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I heard you guys love a good strategy/nation building/diplomacy game; Well I've got some good news for you!

There'a a relatively recent game that's come out that goes by the name of BLOC, and currently /k/ has the biggest alliance; We are reaching out to /tg/ for good players who will play well, and play smart. Will you join us in our conquest for world conquest?

You can find the game here: http://bloc.name/bloc/main.php

and a guide here:

We have forums set up for members of INNAWDS, as well as secured boards and secure IRC for war planning.

Our forums can be found here:
Our alliance is named INNAWDS. It is time for the great conquest!

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Please note that while this and nationstates are both nation building games, bloc has 1000x less bullshit and is set in the cold war era, extremely high tensions and wars are commonplace.

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Tried it out a week or so ago, got raped because no alliance. How do I join you?

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click on alliances->JIDF->obamastan and send communique

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Join us brethren and fight for the Emperor. Krieg has been building itself up in preparation, as should you.

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but isnt the alliance INNAWDS, not JIDF?

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That's /pol/'s alliance, you only want to go there if you want to be lead by hitler.

Got to alliances>innawds>Murrka and ask him for an invite if you wan to play with good players.

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It is, JIDF is the /pol/-only alliance.

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Yes it is, /pol/ is doing a numbers recruitment where they get ANYONE (They tried recruiting /mlp/ and /g/) to join, if you go there you'll be surrounded by literally hundreds of imbeciles.

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Ill stick with /k/ tbh, they know more about war than /pol/ so its probably a safe bet with them

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NOT /pol/ only-we want a united 4chan and these /k/. bastards are getting cranky and trying to divide us

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>real war
>text based autism
pick one.

JIDF is less top down and more democratic

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As an outside observer, maybe you should make your own thread instead of going to another group's and shitting it up.

How can I join INNAWDS?

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Sounds like nazi german circa 1937... Yeah ill pass

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Good try...
INNAWDS is in the business of nation building.
JIDF not so much.

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/pol/ is the biggest instigator, they come into the INNAWDS thread and try to shit-talk us as well. at the same time trying to recruit people in /tg/

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I figured it would be more rude to fill up /tg/ with bloc threads. ni rudeness intended, just dont wanna spam

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/pol/ has allready started randomly declaring war on people, INNAWDS is being quite peaceful.

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bullshit-innawds is declaring war on /pol/ people right now!

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Not that I am aware of, ill go through the alliance and see if any are at war, any who are will be dealt with...

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Will you guys stop? JIDF get out of the INNAWDS thread and stop trying to bombard and slander them. it seems everywhere /pol/ goes seems to shit up instantly.

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see the declared war at bottom

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pls cite sources

also, please direct all drama-related or other inquiries to me/

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whoops http://bloc.name/bloc/stats.php?id=2959

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sup kat
see http://bloc.name/bloc/stats.php?id=2959

we are negotiating peace. seems to have been an accident

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He is being dealt with as we speak.

INNAWDS do not tolerate our members damaging the /k/ /pol/ relationship.

Sorry bout that guy.

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Good. We don't want any wars starting.

It is our official stance that once wars that threaten relations have been brought to adminstrative attention, the player will have 12 hours to offer peace, or they will be removed from INNAWDS and invaded.

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Where are most of /k/s nations? Is one's location important?

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dont be too hard on him. its settled. What I want is to merge for the glory of 4chan-not to tear each other apart.

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We could use some more Oil drilling middle eastern or soldier-bearing Asian nations.

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So let's say I wanna be a "soldier-bearing Asian nation", what should my initial set-up be? i.e. initial economy and government type.

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Asia+Military Junta (fo' dat Heinlein-esque Cold War Starship Troopers nation)+Command or Mixed Economy
(mixed economy is better mechanically)

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Asia, Military junta, mixed econony. East bloc.

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Cool thanks, I'll join the group in game or w/e, but has anyone made a Steam group?

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Now the hardest part, naming the nation.

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Oh fucking god.
I honestly entreat any fa/tg/uy on the front page reading this to join our quest.

This mess all started three days ago, as the piss wizard tells.
What started from the /k/ end of things was that some of us had received word that /pol/ was joining YET ANOTHER Nationstates-esque game.
The rallying call?

