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It's time for a:

With a reasonable number of Deathguard players on /tg/, it always good to throw around ideas. Khorne and Slaanesh are welcome.

No Tzeentch allowed

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Considering a "It came from the deep" Deathguard army with this nigga as inspiration for my Daemon prince

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I like it

I've started a blog to put my shit on so I don't keep spamming /tg/ with old crap.


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There's a lot more photos from that set. It's quite an impressive army

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Question regarding loadouts

Two squads of Plague marines:

Rest of the army includes, terminators, obliterators and melta bikes and a decimator.

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Took me forever to decide, I gave both my squads plasma in the end. Mainly to soften up for the charge, give them some killing power after their first assault and because by the looks of it, you have vehicle killing power already

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The best answer is always magnets:

Meltas for armour lists
Flamers for horde lists
Plasma for Space marines and the like

but /tg/ hates min/maxing faggots, so i'd say its a toss up between meltas and plasma, if you're rhino-ing in, meltas, if you plan to footslog, plasma

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I'm thinking about picking up a set of these bros for my Khorne Berserkers. Anyone use em before?

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I wish I could say yes, but they're in Possessed tier.

They do look pretty dope however

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>Slaanesh is welcome
So... is it a good idea to take Keeper of Secrets in allied detachment to my Noise Marines/Bikers/Helldrake?

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I think a daemon prince with wings does the job better personally. But yeah, just remember you need to take troop choices for daemons as well

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Speaking of slaaneshi allies, what slaaneshi daemon units are actually decent? Besides daemon prince.

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I use 5 of them in a suicide squad with meltas or flamers. Not really terrible, its just that in FA you have bikes and the GODDAMNED HELLDRAKE so no one picks them if they want to go full competitive. As in my meta thats is not a problem, armies are fun or fluffy and I love those goddamned models, I take them as NL mercenaries in my IW. The NL novels may have anything with my hardon for them...

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The old Daemonettes are pretty cool, but nah, Slaanesh daemons aren't great and tzeentch got nerfed. Dunno, daemons just aren't that competitive.

Do they bring their stupid winds of chaos shit with them when you take them as allies, that crap is 2dumb

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Ideas for converting a decimator daemon engine to nurgle /tg/?

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Just add pus.

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Just need mah demon becouse I like the model/fluff. The hatred on Eldar seems pretty good too. Also: what is the best way to deal with wraithknight? That thing seems very cheesy with T8 and 6 wounds.

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Are you sure you aren't making a Cthulhuguard army? Cause it looks a little like that...

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Seems legit, but I run Emperor's Children/Mono-Slaanesh army so that doesn't work for me.

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Nice, fucking finally

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How popular are DG? Are they FOTM right now?

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best zombies, but so expensive, what do you reckon /tg/, my deathguard are "Fall of Krieg" themed

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Deathguard have been leaders of the chaos codex since 3rd edition

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I always expected the Black Legion to be the most popular, odd

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have a look at deep wars

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Fluff wise, their paint scheme represent chaos undivided or all of the codex, and so are a better face of the Chaos faction. Rules wise, Nurgle has almost always been the bset.

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Are they basically almost unkillable? What other legions are popular?

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there are plenty of sources for "pseudo german" zombies. just google weird world war II

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Generally the most efficient for their points, Plague marines and MoN units in general are at +1T, plague marines have poison attacks, carry defensive and offensive grenades in addition to that.

Slaanesh is also popular, Khorne more so for their fluff and lastly Tzeentch, who is the most situational.

Tzeentch becomes useful on units like Decimators, Terminators and Daemon princes where the +1 to an invulnerable save has the most effect. However, to run a Thousands sons army and win is hard, Rubrick marines are inefficient in almost every situation as their 6+ invuln save is useless as is their Ap3 bolters, similarly (and some might disagree) Khorne Berserkers tend to be reliant entirely on transports surviving and often get focused down too early.

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Id be interested in any good ones that would fit with a 40k army

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Should have specified, but I meant chaos legions in general. Ive always had a soft spot for them but 1k sons seem not worth it to play. Used to play Zerkers like 10 years ago and cant remember, were they always like that?

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Khorne used to be a lot juicier, but if I remember correctly got nerfed pretty hard in 4th. Now with the melee nerf in 6th, there's more reason to run close combat slaanesh or nurgle honestly.

On /tg/, Iron warriors, Deathguard and World eaters or Khorne seem to be the most popular. Theres a couple of TS players, some Emperors Children players. It depends. Theres at least 4 other Deathguard players besides me

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Why tumblr Ghosted?

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I don't do the blogging thing, so I went for what seemed the easiest to put pictures up on and keep the project all together.

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these are the cheapest i can think of atm

westwind also does a spearate head system so you can get heads with gasmasks from them too if you think that's necessary for krieg zombies.

you could also use historical plastics like the one from wargames factory or warlord and use the mantic zombies for conversionsions.
would give you about 40-50 zombies with one box each. would still be much more faily priced than any GW mini

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Im not super concerned about prices, I'd rather have better quality over cheaper or faster, I was thinking about the mantic zombie kit for a base, then getting a few recast Krieg soldiers for parts.

I've got a bit of a to-do list, zombies are next up after zombie horse count-as bikers

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sorry for the fucked up comment. was kind of distracted.

here are WWP zombies with some different heads and with paint.

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Fellow heretics,

I need advice. I have recently renounced to be a mindless lackey of the false corpse-emperor and I embraced mighty Nurgle as my God and my Papa. I show my devotion to Him by not bathing, not brushing my teeth, not cleaning my apartment and by not holding back my flatulence. Ever. What can I do to show my devotion to Papa even more?

Pic related, my room/personal shrine to Lord Nurgle.

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I always though Alpha Legion and Word Bearers were some of the more popular legions, guess not. That is one sexy land raider

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can't find a decent pic but make sure to check out the ├╝bertote from dust as well

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Start festering some corpses and open wounds

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I think you're thinking of warp talons....

Possesed aren't actually that bad this codex.

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I wish the model looked more like this

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>"Run me closer! I want to hit them with my tentacles!"

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Both really, there are cheaper units that do a Possessed squads purpose better, Raptors and Warptalons are outclassed by bikers

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