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Lelouch, a young outcast prince of Brittania possesses two great powers. One of them is the absolute ability to compel any person to do whatever he commands. The other is the Black Knights, his military force assembled with the intent of destroying the Brittanian Empire ruled by his father. Veiling his true identity between a mask and the code name Zero, Lelouch has made his move to avenge his mother’s murder and to make a world in which his younger sister Nunnally can find happiness. What will be the outcome of his actions? At this point, no one can predict.

You have used your Geass 4 times
You have enough plot armor that it is the first six rolls, and positive crit starts at 91

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Last Time! Kallen, Ohgi, and Villetta learned about geass and stuff. Ohgi raised relationship flags with Villetta thanks to Nick. Lelouch dropped his spaghetti for once. Tamaki stole our mask. C.C. is still MIA. Mao is showing up soon. Rakshata will soon be here to cash in your robot leg ticket. And Kallen slapped your shit.

Sorry that I missed wednesday, but 4chan has stopped calling me an asshat, so I can run again.

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You now have a chance. Since you have quite clearly made your plan for Mao, if you can find C.C. you can time skip forward to the next event you want to interfere with.

[] Play it as it goes
[] Help with Kyoto, skip Mao
[] Skip till Tohdoh's rescue

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>[x] Play it as it goes
Wanna play through this. Things are so fucked, I'm actually worried about letting it go through auto-pilot.

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No timeskipping

>> No.25878168

>[X] Play it as it goes
Everything at this point is vital. Also it's been bothering me, but does this mean that Orange will be on Lelouch's side in season 1 instead of season 2?

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Alright, if we are doing everything the hard way, since apparently someone set all shadowruns to maximum, then there is something important that needs to be decided

[] Hunt down C.C.
[] Try to salvage the Shirley situation
[] Get out fucking Mask

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>[x] Get our fucking Mask

>[x] Try to salvage the Shirley situation
At least talk to Lelouch about what the fuck happened with that whole event. Depending on what we think may have happened to Shirley's dad, advise Lelouch on how to handle Shirley from this point on.

After that
>[x] Hunt down C.C.
We go to work.

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Yeah agreeing with this.

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Seems about right.

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Alright, you're hunting down Tamaki. Who do you take with you?


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Using Zero for this diminishes his worth when in their eyes he should be planning out greater things. Kallen doesn't understand the awesomeness of the Mask and Ohgi has significant sway over the Black Knights.

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Gotta curb that racism.

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Kallen. If not to give Ohgi waifu time, and Lelouch time to think.

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I feel it go the smoothest with him

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To handle that Tamaki faggot

To get us a wheelchair and push us around. Jesus christ, someone help, we have a gimp leg

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oh god damn it. I had the whole thing typed up and lost it. Hold on a moment, terribly sorry

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"My cabbage.... I mean my mask!" you shout out at Lelouch's response, tearing at your hair.

"Calm down, it's just a mask. Why were you even wearing one?" Ohgi says, putting a hand on your shoulder.

"Because it's my thing! It's my style, my persona! Without it I'm just a Brit with a gimp leg! Also it blocks Zero's geass since there isn't direct eye contact."

"Nick! I would appreciate it if you kept control of such information. This is a very delicate situation," Lelouch commands, struggling to contain his frustration.

"Just tell me where it is! I'll take care of the other problems later. But first, Tamaki..." you growl.

"Uh, he's in the bus I think," Ohgi explains.

"Then I'm off!" you shout, jumping to your feet and rushing out. Ohgi reluctantly follows behind you and calms the other BKs down as you break out of your imprisonment. moments later you throw open the door to the bus and hear a most queer noise.

Laughing and celebration, and Tamaki louder than all of them. "No no! You gotta put your whole strength into it!" Several of the BKs are gathered in the common area of the bus drinking and socializing with Tamaki and Inoue in the middle. She's blindfolded and holding a stick. Above her hangs your mask, attached to a paper mache donkey. "Hey! What the hell is he doing here?" Tamaki shouts.

[] Use your Geass to kick his ass and take your mask back
[] Make a grandiose speech (write in)
[] Let Ohgi diffuse the situation
[] Other

Need some rolls

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Rolled 2

>[x] Let Ohgi diffuse the situation
It's why we brought him along. That and we no talky good when it counts.

>> No.25879197

Well, we're off to a good start.

>> No.25879200

Rolled 87

Rolling to save the day!

>> No.25879219

Rolled 38

>[] Let Ohgi diffuse the situation

And off to a great start!

>> No.25879237

Rolled 1

Send in the Ohgi.

Are you Nixon in disguise?

>> No.25879256

Rolled 42

I could say the same about you, sir.

>> No.25879259

Rolled 1

No, it looks like I am Nixon.

>> No.25879262


>> No.25879273

Rolled 47


>> No.25879275

HOW. Just, HOW.

>> No.25879279

Rolled 12

I have double ones?

Let's go for a hat trick.

>> No.25879285

Rolled 39

>[x] Let Ohgi diffuse the situation
From the Dice rolls so far, we can tell this truely is Meta Quest.

>> No.25879291

And so the Black Knights rioted and broke our other leg.

>> No.25879302

3 crit fails in first 6 rolls...

>> No.25879306

Rolled 31

Welp. Seems like we're off to an absolutely fantastic start.
[] Let Ohgi diffuse the situation

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Oh dear God. Triple crit fail. Way to start the thread guys. Simply fantastic. Gunna have to come up with something suitable.

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>> No.25879363

Rolled 1

Oh come now, I'm not that bad, am I?
Check the dice field
Inoue crits us with the stick. Blindfolded.

>> No.25879382

You know judging from these dice rolls, maybe Nick was a NEET because this was his usual luck.

>> No.25879409

Nemo gonna get BLOWN THE FUCK OUT

We'll probably go into a coma and miss the mao and shirley incidents. We seem to be spending a lot of time knocked out.

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>> No.25879538



Or 1 in 1250000 to get three crit fails in six rolls. I don't understand it, this quest just plays fucking havoc with the dice. I've never seen the Chi Squared test get nuked THIS SPECTACULARLY. It's fucking unreal.

>> No.25879560

"Look, calm down everyone. There were extenuating circumstances but Zero is fully aware of what happened. He didn't betray us," Ohgi tries to explain as you seethe in anger.

"Extenuating circumstances my ass!" Tamaki asks just before the door to the bus is kicked back open.


"Zerooooooo! Where is Zero? Tell me where is Zero?" Orange demands as he charges in. On one side of you, Jeremiah is pointing a semi-automatic rifle at you On the other, ten BKs have all pulled their pistols.


You hear a casual golf clap as someone walks in behind him. "Good job Lord Jeremiah. I should have never doubted you," Mao says as he strolls in behind him. "Now just calm down everyone. Calm down, we can come to a quick agreement."


Before you can say anything, he looks at you and drops his fancy sunglasses. "Oh, there you are. What an interesting mind you have there."

[] Let the bullets fly
[] Use your Geass to attempt to overpower them
[] Chat him down (write in)
[] Other

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The dice gods feed on our hunger, growing in strength. We will be the instrument that will birth them into our corporeal world. REJOICE, ANON! For your wish for an exciting life of adventure will come true at last.

>> No.25879586

Rolled 94, 54, 27, 81, 56, 38, 39, 69, 19, 20 = 497

Well, let's see the chi-square, shall we?

>> No.25879593

Rolled 66

>[x] Let the bullets fly

>> No.25879600

Does 94 count? If not, pity.
[X] Use your Geass to attempt to overpower them

>> No.25879649

Rolled 4070117

Sooooooooooooooooooo... rolling 1s bro here.

You want a roll?

>> No.25879656

And thus we have been raped by the dice gods again

>> No.25879671

Rolled 3

>[] Use your Geass to attempt to overpower them
Dear dice gods, I humbly ask for you to help us this day

>> No.25879678

Rolled 97

Indeed. This can't get any worse.
Petition rejected.

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>> No.25879681

Rolled 55


>> No.25879682

Oh god fucking damnit

>> No.25879700


>> No.25879701

Rolled 17


>> No.25879706

Rolled 21

Rolling ones bro >>25879678
, here saved your ass. If anyone shall ruin you it, shall be me.

>> No.25879716

I don't want to throw out the whole Geass powerg so quickly in a session, but does seem like a REALLY good time to not get absolutely fucked up by an unleashed mexican standoff. Shame that Mao will see what we see.

>> No.25879730

no, as a matter of course, multiple dice posts are ignored by me.

>> No.25879739

I'm up for this plan

>> No.25879747


>> No.25879756

After this next update I'm going to shoop this up properly

>> No.25879786

Rolled 89, 99, 6, 78, 50, 15, 52, 83, 28, 63, 77, 39, 52, 26, 51, 28, 71, 1, 94, 62 = 1064

Okay, Let's continue the test.

>> No.25879811

Rolled 60, 47, 79, 69, 97, 47, 56, 57, 64, 96, 78, 70, 15, 63, 95, 71, 57, 4, 84, 39 = 1248

Welp, only 1 crit-fail, 2 crits, let's give it another spin.

>> No.25879812

The phenomena does not appear to be testable

>> No.25879829

because the amount of dice rolled is probably a variable in the RNG

>> No.25879830

Rolled 83


>> No.25879851

There is a tie at the moment. And I doubt you want me choosing. So, let's figure this out

Geass Y/N

>> No.25879856

Rolled 49

Duck and cover, shoot everyone!

>> No.25879874

Our Geass forces people back into the scenario, right? So using it on Mao will ensure that he gets shot to bits, but not killed.

>> No.25879891

No geass

>> No.25879893

N, at the rate we're critfailing we're going to go full geass potato sooner rather than later. Let's try to get through as many situations as possible without it as we can.

>> No.25879905


Jeremiah needs to be borg'd, and Mao needs to die. If the geas works as I think it does, then we should definitely use it on both of them.

>> No.25879966

Well it won't kill Mao but we don't know that

>> No.25880013

Rolled 17

I critfailed on the 17th dice both times. Interesting.

Looks like the universe wants to take a shit on Lelouch and NEET.

>> No.25880179

When in doubt, give more info to the players. You activate your Geass.

"Tell me where Zero is!" Orange demands, swinging his rifle from side to side.

Before anyone can open fire however, Mao steps forward. "Calm down, calm down, Zero isn't here. Just put your weapon down Lord Jeremiah." Jeremiah calms down and lowers his weapon as Mao steps in front of him. "Hello hello everyone, you all are wondering what I'm doing here and who I am. First Nick here bursts back in, and here I am. Worry not for I have only come to take him away. You won't have to worry about him again."

