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/tg/ give me a best and worse case scenerio if I surrender my soul to 'her'
I'm from THAT half of /tg/

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>THAT side of /tg/
WH40 vs D&D
or Pro/d/ vs anti/d/?

They both fight like protestants and catholics

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>best scenario
Through random chance you find yourself a girl/boy who is just as perverted as you.

>worst scenario
You'll never learn the pleasures of the flesh and die as a lone wizard.

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>You die
>You get laid then die

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Anti/d/ here, fuck off OP go back to your shitty board

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>THAT half of /tg/
You pro skub bastards need to just kill yourselves

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Best case: he eats your soul soon.
Worst case, you get to experience the smell of a Furry convention for eternity... because... EXCESS SENSATIONS!

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Define plox

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>surrendering soul to slaanesh
>best case scenario
>worst case scenario
aren't those the same things

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Dude, don't...

Don't get them started.
Fucking Skub-Spammer will just ruin another thread.

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>Half of /tg/ loves /d/
Just half? Everyone reads Oglaf

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Those sound like great odds

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Go home, skub-hater.

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You don't need to be a /d/eviant to enjoy Oglaf.

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Best case: You get 10 full minutes of making out and cuddling with the God(dess) and your get to be a daemon lord

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God, this is why I hate Skub fans. They're always trying to cram their bullshit in every thread whether it's related to the thread or not.

You guys are worse then Sanic fans.

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What's wrong with skub?

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Damn son use the internet, the greatest amount of definitions of objects exist therin.


Also this thread is heretical

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It's fucking terrible. People who like it have only read about. Nobody who has actually used the damn thing is a fan.

For fucks sake people, it's absolute garbage.

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You get fucked

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Gotta go skub

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You anti-skub fags should just shut the fuck up.
skub is great and life without it isnt worth living.

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>it is a good boner

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>Not just going with Nurgle

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The side you should be fuckin supporting!

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Nurgles just a swell guy, a nice kind of father you can talk to.
The diesese don't even affect you

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excess of pleasure
excess of pain

taken to the usually 40K overthetopness

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We does everyone act like daemonettes are hot any way shap or form. We all know they look fucking horrific aside from often having more than 2 boobs.. No slight on the artist though.

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Lucky Fulgrium

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I thought everybody was from that part of /tg/

What makes you special you fucking fag what you think you're better than me?

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You will never be happy again and you death will be a hollow one.

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because nobody cares about canon, not even the people writing it

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They ARE ment hot dude, it's a fucking sex god(dess)
Your image of beauty is just distorted by the media

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let me guess, that's the best case scenario.

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Oh, I imagine it sucks at first, but once you get full plague-marine levels of infection you don't feel pain and from there it's a pretty sweet ride, as far as chaos worshippers go.

Just carry the plagues. No pressure to constantly kill warriors in combat, no chance of Nurgle pulling a magic slot machine and you turn into some pile of inside out anuses, and no chance of randomly becoming a cynobite in a way that sucks.

Clear choice, which is why I was surprised when the /tg/ wiki said he had the lowest fanbase of the chaos gods and maybe even in 40k.

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NO, YOUR image of beauty is distorted by the media

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... so what you're saying is they look beautiful to things in the warp and horrific to things from the material? Does it work the other way around?

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Women with lobster claws and boners ARE beautiful

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My ideal female body type is Kingdom Death Lockman Lee proportions. Fuck the media!

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I like your taste Anon

cheesecake is delicious

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funny, you're mentioning the parts of them I DON'T have a problem with. I'm way more concerned about THOSE GOD DAMN FACES!

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Every time, every time the boner comes out.

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Don't see it, canon says they are even cute

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Boner for the boner god

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I like how both her hands are occupied with holding up those lanterns, leaving me free to do as I please with her body.

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That's the ONLY case scenario.

Slaanesh is about excess. You start off experiencing whole new things, but soon it'll all feel hollow and you need to experience more and greater things to feel anything, until you're a shadow of a man, having to freebase ground up soulstones just to feel normal. You're left with nothing but the sweet embrace of death, but in it you will find only the cold realization your life has been for nothing and all your hopes and dreams were lies told by a bitch queen of the warp to wear you out like a fool.

And I play Slaaneshi armies in 40k and WHFB.

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Dammit OP
Now I need to fap

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Seriously? ... do I blame the writers? I'm just going to blame the writers. It seems to always be a safe bet.

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The writers? Not the sculptors?

It's hard to make a pretty face at that scale.

>> No.25941694

I'd say it makes sense that they'd look however they need to look to do their job

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I need your help fellows, I'm starting an army to praise slaanesh.

new daemonettes, boob daemonettes or "not" daemonettes

or all three?

