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Are you guys ready for the flood of "I want to do a Pacific Rim rpg, what system should i use?" threads?

July 12

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The thing is, I've always been puzzled how an RPG in this vein WOULD work.

I mean, sure, you can do the battles, but what about in-between? What keeps the game fresh and interesting when the players go back to base after killing the latest monster, and just sit around waiting for the next one?

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I'm ready. My suggestion might be a little weird, but I think it would work. I've done similar things before.
For the human scale stuff, use something like Fate. You're looking for character driven and simple. For the big bots driven by two PCs or a PC and an NPC, use something where you throw a lot of dice. A modified nWoD or Shadowrun system.

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The Aegis Project by John Wick. Lets have a united front. If everyone gives the same answer every time, the threads will die quick

And it's not a troll answer. The system would actually work quite well. The automated generic systems message should be the only other answer.

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That is sort of a dilemma I face as well when trying to do a mecha rpg. It's why i havent tried the battletech rpg yet. Everyone would want to make mechwarriors, and would want a campaign focused on mech action, when i know there is so much potential for roleplaying outside of the cockpit.

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You know, that thing that's the reason it's called a "roleplaying game".

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Yes, WE both know that, but how many players are going to want to do character interaction when they could be fucking things up in their mechs?

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I'd suggest Giant Guardian Generation. It's pretty good.


Can you explain the system a bit? I've heard of John Wick, but I haven't heard The Aegis Project.

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Get better players.

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Just have them read some of the earlier shit, like the Gray Death Legion trilogy or Wolves on the Border. Play up their cockpits as something you don't want to live in. Or hell, don't make them mechwarriors at all. Corporate espionage is one of the most fun things I've ever done in BT, and it didn't have a single 'mech in it.

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Just retool AdEva.

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> implying yakking at each other is better than kicking the shit out of things in mechs
Are you mentally disabled, anon?

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I'm not ready.... I... I think I'm going to need to go lay down

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If you just wanna stomp shit, you might as well fire up Mechwarrior 2 and play a few rounds.

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Ran a Macross campaign at one point, starting from the very first episode, using a retooled star wars D6, with them being Valkyrie pilots and removed Hikaru.

Some tips for engaging the players in between combat.
>getting chewed out by the commander, because she doesn't like it when they are being dangerous
>getting invited out for a party by people they have saved
>visiting wounded squad members/family/friend at the hospital
> figuring out how to be granted permission to join the exploration of a site one or more of the players have a personal connection to, before all hell breaks loose.

and in combat
>the enemy is hacking communication and taunting the players
> later, they have to be the one initiating it and keep it up so that enemy base can be triangulated
> comfort a dying soldier through intercom, even as they retreat from the battlefield

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Sorry but this synced dual pilote stuff is even more retarded than so many thing is is total rule of not-cool.

To me it kills the whole stuff.

Somewhat like those shitty bigass glass helmets in Prometheus (and "scientists" acting like retard children)

what is this thing with retard gimmicks in those "scyfy" hollywood movies ?

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You hate fun

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Looking forward to the movie.

Not looking forward to the threads.

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Even MechaKingGhidorah is a fine better gimmick with a better execution than this doubledick in a crapsack huegbox.

A movie about adeptus titanicus against giant Daemons and Gargants and Gigantyranids would have never sucked that much.

Modern jet fighters in close combat ? what the fuck...

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You're the only retard here.

Read up on neural interface news in the last year. Linking dual inputs for averaging massively boosts performance and reliability.

You're literally denying proven science.

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Monster Island and Escape from Monster Island.

You know, the games built to do kaiju battles?
Just freeform anything that isn't combat.

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Mekton Zeta?....

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The pilots have lives, right? They talk, recovery from injuries... there's fun to be had in shopping trips, lunch dates, talking about their lives before the monsters showed up, talking about the other characters... They could have hobbies. Maybe they share those hobbies to better get to know their pilots. They probably train. Maybe the way they train reveals something about their character.

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I don't know why this seems like a gimmick, it is a pretty sensible concept.

The initial project fielded one pilot in a prototype jaeger, though it was successful the victory cost them their pilots life. The strain of linking with the jaeger causes massive brain trama and equally strenuous mental stress. This is somewhat of a nod to EVA, where most if not all of the child pilots suffered debilitating pts.

To combat this fatal flaw, they divide the robot into two hemispheres and distribute the duties amongst two pilots. Both work in tandem with one another rather than just "I KICK U PUNCH K?"

What part of that doesn't fly with you exactly? Humans melding with machines at all? That is in various stages of development with modern science. One scientist has successfully wired a circuit board to half a mouse brain on wheels - it can preform complex maneuvers needed to traverse intricate mazes.

So, you know, eat shit.

Can't wait for Pac Rim, OP. There is also a future Hero clix line coming out soon, the models look fantastic and might serve you well with your RP

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D10 dice pools, stats are how many dice. Odds fail, evens "bang". Bangs let you tell the story outside of combat, do damage in combat. There is a pool of counters for "camaraderie" you can use to reroll and such,pool is shared by all, g puts more in when PC are roleplaying well and using teamwork.

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Forgot to mention that it takes two to run a mech. In the fluff of the game one is supersoldier clone and the other is A.I., but you could easily refluff into two human pilots if you wanna do Pacific Rim only.

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Any child undergoing what an Eva pilot would do would be traumatized. The Eva pilots are fucked up besides that, though. Eva did have to pilots in one pod for the Gaghiel battle, though. And a synchronized fight against an Angel that could split itself.

Dual sync is no more absurd than, say, two crewmen in a helicopter gunship.

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>I mean, sure, you can do the battles, but what about in-between? What keeps the game fresh and interesting when the players go back to base after killing the latest monster, and just sit around waiting for the next one?

That's easy. The same thing that keeps a mecha show itself interesting when there are no fights going on: good array supporting characters, interesting locations (even if it's just "space outpost") and even politics (whether inter-faction or simply internal) depending on the manner of the story.

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>dividing the workload of piloting a bipedal, humanoid robot in between two different people

Yeah, that's brilliant. It's not like the whole thing falls apart the second they encounter a situation they haven't planned for and they get two different ideas for how to solve the issue but don't have the time to hash it out.
Because that would never happen when you're fighting giant monsters.

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>Dual sync is no more absurd than, say, two crewmen in a helicopter gunship.

Are you fucking retarded? They don't share half the control stick, the copilot does the maintenance while the pilot does the flying.

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Why has Cthulhutech not been mentioned yet?