"Just who the hell are you?" Ohgi demands, stepping forward to confront him.

Mao smiles and leans in to whisper to him. "I don't think you want to confront me lest everyone learn of that Brittanian girl? hmm?"

"Mao, we have to get out of here," Orange says, edging towards the exit.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere," Mao states before turning around and shooting Jeremiah in the gut.

He will soon find C.C., and she wont' be able to shoot him.
you have used your Geass 5 times.

[]What do

>> No.25880263

Rolled 27

Well, that was entirely unsurprising.

Just hit the fucking deck and pray to the dice gods they gun them down before they gun us down. We can always have Rakshata cyborg up Orange later.

>> No.25880278

I forgot whether or not the audience knew that Jeremiah wanted to save the Britannia family members in season 1. If so we should shout that Mao wants to kill Nunually in order to preserve Lelouch's identity and turn Jeremiah against him. If not, then I'm at a loss of what to do.

>> No.25880294

Rolled 41


>> No.25880302

Just to explain. Your Geass has nothing to do with The Scenario. It shows what people will do so they can be manipulated. So what you just saw, hasn't transpired yet.

>> No.25880334

Rolled 52

And Mao saw ALL of it. We are basically the ultimate tool for him.

>> No.25880349

Rolled 62

"Jeremiah hit the dirt Mao's going to shoot you!"
Then we grab the stick and biff it at Mao, with our NEET strength.
Grab someone's gun and unload a magazine in Mao's face.

>> No.25880351

I could have swore that was season 2 knowledge, though I could be wrong. If not, that might not be a bad idea.

>> No.25880367

Not if we don't think! If he can read our mind let's just react.

>> No.25880411

Rolled 69

Blast Daft Punk in our mind so he can't read our thoughts!

>> No.25880442

You guys should really figure out and agree on a plan. You know, for fighting the mind reader.

>> No.25880449

I don't that will work. Remember when Lelouch tried confusing him? Really the best plan at the moment is a sorta mish mash of sorta thought out plans combined with not planned ball punching.

>> No.25880476

Rolled 53

The moment you think "don't think about this" you already thought about it

>> No.25880489

Rolled 33

[x] Oh, Mao, selling Jeremiah to the Black Knights for little ol' me? Absolute genius.

Jeremiah, this man is with the Chinese Federation. You can shoot him and stay here as a prisoner, or you can stay here as prisoner while bleeding to death, because he's pointing his gun at you.

>> No.25880501

Rolled 99

Think about the most disgusting, hardcore porn we have seen

>> No.25880602

Wait, wait, guys, if Mao can change the future that we see then he's basically creating an infinite feedback loop. Just Geass as hard as we can until he slips into a coma.

>> No.25880643

"There are no winners here, Mao. Don't shoot Orange."

Throw a spanner in the works. Subvert his compatriot without actively seeming as if we are doing so.



>> No.25880648

Well, this could work. If we don't slip into a coma first.

Maybe a mix of these?

>> No.25880651

I don't think we want to get into a game of who potatoes first with how we've been rolling.

>> No.25880665

The most setting-appropriate way to deal with him would be to convince him that what we see with our geass will always happen no matter what, and somehow trick him into thinking he'll kill himself for some reason

Don't know how we'd go about doing that, but the series is full of deus ex machina asspulls like that, usually to make Lelouche look smart.

>> No.25880667

Ultimate staring contest, then?

I think we might fall into a coma first, though.

>> No.25880678

Rolled 53


>> No.25880684

Damn you this is a toughie. We will come to a consensus eventually.

>> No.25880703

I'd rather go with operation infinite feedback loop.

>> No.25880715

I want to try this.
Possibly for the lulz.

>> No.25880739

But he's listening to us coming to a consensus.

>>25880602 is basically the only option we have here. It's the only option he can't counter with mindreading because we don't have any control over it.

>> No.25880758

Rolled 82

Make him go even more insane with the feedback, leading to him offing himself?

>> No.25880776

Uh, if we're actually our mind, he's probably being driven insane right now by our *~spechul~* anon personalities

>> No.25880781

"Tell me where Zero is!" Orange demands, swinging his rifle from side to side.

"Shoot him! Shoot him now! For the love of God shoot him now!" you shout as you rehash Robot Rock through your memories.

"Oh that wont' do you any good Nick. And calm down Lord Jeremiah. Zero isn't here, is he? Hello Hello everyone, you all are wondering what I'm doing here and who I am. Worry not, for I have come to take the betrayer away from you."

"I don't know what you're talking about but he is our comrade!" Ohgi shouts, drawing his weapon, but the others are nervous.

"You should hold your tongue lest I tell them about Villetta," Mao responds.

"Jeremiah! He's going to shoot you! He's with the Chinese Federation, don't trust him!"

"What? You bastard, you lied to me!" Jeremiah shouts, pulling his rifle back up.

"Shooting me won't get you to Zero. Cooperating with me is still your only way to regain your lordship Jeremiah. I'm your friend, not like General Bartley and those other tryhards. Nick is just trying to manipulate you himself. I've helped you this far, it would be foolish to betray me now."

"Why the hell shouldn't we shoot you right now?" Tamaki demands as Jeremiah's aim wavers.

"Because I'm trying to help you people. I have business with this man, then I will kill him and take him out of your hair forever. It's a win win really. And Nick, do you REALLY think you can beat me at my own game?" Mao asks, smiling.

[] Geass again
[] Steal someone's gun and start shooting
[] Say something

>> No.25880787

Or he has multiple catastrophic aneurysms and his head explodes.

>> No.25880828

Rolled 34

Geass the fuck out at him

>> No.25880840

Okay if we can't beat him at the manipulation game we go with the emotional game. Not only is it a plan it's what Nick truly believes which will hopefully throw Mao off his game and get him to screw up. Talk about how C.C. knows that Mao has to be put down and how he'll never be anything more to her than an unfortunate mistake.

>> No.25880844

Rolled 74

[x] Jeremiah! Tamaki! You can shoot him, or you can sell the Federation the entire world!

It's your choice.

>> No.25880851

>Geass 2: Geass Harder

"No, but I think I can flip the table. Every single thought changes the game. How many times is too many times, I wonder?"

>> No.25880877

Rolled 98

>do you REALLY think you can beat me at my own game?

Let him see his own cursed future, for he will see only his death, it is the only possible outcome for him here.
Grab a gun and geass.

>> No.25880878

Rolled 20

[X]Geass again

With everything we've got. Let's show him every possible outcome, and see who snaps first.

>> No.25880890

Rolled 66


No homo, though

>> No.25880904

Rolled 6

Show him us, let him experience thew scenario. If it doesn't burn out his brain nothing will

>> No.25880911

Rolled 17

I don't think you understand how meta we are right now. Mao can see what we're posting. Geass is a trump card we can't control, and it's the best weapon against him.

>> No.25880927

My heart can't take it, anon.

Please don't get so close to critfailing again. It hurts me, anon.

>> No.25880928

Rolled 95


>> No.25880933

Rolled 77

Fuck it, go for it. We've really gotta curtail our geass use in the future though.

>> No.25880935

Rolled 79

Is that a fail? If it is, I will stab you

>> No.25880941

Yes the dice agree.

>> No.25880943

I think critfail is 1-5. We should be good.

>> No.25880947

It's not. It was 1 off from being one though

>> No.25880954

Rolled 30

>inb4 nat1

>> No.25880960

Guys, we have to Psycho Mantis him! Spoiler your posts!

>> No.25880975

Rolled 96

>I channel my outer nigga
Tell him he can kindly go fuck himself

>> No.25880981

So you like to play castlevania....

>> No.25881024

I hope you enjoyed not being a vegetable, Mao.

>> No.25881043



All the while, His Death, and Corner-hour with Mr. Table-kun is imagined in our head.

>> No.25881089

>Corner-hour with Mr. Table-kun
Not even Mao deserves that.

>> No.25881123

Ugguu~ My Mahogany sides are moving on their own!

Kyah~ And Not even a coaster, H-how LEWD!

>> No.25881125

You pump your geass again
You have used your Geass six times now
"Please Nick. I'm better at this than you," he explains before his face contorts to a scowl. "I can hear your thoughts you lying bastard. C.C. loves me and I know it!" Mao shouts as he marches over to you.

"Mao, I don't understand. What are you talking about? We're after Zero, aren't we?" Jeremiah asks.

"You shut up. He's toying with you like the feeble pawn you are!" he barks back at him.

"Nick... does he also have that power?" Ohgi asks hesitantly.

"Oh joy, so you told them our little secret. One of us is going to have to cut him off after this little vision you know. I think I might just kill you however. The BK would love me for it you know."
[]Geass Harder
[]Interrupt Ohgi

>> No.25881127

>Corner-hour with Mr. Table-kun

>> No.25881135

He deserves more than that

>> No.25881159

Guys, if we post Pizza Butt he won't be able to think clearly!

>> No.25881167

>[x]Geass Harder
"Hey Mao, are you familiar with how a Distributed Denial of Service Attack works?"

>> No.25881190

Rolled 66

>[x]Geass Harder
Geass hard or go home faggot!

>> No.25881194

Rolled 16

>[x]Geass Harder
He already knows.

>> No.25881195

Rolled 9

Geass harder 2: electric boogaloo

>> No.25881225

>[x]Geass Harder

>> No.25881234

Rolled 12

>[x]Geass Hard II: Geass Harder

>> No.25881235

Rolled 14

[x]More power Scottie!

>> No.25881244


>> No.25881252

Rolled 33

im retarded

>> No.25881255

Rolled 48


It's "dice+1d100" without the quotes.

>> No.25881275

Rolled 53

[X]Geass Harder
do you even Geass Bro?

>> No.25881278

Apparently the dice roller isn't a fan of Bruce Willis. DEATH TO THE DICE ROLLER! BURN THE HERETIC!

>> No.25881284

Rolled 53

[x] I'd rather interrupt Ohgi, since he might spill the beans while we geass Mao to death.

Guys? What if Ohgi spills?

>> No.25881286

...Well it's a good thing Mao doesn't know CC has already hooked up with Lulu and doesnt care about him anymore.

>> No.25881301

Rolled 92


This is what happens when I'm late to the party.

This man knows how to execute a mind reader.

May I suggest, a combination of Pizza Butt, upskirt Kallen, 2girls1cup, Lelouch as the cameraman, and Table-kun assisting as a prop with Nina acting as best grip - on the table

>> No.25881306

Rolled 96

at least there aren't any 1's.
>inb4 1

>> No.25881335

Rolled 65

Can we use this?

>> No.25881337

Rolled 57

double-crits ruined by a late post, damn

>> No.25881339

Nixon. Who said you could roll?