That we got to say, "fuck you and the cuntflaps you rode in on," to /pol/.
Now, this thread was actually rather slow. It was there throughout the day however.

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No steam group, but there is a forum in the OP.

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Communique Murrka (go to the Alliances page, open INNAWDS, click on the "Murrka," scroll down on his nation page till you reach the text box, and send him a PM that way (referred to as a Communique in-game).

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Now, this one thread actually gathered a fair amount of /k/ommandos to this growing crusade (or /k/rusade, as it would be). It took the entire damn day, but we had gathered some momentum (the way a line of peasants doth do when lined up in a row in 3.5 rules and given a 10 foot pole).

/k/ was organized under the banner of INNAWDS ("innawoods," a favorite /k/ idiom for where they'll go if shit hits the fan in their prepper fantasies). We grew like a neckbeard's boner to monster grills.

While the forces of /pol/ and their ohsocleverly named JIDF amounted their lands under their headman, Obamastan (if you think that name's clever, you should see the rest of /pol/), /k/ met them in turn.
/k/, unlike /pol/, was organized.

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/k/ had a forum, leadership that wasn't "suck my dick" (well, to be fair, we're unsure if /pol/ had this either, since they were the equivalent of an Ork mob who felt it funny to pretend to be invasive Jews) as other guilds, and was genuinely generous and able to help new members.
Not only were there startup tips, there was collusion and unity and simply free giving or loans (without interest) of resources needed for each individual nation to grow.
/k/ was living the dream of wartime community.

Now, things were not all well. It turns out /pol/ is largely stupid.

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What happened was that by the very next day, due to their lack of unity and communication, /pol/ nations were all over the place in terms of aggression to other nations.

Including /k/'s Alliance (which honestly was annoying, but useless for either side, as most everybody was too new to do jack shit).
AND they were attacking the gargantuan, assfucking red dragons of the established Alliances of the game, IFAP and Goons.

This stupidity in controlling their dumber members has lead /pol/ to lose face and either kick or apologize to the assaulted and chastise their own members no less than three times (and that's just when /k/ got wind of it).

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Now for the last couple days, both /pol/ and /k/ have been growing their nations with what players stood out the first day or two of waiting (this game is somehow faster than Nationstates, at giving you two turns a day with which to do things of note for your nation).
It was rather tenuous. Oil, a vital resource in the game for growing nations, was rising in price due to all the new players.
This was of course making the established players (non-4chan-related) angry, thinking it was some conspiracy to drive up oil prices.

Now, let me digress and explain how Oil works in the game. It's rather simple.
You need a 1:1 ratio of Growth:Oil, or your country's well-being suffers.
Each time someone buys Oil off of the World Market, it rises in price by 1.
All of these new players needing Oil were inadvertently helping a loose collection of would-be actual-conspirators called OPEC in the BLOC forums drive up Oil prices. However, 4chan in general was blamed for this.

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Join the /k/ alliance, we have good leaders and organization.

/pol/ are fucking up quickly.

once you join INNAWDS alliance, you'll get a message with a link to our offsite forums. our board has 164 registered users and 28 were online at once today. currently 14 users lurking. it's pretty active.

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This made tensions rise even higher.

Thankfully, despite /pol/s inability to control their own members, /k/ was safe, having been united and actually having some help from the larger Alliances (on the rather implicit agreement not to stir the goddamn pot like /pol/ was). This got to the point where /pol/ had tried poking the bear with its penis after a particularly bad Bear Lore check: some smaller nations had started picking on IFAP small fry.

This had lead to such threatening for all-out Alliance War that even /k/ was told to buckle down or be caught in the crossfire. Obamastan, the leader of /pol/, had even threatened to leave his very own /pol/ Alliance if that occurred (wow, great unity there).

This was actually sort of fun. Really Cold War feeling right then and there (like Cuba was going to fire its missiles regardless of what Kennedy did).

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The HAPPENING (as Doom Paul would say) was narrowly averted by Obamastan kicking these members and leaving them for the larger Alliances to vent their rage at the retarded upstarts (ain' no Sir Jonniass Dragonrapers or Mordenkainens, these guys). Then we all pretended things went back to normal.

That was about two nights ago, really.

