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Um.. Guys, I am back... ;_;

Welcome back to Commissar quest!

You are Otto Schulte a twelve year old girl on her way to destiny, you've just for the third time in your life put your feet down on a planet.

Last week we freaked out over planet mold, ran away from Nikkobars oafs through the forest and where stalked by an unkown predator.

"He whom knows the emperor, shalt know the emperor"

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Roll rules:

Lowest of first three rolls for things the character is skilled at doing.
Median of first three rolls for things the character is "capable" at.
Highest of first three rolls for things the character is utterly shit at.

You have to "beat" your stats (which for now are hidden by popular demand, this may change) so low rolls are good.

Cont post explained:If there is a post marked at the end with "cont" its becouse your QM is lazy, and can't type fast - or becouse he wants to give you the option to jump into the current events, or offer opinions, if none are offered he'll continue as normal

Disclamer in regards to Re:Spelling: I suck at spelling big time, if anyone actually cares its due to the fact I suffer from Dysgraphia, its the primary reason I got into RP in the first place, trying to practice my spelling. Its not about "don't complain about it!" but rather: "If you've got the time and want to proof read it great! But lets not clog the thread with it, send it to my E-mail! (Yes I do use a spellchecker)

I got a twitter https://twitter.com/CommissarQuest

>Appropriate music:

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You where tried, dead beat actually. Every step sent a tremor up your leg, like the ground was punching its way up to meet your iron-clad boots, the sun in the sky - you noticed was way lower now, at least it was changing into night cycle.. so planets did do something right. The soft air blowing in your face had also grown stronger.. and more annoying, as it was slightly cold to the touch - and you where in a thin dress, a dress that was sadly somewhat dirtied by your walk - it had not, you realized been the best use of your Uncles gift, you'd even managed to tear it slightly in your fall, which also had resulted in two scrubbed knees.
Something that made its presence known every time you bent your knees - you had vowed not to cry however - and quite frankly you where a bit to tired to consider that at this point regardless, another gush of air blasted against you and made your dress flutter slightly.. chilling. You where not quite sure why planets did have this air blowing around - perhaps it was from all people breathing.. with no walls to stop their breaths... Planets sure where strange places, you'd heard the entire population of your ship could fit inside a single hive-city building, it was so strange.

Still you pushed on, and the approaching buildings became more and more defined, you began to notice differences - and openings in them, like the windows in the viewing deck on the Rangers Talent, they ship you had spent most of your life onboard. It was still hard thinking about it, leaving your uncle and aunt like that, just for some silly thing your parents had sent you to do, you'd never even meet them! And you hated their guts for all of this..


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Scratching an itch behind your right ear, you gave the road a more detailed look, black - dark ground had parted the usual gathering of dark-green leafclad behemoths lumbering above you, their branches stretching tall into the sky, like a child asking their mother to pick them up, the ground was hard as steel here, it made walking uncomfortable, but it was refreshing you mused while giving the ever blue sky another look to not have to worry about bumping into something for a change, it reminded you of walking on a ship, which was in and off itself a very comforting feeling.

Smoothing out the blue robes you carried, pondering slightly about how best to deal with the tear in the fabrics side you nearly don't notice as you scan the world around you - it was not strange really, (you'd grown accustomed to the odd sights and felt it slightly overwhelming, trying to focus on details left you with a headache at this point) that you did not notice her, first a spec on the side of the road, resting against an usually close tree - indeed, most of those wooden beings where a good five meter from this black-rock ground you walked on, this one however, a bone white one with no leafs to speak off was closer, its branches nearly hanging over the "corridor" you where walking in. Soon, however the spec grew into the shape of a person - a person leaning towards the tree, head down towards the ground, chin resting on her chest.

It was a girl, about your age - her body drenched in sweat, she does not seem to even notice you as you now stand just about a meter from here - stuck in her own world as she leans towards the tree, breathing rather heavily, obviously exhaustion had overcome her.

>What do we do?

>Call out.
>Inspect bone-white tree, is this planet mold?
>Continue on our way, dinner!
>Rest alongside girl, the tree looks comfortable.


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>Continue on our way, dinner!

also, dammit I need to go to bed now

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>Inspect bone-white tree, is this planet mold?
How's the time looking? We need to hurry?

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>Ask the girl when she's planning to continue; she's not giving up like a heretic is she?

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The sun is lower in the sky now, but not setting. You've no doubt got some time yet.

Awaiting consensus

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>Continue on our way, dinner!

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Let's go quickly talk to the girl. We could use a friend after making all these enemies.