>> No.25881355

Rolled 88


>> No.25881358

"Who the fuck Cares."

"We've recruited Britanians, not just Japanese to the Black Knights. We've recruited those that See Zero's vision, Not simply by right of your bloodline, Because we're not Racist." Look at Tamaki, "Because some of us will go to Great lengths for the cause of the japanese and Zero, for the Black Knights. You've been ready, Willing to kill me Several times. You'll do anything for the cause of the Black Knights, for your friends, i can only respect that."

"You Scare her Mao, you're useless to her. What use if a Madman to her, Have you Fullfilled your Contract with her Mao? Have you dont what She wanted, or only thought of yourself?"
>Chainsaw Mao
"You only frighten her, you make her sick to her stomach on what you would do to her"
>When we told C.C about him
"And we'll protect her."
>His death

>> No.25881360

Geass harder. Geass beyond reasonable limits. Bloodshot eyes and nosebleeds.

Show him how every single thought he makes changes the future.

>> No.25881372

I thought you were forbidden last thread

>> No.25881384

Rolled 99

I'm checking my privilege.

>> No.25881392

Rolled 73


>> No.25881395


>> No.25881404

Rolled 38

Lets get some change in this bitch

>> No.25881428

Oh look more of the same...

Just like you obama.

>> No.25881432

Rolled 31


Fuck you Osama

>> No.25881443

The Geass train keeps rolling
You have now used your geass seven times
"Stop it stop it stop it! You're a liar and I know why! I know she loves me! I don't need your help you know! If I just kill you now she'll find me on her own! Because of those lies you filled her beautiful mind with you bastard!" Mao roars as he grabs you and hauls you to your feet. "Liar liar liar!"

Ohgi exchanges a glance with you and nods, before pulling his pistol on Mao. "No! You fools don't understand. You people need me!" Mao pleads.

"Don't let him get away!" Tamaki shouts as Jeremiah bursts out of the bus.

Ohgi shoots
[]Geass Harder
[]Good to Go

>> No.25881444

Apparently the dice like you tonight Dicky. But save it for when we need 'em please.

>> No.25881445

Get out. Both of you.

>> No.25881467

Rolled 95

check your rolling privilege, son.

>> No.25881485

[x] Stop the Geass.


>> No.25881488

Rolled 26

No, now, when it matters, is when the dice play their little game.

I'll make the motion to execute operation 2Butts1Table >>25881301

>> No.25881489

Harder! Shoot doesn't mean kill.

>> No.25881492

Rolled 67

lets give 'er go
Geass him, he's distracted.

>> No.25881493

Rolled 65

>[x]Good to Go
Good enough for our purposes. Try to yell for the BK to restrain Orange before he flees if we can, if not then no biggie, we'll get him later.

Thank you based President Lincoln

>> No.25881498

Eh, that'll work.

"LOVED MAO. Then you Broke. You're Broken Mao, Mad, Sad, USELESS. Do Her One Last Favor Mao, and DIE!"

>> No.25881503

Rolled 93

Also, stop the Geass

>> No.25881504


"Do you see it yet, Mao? Do you understand now?"

>> No.25881510

>[x]Geass Harder
For the lord God omnipotent reigneth

>> No.25881521

Well done Nixon.

[x] Stop Geass.

>> No.25881545

You guys keep talking about table-kun, but you aren't actually showing him. I don't think you people realize how meta we are right now

>> No.25881549

Stop the train

>> No.25881566

Rolled 81

[X]Geass Harder

'Bout to drop some Benjamin's in this bitch

>> No.25881580

Someone hunt down a gif of that. Your sacrifice will be appreciated

>> No.25881584


If you can imagine a girl, nerdy with glasses, maybe a 6/10 with a magazine before her. The magazine features Princess Euphemia and she is using the table to ... excite herself. That mao, that, is the depth of horror of which we've seen.

>> No.25881610


>> No.25881627

Hey Mao, get a load of THIS!

>> No.25881636

Rolled 12

[X]Geass Harder

wanna see my light?

>> No.25881646

Rolled 75

Just wait.


>> No.25881651

Rolled 65

wrong image

>> No.25881689


>> No.25881709

Rolled 33


No, not good to go if he sees Ohgi shoot. We need to kick him in the balls while he's distracted by grabbing and screaming at us.

That way he's stunned. No thought to it, just knee him in the balls as soon as he starts screaming "Liar."

>> No.25881744

Rolled 89

He'll see any action we conceive, the only chance we have is to attack with thoughts.

>> No.25881751

Good point, might as well throw that in there as well.

>> No.25881765

Good to go or not?

we're split, but if you're good to go, then you double critted. Otherwise, it's only a single crit


>> No.25881772


We just throw a knee defensively.
We just can't have him dodge the bullet.

>> No.25881775

>He'll see any action we conceive
Not if we spoiler them! Psycho Mantis you fools! He knows that we like to play Castelvania!

>> No.25881782

We're good to go.

>> No.25881791

Good to go.

>> No.25881792


Good to go and knee him in the balls.

>> No.25881803

Rolled 75


>> No.25881812

Engage operation FUCK MAO

>> No.25881824

>Gimp leg

Lets... punch him in the balls instead.

"Lord Jeremiah! Please! Stay your hand!"

>> No.25881829

How I feel this entire thread.

>> No.25881832

Good to go.
As much as I'd love to HALLELUJAH! him into submission, it's not really a good idea to overuse our Geass.

>> No.25881854

Code, I'm gonna be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline

>> No.25881862


Good point. Think about kneeing him, punch him instead.

>> No.25881867

I'm going with double crit

>> No.25881872

Rolled 30

I roll to convince him CC has a dick

>> No.25881877

Rolled 68


>> No.25881879

Rolled 11

Really, we could just toss as much disturbing imagery with C.C.s face cropped into the scene

I see somebody graduated from my school of thought

>> No.25881881

Rolled 30


>> No.25881885

Rolled 18

But he would enjoy having CC inside of him!

>> No.25881893

I'm just gonna save that... For reasons

>> No.25881904

Rolled 62

I also roll to convince him CC is dickgirl

>> No.25881948

Rolled 47

fuck the dickgirl bullshit, gais, post worksafe shit we can use to fuck with Mao

>> No.25881998

This is dumb. Dickgirls? Really?

Just flat mocking and jabbing will work fine at this point. Our geass threw him for a loop.

>> No.25882009

Rolled 50

>Stupid sexy Lelouch

>> No.25882020

Are we allowed to make the connection with Gottwald to turn him into Lelouch's right hand or is that information season 2 material?

>> No.25882037

Rolled 11

Which is why we now just bombard him with awkward and insensitive mental imagery.

I know, right?

>> No.25882070

Mao screams out as he grabs his head and falls to his knees. "Noo. no no no no no no! THAT POOR TABLE. OH DEAR GOD THAT POOR TABLE!"

"What the hell did you two do? You've just been staring at each other for the last ten minutes!" Ohgi shouts.

"You people are crazy. Restrain them all, shoot them if you have to!" Tamaki shouts as Jeremiah bails out. Tamaki chases Orange out into the street as Mao's incoherent screams grow.

"Ohgi you have to shoot him! Shoot him now before he says anything! I'll explain later!"

"But wait, if you do that! You can't! Don't you understand? They'll all find out about her!" Mao pleads. Gunfire fills the streets of the ghetto as Jeremiah fights back.

"You lost this game Mao, because you can't handle the horror of my mind! Ohgi, you have to shoot him now!"

Ohgi nods as Mao jumps up and tries to flee. The snick of Ohgi's sakuradite motor cuts him down, spraying his blood across the ground.

[]Double Tap
[]Explain to Ohgi
[]Help take down Orange

>> No.25882071

Rolled 10

Unfortunately, Season 2, IIRC

>> No.25882084

>[]Double Tap
Twice in the head, or he ain't dead, take it from me.

>> No.25882094

Rolled 29


>> No.25882098

Rolled 99

>[x]Double Tap

>[x]Help take down Orange
Explain to Ohgi what the fuck just happened on the way.

>> No.25882100

Rolled 63

Sadly, the STORM OF LOYALTY! doesn't happen until season 2.
>[x]Double Tap
Rule 17: Always make sure they're dead.

>> No.25882116

[X] Double tap, then help take out Orange

>> No.25882117

[]Double Tap

Do the knowledge of Gottwald's connection to Lelouch exist in S1?

>> No.25882118

On the other hand, if he survives, we can find out what that cryptic remark meant - but that's probably far to meta, even for this quest.

>> No.25882121

after the double tap, THEN we explain to Oghi, as we promised.

>> No.25882122

double tap

>> No.25882131

Agreed, Orange can wait.

>> No.25882136

>Double tap.

>To the Pleb knights
"Whatre you all standing there for!? Tamaki is in a firefight with a KNIGHT of Britannia! Help Him! Capture that guy!"

"Oghi, thank you. I should explain that."
>Get your Mask~
"Let's go somewhere private. I'll give you... some."

>> No.25882158


Aaand then somebody make a nice description

Changing vote.

>> No.25882168

can we accidentally the whole Tamaki?

>> No.25882180

Rolled 28

Oh god our mask, we gotta grab our mask!

>> No.25882186

>Two people stare at each other intently for 10 minutes
>One of them falls over

It's like I'm really watching two wizards fighting.

>> No.25882210

Whelp, I guess the geass cat is out of the bag.

I don't really think there's any other way to explain why two people stared at each other for 10 minutes and then one of them went bugfuck crazy.

>> No.25882221

An intense staring contest.

>> No.25882229

Black ops psyche techniques.

>> No.25882247

So you mean, some sort of Psy Ops?

>> No.25882249

Rolled 70

In Japan? Martial Arts

>> No.25882257

We don't have to be specific in what the power is, can just bullshit it as some magical wizard power or psychic force

>> No.25882276

Nah, we can just brush it off as some sort of hypnosis based interrogation technique that we employed in an unconventional manner.

They don't need to know about Geass. At worst, they think we're a little loopy.

>> No.25882293

>Rule 17: Always make sure they're dead.
Mein neger.
>and then one of them went bugfuck crazy.
OR we act really confused and just say that we were terrified for our life while the psychopath was yelling at us and accusing us of things.

>> No.25882304

>a little loopy
Speaking of which, get that motherfucking mask on our face PRONTO.

>> No.25882320

not after
>"You lost this game Mao, because you can't handle the horror of my mind! Ohgi, you have to shoot him now!"