We come now to the present.
/k/ has done its best with its Alliance, managing and helping smaller nations as we can, older nations handing resources (cash to build infrastructure, soldiers to war on unallied nations to build their GDP and wealth) to smaller ones, smaller ones sharing oil with the rest of the growing nations.
We have no hijinks simply because /k/ has been, of all things, prepping. For war? Of course, it's /k/.

War with who? We're not sure yet, but anybody weaker than us (and actually not indicating they're playing anymore) is getting a Mosin Nagant butt to the face. This builds our economies you see. We're on the up-and-up (as fast as this game will allow; it's faster than Nationstates, but it's still slow).

I entreat the brave warriors of the fa/tg/uys to join our crusade against /pol/ in the Alliance board (and who knows, perhaps their Rotunda of Retardation someday).

We have not much, being small still. However, we can promise you better comraderie and adventure as leaders of fledgling Cold War nations than that of /pol/.
It's not that we are looking for help against a great enemy; it's rather that /k/ knows what the sodden hell it's doing when it wants to conquer, see the lamentations of children, burning women, and raped fields.

If you have ever been annoyed at /pol/s spread to other boards, their inability to make jokes about anything other than Jews Infiltrating And Theiving Merchant, etc, please.

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I ask beg of your swords, fa/tg/entlemen.
We head to the cusp of war. With who, even the likes of /k/ does not truly know yet.

However, we do so with vigor, that war shall come. That the heretics before shall be scattered, their nations conquered, their wealth now ours, and that we as brothers may stand over the broken masses of our enemies as greats not in the finality, but in the quest for glory.

Please, join us. Not as noobs to the Nationstates II Electric Board Feud Boogaloo, but as partners to where we shall go.
We honestly need your support; to the same, we beg of it.
The likes of /pol/ must not seize even this virtual (shitty) game world of BLOC.

We ride for liberation. We ride for glory. We ride to totally kick ass. Please, be part of our number and friends.

i-it's not like we want your girth to warm our foxholes--! Or something like that!

-A neckbeard aiding /k/

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didn't read lol

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tl;dr plz halp

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We're a lot like you, we've got some fa/tg/uys amongst our ranks from the start, we'll provide the snacks and beer at our next game night, we think /tg/ would work well with /k/.

Oh, and we know how to thin our paints.

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i heard /k/ was acting like OPEC and keeping the oil price at around 50k so new guys cant do shit.

>> No.25876620

I'd pick /k/ over /pol/ any day, I just can't be assed to start on this shit, or even read the thread. Too damn tired.

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How important is joining a bloc? Is it a good idea to join the West if my economy is based on smuggling cocaine to the USA?

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kiss ass
join JIDF for an alliance with self respect

>> No.25876668

INNAWDS is doing the opposite of OPEC, we're actually trying to keep the price DOWN because our poor starting members are having a damn hard time.

>> No.25876670

Yes and no. /k/ AND /pol/ are both responsible for the influx in oil prices due to the large wave of new players and high demand for oil. /k/ had no intentions of raising oil prices, as it hurts INNAWDS members as much as native players as well.

>> No.25876679

Nice /pol/. see >>25875944
Why would Alliances that are growing shoot themselves in the foot, nitwits?

>> No.25876696

West: Cheaper F-8s, penealty to aiding East
East: Cheaper Weapons, penalty to aiding West
Neutral: Able to send aid to any nation with no consequence.

>> No.25876746

>join JIDF for an alliance with self respect
>list of nation names
>"oy ve its gonna be another shoah"
>"get out JEW"
You're joking, right? It's like you guys can't stop shitposting.
/k/ at its worst wouldn't have its head this far up its ass.

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It matters at higher GDP.

At small GDP (sub-1 BILLION), being Unaligned and in Alliance allows people to share resources with you freely (there's a mechanic that punishes the donator if they're of the opposite Bloc).

After you're self-suffiicient at 1 Billion (or vaguely less; just enough that you regenerate your budget fairly quickly) you join a Bloc to get their infrastructure benefits.

Soviets give you cheap weapons (but honestly, at that point, it's cheaper to use your own Military Industrial Complex to build them).
America gives you cheap planes.

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Are you me? I just saw the recreation of a previous thread, and invasion by /k/ and /pol/.