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The idea is their thoughts link up and therefore their ideas and ways of solving issues link up. The pilots link up with eachother THEN the giant robot. It explains that in the trailer, were you watching the same one i was?


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cuz it's shit?

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To expand on this, CTech is conceptually interesting, but the execution is so thoroughly flawed as to be unbearable.

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Even still, if they had different ideas or ways of solving issues, it would cause hesitation. I have a feeling that will end up being part of the movie. That could be a viable obstacle. 2 pilots that dont trust eachother would have issues with this, causing hesitation in the mech's actions. That's where the pilots need to be able to sync outside and inside a mech. Im pretty sure they would have specific training for these, and not any shmuck could pilot one.

To me the whole 2 pilot sync thing does not seem to be a major issue, and i'm surprised that /tg/ is making a big stink about it over the other huge glaring issue: giant robots this size are impossible with the weight to mass ratio without some super nonexistent alloy.

Seriously, critics of Battletech use that as their goto 'battletech is stupid' argument over anything else, and it's not even being brought up here. Why is that?

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looks awul

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Adeptus Evangelion. Pacific Rim IS a frame for frame rip off.

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>Pacific Rim IS a frame for frame rip off
No it's not.
Pleas stop.
Idiots like you make all Eva fans look stupid.

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Yes, it is. There are scenes that are literally traced over. The director is a weaboo, why would this be a surprise?

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>frame for frame rip off.
of what?
Robot Jox?

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Frame for frame as in some scenes are traces of Eva scenes

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And what would you say to the director not having seen Evangelion? It was in one of the interviews, I think it was the Guardian one, where he mentions that he's a big fan of giant robot and Kaiju material, but one thing he hasn't seen is Evangelion.

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Just stop, dude. I used to enjoy adeva, but you're making me hate it.

And no, its not like you are pointing out the truth, you are just being a douche.

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Hes lying.

>> No.25899585

They are not.

Because Del Toro has never seen Evangelion.

He grew up with stuff like Mazinger and Getter Robo, and the influence of Getter Robo is much stronger than anything else imo.

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>There are scenes that are literally traced over
Point to proof of ONE such scene. The movie ISN'T EVEN OUT YET.
Yes, because it's all a fucking conspiracy. It's not possible that it draws on the same sources as Eva for inspiration, resulting in similarities or anything.

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He's not.

He's basing this stuff off the older shows he actually grew up with. The exact same shows the creators of Evangelion were influenced by.

I bet you're one of those faggots that thought Dredd was totally ripping off Raid: Redemption.

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>hero clix models
>looking fantastic

>> No.25899713

>tfw virtually all sci-fi films are big dumb actionfests
Feels bad, man. Why can't movie sci-fi be more like book sci-fi? Where are my thought-provoking questions, examinations of what it means to be human, and sense of wonder? Why is it all just big robots fighting each other?

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sure they aren't golden daemon quality, and some, maybe most, of heroclix looks like shit, but these are actually quite decent. I left the clix when mage-knight went to 2.0 rules, but this may actually get me back in


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Yeah im surprised to not see that come up too. Maybe because disbelief can only be suspended so far?

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>> No.25899810

You're arguing with someone who probably thinks Eva is the first anime involving giant robots.

>> No.25899827

AdEva is the obvious answer.

>> No.25899832


>mfw people still play that game

>> No.25899916


It really is.

The AT Field thing is a bit of an issue, but other than that is is pretty damn close.

You probably need to make the co-pilots NPCs that become indistinct from the pilot during combat, though. I cant see two players sharing control of an Eva ending well.

>> No.25900002

I've seen threads discussing this recently and the general consensus I've seen is to have the player control one pilot and let the other pilot remain an NPC that essentially acts as a piece of equipment that grows as the PC does.

>> No.25902270

Most of the robot might be comprised of architectural EM fields supporting joints and limb sections. These things have an overclocked nuclear reactor in them right?

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>> No.25902288

our just each player make 2 characters

>> No.25902371

I watched a preview screening last night.

Awesome movie.

>> No.25902389

Run it like AdEva and just use the comrades rules from Only War to do the co-pilots.

>> No.25902417

that's great to hear! i haven't seen it yet, so if you must talk about it, please use spoiler tags

>> No.25902622 [SPOILER] 

>Implying this movie isn't just Over sized Warjacks Doing battle with over-sized Warbeasts

Even if you look at the leaked images of merchandise for the Pacific Rim Minis its obvious.

You now realize this is WarmaHordes the movie

>> No.25902638

No spoiler tags needed really.

All I will say is that it is chock-full of references, tropes and cleches as well as awesome robot fights.
It was everything I hoped it would be.

>> No.25902900

nice. i am excite

>> No.25902966

>one kaiju looks like a warbeast
>no jaegers look like warjacks

But seriously, you're as bad as those THIS IS ADEVA assholes. You could argue warmachine is a kaiju vs robots game, but that would be stupid as well.

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>> No.25903231

it would appear as though you are the one over-reacting....
Seemed like he just wanted to point out the similarity in appearance of one of the monsters from the film to a mini..

>> No.25903311

...do I even want to know?

>> No.25903331

No im pretty sure hes trying to point out that its a warmahordes movie

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>> No.25903869

Finding and maintaining good relations with suppliers -alone- could add a decent chunk of out-of-cockpit action.

>> No.25903941

Man, I still want to run a Zeta game. Wish I could find some decent tools online for making mechs quickly, though. Having some easy to use cheat sheets for damage tracking and the like would be good, too. Streamlining paperwork, basically.

>> No.25903988

Sounds like you need a Solaris Skunkwerks
But, you know, not BattleTech.

>> No.25904200

That would be wonderful...

I have found excel sheets and the like for Mekton Zeta, but all of them were incomplete. Plus a couple of, I believe, java based applications. But all of those were buggy pieces of shit that crashed every five minutes AND were incomplete.

>Let's make this mecha game general.

>> No.25904458

the sculpts look fabulous

I don't care how they're painted because I can fix that, and this is the problem with most clix products.

>> No.25904478


I still have no idea when these were coming out but the release is listed as "summer"

>> No.25904494


We love you, Cherno Bill

>> No.25904501

dat Cherno

man I am so getting the Striker Eureka one

>> No.25904602

I honestly want a complete set.

I have never wanted a complete set of anything for awhile now.

Here's hoping the game is good - otherwise I'm adapting them for MonPoc

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Okay, a few days ago I was one of the guys arguing that the Jaegars are at least a half sensible way to fight Kaiju.

But if the Kaiju blood ruins an area, why do the Australian Jaegars have blades on them?