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Let's talk, could use a friend after all the dicks down here so far.

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You turn your gaze upwards, taking in the bone-white tree, its very much different from the tree's you've seen so far, there are no leafs on it, and it seems.. weathered, the branches bare, bleached - like if only the skeleton of the tree is left, you gently ponder if this particular tree have died off, and if it have why nobody have decided to remove it? Why does it stand alone so close to the road - your logic would tell you that one removes all trees...

You decide to greet the girl however, as she's not yet notice your presence - with a simple "Hello there" you make your presence known to the girl, whom suddenly jerks into life, eyes opening to look at you - the sun behind you forcing her to look to the side in short order however to avoid being blinded by the light. She's a bit shorter then you, and have black hair - her eyes seem to be a stark purple - something you only noticed briefly before she turned away, a bit of a narrow face with a bit of a more thick-set body, particular of note is her hair is like your own very short-cut, a boys haircut, she's dressed a bit more practical then yourself, in a pair of what appears to be simple pants of some heavier structure - the knees of the blackened clothing reinforced by an extra layer, her chest however is covered by a sweat stained Sleeveless shirt, she's dead beat by all accounts.

"W-who are you?" - she manages to get out before she turns to look at you, her hand already set up to protect from the suns burning gaze, "you another student?"

>Answer with our name. (Full, partial)
>Answer with counter question.(change subject)
>Move on.


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>Answer with our name. (partial)
>Inquire after level of Faith - she's not a heretic, is she? Because it looks suspiciously like she's giving up like a heretic.

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Give partial name, offer to travel to the schola together. We could use a pal. A bud, even.

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"Schulte, You going to the school? I hope they'll have some yellow paste left... You coming?"

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"I am Schulte" you state rather quickly - hoping against any further inquires in regards to the name by adding in a quick notice of "My uncle told me only slobs and heretics gives up, why aren't you going to the schola?" taking the time to walk around the tree - giving her the advantage of not having to look at you through the sun. She follows suit rather quickly, adding in as the both of you walk across the now softer and "green-thingy" filled ground "Just taking a breather, geez - I'll be moving shortly again, but you didn't tell me?" turning around slightly to look at her you fill in: "Student to be, like you I guess - they dropped us of on the hill over there, you come from the ship as well?" - "Well, one of them I guess? There where at least two I know off, I got dropped of by a lake further down the valley - had to run along the river!" .."River..?" you muse to yourself quietly.. still a rumbling from your belly deters further talking around this odd tree.. "I am heading to the schola now, if we wait we might miss all the paste - you coming along?"

The girl nods at you, tearing her posterior away from the tree to fall in next to you. "Lady Angelina Relin - or, well not lady anymore"

A gust of air blew across your face as you began the final approach on the schola, it made your eyes water slightly - and felt rather chilly to the touch, turning your eyes towards the blue sky you noticed with some interest that several of the white specks at combined into something that looked similar to a plasma-exhaust grill, like the one you could sit in front of of - not the one that scolded ones feet if you walked near it, that one had a wider gap in the middle! Noticing your gaze however your newfound friend states: "Looks like a-bit like a Grok that one, perhaps a flower.. " - walking back on the road proper she continues before you've got the chance to interrupt her with an answer "Where you from anyway?"

>What do we do now?

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Be honest with her, tell her we're from off planet, and ask her where she's from

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"Off-planet. This mold is pretty interesting, I must say. Does exposure to it turn you into a jerk? Because the planet-born people I've run into before you were all pretty rude."

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>>25855773"I Dont know, i was raised on ships my whole life, first time planet side"

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"You're a boy now?"
Look at her incredulously, you think she's trying to yank your chain. She might be a Secret Jerk.

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Tell her the different ships we are from and this is one of the few times we have been on a planet. Very strange place.

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Some call me Void born, although I haven't yet learned what it means.
And you were a lady? Do you know of any other students-to-be?

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At least people on planets have the decency to ask about origins! It was rather common among the Voidborn - after all, if you came from a famous ship, you in turn must be a good person, its natural. "I am from the Rangers Talents - by Domniator, by The Sacred Litam, spent some time onboard "The Sacred Mertaliam" before ending up here" She blinks at you.. clearly she must be impressed by you having spent time on the warship Domniator, it was not really a home, but you spent three weeks there with your uncle while he was loading it with supplies, despite that it was an official visit and you had the tag to prove it! "So.. your voidborn then..?" "No" you retort "Born on a planet apparently - but its the first time I've been on one I can really remember - uncle took me to one before, but I was just five can't remember much - its such a strange place, what did you mean with used to be a lady anyway?" you continue "Your a boy now..?"

