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What system would you run a The Dark Tower campaign in?

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Guess newfags didn't get it.

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Savage Worlds

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There's already a Dark Tower RPG supplement for Basic Role Playing. Pretty appropriate given the series' Lovecraftian overtones.

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Dogs in the Vineyard.

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I have no fucking idea; watching this thread with interest as a result.

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I was in a Dogs game. Was good. We stopped because of time conflicts, unfortunately, and now the DM has basically disappeared due to busy.

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How would you run a Dark Tower story, anyhow?
Say you want to be gunslingers, which would entail any and all campaigns would take place pre-fall of gilead unless the campaign was set on another level of the tower or on one of Roland's different repeats of the same fucking quest wherein different shit happened to him .
Maybe you're a vampire hunter like Callahan?
Maybe you want to scrap the serve the White thing and play as the Low Men or Slow Mutants - go full ALL HAIL THE CRIMSON KING up in that bitch.
What other characer classes does the setting afford?

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Any kind of character from any Stephen King book. I played a kid from The Stand who, out of fear, never chose a side. Then in another game I played a criminal on death row with a debt to the guy from Needful Things.

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Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Also, fuck Stephen King for Dark Tower.

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>What system would you run a The Dark Tower campaign in?

I used Dogs in the Vineyard

after already making a series of Call of Cthulhu supplements >>25919788

Sup... Alan?

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And hile to you too, you oversized girl-murdering carney freak.

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But I have a massive hardon for Spellslingers anyway.

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Idea I had: players are a group of bounty hunters hired by Gilead in the latter days of the Affiliation. There's never enough gunslingers to hold back the tide (of course), but back in the time of, say, Roland's dad, there are enough guns to go around that you could pay coin to a decent group of hardcases to hunt down harriers, muties, and monsters from the dark.

Alternatively play as the slow mutant tribe called the Total Hogs, which I always imagined were a mutant mad max biker gang.

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Good guess, mang.

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So I'm gonna guess you aren't a fan of the ending.

How the hell do you get into debt to Leyland Gaunt and NOT die?

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>How the hell do you get into debt to Leyland Gaunt and NOT die?

His debt ended up with him killing the only woman he loved, setting an entire circus train on fire, and being sent to Shawshank to await the death penalty for causing the deaths of quite a few people, including children. Gaunt - before he does his usual vanishing act - told him that he was fated to "ride the lightning."

However he escaped during a prisoner transfer and ended up in Mid-World with the rest of the group. The last thing we got to in game was discovering a working monorail named White Lightning.

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I won't pretend that a lot of that isn't eyerollingly stupid, either. But half the fun of playing a Dark Tower game is mucking around in a Stephen King mashup world. I spent a lot of time considering what books and stories to draw inspiration from. Could I be a runner from Running Man, maybe? Or what about someone from the future world of The Jaunt?

Are Joe Hill's books allowed now that he dropped references to Mid-World in NOS4A2?

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DT has robot Dr. Dooms throwing exploding golden snitches at the townspeople from Magnificent Seven. I don't think that anyone would mind.

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Who was the rest of the party?

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You could probably use any weird west system, OP.

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I keep seeing this, what the hell does it mean?

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Dumb old meme.

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I remember someone did this with Dogs in the Vineyard and it apparently worked.

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Sage because Dark Tower was fucking boring.

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>Who was the rest of the party?

>tfw I made a gigantic list of everyone, everything, everywhen, and everywhere the PCs encountered but no one looks at it


The other characters were/are still holding out hope to resume the game a failed Gunslinger from Gilead (Alan) who waited until the last possible time to attempt and fail his test, ending up broken and sent West where he spent the next couple decades as a harrier. Our party's Roland stand-in; he had the most knowledge of Mid-World things, so he often had the task of explaining things to the outlanders.

Then there's Josef La Roux, who's actually a girl. Sort of a reverse Boy Named Sue situation, where her Gunslinger pappy was none too pleased that his only child was a female (and thus ineligible to become a real Gunslinger). After he died, she took to wandering Mid-World as a meddling do-gooder.

The third character only sort of came from Mid-World. Her name's Uta of River Crossing, but she mostly grew up in the Breaker prison of the Devar-Toi in End-World. Kind of fucked in the head from being kidnapped as a wee sprat and raised in an environment full of self-centered psychics.

Raymond Tucker of Maine you've already met.

Pic related.

It was me! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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I still find it amusing that our extended leave ended with us on a mono.

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Well, by my calculations that still leaves me at least a couple of years before I have to get back to the game.

I think I might have made this exact joke before to you.

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It's possible.

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>that image

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Yes, I have a few good ones.

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Okay, now THAT one is good.

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Dogs in the Vineyard.

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This one is my favorite.

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DitV GM here

Have a 200+ page novel that I made from our game logs.

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This is the epitome of tl;dr.

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Yes. This.