>> No.25904634

I am so looking forward to seeing Raiju on the big screen. What a simple but awesome design.

>> No.25904648

the blades have giant heating elements along the edge IIRC, so they cauterize the wound as they cut, so no kaiju blue

>> No.25904660

Disarming them before they reach a populated area? I dunno, I imagine they don't want to be fighting anywhere close to the general pop - collateral damage and bio hazards abound.

>> No.25904665

Hey. Hey. Hey. /tg/

I want to do a I'll Form the Head rpg, what system should i use?


>> No.25904734

I wasnt interested during all the monsterocalypse hype, but this may provide a half decent alternative.

>> No.25904789

Monpoc will return someday.
Bigger, Cooler and maybe Better.

Until then, Imma chill on some Pac Rim.

>> No.25904878

I don't know shit about coding, and I'm not that well versed on the mekton's mech creation rules. IIRC it's closest to protomechs or BA.
I really should play a game instead of just reading the book.

>> No.25907810

>To fight monsters we created monsters
God that tagline pisses me off. This isn't Eva. The Jaegers aren't cloned kaiju and they don't go berserk or anything like that. They're no more monstrous than a big tank.

>> No.25907860

>Heroclix Pacific Rim
>Not Monsterocalypse

I hate the world sometimes.

>> No.25908114

I don't know, I'd find a giant robot just as scary as a giant monster if it was doing its all to kill me. Possibly moreso, depending on how the robot is designed and how it's piloted.

>> No.25908487

If the giant robot can't flip out and kill people, it's not a monster. From what I've seen the mechs aren't even remotely sentient, so at best you have "We made really scary vehicles to fight monsters."

Or the far more accurate: "We made massive collateral damage to fight the massive collateral damage."

>> No.25908565

>"We made massive collateral damage to fight the massive collateral damage."

I read that and instantly had flashback to the scene from the trailers where GD uses an oil tanker as a sword..l

>> No.25908803


If we're not talking about MONDOBOT then get out of my face.

>> No.25908808

The russian jaeger is Cherno Bill.

This is indisputable fact.

>> No.25908841

I watched it, managed to score an premiere viewing (from GW of all places too).

I spent most of the night day-dreaming about feilding 3 of these in a 1000pts. Yes, I would be a massive cock, but I would love it.

>> No.25908863

well seeing as its called Cherno Alpha, I don't think they are disputing that

>> No.25908879

Ummm... reading the leaked script it's painfully obvious that at least the screenwriter had such a xbawkshueg hard-on for Eva that he decided to lift several scenes pretty much unaltered and even the characters are mostly copies, although with their genders reversed in most cases.

>> No.25908921

To be honest I never understood why anyone would need a system specifically for mecha. They fight like men and mostly interact with creatures of similar size, so any point-buy system would work.

>> No.25908938

Is Rei the nigger?

>> No.25908959

Wait, trailers here said july 11. What's up?

>> No.25908981

Cirno Alpha?

>> No.25909001

But is it a good Eva movie?

>> No.25909021

It isn't an Eva movie.

>> No.25909032

What went wrong with Cthulhutech? The introduction of the Nazzadi kind of turned me off from the setting somewhat.

>> No.25909037

So...Sims the RPG with a smattering of Monsterapocalypse for the acutal battles?

>> No.25909062

The crunch, of course. It is just a terrible system.

>> No.25909070

But does it have traced-over scenes from the rulebooks?! WE MUST KNOW!

>> No.25909091

>If the giant robot can't flip out and kill people, it's not a monster.
>What is dramatic exaggeration

I bet you rage that the Maus is the largest tank of them all and not a small rodent and the tiger has tracks, not paws.

>> No.25909096

That is because Timmie Burtstone has PP's MonPoc on lock down already. He owns the rights and and making his own movie (presumably).

This was announced a very long time ago, yet no news had surfaced for quite some time, but Mon Poc production came to a grinding hault. When asked to comment on it, PP said that they're not dropping support on the game AT ALL but in fact the IP is being held up in the air until the release of this movie.

Further down the line it was discovered that we have heard nothing about the movie because a very similar plot had surfaced (Pac Rim) of giant Monsues fighting Rowbats - So the word out now is that Monsterpocalypse has been put on ICE until they ascertain how successful Pacific Rim will be.

Meanwhile, Deltoro approached Wizkidz because there was no other clear alternative now that Privateer Press is wed to Tim Tim Burtron.

HOWEVER a sourceless anon just commented the other day he heard rumblings from PP that they will be relaunching Monpoc just after the release of Pacific Rim anyways because they have a giant warehouse full of product on ice they want to sell, so who knows about the damn movie anymore. Or you know, they were talking out of there ass, as I've tried hard not to.

>> No.25909101

>nod to Eva

Except the reasons, the causes and the effects in Eva are completely different in every single way, shape and form?

"Losing their shit for piloting the special prototype mecha" is one of the oldest tropes in the genre dude.

>> No.25909109

they mean midnight on the 11th, so they're idiots because that's really the 12th.

>> No.25909118

But EVA did it first.

>> No.25909119

As someone who actually read the script you are full of it.

>> No.25909130

fuck you and the hole you crawled out of

>> No.25909131

Eva came before Gundam Z apparently.

>> No.25909135

No, Mazinger Z did it earlier. Trust me, I read the original comic.

>> No.25909138

1/10 just for making me respond.

>> No.25909142

there were 3 different leaked draft scripts, none of which contributed to the final script & screenplay

>> No.25909147

But having the mecha directly interface with your brain isn't.

Apart from the sooper scary shit happening to the Evapilots - you recall when their eva's arm broke, they felt their arm break.

>> No.25909149

It's a shame Cherno dies.... I hope he doesn't go down without a fight

>> No.25909161

I would tell you to go spend time on /m/, but I don't want to inflict your ignorance on them.

>> No.25909165

You are lies and faget

I like fun.

>> No.25909179

Rather than act like you belong to the prestigious club that knows it all - how about you actually produce some examples to support your argument?

>> No.25909207

because this is a summer block buster honestly I think this movie would suit war gaming better than RP

I would recommend Mobile Frame Zero. and just call the systems sensors and weapons on the monster frames diferent monstery names or just call them by the color dice value they have. Making monsters out of lego is easy as well.. and there are some pretty cool ones already made. and the Mobile Frame Zero chub is already a lot like the robots from P RIm.

Advanced Eva could be good but does the movie have the story depth to support it ? and does Advanced Eva have rules for having 2 pilots at once? if not I would prob go with MF0

Its a blockbuster yo GET IT

>> No.25909213

And why should I hand out examples when you have the tools to do so yourself?

