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>They are not being dropped. They are getting their codex.
>There was some model design issues (common knowledge) from some time ago
>The army is currently not up to 6th edition standards, and needs to be fleshed out a lot (more units variability background etc)
>The codex was being worked on at one point, and stopped.
>Whispers of an Inquisition codex may have some bearing on this codex. (like moving from Daemonhunters to Grey Knights)

>I attended all of the Design sessions and because there weren't many people around, I manage to have very good, long conversions with Phil Kelly, Jervis Johnson, Guy Haley, and Jes Goodwin. I asked almost all of them about SoBs, and from the sounds of it it's not in the pipeline anytime soon. However, Phil Kelly has expressed interest in it, although he really wants to work on the IG 'dex because there's a certain "human" element to it missing from all the other races. He also mentioned that there are 3 Citadel Designers who have full SoB armies as their main army, and reassured me that they're still around. It's apparently also hard to "get rid" of a dex's contents once introduced, so no fear of Codex: Black Templars, etc. becoming a supplement. I prodded him more about how Witchhunter and Daemonhunters became Codex: GK, and he told me he wasn't involved in that, but it was an oddity within the office.

>Oh yeah, one last thing about the Sisters of Battle. According to Phil Kelly, the reason why they never got plastic minis was because they couldn't be plastic moulded by the current process. He wasn't really sure what the issue was, but there was something about the sculpt which meant that it could only be cast in metal. Presumably this led to declining SoB sales and a lack of development in them as a result.

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I'll stop believing that they'll be squatted when they get a new codex. I don't think I'll ever stop wanting them to be squatted though.

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Excellent post, OP! Excellent post.

Of course, this won't stop certain people from continuing to preach that they are going to be squatted, but the evidence is very much against them now, so they can be safely ignored.

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Why do the sisters get so much hate?

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Because most people hate it when greasy neckbeards incessantly post shitty animu sisters as fapbait for other greasy neckbeards who will only fap to shit once it has become shitty and animu.

>see "xeno"

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Why does any army? Personal preferences, largely. Though for the Sisters specifically, commonly cited reasons are "too many Imperial factions", "too unsupported to be justified", "they are not to my taste" or "hurr fetish army".

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I dislike them because they are so boring. I don't hate them though.

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That's some solid reasoning right there.

I personally love the Inquisition, and I wish my choices weren't between an overpriced and unloved army, and a bullshit force with now-ridiculous lore AND crunch.

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What's the functional difference between being removed and just not being updated for 20 years?

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Fuck off, Sisters are no part of the Inquisition.

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Why can't there just be an Inquisition Codex.

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So then, it seems that Phil Kelly is looking like a possibility for the new SoB codex. Thoughts? Last time I asked, people didn't react favourably to this possibility. Which is odd because I thought he was fairly well regarded as codex writers go.

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They are in practice, bruh.

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People don't want him doing the rules.

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You're kind of an idiot.

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Xeno is way worse than SoB. Although sometimes the SoB circlejerks get to that level.

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They're Ecclesiarchy, and they should stay there.

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But his recent codexes were solid.

Do you really want Crud and Ward again to get their hands on the Sistas.

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No. But they are the Ordo Hereticus's chamber militant. This is as close as the relationship gets.

Nah. Would be quite bloated.

And really, you can't exactly complain about the Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy both getting codexes when Space Marines have several seperate codexes.

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Kally is a hack.

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Yes. All of Kelly's codexes were pretty shit.

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Because they're overprotective of their waifus and STILL aren't done being pissed over the grey knight thing.

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Personally, would not mind Ward doing it if he did it well. The fluff he wrote in the WD codex was really nice, and if he writes the rules then we're guranteed a competetive force. The only danger is that he goes overboard and we end up with unlikable Draigo-teir silliness and extreme cheese.

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well that grey knight thing WAS really bad

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>No. But they are the Ordo Hereticus's chamber militant.

Only in an unofficial capacity, they are the armed forces of a different organisation, as much part of the Inquisition as the Imperial Guard or Space Marines are. Relationships get much closer in the form of the Grey Knights who are a fully integrated chapter or the likes of henchmen and Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

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You just don't like hats.

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Because they make a whine thread every single day.

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No it wasn't, even pretending it was shows your anal pain.

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Not really

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Can't blame fans of an army for loving said army. I personally, adore my Gun Nuns.

And yes, the Bloodtide episode was pretty bad.

