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tg, why is Slaanesh the best Chaos God ever?

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I dont agree, but this captcha is way too good.

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That's not Papa Nurgle!

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>Papa Nurgle
That's a funny way of spelling Tzeentch

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Because of all the blow. and the hookers. and the torture subjects.

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Yes, yes, fight between yourselves, like good little servants.

someone needs to shoop Tzeentch's symbol onto him

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Because Slaanesh is about getting what you want. Fuck everyone else. They are beneath you.
Now excuse me as I listen to heavy metal, fap and drink 2 litters of pepsi.

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I would think that Khorne would listen to heavy metal and Slaanesh would listen to dubstep

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Slaanesh existed before dubstep so try harder. What if dubstep was never invented what would you have said?

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Khorne only dances to the drums of war.
Music is under the domain of Slaanesh.

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I think Slaanesh's music would be really obnoxiously high-pitched.

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But anon, everyone knows Nurgle and Slaanesh are cool with each other. The whole Isha business strained their relations for a while but they came to an understanding with their collaborative creation of Space AIDS.

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I'd imagine it to be slutty pop music.

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Starting a mainly Slaanesh Daemon fantasy army

going to have some Tzeentch and Nurgle, but fuck khorne up his brass asshole.

struggling with a colorscheme and deciding which daemonettes to use however.

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very slutty. So slutty you have to take a shower after hearing it.

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slaaneshs music is so not made up of noises, you just feel it in your bones and your organs rupture

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Pretty much. "Don't stop dancing and have sex!" has been a musical theme since the dawn of civilization.

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Because Slaanesh helps you be the best at whatever you want to be the best at. Meanwhile, Nurgle makes you bloated and ugly, Khorne makes you crazy, and Tzeentch just uses you.

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Because his/her/it's dick is currently
In your ass, Korn4lyfe

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Slaanesh was always based in glam/hair metal, loud screams and general excess. Khorne has always enjoyed a symbolic relationship with Metal because there's something violent about the music, but the connection to the music itself has always been the domain of Slaanesh.

*Actual* Slaanesh music is just as many sounds at once so loud that it can pierce your jaded, calloused heart both literally and figuratively. Noise marines anyone?

And whatever you might say about Dubstep, it *is* sort of Slaaneshi.

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Tome of excess really made me think Slaanesh was pretty cool, and not just porn. Course then they had to describe the huge numbers of awesome implied and stated depraved acts and the super sexed up realms and historical events done by Slaanesh, which my /d/, /h/, and fapfic inspired mind amplified like ten times. I legitimately fapped like 6 times before reading the end of this book solely on imagination and "enhanced visual aids" to aid my creativity.

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>implying thats not where we like it
>implying Khorne isn't gay as fuck

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I don't want Slaanesh's girl/boy/itcock in my ass though.

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I do, I would hit that so hard

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They are all the best unless they are Khorne. Then they're the worst.

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Because if you're not happy, Slaanesh is not happy.

Khorne wants you to kill. If you don't kill, you get no love. Nothing else matters, just rage and kill.

Nurgle wants you to suffer. He wants you to realize how frail your mortal body is and how you can and will lose everything you hold dear. He wants you to become a withered husk filled with sorrow.

Tzeentch will just fuck you up the moment he feels like it.

But Slaanesh, Slaanesh is all about doing things you like. Because your enjoyment gives him power. You can get your enjoyment from anything, but the more you enjoy, the happier he is.

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You would the second you saw It. It is the most beautiful being on Earth. It's everything you ever wanted. It's everything you didn't even KNOW you wanted cause you couldn't comprehend it or possibly imagine it until now, where it is laid out before you, in the most glorious spectacle of anatomy you have ever seen.

But remember. Slaanesh isn't just sex. That's all anyone focuses on. It's PERFECTION, and obsession. That can extend way beyond sex.

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was it ever scanned?

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so what is the Tomes for each god?