>> No.25876864

>Is it a good idea to join the West if my economy is based on smuggling cocaine to the USA?
Every time you get caught, your National reputation goes down and the West gets pissed. At worst level, a pre-scripted event will occur where the UN comes to kick your country's ass back to the beginning.
You can vaguely fix this by sucking up to the Western bloc, and as well not attacking people every turn.

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except last night there was a whole thread related to those /k/ game devs manipulating the prices. Seriously, why deceive /tg/??
Join JIDF-what u see=what u get. united 4chan uber alles

>> No.25877123

>those /k/ game devs
Wow, how do you be more of a tinhat than /k/ is?

>> No.25877181


/k/'s EDN devs actually were heckling the prices last night, and a whistleblower spread it throughout the warring boards.

>> No.25877184

>Join JIDF-what u see=what u get
So you get retards is that it?

>> No.25877188

oh? this game - http://evildeathnightmare.webs.com/play-edn

there were threads on /k/ about their market manipulation-why do you lie to /tg/, /int/ etc then recruit them to be your cannon fodder
unite 4chan
join JIDF

>> No.25877204

What does EDN have to do with the atrocity that is BLOC?

>> No.25877217

at least we are honest and are recruiting for partners, not operation "get behind the other boards".

>> No.25877253


Devs were playing it, worked together to heckle for shekels, just stating the fact.

>> No.25877302

I'm looking and I see the /k/ FPS development sight.

And last night the /k/ BLOC thread was deleted by the mods.
You CAN check the /k/ archive (Heissenen), you realize, /pol/.

Stop lying. It's pathetic. This is the EXACT reason people dislike /pol/ and get in its way to begin with.
>i'm mad that they're in my way
>i'm going to pretend to be those goddamn JIDF and use their techniques as a spy
>I'mma lie and mislead like a real JIDF
>/pol/ thought process

>> No.25877352

>getting in other board to advertise
>not saging
Do you even politeness?

>> No.25877355

Yeah, I'm looking and not seeing it.

>> No.25877371

>not operation "get behind the other boards".
Bullcrap. From what I hear you guys tried the likes of /mlp/, /v/, AND /vg/ once /k/ jumped ahead two days ago.

>> No.25877477

unless you know of some archive I don't- not all threads are saved. Truly not sure-in any case, believe me ore don't-the thread was a bloc thread and there were screens of the devs chat talking about the oil pump and dump.
Maybe you aren't Katbugs chosen royalty so you dont know.

>> No.25877568

>shitposts the same way with lies
>leads to "INNAWDS has crooked members" after that
>types like a spambot
>condescending ass
I'm really inclined to disbelieve you, because you've proven you're a liar. And a jerk.

>> No.25877597

Eh okay. How do I requst to join? And what do I do? This a Nationstates clone right?

>> No.25877635

I havnt proven I am a lier, and in fact, neither have you. Go ahead and pull up those threads if you know some archive. I am not the only one saying this-check for samefag if you know how newfriend. All I want is to unite 4chan and beat the other teams. You wan tall glory for your splinter group. Fuck you.

here is a thread in an on topic forum. I don't want to shitpost is /tg/ unlike /k/

>> No.25877672

Go to Alliances, INNAWDS, look for Murrka, go to his nation, scroll all the way done and look for the text box, send a requesto to join.

>> No.25877717

Go to Alliances, JIDF, look for Obamastan, go to his nation, scroll all the way done and look for the text box, send a requesto to join called a communique.

>> No.25877741

>Go ahead and pull up those threads if you know some archive.
>it's like foolz for /k/
Nice work, dummy. There's nothing for oil-hoarding on any BLOC thread except everybody yelling to give some or save it and not join the 70k+ Oil rush.

And /tg/ has had Nationstates thread before.

Quit being a horrible person, and stop pretending you're better by BEING exactly /pol/.

>> No.25877756


I'm not sure if he's around right now, but he will be later to answer any requests .

Going to want to work on that, because Obamastan is around a fuckton. Needs to be a way to allow more than one person to invite (by choice of course).

>> No.25877771

Murrka is MIA for a while, but he'll respond when he can. Good luck regardless.

