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If you've been on the internet for a little bit, you'll find this cute little thing practiced on some websites and referred to as "Role Playing" by the natives. It is a hobby, make-believe, between two or more people collaboratively story telling. But it is not so pristine a hobby as one might think. Free form is riddled with horror stories which fill the net- in fact, these tall tales, if one stayed long enough, would actually appear to be... the norm. So tell me /tg/. What are your free form horror stories?

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...H-how do these people even exist?

Captcha says: for eRobsiv

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Let's be honest here, this is tamer than most canon characters in Naruto.

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...I want to be outraged but I feel...pic related.

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>she is very beautiful for someone so homeless

I didn't realize there were degrees of homelessness.

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>tfw there aren't any good places to freeform rp and most people are shit

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>she is very beautiful for someone so homeless

You wot m8?

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You know. This doesn't really bother me all that much. It's pretty tame compared to the other crap that gets posted on this board.

There are only really three things that stand out.
>dat diamond bow
1) How would you draw the damn thing.
2) Why hasn't little miss homeless sold this for fat dosh? Any semi decent sleazy jeweler could break that shit down and sell the pieces individually for ..gah..
>Museum that never opened and no one ever goes to.
1) Well no shit no one ever goes to it if it never opened.
2) If the museum never opened why was there shit in it like a Diamond bow and earrings? Any sane curator would have had that shit in secure storage.
>super light muscles and bones
More of a minor gripe really, but she mentions shit like cage fighting for money as a malnourished 16 year with a mutation that makes her muscles and bones less dense. Meaning she's got jack all power to put behind any kind of blow. How is she undefeated when a strong wind could knock her ass over?

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>bones and muscle is unusually light
Wouldn't that mean they would break easier? HOW IS SHE UNDEFEATED IN BOXING?!

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Anyone has the story of the guys who defied Demon lord Altair in a freeform forum? I remember getting to the part wher they are all teleported out of a castle into a park or something

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You fight within a weight class, meaning being light for your size is a real advantage as it gives you more reach. You are right, that would be a disadvantage and make her a bit more fragile, but it dose say "so far", could be she's just gotten lucky in her matchups.

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These are perfect.

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Remember when we fa/tg/uys joined freeform games?

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It went actually pretty well.

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How do cage matches equal easy money? Haven't you seen Spider-Man?
I don't think there's even a weight category for someone who weigh 98 pounds.
Why do they keep an unoccupied museum stocked? Museums do not work that way.
Under what circumstances would the building of the museum be completed with no buyers for the property?
"Nice once you get to know her" is a nonsense term. Everyone's nice once you get to know them. The saying goes that you can tell what kind of person your date is not by how they treat you, but how they treat the waiter. It means that her default setting is "bitch".
There is not a seven-year-old on this earth competent enough to successfully orchestrate running away for any appreciable amount of time, much less surviving on her own.
It's a little odd how, by total coincidence, she has come to look exactly like a celebrity who shares no genetics or life experiences with her.

Oh, Mary Sues. You are the black spot that makes everything else look brighter.

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I offer a taste of suffering.

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I offer a taste of suffering.

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>my secrets are... for me to share when I'm ready

>sword made of eternally dripping blood

God, the amount of edges on this fuck.

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Now I want to do this.

In this day and age, where would you find a bunch of edgy 13 year olds?

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I wish it were easier to find good freeform rp's. I often wonder if it'd be fun to do that with /tg/, but then I realize that's basically a quest thread.

At least freeforms are usually fun to troll, though. I remember a while back, when a couple fa/tg/uys joined a shitty rp as the Adeptus Mechanicus. They ended up driving a truck with one of them shredding guitar on top, with the end goal of blowing up the city because of heresy. They succeeded, too, since the other characters all had their heads too far up their asses to pay any attention and stop them.

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Pretty much every freeform site on the internet.

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Jesus christ. Now that's what I call dark and edgy.

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Which are?

Is freeform a thing /tg/ uses or a thing everyone uses? I've never heard it prior.

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We need to do this again.

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We have to make the distinction because we usually rp with a set of rules, e.g. DnD or whatever. But elsewhere, there are hundreds of forums where people roleplay without much of a structure.

Here, for instance. http://rpg-directory.com/
Someone should roll dice to determine the forum we go to.

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Basically forums where people meet to roleplay without the use of rules and die.
Fa/tg/uys usually keep away from them. They are mostly used by teenagers and people without creativity, although there are rare cases of people doing it right.

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Honestly, you could go anywhere. I would personally recommend you try Gaia Online in order to bring us back some real quality gold.

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>find a pretty great but small freeform site
>most members are nice and fantastic rpers
>they end up leaving the rp for various reasons
>tfw left with the shitty players but still cant make yourself leave because it used to be so great

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Wait, why be players when we can DM?

Bait-and-switch plot, start edgy and go wacky. From demons and angels to space gorillas.

Make it a thread. We just need a hunting ground.

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>Creepy aura, often gives into base instincts to "feed," has to suppress urge to mate
>discriminated against

Son, if you're a creepy cannibal and compulsive rapist, it's not discrimination to want you to go away.

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This is the story of every freeform site ever.

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Freeform rp's don't usually have DMs. Partly because forums are slow enough without a DM having to confirm what happens.

In other words, it's up to the players to be the DM as well, which really is one of the problems.

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We've done it before, in Comradesempai's thread and the two iterations of the fantasy highschool.

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>Creepy aura, often gives into base instincts to "feed," has to suppress urge to mate
>discriminated against

Son, if you're a creepy cannibal and compulsive rapist, it's not discrimination to want you to go away.

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Oh God, I'm getting Gaia flashbacks.

Never go to that evil place. It... eats at you.

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Check your privilege, human.

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I'd do this.

But I'd just play a Touhou and be silly. That's how you have fun, right?

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Freeform basically has the same problem as any die-based game, no? If you're playing with stupid fucks, your game is going to turn out shitty.
Maybe freeform attracts more edgy teenagers because
a) it's probably the first result in Google after the WP article about erotic roleplay
b) they want to escape from their growing knowledge of how fucked they are in the real world
c) a lot of them want something less "nerdy" than a game with an actual system behind it. this fear may even explain the apparently higher percentage of female RPers
d) it allows them to go full on youjustdontunderstandme-powerfantasy.

And now I just realized how 3edgy7u this all sounds, sorry.

My final point: Something good can come of freeform. Look at Unsounded: the author's tales of what happened in her RP group are pretty fucked up, but a decent comic came of it.

>tfw I'd be perfectly fine with a freeform game if that meant I actually got to play

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Rule of thumb: If your backstory includes more than one word you spend an entire paragraph on explaining, CHANGE IT.

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Plenty of characters are basically Touhou girls without even knowing it.

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Peter looks kinda like Stan Pines.
Polite sage for offtopic.

>SCHOOL flarism

Captcha know what the freeform highschool RPs are about, it seems.

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Oh, so it's alright then.

Playing a Touhou would be fun. Just look at their outfits!

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fuck having fun everything is serious buisness

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That's pretty much it. Sometimes admins or mods can cut down on the faggotry but in most cases they are just as big as edgy kids as the normal players.

>tfw I enjoy freeform more than things like DnD because it cuts out the socialness and I have time to respond

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How the fuck is one supposed to read half of this?

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Gotta be a werevampiredragonlichwitchwizard and destroy everyone so I can feel good about myself

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Teenagers have a poor idea of aesthetics and what can actually be read.

