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Can I get a surreal monster art thread?

Pic related, but it doesn't have to be from the series.

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Surreal monsters would be nice, I have almost none.

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Hm... did you never thought that a mouth in the arm is pretty unpractical?

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Please don't ban me for this small piece of bare arse!

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>self blowjob
As if, man.

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Not really. Now you can strangle someone and suck their blood at the same time! It's practically Tzimisce 101.

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>sephiroth + wolverine + the question

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But it is also a too much accesible place to be kicked in the teeth. Beside, there are more moves to prevent grapples than to prevent actual bites.

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This thread is only 18 minutes old and it's already drained me of my SAN.

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Dont know that i have much surreal, will just post disturbing ones

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I just spent three hours in deviantart looking for this exact thing, have some of the spoils.

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You might need to define "surreal" a bit better though.

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Well it's an avatar of Y'golonac, I doubt that otherworldly perversities care much about being practical.

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I suppose things that make you go 'what the fuck'.

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Beksinski and Barlowe are a pretty safe bet.

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Oh, well that's pretty easy.

For my game I need shit that's "what the fuck" inducing, legitimately terrifying, and also you can imagine a person slowly turning into it in horrifying detail.

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Hieronymous Bosch it worth a look-see. He was making surreal monsters back in the late 1400's.

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Bosch was the original "dear god what the actual fuck" artist.

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It's not an avatar if it's got a head still.

Probably just a cultist with a few gifts.

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more chimeras please

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I love this kind of alien.

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This is it for me, I'm pretty sure everything else I've got is more "resident evil" than "oh what the actual fuck"

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My dear friend.

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so what does surreal mean? i trust /tg/ more than google

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It looks more like the chitin monster is wearing the dragon like a suit, than a chimera...

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Oh fuck it, you ARE posting from my files.
Even the goddamn filenames are the same.

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fuck, you might be right
still, I want my chimeras
the weirder the better

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First, you shouldn't trust /tg/ that much.
Second, surreal for me is what is beyond the boundaries of reality and a general mind-fuckery.

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I'm not an authority on the subject, so don't take my word for it. But it's pretty much stuff that's absurdly bizarre, that shapes reality in a completely incomprehensible manner just to exist. Stuff like eldritch abominations. The most wicked stuff from your dreams.

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Those fuckers are REAL


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Have had these for a few years. Not sure how old they are anymore.

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Dude, thats is art from System shock! Awesome

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Relevant to this thread:

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Be back in 10.

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Last from my folder.

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>This thread

Well I didn't want to sleep this week anyways

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i remember my pet giant slug like it was yesterday.

poor thing died after i had brought home some pretzels and it got into the bag thinking it was food

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Why fight it

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You can sleep when you're dead.

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Goddammit. I laughed and now I feel really bad about it.

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Personal favorite.

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Muh humble contribooshun.

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Giger comes up with some shit

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More of a Visual metaphor than a monster, but I think it serves it's purpose well in reminding us that the most terrible monsters are aspects of our own darker nature given form.

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It's phalluses.
Phalluses all the way down!

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>not much, just walking my stonefaced hellbeast

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I bet the gems light up when you pet it.

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Another favorite.

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Imagine this mimic appearing when you have a sex fiend in the party

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Dozed off.

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imo eyes kinda ruin the scary aspect of a monster. No eyes make it more scary like Aliens.

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This was one I always thought was cool but not necessarily related to OP's request

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Out of motivation to post more.

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That is some damn nice work on the fur! (unless this is a photograph of model of course)

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I think it's a drawing. I don't know, found it on /tg/ back in like... 2010.

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Don't worry, brothers. Some of us /x/philes still remember the old pacts.

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I feel like if I stare at this for too long I will give myself a panic attack.

Why the fuck are giant pupils so terrifying?

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Moar of this.

I need "photographs" for Delta Green.

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