>> No.25909219

>You're wrong
>You should go to X
>No wait, you're so wrong don't go to X
>never explains why I'm wrong

You're a huge tool, you know that?

>> No.25909241

Yeaaaah, naaa you're a cunt m8

>> No.25909244


Not that guy, but off the top of my head Exo Squad, G Gundam, Macross Plus, Gun X Sword. There are a more that I'm doubtful of that I'd have to go double check.

>> No.25909260

I suplex you into a Nuclear Powerplant and two of my Spikasaurs.

>> No.25909262

Space Runaway Ideon is also worth a watch.

>> No.25909289


Was Ideon piloted? I thought it was semi-sentient on its own or something, hence its legendary [spoilerBLOW UP THE UNIVERSE[/spoiler] ending.

>> No.25909304


This chart can create a backlog of its own.

>> No.25909313

The Ideon was piloted IIRC.

>> No.25909323

>you will never play monsterpocalypse with anyone ever again

>> No.25909344

>Seemed like he just wanted to point out the similarity in appearance of one of the monsters from the film to a mini..
Which, if they didn't look like the generic monsters from every Toho/Gamera/Ultraman movie ever, might be something. As it is, it's like pointing out that Zerg and Tyrannid's look a lot like the xenomorphs from Aliens....

Also, does anyone actually care about Pacific Rim? It strikes me as being a direct-to-DVD knockoff quality film. You know, the way Transformers came out and a a month later "Transmorphers" appeared on Blockbuster shelves. It's like they heard somebody was doing a kaiju film and rushed to put out a competitor -- the way White House Down/Olypmus has Fallen came out a similar times, or Antz was greenlit because Disney had A Bug's Life coming out, and so on. This feels like a rush to get out a competitor to a movie that never ending up being released.

>> No.25909373

Kanye West loved it, and said it was already one of his favorite movies of all time, if that means anything.

Variety, possibly backed by Hollywood companies magazine has been trying to sabotage it for weeks.

And the direct-to-dvd knock off is the Asylum's "Atlantic Rim" which is hilarious.

>> No.25909390

MonPoc will Rise once again.

You'll see.

>> No.25909397

Who cares about Kanye West?

>> No.25909410

Nice attempt at baiting, but I'm not going to bite.

>> No.25909419


It's getting pretty good reviews, and I love Guillermo del Toro. Also, Neil Gaiman thought it was great.

>> No.25909423

I do, if only because I'm convinced he's never actually serious about his music and career.
I know my opinion is worthless

>> No.25909451


And Hideo Kojima.

>> No.25909460


>> No.25909464

Oh lawl thanks for telling me about this. It's like Hero Factory facing off against Mexico Knockoff Monsters

>does anyone actually care about Pacific Rim?

First of all yes, there are lots of us in this thread. Second of all, why is there so much hate for a movie that isn't even out yet??

Do you people seriously just want shitty Man of Steel and the Heat movies all summer long with no giant monster movies?

Its like half the internet decided the boycott this shit for NO RAISIN. I'm started to suspect the worst kind of Eva fans because "muh traced seens"

>> No.25909470

forgot my pic

>> No.25909471

Wait, there's a Break Blade anime now? Since when? I remember reading the manga back when nobody knew what the fuck it was, but I lost track of it when the site I was reading it on went down. (Apparently permanently, since I stopped checking after a few weeks.)

Was pretty good shit. Good enough to point it out to all of my friends. All three of them.

>> No.25909498

>Why is there so much hate for a movie that isn't even out yet?
Bay's Transformers have ruined all hopes of movies mainly about big robotic things being good.

>> No.25909512


From his twitter account

>> No.25909534

Page one of /v/

>> No.25909539


And Edgar Wright.

>> No.25909540

Eva and TTGL get flak on /a/ and /m/ because of the fans who think they created the genre, or they are the end-all be-all of the genre.

In this case it's overzealous Eva fans, who've probably only seen that.

To be honest I liked RahXephon better, but that's just me.

>> No.25909548

I have a question for you, /tg/. 3D or no?

>> No.25909552

There's some worry that Kojima using "otaku" may kill off normals interest in the movie because of the negative connotations the term still has over there. Though I doubt that will happen though because of how excited Japan seems to have been for this.

>> No.25909553

Meh, they met my expectations, since I wanted to see big robots blowing things up.

When I used to play with Transformers I went all *BOOM* *CLANG* *CRASH* and didn't engage in deep monologues about how the world is shit and life is hard.

What was people expecting from a huge robots movie?

>> No.25909572

I prefer not seeing movies in 3D.

>> No.25909578

If the 3d is good, go for it, if it's been added as an after thought, avoid

>> No.25909580

Except people like Eva because it completely deconstructs mecha series.
The mecha series out before (Gundam mainly) were for children. There's nothing wrong with that, but thinking it's still good when you're older than say, 18, means you're a retard.

>> No.25909583

GOOD 3D is acceptable. 3D just so they can say "IN 3D!" in ads? The kind of 3D that adds nothing to the experience and actually damages the quality of the video? Drag whoever made that decision out into the street and beat them with a sack of frozen oranges.

I'm not anti-3D, I just hate it that the majority of movies use it as stupid ploy to make more money instead of actually using it to flesh out the experience.

Also, I hate it when movies are only available in 3D. If I've got to risk a migraine just to watch your movie, it damn well better be worth the hours of pain I'll be feeling later.

>> No.25909585

RahXephon was pretty good, I'll give you that.

If I took my nostalgia goggles off I'd say I liked it better, but I did slave away over bloody exacto knives and thick testers paintpots to painstakingly construct the Eva Bandai kits with my only other modeling experience being Zoids. Had that been RahXephon then I'd say it earns that spot on my proverbial shelf.

>> No.25909592

Made me laugh

>> No.25909593

This was filmed in 3D, so I would say its the rare time where you should really see it in 3D.

I personally cannot wait, I am so hype for this movie.

>> No.25909600

RahXephon was excellent. The original EVA was groundbreaking and something completely new at the time. RahXephon was overall a better quality version of the same thing but wasn't original in the way EVA was.

>> No.25909609

If you expect Del Toro to pull a Bay then you honestly don't know this beautiful man very well.

>> No.25909612

Really? Then I might consider watching it in 3d, I never had problems doing that, head ache-wise

>> No.25909614

Except Space Runaway Ideon did that first. And Gundam wasn't just a children's show. And if you think mecha was only for children until Eva, then you never saw Patlabor or VOTOMS.