Although the bottom right one looks like an editing error, not the author's fault..

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So are we doing a Mechanicus raid or not?

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Find a forum for us and we'll do it.

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We could just choose the old favourite for raiding.

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What's the website called?
We can take it down/improve it together.

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Years ago I used to be part of a Transformers free form RPG. We were a small but happy group with good moderators, and I eventually became one myself through merit of my contributions (people who make their characters important to begin with will never understand the joy of seeing their character promoted). As time passed the older mods left and we were soon a small group of people relatively new to the job trying to steer the whole thing with nobody more experienced to guide us (mods were effectively DMNPC's and expected to create story lines for the others to follow). That in itself wasn't too bad as we were creative enough, even if we did make a few mistakes. But our real problem was that the site owner didn't really care about the RPG and didn't pay anny attention to what went on in it, and on this site only the administrator could ban people. So, inevitably, over time we were overrun by a group of "friends" (who were really just one autistic guy with multiple accounts) who were your typical "mary sue can never loose it's all about me" dickhat freefrom rpgers. In the end I just couldn't take that shit anymore and had to give it up.

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I'm actually trying to improve it myself. I'm practically the only admin active or at least the only who does shit to improve the site. I'm sorta fearful of posting the name in fear of raiding and the like.
Also, it's a Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire RP.

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I sense that whoever wrote that is an unloved teenager.

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Alright. I wish you good luck on your endeavors then. Remember to have fun- please.

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There's always the hive of scum and villainy known as Spacebattles.

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I think they're all different people.

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>typical perfect-in-every-way Mary Sue
>Parents: Zeus

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If Zeus can impregnate anyone and anything maybe he can impregnate himself?

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I'm guessing it's a Percy Jackson and the Olympians rp. Those are really popular, right up there with harry potter.

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There are degrees to everythign if you are making a comparitive obbfuscation of how awesomely gifted by fate the character is.

It is some form of psychobabble.

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>fear is synonymous with capitalism
lost it.

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>Romulus, the creator of Rome

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Seriously? Fucking white people man, fucking white people. You paleshits are so fucking weird.

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Is that one guy really the worst of them?

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Oh god, Chicken Smoothie.

That site is about the perfect storm of illiteracy- a place where children engage in roleplay with their fantasy wolf characters.

It looks all innocent, until you realize that these children are destined to become furries. Most of them don't consider themselves as such, but thanks to peer pressure everyone has at least one fursona.

They have categories set up for roleplaying- if you join an "illiterate" RP you'll find no one makes a post longer than a Twitter update, and about half as intelligible.

If you join a "literate" group there's usually an expectation of a short paragraph or two per post- don't write too much more or you'll make the others feel inadequate.

There's even a personal writing forum; revel in the literary talents of pic related- I found this gem in moments of navigating to the site.

Yes, I used to be a member. I don't have any personal horror stories, because even as an idiot child I still realized that the people on that site were by and large moronic; I do still cringe when I remember those days, though.

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Everyone else can be just as weird as white people.

>> No.25860991

oh dude, you've never met black nerds, have you?

they take power fantasies to the next level.

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I know that, but this is some sort of special weirdness. Niggers are crazy I know and chinks once are stranger still, but paleshits are by far the oddest in my opinions right behind Indians...oh god Indians are weird as well.

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>How do cage matches equal easy money? Haven't you seen Spider-Man?
It isn't really. You make fairly little for amateur fights. Yes, I have.
>I don't think there's even a weight category for someone who weigh 98 pounds.
There isn't but maybe she could get into minimumweight?
>There is not a seven-year-old on this earth competent enough to successfully orchestrate running away for any appreciable amount of time, much less surviving on her own.
She could hide in one of those old refrigerators.

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Giiirrrl u so homeless you ain't never even seen no shelter.

>> No.25861091

Well, this one's played by a spic.

>> No.25861115

>Syzal Xyvedar Lunaridar
Why do these people have the dumbest names?

>> No.25861289

I know, right? What's wrong with a good simple name, like John or Charles? Or Richard? That's a good strong name!

>> No.25861800

>mfw Richard is my name.

>> No.25861835

Sup dick. You suck dick.

>> No.25862182

What? You know what it sounds like? It sounds like an arrancar name. Too bad Bleach sucks.

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Rolled 90

we do some freeform occaisionally. check out the mages guild meeting threads.

>> No.25862248

Those are just dreadful, not unlike modern fantasy threads.

>> No.25862289

Thanks, mate! I'm doing my best. Slowly but surely it's improving!

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Rolled 87

You don't like them? I always enjoy'd them. You just gotta get in the mood.

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I used to freeform RP in a Halo RP when I was but a wee fey goat, I can't be assed to pick out any specific parts, since it's been going on since 2007, here's a link to the archive if any fa/tg/uys want to read of our horrible escapades.

>> No.25862436

I can only enjoy an RP when I feel the GM is superior to me, which doesn't normally happen in freeform.

>> No.25862458

Hey, I'm Richard too!

>> No.25862728

It's pretty bad when your last name roughly translates to "head"

>> No.25863097

If you let people make the appropiate jokes, you're doing something wrong.

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I remember way back when /tg/ did some stuff based on those Modern Fantasy threads that pop up every now and then with some weird frequency.

I played a were-rat hobo girl who'd pretty much stumbled upon this weird world of people and sort of interacted/blogged about various things with the people there. At one point, she met up with a vampire named Dan, his vampire-sister, and a guy that was pretty much Knight Solaire from Dark Souls, with twice as much jubilation.

If there's anyone still around from that, Kara was legit fun, and I'm sad that I didn't get to end out her story with her dick father either dying of magic cancer or just body-jacking Kara when he realized she was magic.

>> No.25865166

The writing is poor, but what's wrong with the story? Noble girl must seek magical gem to save mother.

>> No.25865493

Horror stories, eh? I'll bite.

Think about anime, cartoons, and video games, both eastern and western. Consider some recurring themes throughout these shows and games. A strong protagonist who fights solo, has something special about him that everyone else lacks, or has to a much lower degree, a cast of supporting characters that exist solely to extoll the protagonist's power and virtues; they exist only to make the protagonist look cooler, style over substance to an extreme degree.

In addition to the above, take all the negative aspects you can possibly think of about those cartoons, anime, and videogames -- all the bullshit, all the nonsense, all the stupid things -- and roll them up into a neat little package, and you have the roleplayers I used to deal with on an IRC network.

Everyone thinks their character is the main character, that the story is about their character, that he is the strongest and most unique, that everyone else's characters exist just to make his look cooler. Each and every one of them. Imagine an entire network of these people, chatrooms full of them, each playing out their own little power fantasy and treating all the other special snowflakes like supporting characters.

Try to wrap your head around it.

>> No.25866407

Lots of sites. Teen-rpg, Omegle, /tg/ actually organized trips to Kidzworld and Bluemoon about a year ago, along with several other sites. Ivan and a few others are laying low until /tg/ decides it wants another big game.

>> No.25866803

Hey /tg/, I was hoping I could get a tip. Whenever I start a freeform RP, I usually have a good character. As things go on, this ends up changing. I gradually embellish my character until they're one of those horrendous clusterfucks that everyone laughs at in these threads. It's a gradual process, so I typically don't notice it until I've wrecked myself irreversibly.

What are some tips on keeping your character consistent?

>> No.25866874

Don't buy into the native's tricks. Once you do that, they start forming... opinions Also, you will as well. In addition, you create a character as a character with a set plan and character concept as you create it, then stick to that plan as closely as possible.