>> No.25882332

Oh, my apologies gents, I didn't give you your double crit choices. So here is your dose of awesome

Choose two
[]Loot Tamaki's shit and jerry rig speakers into the Mask
[]Extra murder Mao for a small hint about your power
[]perfect Ohgi's loyalty score
[]Capture Orange
[]Hide the evidence from Zero/Kallen

>> No.25882354

>[x]Capture Orange
>[x]perfect Ohgi's loyalty score

>> No.25882356

Huh. Someone archived.



>[]Hide the evidence from Zero/Kallen
What evidence is this?

[x] Capture Orange

>> No.25882358

Rolled 6

[X]Loot Tamaki's shit and jerry rig speakers into the Mask
[X]Capture Orange

I already know what our power is, operation of Parallel worlds.

>> No.25882403

>[x]perfect Ohgi's loyalty score
Keep him from turning into a douchenozzle. We don't want to capture Orange just yet.

>> No.25882404

[X]Extra-murder, CC won't like it, but fuck, that girl is never around anymore, we have no idea what she's planning and I want that info.

WAIT, FUCK, CC Gave a Geass to soemone else because we compromised Lelouch!

>> No.25882409

>[]perfect Ohgi's loyalty score
>[]Capture Orange

>> No.25882410

huh, at least I don't need to email the guy to correct the description.

Also, you'll be able to disguise that this ever happened, they'll be none the wiser lest he geasses Tamaki

>> No.25882432


>> No.25882437

Why would it matter, Orange might be a target for Lelouch, but otherwise, this entire situation was out of our hands. We don't need to disguise shit as far as I can tell.

>> No.25882445

>[x]perfect Ohgi's loyalty score
All I'll ask for.

>> No.25882448

>[]perfect Ohgi's loyalty score
>[]Capture Orange

>> No.25882479

>We don't want to capture Orange just yet.

If he escapes, we need to relocate, again.

>> No.25882490

would orange even be useful without his anti-geass and cybernetics?

>> No.25882508


We need his loyalty.
That's all we need from him.
If he doesn't have that yet, he's useless.

>> No.25882510

It's a bus. It is inherently relocatable.

>> No.25882530

His piloting score is phenomenal even without cybernetics.

Okay. If he reports Mao, he will get cyborgized.

How shall we get him on our side after that without R2 knowledge?

>> No.25882534

his loyalty isnt worth much when he's disgraced statuswise and lacks the ace KMF pilot capacity without his cybernetics and the anti-geass capacity

>> No.25882547

That and he's already pretty crazy.
That Gurren MkII arm blast broke him pretty good.

>> No.25882560



Also, we can tell Rakshata that we know for a fact he is a very good candidate for experimental augmentation. We can tell him that getting the augments would allow him to serve his lord better.

He'll jump at the chance to prove his loyalty. Rakshata gets valuable data. Win-win.

>> No.25882583

Bing, this. But we can do it at any time we encounter the guy.

>> No.25882591

Issue is persuading him to work with Lelouch. I have a hunch that if he finds out Zero is brittanian, he'll ask why, and Lelouch will reveal his motives, causing the face heel turn early.

>> No.25882621

Think we've earned enough plot armor that our Last Name reveal will actually be useful?
Like, one of the founding families of Neo America, Nick Vi Franklin

Causing him to pledge his sword to us.

>> No.25882625

can run a background check on him too, get the palace guard into the open and take it from there

>> No.25882648

WE can't get that. Only Lulu can. His loyalty is to the blood of Marianne vi Britannia.
>How shall we get him on our side after that without R2 knowledge?
WE can't. He'll be loyal to Lulu though, which is useful to us since our goal is happy endings all around.

>> No.25882655

No such thing as Neo America, considering the North America is Brittania's central powerbase after the napoleonic war forced them to abandon the isle

>> No.25882758

"Ohgi, I owe a great debt to you for believing me. That was one of the most dangerous men we'll ever face. If I may?" you say, calmly asking for his pistol.

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure. What are you...?" he asks, offering you the gun, but you snatch it away before he can finish. Bang.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. Reloading. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.

"Alright, now that that's done," you say as you wipe the blood off your chest.

"What was that for? This is our bus!" Ohgi shouts out as he grabs his gun back.

"Dude, you don't even know. That guy is fucking hard to kill. We probably need to dump his corpse in the bay as well. We just avoided the second or third worst disasters we'll face. Thank Ohgi, for believing in me," you explain as you retrieve your mask and slip it back on. "We have to capture that man." you say as you stroll over to the weapons locker and get yourself a rifle.

"Right, he knows too much. Let's do this."

After a drawn out and great battle in the streets of the ghetto, freedom fighters against 100% Orange Loyalty, the tide turns against Jeremiah. He's taken several gut shots, his legs are busted to hell and back, but you top Tamaki from finishing him. "Hold up, I have use for him. Get him some underground treatment or something."

"Who the hell asked you?" Tamaki asks, pointing his gun at you.

"Tamaki! Stop that! He is a Black Knight as much as you or I," Ohgi explains.

"Why are you siding with a Brittanian anyways?"

"Because he's suffered as much as any of us and still stands by our side."

[]Personally lock him up
[]Search for C.C.
[]Wait for the message from Kyoto

>> No.25882784

one more rank to get into tier three, which will have quite some benefits and might be more fun than top tier, which on the other hand is hands down better.

>> No.25882797

Yeah, there's enough information hovering around that we can trigger the betrayal early, and then it's all aboard the LOYALTY train.

And baby, that train don't got no breaks.

>> No.25882825

>[x]Personally lock him up
Ah, a chance to converse with LOYALTY incarnate.

We should probably report this to Lelouch and Kallen after.

>> No.25882846

Rolled 19

{X} Search for CC, ask to be told the moment Kyoto incident starts going down. Trust Ohgi to keep the captive alive, he's good at that shit. Phone Lelouch about his bodyguard in custody.

>> No.25882855

The dice hate me today.

>> No.25882859

Personally lock him up. Orange is a ridiculously useful asset later on, so we don't want to lose him.

After that, we really do need to look around for C.C.

>> No.25882871

"Tamaki, you continue to distrust me. A wise move considering my track record so far, I can only respect you for that. You're a steadfast Black Knight, and a damn good soldier."

[X]Personally lock him up, A cell out of earshot with Villeta's one, but parade him past her. And get him a fucking doctor! Multiple, MULTIPLE gunshot wounds. Any recruited BK that was a nurse or something.

>> No.25882872

Pretty much.

>> No.25882899

Orange has no tits though

>> No.25882913

Rolled 26

>[x]Personally lock him up

>> No.25882936

Rolled 17


changing vote to personally lock Orange up etc etc, plus all my shit - we should tell Lelouch immediately, but beat around the bush to agitate him

>> No.25882940

Rolled 59

Pretty much this.

>> No.25882965

Personally lock him up then find that Indian Chick. I WANT MY ROBOT LEG, DAMNIT.

>> No.25882978

Rolled 53


>> No.25883003

Rolled 70

We're never getting that leg, man.

>> No.25883026

Rolled 87

I want a leg made of pistols.

>> No.25883032

So wait, why aren't we hooking up with C.C.? Why is Kallen our thing?

Anyway, yeah, we need to fast forward the lock-up and getting the damn leg. we need to get to rakshakalaka and see what she's got on the table.

We should also figure out some way to fuck up the lancelot. Should we give cyanide/arsenic to Spinzaku?

>> No.25883081

>[x]Personally lock him up
>more fun than top tier
Fun for us or fun for you?
>Why is Kallen our thing?
Because hooking up with C.C. is like hooking up with a MacLeod. You're doomed.

>> No.25883085

Wouldn't work, he'd spinkick it out of his system

>> No.25883095

If we kill Suzaku, the entire world is going to rain shit down upon us.

Hopefully having Orange and Kallen together will allow Lelouch to capture him though.

>> No.25883096

>Why is Kallen our thing?
Have you SEEN her?!
And C.C is eh comparatively, she's a worn out mary sue who was loved and worshipped by everyone.

>> No.25883126

>Should we give cyanide/arsenic to Spinzaku?
No. We do not want to get Lulu mad at us, and killing his best friend is a surefire way to do that. We need to show the boy that Britannia is beyond fixing. His goal of fixing the system peacefully is admirable, but when a system is THAT broken, the only way to fix it is by tearing it down and building a new one in it's place.

>> No.25883142

V.V. gave us our geass, so we can kill him off for the code if it comes down to that and take the immortal route...

>> No.25883152

let's not forget that we have to deal with the shirley situation

>> No.25883159

we should probably explain why we needed mMao dead, at least to help calm everyone down

>> No.25883163

You guys are now aware that our Geass basically makes us a Newtype.

>> No.25883173

Yeah, Lost Colors flat out BAD END you via Lelouch when he finds out you geassed Suzaku

>> No.25883192

>has played Lost Colors
Are you me, anon?

>> No.25883197

Rolled 35

I keep forgetting about that

Yes, And?

Technically, though, Newtypes are teleempaths.

>> No.25883207

Sorry this is taking so long, just trying to get a dose of LOYALTY so I can write him properly

>> No.25883233

I don't know what that means, but it would certainly make us a hell of a pilot if we put some practise in. Something manoeuvrable with heavy laser based weaponry.

>> No.25883235

No anon, I do not exist, neither do you

>> No.25883246

Actually, I should ask this right now, would you like to focus your Geass on him?

>> No.25883256

yes, you are all voices in my head as I am merely playing with myself.

>> No.25883264

>Technically, though, Newtypes are teleempaths.
Yeah, but we can use our Geass to have Amuro's bullshit reflexes, so that it's pretty much the same thing functionally.
>I don't know what that means
You poor, poor child.

>> No.25883267

Rolled 90

A newtype with a prosthetic leg made of pistols?

>> No.25883287


We need to learn the druid system when we actually get to R:2 We'd be more efficient than Zero with it.

Ultimate shield/barrier system+ridiculous lazer blitz

I still say we kill Suzaku or at the very least, steal/sabotage the Lancelot. with our knowledge we can know exactly where it is.

>> No.25883292

Rolled 9

I never liked the english so much after watching R2 in japanese.

>> No.25883300


>> No.25883302

>Something manoeuvrable with heavy laser based weaponry.
>not rocking ALL OF THE MISSILES
Do you even Itano?

>> No.25883304

No. Don't want to overuse the geass.

>> No.25883317

I'd be all for sabotaging the Lancelot, but killing Suzaku will BAD END us hard.

>> No.25883318

1. Jack Lancelot
2. Give to Lakshata
3. Profit

>> No.25883337

If by "Profit" you mean "delicious Indian scientist poon" then I am fully behind this plan.

>> No.25883344

Rolled 5

Needs more DAFT PUNK

No, but we should ask him if he likes Daft Punk

>> No.25883347

Sure, can't hurt.