>> No.25909619

My word, that gave me a chuckle.

>> No.25909627

I'm personally optimistic and know that Del Toro isn't an idiot who relies on cursing and explosions.

>> No.25909628

I like to hear this. Opening Night ticket ordered.

>> No.25909646

I'm hoping to do the same as well, I would've gotten them by now if the damned Cinemark website didn't keep giving me trouble. I'm probably going to just order in person from the theatre if they haven't sold out yet.

>> No.25909649

but thus isn't being directed by bay. it's being done by gillermodeltorohoweveritsspelled.

if it was a bay movie i would be like "meh, maybe I'll see it when it's out on DVD"

but because it's actually being done by a half decent director, I'm like "opening night motherfucker!"

>> No.25909660

>> No.25909666

I know it's being done by Del Toro, but do you think the average person would know who that was or just go "Wow big machines fighting big monsters!"?

>> No.25909678

Now that you mention it, yeah... Besides, saves the extra few bucks on convenience fees. 10 pm, Thursday. It's game time.

>> No.25909679


Gundam was not really a children's show, true. Lots of people jump to that conclusion, however, because Gundam was a toy commercial.

That part is stone cold fact, to the point that the mobile suits were intentionally designed to be easily marketed as toys, and whole major plot elements were killed or re-written because it was feared they would damage toy sales (for example: the GMs from the show were originally going to be mass produced gundams, exactly as good as the original in every way. But that meant that the Gundam would no longer be special and heroic, so that idea was scrapped. Similarly, in the original drafts Amuro was supposed to die halfway through and Char would defect to White Base and become the new Gundam pilot. But this would mean that the Gundam lost a major battle and failed its pilot... etc)

The difference is that, to us, toy commercials are naturally assumed to be aimed at kids. In Japan, that is not the case.

Understandable mistake on their part, wrong though it may be.

>> No.25909689

It doesn't matter for me, so long as it makes the movie financially successful. Though I'm hoping it leads to a mecha revival in America.

>> No.25909695

I've never heard that before.
Instead, I heard something about the conversion process taking several times longer than usual because Del Toro didn't want half-assed 3D.

So until I can find a source which confirms this one way or another, I'll have to doubt that statement.

>> No.25909696

I'm seeing it at IMAX this friday, can't fucking wait

>> No.25909699

Bay raped Megatron
I'll never see another bayfilm again.
Seeing that movie drunk opening night and heckling the shit out of it was some of the best times of my life.

My friend kept asking me transformer related questions because he knows nothing of the source material, and loudly. I would say "what a pile of shit" every 10 minutes. The part where Ironhide gets dropped I threw my hands up in the air and made a farting sound. Meanwhile, the mexicunt family sitting next to me kept asking me to quiet down but "no espeakie spani"

I'm so amazed we weren't thrown out, but I honestly believe we enriched the audiences experience that night.

>> No.25909701

>I'm hoping it leads to a mecha revival in America
We all do, man. We all do.

>> No.25909704

the latter of course. but again he is the reason why I'M going. i don't give a Shit about anyone else.

>> No.25909721

Since this is coming out, that means Del Toro is hard at work on At the Mountains of Madness.

…r-right, /tg/?

>> No.25909722

It would, only Del Toro made Pan's Labyrinth which is critically acclaimed and has gained him a reputation for superb creature effects.

Do I expect average people to look up information about films before seeing them? Yes - it would make the industry a better place.

>> No.25909725

> Talking in movie theaters

You, sir, are a blight.

>> No.25909729

maybe a battletech movie....

>> No.25909749

But this isn't a Bay film.

>> No.25909752

I was fighting cancer with cancer that night.

>> No.25909758


We will probably get a Robotech live action movie at some point.

It isn't the Macross movie we deserve, but it is the one we will have to live with.

>> No.25909760

I know, I was just speaking ill of bay for the guy who said "this looks bay-like in appearance"

>> No.25909762

I'm looking forward to people calling out attacks from mecha series at the premier on Thursday.

>> No.25909772

Hey, at least it was shitspeaking during a bad film. Not like he was talking during a good movie

>> No.25909773

You're going to special hell, you know that? Right?

>> No.25909826


No, you were making sure that everyone else was as unhappy as you were.

If you can't have fun, NO ONE deserves to have fun. Worse yet, you went to that movie knowing in advance this was going to happen and willfully decided not to avoid it.

You are a genuinely terrible person. You are, in fact, fractally bad. Not only are you terrible, but every part of you is, on closer inspection, exactly as terrible as the bigger picture.

In a way, you are a marvel of engineering.

>> No.25909867

I'm kind of agreeing with this guy.

If i was in the theater with you that night, i would have found you an approached you about it. Told you what kind of an asshole you were. Sure the movie was shit, but some people genuinely enjoyed it, and none of us have the right to impede on that.

You werent making it better for everyone you, dilusional idiot.

>> No.25909907

ha, the last time I heard about someone doing what this cunt did in an American cinema was on the news, reporting the arrest of a large black woman who put the 'talker' in hospital by throwing a brick at him and cracking his skull open.

Things like that should happen more often.

>> No.25909937

Will there ever be Hellboy 3?

>> No.25909967

Wasn't Helloby 2 back in 2008?

>> No.25909981


>> No.25910001

this x1,000,000

Del toro was working on At The Mountains of Madness but was told it would be overbudget wouldnt make enough money.

>tfw it was going to be a major film
>tfw Tom cruise was to star in it
>tfw no face

>> No.25910034

here's a face

>> No.25910063

Well Prometheus bombed, so hopefully.
The reason he iced (hopefully not just completely canned) it in the first place was because that was coming out and producers felt the premise was too similar. But now that Scott shat on his own franchise and nobody was happy about that, we may get a Mountains movie. Yay.

>> No.25910078

>Tom Cruise
Oh, good thing it wasn't made. He's an avarage actor at best.

>> No.25910082

Not to mention the studio had OUTLANDISH requests like "A love interest" and "A happy ending"

>> No.25910104

It was a variety of factors.

First off, despite the big names (James Cameron, Tom Cruise),after the Wolfman remake flopped, that was taken as a sign that there was no market for gothic horror, so Universal wanted to make sure it had more widespread appeal so they wanted a pg-13 rating, a romance sub-plot, and probably most horrific, a happy ending.

Del Toro wanted an R rating, and true Lovecraft film, and thus told them to fuck off and started looking for other sponsors. Then Prometheus got it's engines revving and killed off AtMoM because of worries of being accused of being Prometheus rip-off.