>> No.25866944

Oh, please. That character is more thought-out and well written than some of yours have been. Admit it.

>> No.25867004

The Internet is your backyard, mate. Only your imagination sets the limit.

>> No.25867360

The problem with freeforms is that you can't tell if you're getting into a group of edgy 13 year olds.
The normal average casual RPer
A bored RPer
Or warped love children of /b/ and /d/

>> No.25867490

I've seen other boards here freeform like that
/k/ has Star Wars threads every few weeks.

>> No.25867615

Some can be pretty good, if you overlook obvious flaws in character design.

>> No.25867648

i used to do this kind of thing frequently maybe 7-8 years ago on a bb called otakuboards or something. i loved it, there was a big community of RPers so there was plenty of talent. i was a big player and ended up becoming a global moderator and expanding the forums. shit was cash. yeah we were all weeabboo nerds but who wasnt at 15. that experience really brought out the writefag in me.

>> No.25867856


Best Naruto coming through!

>> No.25867866



>> No.25867938

Because, anon, just because.

And it could be worse. At least its not Wraethtu.

>> No.25868765

Anyone have that cap where some guy plays Rincewind in this trippy Harry Potter-themed abortion?

>> No.25868938

How do I organize for a group of neckbeards to come into a freeform together being ironically shitty and trying to troll each other without knowing the others aren't edgy 13 year olds?

>> No.25869046

Once upon a time I encountered someone so horribly bad that I think they are the worst ever. Metagaming, godmodding, gary stu, blatant hypocrisy and other unforgiveable shit.

So I'll start from earliest until latest if I can.

So the first time I met this guy I was playing a black ooze man thing sent by eldritch abomination to infect people with an ooze parasite to the ear. I was pretty fair with it, having weaknesses to pretty common powers (flammable, high freezing temperature, locked up when a current was run through it) and if someone could get away it gave in and stopped going after them. So I was playing an antagonistic character where I fully expected resistance to my efforts, and that was fine. Except the way the guy went about it was absurd.

His first effort was to jump off of the ground up into the rafters of a wooden building, then send lightning through the floor to hit my character from the feet.

After explaining electricity doesn't conduct through wood very well, he changed his explanation to 'I did it with magic'. And then he flooded the room with water to repeat it. A room with other people inside.

This was the beginning of many many stupid stupid encounters.

Should I go on?

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Why not?

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>> No.25869332

I would like to hear more.

>> No.25869336

I see Touhou mentioned all the time here. From what I gather it was an anime or something, yes? Can anyone care to elaborate? Is it any good for animu?

>> No.25869371

I'd say go to a neckbeard forum, tell them that instead of infiltrating an already existing forum they should just make their own shitty parody and troll everyone who joins afterwards.

Wait a week or two, then go to a as much unrelated as possible neckbeard forum and tell them to troll said forum.

>> No.25869430

So, the next time I heard this guy was when someone else tried to pull his character into a sort of trap. Can't remember much of the specifics as I wasn't there, but the trap went awry and his character pulled out their 'ultimate attack' so to speak. An inescapable vortex. Once inside your character was trapped forever or some business. I don't know. It wasn't exactly clear, but the implications he implied was the vortex was game over for your character. So to avoid being vortex'd one of the trappers turned into a dragon to fly away.

From what I heard, an argument sprung between him and the dragon player for somewhere between two and four hours on whether or not the dragon could fly away from the vortex or get caught. I ended up RPing with the dragon player because of this (I had a character who had a fascination with dragons) and they went on to be a cool mod down the line.

I guess I should probably explain some things about this character. Firstly, the character (and username) was Vampiric-Rage. He was a golem made of seven races to be the perfect being. Demon, Angel, Dragon, Elf, Vampire, Lycan and Kitsune. Remember the last one. It will come up later. And by later I mean shortly.

Pic related.

>> No.25869467

That doesn't sound too terribly bad. Ancient inscrutable being that's slowly dying and seeking a cure. He doesn't have the best prose of everyone ever, but it's not bad writing by any stretch. I'd say he has potential, at least.

>> No.25869563

>In this day and age, where would you find a bunch of edgy 13 year olds?
tumblrwhich at this point i have to believe is actually a bunch of freeform roleplayers or a may just commit suicide

>> No.25869567

Oh god rafters. Fucking rafters, man. A fantasy FFRP I used to play over irc was set in an inn. Half the damn population was in the rafters, hiding stealthily in the shadows and being SO SNEEKY while the rest of the dragons/unicorns/bear people ignored them.

It got so bad that another fantasy game I joined explicitly stated "THERE ARE NO RAFTERS IN THIS INN."

>> No.25869583

Dude, you are my hero. I love seeing my own story posted so much.
>made my day

>> No.25869628

So now for the story of how his character got raped.

It's actually really hard to describe, but I'll just jump to the facts of what played out. An in character female friend of his was possessed by some sort of bad guy and raped him.

The website this took place on was a smut-free zone. Or was meant to be. People always worked their way around it. But whatever. The reason this memory sits so strongly in my mind was because of the absolute hypocritical information it provided later.

Around this time I had made an assassin for the express purpose of being hired to kill other players characters. Bad behaviour. Don't copy me. Inevitably one of this guys enemies hired my character (I ended up getting about 5 requests to kill his character). So what followed was some of the most painful shit ever. My character jumped him, so he 'shadow-walked' away.

Oh, don't know what shadow walking is? It's where you walk in shadows. Except his logic behind it was insulting. Specifically, his definition of shadows were anywhere there was light, as shadows can't exist without light, so the only way to catch him was in a room of complete darkness.

As I had prepared for this, knowing his character, I followed him to his home where he had quite literally an indestructible, impassable wall that could only be broken by killing six elder dragons on the opposite side of it.

I don't know, I'm sure it made sense to him? I basically told him my assassin was going to wait outside until he came out to fight, and we did. This fight lasted 4 stubborn fucking days, on and off over several hours. I wouldn't back down against his bullshit and he kept pulling out new things to stall me. Amongst the things pulled

>A dome of blood that would stab at anyone who tried to pierce through it
>The same dome again but also anti-magic the second time
>The vortex to try and trap my character
>Endlessly flying away

Eventually he just wore down and eventually agreed to a mutually powerless fight.

>> No.25869721

So in a fair fight my character has eventually won. It was actually a lot more fair, as my melee text fighting was not great. How did I win? A leg-lock around the neck while in mount position while he was holding onto my characters throat. I cut off the blood supply while my characters next was torn open, presumably to choke. My character promptly dumped acid on his heart and head and emergency bailed out for a healer.

Except, it meant nothing. On the third day of the fight I had already been told by the player 'He's already made a clone of himself because he knew the assassin was after him'.

What'evs, by this point I stopped caring. I was pretty much tired of his bullshit. And then his clone walked into the place my assassin was hanging around looking for work. What should he tell my assassin? The win wasn't a real win because he didn't have blood flow. Cutting off the circulation wouldn't do a thing.

So lemme explain and fill some gaps

>His super powerful character who could make anti-magic indestructible barrier of blood got raped
>The character who raped him got pregnant
>He doesn't have a blood flow, invalidating the kill performed on him.

So I'ma just put all that in a box and try to forget about it again. It was around this point that I started caring a lot less. It just wasn't worth my time or effort. I hated him a lot still, but I lessened in my hatred.

