be pretty interesting if they were a gaggle of squabbling corporations, trying to weaponize the Tyranids for use against the others and the Imperium, Ala Weyland-Yutani

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>almost killed myself (and someone else) in a car wreck
/o/ here, don't do that.

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don't tell me what to do

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Why is a black templar wearing what looks like a grey knight helmet?

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You must be a dirty ricer. Would remove for being auto-heretic. Don't make me go /k/ on you too.

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Yes, some squabbling corporations, a group of traders. Perhaps you might even say these traders have gone rogue?

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Both of them take design cues from knight's helms.

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Well I knew that, but I'm just saying it looks exactly like a grey knight helm.

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Looks like a Mark III "Iron" helmet to me.

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Doesn't have the studded ring on the forehead.

>> No.26065905

Also has the vent/crest thing that gery knight's have.

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Could be some kind of special artificer armor.

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I sort of get the impression that no one actually even looked at the codex.

They are like the Tau in that they are kind of shooty,still developing technology (which is insane for other factions not to), and use robots. However, the Kae'Moda are the only faction to heavily use them, 20/21 of their units being robots. I also don't understand where people derive the idea that they're some sort of Utopian state; in the core worlds they're a police state where only those who've served in the military have the right to vote, and towards the fringe worlds, there's a sense of lawlessness. Also, secret Psyker police who can just sort of do whatever they want.

Short version: Non-Imperium humans, a colony settled in the Dark Age of Technology. Survived until M41. No Emperor or Adeptus Mechanicus, so no Emprah worship or stifling of technological development. Probably views the Emperor the same as the Chaos gods. In M41, beset by Tyranids on one side, Imperium on the other.

In play, have kind of specialist units, but not so much as Eldar. Tend to be very killy, but also expensive, and end up being glass cannons. Deal well against expensive armies like the Necrons or Grey Knights (at least pre-new codex), but poorly against swarm armies like Orks or Tyranids.

Not the same, but have a number of Pinning weapons, to include one almost anti-riot weapon, which fires globules that rapidly expand and envelop their target, immobilizing them. Strength test or Immobilized.

Yeah, learned that lesson the hard way. I still yet may go to jail for it.

Also, name one fan codex which hasn't stolen art.

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I remember it from years ago. Interesting faction, but ultimately don't belong in 40k outside of fanfiction.

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Emprah's Champion, nigga. He's got the coolest armor around!

>> No.26069596

Wouldn;'t standing next to two Sisters of silence be uncomfortable for the Emperor?

>> No.26069617

I don't understand why a faction of humans that are unaligned to the Imperium, when it is known that there are PILES of them that existed and likely still do, is "fanfiction".

>> No.26069635

Mostly because this is one that is capable of holding its own against the Imperium, is more progressive than the Imperium and is generally better than the Imperium in logistics, living standards and every other facet.

>> No.26069639


Was it made by or endorsed by GW? No? Tnen it's fanfiction! Simple as that!

>> No.26069685

Because unless you're working for GW, you are a fan, writing fiction.

Learn to fucking words you chump

>> No.26069715

There were a ton of xeno races that could do so, some so dangerous the Imperium chooses to give them a wide berth, see the Macharius Crusade, and that was a SINGLE PLANET.
The Imperium has objectively shit logistics, living standards, record keeping, etc, it survives on numbers and momentum. Your being an Imperium fanboy doesn't mean other factions are as grossly incapable as the Imperium is in many facets.

>> No.26069740

Not bad but we already have I.G. and Tau. and TBH most of this is just tau. Some cool ideas though to add to the ever evolving Tau army such as the spider drones.

>> No.26069743

Theres a problem I have with this.

HOW can they hold their own against the Imperium?

>> No.26069761

It most likely isn't the non-aligned humans part. Yes, they do exsist, but rarely in large enough concentrations in M41.

So it's not the size or the 'humans who aren't space religous facists totalitarians' thing.

From the impression I'm getting in the codex, I just can't see them clicking into the setting. They might be a police state with psyker secret police and use robutts... but that's not really unique to 40k ( Arbites, Inquisition, Legio Cybernetica, all of which are still around in M41 ) as a whole.