Our Geass isn't something with a ridiculous drawback. At worst, we get some mental fatigue, at best, we see ALL THE BRANCHES. We WANT it to become more powerful.

>> No.25883361

Rolled 46

Thar she blows!

>> No.25883368

The legs be made of pistols.

>> No.25883383

Rolled 46

You clearly know nothing of how both Code Geass and Code Arthur operate.

>> No.25883387

I mean: The legs should be made of pistols.

>> No.25883394


>Rakshaka is the new Kallen

Yeah, I'd be cool with that.

So, when we meet her we'll talk about the Lancelot and the forbidden things we know about it.

Oh yeah, and we kidnap Lloyd along with it.

We need those two in the same room. Zero can just Geass him to work with us against Brittania.

>> No.25883402

she'll definitely carry and give birth to your child, said child being a reverse engineered camelot KMF with radiant wave weaponery and flight system

fucking optional

>> No.25883406

good to have you back, mister president

>> No.25883412

Rolled 67

Further disagreement: we need a robocop holster

>> No.25883425

Why not both?

>> No.25883433

Rolled 73

Why not kneecap cannon?

>> No.25883434

>Rakshaka is the new Kallen
No no no, Kallen is "True rabu" still.
Lakshata is just a brief dalliance so we can get some experience and not utterly fail to please Kallen in bed.
>we need a robocop holster
But what will we carry in it? Personally I say get our hands on one of these babies, just for maximum overkill.

>> No.25883449

>We need those two in the same room.
Nooooooooooooooooooo, if we do that, the Black Knight will drown and die due to their infighting.

>> No.25883452

Rolled 3

Or a shinbone SMG?

>> No.25883468

Rolled 28

Maybe even a twin-toe taser.

>> No.25883511

She's not going to be brief dalliance if she's teaching us the entire Kama Sutra and all the new updates since, compared to that your virgin highschooler waifu just can't compare

>> No.25883516

Fuck it, lets get a leg made with all of them.

>> No.25883586


Her only love is science. Very much of the 'Disregard Nick, Acquire Technology' inclination, I would imagine.

>> No.25883610

"Tamaki, you continue to distrust me. A wise move considering my track record so far, I can only respect you for that. You're a steadfast Black Knight, and a damn good soldier." you say as Ohgi arranges to have Jeremiah brought into custody and treated.

You kick back for a few hours and calm your mind. The strain of your geass battle with Mao overwhelming. Then word comes that you can speak with Jeremiah. You can't imagine what Lelouch has been up to, but he hasn't approached you. "Hello Jeremiah Gottwald. Have you calmed down yet?"

"What the hell do you want?" he asks weakly.

"I want your help of course. You are a man of great conviction and a wonderful devicer. Surely, we can come to some sort of agreement."

"Impossible. I would never betray my country. All Hall Brit-" his cheer is cut off by bloody coughing. He's not in very good shape. "I have devoted my entire life to Brittania, there is nothing you could say to me that would convince me to change that."

"Ah loyalty. Such a sticking point. You're going to die here Jeremiah. I'm the only one keeping you alive at the moment. There's no way in hell you're going to show up in a real hospital anymore. You've thrown your life down the drain to try to claw your way back up into the ranks of nobility. What a pity."

"It is not a pity. It was my duty."

"Would you like to live on? I could save your life, I could explain what happened to you when Zero abducted Suzaku from you. There is much I can offer you."

"Your offerings are meaningless to me. In this situation, loyalty trumps all."

[]Geass for a hint
[]leave him as a guinea pig for Rakshata
[]Execute him

>> No.25883612

I can't not look at the one to the left. I'll need convincing with Kallen. Besides, she's a grunt. THe best grunt, but still just a grunt.

Rakshata is SCIENCE.

I'm also saying no to the robotic gun leg. I'd prefer it being so functional that we want two.

Or having a blade much like the lancelot's with that weird energy/lazer coating. That'd be sick as hell.

We alsio need to start getting a regiment. Can't be a pasty fuck this entire time.

If she disregards us, no technology.

>It doesn't work the other way bitch.

>> No.25883616

Except that to Rakshata we will always be second best compared to the Earl of Pudding. We need to figure out a way to capture him, both to stop the Brits from keeping up in the arms race, and so that we can present him as a gift to Rakshata.

>> No.25883618

I wonder if she would be interested in making us a gun leg?

>> No.25883620

Rolled 25

>Robocop Holster, loaded with a streamlined seburo gong
>Kneecap Cannon - one-shot 20mm anti-materiel?
>Shinbone SMG
>Twin-toe Taser

and those fancy ankle wheels the Knightmares use, assuming we can get a matching set on the other foot

Corruption is an art-form, my friend.

>> No.25883662

> 'Disregard Nick, Acquire Technology'inclination
we need to change that to "aquire technology, experiment on Nick"

>> No.25883670

"A pity, I guess Rakshata will be VERY interested in you"

>> No.25883684

Gentlemen, I have withheld your robot leg for so long that I will make a point of making it better than what you people are expecting. This is a Rakshata creation afterall.

>> No.25883692

Rolled 36

{X} "Your loyalty to Britannia is misplaced when it allows an underaged uncle to reenact an even more twisted version of MacBeth"


>> No.25883700


They were colleagues. But I don't think they're necessarily on good terms.

That aside.

SCHNEIZEL we forgot about SCHNEIZEL. He needs to jump to the KILL ASAP since Mao is gone...

>> No.25883706

I don't even care if he gets the hint or knows anything about Lelouch's past.

>> No.25883720


omg, it's gonna have a radiant surge cannon, isn't it?

Add in a deployable blade and we're all good.

>> No.25883735

>[x]leave him as a guinea pig for Rakshata
>she's a grunt
Pic related.
>Kneecap Cannon - one-shot 20mm anti-materiel?
20 mike-mike would have WAY too harsh a recoil. We'd damage our own leg if it wasn't bulky as hell. .50 BMG equivalent is probably as big as we can go safely.
>and those fancy ankle wheels the Knightmares use, assuming we can get a matching set on the other foot
Are you suggesting we get built-in Landspinners? Bitchin'.
>we become Bri
>obviously the only appropriate candidate for Deunan is Kallen
She gave the dude a pet name. There was probably at least one session of wild, breakthrough-induced sex. Engineers and scientists are usually pretty horny.

>> No.25883741

Pistol leg!?

>> No.25883757

Rolled 21

"Your loyalty is a facade that serves murderers and cowards; The son shall surpass the father, Britannia will be reborn with loyalty framed by justice - Rakshata will probably enjoy creating things to keep you alive."

might be better

>> No.25883761

Rolled 100

We need to force them together so they can have rough, tech-infused hatesex where they both try to one-up each other with their gadgets and toys

>> No.25883763

[x] Well, then. Humor me for a bit. Tell me of your days working for Brittania, no classified stuff or anything like that. I'll record that and try to get your name cleared so you won't die in complete disgrace.

>> No.25883787

Radiation surge chainsaw shin blade?

>> No.25883789

Well done, anon.

>> No.25883790

He said better. Personally I'm hoping for battle rifle leg.

>> No.25883813

Rolled 21

underbarrel grenades are 40mm, lighter charge, sure, but still

>> No.25883816


>Still not radiant surging

If it's put into the heel, we can STEP on someone and then SURGE them.

>Tech-infused hatesex

While we have actual sex with Rakshata to help her "relax tensions."

We need to get to new best Waifu.

>> No.25883821


>> No.25883828

Rolled 15

Wordy, but ,sure, why not

>> No.25883839


>> No.25883841

Rolled 82

YES, Radiant Surge Landspinners

>> No.25883852

I agree with this

>> No.25883855

Geass for a hint

>> No.25883869

2 for this
1 for this

Would anyone else like to vote, please?

>> No.25883870

Aw fuck yeah!

>> No.25883892

Rolled 46

We've been using geass way too much - with Mao, it was kind of a necessity to rile him up, but no more geass until something like the Knight of One shows up.

>> No.25883903

Rolled 50

I'll vote for this

>> No.25883905

>lighter charge
MASSIVELY lighter charge.
That's like saying "A Mosin-Nagant can't possibly kick hard enough to be uncomfortable, it's only7.62mm, an M9 is 9mm!"

>> No.25883910

don't we have access to V.V.'s memories? He ought to know that Jeremiah was the palace guard of Marianne

>> No.25883915

yes, vote on this

Also, I am now pondering whether we have derailed catastrophically enough that we could start running into vague crossovers of other anime

>> No.25883920

he has a point.

>> No.25883931

Rolled 65

Can Code Arthur confirm this? Because if so then holy shit

>> No.25883932

don't, random crossovers is like the hallmark to bad writing

>> No.25883933

considering the crit, yeah you would recall that

>> No.25883937



>> No.25883938

Rolled 75

Well, 50cal ain't a good substitute for a dedicated anti-materiel micro-charge, I'm fine with limited range

Hence why I voted for the reveal-bait option

Is that a bad thing

>> No.25883956

>Is that a bad thing
Have any animes you don't like? They may show up.

>> No.25883962

He would, wouldn't he?
Time to blow open what actually happened on that fateful day!

>> No.25883967

even the dice want .75cal

>> No.25883974

Well, shit, let it all out then. Tie it into:
The beginning part of this.
as well as

pls no

>rvedvio friendship
No, captcha. LOYALTY, not friendship

>> No.25883975


Or fucking Schneizel. Seriously he's our next big threat.

Also, I want that, on our foot. Deployable foot-claws that lock into the person we kick or step on, and then Radiant Surge to liquify the shit out of them. We could even gauge the effect for proper unbearable torture.

>"You feel your insides bubbling? Because I do..."

>> No.25883980

let us reveal what we know. someone write something up

>> No.25883982

Yeah, we have to imply that Zero is a britannian prince. Orange will make the connection, and then he'll ask Lelouch, and that is that.

>> No.25883983

Then would that be a write-in option? To mention that connection to Jeremiah without necessarily using Geass

>> No.25883987

Rolled 29

I can't really think of any animes that would mesh too well with this universe with perhaps UC Gundam, so I'd advise against this.
unless its Megas XLR in which case DO IT FAGGOT!
Rolling to use this to persuade Orange in joining Lelouch!

>> No.25883995

Rolled 92


Fixing that roll for you.

>> No.25884000


>> No.25884007

oh yeah, I forgot we were planning on getting a jumbo Knightmare with a hotrod for a head

The only one I was planning on was for your leg, and only on a reference level

>> No.25884016

Surging Toe Taser

>> No.25884020

Oh, well fuck yeah. We have all the information we need.