>> No.25877830

I dont actually even /pol/ but you guys have been so full of shit I am with them for the glory of 4chan. and
>implying that site has the many hundreds of bloc posts.
That is a miniscule sample

>> No.25877851


Thanks, I hate tripfagging but for the sake of JIDF protection might have to password up for this.

>testing this before I use a real password.

>> No.25877856

Murrka's only be absent today. He's been up...more or less somehow all the time before this day.
He worked really hard (inordinately so for a guild that started four days ago).

I think he'll be ready and responsive soon.

>> No.25877871

Yeah, I'm fucking stupid and skipped a step.

Autism kicked in.

>> No.25877896

Happens to the best and worst of us, no biggie. Any questions or need any advice in the meantime?

>> No.25877923

>>implying that site has the many hundreds of bloc posts.
>it's like foolz for /k/
It has all of them, dummy.
Quite samefagging when we can recognize how you post.
>muh glory
>join JIDF
Will you realize that you're the exact goddamn reason people hate /pol/?

It's not even that you're a bad board.
It's that people like you shit all over your own reputations by saying others are bad when you can't even support yourself!
Fix your own idiot Alliance and you can talk about being proud or whatnot. God.
It's no fucking wonder the BLOC kiddies hate us.
/pol/ leads with its worst food forward: "hey, look, I'm pretending to be a thieving jew and a merchant who complains about genocide! Am I funny, you normalfags?"

>> No.25877969


Not particularly, changing the pass again, but the only thing I'm really worried about is being vulnerable to the other countries in the meantime while I wait.

Murrka has done a lot though, so he deserves some shore leave.

>> No.25878013

>Murrka has done a lot though
I'm not sure which time zone he was on, but since Thursday, he's been in on and off all day.
Fucker has crazy weird endurance. I was leaving the forum at around 3AM (after the turn changes EST), and he was still answering questions and posting.

>> No.25878016

attacking the board and not the truth of the statement
>can't check for samefag
I am done here. And I am right-believe who you want. me or this ad hom arguer.

>> No.25878036

/tg/, please, join the /k/omrades, they will treat you right. Like they treat me, Serbia!

We can all remove Kebab together /tg/; do you really, REALLY, want to join an alliance with /pol/? Notorious for being... well, /pol/?

>> No.25878064

Don't worry about it, really as of now there are just little tussles between countries. Unless you're a major Power player and leave other non-allied nations alone, you're fine. Besides, I believe that there's a 110m GDP safe zone that keeps you from being attacked along with a few other safety nets (Don't quote me on the 110m, as it might be 115m instead. I'm not 100% sure.)

>> No.25878100

>not the truth of the statement
>Telling the truth and telling it's a lie to save face

>"/k/ is full of shit."
>provide the archive for accusation of OPEC bullshit

>say that /pol/ is the better Alliance
>refer to the tl;dr explaining all the faggotry /pol/ has been doing like Orkz without a Boss and nobz
Thank you, /pol/, for being /pol/. Over and over.

>> No.25878110


Durr, yeah just remembered the safety net. It's 115GDP as well, or >10k military.

>> No.25878217

here is were they talk about what they really think
that archive was shit and you know it
thank you for being ad hom instead of making your own case

>> No.25878287

It's in the freaking OP. And that we hate you guys for doing what you're doing on lots of boards, yes, that's fairly obvious.

>"your evidence was contrary to what I said, so I'm disbelieving it"
>"he's making me look bad, so he's obviously attacking me and /pol/ directly by lying"
>Thank you, /pol/, for being /pol/. Over and over.
Leave your work to the actual JIDF. You're not doing very well.

>> No.25878355

here faggot-thanks for the archive


>> No.25878361

>here is were they talk about what they really think
That /pol/ is bad (WE KNEW THAT) and game strategy. I registered for fuckall.Fuck off all of you Nationstates 2 idiots.

>> No.25878386

Welp, seems EDN devs are working against everybody. Fuck their game then.

>> No.25878403

Looks more like the EDN devs are /pol/.
I can't trust sloths no more, man.

>> No.25878431

nationstates plz go

>> No.25878433

>in a /k/ thread
>implying /k/ doesnt say that shit
admit you were just owned faggot. That is what you get fro trusting Kat and Murrka who keep all the info to themselves

>> No.25878554

>>implying /k/ doesnt say that shit
It...doesn't actually.
/k/ has a lot of /pol/'s habits, but honestly?
You look at the forum, and INNAWDS Jew/merchant jokes are kept to money being referred to as sheckels and talking about kebab.