So Kitsune's. Motherfucking Kitsune's. What with being a gary stu he had a little cliche of his friends and his girlfriend and shit. And they suddenly all had this idea of 'Kitsune's in season'. As in 'in heat'. It was really really creepy, down to the point of ear-touching being sexualized.

>> No.25869775

Anyone here from alternatehistory.com? It's like Fanfiction for reality, a lot of roleplaying, but mostly in the civillization-scale we do here on /tg/.

>> No.25869784

Does anyone have the adventures of Richard Fontaine, son of Priapus saved?

>> No.25869831

And that's about it. That's the ridiculous stories of Vampiric-Rage. Most of the people who were active and knew him at the time had horror stories of him, from 'training females until their clothes fell off' or other creepy forms of sexualized shit that didn't belong on the website.

At one point I talked to a vet who told me V-Rage had been on the site years before, claiming to be eighteen and hitting on the vets IRL GF in a really creepy way. It was funny because now he was also claiming to be eighteen when I saw him years after the vet met him. And not ha-ha funny.

I don't have any more horror stories from him, just the one from his girlfriend being a hypocrit. Hope I provided a bit of entertainment from what gave me literal hours upon hours of rage.

Fortunately I grew up and got better. My assassin character became more than just meant to kill people and most of the interactions that happened because of him usually went really well if he was no longer involved in them. Fortunately I learned a few things from him being there.

So here's some advice I can provide.
>Personal vendettas are bad and breed bad behaviour
>Being more interested in sex than roleplaying leads to bad roleplaying
>Being an active and involved member is vital if you want to encourage your community in a positive direction. If all your best roleplayers are inactive and only RP with each other, your community will take a nose dive. So offer to RP with noobs. Set a good example. Be active and involved with all aspects.

>> No.25869842

And, of course, document the whole thing on a third neckbeard forum (preferably /tg/).

>> No.25869881

Actually, I thought rafters were great. I had a mad vampire sneak out every night and go to build it. It was sort of a take that against the stop-having-fun-guys I thought existed at the time, and also just good fun to write.

>> No.25870069

I was looking for some freeform to wirte in spare time, if you wouldn't mind to name the forum I would be glad to report in!

>> No.25870105

It's a video game and a fairly creative one at that. People like the open-endedness of it. The characters are pretty awesome too. There are also mangas for it.

>> No.25870157

It's a bullet hell arcadestyle shooter game with ridiculously blown out of proportion fluff.

>> No.25870207


It's a series of really hard Vertical Shooters where all the characters are Japanese mythological monsters reconstituted as little girls. There are little girl vampires, little girl ghost princesses, little girl kappas, little girl onis, and etc. Despite what you might assume considering its country of origin Touhou is actually non-sexual, its preferred design philosophy is to garb its characters with ludicrously elaborate clothing and hats. And despite what I said many of them aren't little girls, many are adults (though the number of male characters in all of Touhou currently stands around 5). The fandom is also fucking nuts in a big way which is half the fun.

>> No.25870419


Thanks. I might look into it, since I have a certain fondness for hats.

>> No.25870434

Just read the manga and play the games.

I'm pretty terrible at bullet hells but I played them anyways.

The story is something fun to get into, ZUN's a bit of a clever writer. There's also the doujin scene, some artists make some exceptional works.

>> No.25870446

I have no idea what "bullet hell" is, but I'm going to go to Youtube and find out real quick. Cover me.

>> No.25870468

You're going to cry at some of those patterns.

Basically vertical scroller-style thing where you dodge a ridiculous amount of magic bullets shot from various themed and interesting characters.

>> No.25870470


>> No.25870486

Which is worst?

>> No.25870490

The one big thing people have failed to mention so far is that the fandom and fan-produced works of Touhou are of legendary scale. They make Homestuck and MLP look like mewling upstarts.

For reference, here's actual gameplay footage.

Here's fanmade material.

The canon of the story is that the characters live in a pocket dimension that offers shelter to all things no longer believed in by humanity, a literal world of fantasies called Gensokyo. This subjective setting aspect is carried on into the policy of fanworks: Every fanwork is canon, every official work is fanon. It's blown up into a huge social phenomenon, and the pool of Touhou fanworks is almost beyond measuring. /jp/'s torrent of Touhou remix albums contains over a terabyte of music as of a few years ago, and new albums are released every year. (Sometimes month.)

I could go on for posts about how crazy the Touhou thing is.

>> No.25870509

Well, not every fanwork is canon. People make up stupid stuff that's just completely ridiculous. You've really got to sift through to find the good stuff.

Not all of the characters hide away for 'belief' reasons though, so make sure you get to know all of them!

>> No.25870522

That is your belief, and others disagree. Thus both sides' subjective realities are made stronger.

Such is life in Gensokyo.

>> No.25870523

>Well, not every fanwork is canon.

Are you telling me Reimu isnt a Sister of Battle?

>> No.25870528

Does she get slaughtered daily by gray knights to protect against chaos?

Also scary man-face and POWER HEELS.

>> No.25870542

Wait, pocked dimensions and alternate realities on top of hats?


>> No.25870556

Pfff Touhou

its all about HATS


how can people be so obsessed with head accessories!

>> No.25870557

It also has nuclear powered raven girls.

>> No.25870565

Some of them don't have hats.


I think he's trying to reference some picture with a 'Brown Tewi' where everyone's "canon Gensokyo" is 100% valid because it's such an open-ended setting.

Anything too ridiculous (Much like in the thread above) should be disregarded for one's sanity.

>> No.25870567


>> No.25870579

Except that comic itself was referencing ZUN's official statement on the nature of Gensokyo.

Indeed. Nobody's interpretation of any character or event is any more valid than anyone else's. For example, these are equally valid.



Listen close. They're the same song.

>> No.25870598

Care to post said statement?

ZUN's canon does triumph over all fan-shit. After all, why should a character's personality be completely replaced by some dumbasses' interpretation? It's despicable and doesn't reflect the character at all.

>> No.25870605

Because it's subjective.

I am also of the opinion that ZUN has final say. But I'm sure people would disagree with me, and thus the cycle continues.

I don't have the source on that offhand, unfortunately.

>> No.25870628

Honestly I think it's really clever of ZUN to say every interpretation is official. That way all the fans feel like they're super special and will keep giving him jewgolds.

>> No.25870669

But a character does have a defined personality to round them out, replacing it doesn't even make the character anymore.

It's like if you took batman and made him a yoga instructor; like just a yoga instructor and nothing else, he's not batman anymore.

Where does he even say this?

>> No.25870730

You are correct. But the mass disagreement with this (what we consider to be tasteless) interpretation of a character strengthens the subreality in which it is the truth.

You cannot disagree/disbelieve something into non-canon in Touhou. Merely being aware of its theoretical existence makes it real, because if somebody made it, it's their Gensokyo. If you disbelieve it, you've excluded it from yours, but strengthened theirs, as Gensokyo attracts that which is disbelieved. We may have our individual interpretations of Gensokyo, but the oversetting is that by excising any one thing from our personal versions, we lend credibility to it in someone else's.

Everything is canon. Everything is fanon.

Even in the book Silent Sinner in Blue, a plot point is that they managed to find the Japanese equivalent of National Geographics that contained information on Saturn IV rockets, because there's a sufficiently sized group of people on Earth that believe the moon landings never happened, making it fantasy.

>> No.25870741

I remember one time I tried to join a /tg/ freeform thing as a creepy guy named Wolphram Lupernthal who was obsessed with wolves but had absolutely no powers or abilities besides encyclopediac knowledge of wolves and wolf history.