"What would you say if I told you that there is a way for you to serve Lady Marianne again? In a sense, that is."

>> No.25884032


More like Burning Heel with Shining Piggies.

>> No.25884037

see >>25883757

>> No.25884049

Rolled 56

thanks bro

>> No.25884063

Not far enough

Too far

Just right


>> No.25884064

Why not both?

If he thinks it'll allow him to serve his majesty more proficiently, he'll no doubt sign any paperwork required for the augmentation.

>> No.25884077

Megas XLR

>> No.25884094

That depends on if we get to unleash ERUPTING BURNING TOE SEKIHA LOVE-LOVE TENKYOKEN! on Emperor Wakamoto.
When you say "reference level" do you mean just the equivalent of the "Rail Tracer" joke in Metro Last Light?

>> No.25884096

But that what Anon already said, the context is just all doubled over in britannian cultural cyphers

>> No.25884207

>implying we're a guy who's ill-at-ease and knows only how to fight

>> No.25884221

Oh no, I meant with us as Rain. Kallen clearly gets to be Domon, I mean look at her hair.

>> No.25884237

"Well, then. Humor me for a bit. Tell me of your days working for Brittania, no classified stuff or anything like that. I'll record that and try to get your name cleared so you won't die in complete disgrace. But remember this : Your loyalty is a facade that serves murderers and cowards; The son shall surpass the father, Britannia will be reborn with loyalty framed by justice - Rakshata will probably enjoy creating things to keep you alive."

"What are you talking about? Are you talking about Schniezel? Is he working with the resistance?"

"Not quite," you comment quietly. Your voice trails off as you recall V.V.'s memories that leaked into your mind. Memories of that bloody night. "I remember who you are now... You were Lady Marianne's personal bodyguard."

"Wha? How could you know about that? Are you nobility? ...I was such a failure..."

"Weren't you like, sent away that night by her? You see, this is the kind of lying bullshit that Brittania is so good at. It wasn't terrorists that night, it was an immortal bastard I'm trying to fucking hunt down right now."

"Are you saying it was another noble? Someone Lady Marriane knew?"

"Yeah, hence why she sent you away and shit. She was betrayed by Brittania, and by transitive property, so were you."

"I... I can't believe this..."

[]Reveal Lelouch
[]Offer him cybernetics
[]Discuss Mao

>> No.25884247

Did we just make ourselves Kallen's waifu?

>> No.25884319

Rolled 99

[X] Ask if he likes Daft Punk - we missed our chance with Mao. Speaking of which, discuss Mao, we need to know his angle first, what plans he might have set in motion, put all the pieces together. Meanwhile, text Lelouch and tell him who we have in a cell for him to dramatically reveal himself to - he's still the main character of the universe after all. Offer for cybernetics comes after the reveal.

>why aren't we emoting with our mask?

>> No.25884325

>[x]Reveal Lelouch
>[x]Offer him cybernetics
Take the shot.

>> No.25884327

"Not Schniezel, but you're not far from the mark. Think, Orange, who else was in the palace that night?

Jeremiah Gottwald, your steadfast loyalty is still desperately needed."

Bonus points for stealing Lelouch's line?

>> No.25884336

I'm serious about the hair, Nixon. She has Domon's haircut.
We need to get Lulu in here to reveal himself.

>> No.25884337


All three, starting with cybernetics and finishing on Lelouch

>> No.25884359

Rolled 4

Use our knowledge of V.V.'s memories to fill in what happened that night for Orange, include details that only someone who was there could know.
That memory drain was a two-way highway. He's seen weird powers at work, we just say this is another one that was used on us. We were about to be disposed when the BK's rescued us from the Narita labs.

>> No.25884365

Fuck. The. Hell. YES!!!

>> No.25884380


>> No.25884381

Rolled 92

I see it now.

And why is nobody else rolling?

fucking ninjas

>> No.25884383

Rolled 39

You seem to like rolling crits when it gets late, Mr. President.

And then this happens.

>> No.25884392

Crit success for setting up Lelouch's dramatic entrance?

>> No.25884400

Rolled 98

Well, you seem to be doing fine on your own.

>> No.25884410

you're going to have to type that up then, but it will significantly increase your success. maybe. sorta.

>> No.25884413



>> No.25884425

Rolled 55

It's fucking HAPPENING

>> No.25884434

>Crit Fail

Dice, you are a loose cannon, but you are a damn good cop

>> No.25884439

What dark god have you sacrificed your soul to?

>> No.25884452

Slaanesh, I thought this was common knowledge.

>> No.25884456

christ, we got this scene in the bag, I'd say give some insinuation on Lelouch while not blatantly saying it, then offer him cybernetics

>> No.25884467

But I though Clinton was Slaaneshi...

>> No.25884468

"Believe it. You've been slowly distanced by the royal family, not as trusted, and as Mr. Orange your own men mock you. Yes, yes, This i know, i know that Zero has had nothing to do with your, Recent, failings.

You're an exceptional soldier, Lady Marianne was lucky to have you as her protector. If only we had word of her children, their own wellbeing. One of them was so effected by that attack she went blind was she not? Have you, as the lady's protector, been doing your able best to protect her blood? No, not the emperor, Her Blood.

You want a second chance, a Real Second Chance dont you? You cannot with that broken body though. You need my help."

>> No.25884506

Everyone, these rolls are like bigfoot's dick; wild, crazy, and impossible to stop.

So, you net out a double crit

[] this>>25884468 leads to cybernetic duo
[] let Lelouch do his dramatic spiel, leads to his usual

>> No.25884518

Lelouch and Nunnally are declared as dead in public, gotta insinuate otherwise if you want to go on this line of persuasion

>> No.25884522

Well, after Tzeentch fucked me over hard, I figured - well, it's either this or big burly men in chains and leather. And well, I already had Spirow Agnew, so it's was kind of a false dichotomy.

>> No.25884541

Rolled 17

Cybernetic duo with Jeremiah

>> No.25884542

>[x] this>>25884468 leads to cybernetic duo

>> No.25884549

Cybernetic Duo

>> No.25884559

Can we use it as capstone just before Lelouch makes the entrance? but with one minor tweek

"You need our help"

>> No.25884584

Rolled 7754

cybernetic duo.

>> No.25884597

Bill ourselves as Zero's buddy-cop and steal his magnanimous thunder for LOYALTY?

Yes, please.

>> No.25884605

robo Bros are go!

>> No.25884609



>> No.25884631

He'll give off that, and we can hit him again with the
"Still believing everything you're told by them? What would you say if i told you Nunnally was alive, safe, and happy here in Japan? Call me a liar i'd bet. Why would i pluck at your heartstrings for that tiny sliver of hope, only to dash it against the ground. That isnt me."

>> No.25884651

hey, someone's catching on

Funny thing is, I only did that because I couldn't come up with a suitable third option

Yeah, if you chose cybernetic duo, Lelouch's final fighting force will be weaker since Orange is one of his best devicers. But the creative applications of a cybernetic duo miiiight offset that

>> No.25884686

Cybernetic Duo.


>> No.25884687

>bigfoot's dick
One day I'm gonna get that filthy animal.
>[x] this>>25884468 leads to cybernetic duo

>> No.25884700

Rolled 15

could you explain this in greater detail? How does going the Duo route make Lelouch's final fighting force weaker?

>> No.25884706

Wait, why would it be weaker? We'd still be working with Lelouch. It would be stronger, surely, because we'd be around as well?

>> No.25884713

>Our Geass isn't something with a ridiculous drawback. At worst, we get some mental fatigue, at best, we see ALL THE BRANCHES. We WANT it to become more powerful.




>> No.25884723

Hence why I modified our spiel to not entirely step on Zero's toes.

We need a harmonious balance between giving Zero a fighting chance to avoid the bad ends and showing up his melodrama with our shenanigans

>> No.25884746

Because Orange-kun will have his all-powerful loyalty divided between Lelouch and ourselves

That cannot happen the way Code Arthur's stock choices imply.

>> No.25884759

Because I highly doubt you people are going to let him back in a knightmare when you could be doing the alternative, hence Lelouch has a slightly weaker final army since Orange is a great devicer. To be fair though, Orange wasn't in the army anyways till R2 so it's a gain either way

>> No.25884772

Someone still remembers the original plan.

>> No.25884805

Rolled 47

So you're saying if Jeremiah becomes our badass cyborg soldier buddy then he won't become a pilot?

>> No.25884822


Why not both?

>> No.25884852

Yeah, I see no reason why we'd keep Jeremiah outside of a knightmare frame if, in whatever fucked up situation we find ourselves in the future, his talents would be better put to use piloting alongside Zero's forces.

>> No.25884880

We could get one of those duel seat knightmares for JOLLY COOPERATION
"Why do i have to wear this helmet?"
>its the other daft punk one
Because shut up thats why!

>> No.25884896

Rolled 7405

Changing my vote to
>let it play out like as it would have.
We need that raise in combat power as a whole. I don't trust the dice to be gentle with Orange on any Ops we might take him on/partake in.

>> No.25884912


>> No.25884914

Jumping at shadows, don't you think? In character, it's in our best interest to improve our ability to see the future.

>> No.25884934

Permanent activation of our geass has been widely discussed in previous threads and the general conclusion is that we'd go even more crazy than Mao or suffer Dune-esque Scenario Lockstep Disorder

>> No.25884942

I guess, but given that the plan was for us to get a knightmare eventually as well, I think by the time R2 rolls around he'll be tearing shit up in the Sutherland Zeig just like he should be. Except he'll have backup that can see the future.

>> No.25884958

Well, we have meta knowledge of Lelouch's geass permanently activating and I don't wanna go full potato when we see into ALL THE POSSIBILITIES, FOREVER quite yet.

>> No.25885002

You're telling me we'll actually get to wreck shit with Gawain this time around? Fuck yeah

doesn't really make sense to not give him access to KMF with cybernetic, if anything he'd be even better of a devicer if they can set up direct interface with the KMF utilizing his cybernetics

>> No.25885007

"Nick, what do you see about Cornelia's forces?"


"He's been like that ever since he slept with Kallen"

And thus the waifufaggots never dared use their superpowers to acquire BEST GIRL... or any girl... ever again.

>> No.25885036

Even perma activated geass could be surpressed, and worst case scenario you can just blindfold yourself

>> No.25885050

"Believe it. You've been slowly distanced by the royal family, not as trusted, and as Mr. Orange your own men mock you. Yes, yes, This i know, i know that Zero has had nothing to do with your, Recent, failings. You're an exceptional soldier, Lady Marianne was lucky to have you as her protector. If only we had word of her children, their own wellbeing. One of them was so effected by that attack she went blind was she not? Have you, as the lady's protector, been doing your able best to protect her blood? No, not the emperor, Her Blood. You want a second chance, a Real Second Chance dont you? You cannot with that broken body though. You need my help." You explain as you quickly text out a message to Zero. Jeremiah stares at you in awe, unable to form words. Your mask perfectly blank for the moment. "Jeremiah Gottwald, your steadfast loyalty is still desperately needed."