No hard feelings against Prometheus, and I seem to be the only one on 4chan that actually enjoyed that despite it's flaws but....


>> No.25910110

Prometheus made 400 million on a 200 million budget, it did fine.

>> No.25910169

For hollywood, making the double of the budget of the film is a complete flop.

Quite often, because marketing, distribution and stuff increases the cost way above filming itself, so even in those cases, doubling the budget leaves a minimal profit.

>> No.25910186

Bombed wasnt the right word. Did not meet expectations of marketing would be more accurate.

>> No.25910249

You're looking for "intra-faction". "Inter-faction" is the same as "internal".


>> No.25910288

Did you even read your own link?

>The prefix inter- means between or among. The prefix intra- means within.

>> No.25910396

I'm more surprised about the lack of The Last Of Us.

>> No.25910427

Because the game was boring and the characters anno - AAAUGH I'VE GOT /V/ IN ME

>> No.25910440

>I've got /v/ in me
It's /v/'s flavor of the month

>> No.25910461 [SPOILER] 

Worry not, because there is still an option left for you to fix this.

>> No.25910465

Then /v/ does have a residual sense of taste?

>> No.25910503

Son, BattleTech did neural interface before Eva.

>> No.25910514

Considering how aggressively it was marketed I'd be surprised if it had less than a 100 million marketing budget. It didn't flop, but it didn't make anywhere near their expected return.

>> No.25910517

/v/'s flavour of the month quickly becomes /v/'s favourite punching bag. All it takes is Anonymous realising that they're all praising the same game at once for them to suddenly hate it.

>> No.25910546

I've only seen /v/ hating it, unless you're taking troll threads like "so you like fun? I prefer ART" seriously.

It's likely due to The Last of Us being a fairly standard zombie survival game, at least as far as setting goes. Any game that can run zombies can run The Last of Us.

>> No.25910658

It's also full of awful fetish shit. The fluff writer is clearly a That Guy.

>> No.25910678

>Variety, possibly backed by Hollywood companies magazine has been trying to sabotage it for weeks.

What? Why would they sabotage a film that actually is, you know, good?

>> No.25910696

It's good.

>> No.25910729

The fact that there is always an entity that has a vendetta against anything good.

>> No.25910845

>Tin foil hat

Warner is going to have meetings with legendary, something about negotiating their commercial relationship and contracts.

Legendary put a lot of money on this film, so the entire future of the studio is on the table. If flops, legendary will take heavy losses and warner will have the upper hand on the negotiations, so they can buy the studio for peanuts. So, probably, warner is trying to move his influences to bash pacific rim in order to get said advantage, hence variety MUST talk shit about pacific rim. As example, his critic, Justin something, wrote:

> Viewers with less of an appetite for nonstop destruction should brace themselves for the squarest, clunkiest and certainly loudest movie of director Guillermo del Toro’s career, a crushed-metal orgy that plays like an extended 3D episode of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” on very expensive acid.

>> No.25910856

Just thought I'd leave this here

>> No.25910878


>> No.25910879

>Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” on very expensive acid

I think that would make people want to see it more.

>> No.25910931

Actually the Mountians movie being canceled had nothing to do with Prometheus. The execs specifically did it because they were not willing to waste money on another "nerd" film after Scott Pilgrim bombed. Last I heard Del toro was still looking for someone to pick up the Mountains movie, but was having no luck. Hopefully if Pascific Rim is successful then movie studios will throw enough money at him to get it made.

>> No.25911026

>Any game that can run zombies can run The Last of Us
I was thinking modified GUMSHOE, so there is a depleting resource of points. Possibly even change the "cheap" option by character, but then it will quickly be min-maxed by enough players.

>> No.25911099

She only did it because he was so loud, she couldn't hear herself randomly yelling at the screen.

>> No.25911241


I have literally no idea why there are so many "experts" who think this film will do poorly.

>> No.25911325


Think of it this way...

If you say a movie is going to be shit and it turns out awesome, you can later claim to be pleasantly surprised by it and still sound smart.

If you claim a movie is going to be good and it turns out awesome, no one remembers you at all.

If you claim a movie is going to be awesome and it turns out shit, you are no longer a trustworthy source. You had one job.

If you claim a movie is going to be shit, and it turns out to be shit, you fucking called it.

If you are a professional expert, it pays real world dollars to be vocally pessimistic.

>> No.25911412

The final screenplay may be different to some extent, but some elements of the drafts seem to have survived. Several shots of the trailers (most notably the sparring scene) at least fit pretty well the scenes of the script. The only glaring difference is that the fighter-style Jäger cockpits are replaced with Mecha Mecha Revolution.

Even the line "Today, we cancel the Apocalypse!" is straight from the version I read. Except that the speech in the version I read is given by the not-Gendo in charge of the Jäger program, instead of the not-Misato nigra who's just the field commander.

>> No.25911943

Oh god I really hope we see atleast a Hellboy 3.

I need my Lobster Johnson Bruce Campbell- I NEED IT

>> No.25912137 [SPOILER] 

>I seem to be the only one on 4chin that actually enjoyed that
You're not alone, man.

Even though I enjoyed it, I hate Prometheus for one reason.

Not the stupid plot, bad acting or horrible plot; it was this simple: where was THAT FUCKING NOISE?

You know, THE NOISE they blared during every mentioning of Prometheus? The one that rattles you to your very core? I downloaded that damn noise as an alarm ringer, it was labeled "Prometheus alert" It sure as shit sounded like some kind of distress or red alert.

Start at 1:40


It gets my blood boiling listening to it even today. This noise is beautiful, it's elegant, its chilling and terrorizing. I fucking love that noise, and it's clear no one else game a SHIT about that noise... because where was it? Not anywhere in that fucking horrible disappointment that encased some amazing conceptual design and stunning effects.

I waited so patiently for that goddamn noise... I wish I never heard that noise.

Oh and fuck this thing to fucking fuck.

>> No.25912220

Sensible movie discussion on /tg/

who knew?

>> No.25912244

I think that sound was the alarm from the first Alien film. When Ripley blows up the ship.

>> No.25912263

Holy shit... I am going to have to look into that.

Still, I needed that sound in the film after it single handedly got me so bent out of shape before the movie. I had a fever, and the only prescription was THAT NOISE.

>> No.25912273

Where else would you have one on 4chan?

>> No.25912297

you know that bruce is like OLD now?