I typed it into ebay and its something to do with the rpg, is it all fluff, or fluff and rules or what?

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So she gives good pillow/cuddle talk?
Awww yea

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They're the splats for the 40k Chaos RPG, Black Crusade, but they also pack plenty of fluff. With Slaanesh the only one left to be done is Nurgle.

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The worst part about the Chaos Gods is even if you devote yourself to them wholly, even if you somehow make it to Daemon Prince, you will still never be their favored nor will you ever have any 1 on 1 time with them.

Khorne will never be proud of the blood you've shed.

Tzeentch will never see you as his right-hand man.

Slaanesh will never have sex and cuddle with you.

I don't know about Nurgle. But something about unconditional love cheapens it when you're equally loved as everyone else no matter what despite your superior efforts.

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Yup. Anything you desire. If simply cuddling is what you need, then It can abide. It's just that in time you will be numb to the cuddling. It's just not doing anything any more. You try different positions but it's never enough. So you start trying to make it kinky, and that's fun for a bit but then THAT wears out.

Soon enough you're unable to cuddle unless you've injected Heroine straight into your brain via syringe, had a large man break a bone on your body, and then got another nipple piercing. Cause you can only feel anything when the blood is still wet. And before too long, it just will not be enough. Nothing is ever enough.

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It was. Search up foolz for it, it should be somewhere around there.

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Excess. You'll end up taking everything to the extremes.

It all starts nice and innocent. That's how they'll hook ya. Then you get bored of it. Try something different. Find a new thing. Then another. And another. At the end of the day you need to slash 6 hookers and sit on a horse cock just to feel normal. And even that feels token and empty, you'll welcome death, only to find it a cold void full of empty promises.

I'm reminded of that one comic, where the dude loved blowjobs and took photos of him sticking his dick into everything. Soon he found mere blowjobs boring and started experimenting with anything from toothless hobos to animals to all sorts of shit. When the cops busted into his apartment and went through his photo collection, in the last entry was a picture of the dude's cut off head sucking his own dick.

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But I don't want cock in my ass, no matter how good looking it is!

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but who took the picture?

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Then it wont be a cock, dingus.

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It will be a catus

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Aren't noise marine weapons just bass cannons essentially?

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Wow that's some American Psycho shit or some Crossed shit too, think some serial killer did that to his mom too.

Ironically decapitated blowjobs are a regular thread on /d/....not that I would know. >.> <.<

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Oh, you'll want it. The moment you and they see each other, you all know there's only one way this'll end, and it's you a quivering, jizz filled husk with dick twice as strange as the last one in every orifice in your body, some in completely new orifices, and will love every second of it for the rest of your short lived life.

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And Necocho

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That is not how Slaanesh operates! You know nothing of Its work!

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"Disco MF" by Penfifteen Club
The new Miley Cyrus song may also be Slaneesh.

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>I don't know about Nurgle. But something about unconditional love cheapens it when you're equally loved as everyone else no matter what despite your superior efforts.
Nurgle loves all his children like a proud father, be you a lowly cultist from some backwater or Typhus himself. "Discriminate" is not in his vocabulary. To question his love for you is kind of a dick move, tbh.

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>Slaanesh will never have sex and cuddle with you.
Now I'm sad

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Doesn't matter if it's a dick move if Nurgle loves no matter what.

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Get the fuck out.

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No idiot. Again, Slaanesh is not just sex. Slaanesh music would be an unholy screech of sound. It's not about rythm or lyrics or anything. It's just a sensation. A painful one that gives headaches, they need it harsher, louder, stronger, ANYTHING, cause they just cannot feel anything any more. If they could grab the music like a tangible object that would bash it into their head until their brains were everywhere, just trying to get some kind of connection with it.

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It seems every 40k thread shows just how little anyone here actually understands about their favorite 40k characters.

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I wonder if a Great Unclean One's guts make a good place to sleep

oh god what the fuck

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>nonsensical sounds strung together
>all about sensation

Sounds like rap.