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New High Elves look pretty good.
Sisters of Battle look good (some people call them manly, but whatever).

But Daemonettes are canonically worse. Even the bug eye grayling look was better.

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I did not delete the quote, now I feel silly.

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You are right but
>GW writers
>GW sculptors
which one would you rather blame shit on?

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This is great. Its like you can see the souls they're torturing.

Reminds me why I pledged my soul to the Emperor. Because he, too, is anti-skub.

Fucking skub.

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GW Price Gougers.

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>no chance of Nurgle pulling a magic slot machine and you turn into some pile of inside out anuses
I'm pretty sure a lot of his blessings function that way.

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Why? It's the truth. My daemonic legion has daemonettes from various editions, as well as a whole load of other GW model (like witch elves and harpies) and 3rd party models. All that fit the bill of a daemonette.

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Then you suggest all three?

Very good, thank you good sir.

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>Nurgle pulling a magic slot machine and you turn into some pile of inside out anuses

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The Big E is pro skub

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I was going for more of a Tzeentch angle there, since his blessings are unpredictable in the aspect you'll either become something totally awesome with void powers and massive pysker ability...or some mindless monstrosity.

Nurgle is pretty straightforward about the whole "You're gonna be a walking bag of festering intestines and pus" thing.

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How does it feel to worship a corpse sitting on a skubless throne?


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I once saw a story from one fan author in the official Black Library Forums that had a scene dealing with this.

A group of dark eldar was attacking an sentient robot (Iron Man) that had survived the first attempt of humanity at warp travel at some point in the Golden (or Dark) Age of Technology.

One of them, a female, the leader of the band, was making all sorts of direct close-range attempts to destroy the automata, but suffered a fatal wound when the machine used its advanced processing capabilities to calculate her next most probable position (based on the analysis of the register of the movements she had performed).

At the moment of her death, she started to feel how her soul was reading itself to transition to the warp... as it were in the process to eventually be reborn. Time seemed to pass more slowly and she felt peace with this event and herself.

And then everything stopped. During some minutes, an intense confusion and sense of something being wrong started to overtook her.

And a voice said, between a cry and an mocking command:

"Let the she-bitch enjoy the pleasures of my domain".

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yeah, yeah. say, do you have any warp dust?

>> No.25941982

Which are going to start leaking out of you.

HEY. I'm not saying papa Nurgle doesn't love you, and I'm not saying that he isn't basically a giant pus filled teddybear.

I'm just saying that if your intestines start leaking out your anus, and everywhere else on your body.... you got off easy.

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WARP DUST? Why would you want THAT? The only people that snort warp dust are heretics...

>> No.25942076

And then she started to hear a hiss, then something boiling, then a song she had never heard.

And on and on all kind of random sounds, both joyful and perverse started to make and entrance.

She was soon surrounded in a cacophony of endless melodies and quick, non-harmonious cracks and voices from all the universe.

Her sanity soon crumbled apart while her soul and consciousness were drowned in this strange sea of sound.

Literally and forever.

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Why would you ever like Skub? Honestly you are pretty fucking stupid if you like Skub.

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So Khorne will make you fight for all eternity against literally everything, until he wants your skull whereupon you'll cease to exist.
Slaanesh will either eat your soul, or rape you into oblivion. Unless Slaanesh is in a bad mood because he's a petulant child, at which point he'll bestow a horrible curse on you that comes with ultimate powers.
Tzeentch will either turn you into something terrible and mindless, or give you ultimate powers. Also probably go mindless soon or go into a permanent altered state.
Nurgle gives you decent powers and makes your body horrific. This is a guarantee.

Nurgle DOES seem to be the best. Unless you like to fight, or live fast and stop existing young.

Or you could do Malal/Malice and get the same thing as Khorne, but without him ever destroying you.
Or the Chaos Order Gods, who make you part of their collective hivemind.

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No, stop asking me that and set up camp for the night you stupid fuck!

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Zuvassin can reverse any change the others have forced upon you. All the people who you hate, you can see their worlds collapse. No contract can hold you, no other can influence you.
Necoho asks nothing of you. Not worship, nor devotion. You are free. Truly free of the burden of religion.
Why do you not worship them already, /tg/?

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Because Necoho doesn't demand it.

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>it's a fucking sex god(dess)


If it helps, John Blanche says the current Daemonettes are pretty much identical to his concept sketches.

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well slaanesh gave me 2 extra cocks... among other things.

I'm happy with my choices.

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>Or you could do Malal/Malice and get the same thing as Khorne, but without him ever destroying you.