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Never go full retard, anons.

Then again, if you do, maybe you can write something as mind-blowingly stupid as grey knights.

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This. Kelly has a massive bias towards Eldar, with Ward, any bias towards marines is nearly impossible to see, seeing how all of his marine codices are mid tier, while Necrons are pretty high up competitively.

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>Can't blame fans of an army for loving said army.

You can blame them for vowing eternal hatred for an author when two factions that're heavily about teamkilling... teamkill.

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No, it's quite official.


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Not my fault you can't understand space magic and that GK aren't shining examples goodness but a force for whom the ends justify the means within parameters.

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It has nothing to do with goodness, it has everything to do with being laughably stupid, even by 40k's low, low standards.

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I've never seen the hate directed at Ward himself, just the story itself.

Ward did do right by the Sisters with his fluff in their latest codex, so personally I can forgive him a little for the Bloodtide.

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How about you read the fluff, the Grey Knight's actions were justifiable.
>Sisters are fighting the Blood Tide, and although they are resisting, they aren't making headway
>The Blood Tide is pretty fucking terrible and the Grey Knights would rather air on the side of caution, so they use the blood of the pure to protect themselves and allow themselves to achieve victory.
It really isn't any more BS than Crowe using the Emperor's tears to help even the tide when he duels the skulltaker. It is warp shit, the stuff that comes from good people can protect you from evil and shit. The tears of the God Emperor can help you fight against the Skulltaker, the blood of the pure can help protect you from possession and possibly physical damage.

Also it was meant to prove a point, that the Grey Knights aren't lawful good, they are ruthless fuckers who will cut down their own if it means that it will ensure victory.

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How? Is the fact that the blood of the pure protects you from daemons so bizzare for 40K where it is confirmed that the tears of the Emperor can protect you from daemons? Is it the fact that Grey Knights, the chapter of psykers who have one goal and one goal alone, to stop daemonic incursions would kill their allies to gain an edge on their enemies? Please, tell me what is so bad?

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>implying that only SoBfags get their knickers twisted over critique against their army and not all 40kfags
At least they're gay for women.

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For me, the issue is that some of the Sisters were able to be immune to the Bloodtide through faith alone. The Grey Knights then coming in to slaughter them to get that same immunity just makes the Knights seem less pure than the Sisters, which was not traditionally the case.

Maybe it's more an issue of the new "ends justifies the means" direction the GK book took. Them using shady means to avoid corruption just makes them seem corrupt themselves, to me.

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It's artificially creating a problem that can only be solved by killing allies. It's INCREDIBLY contrived.

It's like you're playing a PnP, and That GM creates a problem that can ONLY be solved if you rape four little boys. And then having people rush to defend it because, hey, it was the only way to resolve the problem!

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Just because they used their blood doesn't mean they used it for spiritual protection, they probably used it for physical protection, like the runes on their armour and Crowe using the Emperor's tears to gain an edge on the Skulltaker.

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So the Sisters are so pure their blood can protect GK from the blood tide, but not so pure that they themselves could fight the blood tide.

You really don't see how this is stupid?

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So? The Imperium does teamkilling on a regular basis for no reason.

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The Grey Knights didn't slaughter the surviving Sisters to gain their ''immunity''.

They killed them because they needed the blood of innocents for their ritual.

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They should just have menstruated against the daemonic horde.
Cooch-dipped bolter rounds.

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The entire concept of this force that's supposed to be strong of will and uncorruptable and defend humanity from the evil crazy people/monsters that want to massacre people and bathe in their blood by... massacring people and bathing in their blood is just plain shitty writing.

Nobody says they have to be boy scouts but that was just retarded.

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>I've never seen the hate directed at Ward himself, just the story itself.

There's been PLENTY of hate for Ward solely for the Bloodtide incident (and it didn't help that the Grey Knights came out back when it was still cool to hate him). Plus all the people who actually believe Ward has brutally murdered Sisters in every single book he's written to satisfy his sick fetish.

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>translation: muh waifus ;.;

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Only some of the Sisters were corrupted. The Grey Knights used the blood of the ones who were immune and uncorrupted,

And I never said that I liked the fluff, bro. No need to get hostile.

Right, but this still doesn't get around the fact that some of the Sisters needed no such physical protection to not be corrupted by the Bloodtide.

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It's only a matter of time before another Heresy happens and half of the SoBs join Slaanesh. It's all there GW, you just have to browse the internet more often!