She seems a bit overwhelmed for a moment - planet born people sure tends to be a bit slow.. before she answers "Um.. no, not quite, just I was- Oh never mind, its not important - how do you find the planet so far?" "Filled with jerks - every time I try and speak with a planet-born he's all defensive, its like they've got mold in their brains - is that where the molding planet comes from?" you respond

"Molding? What do you mean molding?"

"The planet! Did you not look at it from space, there was gray and green everywhere, like it was molding - I swear by the cogs it was there!" - using your uncles favorite, it seemed appropriate, swearing by a ships cogs was after all a very strong vow, but you where certain! "Um.. I think you just saw the cities and the forest from above Schulte" she responds, wiping some sweat from her face "If planets molded, I'd have fallen through one ages ago"

>How do we respond?

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We will defer to her expertise on planets... for now. But we should still be somewhat wary of any moulding.

Let's ask her to elaborate on the "lady"" thing. Though drop it if she doesn't want to share.

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How many planets have you been on?
Ask her about being a "Lady"

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Ahh that explains a lot, it did seem rather odd, Who were your parents if you dont mind me asking?

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"That makes sense. It's a relief to know I don't have to worry about that then. So, what are you doing here?"

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Simple, she's a dude.

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Don't forget to move while you talk or you'll miss the food

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"Why are you sweating all the time? Are you feeling unwell? Is it a planet-born thing?"
Scrounge up your handkerchief and offer it to her.

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These two. We need to make sure she doesnt have some kind of contagious genderbender mutation. You never know with these moldborn.

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I'll throw in with those two as well.

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No dickgirl jokes yet tg? I am proud

"That makes sense. It's a relief to know I don't have to worry about that then. So, what are you doing here?" you state, turning to look at her. "Same as you I guess, heading to the schola..?" You tilt you head and continue: "No I mean, how did you end up here? - What did your parents do, from what I gathered all the kids here are without parents..." "They, well - they died in an accident, and I got shipped here" the two of you continue your walk as the schola get ever closer - despite her being a bit slower then you, the act of talking to someone does aid in forgetting the pain in your legs, its a good a distraction as any as you continue: "So, does that mean you don't get to be a girl anymore, is that why they cut our hair so short..?" - "No silly! I just lost my status is all, don't worry about it, I am still a girl!"

"You planet born sure are strange.." you state, looking towards the schola "Well, I guess we'd look like that from your perspective..? How was life onboard a ship then, ain't it weird being so closed up?" you shrug at this, realizing in a way she'd be as lost on a ship as you are here "Its not tight, just not as open as this I guess? - you continue the conversation with mentioning the silvery ladies - to whom she carries an equal interest in, but can't share much more information on sadly: "I guess they are some sort of protectors of the schola?" Perhaps its just what all teachers wear?" "No, I saw ones in red as well!" the small talk continues for a bit before you are suddenly interrupted by sight, rather then sound as the towering schola comes ever closer.. stopping dead in your tracks some fifty meters from the massive closed main-gates, set inside a wall heading of in both directions you turn to your traveling partner, stating "I guess we are here now"

"It seems that way, race you there?" - before you can respond she's already off!


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Wasn't she exhausted? This will be easy win!

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Run after her, tackle her. That'll teach her to try to one-up us!

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Lets just beat her there, rather than actually beat her up

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hope the planetmold slows her down

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Rolled 59


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Friendly Competition!
Is all in good humour.

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Race the not-lady girl.

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So are you!
And get planetmold on our clothes!? Never!

You set after the girl, focusing your last strength on not losing, you can't have her beat you to a door after all! You manage to gain some ground on her rather quickly - and she turns around to look at you with a surprised look, before setting off at an even higher pace.. she's fast! The sprint is short lived but intense as you both fight for first place, changing places several times over the course of the fifty meters you run, its impossible to tell who bursts into the door arms first of the two of you - and at the time you don't care as you slump into it, dead beat, sweaty - but finely at the schola!

"Ah-ha-ha, w-we made it!" the states, turning to you with a grin "Y-yeah.. made it!" you retort, about to say something more, a tiny door opens in the massive gates - large enough to push a landing craft through, and out steps a figure - by the looks of the silvery armor she's carrying being reflected in the sun its quite easy to place her. Coupled with the way the earth seems to tremble slightly as she approached you - clad in a helmet is impossible to see her reaction, and her voice is devoid of almost all emotion by the vox-speaking inside, like talking to an Engiseer onboard the ship!