But I got too far behind.

>> No.25870756

But the flag from the moon was tossed onto Earth. Not only that but they SHOWED you the ruins of human construction on the Moon, a place not contained by Gensokyo.

That just doesn't make sense, it's just stupid. Some things just happen to slip through the cracks in Gensokyo. Even an NES (Or an SNES) slipped through into Gensokyo. Does that mean Nintendo is a fantasy?

>> No.25870772

Actually, my bad. It was an iPod that made it in.

Apple is a myth.

>> No.25870783

To be honest, the whole personal canon thing does sound like pandering to sperglords.

>> No.25870793

Dat file name.
Almost a spoiler, I read that yesterday.

>> No.25870805

There was a SNES too. Rinnosuke had one in his store.

>> No.25870812

Ah. My bad then.

>> No.25870819

Tell me how many 96 pound individuals are in sketchy back room cage boxing. Every other opponent is gonna outweigh her by 30 pounds minimum.

>> No.25870827

>That just doesn't make sense, it's just stupid

You can't let common sense hold you back in Gensokyo!

>> No.25870841

... What?

>> No.25870845

Gensokyo is a pocket dimension located in Japan, roughly 250 square kilometers in size. The moon is its own individual entity, free of Gensokyo's rules. Their own magic protects them from being seen for what they are: A hyper-advanced lunar-dwelling race. This was largely the plot of Imperishable Night, when somebody fucked up the illusion, and also came up in Silent Sinner in Blue.

There was also an oldschool brick Gameboy. Rinnosuke freaked the fuck out because his item-identification power started listing off all the things you could do within the games it could play without the context of it being a game, and he concluded that it was a tool of the gods. He tried to destroy it, but Yukari stole it.

The whole series is made by one guy (with tangental help for the illustrated works and the offshoot fighting games), whose entire motivation for making the series is to write videogame music. He was formerly a member of ZUNTATA, Taito's in-house music department. He left, taught himself how to program, and started making his own games to write the kind of music he wanted to. He's pretty laid back about the whole thing: Touhou isn't even his life goal. He wants to open a bar and grill, with a brewery in the back.

Also this. Omen and notion have more say in Gensokyo than science, down to WAAAAAAAAGH levels. Patchouli surrounded the rocket they were building with a red carpet to reduce the engine power needed for takeoff, because red conveys energy.

Yes. The red ones go faster in Gensokyo.

>> No.25870860

Time to confess my sins.
A few days ago, in fit of boredom and a desire for shits and giggles, I thought I'd try buzzing the Minecraft RP scene. Those of you who wish to post your revulsion, fire away.
For those of you still reading, it wasn't the best. I was playing a Naga mummy's boy alchemist. Naive as fuck but fairly good willed, he'd come to the city to practice the arts of exotic alcohol because everything drives me to drink.

The trouble, as ever, lies with vampires. City was infested with the buggers to the degree an entire faction was dedicated to stomping them, and they stirred up trouble wherever they went. I ended up patching someone back together after they got stabbed by one. Another one swirled around me as smoke and dropped me into a sewer after threatening to kill me.

Wasn't all bad - there was a nice fisherman in one of the capital's waterways who I got to have a pleasant chat with after I asked him if he'd seem a mermaid-analogy swimming up the river. Still, not the best.

What makes this thing even more of a shaggy dog story was that when I joined a faction, it turns out they had no need for an alchemist because of a potion factory plugin. I haven't returned to the server since

>> No.25870864

>He wants to open a bar and grill, with a brewery in the back.

All you have to do is sign a contract for an official touhou anime and merchandise ZUN. You can earn enough for a whole chain of bars.

>> No.25870919

But Patchouli didn't do that.

She actually made the rocket as a rocket along with some divine power and the Lunar Veil that Eirin secretly put on.

In which chapter did she even do that?

>> No.25870970

Chapter 10.

There's lots of precedent in Touhou for color corresponding to power anyways. Alice talks about it, the Yakumos' names are based on it, etc.

>> No.25870987

I lost my sides at that part. I'm sure ZUN has probably never heard of 40k, but still.

>> No.25870988

>Gaia online

There is some pretty 10/10 stuff from there.

>> No.25871017

Well, I know how farming works in my next seting.

>> No.25871027


It's also possible that her conclusion about needing a red belt rather than just red is from misunderstanding the books description of why launch facilities are best placed at the Equator, something Gensokyo doesn't have, and is generally demarked via a red line.

Also, never assume ZUN doesn't know about something in Western culture. He has lots of Agatha Christie references, as well as really subtle nods towards all kinds of fields of traditionally "Western" information.

>> No.25871028


If I remember correctly, at least in PCB alice states how reimu powers are intrinsically inferior to hers due to being only two-colored.

>> No.25871051

Yep. Alice considers herself superior because her clothes have seven colours.

>> No.25871071


well she actually is ranked pretty high in the power list. she was at extra-boss level as a child.

>> No.25871116

Oh god I remember that
Shit was ridiculous.

>> No.25871136

>"Then all hell broke loose. No pun intended."

Well it sure is a good thing that you didn't intend to make a pun because there sure fucking isn't one there.

>> No.25871171 [SPOILER] 

Odd note: She says Reimu only has two colors. Red and white.


Color clearly doesn't mean in Gensokyo what it does here. Also, most of Alice's power is generally thought to be tied up inside the Grimoire, which she describes to contain "the most powerful witchcraft", which is interesting, because she used a different word. She specified "witchcraft", not "magic", which is something no other character has ever done. It probably relates to her pseudo-fiendish heritage.

The more ominous fact is that Marisa can't read most of Patchouli's grimoires, because any grimoire containing magic more powerful than your own appears as gibberish.

But Alice can read the one she carries just fine.

>> No.25871176


>> No.25871257


It isn't omnious at all.
Marisa has lowest magical power than patchy, but patchy has a rather poor healt and cannot cast her most powerful spells as a result of that.

Alice is an ex-boss, on par with most of the gensokyo top tier resident, as Remilia, yukari, yuyuko. Is only logical that she could read high level magic.

>> No.25871272

But Patchy is an ex-boss too.

>> No.25871314


Then she probably could read alice grimoire too.

>> No.25871317

"In fact, not a single person alive knows just how many characters there actually are in Touhou. I think the last estimate was somewhere around 400 shitzillion."

Goddamn I lost it.

>> No.25871324

My point was that Alice's power is generally thought to come from the Grimoire, when in fact if she weren't as powerful as it in the first place she wouldn't be able to use it. It really makes the fact that she only fights halfheartedly stick out, when you compare her at full power and her at every other time. It just colors her backstory/personality really well, while also strongly implying she's holding back world-rending power.

>> No.25871346

ZUN has a tendency to keep adding characters for funsies. It's starting to drown out some of the previous guys. Kinda sucks.

>> No.25871357

It is kind of geting ridiculous. Is it that bad for an existing group to have another go at causing an incident?

>> No.25871375

Well, not even causing incidents, but just appearing or even being part of the investigating team.

Like IN.

A Reisen/Eirin team or Orin/Okuu team would be glorious. But nope. We just want the maid, the miko and the witch. Nobody else.

>> No.25871393

So, we trolling a freeform or what?

>> No.25871395


Which is not actually that unusual in gensokyo.

Yukari holds back due to lazyness
The subterrean oni holds back due to *reasons*
aya holds back in MoF
Shiekiki is the most powerful being in gensokyo

>> No.25871408


Manzai team. Orin has to reign in Okuu's enthusiasm and remind her what they're doing every couple of stages.