Forward thinkers? Tau are that and to a lesser extent the Imperium of Man. So again, not particularly unique to the setting.

Honestly, if a non-Imperial, independant human faction exsisted, they'd need a ton more work and a very, VERY interesting hook and theme.

>> No.26069779

Because reasons

>> No.26069789

One way it could sort of work is going very ghost in the machine transhumanism.

They basically all want to uplink themselves to some sort of shared network and want to share this awesome experience of immortality though technology with the others.

Some sort of reverse Necrons/ Mechanicus Super heresy.

>> No.26069793

We're talking about humanity, though. The Imperium is supposed to represent the trials and struggles humanity most go through to survive in the setting, how it must reduce itself into a cruel, dark dictatorship that sends millions to their death every day without a thought.

Then along comes this faction which says "Humanity doesn't have to do any of that to survive, look at us!"

I don't really take 40K seriously but it's supposed to be dark, grim and hopeless - at least for humanity. This faction outright just says 'lol no' to that.

>> No.26069801

Good logic, I follow this.

Nigga, you serious? Are you saying that they'd be better if they could be completely wiped out with ease by the Imperium? Sure, if the Imperium really put their mind to it, they'd obliterate the Kae'Moda, but they have more important things to deal with, like... I don't know... Chaos? The Tyranids? Ork Waaaghs? Rebelling Imperial worlds/sectors? Everything in 40K except maybe the Tau or Eldar?

>more progressive than the Imperium and is generally better than the Imperium in logistics, living standards and every other facet.
1) Better logistics than the Imperium? The Imperium that sends millions of soldiers to the wrong planet a thousand years after the one requesting aid sent the request? Regularly? That Imperium?
2) Being more progressive than the Imperium is like saying that you're more tolerant of Jews than the Nazis are.
3) There are plenty of worlds that have great standards of living in the Imperium, plenty that are terrible. On individual worlds, standard of living varies. On average, is it higher? Sure.

>> No.26069814

What are these reasons?

Better Technology doesn't really work on the Macro scale where Imperium starships are pretty damn impressive, And logistics simply would not win against a huge enemy such as the Imperium.

All it takes is a Fleet of Black templars to wander by and your faction is getting a crusin' for a crusadin'

>> No.26069823

The Imperium only became that due to a massive, DIRE breakdown of it's infrastructure.
The Imperium pre Heresy was nothing like what you have said, it was only afterwards that it devolved to the state it is.

>> No.26069830

I believe 'humans in machine thrall' has appeared multiple times across 40k background, so yeah, that could work. If nothing else, it proves the AdMech's point about intelligent AI.

And it'd still be fucking cool to see. Very Dark Age of Technology and despite being in a small locale ( a system/subsector ) still a credible threat and can logically hold it's own against Imperial aggression.

Especially if they have ray guns.

>> No.26069841

Also, keep in mind that the point of this thread is that I'm removing this entirely from 40K, and was wondering about how I might convert the larger 40K universe into a non-40K universe. That, or should I just sorta start over from scratch to create the universe that they're in?

Don't get me wrong, I'll talk all day long about this stuff. I spent years working on it, off and on.

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How about this for a twist.

The Machines are not enthralling any humans, as the "machines" are Humans who have uploaded their personalities to machines while many of the others are not advanced enough to and only have cyborg bodies?

The Mechanicus find this heretical to the extreme so Condem the Kae'Moda. Send a Purging fleet than then proceeds to get hacked and destroyed by Kae'moda cyber-Assassins.

One of the primary reasons why Kae'moda is able to fight the Imperium on Equal grounds is they can usually intercept Vox and Astropath communication via Cybernetic moles and counterspies.

basically, the Kae'moda can replaced the machine spirit with a hacked Human mind for a time.

Kind of like that one Necron dude can control machine spirits.

>> No.26069923

Mainly that they're not considered a great enough threat. In some of their older fluff the people in charge of interacting with the Kae'Moda decided that it would be more effective to try and convert them and use them against their enemies, rather than fight them outright, as it would result in a long and bloody war, and the Kae'Moda are not outwardly aggressive towards the Imperium.