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What an amazing, articulate and clearly well thought out argument you have there.

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Two things
1. I never claimed that the issue with the Knights was their purity, I was claiming that they used the blood to help them. It could have simply made it harder for warpshit to go through their armour (imagine it on the TT as being giving them a 6+ invulnerable save).
2. Just because you haven't fallen to chaos doesn't mean you can win the battle. The sisters could have been resistant to looking at Slaanesh and falling, it doesn't mean that they can defeat Slaanesh in a battle. Even assuming the sisters were more pure than the Grey Knights (which I am not assuming, never did assume, and never claimed), the Grey Knights are better at fighting daemons and shit. Which would you rather have try to defeat a chaos incursion, Grey Knights that can't fall to Chaos or Sisters and Grey Knights, the latter being able to fall to Chaos?

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Blood of innocent is used in a lot of rituals and sorcery. It didn't matter from whence the blood came, the blood of the innocent will always be a potent tool.

This story doesn't show the Sisters particularly pure. It just showed the potency of innocence against the taint.

>> No.26054389

I'm not talking about "critique" of their Army. I haven't critiqued the Army the whole thread. I'm critiquing the fact they bitch and bitch about a single event.

And it is just ironic as hell, considering both GKs and SoBs kill imperials, that somehow its bad if they run into each other.

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You guys have been waiting what? 10 years now? Update isn't going to happen.

>> No.26054401

So "an oddity within the office" is how Phil Kelly refers to Mat Ward, huh? Probably appropriate.

>> No.26054419

>Right, but this still doesn't get around the fact that some of the Sisters needed no such physical protection to not be corrupted by the Bloodtide.
Neither did the Grey Knights. If I cut you with a sword, did the sword corrupt you? No. The sword simply cut through your skin. Now if I give you some armour, tried to cut you with a sword and failed, did I fail because the sword failed to corrupt you? No, it failed to corrupt you because you had armour. Think of the blood like physical armour, it might not protect against corruption at all, it might just provide an invisible daemon weapon shield so those bloodletter or whatever can hack at you all day and not cut you.

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Yeah, Sisters are pretty much doomed, just like Dark Eldar.

>> No.26054433

I obviously haven't seen it. At least ot at its peak.

And yes, I agree that Ward gets targeted unfairly about the Sisters. The man has only introduced one piece of controversial SoB fluff. If anything, on balance he's written moe positive things about them than negative ones, since he wrote the stuff in the latest SoB codex. Personally, I would be happy to give him a chance to write mah guns nuns fluff.

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What's the point in having quasi-space marines? Really. We have guard. We have Space Marines. why do we need a step in between?

>> No.26054500


Raging Heroes will bring us glorious not-sister models with kickstarter in forseeable future though.

We wont have to need GW's east german female shot put team sisters.

>> No.26054501

>This story doesn't show the Sisters particularly pure. It just showed the potency of innocence ag
Isn't that the same thing? Their unfaltering faith, which is a sort of innocence, made them pure enough to resist.

I'm not sure I'm understanding. The Sisters didn't need blood rituals to be immune to it, while the Grey Knights did. This strikes me as odd, since I thought the Knights were always portrayed as the last word in incorruptibility.

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>It's only a matter of time before another Heresy happens and half of the SoBs join Slaanesh

I would fucking kill for some nice Slaanesh-themed SoB renegade models.

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>> No.26054519

What's the point of having guards, or more than one Space Marine army?

>> No.26054520

I hope you mean kill yourself if that happened.

>> No.26054521

> Raging Heroes
There's a good chance they'll have cleavage armour or something equally as dumb.

>> No.26054522

>I thought the Knights were always portrayed as the last word in incorruptibility.

Maybe they have some 'splaining to do.

>> No.26054531

If the Grey Knight stumbled on an orphanage, the same thing would have happened and they would have gotten the same results.

>> No.26054534

I think it's pretty obvious. One is a massive army for holding territory and sieges and the other is a strike force best used in daring raids. Where does a force halfway between the two fit in?

>> No.26054553

The Sisters were almost gone as well.

The blood tide is demonically possessed nanobots. Fukkin skury.

>> No.26054565

I don't mind that there is another force taking a beating every single time. Takes some of the heat off our Avatars.

>> No.26054577

Not an 'oddity'. An Oddish.

>> No.26054581

Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes are the true Avatars of 40k.