"You made it before supper - good work, come inside, and we'll get you sorted with the others"


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"You're on!"

And run. We outran Nikkobar's minions, we can outrun this lass.

Since she's planet born, its probably on her side.

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Inconspicuously inspect the weird woman as you follow her in, and once she leaves ask Angelina if she knows what she was.

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Oh Delicious Yellow Paste, how we shall indulge in a hearty helping of ye...

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Following the woman,
Of whom you manage to place as one of the odd "teacher" that visited you on the ship, clad in a overly large armor piece - that seems to show of two cupped "breasts" on the front plate - the only thing hinting at the "woman's" gender at all, as a matter of fact, a large helmet of which the bottom half is made and fashioned into what appears to be a "shroud" of metal hides her features from you. A large "weapon" - looking like a gun is holstered at her side.

and entering through the small door you are greeted with the smell of wet, and the sight of a giant fountain, on which several kids already are seated around, behind it - and straight to your right stands several large buildings, four it total it seems - the onces you saw above the wall. "You may stay here, or explore the premise for a time" the woman lumbers "When the bell rings, come back to the fountain" .. fountain, would be nice with a drink now you muse, your throat dry as a desert after all the exhaustion of today.

Peering about as the silvery woman turns to leave you notice that the fountain appears to be a large scene of some sort.. you think its depicting the emperor crushing some xeno filth, but the thing is so large - and have some many characters its hard to tell - but it have to the the emperor in the center none-the-less. Your traveling partners walks past you, mindlessly heading towards the fountain - for purpose unknown.

>What do we do now?
>Go to fountain.
>Chat with new friend.
>Try and talk to the silvery figure as she moves away

>I should do the entire narrative with voice.

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Grab a drink, ask Angelina if she knows what the woman was, then ask if she wants to explore.

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Sounds like a plan.

>> No.25856927

That picture is fantastic
Seems good to me

>> No.25856945

Ask the silver woman what she is.

Once she answers, head over to the fountain for a drink with our friend.

>> No.25856990

Seconding this.

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You turn to ask the silvery woman just as she have turned her back on you and begun walking towards some manner of boot standing not far from where you entered "W-who are you?" - She does not turn around while answering you: "I am Battle sister Elina Jolin of the sisters of battle, Order of the Argent Shroud before you can ask more, she's however already to far away to hear you no doubt.

You being to walk over towards the fountain in a similar fashion to Angelina instead, tired as it where from your sprint your primary focus at this time is to sit down on the edge of that and take a drink from it if possible. Lugging along your legs you manage to get there in short order - sliding down next to your traveling partner whom - just like several others are already drinking from the fountain. The fresh tasting water manage to sent shivers down your body as a refreshing feeling courses through your entire body, the water is cold - almost freezing to the touch but despite that you catch yourself drinking for what feels like minutes before you push away from it - noticing that Angelia was watching you. You offer her a sheepish grin while she questions you: "Think there be dinner soon..? I am starving"



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Probably, I've never had food on a planet though so I can't tell.

>> No.25857183

"I imagine it'll be when the bell rings, but there's probably someone we can ask. If so, want to come look around? This place looks pretty weird!"

>> No.25857235

Look around at the people here. Anybody we recognise? Did Lak and his "twin" thing make it?

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Awsome ~~ Cheers drawfriend, think this is the second one right? Greatly appreciated, never figured someone would want to draw anything about this quest

We should write an entire version of it and make otto sing it.

"Probably, I've never had food on a planet though so I can't tell, I just hope they've got yellow paste" - to which she cocks her head slightly, Angelina never gets the chance to response however as you continue: "Want to come look around? This place looks pretty weird!" Angelina shrugs at you, and jumps of the fountain "Sure, might as well - I'd get bored sitting around anyway, want to check out that greenhouse over there?" she states, pointing at a place between two of the larger buildings where a single odd, glass-covered .. "house?" stands.. you've never seen anything quite like it, but the door is open so perhaps you can just go inside..?"

>What do we do?

>Go with Angelina to building.
>Hang around the fountain some more for now.
>Try and strike up a conversation with some of the other kids hanging around.

You look around, but can't see Nikkobar nor lak and his heretical clone.

>> No.25857356

Go to greenhouse, but make sure to ask if that's where they grow the mold, and if so, why is it outside the quarantine house?

>> No.25857363

Follow Angelina.

>> No.25857402

To the building. This is one of the few kids that we haven't assaulted or offended, we should build up a friendship with her.