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No mortal can look upon the Dark Prince and keep their soul.

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No. Decap head is best head. Deal with it ;)

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Kind of like this?

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Seriously fuck off with the emoticons you faglord.

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>implying that everyone in the realm of nurgle is not chummy and friendly and what have you
>implying he isn't papa nurgle because he is patriarchal, jolly and an all round cool dude.

Nurgle wants you to accept yourself for who you are, rotting or not.

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it's 40k

they all listen to metal

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>No mortal can look upon the Dark Princess and keep their dick flaccid

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Ya know I understand he's a nature god too
Can I ask him to make me a tree?
I'll die and be reborn every year more or less and it would suck a whole lot less then the other crap

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Well, it's naturally implied that you jizz so hard your soul comes shooting out.

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Your sap would be mucus and pus that contains every single disease that ever existed.

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sounds fun

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never knew about that aspect of Papa Nurgle, makes him even more interesting.

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No more like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhML9zftSok Turned as loud as possible. But even still, it's just not...something enough. It's not hard enough. It's not deep enough. It just doesn't satisfy.

Being a Slaaneshi cultist is like a greek hell. Imagine a the most thirsty man on earth, his throat so dry it's cracked open and bleeds. He drinks and drinks and drinks until his stomach pops, but is never any less thirsty. That's what it's like.

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I didn't follow any of that.
English muthafucka, do you peak it?

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Nurgle is jolly, because he's like an abusive mother who hurts her kids so she can nurse them back to health. It's the natural dread of death and decay that attracts the attention of Nurgle and he keeps you alive and gifts you with flesh rotting diseases so you can live and see your once proud physique wither away and all you once held dear turn to ash. And Nurgle's there to wipe away your tears and be all "well, you still got me, sport."

Nurgle is jolly, great unclean ones are jolly and nurglings are jolly. You know who aren't jolly? Plaguebearers. You know where plaguebearers come from? From the souls of those that have been killed by Nurgle's Rot, mortal souls. Mortals who weren't very happy about contracting said disease in the first place.

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His preferred form is an androgynous male one.
Only the Eldar call him with a female name.

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also oh the irony.

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Because Arioch wills it.

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Uh huh.

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intriguing, I was always under the impression that the worshippers of nurgle didn't feel the negatives of the diseases and stuff nurgle afflicted them with if they worshipped him, a la plague marines. T'would seem I was mistaken.

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But you also lose the enjoyment of doing those things. Eventually you will start doing weird spacedrugs while being sodomised by spiny demon dongs just so that you can feel something. And you will start to hate the things you loved because they don't give you anything any more.

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Anybody have the tzeentch counterpart to that?

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And yet /tg/s interpretation of him is the worst ever.

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Plague Marines get FNP because the pain of their diseases is so much greater than anything they could possibly face.
That's how it works.

>> No.25967492


That makes Nurgle armies a lot more scary imagining all their units moaning in pain constantly whether or not they're being shot at.

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No, their necrotic flesh is just numb.

>> No.25967570

See, the fact that they revel in it isn't because diseases are so great, it's because they are CRAZY and have STOCKHOLM'S SYNDROME.

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I've just mad one, about Nurgle. It's just pieces from codexes, realm of chaos and liber chaotica.

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Because Slaanesh has seen a Quintillion faces, and rocked them all.

>> No.25967623

Some even beg for Nurgle to stop giving them "gifts", but he just piles on the diseases regardless of their cries.

Hell, the whole idea of giving in to despair and embracing the comfort of the inevitability of rot and death is codependent as fuck.

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>implying the Horned Rat isn't the best chaos god

What's better then a god who just wants to eat and backstab people for the fun of it?

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No, just HUGE GUTS

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Can we collectively agree that Slaanesh's vitality vs. Nurgle's passivity and Khorne's brawn vs. Tzeentch's brains makes more sense than Slaanesh vs. Khorne and Nurgle vs. Tzeentch?