>> No.25871449

Most of the characters make at least scenery appearances in the latest fighting game. The entirety of the moonbitch colony, Mokou, Keine, Suika, and even Rinnosuke appear in the Human Village level. The SDM, the faeries, the Yakumos, and I think Yuyuko are in the background of the Hakurei Shrine. Even the Prismriver Sisters make appearances in the Palanquin stage. Meanwhile some old favorites have become playable, like Nitori.


It's not exactly news how this works: The main games introduce the characters. The books/fighting games flesh them out.

>> No.25871474

true, but doesn't a point come where you have to say "that's enough characters"?

>> No.25871494

I don't know about a hard limit, but I'd appreciate slowing down once in a while to better develop some side character before rocketing off again into another broad addition.

Son of a bitch, he does that already. That's what we need. Another Phantasmagoria game. Every 5th game or so.

>> No.25871497

Oh I know that.

Also they aren't moonbitches.

They're moonhonies.

>> No.25871725

I, uh, I know place, if you guys want a look.

>> No.25871826

Do tell.....

>> No.25871852

That sounds immeasurably kickass.

I am watching this thread for this story.

>> No.25871941

God, I love you /tg/. This shit makes me laugh so hard.

I miss bad freeform RP.

>> No.25871961

I played in a Homestuck freeform for my first character.

The fansession I was in came to be referred to as "Session Sparkledog Special Snowflake" , even by other special-snowflake freeform Homestuck characters.

It was also my introduction to ERP.

I don't really want to go into it more.

>> No.25872002

I was having fun with one some friends of mine ran in high school, but they sort of had a falling out among moderators and split into two dying sites.

Shame, because up until that point it honestly wasn't the typical horror story.

>> No.25872036

Then why mention it? There are two options when discussing something that sounds interesting: One, don't, or two, tell us. And seeing as you've already mentioned it, you have one option remaining.

>> No.25872050

All this talk of Horror and Free from RPG makes me want to create one with a cheesey horror movie setting.

>> No.25872090

You're on an anonymous forum with no username and no real way for us to figure out who you are. As soon as you're done telling the story you can go rejoin the rest of us anons.

Tell us what happened.

>> No.25872159 [DELETED] 

Alrighty then.

It's been a long time, and although we used to log and pastebin everything- even had a wiki page up, on a long-since-defunct wiki for off-forums Homestuck RP. However, the Session Prism page and any related documents have been wiped from the wiki in shame, the Bad Homestuck Roleplay tumblr that featured us has since gone down, the Pastebins have been taken down... so I'm afraid I can't provide much in the way of documentation to back me up. Sorry.

But here's a bit of background information to start it off. The whole story takes place in a family of IRC channels that once resided on irc.pantsuland.net, centering around one place: #freshfragrance and the surrounding environs. Fresh Fragrance was a coffee shop, a meeting ground for various OCs and fantrolls, which sold maaagical coffees. (http://mspa.determinismsucks.net/wiki/index.php?title=Fresh_Fragrance)

Note that both Passion Brew and Sexy Black are banned. Both bans can be traced back to our group and those we interacted with, although I can't remember all the details- just a few choice anecdotes. What can I say? We were young, and our blood was 180-proof hormone slurry.

There were a few areas around there. #ThePowderkeg, a bar with similar magical alcohols, billed as a Darker and Edgier version of Fresh Fragrance. Literally, that's what we said about it. Initially, it was run by The Most Overpowered Qanonreiping Weaboo Loli ever to walk the face of the IRC. Later on, it was run by me, at which point it became the home of Everybody Gets Tentacle Raped. (http://mspa.determinismsucks.net/wiki/index.php?title=The_Powderkeg)

And finally, there was Session Prism itself, a magical extrauniversal bubble out in the middle of inter-universal space, a session populated by the most special snowflake sparkledogs in all of paradox space. More on them in the next post.

>> No.25872219

I am waiting with bated breath

>> No.25872248

That makes me think of a slice of life comedy with Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and the Mummy.

>> No.25872301

It's in the email field.

>> No.25872454

10/10 indeed.

>> No.25872978


>ear-touching being sexualized


>> No.25873620

> not getting turned on by a gentle stroke of your ear, or a kiss behind it when your boyriend sneaks up on you
Anon, have you ever even been with a man?

>> No.25873804


That horrible moment where you realise the black 'void' bits are just more terrible characters with terrible formatting.

>> No.25874987

Nope, discussing animu as fuck bullet hell fanon

>> No.25875163

Sure thing. If you are still around you can give me an email I'll email it to you.

>> No.25875291

Want me to try and find more from that website?

>> No.25875298

Omegle freeform can be pretty great.

>> No.25875332


>> No.25875347

oh god why does the cat have human pupils

>> No.25875350


>> No.25875369


>> No.25875383


>> No.25875401


Cats' eyes will do that with sufficient darkness.

You know how human eyes dilate when it gets dark?

Cats' eyes do the same thing, but instead of slits they become round.

>> No.25875493

I've got a few more, if anybody wants me to continue.
Sadly people on Omegle aren't super receptive to ADVENTURE.

>> No.25875696


There are 500 pokemon and counting.

When the number of Touhou characters rivals/exceeds the number of pokemon, that's when you know they have "enough characters."

>> No.25875737

I like how this thread about freeform roleplay has been semi-derailed into touhou discussion. It seems oddly appropriate, for some reason.

I wish I had the time to mess with a freeform site with you guys.

>> No.25875786

/tg/'s idea of messing with freeform sites is being way fucking worse than any of the actual freeformers, then destroying everything within the same night.

And then they talk about how EPIC FOR THE WIN XDDDDDDDD it was.

>> No.25875836

Have some more.

>> No.25875888

I once tried roleplaying as Naked Snake who was sucked into a dystopian future and the only person who was on his side was some 20-something girl who wanted his junk via Omegle

It was actually going okay until she started to try to ERP with me then disconnected. She even unintentionally managed for me to have flashbacks to various moments in MGS3.

>> No.25875955


Wasn't there an actual anime made?

It was like two or three episodes before ZUN backed off and the project got canceled or something.

>> No.25875993

no way......

>> No.25876040

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
You both like RP.
Stranger: hi
You: Howdy partner.
Stranger: hows it going
You: Not bad, Andy had a yard sale yesterday, but we all escaped unscathed.
You: You?
Stranger: well sid broke my second arm off
Stranger: sad times
You: Aw man, we'll rescue you some day buddy.
You: There's a snake in muh boot!
Stranger: thanks man you're my favourite deputee
You: Stop touching my pull string.
You: No, you're MY favourite deputy.
Stranger: oh stop it, beau will get jealous
You: I wink at you.
Stranger: *are we really rp toy story*
Stranger: lmao
You: *Yes. Deal with it.*
You: I slowly take off my hat and unbutton my cow-hide shirt.
Stranger: loooooooooooooool
Stranger: annnnnd its creepy
You: There's a snake in muh pants!
Stranger: there goes my childhood
You: C'mon, we'll have you out if Sid's clutches in no time!
Stranger: i think i prefer sid
You: Grab on to my pull string with your legs, I'll pull you along with me!
You: There's just a small price to pay afterwards...
Stranger: oh lord
Stranger has disconnected.