What? Malal is the chaos god that embodies the idea that chaos feeds on itself, few are able to serve him because of how he tends to drain them to death, and surviving Malal followers look very pale. He's the chaos god of destroying chaos. You are definitely at risk if you follow him.

>> No.25942244


It doesn't help, because John Blanche's art is shit in terms of being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

>> No.25942285

Seriously, I remeber people praising GW art saying it's better than oldschool D&D art
Blanche draws dogshit

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Yeah, ever since I got a tattoo of Isha on my butt I like, wake up with a bunch of tear gems and junk on my bed and I'm always all like "Sh-yeah, I hit the jackpot with my whole spiritual life and junk". Totally, unbelievably swag.

I like to string them up in little wires with beads on them, they've been selling like hotcakes at my mall kiosk.

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True, but he doesn't seem to consume his followers.
Originally he was planned to have his own Daemons but also to field corrupted versions of the Daemons from the other Chaos Gods, since every battle he fought against them they'd weaken and he'd grow stronger.

That was the grimdarkness of 40k expanded for Daemons. Even THEY have a bad end.

>> No.25942364

>True, but he doesn't seem to consume his followers.

The stated reason he has few followers is precisely because he does consume them, and the survivors are in various degrees of consumption. Shades of Khorne, shades of Nurgle.

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>Sex God(dess)

Noooooope. Pleasure God. Excess Goddess. Deity of Perfection and Desire. Yes, sex comes into it. So does being really goddamn good at making dresses. So does an ice cream on a hot day, or a full roast, drizzled loving with gravy when you're famished. A massage, the thrill of winning a race, etcetera, etcetera. Stop pinholing the most versatile god.

>> No.25942434

Are those his followers, or the Daemons he stole?

>> No.25942451

I always hated how they god grim-washed into blood and gorey themes, and fear, all relams of other gods

>> No.25942473

So does skinning infants and letting them out to die in the streets like animals, and fucking your family, and bathing in excrement from the ass of elves that have been fed a diet of the most expensive foods for decades, and inserting gems into your cock until you manage to make your balls glow different colors when you put a flashlight up to them JUST to use as a party trick to get attention.

Slaanesh is fucked up shit, no fucking limits, everything at a whim and lashing out in far more fucked up ways when something wasn't as fun as you expected.

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>I thought I'd gone to the limits. I hadn't. The Cenobites gave me an experience beyond limits... pain and pleasure, indivisible.

>> No.25942541

And making really fucking exceptional cakes out of pregnant women! There's so much potential in Slaanesh, but nope! Porn for the porn god!

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File: 202 KB, 651x702, john blanche art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hey now.

It may be lacking in much depth and anatomy not to mention being just various shades of tan and brown but damn niggah this is metal as fuck.

>> No.25942557

That's what you get with 40kids.

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>Stop pinholing the most versatile god.


Where have you been, it's over and there is no turning back.

Khonre- Blood and skulls
Nurgle - Plague
Tzeentch - keikaku
Slaanesh - Sex and drugs

>> No.25942574

The mortal followers.

>Malal's worshippers, too, are loathed by other Chaotics; they are outcasts beloved by neither the friends nor enemies of Chaos, dependent upon the least whim of their patron deity. Few men worship such a God; fewer still live long in his service. The bonds that tie master and servant ever drain upon the soul of the warrior, and it is a rare man that can loosen the bonds of Malal once forged.

He's as dangerous as any other chaos god. Khorne may drive you into a crazed rage that causes you to kill your friends, or make you kill yourself, Nurgle rots his own followers, and Malal drains them.

>> No.25942575

What, the cakes or the pornodeity?

>> No.25942576

That scene was literally the only good thing about Hellraiser 5.

>> No.25942581

No, 70s-80s metal art had a weird effect of getting cooler the longer you looked at it
This is the opposite

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File: 1.16 MB, 957x1281, 1373179040382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. But all the movies except the first one are kinda lame and uninspired.

I wonder when Barker will finish The Scarlet Gospel?

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File: 1.20 MB, 2560x1755, hmmar080046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So more like this?

>> No.25942699

That's more Warhammer Fantasy, where Slaanesh actually does shit.

40k just has extremes of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.

>> No.25942705


Seriously? That's just...Gah.

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File: 743 KB, 1360x1850, Heavy Metal v33 003 p031 [2009] (svengali-DCP).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's Reqiuem, one of the biggest things to have ever come out of Heavy Metal Magazine.

>> No.25942754

No, Slaanesh is just as terrifying and quirky as he in WHFB. No one just talk about mundane activities in 40k because that's not grimdark.

>> No.25942765


And also the dumbest, and surprisingly boring on top of it all.