>> No.26054586

Oh you...

>> No.26054594

But the difference is they're innumerable and some of them actually like getting spanked. Plus they just reincarnate or some shit.

>> No.26054596


Artwork looks promising.

Their Not-imperial guard kickstarter was not bad either, it had various armies for all kinds of people. I went with the not-space nazis one myself.

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The Sisters were falling to the bloodtide and were stuck in a corner waiting to die. This implies they could have used a a blood ritual or two to fight against the bloodtide.

>> No.26054632

Sisters are tsundere for Khorne, not some faggy slaanesh, motherfucker.
"It's not like I purge psykers with flames because you hate them, baka!"

>> No.26054634

I pretty sure their sisters are fantasy and not sf though.

>> No.26054638

Grey Knights are wizards, not SoB. SoB are clerics.

>> No.26054657

>sister gigantia has face-nipples

>> No.26054661

Needs more boob plates

>> No.26054668

All known sister corruptions are due to Slaanesh.

Slaanesh has a monopoly on tits.

>> No.26054678

You mean nipple faces.
Face nipples sounds like she had nipples on her face.

>> No.26054682

Not "falling". It just says that some were corrupted, some were killed and then the GKs arrived and did their bloodletting, specifically on the "surviving" sisters to gain a "talismen of purity".

The IG one did have that sniper woman with a silly amount of exposed skin.

Though their not-SoB artwork look promising, I'm still partial to the GW models myself. But that's just a preference, I don't mind if somebody likes Raging Heroes better.

>> No.26054706

Greasy neckbeards that have only touched a vagina with the ears have a monopoly in corrupting Sisters due to Slaanesh.

>> No.26054709

Better than god damned lanterns.

>Needs more skulls

>> No.26054712


Anons cannot into Slaanesh. I am dissapoint.

>> No.26054716

Nipple faces sounds to me like they have the face of a nipple.

I don't think this is a discussion that will be productive.

>> No.26054719

Which is the most unimaginative thing ever. Fallen sisters should be Khorne first.

>> No.26054720

Well, corruption. Only one has properly fallen in official studio fluff, and yes she did fall to Slaanesh. Though this hardly proves that Sisters are especially inclined to fall to Slaanesh. Miriael was just one person.

>> No.26054830

Sorry, but I like my Sisters like every other faction, full of Hatred, Rage, and Burning zealotry. They're a simple faction in an over-complicated universe.

"Does the Emperor revere it? Protect it."
"Is it Heresy? BURN IT."

It has the elegance of simplicity to it.

>> No.26054844

>implying every faction couldn't be describe similarly

>> No.26054848


>> No.26054886

>According to Phil Kelly, the reason why they never got plastic minis was because they couldn't be plastic moulded by the current process. He wasn't really sure what the issue was, but there was something about the sculpt which meant that it could only be cast in metal.
It's not that hard to understand why SoB never had plastic minis. Plastic injection can't fill details in the mould as small as you can get with metal centrifugal moulding, so all the pointy bits wouldn't get to the final minis.
That's the same reason why we don't get most on the IC minis in plastic, and have them in resin (and before in metal)

>> No.26054902

Khorne is not very big on tits.

>> No.26054909

Current plastic casts are far more detailled than the old Sisters.

>> No.26054922

Nah, Slaanesh really does not fit Sisters well. MAYBE the Perfection angle.

Khorne, on the other hand, is the perfect fit for corrupted imperials of nearly all stripes. He's the god of hatred (especially self consuming hatred) and war, and hates psykers and eroticism alike.

>> No.26054951

I have a counter-argument for that though: Dark eldar plastics.

>> No.26054958

I heard it was because they couldn't get the Sisters's cloaks to look right with plastic, since plastic minis are usually posable and the gravity on the robes looks wrong with posable minis.

Hopefully they've found a way around it, whatever the problem is.

He's big on bloodshed, doubt he cares whether its a girl or a guy who's spilling the red stuff in his name.

>> No.26054986

Sisters don't particularly hate fucking. Effeminate Slaaneshi possibly don't have the same pull as strapping Khornates, though.

The solution is: NEW FUCKING MODELS

>> No.26055016

>Nah, Slaanesh really does not fit Sisters well. MAYBE the Perfection angle.
There was a BL comic called Daemonifuge that had an entire fucking army of sisters fall to Slaanesh.

