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The end of the world came just as our family training films had taught us, with atomic fire painting the broad strokes of the four horsemen across the sky. They feared and hated us just as much as we'd planted the seeds of rage in our own people. In the end, the sky was blotted out by clouds that withered our great forests, our cities boiled by the ravaging force of the bombs, and our coastlines devoured. The toxic wind came to settle over us all, a dark cloak of silence that held us in its iron grip for over two centuries.

In what was once the southeastern region of the United States of America, where the bombs fell the thickest, there is now a place known only as The Tangle.

It is a wall of green, standing against the wasteland.

Its waters are dark and turgid, and they hide ancient secrets. Here, the tribes once lived quiet lives hiding from the darkness, as the background radiation begins to wash away in the fog of time, their explorations will inevitably lead them into conflict with each other, with outsiders come to claim the Tangle for the secrets it holds, and with the things that hide in the ever-shrinking shadows still cast by those who once lived here.

Because war? War never changes.

I'm running low on ideas for locations, tg.

What should be in my Fallout map?

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how'd you make that map? it looks awesome, OP.

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dude. that looks freaking awesome. what else can you tell us of this whole thing? Storytime helps spark ideas

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Just off the top of my head there should definitely be something where Birmingham, Mobile, and Redstone Arsenal used to be in Alabama. Mt. Cheha might hold something of interest there as well. Maybe Dothan and Enterprise too, while you're at it.

I did a big writeup of what's left of Birmingham in a thread a ways back, so it might be a bit helpful: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/25019792/#q25021762

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Where's the Lost City of Atlanta, flooded former Transport hub?

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+1 comment on how fucking awesome that map is. And the little write-up is pretty cool too.

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I would guess that's where Hotlanta and Atlantis are.

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Ah. That makes quite a lot of sense.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention. There needs to be a Fallout version of the Magic Kingdoms based around the VaultTech corporation that players can explore. Basically it's Disneyland with guys in Vault-Boy costumes instead of princesses and so forth. The area that used to be the safari park is now overrun by mutated wildlife, the castle at the center of the park sits ontop of a Vault, buried underneath it all is the cryogenically frozen head of Walt VaultTech, etc. And Epcot still sucks.

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that's a rad idea

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There was going to be a Fallout game that took place in Florida and it had deathclaw-esque crocodiles with human intelligence.

Do eet.


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dude. that is an awesome idea. have it in orlando, we'll say disney went bankrupt and that VaultTech bought the amusement park and redesigned it

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Only one vault?

There should be at least six or seven in that large an area.

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Every time I see "the Tangle" my brain wants to say "the Hedge."

Also, shouldn't there be an Air-Force base in Florida?

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Not mine originally. I think it was part of a thread on /b/ or /vg/ where they were discussing the setting of the next Fallout and someone had the same idea as yours (Florida). But yeah, you should totally use it.

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FRAK, why didn't I think of that before I posted?!

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Okay, Mystic Realm Funpark is GO!

Flipping over to label Alabama now, too!

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There is one in homestead which is just south of Miami. There is also another Naval air base in Keywest that might survive the end of days because it is pretty small. Pretty sure it would be nuked into a fine ash if nuke war was to break out.

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>we'll say disney went bankrupt and that VaultTech bought the amusement park

Well, the point is to avoid any actual mention of Disney due to lawsuits but yeah that's the idea.

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Well, Fallout Tactics 2 was going to be set there, and I'll admit, when I heard about mutant alligators, I was kinda up for it.

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well, duh. we'll just make thinly veiled references.

like instead of Mickey Mouse, we have Ronald Rat

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HOLY FUCKWIN, this thread! I would play this in an instant, especially the Disneyland idea. Now pardon me while I steal the living shit out of this idea for a short side-quest in my own campaign.

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Eglin Air Force base in Northwest Florida is the largest military base in the world.

Granted, the vast majority of it is nothing but temperate forest, but still.

I actually live in one of the highest points of Florida (Crestview). During a bad hurricane a few years back, the two main roads in and out of town were completely flooded, and we became an 'island' fucking 50 miles from the nearest ocean. Might be something neat to work in; the Enclave establishes a small base there that's virtually impossible to access due to extremely radioactive rivers flooded over on all sides.

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I'm still trippin balls on these maps

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There's always room for a rebuilt New Orleans, perhaps a flotilla over irradiated waters, that houses some crazy-ass post-apoc Voodoo cult. Or a voodoo cult that sproyted in a vault would be creepy as fuck.

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And his friend Steven Swan? And pet dog Jove, the kid-friendly mascot of Posiedon Energy?

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I forgot about Eglin.

Also added Birming, Red Mountain, and Magic City.

Vault 23
This was once a Vault-Tec control vault, housing their families, friends, and scientists. Experiments with food plants, FEV, and the GECK have lead to this vault becoming overrun with monstrous plants. Thankfully, most of the population was able to escape into the surrounding swamp and they have managed to produce a small settlement using the remains of their equipment – the air conditioning inside some of the adobe buildings is the biggest attraction. The 23ers have a tenuous alliance with the Bonerollers, and sell them water purifiers in return for whatever metal or medicinal plants the rollers can dig up.

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I can see parts of NC are included, and I always wondered what would happen to Venus fly traps (which are a native species) in fallout. Maybe some sort of plant hydra thing.

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Pensacola should be taken over by ghouls and renamed Peniscola.

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>Magic City Ironworks

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"Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly."

Now I'm wondering about the casinos, actually. And dammit, there's this road you can take from the Miami area for those trips to central Florida but I can't remember the name. It's a two-lane road infamous for the lethal head-on collisions its had. I know, not narrowing it down much. I think it had a nickname like "Killer-" something. I remember searchlights going all the time at night in that area, from a casino iirc.

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I have a half deaf aunt who calls it Pepsicola all the time. That one I'd buy way easier.

Also Mobile or something around there. Perhaps there's a local warlord living out of the USS Alabama, working to get the damn thing moving again so he can threaten something around New Orleans or somewhere.

Also, Tuscaloosa and Auburn. Seriously. You could rename them Crimson Hide and Tiger's Den and have roving bands of them running around the state.

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Do you mean Tamiami trail? also known as Highway 41

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>I have a half deaf aunt who calls it Pepsicola all the time. That one I'd buy way easier.

Ah, but the twist is that they're hispanic ghouls! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peniscola

I'm just trying my best to fill in the NWF gap. There's nothing worthwhile here at all (well, maybe Bagdad as a gag fortress for militant Christians) so I'm reeeally reaching to make something interesting.

Also Mobile or something around there. Perhaps there's a local warlord living out of the USS Alabama, working to get the damn thing moving again so he can threaten something around New Orleans or somewhere.

I like this idea a lot.

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No, I just checked and I was thinking of ol' Killer Chrome (or is it spelled with a 'k'?), from which you can see Seminole Casino.

Now I'm wondering about something else, this one from central Florida: what became of The Villages? Most of the Floridians here will know why there is SOOO much comic potential there.

And one more thought: what about all those tabloids who had offices down here (read: every freaking tabloid)? We could have a character or group of characters pulling a Fallout-version Peter Parker, maybe even be muties themselves.

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Yeah, that'd be the Tammy-ammy.

Meanwhile, all aboard the USS Alabama. Watch out for the roving packs of Sporto gangs!

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Put something in for Mobile and Pensacola. Maybe something for Eglin AFB as well. Really liking it overall.

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What about Hurlburt Field? It's a big gunship and special forces station. Maybe Hurl-Butt Field?

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I would like to help add things. But I don't know enough about Southern America that would make me feel comfortable giving advice.

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