However, there was a Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor who was not quite happy about this and was leading attacks against them anyway.

>> No.26069943

Thing is, that usually makes them sound a little pants, and kinda contradictory to 40k. everyone is supposed to be AWESOME AND STRONK, even the lesser people.

Something like >>26069901

Sounds both logical as a way to make them formidable and plenty of reasons for Grimdarkness.

Also it makes Tyranids their greatest threat, like your fluff said.

>> No.26069985

The Admech would probably bukkake the shit out of that technology since it would bring them closer to the Machine God, it'd let them transcend their squishy bits completely.

Bare in mind though, that Machine Spirits ( and cogitators, and servitors and pretty much all Imperial 'mechanical thinking' tech ) are built with a human brain to some degree. And I'm assuming we're talking proper machine spirits, like the ones in Titans, Land Raiders, Naval vessels. Not the superstitious machine spirits the average Joe Guardsman/Billy the Enginseer/Roger the AdMech Licensed Engineer is taught about.

>> No.26069994

Come up with some other alien hivemind to replace the Tyranids.
Come up with some other grand dictatorship to replace the Imperium.
Come up with something more sensible and intelligent than the Warp.

Your stuff is already separated enough from the setting.

>> No.26070020

Not... really mate. Nobody is AWESOME AND STRONK in 40k. Monolithic, pondering, deadly? Yeah. Awesome? Not really. Humanities options are oppression from the Imperium, enslavement by Chaos, different kind of oppression from Orks/Tau ( orks use slave labour remember ) or death from everything else. Nothing is awesome, every option is bad. The factions might be able to hurl the power of stars at each other in an open pitched battle, but there's no good ending waiting after said battle.

Only some pretty horrible shit that probably pales in comparison to the horrors that were in that battle. Or worse than, even.

>> No.26070070

A more fitting addition to 40k would be a weaker version of the Culture, but one where the Minds weren't so touchy-feely and respectful of their organic subjects.

>> No.26070114

You're assuming that it wouldn't break down in some other way.

In theory, the Imperium would have got a few more years of stability after forming but it is set up to collapse.

And arguably, the only reason it got as stable and powerful as it did is it had a god at its helm.

>> No.26070115

All AI in the galaxy are vulnerable to Chaos possession and therefore unsuitable as anything except Chaos subfactions. See also: Men of Iron

>> No.26070134

He's the goddamned Emperor, he can do what he wants. Except be a good father.

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File: 293 KB, 326x785, Silicon Men.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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> During a crusade the Imperium encounters super tech humans.
> Starts getting their shit kicked in by said humans, who only have one planet.
> Instead of moving on, the Imperium redirects a fucking comet into the planet, wiping it out.

Jesus the Imperium is full of sore losers.

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File: 63 KB, 1280x720, 1370307398820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it could be done like this.

>> No.26070224


That fluff reveals how little you know of the source material.

>implying Nids can't consume inorganic materials, which they are perfectly able to digest

>Humans, tyranids and other aliens living together in any capacity

>> No.26070260

That's something I didn't realize until later. Remember, I haven't worked on this in years. This was more to show that they tried developing a Strong AI system a la the Iron Men, and it failed.

>> No.26070559

Damn, that's still there ? When will people here will realise that's /tg/ canon ?
Big souls are vulnerable to daemon possession, like psyker or eldar, though they can make up for it with mental discipline. Weak souls are less likely to attract a daemon from the warp, like tau or at the extreme null. So AI are as vulnerable to possession as a rock. It can happen, but mostly when there is warp energy everywhere (planets to close to warp storm, ships travelling in the warp for example).

We know almost nothing about men of iron and nothing can tell us they were corrupted by chaos. Yes in Gaunt book, they were, but that because their planet have been conquered by chaos latter : old models in the book weren't deformed, only newer.

>> No.26071589

I think it is supposed to be an allegory for the siege of Tyre, an unassailable fortress defeated by changing the very landscape, except instead of making an island a peninsula, they redirected a meteor.

>> No.26072181

IIRC, most AI has to be deliberately corrupted by mortal Chaos worshippers. The Men of Iron weren't Chaos, they just fucking hated humans.

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