>> No.26055068

True, everything can be simplified down to those standards, but most factions have at least SOMETHING that makes them overcomplicated.

Look at the Wolf Wolves that Wolf Wolves on Wolfwolves.

>> No.26055069

>I have a counter-argument for that though: Dark eldar plastics.
My best guess : that's because the pointy bits are longer, so you can cheat and make it look pointy even with a big curvature radius. On SoB, pointy bits are small so you you need a much greater pressure to force the plastic into the details.

>> No.26055089


Yeah also the entire Fantasy Vampire Counts plastic range except Zombies, and most new non-vehicle, non-Space Marine (though even some Muhreenz have very fine details; they're just basically greenstuffed onto a sculpt from 1998).

Plastic is seriously no longer an issue for GW when it comes to detail on infantry, at all. If anything some of the parts are getting too fiddly to make for practical gaming models because they're too fucking fine or thin and will bend if they bump into anything solid. The newest plastic infantry are probably better than metal can be given that it shrinks and deforms slightly after molding.

But you will notice that they tend to be cut very oddly in order to achieve this, at least in a lot of cases, i.e. in ways resembling the cuts on starter set plastics. This is notable on characters. GW doesn't like to do it for multi-part infantry because it makes them kinda non-poseable, though.

So it may have been that the design they had couldn't be cut in such a way that it would both fit on sprues right and be poseable.

Frankly I don't even care if shit is poseable anymore. I've put enough dudes and chicks holding guns together to satisfy my desire for that. Just make 5-10 variants, slap 'em on a sprue as 1-2 pieces each, and I'd be happy.

>> No.26055103

Could be, I guess. I just don't see why they can't come up with -something- decently fitting that works with what they can do with plastics.

>> No.26055111


I just said it doesn't fit them well, not that they won't fall to it.

>> No.26055187

>The solution is: NEW FUCKING MODELS
Obviously, but I'd prefer the robes stay. They're become a standard part of the Sisters.

> There was a BL comic called Daemonifuge that had an entire fucking army of sisters fall to Slaanesh.
No, not quite. Some of a Dialogus Order fell, while the rest went on to make Stern a superwoman.

You read that on the 1d4chan page, didn't you? I really must edit that part sometime. It's so alarmist and in parts outright inaccurate.

>> No.26055231

Well, you could make the robes fall in a way that allows for posing or have a few different ones to adapt.

>> No.26055234

Again, my best guest : because it would mean removing the bolts on the armour, having only helmets, and probably removing the robes because it would make too difficult to reassemble the miniature's pieces for their target audience.

So probably the sculptors said something like "fuck that shit it would look horrible find someone else to do it and take the blame for the flop"

>> No.26055271

What happened in Daemonifuge is that a convent (of a non military order) make research on how to fight chaos and accidentally free a slaanesh greater daemon. Said daemon then decide that sewing sisters is a fine hobby.
So less "falling" than "getting killed and placed in a torture device made off their own flesh".

>> No.26055331

except you SEE corrupted sisters with horns and pinkish skin,

Stern and the Inquisitor dude fight against them.

>> No.26055341

They managed with Dark Angels, too.

>> No.26055367

Look at the Sisters who Holy Burn with their Holy Burners while spewing Holy Fire

>> No.26055403


>> No.26055443

No, not that convent. Stern is then attacked by actual Slaanesh fallen sisters.

>> No.26055479

Weren't they just possessed or something anyway? I've seen a picture of Stern pulling a Daemon out of a Sister who was attacking her.

>> No.26055550

Oh, forget about them. My bad.

>> No.26055614


>> No.26055649

Nice try Ward, go back to work.

>> No.26055678

Tell me, then, what exactly has Ward done against the Sisters besides the Bloodtide? And no, Santuary 101 doesn't count.That was the result of an old battle report from WD. Quite before Ward's time.

>> No.26055735


>> No.26055874

...which only talks about the Bloodtide. Again. And it redardely says 70% of his fluff, while only citing one piece of fluff he made for the Sisters.

Opening up my WD codex, I see five very positive, and badass pieces of fluff that he wrote for the Sisters. We have:

- Sisters massacre some Red Corairs who attack their homeworld
- Sisters attack a Daemon world, battle through hordes of Daemons and retrieve several holy artifacts
- Sisters defend Sebastian Thor's homeworld against some Eldar, a Seraphim headshots a Farseer
- Sisters team up with Salamanders against Chaos, eventually end up fighting "back to back" with the Marines. Celestine then comes down and slaps a Daemon Prince's shit, winning the battle.
- A Canoness kills a Hive Tyrant despite being dealt a mortal blow herself, and breaks a Tyranid attack

So yes, on balance Ward has done allright.