>> No.25942802

Not to mention the scale is much larger, Chaos Gods are only a threat as an invading force and not some afterlife threat really in Fantasy.

You know, unless Isha or Sigmar/Ulfric fuck up and drop your soul in the gutter for Slaanesh to nom.

>> No.25942832

noone seems to have given you an answer yet, so I'll give it to you straight, the worst possible way to give anyone anything.

best case scenario, your soul is subject to unimaginable agonies over a period of several hundred years, your screams slowly changing from shrieks of insane agony to shrieks of insane boredom. the pain no longer hurts, it is simply banal. you have felt everything it is possible to feel and now all that is left is the mad hope you will one day feel something, ANYTHING new.

on the day the last fragment of that hope is burnt out of the grey, tattered mess that was once your soul, the Prince of Pleasure will consume it, consigning everything you have ever been to oblivion.

worst case scenario's basically the same, only because you ate a bunch of souls yourself in life it takes a lot longer.

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File: 874 KB, 1280x862, tumblr_m57gs8faOL1rs6hqwo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The plot is forgetable but the setting and comedy is tons of fun.

>> No.25942949

Wasn't there another series to Requiem, with a femvampire as the main character?

>> No.25943142

Yes. She is pretty much Chaotic Evil Xena.

>> No.25943219

Any chance you know what it's called? Been trying to find it.

>> No.25943363

Best case scenario is you manage to entertain the princess of passion long enough to be granted demonhood and thus immortality as now you are basically part of slaanesh itself and live only for him

worst case scenario the dark prince has grown bored of you and you are fed to daemonettes, first your every orifice will be gangbanged relentlessly for what it will feel as millenia, as your soul tears apart from being thoroughly violated as you experience every emotion from despair and hate to love and ecstasy as intensely as it can be, you will start losing yourself in the experience until you can no longer remember what or who you were as every second of your existence youre craving to be assaulted both physically and emotionally by a horde of thirsting demons until you are obliterated and cease to exist

>> No.25943399

You say it like it's a bad thing
And at the end I go to another universe

>> No.25943443

>You are now in the chaos wastes in WHFB
>'I pledge my soul to you Dark Princess Slaanesh! LETS DO IT AGAIN!'

>> No.25943477



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File: 56 KB, 400x557, beard-championship6[3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who wants a mustache ride?

>> No.25943667

No, no.

FIRST you feel all the pleasure you're capable of feeling. Then you get schooled to feel pain as pleasure, etc. and go through the cycle again.
And again, and again, until all possible pleasure venues have been burned out.

>> No.25943722

>aside from often having more than 2 boobs
Son, I have some terrible news for you.
Daemonewttes only have 1 tit

>> No.25943772

I'd think it counterproductive for demons of pleasure to be standardized.

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File: 1.68 MB, 1000x1000, Eversor x Daemonette.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear, that is the most adorable daemonette.

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File: 238 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_mc2z90jpPx1rgd8vxo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HERESY happens
PURGING ensues

>> No.25944476

that is wrong and you know it

>> No.25944490 [DELETED] 

Ive finally figured it out. Diapers aren't your fetish.

You get off to shitposting.

Which I guess is just another form of a scat fetish like diapers are, so maybe its some kinda multitiered fetish faggotry.

>> No.25944512 [DELETED] 

>like diapers are
diapers aren't a scat fetish, though.

>> No.25944569

And Matthew Ward

>> No.25945053

>tfw no keeper of secerets husbando/waifu to loving read you poems from beyond comprehension

>> No.25945196

Try being an eversor. It worked for >>25943795

>> No.25945215

Well firstly any, and I do mean any body parts that you have that are virginal will be deflowered by Herm or one a high class greater demon. If you're well like mayonaise will be used as lube, or maybe tacks will be used. And then you will like it and all pain and pleasure and sensation will be ONE!

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>Not seeing Slaanesh as a well oiled Catachan on a pallet of Ork Battleforce Boxes with a pack of doublestuff Oreo's covering his huge package with the new Ork codex in his teeth.

>> No.25945526

>well oiled Cata-chan
>covering her huge package
>her teeth


>> No.25945669

>Seeing Slaanesh as 1 catachan
>Not a full squad
And you call us plebs.

>> No.25945687

>a full squad
>not oil wrestling with each other

>> No.25945797

Our favorite futa is pleased

>> No.25945851

>Not cocaine flavored KY JELL-O product

>> No.25945858

Slaanesh is actually my least favorite Chaos God. At least /tg/s interpretation of him, anyways.
And my favorite futa is that blue haired bitch with the delicious brown waifu from that one Real23 comic

>> No.25945874

It's just so fucking SIMPLISTIC.