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no stop asking.

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Fuck you.

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Why isn't there a Carnival of Chaos style thing in 40k?

Just imagine it, a grotesque circus army rolling to town, artillery pieces stuffed with rotting corpses and shot over the defenses, loud speakers playing maniacal music, all manner of freaks and weirdos droning about, monsters and beasts with tamers, and on top of it all, the warlord as the conductor, shouting orders with his ponce top hat on.


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No that's as retarded as the femboy images you always spam.

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No, that and >>25967265
is 3e fluff when feeling no pain was not a nurglesque ability.

In newer fluff it's explicitly stated that Plague Marines feel no pain from their afflictions. Muh feelings are better left to weaklings likelike Dark Eldar who even wear armor spiky from the inside to feel pain.

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No, because Khorne is all about killing and to Slaanesh the dead can't feel shit, while Nurgle is about despair about the futility of trying to change stuff while Tzeentch is about hope to overcome any obstacle. For a person to give up and accept their fate is everything Tzeentch doesn't approve of while standing up and saying "no!" in the face of adversities is not the Nurgle way. To not kill, to indulge in pleasures and not bother with fighting is not the Khorne way while quick and brutal murder doesn't please Slaanesh nearly as much as a slow, agonizing one where you do all sorts of nasty things to your victim.

The whole point is that it's not brains vs. brawn and sexy stuff vs. ugly stuff. It's about life vs. death, passivity vs. activity.

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> Black Library focuses entirely on tzeentch vs. khorne
> khorne hates psykers, tzeentch is god of psykers
> God of rampant violence vs. god of thinking about shit
> 3e book talks about Khorne vs. Tzeentch as much as Khorne vs. Slaanesh
> somehow Khorne and Slaanesh still hate each other more than Khorne and Tzeentch

I don't get it

>> No.25968227

>reducing the four chaos gods to a single aspect that is far from descriptive of them in the slightest
Judging by the pictures you save, I am not surprised you are so fucking ignorant.

In fact, you are not just wrong but utterly mistaken. Nurgle is very active in his plague making and despair spreading as well as actively 'saved' Isha. Meanwhile, Slaanesh is known to passively sit around in his palace and wait for people to entertain him.

>> No.25968232

>TFW remembering the good old days when your Khorne lord got FnP because he was so fucking angry.
> and there was an entire armory of deamonic mutations AND an armory for each god


Here's hoping the supliments will help the situation a bit.

>> No.25968255


It's been a constant issue GW hasn't been able to deal with. In essence Khorne has two rivals because of the "haets magic and Tzeentch is the god of magic" thing, but since it's as old and established as the rivalry with Slaanesh it can't be retconned.

>> No.25968324

Its more that Khorne and Tzeentch are rivals who constantly bicker but never really hate each other too passionately while Khorne outright fucking hates Slaanesh with all of his being.

>> No.25968327

> implying it can't
Want a game, anon?

Minor Psychic Powers are now spell domains for that god, reroll anything to do with victory points, and let's play.

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>> No.25968371

What fascinating Fantasy lore you've brought to me. Shame we're not currently discussing it.

>> No.25968426

Maybe some other time it's one O'clock here and I'm gonna head to bed. But I'll take you up on that offer.

>> No.25968447

> being this mad at someone else not sharing your bara fetish

>> No.25968477

Equally shit.

>> No.25968505

These days bloodthirsters can walk around blasting people with Wind of Chaos and ally with slaaneshi daemons with no penaltiez.

>> No.25968577

You implying there's a real difference between 40k and WHFB Chaos?

Khorne is a creature made of psychic warp energy. His gifts are psychic warp energy. His daemons are psychic warp energy. His daemonic engines of war and daemon weapons are crafted with psychic warp energy and shoot flames of psychic warp energy. His followers are protected from psychic energies by psychic energies. His daemons are summoned into existence using same sorcerous rituals as any other gods.