>> No.25912305

Between the 5 to 8 daily quests and the "I wanna make an rpg about my dick" nothing's gonna change

>> No.25912326

Yeah, I worked in a small movie theater when the trailers were out and you could hear that shit blare through the entire lobby. It was so hype.

>> No.25912435



>> No.25912448

I don't know, man. I've seen 'reviews' where they tell you why you're stupid for not liking Prometheus, but goddamn if that movie wasn't making me groan.

The problem isn't plotholes. It's that it was by the numbers, and unengaging enough that you had plenty of brainspace left to pick at everything appearing on screen.

>> No.25912456

use 4th edition and just refluff everything

>> No.25912475

fucking this, the movie actually let me think about what was happening in real time, worst thing a movie can do

>> No.25912564


You're living in a dream. Everyone I know who'd seen even extracts from Eva used to make music videos recognized it. This shit reeks of Eva.

But, whatever, it has plenty of other flaws. It also reeks of Transformers. It looks like another movie cranked out because that giant robot CGI can just be used over, and over again. The trailer is even shit full of what I can only describe as "That Transformers sound", which seems to be showing up a lot in anything with big city destroying scenes and giant anything.

It looks like Bayshit. It sounds like Bayshit. I figured it was another excuse for hollywood to call out the giant shitting looking robot CGI squad to destroy another city with the Destroy another not-new-york CGI squad. I appreciate those effects looked neat, but I've seen them enough times now.

>> No.25912591

Just stop, that discussion is over

>> No.25912685

Yes, sir. Clearly it's over.
That guy clearly wasn't still referencing it being an Eva ripoff.

>> No.25912701

>cristina eerie 3 days ago
>One of the best movies ever!Too bad people are so dumb!Nowadays nudity it's more appreciated than those kind of movies.

Holy fucking shit, there are people who actually think that Prometheus is a good movie?

>> No.25912722

Which conversation is over?

That it's a poor quality respray of Eva?

That it's badly lit, shakey-cam reshoot of Transformers?

That it may be something entirely new, but it's been stitched and glued together visibly with the bits of other recent CGI films like a hollywood flesh golem?

>> No.25912748


>> No.25912772

>That it's a poor quality respray of Eva?
Eva is pretentious garbage. Sorry to burst your bubble.

>That it's badly lit, shakey-cam reshoot of Transformers?
The trailers looks well-lit and stably-shot, I don't know where' you're getting this. And not everything with robots in it is Transformers. By that logic, your precious Evangelion is a Transformers ripoff because it also features alien robots.

>That it may be something entirely new, but it's been stitched and glued together visibly with the bits of other recent CGI films like a hollywood flesh golem?
So using the tropes that define a genre makes something a ripoff? I guess pic related is a ripoff of earlier westerns because it takes place in a desert, and the protagonist wears a cowboy hat and shoots guns.

>> No.25912773

Mostly that GDT knows his stuff and does right by his fans, actually.
And that multi-piloting is best with an NPC.

>> No.25912777

The thing is, no one should be claiming anything is shit before they've seen it.

And then after they've seen it, they should be touting opinions, not things that people take as fact.

Instead of saying "this film was x y z and if you like it you're a fucking pleb and should be removed from the gene pool", they should be saying "I personally found this film was x y z, but others may like it for a b c."

>> No.25912795

no the argument that you just being a douche and not even giving the movie a chance before you've even seen it

sure is /tv/ I'm here

>> No.25912808


Again, while people with little to no knowledge of mecha anime immediately scream "EVA" when they see this, any one who has explored beyond that can see that it draws inspiration from multiple, older and more archetypal mecha animes.

>> No.25912833

Honestly, despite what may or may not be true about any of those statements, I just hope that it does well at the box office so we get more like it. I miss giant monster and robot flicks, I think it would be completely bitchin' to have some giant mecha, kaiju, or, y'know, both, start coming out of Hollywood.

>> No.25912859

You got more replies than I thought, 5/10, you show potential

>> No.25912862

>So using the tropes that define a genre makes something a ripoff? I guess pic related is a ripoff of earlier westerns because it takes place in a desert, and the protagonist wears a cowboy hat and shoots guns.

No, I meant really, literally. It's visuals look like they could be reworked unused CGI from Transformers, and every other film to have recently destroyed a major city in a big fight scene. Ditto, the sound.

>> No.25912883

>It's visuals look like they could be reworked unused CGI from Transformers
I'm sorry, what
Transformers were samey lumps of mechanical vomit.
Jags are visually unique, and definitely NOT overcomplex like transformers were.

>> No.25912901

You also called it a respray of EVA, which makes your little comparison there complete shit.

>> No.25912905

I like to think that it's one anon who's really a News executive. Every time he sees them agreeing he thinks "oh god their agreeing with each other! I must stop this before the world dies!"

>> No.25912924

In the end, I'm going to go see it. I've got huge theater near my house, and I end up seeing even things that I'm sure will be trash.

I'm less sure this will suck the sweat from a dead man's ball than I was before I started reading this thread, but I'm far from sure.

This reads like my reaction to the trailer I saw before Man of Steel.

>oh, shit. Is this some Eva?
>Nah, it's another Transformers-thing.
>Wat. DDR-Voltron?
>Wow, a study in CGI, "From Cloverfield to Today!"

>> No.25913038

Things to watch out for when arguing with someone:

They never introduce anything new to the argument, instead they simply repeat what they initially asserted.

There are no specific examples present. They expect you to know because, hell, "it's so obvious".

They seem to have a sense of smug, self satisfaction that they are in the minority, as if they feel more special and enlightened the more people disagree with them.

They are obviously from /tv/.

They are obviously from /lit/.

The implicit "fact" that popular = bad. CGI = bad. Anything non-traditional = bad. Unlike normal people, they don't throw in shades of grey. They see in absolutes.

Overuse of reaction images; this tends to occur when they clearly have nothing else to do other than parrot their previous opinions and act condescending to detractors.

>> No.25913346

How come I keep hearing the same argument over and over that this looks like a bayformers movie.

Did you even watch a Bay film? His concepts were a fucking mess and visually unappealing. My favorite review I read awhile back had this to say: "It was like a twister blew through a scrapyard and shit out these mish-mash abominations."

Here's a side by side comparison of real concept art (read not cherry picked promo shots)

They're dramatically different from one another, I can tell actually see what the individual parts are that make up that Jaeger, and on the left all I see is a network of messy edges and pokey bits - his transformation was even WORSE

How are these at all alike? This argument is sounding like a bunch of close-minded children who are hellbent on sullying movie before others get the chance to decide for themselves if its good or not.