>> No.25878571
File: 1.46 MB, 480x270, 1372891191844.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop rambling about who is worst!
it will be better for /tg/ to do his own alliance -if they decide to play of course-

>> No.25878582

>admit you were just owned faggot.
Well, we know now that EDN devs are faggots. I should thank you for that in honesty.

But the Alliance on the whole is pure, and working hard. Unlike /pol/ getting its ass pulled out of the fire three times.

I'm earnestly saddened about this. Now we look like the likes of /pol/ because the EDN devs were cheating.

>> No.25878664

Best to unite under one 4chan banner, or we are easy pickings for the richer alliances. That has to be JIDF because they are bigger and because INNAWDS will not take ex JIDF. JIDF for unity and victory
look in all seriousness- I do wish we could just join together and own.

>> No.25878681

>I do wish we could just join together and own.
Not while /pol/ is terrible.
>oh vey

>> No.25878708

>because INNAWDS will not take ex JIDF
There's a pretty good reason for that.
>you keep fucking with the big alliances
>your players freak out
>hemorrhage players

>> No.25878740

obamastan has dealt with it-keep doing ifaps bidding

>> No.25878751


I'll admit that /pol/ has had some stupid fucking players, but honestly they're just dumbfucks who would only play for a day or two anyway. Really don't think it's something to base /pol/'s ability around, Obamastan has dealt with these assholes anyway.

>> No.25878779

>obamastan has dealt with it-
>keep doing ifaps bidding
Well, sure, fuck you then.

>> No.25878788

>Obamastan has dealt with these assholes anyway.

yeah...let's talk when it stops HABBENDING every other day and your track record isn't a death knell.

>> No.25878808

fuck you too-go back to your containment alliance while we bring victory to all boards

>> No.25879575

Newbie in the JIDF. I am sure Obamistan will get a handle over the rouges. It would be very bad if INNAWDS and JIDF went to war with each other considering both are weak against the Goon Alliance.

>> No.25879960

>while we bring victory to all boards

Go back to bed Nazi Germany. The only reason you still exist is because Obamastan has saved your asses three times.

>> No.25880069

Nobody is doing an oil pump and dump, markets are rising due to new accounts. You have my word that there is no great oil conspiracy.

This, we don't want your stupid warmongers or your stupid players.

>victory to all boards

Nobody likes you.

>> No.25880578

>want people to join
>no guide about starting a nation

>> No.25880731

Ask and thou shalt receive. Others have had no trouble with it so far, it isn't that hard either. Why not try first, and if you're confused or unsure of what to do ask for some pointers?

>> No.25882148

>guide is actually in OP

>and a guide here:

>> No.25884324

Thinking about starting. Any advice beyond the guide, which I'm reading now

>> No.25884901

Really focus on humanitarian aid while you can, it's a huge boost that you'll miss for a bit afterwords. Besides that, get to know some other Alliance members. Need oil but strapped on cash? No problem, work out a deal with each other, same thing applies for needing aid in general.

Start up is slow, but once you break free of the 115m GDP zone, you can branch out your choices and find a niche for yourself. A good part of the fun is consulting with other members of your Bloc and forming strategies.

>> No.25885105

Don't forget to keep enough oil to support your growth.

>> No.25885526


I did some stuff, started in Africa. Just going to chill and try to boost my GDP. I messed up and took an IMF loan, bad move on my part.

>> No.25885614

You'll bounce back, early games makes you kind of imperious to failing, unless you screw up REALLY badly. Regardless, if you need any help or aid, just a line to us at INNAWDS and we'll see what we can do.

>> No.25889998

Fellow JIDF here, that's my main concern. Whilst thinskinned keyboard warriors tar all of /pol/ with the same brush and try to turn /k/ against us our real enemies plot and wait to strike.

If JIDF went to war with INAWDS now, we'd most likely lose. However, in the aftermath INAWDS could be weakened enough for ifap and the goons to take them out.

But faggots - on both sides - will always try to pick fights just for the sake of it, like Mr. Storytime quoted here >>25876392

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