I think there were a few mutie tribes that were supposed to be allied with Gilead and whatnot, too.

Or just be a group that Ka brought together to hold the line on some random level of the tower or random nowhere region. Not necessarily vital to Roland's quest, but if Ka is a wheel and the world will come back again, there's got to be some living things left to greet it when it comes. Help hold off the long night.

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Just came by to post this since you reminded me of it.

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Fun fact. Apparently this is popular in Japan. Taking logs, cleaning them up, and putting them together like that.

Surprised me to find out.


There were definitely muties loyal to Gilead. Roland mentions it.

There are a lot of places in Mid-World to set a campaign. Have your party chasing down a man-that-isn't-a-man trying to uncover an old uranium storehouse and put it to horrible use. Or set the game in and around Lud before the fall. It probably still stood (after a fashion) when Roland was a boy, certainly when his father was young. Remember that a seriously long time passes between when Roland was a boy and when he finally ambles into the desert. I think the revisions implied nearly a century in funky Mid-World time.

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>Remember that a seriously long time passes between when Roland was a boy and when he finally ambles into the desert. I think the revisions implied nearly a century in funky Mid-World time.

Even more passes when the Man in Black gives him the vision at the end of the first book.

>Fun fact. Apparently this is popular in Japan. Taking logs, cleaning them up, and putting them together like that.

Certainly is a thing. What do you think Record of Lodoss War is?

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The Elder Scrolls is spiritually linked to that phenomenon, too.

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>This is the epitome of tl;dr.

Well, you can get all the spoilers at once if you read the Concordance:


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I KNOW you're gonna try and kill us, you dick.

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Just had a thought - what happened to all the trainee gunslingers that failed the test, a la Eldred Jonas?
Some of them went to fight for Farson, but I can't remember if that was the vast majority of them or not. Plenty of scope for some kind of redemption arc there.

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Yeah, a failed gunslinger is simply "sent west." They're a disgrace in everyone's eyes and expected to simply not show up again. I'm sure more than a few off themselves, others probably change their names and try to start life over somewhere. And others become bad men.

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It's one of the main reasons Farson wad so successful. All those embittered killers worked great for his plans.

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See, to me that sounds like there's a lot of potential there. I refuse to believe that every last one of them either became embittered or offed themselves, there's room there for an interesting game that doesn't necessarily have to become WE RAEP GILEAD NAO.

I'm a sucker for characters trying to live up to an unattainable (to them) ideal.

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Some ended up in Farson's armies, many ended up as harriers generally, and others ended up dead (which was probably the intention).

I don't doubt that some stayed at least partially true to the ideals they had failed to reach for as boys, and yeah, you could spin an interesting story out of that. But it's no surprise Farson found many willing anti-Affiliation hands among gunslinger rejects and people tired of having dangerous cast-off killers coming through their towns/

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I can't wait for King's next book. Sequel to The Shining and a creepy group of travelers in RVs who call themselves the True Knot.

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We'll see how Dr. Sleep turns out. Considering how long it's been since he wrote The Shining, we might have a George Lucas effect...

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Bango Skank is still waitin on the Crimson King.

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Speaking of, who WAS Bango Skank?

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Nooooobody knoooows!

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The movie is currently in production.

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I want to see Chris Hemsworth as eddie, for no reason other than see him do a Brooklyn accent.

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...and has been for years. I liked it better when they were talking HBO series.

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Yeah, but as of this May, it might actually have the funding.

>I liked it better when they were talking HBO series.
The plan is still for both?

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Seriously? damn, I'm behind the times. Cast?

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>Chris Hemsworth
>Dat skinny junkie look
If he Bales it, maybe

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>Seriously? damn, I'm behind the times.

I unno.

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Calling it now.

"Mysterious Silicon Valley investor" turns out to be North Central Positronics.

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>Russell Crowe
Y'know what? Nope. Not a good choice. He sometimes seems like he sleepwalks through stuff these days.

If it were, Flagg'd be the good guy. I'm saying Tet Corporation.

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Crowe would be terrible for this. He'd just over act it and fuck up in general.

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Tet Corp is based in NYC.

Besides, "greatest trick the devil ever pulled, etc. etc."

What better way to make people thing you don't exist than to be a character in a movie on Keystone Earth?

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Most important question - who would play pic related?

Am I the only one who thought this was some King-level author insert bullshit?

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Dunno how well DT will translate to the screen. It's just so weird.

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I can't see it being the most faithful adaptation, for that very reason.

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I only read the first few DT comics, but since the movies/ TV show seem to be drawn from the novels only, I don't think it much matters, since she only has a single appearance therein.

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>I only read the first few DT comics
>she only has a single appearance therein.
Read the rest. She has a few more than that.

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I gathered that from your post.

I meant that since she only had a tiny appearance in the novels, she probably won't have a big part in the movies.

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Cry your pardon, I fail at comprehension. I have forgotten the face of my English teacher.

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