>> No.26055974

I wouldn't take the Ward joke personally, however with his track record, I have my personal doubts and this may inflict much wrath upon me but...I'd love to see an Inquisition Codex.
Wait! before you flay me!
Use-able deathwatch as elites!
Just an observation, but a codex with the ability to make "task forces" e.g Sisters and Grey Knights go f*ck up Blood Pact etc, but with enough customization to allow stand-alone armies, plus with the ally rules they can have Marines tag along for support or vice-versa.

>> No.26056053

Eh, I've never been a fan of a Inquisition codex. Could get bloated. Two and a bit armies would have to go into it.

And yes, I am saying this mostly out of favourtism, but I want Sisters to get the spotlight to themselves anyway.

>> No.26056071

The whole blood tide incident has a stupid sort of irony in my mind, but noone on /tg/ seems to realise it.
>Sisters Killing Daemon Blood Tide
>Blood for the blood god
>Hurr Durr Grey Knights gunna spill more blood to protect themselfs from the blood tide.
Does anyone else see the stupid fucking irony in this action?
I get that the Grey Knights ends are trying to justify the means
The actions of the material realm empower the warp, which is only going to make the Daemons more powerful.

>> No.26056112

If it worded as such it didn't seem like they were being massacred, rather The sisters laid down their lives in the name of the emperor to protect his faithful.

>> No.26056116

If GW wanted to make lots of money, they would create an Inquisition Codex with the Sisters of Battle by changing their fluff and incorporating them as the main force.
Then GW releases a Grey Knights supplement for that codex that lets you exchange sisters for grey knights.

>> No.26056132

The call of Deathwatch is tempting though...
This might be my inner T'au player acting up, playing an army with multiple races with different creeds *shrug*

As a source of debate, what if they got put in with Imperial Guard?

>> No.26056164

That doesn't seem to be how supplements work, though. Seems to be all units are in the main codex, and a supplement just gives you a different way to use some of your units.

Anyway, I prefer Ecclesiarchy Sisters over Chamber Militant Sisters. Ecclesiarchy Sisters opens the possibility for zealot mobs and such, which would be pretty fun.

>> No.26056176

Ward retconned St. Celestine pretty bad.

>> No.26056220

> This might be my inner T'au player acting up
And this is definetely my inner SoB player acting up, but I just quite love the idea of a Sister central, Ecclesiarchy book.

We'll just have to wait and see what GW has planned, I guess.

>As a source of debate, what if they got put in with Imperial Guard?
Would make about as much sense fluff-wise as putting Marines in with the Guard. They are seperate organisations, they do different things. No reason to combine them.

>> No.26056246

It hasn't even been 2 years since the codex update.

>> No.26056267

he did retcon her, but I like the retcon.

Personally, I find her so much more interesting now. She cannot die. She suddenly shows up at desperate battles, and vanishes without a trace afterwards. It just has some really interesting fluff implications.

>> No.26056320

Don't forget, Sisters/Arbites mashup

>> No.26056322

How many more of those do we really need?

>> No.26056348

Deus ex machina personified sure is interesting.

>> No.26056369

A lot of people are keen on this, but I can't see a fluff reason for it. Arbites don't really have any special connection to the Sisters, as far as I know.

Though they did give us Repressors. Thanks, Arbites!


>> No.26056405

...Gue'Vesa Sisters.
[spoilers]HAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHA! HAHAHA! Sorry I can't take myself seriously.[/spoiler]

>> No.26056445

Hey now, she is.

Just think, where is she getting the power from? The combined faith of the Sisters? Maybe even the Emperor himself? Who knows? Celestine herself is also quite mysterious because it's not like she ever stops to chat while she's around.

>> No.26056458


>> No.26056462

Aaaand watch me FAIL!

>> No.26056491


>> No.26056548

That's it, I'm failing my One Eye Open roll.

>> No.26056589

>A Canoness kills a Hive Tyrant despite being dealt a mortal blow herself, and breaks a Tyranid attack

>> No.26056600

Try it Gue'la!

>> No.26056868

Thought this thread was going to be about Sisters of Battle squatting naked . My disappointment.
Oh well, good news is okay too.