Sure, he might hate sorcerers and people using other means than spilling blood to defeat their enemies, but it doesn't mean he's anti-psychic. If he was, he'd hate himself more than anything. He would not have daemons nor grant gifts, and he would not communicate to his followers through psychic emanations.

>> No.25968595

I'm not seeing the blasting.
Also allying with Slaaneshi daemons isn't new, see the Brazen Host.

>> No.25968622

Yes, yes I am. They may share names, but there's no reason to believe that fluff that only comes from one universe at all applies to another. If that works, I'd like to call up the Buffy RPG and several things it has to say about what Demons can and cannot do for evidence of everyone in this thread being wrong. It's literally equally valid.

>> No.25968648


Yeah. Different bases.

>> No.25968652


The blasting is from the new codex where Winds is available to thirsters unlike in any previous chaos book it's been in.

>> No.25968683

Except it's the same Warp. This has been confirmed as canon.
Which should be obvious from Chaos Daemons having pretty much the same fluff in both universes.

>> No.25968739

Pic related was 'confirmed as canon' once too. Times change, and timelines diverge; 40k and Fantasy no longer take place in the same world.

>> No.25968763

Eh, probably an oversight.

>> No.25968774

...Why is that an issue? They have no powers.

>> No.25968815

> khornate librarians
> not an issue

Someone else want to have a go with this guy? I'm done with this argument.

>> No.25968839


Technically, if Slaanesh comes into existance with the eye of terror, it's in the future, after dubstep...

If, we take 40k as 'in the future'

>> No.25968844

...Yes, they are Librarians that lost their powers, so thus are of no consequence to Khorne.
Psykers can turn to Khorne in Black Crusade, too, you just lose your powers.

>> No.25968874

>Slaanesh would listen to dubstep
I have evidence to confirm as much. Behold! Footage of a Noise Marine in action!

>> No.25968917

that thing got retconned away

>> No.25968997

Rolled 76

>> No.25969009


i'd worship Slaanesh,

After the big E of course..

I mean, life is about experiences.. who doesn't want to snort Coke off a womans ass, while getting a Blowjob from another, and while getting it in the ass from a shemale?

>> No.25969045

living the dream

>> No.25969128


The Eldar are much older than humans.

>> No.25969222

Ok, then what happened to all the World Eaters librarians when they turned? From what I've read, they mostly died due to complications from the Butcher's Nails implants. None were actively sought out to be exterminated, no one just gave two shits about them. Only when Angron became a DP did he slay the last ones.

They share the same gods with the exact same personalities and traits in either one, they share the exact same daemons with similar abilities, they share the same realms of the gods with same dangers and features, they share the same abilities of being a realm of immaterial energy manipulated by the minds and souls of the living and mutating and warping matter when coming into contact with it.

There's a reason why daemons are not sold in WHFB nor 40k boxes, but their own ones. Because they're the same in both. The worlds might not officially be connected (GW still likes to drop hints), but the warp, the god, the daemons are pretty much the same in both.

Also, you do realize the Realm of Chaos books work both for 40k and WHFB, right? That fluff goes either way.

>> No.25969251


>> No.25969336

Hey where's this pic from??
I am definitely curious about that DE Demilune..

>> No.25969509

>Ok, then what happened to all the World Eaters librarians when they turned? From what I've read, they mostly died due to complications from the Butcher's Nails implants. None were actively sought out to be exterminated, no one just gave two shits about them. Only when Angron became a DP did he slay the last ones.

In 2nd edition, the World Eaters (or "Worldeaters") hunted down and killed their Librarians. It was in the previous CSM codex as well, though I'm not sure if the current one says anything about it.

>> No.25969519

Disregard that sorry, no full scan there (i think)

>> No.25969553


It was a superheavy conversion under the 3d edition vehicle rules. Similar, but not identical, to pic related.

>> No.25969557

No, not really.