On cue, Lelouch busts into the room. "Is it really you Orange boy?"

"Zero? Is that really you?"

"Yes, it is my, Jeremiah Gottwald. My associate has told me who you really are. A true knight to lady Marrianne. You are still loyal to her and her blood, not to the lies and deceit of Brittania, are you not?"

"Of course I would be, but her only children were killed when taking Japan into the fold!"

"Wrong," Lelouch says, taking off his mask and dramatically revealing himself. "I, Lelouch vi Brittania yet live, Lady Marrianne's eldest child. And I seek retribution for the crimes committed against her and the people of the world by the rotten system known as Brittania. I will destroy them with all of my might. I would have you if you would join me Lord Jeremiah, your steadfast loyalty is still desperately needed," Lelouch explains.

Jeremiah stares in awe, crying even as he reaches from his bed. You giggle. "What exactly are you laughing about?"

"Oh nothing. Just you know, called it."

"Called what?"

"Well, I already said that."

"What the heck do you mean?"


>> No.25885060

We don't know that.

>> No.25885071

why get girls when you can actually get a woman?

>> No.25885085

>Believe it.

>> No.25885112


>> No.25885127

"OH, that last little bit at the end, I called it. I already said that, right before you walked in actually. You're pretty predictable, you know that?"

"Wha... why would you have already said that? That doesn't even make sense."

You shrug, your mask emoting pic related

"So Jeremiah, about those cybernetics to save your life?"

"Of course I will accept them! It is my duty to serve my lord and how can I do that without them?"

[] Duck out and let Lelouch handle LOYALTY
[] Speak with Ohgi
[] Smooth things over with Tamaki
[] Other

Also, plot armor gained!
[] Increase roll range to seven
[] Decrease roll range to three, increase positive crit range to 96
[] Decrease roll range to four, decrease negative crit range to 3

>> No.25885149

Rolled 14

[x] Duck out and let Lelouch handle LOYALTY
[x] Decrease roll range to four, decrease negative crit range to 3

>> No.25885151


[X] Look for C.C. what the hell has she been up to.

>> No.25885156

Between Jeremiah's devicer skill and Nick's foresight, even Lancelot would easily be scrapped unless Lelouch geassed him with the deus ex machina

>> No.25885157

>[] Decrease roll range to three, increase positive crit range to 96

>You have enough plot armor that it is the first six rolls, and positive crit starts at 91


[X] Decrease roll range to four, decrease negative crit range to 3

This please

>> No.25885167



>> No.25885185

pfft, I meant 86, my bad

>> No.25885187

No Nixon, see this.>>25885157

>> No.25885191

ALSO, our positive crit is at 91~100, 96 doesn't do anything - unless you meant 86

>> No.25885200

Increase roll range to 7

Also, speak with Ohgi I guess. Explain what's happening with Orange, and also go into a little more detail about Mao.

>> No.25885202

>[x] Duck out and let Lelouch handle LOYALTY
>[x] Decrease roll range to four, decrease negative crit range to 3
Positive crits are great, but it's even more important to not eat any negative crits.

>> No.25885208

I like my crit fails where they're at.

>> No.25885211

Don't we already have 91 positive crit? is that supposed to be 86?

>> No.25885235

>[] Duck out and let Lelouch handle LOYALTY
>[] Decrease roll range to four, decrease negative crit range to 3
gotta get rid of these low fails

>> No.25885238

>[x] Duck out and let Lelouch handle LOYALTY
Check in with Kallen, then smooth things over with Tamaki fuck Tamaki
>[x] Decrease roll range to four, decrease negative crit range to 3

>> No.25885250

Exactly! What we lack in athletic ability and dexterity, we make up for by having magic future sight. We can use the cybernetic implants to feed future battlefield data into the system, and Orange can use that data to crush everything. The only real threat at that point is Rolo, and maybe Waldstein, because he has basically the same power except it's limited to only a few seconds.

>> No.25885275

we're gonna cuntpunch Tamaki with our cybernetic leg ocne we get it.

>> No.25885279

I'd imagine we could recycle our original Mao plan for Rolo with all the redundant snipers.

>> No.25885293

>[] Duck out and let Lelouch handle LOYALTY
>[] Speak with Ohgi

We owe him some 'splaining, and fuck Tamaki, most useless character in the fucking series, Ohgi's loyalty in the other hand will hold and coup attempt

>> No.25885344

I don't think we ever fully explained to Kallen all our magical bullshit if we wanna just include her in on this too so she doesn't bug us in the future about it.

>> No.25885349


This. Daft-punk Jeremiah duo...

His Loyalty will fuel our future-sight.

>> No.25885361

Point and vote.

When the hell are we gonna start looking for the second primary character of this universe? Or are we hoping that Lelouch stays with Shirley?

>> No.25885363

Develop automated drone weapon system, Rolo's geass only work on biological observer right?

Bits/Funnel-esque system is probably doable

>> No.25885370

We need to just cave Rolo's chest cavity in with our robot leg. "Oh yeah! You was talkin' all that GOOD shit a second ago, but then you got kicked in yo chest!"

>> No.25885371

Decrease roll range to three, increase positice crit range

Also duck out and smooth things over with Tamaki

>> No.25885374

duck out and let lelouch handle LOYALTY.
Speak with Ohgi as we wait for Rakshasa and our bitchin' leg.

decrease roll range to 4 and decrease negative crit range to 3

>> No.25885378


>> No.25885438

And a radiant wave surge imminent.

But we don't know about Rolo.

>> No.25885445

Well we already cleared our Mao problem, so I think C.C. would likely make her appearance soon, but if not...then what clue do we have for her whereabouts?

Beside, for Shirley, can just let the event played out like canon, but actually go and destroy the crumpled diary pages so there wouldn't be any trigger

>> No.25885451

Rolled 79


This, and we need to roll for suaveness with her.

>> No.25885466

Actually, I was referencing the scene from The Boondocks, which Hellsing abridged was also referencing.

>> No.25885468


Why did Shirley die? it was a thing about Orange as I recall.

>> No.25885477


We should explain the magical bullshit to these guys. Also Tohdoh when he shows up.

Yes, we should just remove Rolo. Assuming we prevent the coup from ever occurring, he is a definite negative force.

>> No.25885479

We could try leaving a bunch of pizza laying around and see if she bites?

>> No.25885483

yup, orange used his Geass canceller to make shirley remember everything

>> No.25885485

Rolo didn't want to share Lulu so he killed her.

>> No.25885506

Rolo killed her after Jeremiah anti-geassed her iirc

>> No.25885528


Then she should be fine. We need to work on getting ripped and up our piloting skills between R1 and R2

>> No.25885575

Well, the problem is that Shirley is going to figure out that Lelouch is Zero, and while I'm all for him just go fuck off on all school shenanigans and just deal with Black Knighting fulltime, I'm not sure if that's the path everyone else wants to go for.

>> No.25885577

You feel that you could probably throttle Lelouch to death right now. No one else would be coming in here, Jeremiah can't do anything, and no one would listen to his screams. Your hand inches towards him till you feel the counter Geass.

You stand up on your good leg and slip out of the room. Pondering for a moment on how recruiting all of these powerful Birttanians all of a sudden will reflect on his image, you nearly bump into Ohgi, and Tamaki.

"How the hell did you nearly kill a guy by staring at him? And why do you insist on taking care of this Brittanian?" Tamaki demands. He's brandishing his favorite submachine gun and tapping it on his shoulder.

"I've said this before and I'll say it again. I know things others couldn't possibly. That man was dangerous, psychotic, and could have destroyed everything. All in all, I can't believe how things turned out. I mean, the cat is kind of falling out of the bag and what not. But hey, what's the worst that could happen? A giant coup de tat where everyone sides with Prince FujoSchniezel and almost succeed in killing Zero? The two of us have unexplainable powers, and it's just really not a good idea to keep them hidden when they are this powerful anyways, so yeah. Mao was the third, well fourth if you count Frank, and that's why I had to take care of him the way I did. Now I just need to find that C.C...."

"What is this power bullshit you're talking about?"

"It's hard to explain, but it's why he attacked Zero. He didn't have a choice in the matter. It's also how Zero stopped him," Ohgi explains for you.

"So what, he can just tell people to do things, and they have to?"

"Yeah pretty much, that's why I recommend masks and sunglasses and shit. It doesn't work without direct eye contact. Oh, and Jeremiah has pledged his loyalty to Zero or some shit, so that's a plus. So, Ohgi, Tamaki? We cool then?"


>> No.25885593

Should we integrate our cybernetic leg with the control schema like that one battletech pilot did with his arm?

>tfw our custom knightmare has all the tricks on its leg as ours does

>> No.25885631

"Another Brit? What the heck is going on why should we trust these people?" Tamaki demands, but fuck Tamaki. You exchange a nod with Ohgi and let him handle it as you leave. The sun is nearly up as you leave the safehouse and you can see the police investigating where the firefight occured, but they are none the wiser.

You catch a cab home and are about to walk up when you notice an incredible surplus of Pizza Hut boxes in your trash.

I'm going to call it here for tonight, but will try to clear up how the timeline has diverged as far as I can tell.

>> No.25885634

wait, why do we want to kill Lelouch this time?

>> No.25885637

Unless Mao has told her or she saw Zero unmasked, she shouldn't know.

>> No.25885646

Goddammit, now Tamaki's going to tell everyone. hopefully they just think he's drunk

>> No.25885649

Rolled 34


>> No.25885666

Nah, Jeremiah has the actual piloting down. We would probably be in charge of weapons and battlefield intel, since, y'know, we know where to shoot before the enemy is even there.

>> No.25885667

Welp, looks like she found all our dosh.

>> No.25885672

aren't we technically dead?

>> No.25885690

well, i guess technically isn't the word. I mean Officially, in the eyes of the public, dead

>> No.25885693

Oh... OH... We're under a suggestion. We're impulsed to kill Lelouch, yet he ordered us to refrain from it or something... interesting..

>> No.25885695

Oof. Of course that's where she is.

We also need to get a new place. Frank knows about this one.

>> No.25885710

Shouldn't we move, since, you know, V.V. knows our identity and our address, as does Frank?

And we really should talk with Kallen sometime soon.