>> No.25945947

For anyone who wants a more "deep" depiction of Slaanesh, I highly recommend the Tome of Excess. I swear FFG just understands GW's IP more than GW does.

>> No.25945958


That brown kid was too hyper. I prefer the muscle sub lesbo brown chick that he does.

The blue haired chick was hot though.

>> No.25945982

>That brown kid was too hyper.
I thought it was a cute matchup.
>I prefer the muscle sub lesbo brown chick that he does.
No argument there, but neither of them possesses a dick, barring them eligibility for the title Favorite Futa.

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>> No.25946212

Its strange to think that most people probably don't even know that's from perry bible fellowship. Same deal with weaboo.

>> No.25946267

Get out.

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What is strange to think is that these jokes are years old by now, and kids these days don't recognize them.

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File: 92 KB, 340x520, SlaaneshPalace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well. You get what you want, it gets boring, you want more, that gets boring, you want even more, you get even more bored. Slaanesh and his daemonettes constantly taunt and whisper of new vices and excesses with the promise of THIS ONE making you feel alive.

After a few years of this you will be endlessly seeking the next fix, superficially happy as your immortal soul screams in impotent fury at an endless wretched existence of boredom.

Slaanesh is like a heroin addiction. A heroin addict who hate heroin, but takes it just to keep the rats at bay.

>> No.25946538

Get out of here, you fucking Pro Skub faggot.

>> No.25946552

Oh god, the slowly building horror as I realized what exactly I was looking at.

Why is that a thing that exists?

>> No.25946598

dem fuckin' thighs...

>> No.25946762

Metal Glen is why.

>> No.25946799

Huh. Ruby Quest and ponies. In a decent imitation of Weaver's art style, no less.

I guess MLP really does have crossovers with EVERYTHING. I thought I'd seen the limit when I saw MLP/40k.

>> No.25946805

Even Dummythulhu wouldn't cross that line.

>> No.25946831

Weaver is a ponyfag iirc. He likely drew it himself.

>> No.25946899
File: 140 KB, 800x908, 1371461981505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strangely, I've had that image long before MLP got resurrected. Or, at least some iteration of said image. I've lost my HDDs twice since the days of Ruby Quest, so I've had to recollect older material as I've found it.

>> No.25950149
File: 345 KB, 1280x956, reqwall4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Claudia Chevalier Vampire.

I'm not sure it has been translated.

>> No.25950180

>Stop pinholing the most versatile god.
Khorne may be only second to Nurgle as a level-headed god, but he's the most versatile.

Because (Military)SCIENCE is his domain too.

>> No.25950194

Aw fuck. Now I need to read all of this. What Heavy Metal issue should I start in?

>> No.25950208

You're just conditioned by the brainwashing MSM of the crypto-fascist state man

>> No.25950210

>level headed

>> No.25950234

Why would a War God be incompetent at War, anon? And war doesn't cover just killing people, it covers logistics, strategy, engineering and leadership.

>> No.25950242

>Thread about Deity of Excess
>Most excessively crossed-over/spammed IP in recent memory pops up.
I can accept this.

>> No.25950249

Do you see Khornates utilizing these things or do you just see them screaming and charging at the enemy?

>> No.25950264

Yes. Khornates commission from the Dark Mechanicus often, not to mention the Blood Pact are very pragmatic.

>> No.25950269

Well, there's a difference between /d/ and /d/ the board.
It seems to me that there isn't anyone here who dislikes /d/, just people who argue over who likes the better part of /d/.

/d/ is a pretty shitty board, though. In both the content itself and its quality.

>> No.25950350
File: 89 KB, 791x1011, TheWarp'sMagic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>making dress

>what darling creatures, you are. Full of hot sticky, scarlet blood and with such mutable flesh.

>> No.25950460

What you see and what they are, are two different things.

You SEE mindless savages running into battle screaming blood for the blood god and collecting the skulls of the fallen.

What you don't see is the part before that. Working out the battle plan, finding your weakest point, brother slaughterers discussing how best to fell the next beast, in the name of Khorne, or working out the next world to turn into a bloody shrine of battle. Not just any beast or any world will do, it must be strong and healthy... you don't offer paltry sacrifice to a God as ruthless as Khorne and he expects more and better from his chosen few.

When the drop pods land and the bay doors open THAT is when the wild madman shows himself. He carries out his task with ruthless savagery and single minded purpose.

>> No.25950463

Sure they do. They only go full roidrage in the heat of battle. Kharn on the other hand is never idle.

>> No.25950479



>> No.25951970

I don't get it.

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