>> No.25876132

Two different animes, actually. Neither are official, and both are presently two episodes long. Memories of Phantasm distills one of the canon games down into a single-episode event, simplifying badguy intentions and plot points down to a basic villain-of-the-week format. A Summer Day's Dream is an original story, told with tongue-in-cheek self awareness, often breaking the 4th wall and having characters acknowledge their fan depictions. ZUN initially requested they stop, but later relented. He wants Touhou to remain a game series, and feels an anime adaptation would bring in lots of fans that could care less about the source material.

Nuts, isn't it?

>> No.25876179

>and feels an anime adaptation would bring in lots of fans that could care less about the source material.
Hasn't that basically already happened?

>> No.25876183 [DELETED] 

so it just derails mid-way? I don't think it's very funny.

>> No.25876209

Yes, ironically. There are orders of magnitude more fan material than there is source material. It just happened as death-by-a-thousand-PVs instead of all at once via a syndicated anime.

>> No.25876291

>Random ass RP. Pick something random just to play with.
>Dead Space. I'm Isaac. The other person controls the necromorph
>Isaac gets trapped in a bathroom after a herd of necromorphs come bursting out of the medical ward

Necromorph Guy: Thought you could fucking run away from me? Me? The necromorph? You're going to lose Isaac Clarke. You're going to fuck lose.
Isaac: I got a few bullets left. Kiss my ass.
NG: No. Fucking die. Fucking get ripped up! I'm going to shove my arm blade up your asshole. Up your moist, wet asshole. Die!
I: Holy shit. I'm saving my rounds for whichever of you has an arm-blade then.
N: Die asshole! I come bursting into the fucking bathroom because I smell you pissing yourself in fear. IT's a fuck frenzy with all the little stingray necromorphs bursting in first. They want a fucking piece of you. They want to be the rapists on your virgin ass. They rip you fuck apart. They're digging their needly sticks into your chest and creeping them under your ribcage. TearTEARtear that motherfucker apart! AAAAAAAUUUGH!!! Blood is fountaining everywhere. You're a dying motherfucker now!
I:I grab my gun.
N: They tab you in the hand. That's it now. No more gun. You start trembling violently as slugs squeeze up your ass and noodling into your ear. You're hyper fucked. Dead fucked. Welcome to space bitch monkey. Oh shit, here comes big boss necromorph. He got like fucking eight dozen arm blades. He's shoving one in your neck. He's shoving one in your dick, right down the urethra. He's shoving one RIGHT UP YOUR WET MOIST ASS!
I: Holy shit.
NG: It's not stopping. It's not fucking fucking fuck stopping! Thrust! Thrust! THRUUUUUST!! You're bubbling at the mouth. You're fucking foaming like a sponge in soap. You are split like turkey. You've been sexually carved. Now everyone gets to fuck a piece of you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you Fyuck YOU!
I: I think you win now. Overkill is done.

>> No.25876349

NG: It's not done! Nothing is fucking done! Now every piece of your stink meat body is infected. You're necro in every succulent inch. I duct tape your stink ass back together and make necro-Isaac. Even in double death you are my fuck.
I: Necro Isaac? So a necromorph right? I just want to get my death fuck facts straight.
NG: Dumbass wet bitch snitch I said every fucking part of you is infected. That means every part of you is fucking nasty and slimey and alive. I put a million living pieces of you back together to make one you so I can fuck all million pieces at once. The cosmic million fuck achievement. Welcome to Dead Space. Welcome to your new fucking life and I mean that pun. I mean it.
I: I'm out. Every part of me gives up on life and dies from being sad.

>> No.25876448

What's your poison, friend? You want music? Games? Animations? Comics? Porn? Touhou's got everything, in every style, genre, and fashion. Moe to grimdark, pop to death metal to celtic to jazz.

>> No.25876764


>> No.25876794

I made like 10 of these, if anyone's interested.

>> No.25876923

Only 10?

>> No.25876942

Brogan reminds me of Brock Samson

>> No.25876950

I only make these when there's a /tg/ Omegle thread up. So yeah, only 10.

>> No.25876952

Are we posting Omegle stories now?

>> No.25876964

Seems like it.

>> No.25876989

I'm down.

>> No.25877042


>> No.25877059


>> No.25877074


>> No.25877133

Here's a series of adventures I ran on omegle, with a few different people.
Part uno

>> No.25877148

Part 2

>> No.25877150

There's more like >700 pokemon right now.
With the new pokemon coming soon.

>> No.25877165

Detective Noir 2: Detect Noirer part 1

>> No.25877167

>There are 500 pokemon and counting.
There was over 600 by Pokemon Black and White.
In that time we already had SEQUELS to Black and White.

Pokemon X and Y are coming out soon, and we're getting about 100 more from that.

>> No.25877178


>> No.25877318

Like the annihilated kind or the tech support kind?
Because speaking as the tech support kind, RP isn't really a thing. Although plenty of Indians are fucking weird on the internet,

>> No.25877357

Actually, there has been a massive surge in Middle Eastern men jumping on the internet with the single purpose of sexually dominating Western sluts in badly written roleplay.

>> No.25877461

citation needed

Funny as hell if true.

>> No.25877661

I have a few accounts on various websites and programs that are labelled as female, although it's most for roleplaying purposes. Most of the people who randomly message me - as in, four out of five - are from either Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan or India. Almost all of them are extremely poor at typing and it immediately dissolves into awful flirting or sexual demands after two or three posts.

>> No.25877900

Hilarious. Strange, odd, and hilarious.

>> No.25878366

Not the same anon, but on my first forays in Omegle back when it didn't even have cam to cam, one of the first people I ever spoke to was an indian man clearly hellbent on getting some e-pussy. At least, that's what I could gather, his grasp of english was rather poor.

I told him I was a 16 year old girl and he started flirting very badly, then openly turned to asking for photographic evidence of my gender. When provided (random photo off the net, might've been a camwhore idk) he turned towards openly demanding I send him nude pictures of myself.

Then I told him I was the feds and that he was soliciting a minor and he freaked the fuck out and spent like 15 minutes typing incomprehensible garbage.

>> No.25878643

Name: Gale Grimsever

Species: Fae

Gender: Male

Age: 17 Fae years old (119 human years old)

Appearance: Gale is well muscled with jet-black wings that seem to glow with an eerie aura.
Gale has bright silver hair and amber colored eyes. Gale is normally seen wearing a dark black cloak over a set of hardened leather armor. Each arm is cased in a dark-black clawed gauntlet.

Weapons/Magic Spells: Gale carries a sinister looking broadsword with a midnight black blade. The pommel of his sword has a bright red stone. Gale is skilled in many forms of Fire Magic, but all of them are a dark black color tinged with green.

Weaknesses: Gale has a large x-shaped scar that stretches across his chest from shoulder to hip on either side. Due to this injury, Gale suffers from constant pain and sometimes finds himself incapacitated because of it.

Personality: Gale is a loner, someone who likes to go his own way and deal with his own problems. If Gale is able to avoid civilization he will, but once he finds someone he can actually get along with he is a valuable ally, and an incredible friend. Gale is often a bitter Fae, angry at the world for the injustice of losing his brother and the rest of his family.

>> No.25878652

Bio: Gale was born 7 years before the Sophisma and Malum war. During those seven years, Gale was brought up in a relatively big family with ten other siblings. Gale and his siblings were raised to respect the forest and to treat all the animals and plants as sacred. Gale was taught how to cook food, and how to make different poultices which would prove an invaluable skill in the years to come. As a child, Gale truly only got along with another one of his siblings, a child that was Gale's true twin. Both children had bright yellow eyes and silver hair, but there personalities couldn't have been more different. While Gale was independent and liked to work on things alone, his twin, Grim loved to be around other people. The bond Gale and his twin shared was an unbreakable thing, which made the war a much more terrible thing for Gale.