>> No.25885721

the obituary was just a threat, it was never published. You're a NEET, there are some advantages, like no one finding it strange you haven't been seen in days.

>> No.25885722

Seriously, why the fuck did we just include Tamaki as a confidant? Submachine gun is not a good enough answer

>> No.25885723

Rolled 81

good point, we should get Tamaki drunk and then get him to splurge all the secrets while his pants are on his head, both figuratively and literally

But our geass is only good so long as we don't rely on it too much. Once that activation happens, all bets are off.

And it'd be cool to have a personal knightmare for when the duo needs to go its separate ways

Ah, we've got a pair of conflicting geass going on.

>> No.25885734

Maybe Lelouch can use his student council powers to get us one of those fancy as fuck dorm rooms at school.

Also, we should go back to INVESTING!

>> No.25885736

So we're his RIO?

>> No.25885743

ah, sweet.

>> No.25885770

Rolled 54


yeah, why the fuck not, I'm sold

>> No.25885774

Make KMF Gurren Lagann, have Jeremiah pilot the body

>> No.25885797

don't forget about the archive guys.

Seems that I doubled my participators or something, which is great.

>> No.25885802

Once it activates permanently, we can just wear those geass blocking contacts to stop us seeing the future.

>> No.25885826

Or learn to live in a different timestream. We see the future and work backwards. It'd be the ultimate hard counter to Rolo, at least.

>> No.25885851

Rolled 50

Mao didn't need LoS, who's to say we do? Hell our pre-geass is still completely unexplained and nobody else seems concerned about what kind of plot twist it might pull. This is Code Geass, boys, the land of double-cross and plot twists, another Frank could and most probably WILL happen again.

We've been having it go way too easy for us. Mao resolved far too fast. Something is up and our guard is dropping.

>> No.25885917

It is perfectly possible to guess what it is at this point, from the number of interactions it's had.

Still surprised you people dont' get why I'm counting the number of times you've used your Geass

>> No.25885918

When's the next thread gonna be? OR are you finally gonna get a twitter for scheduling purposes?

Anyway, excellent thread tonight CA!

>> No.25885945

We need to just scrap the entire scenario at this point because frankly V.V. knows what we know

>> No.25885948

really should get a twitter

Next thread will be wednesday

also, thanks! Glad you liked it.

>> No.25885959

Geass EXP for power upgrade?

>> No.25885970

Rolled 24

GM Rule #337: The answer is never as obvious to the players as you've decided it is.

Which makes Shirley a liability.

>> No.25886000

Scenario's doing a pretty good job of scrapping itself, really.

Resolve Shirley situation, get her into BK, protect Lelouch's sanity.

On another note, we ever gonna acquire that reporter dude?

>> No.25886006

I have the feeling that Nick should prepare himself to be guarded/restrained at all times by a trusted group within the Black Knights. There is the distinct possibility that Lelouch is not the only target Nick was given to kill. For all we know, Nick might be compelled to kill Shirley or Nunally.

>> No.25886034

>24 Looks like you need to sacrifice another virgin to your dark gods.

>> No.25886051

I'd only trust Jeremiah, Kallen, or Ohgi with this task. Anyone else and rumors will start to spread and Tamaki a shit.

>> No.25886064

As for Shirley

Villetta won't be at Narita identifying bodies, so she would never find Lelouch's photo to tell Shirley
So Shirley will never go to the docks
So Shirley will never find out Lelouch is Zero
And Mao is already dead so she won't get Geassed

She's more or less out of the Scenario right now if you didn't notice.

>> No.25886086

Rolled 61

Unknown: We were geass'd/brainwashed immediately after the reveal and unconscious for the whole ordeal.

I really need to rewatch the series.

>> No.25886119

Still say we should either induct her into the BK where she can be protected or have someone keep tabs on her. V.V. and Frank will obviously try to use her as emotional leverage against Lelouch given what they pulled from our head.

>> No.25886128


Now get Nina hooked on drawing Yuri doujin instead of SCIENCE, and we'll be on our way in reducing the body count

>> No.25886184

Rolled 39

What was her tipping point again?

>> No.25886189

I started this thread expecting to deal with Kyoto and baiting the JLF

Instead we kill murdered Mao and recruited Jeremiah

I think we will soon be at the point of abandoning The Scenario all together.

Good night gents

>> No.25886196

>>Gurren Lagann

not dis shit agen

>> No.25886202

Euphemia dying

>> No.25886211

Actually that's probably already a non-issue. Since Euphy wasn't at the hostage event, Nina never got rescued by her and developed a crush then. Then again the government could just avduct her and use her knowledge so who knows?

>> No.25886217

This is why we handle these situations ourselves. SHIT GETS CRAZY YO

>> No.25886227

who really expected triple crit fail right off the bat?

>> No.25886238

It actually worked out better for us in the end, which is interesting.

>> No.25886243

That should be brought up with Lelouch; they know Nunally's location so she should be moved, and Shirley needs to be hidden away.

>> No.25886261


Getting saved by Euphie. She currently has no interest in making a nuke to kill Zero. We should work on getting her into our R&R foil.

Yeah, I figured Shirley would get out pretty quick...

>> No.25886277

I had assumed it was keeping track until perma-activation

>> No.25886289


Also, as a heads up if you all haven't noticed, I kind of despise R2. Don't expect those characters to show up

>> No.25886295

Rolled 6

Who expected me to not only crit, but counter-crit? I mean, hell, I rolled one crit-fail tonight and it wasn't even a valid result.

Then what the hell was Mao saying just before we Murder-Death-Killed his ass?


>> No.25886310

Rolled 91

The dice are teasing me something terrible tonight.

>> No.25886318

Thank sweet Shadowy Jesus for that.

>> No.25886324

Something is most definitely up.

>> No.25886329

The kind of dice rolls that would get a raccoon trapped in a copier

>> No.25886362

Yeah, I like that about this quest, Crit fails can often bring positive outcomes. I was shitting my pants when Mao showed up, but then we got into a staring contest with him and then turned him into swiss cheese.

We do need to cut down on our Geass usage, though. We really relied on it way more than we should have this session, and I know it's going to come back to bite us in the ass sooner rather than later.

>> No.25886398

you'd think that, wouldn't you?

>> No.25886426

Oh god, I think V.V. set up some kind of self-destruct effect that uses Geass usage as a counter or some shit like that

>> No.25886468

So no Rolo? Thank Christ for that.

Though Xingke and Gino were kind of okay. Does that also mean that major plot elements are changed, like the Ragnarok Connection?

>> No.25886473

Some kind of fail-safe Geass, that is triggered by the number of Geass uses? Maybe it wipes out memories or forces us to commit suicide?

>> No.25886486

Well, what do you think happens when your eyes are able to look into the future for infinity? You become Go- oh, dear. VV seems to have ambitious plans for the thought elevator, but that's R2 logic so Nick can't draw that conclusion.

>> No.25886487

muh nigga

>> No.25886503

A weapon you are not willing to use is no weapon at all. I'm all for limiting it, but I worry that people will go full retard and advocate never using it at all. If something would require significantly less effort to accomplish via the use of geass, then use the geass.

>> No.25886570

>Well, what do you think happens when your eyes are able to look into the future for infinity?
You become trapped, forced to adhere to one of the futures you foresaw, having to try and choose the "best" path.

>> No.25886584

You don't become god, you become a mad prophet. Having the fabric of reality laid bare but having no power to manipulate it would drive you insane.

>> No.25886627

Right, but judging how much effort a task will take is difficult and you can't trust the QM because he speaks only lies and misdirection with which to amuse himself.

I know it, you know it, zergface preaches it; avoid the binary traps he sets.

Our geass WILL have a major drawback if it gets upgraded. Lelouch's geass had enough restrictions that ALWAYS ON wasn't too different from his usual modus operandi. Our permanent geass will be vastly different, mark my words.

you're both forgeting the caveat that every action taken while under advisement by foresight carries with it uncountable changes. Just look at our engagement with Mao, his reactions changed drastically each iteration to the point that his primary action of immediately taking out Orange was forgotten or discarded. Losing Orange would have changed a majority of our gameplan.

>> No.25886657

And no, you cannot force a Greek ending by attempting to follow the foresight slavishly. You will always do something different. Parity is impossible in a closed system.

>> No.25886687

That or we become locked in a moment. Fuck, our three update mental outmaneuver against Mao took ten godamn minutes. Like the inverse of Rolo's power.

>> No.25886748

His reactions changed drastically because we were looping his mind around. He saw his own future, but seeing that future changed it, so he saw his own future, but seeing that future changed it, etc. It basically massively accelerated his mental breakdown.

We see the future as it would be if we don't interact with it. That's the key. That makes it easy to predict. We don't see the branches, we see the path laid before us. Mao forced us to interact with it by reading our mind, thus changing the timeline. He's the only one who could plausibly do something like that, and now he's gone.

>> No.25886784

Knight of One

>> No.25886796

I think that was sort of abstracted. We kept the geass active, but the timeline kept changing due to Mao's telepathy, so we would just get shown another timeline. I don't think it was a matter of two seperate uses of geass, because I can't see the two scenarios we viewed taking ten minutes. Some clarification of this from Arthur would be neat.

>> No.25886859

Irrelevant. If two people who can see the future fight, the outcome is already decided. Win or lose, there's nothing to do but play it out.

>> No.25886871

Yeah, we NEVER want to get into a fight with Waldstein.

>> No.25886885

Unless the "fight" consists of us sneaking into his quarters (MARK IV STYLE MOTHER FUCKER!) and assassinating him in his sleep (MARK IV STYLE MOTHER FUCKER!) so we never have to deal with him.

>> No.25886904

>We never want to get into a fight with Waldstein inside of 500 meters and without redundant fire support.

>> No.25886962

If he see's himself getting shot, he'll avoid it. The only way to beat him is to create a scenario in which no action he could take would save his life.

>> No.25886996

>Fighting clairvoyants

The only winning move is not to play.

>> No.25887005

Or just go super fast like Suzaku did.

>> No.25887012

Automatic grenade launcher?

>> No.25887015

Explosives and poison gas? Bring the entire building down on him?

He only sees a few moments into the future. He can still get trapped.

>> No.25887081

Explosives wouldn't work because he'd see them coming. Poison gas, maybe, but only if he's trapped before it's released.

>> No.25887411

It's funny how looking back, Suzaku was able to overpower Geass simply by forcing "Gotta go fast!"

>> No.25887782

He usually doesn't open up his eye until he thinks it's necessary. We'd have the advantage on using our geass first. Also we could just pull a TTGL and shoot everywhere forever.

>> No.25887822

>shoot everywhere forever
Sadly, we aren't in that kind of anime.

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