>> No.26056956

>Let's put this Sister Squat shit to rest once and for all
>The codex was being worked on at one point, and stopped
> from the sounds of it it's not in the pipeline anytime soon

>> No.26056968

The old fluff is better, I'll admit it.

Still demonstrates Ward being able to characterise the Sisters well, though.

>> No.26057011

Reading over it again, I also noticed that we will be getting more varied units and more background. Looking forward to it.


> >They are not being dropped. They are getting their codex.

>> No.26057338

Well so long /tg/entlemen, I do hope Sisters get more METAL BAWKEZ

>> No.26057352

For as soon as they are released in plastic I'm going to T'au ALLL over them MWHAHAHA!

>> No.26057414

Goodbye, weeaboo blueberry scum! <3

>> No.26057457

Goodbye Heresy bait!

>> No.26057821

That was dropped out of the 5th edition WD Dex though. No more official ties.

Which is good because that was just an excuse to make the 3rd Ed book: "Inquisition and Friends".

>> No.26059458

>choosing 5th edition fluff over 3rd edition fluff

Current edition for rules, older editions for background. Goes for every army.

>> No.26063157

What was that about Sisters not being in the Apoc book?

>> No.26063440

What does that miraculous effect do?

>> No.26066094

You're confusing them with the Codex: Special Snowflake Second Founding Chapter players.

>> No.26066131


I have seen literally zero MEQ whining threads but have seen tons of SoB threads (not necessarily whining) the past week.

The guys that first started the couple SoB threads seem to have really kicked off a trend.

>> No.26066137


It's comforting to know the space maroon haters are still making up complete bullshit just to whine about uncompetitive armies.

>> No.26066993

No, actually. It also appears in the Libra Sororitas, written by Andy Hoare. And the latest codex did nothing to retcon them being a chamber militant, so it's still true.

>> No.26069839


>Codex: Special Snowflake Second Founding Chapter players

Man that is complete bullshit since there have been ZERO of those threads.
Since like forever.

Shit they are so uncommon that I don't even know what Chapter you are talking about.
Black Templars?


SoB on the other hand have been getting multiple threads per week where 3/4ths of the thread is an image dump of the same pictures.
Over and over again.

I love Sisters and all but this needs to stop.

>> No.26070512

Dude, that image dump only spanned two threads. It's hardly been 3/4 of the threads.

>> No.26070565


In a couple, we statted out some SoB fan units. Most notably, a Monstrous Creature Mech. That was fun.

A couple more discussed the possibilities of a fan-made 3rd person shooter for SoBs. It got really in depth and ended up with three potential campaigns, each with a different feel from the last.

>> No.26070664

So ... they are not whine threads then ?
It seems to me sisters are simply popular.

>> No.26070707

Or their fanbase is very vocal. Hard to tell in a place like this.

>> No.26070771

Nobody was really whining in them. I recall a little complaining about the Bloodtide, but other than that it was just lots of ideas and lore discussion.

>> No.26070808


I mostly remember other people whining about how we were having Sisters threads. I've read or been apart of nearly all of them.

>> No.26071280

I think they're cool and there needs to be more of them but if they're trying to make a "female-only" army to appeal to girls they're doing it drastically wrong. Most of the SoBs are scantily clad or literally FEMALE SPESS MEHREENS.

They need to do a female race like the Tau or Necrons that has its own aesthetic and isn't so bloody. Girls really aren't big on blood and gore, so I don't see why they can't make an army of space beastmasters or something.

>> No.26071451

Only one unit is scantily clad. Really, I'm starting to think that all tue people saying that the entire army is like that is wishful thinking.

Also, they're quite different to Marines, you just need to know their lore better than the fact that they use bolters and power armour too.

>> No.26071499

Repentia aren't scantily clad, they're heavily clad in zealous fervor, and litanies.

>> No.26071548

I really like their fluff, but I'm not too keen on their models, personally. I'm going to try and greenstuff mine some robes or something. Or at least some more rags.

>> No.26071676

Hairshirts would be most appropriate, I think I read a "cloak of fishooks" somewhere too.

>> No.26071862

Everybody arguing about which Chaos god the Sisters would fall to is an idiot. Sisters are clearly most likely to fall to Gork and Mork. The burnas, the WAAAGHing, the belief becoming reality. They could easily fall to Gork and Mork's influence.

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