>> No.25969941

Slaanesh is introversion. It's about you and how much you love yourself, the universe revolves around you and your desires.

Khorne is about extroversion. It's about them and how much you fucking hate them, your universe revolves around them and how much you fucking despise them.

You could argue that Slaanesh is also against Nurgle. Nurgle spreads suffering and despair. Slaanesh proclaimed that he had arrived to put an end to all suffering and spreads bliss.

The rivalry between Slaanesh and Khorne is covered really well in the Libra Slaanesh

>> No.25970209

Thank you Anon, this i remember, it was also featured in the Chapter Approwed WDR rules back then... Howewer on the pic i mentioned are some metal parts too - i wish i could see the whole of it, i am currently building a retro-DE army. The minis on themselves are a bit ugly but as a whole army they look kinda awesome.

>> No.25970263

Actully in Libra Chaotica, Slaanesh personally helps out a daemon prince with his confidence problems when his wife (elven princess corrupted big time) because he cuddles his favorites, which lead to the denied one story.

>> No.25970323


>daemon prince


>> No.25970444

Indeed! Let me see if I can find it somewhere...

In short, a Daemon prince had his eyes set on an high elven princess to become his wife (the term used), after hunting her family at every step for several centuries, the father finally to save the family gives her up, the prince then goes dina-ranger on her and set her lose on her former family which she murders and, I think eats the hearts off and taking an extreme amount of time and pleasure in killing her father last, over the years she gradually gains Slaanesh favor, even "his mark" read into it what you want... In the end he basically call Slaanesh into existence because he is jealous that her star is rising above his own, after Slaanesh chews him out he goes all "there there, it's alright!" and promises him that his wife's star will never rise above his, which leaves our corrupted Elven princess unable to rise further in Slaanesh favor, unless she extinguish her husband.

And jolly times for all.

>> No.25970477

>high elven

Found your problem.

>> No.25970499

Was with you until getting it in the ass. No-dick futa is best fetish. Slaanesh can't even handle me right now son.

>> No.25970548

>the prince then goes dina-ranger on her

Stop it boner.

>> No.25970577

She just does it all better. Bloodshed? Drawn out. Disease? All sexually transmitted. Change? Everybody becomes a nympho. Only God worth following.

>> No.25970586

She is the weakest God and destined to die at Khorne's hand or Ynnead's.

Gotta think of the long term.

>> No.25970634

to be fair, IF khorne ever get that mad that he pulls out his reality ending sword he goes kill himself and everything both in the warp and material realm so he'll probably hold back.. For a while.

And when have the Eldar ever been right about something?

>> No.25970635

Khorne has had plenty of opportunities to kill Slaanesh, but he hasn't. Because deep down everyone's gay for Slaanesh.

>> No.25970657

Did they change it, since last I checked, his special sword could just destroy worlds. In WHFB that's pretty much the same as destroying all of existence, because all of existence is on that one world.

>> No.25970773

fairly sure it is like that in the new book, I can't for the life of me find the pic with it right now, but basiclly it's if he swings the sword, rocks fall.

BUT if anything ever could get him to do it, it's Slaanesh, or so it says more or less

>> No.25970872

Yeah, Ynnead is totally a thing that's happening! R-right, guys? Guys?

>> No.25970889


It's more like universe will be destroyed if the balance of Chaos is upset.

There must always be four Chaos Gods.

>> No.25971273

>Yeah, Ynnead is totally a thing that's happening! R-right, guys? Guys?
If the Eldar weren't too pussy to perform ritual suicide all at once it would have happened already.

>> No.25971290

>There must always be four Chaos Gods.
So if emps ascends and kills Slaneesh he'd be free to troll the other three for all eternity?

>> No.25971354

So, how come there was stuffs before Slaanesh's birth?..

Also you hare forgetting Malal..

>> No.25971436

what page? Ill post the excerpts of it up.

