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so I'm going to play a nobelhouse brat in an upcoming rouge trader larp

how do I dress?

I was thinking
>some weird as fuck club clothes from the 90s
>facial makeup
>leather moccasins
>harem guard pants


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Like this

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Mohawk. Always with a bright pink Mohawk.

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liek this

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>rouge trader larp
Oh wow, how the heck is this a thing....?
god damn it, learn to spell!!!

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Go for a space toga

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I have a b/w checkerd dinner jacket

maybe I should goth that up and wear it?

hell no
>nazi uniform
doesnt fit my character

>space toga
hmm....I should have this as my second outfit
aristos have lots of outfights right?

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>40k Larp

where, when, i wish i was a girl

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Dress in a suit

Throw a toga on top of it.

Hair should be sixties dad.

Put a metal visor over your eyes.

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>wish I was a girl
well....don't we all, anon. Don't we all...

not sure if serious

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I present these items for your consideration
do they work?

>top hat
>5-finger shoes (pic related)
>russian bear cap
>should I borrow some women clothing?

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bumping with some gothic ships

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Everyone knows that this is what people wear in the 41st millennium.

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Prince is an asshole. Did personal security for him for 2 days. Not fucking worth my hourly, IMO.

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I am from the future and can confirm this 100%.

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I wish I was that swag

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Also, thanks for the "slice of life" 40k pics. Few and far between.

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I don't think you have anything with big enough collars.

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Go on....

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more ideas ppl

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Prince being an asshole was kind of the point, that is how I imagine most 40k nobleman to be.

Anyone who changes their name to an unpronouncable squiggle has got to be an arse hole

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Couple months ago, he was on tour with his new backline, "Third Eye Girl." He came to the venue that I do security at, and have for long enough to be put in a position of trust (5 years, or so).

When the show happens, part of his rider says that he needs "personal security at all times, and from the venue." I get chosen as his personal, as per being mulatto and looking like I'm 'in the family,' as one of my bosses put it. Commence two days of no sleep, barely eating, bullshit load-in/load-out (he had like 10 HUGE LED panels and that was the start of it), and he treated everyone like they were a fucking nuisance.

Case in point: Prince is about to go on stage. He says, "if we're going back up for an encore, we need San Francisco accents." (show/venue is in SF). The bassist for TEG says, "what accent?" Prince says, "exactly." The entire entourage busts up laughing like they haven't been through that same joke 50,000,000 times this tour. He looks at ME to see what my response is, and I smile and nod, because he can't fire me if I don't work for him, hence his doucheomancy has no control.

After, I chat with the band and they were all legitimately afraid of the man. Like, the same interaction you would have from a friend in an abusive relationship, but on a professional level. It was fucking sickening, especially given how talented his band was, but, y'know...'Prince...'

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So no...I saw firsthand what he can do on a guitar. The man is very nearly a musical genius, and the medium is the only way of him communicating to the real world. At the same time, he's an asshokle, and would fire someone on a whim, because his "guitar was out of tune," or, as came up once, they "weren't playing to the set..." WHICH IS IN HIS FUCKING HEAD. NO, REALLY. THERE IS NO GODDAMN SET LIST. HE LEADS, FINE. HE COMPLAINS ABOUT HOW THE SET WENT, AS PER THE DIRECTION THAT ONLY *HE* SEES? YEAH, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH.

He can change his name as many times as he wants, he's still a prick in my book. Third Eye Girl is grossly underrated and fucking tight for their age/aptitude.

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Wow. See a 40k larp thread, get a nice bit of musical ancedote.

(But having done my share of service for the rich and famous, it's true. Some of them really, REALLY are in their own little world.)

Anyway, for the OP: Rich means you can be a gauche son-of-a-bitch and people will kiss your ass for it- unless they're a higher ranked noble, in which case if they're in your clique you will kiss theirs and change accordingly.

Exactly how you dress is going to depend on the planet. Was it a hiveworld? Agraian? Forgeworld? Pleasure planet? Pilgrim's stop? Just remember to mix in some anarchonisms. A pleasure worlder noble with a toga and sunglasses with LED effects randomly sending pulses of multicolored light off the frame and lenses from time to time? Yes. Agroworld noble that looks like an English fox hunter with a teched-out set of rings (the family data keys, real keys are SO plebian) and an augmetic ear? Damn skippy.

Mix historical with a bit of sci-fi and you've got a 40k noble. Even the braats.

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I enjoyed that even if it was off topic

As for my background it's not defined. There are some details for my character but the actual type of world, culture etc is up to me. So I'll just pick my outfit after what is cool.

>mix historical and sci fi
exactly what I'll aim for

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BROTHER! Totally. Also, great advice on the character theme.

OP, don't stick to one thing. Have an initial concept like this elegan/tg/entleman suggests, a juxtaposition of future and past, but mix it up at some point. Remember, your character will likely have a HUUUUUUGE wardrobe to fit their every need and social nuance, so you will need to dress on the fly (so to speak).

Maybe have a list of cool ideas that fit your character, and switch up which one you're using, depending on the circumstances? Or Just settling on a few outfits that you *actually* dress in, because you "never have anything to wear...?"

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ah you guys have convinced me

I'll have a big wardrobe with at least 3 costume changes
(the larp is only 8h tho)

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I know that's a typo, but "asshokle" is now my new favorite insult.

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>Reflective silver vest over am 'in fashion' crimson frilled shirt, tight black pants with knee-high reflective silver boots
>Long coat of turquoise, high-necked cream shirt with gold square grid that only appear when not looking directly at it, deep purple riding pants and black moccasins; lime walking cane for 'zest'
>Grey foxfur cloak wrapping around and trailing 5 feet behind you, fishnet shirt with scarab shells that shift and flutter to the wearer's movements, long hide trousers tapering out to and accentuating 3" platform studded boots

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jesus imperator, that sounds glorious
>but muh funds
I'm not so hot on burning money on it tho, will go for spectacular finds from thrift shops

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FABricate, darling.

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but I can only make armlets and origami....I suck at these things

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one last bump

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You can now. And then internet told you the secrets of the universe...

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Step 1) Go naked
Step 2) Hire hot space sluts.
Step 3) Use naked space sluts to cover your nudity.

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I would be eaten alive by the other larpers because

>they are lbtq activists
>some of them are girls
>I am very cute
>the girls are very unatractive
>I would be raped

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Use the space sluts, but have them wear self-image reaffirming slogans across their nethers. Maybe throw some rainbow tape on the nips (it shows you're sensitive and gives them a sense of solidarity).

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eeh, how about I just hire spacesluts the weekend after

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Fine. Pussy.

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/thread I guess

will post pics of my outfit in two weeks or so

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>They are lbtq activists
Why do you mingle yourself with

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>maybe I'm one also

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