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That landing-bat paperweight is righteously bitchin' and I want one.

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Those are some quality shackles.

would put in dungeon

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I don't know who you are, op, but I salute you. You are a hero.

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>landing-bat paperweight
No, that's a live bat landing on top of the paperweight.

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Doubly bitchin'.

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oooooo someones been hitting the spice melange too hard.

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Would you look at the time, I was late for purge o'clock!

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I bet she gives killer head.

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Eh, she has no lips, which would make the sucking part quite hard. Maybe the big tongue makes up for it

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An oral handjob then.

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When will you people learn... Ghost chicks are sexy.

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>When will you people realize that robots are erotic!?

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>When will you people learn... Ghost chicks are sexy.
We learned the hard way about that. >>25895226

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Corruption is my fetish.

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You have excellent taste in fetishes.

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What ever happened to that guy who tried to fuck the apparition that was visiting him?

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He's dead.

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Seconded. Shame the good stuff is so hard to find amid all the crap.

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The same can be said of almost all fetishy porn.

For every high quality work of art like OP's pic, there are a thousand sketchy /d/-grade anime pics.

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Pic related.

One can hope he's spending eternity boning his ghostly lover in the afterlife, but I suspect she was actually some sort of unspeakable horror that killed him for lulz and devoured his soul.

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The trouble is, I don't think I've ever even seen anything quite so good as the op. Like, ever.
Ah well, at least there's Fleshcult, that's pretty good.

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That should say "Death is Certain for you!".
He is a wizard after all.

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Your pessimism is unwarranted. Sure anon is dead, but the apparition seemed nice enough.

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She isn't going anywhere. Look at where they put the shackles!

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By the look of it, she has a collar too.

Seems pretty calm about it.

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Makes me wonder what she is that they have to secure her that thoroughly.

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>Makes me wonder what she is that they have to secure her that thoroughly.
Dangerous yet fuckable.

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I'd love to agree with you if she didn't look so completely emotionless. I'm pretty open minded, but anything looking that emotionally dead is a major no-no.

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>Dangerous yet fuckable.
Slimy, yet satisfying.

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Seriously though, all that blood on the wall has to be someone's. Either she's dangerous and it's her captor's, or her captors don't play nice and don't want her escaping. With her hands intact.

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I think she's wounded, she also seems kinda sad.

Then again I'm tired.

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He is missing, assumed dead.

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I felt the same with medusa. I want to help.

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>anything looking that emotionally dead is a major no-no
Well, that's just like your opinion, man.

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It looks humanoid and has the emotions of a fleshlight. Too uncanny valley for me, man.

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Awwwwyeah, unconventionally sexy thread.

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Judging by the blue eyes, its a third vampire in bat form, prepping to join the welcoming orgy.

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