>> No.25971447

Because Warp nonsense means that from the moment Slaanesh was born S/He had always existed.

>> No.25971448

>So, how come there was stuffs before Slaanesh's birth?..
Something something warp is timeless is the usual explanation IIRC.

>> No.25971471


Still doesn't account for Malal...

>> No.25971500

>Still doesn't account for Malal...
Didn't he get replaced by two other chaos gods because of copyright shenanigans?
It's because he doesn't embody anything in particular beyond "Chaotic destruction lol", I think.
He's simply too minor to matter.

>> No.25971512

> the only thing that can keep Chaos in check
> too minor to matter

Yeahhhh, no.

>> No.25971523

I thought the Chaos god didn't roflstomp everything because then they would have nothing left to play with.

>> No.25971616

I always figured he did hate himself more than anything, i mean he hates everything (except killing stuff really hard) and is always angry and just wants to kill everything because he hates motherfucking everything, ecpecially magic and shit because he's also the god of martial prowes and magic isn't fucking martial prowes just kill the fucker with a fist to the face not a wimpy spell. But, he's made of magic, literaly made of the stuff, he is made of the stuff he hates. The only reason he exists is because of the stuff he hates so much, that's why he's so goddamn angry.
At least, that just always made sense to me, I could be very wrong on this.

>> No.25971681

And I would say they shouldn't be able to restrain themselves, as they incarnated feelings. khorne should be able to say "oh, I will not kill some, for latter". But it seem to me that chaos become less and less aberrant and insane magic beings, and more magical dudes in a magical realm.

>> No.25971724


Also unlike popularly believed, Malal never existed in 40k, or 80's Realms of Chaos which are shared 40k/Fantasy.

He was just in some comics and Warhammer Fantasy RPG's 1st edition.

40k has Malice, who's a relatively minor power (can manifest in realspace) and worshipped by few.

>> No.25971735


Chaos is magical dudes in a magical realm, dude.

Lorgar is the whizzard who got Space Marines to hop into the wild ride.

>> No.25971764

Malal doesn't exist in 40K or fantasy.

Malice does and he is very weak. So weak he can manifest easily in Real Space. You think that guy really matters?

You kidding yourself.

>> No.25971775

Khorne, despite his new pleb cannon, is actually the worst chaos god in fantasy and his minions struggle in close combat to keep up with Gors and Human Swordsmen.

Mono Slaanesh is a good build, the only thing I would recommend throwing in is Fateweaver at higher point costs so he can cast Flesh to Stone on your hoarded Daemonette units.

Though Plague Drones and Screamers are always a good add on.

>> No.25971812


He does exist in $0k and fantasy, he does so in my heart.

Seriously though, I guess that's a clear indication Chaos wins in the end.

>> No.25971842

I would rather worship a god that puts things in my ass then use the force of the chaos who currently suck in every chaos book across both Fantasy and 40k.

How can people even like Khorne? All of his units are just overpriced suck that are killed by a single squad of space marines or night goblins. Slaanesh is way more powerful across all the books. That just leaves Khrone fags to loose.

Time for you to get a new god.

>> No.25971856

meant 40k, ooops

>> No.25971899

Actually I have bad news for you friend.

In the new Chaos Daemons/ Daemons of Chaos books that where released this year confirms that WHFB and 40k are indeed in the same setting.

Get with the times fag.

>> No.25971930

wake up.

>> No.25971933

But do they smell even worse on the inside?

>> No.25971941

Chuck D disagrees, faggot.

>> No.25971955

i think we are talking about fluff here, not crunch, who cares that on the table khorne is not that great.

also a god that hates me no matter what i do because he hates everythingand wants me to kill kill kill is way better than someone who would torture me for all eternity in every way imaginable, just because he likes it.

>> No.25972339

Page 164 to 167, the part is called "The denied one" with a red letter headline

>> No.25972959

Probably, but I'm sure it wouldn't matter once you fell asleep.

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