When the Sophisma and Malum war began, the Dark Tree Forest wasn't in immediate danger, so the Fae living there decided to let the rest of the world sort out it's own problems. It didn't stay that way. When Gale was only seven, a small contingent of Malum troops cut there way into the Dark Tree Forest, slaughtering any Fae that they encountered. It was by some fluke chance that Gale had been away on a hunt, and it was by this chance that Gale had managed to avoid the column of Malum troops that slaughtered his entire family before the Fae decided fighting was there only option. After the battle was done, Gale returned to his entire family dead. Grimm lay shattered and broken in a small clearing, his right hand clutched around a jet-black blade. Gale fell to his knees and wept for his brother. Gale eventually found the conviction to stand, and with the black blade in his hands Gale went forth with his blade and swore to hunt down every last Malum.

>> No.25878672

Gale was gone for nearly 10 more Fae years before finally returning to the village, bearing a large x-shaped scar across his chest from a battle with a Malum captain. Something had changed in Gale, a piece of his soul that had been torn away with the loss of his twin. Something, that many other Fae feared had been replaced by an evil. Gale was forced to leave the Dark Tree Forest and venture out into the world, only returning time-to-time to visit the grave of his brother. No Fae knows where Gale ventures off to inbetween visits, and no Fae dares approach him to ask, so that remains a mystery, known only Gale himself.

>> No.25879239

Well, I meant RP as in the kind with magic missiles and such.
But yes, the white wimminz are definitely exoticised and sexualised. I guess you'd call it occidentalism.

>> No.25879389

>> No.25879419


>> No.25879472


>> No.25879529

>There is not a seven-year-old on this earth competent enough to successfully orchestrate running away for any appreciable amount of time, much less surviving on her own.
I think there have been a bunch, historically, and in tougher centuries

>> No.25879576

Video extremely related. It's worth the watch.

>> No.25879846


That's a joke character, right? That mon135 guy's just messing around, right?


>> No.25880046

>6000 posts
>I decided that instead of giving my mother a respectful burial, I should rather make her into an undead abomination for crude labor. Come, let us make love atop her.

You can't make this shit up.

>> No.25880098

>both have a large number of posts
>most of them more than likely of the same quality

>> No.25880144

Just stop while you're ahead

>> No.25880680

>freeform roleplaying summed up in a single image

>> No.25880925

To be fair there are good freeform roleplayers out there. Like at least four.

>> No.25881138


>> No.25881173


>> No.25881276

>likes to smile and say bueno

>> No.25881947

>I'm a half demon/vampire
>is really nice but dont mess with her or she will get really angry

>> No.25882079

The thing is that when many freeform roleplayers actually become good, they stop freeform roleplaying because of the giant crowd of morons they're surrounded by.

>> No.25882165

I'm not that bothered by this really. Is it amateurish? Sure. There's things I can (and would) nitpick about it. But it's a starting place. I would prefer if they'd expound upon the following though:
1. Tell me more about this museum. It sounds like it might be run by a mentor character of sorts.
2. Explain how a 98 pound girl wins at cage matches. Is it some sort of hidden assassination art taught to her by the aforementioned mentor character? Is it because she's the daughter of a god?
3. Clearly she doesn't have a problem getting along in life. Why is she homeless? I'm guessing its because of all the adventuring she's probably doing with that sword and bow but it'd be great to clarify.

The biggest question is does this fit the setting. If we're going for super powered children of the gods in a modern setting... thumbs up. Good character.

>> No.25882674

/tg/ I love you. So much trolling...beautiful. Have any recommendations for some new victims?

>> No.25882883

The people on Omegle are fucking batshit insane

Some dude just nonchalantly linked me CP and pretended to be her.

I didn't go to the link but I know what it was because that exact link was posted on /v/ to derail threads back in like 2011

Basically, them niggas be trippin'

>> No.25882934

>> No.25883774

No victims champ. Only fellow players for you to have fun with. They're autistic little kids sure, but that's why we're here.

>> No.25885443

That's horror? Pssssh. That's downright TAME.

How about a multiverse travelling swordsman googirl with mad swording skills straight out of Nasuverse (that guy with three simultaneous dimension cutting slashes from which there is no escape)

>> No.25885878

>Freeform rp's don't usually have DMs. Partly because forums are slow enough without a DM having to confirm what happens.
>In other words, it's up to the players to be the DM as well, which really is one of the problems.
Nah, they still have a GM aka the guy in charge of all the NPCs.

It goes as
>player declares action
>Other side, be it a player or GM'd NPC declares success or not and the action of their own character.
GM just doesn't interject in player to player interaction.

>> No.25885985

>But I'd just play a Touhou and be silly. That's how you have fun, right?
Well, yeah. Unless you pick fights with everything that moves and go MAH TOHO CAN DODGE BULLETS YOU CANT HIT HER I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN

>> No.25886889

How about over nine thousand corners, each with a gloomy cloaked stranger in it?

>> No.25887542

Or they go gather a group of other good freeformers, set up their own location and continue freeforming there in peace.

Same how you gather a thatguy-free group for systemised RP, really.

>> No.25888100

this seems the place to ask, How does one regain creativity and not end up being edgy?

>> No.25888169

Plenty of times, there's no one to GM NPCs. Players just do it themselves.
Create a character, don't think too much about it, be proactive in roleplaying with people. If it doesn't work, repeat.

>> No.25888244


Most I got. Just 'Ctrl + F' Rincewind.

>> No.25888296


Hmm, really? That simple? As a side note I've thought about using dice to dictate my actions to prevent unintentional godmodding, where would be a good place to get a nice collection? Online?

>> No.25888300


Oop, forgot link;


>> No.25888363

No, in freeforms whether your action succeeds is determined by the owner of the character you're trying to act upon. You describe as /attempting/ to do this and that, the other guy reacts.
If you're going to roll dice to determine what action to attempt to, that's gonna be too lolrandumb.

Just play something normal, mundane.
If you got ideas, don't stack them onto your normal guy, write them down and develop them into separate character. Keep playing the normal too.

>> No.25888387


Makes sense, good habits and such. Thanks for the advice, I realize this isn't exactly the place for such things.

>> No.25888388

Just put "attempts to," "tries to," "struggles to," "strives to" and so on in front of your statements.

>> No.25888505

I know a girl who made a normal witch character. Modern day gal with some hocus pocus tacked on.

The intervention of other players made her character a vampire, a chosen warrior of the goddess of light, the vessel for a Cthulhu-inspired deity and the most powerful spellcaster on the website - anyone who tries to contest that is a godmoder and cheater.

>> No.25888535

(Un)Holy fuck.
Giving the girl good faith, she either couldn't say no or got peer-pressured.

>>25888100, don't let yourself get led like that.

>> No.25888703


Good lord I hope not

>> No.25888708

It was mostly peer pressure. Same thing happened to my character there but I was half to blame as well. I've retired it now.

>> No.25888805

Good idea.

i wish i was more into /tg/ like i was into rp, i just dont know the difference and much about it

>> No.25889103

If you are still around, the email is in the field.

>> No.25889761


>> No.25891119

Not that Alice goes all-out any more. Apparently she's a bit of a coward and wouldn't know what to do with herself is she took it to the max and lost anyway. So she holds back when she does fight (which doesn't seem to be very often any more).

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