>> No.25913427

Christ, now I remember why I can't remember Transformers very well. How the hell does that thing even move?

>> No.25913428

People are looking for any reason to hate it, because hating things makes you look smart.

>> No.25913450

May I ask who the fuck cares about how an alien robot moves?

>> No.25913462

They moves very intricately with lots of zoom in and slomo

>> No.25913469

>hating things makes you look smart
No, no it fucking doesn't. Hate is the domain of the stupid. Insulting things creatively, while disliking them, that can be funny, but it's rarely intelligent.

It's a robot, I work in robotics, I want to know how the fuck they wanted that thing to move.

That is also acceptable.

>> No.25913505

>No, no it fucking doesn't
But they believe it does, because hating something, especially if it's popular, makes them feel like they're somehow superior from "the masses"

>> No.25913519

That's because they're stupid, they just aren't smart enough to realize that they're stupid, and since they are lacking in self-awareness, they aren't sentient either.

>> No.25913525




>> No.25913571

A speech stolen whole-hog from Zero Punctuation, which is really only applicable to people with names being paid for their opinion.

>> No.25913669


>> No.25913687


Except that it works only because of how presentation works.

The people who get paid for their opinions have to worry about it the most, but every person thinks that THEIR opinion is equally important. After all, they are an enlightened and smart individual who is the protagonist of their own story, so obviously what they think matters.

Lots of people who want to maintain delusions of intelligence/relevance will also go out of their way to present the safe/smart opinion. It also ties into the perceptions of elitism described in >>25913505

People are people, regardless of what they are paid to do. Some just moreso than others.

>> No.25913715


>> No.25913730

I like it

>> No.25913737

That's still quite stupid, but now it's also pretentious, what a load of crap.

>> No.25913764


needs more gun

>> No.25913801


Goddamn, now I really want to watch this again.

>> No.25913811


I don't agree with that mode of thought myself, but it is something I have seen people do. It happens a lot with the self-identified nerds and the fedora crowd. Both of which are groups that tend to make a big deal about their own intelligence, and thus try to avoid looking dumb when they could say "I told you so" instead.

It doesn't matter if you came off as smart about an absolutely trivial topic as long as you came off smart.

Again, I don't mean to say that everyone in those groups does this. Those are just the groups where I see this happen the most.

>> No.25913841

Guys it doesn't matter.

They are going to make at least four more Transformer movies. So if someone talked during one then there are four more you can enjoy, and if you hate the movies they're going to get made wheter you like it or not so just move on with your lives.

>> No.25913855

Never heard of this? And 4 is a strange number

>> No.25913865

Not if the next one bombs.

>> No.25913866

Why aren't you already?

>> No.25913880

I'm convinced that's why Gypsy Danger has those shoulder fins.

Why not? We already have GunCannon

>> No.25913894 [SPOILER] 

>> No.25913920 [DELETED] 

Is there a Jaeger Generator or something?

I've seen these around often


>> No.25913961

Has anyone posted this?

>> No.25913966

this is hilarious having seen this article before

>> No.25914023


>> No.25914126

Hey I would love for these movies to bomb but they are cash cows and Paramount knows it.It litterally doesn't not matter what the plot or characters are about, people will take their screaming kids to go see it no matter what.

We were all those dumb kids once, some of us never grew out of it.

The upcoming 4th film is a "reboot" so to speak, but also a more direct sequel to one of the movies. In other words Bay is having his cake and eating it too to attract a larger fanbase.

If Disney plans on making seven god damn Star Wars films, you better believe Paramount will release just as many punching robot movies. Ten years ago this would have been stupid to think of but when you've got other massive movie series like Harry Potter, Twilight, and LOTR (I'm including the Hobbit films here) it's not so far fetched.

>> No.25914150

You still hate fun.

>> No.25914178

Well, I'm more looking forward to the Transformers ones than the SW ones...as I said in the thread earlier, at least I get what I pay for with Transformers wrecking shit, instead of getting Jedis of the Caribbeans

>> No.25914210


>> No.25914260

Remember though the SW films are not by Lucas anymore, they could actually have talented writers behind it. I can't say the same for Bay. Not that I'm holding my breath for the SW films, or anything, at least not with the excitment I have for Pacific Rim.

I get the argument that you watch the Transformer movies for mindless action but it's too brain numbing for me. You have to sit through the most asinine scenes in history ("Oh no! Mom ate a pot brownie!") just to get to a lackluster cgi fest between characters you don't give a shit about because they have no character development.

The Bay films make the 86 Animated film, which was a feature length toy commercial, look like a film by Sidney Lumet.

>> No.25914313

Time will tell I suppose.

Do we even know what the SW movies will be about? Reboot? Some EU books? Original story?

>> No.25914404

From what it sounds like it'll be a mixed bag. Some of the movies will revolve around very specific characters, and I swear I heard rumors that a film will be dedicated to either Han Solo, Yoda, or both. I'm also aware they're trying to make a show with the same level of production value as the films, but they'll need to see how the films do before going ahead with funding.

It sounds like Disney at least has the right idea if you're going to milk this francise for everything it's worth. Don't make one long chain, rather make different stories in the same setting.

It DOES sound like they are conveniently forgetting most of the fluff from the prequels.

>> No.25914405

When Abrams worked on Star Trek he gave the writers a bunch of novels to read. Since Star Wars novels are considered canon, I'd imagine something taking place with Mara Jade Skywalker and the Skywalker kids, and the new Jedi order.

>> No.25914411

This guy knows what he talking about.

Goddamn this thread is till going? If only my X-Wing Mini thread spawned as lengthy a discussion.

>> No.25914441

>Shadows of the Empire

>> No.25914442

If they do something like they're doing with the Marvel movies (separate movies for separate chars, all intertwined and possibly a single big crossover) it could be interesting.

Kyle Katarn movie when?

>> No.25914507

>What we want
A Blue Man commanding Imperials
Midget ninja aliens
Fucking Art Appreciation day
Pregnant Leia
Luke turns a Hot Yandere Redhead into a Tsundere
Talon Karrde is best card.
>What we'll get
Jason and Jaina, Jedi Twins
They fight crime
Also an Amazon and a Wookie
>What we probably won't see
Chewbacca vs The Moon

>> No.25915032

New Star Wars films will be sequels centering on specific characters 30 years post ROTJ.

The novels will be ignored entirely. Don't expect any mention of them at all. This means no Rendar, no Thrawn, no Vong.

Previous actors will revise their roles, but obviously as older characters.

Search your feels, you know it be the way it do.

>> No.25915691

But I don't want to think it be how it is

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