>> No.25857404

"What is a 'greenhouse' exactly?" Follow her to investigate this anomaly; it might provide critical information.

>> No.25857411

Go with Angela. This demands investigation, whatever a greenhouse is. I mean plants are grown in hydroponics if anywhere, what's soil? I wonder why they would need a glass house.

>> No.25857427


very much this.

>> No.25857457

I don't know why, but for some reason I imagined Angie as sorta kinda chubby dark skinned girl, so that's how I drew her - I hope I didn't ruin anything for anyone.

>> No.25857466

It may be producing the planet mould. We will have to be on our guard.

>> No.25857515

Demand to know what this Greened House is as we walk with her.

>> No.25857559

and if its a greened house, why is it made of glass?

>> No.25857635

This is getting more and more suspicious. Definitely be on your guard.

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You follow Angelina out of the fountain and away from the other kids generally hanging around it, interested slightly in this odd little house made out of glass - deciding that once you've made your way about halfway there to interrupt the whistling Angelina with a question: "What is a greenhouse anyway, its not green is it?" she turns to look at you, a bit supervised before stating: "Its where you grow plants and things I guess?" "Like a hydroponics then? Why would you make it out of glass, would it not be simpler to just put it inside a building, its how it was on the Rangers Talent" you state "Its to catch the sun I think, like to make it hot inside" she answers "Why not just use plasma for that, its way hotter!" you intersect, while two random kids run past you playing a game of tag, it seems more and more people are slowly trickling in through the gates "Well, I don't know, I don't think they've got any plasma around maybe?" "Planets sure are odd places.."

Up above the sun is slowly setting - as a twilight begins to spread out over the yard - its about to be night cycle you muse, tasting the air that slowly becoming more chilly - pleasant, you note it seems planets actually get colder during night cycle - some ships did that, The rangers talent did, it was good saved energy. Before long you both step through the open door of the greenhouse-thingy-building and you are are hit in the face with the hot air inside, like someone hit you with a blowtorch, wincing you grab a nearby crate filled with green things - similar to the entire greenhouse which looks to be parted up in sections.. crates piled up on stilts make up the isles of this odd place.. but why does it have to be hot inside!? Turning to look at your companion you ask just as much "Why is it so hot in here!?" - "Its so the plants don't die I think" she retorts "Is that these green things?" you ask rubbing some newfound sweat of your brow before it gets into your eyes


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The amazing thing about stories in text like these is that there is no "wrong" way to see a character, at all - as such I've got nothing but delight over any character thats drawn/otherwise representate out of my "stories"! Unless you see John from the ship like anything but looking like freddie mercury in which case you are wrong! Wrong I tell you!

I really wish 4chan had longer windows for typing, perhaps I should just shorten it down a bit, what does TG say, ought I just try and skin my posts to the most essential..? Anyway, drink have been aquire back to writing, sorry for delay!

>> No.25857820

> I really wish 4chan had longer windows for typing, perhaps I should just shorten it down a bit, what does TG say, ought I just try and skin my posts to the most essential..?
No, no, this is fine. I actually like the detail you put in. It helps to create a clear picture of where we are. I vote you carry on as you are.

>> No.25857825

Its not at all how I imagined her, but your picture was still fun to look at.
Nah, you're good. The posts are put together well enough that theres not really any fat to trim.

>> No.25857834

I would advise writing the full update in a word processor, then 'copy&paste'ing it into the reply box in chunks. That way, the only delay is the 30 seconds between posting...

>> No.25857838

Nah, keep the text as is.

>> No.25857841

Naah, multiple posts is fine as long as the extra space adds to the update.

These plants must be infernally tough to thrive in this sort of heat. Ask why she wanted to check out the greenhouse in the first place, does she like plants?

>> No.25857987

Wait what these plants produce food? How?

>> No.25858006

Maybe they grow delicious yellow paste! So that's where it comes from.

>> No.25858009

They must be producing paste!

Briefly scan the room for paste.

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I already do that to a degree - its just I tend to post when I've got about 2k words as thats what I can churn out in roughly ten minutes time, would tg rather have me posting it all in one go or like I've done so far but with less updates?
"Yeah, those are plants I guess - most tiny green things are like that" she answers you while moving down the lane, hunched over slightly as he reads the label on each box-table. "Why did we go here anyway" you ask, shaking the front of your dress slightly trying to get some air into it "you like plants and stuff? We had a crazy old man on the Rangers Talent that had green's like these - the voidsmen called them "foliage". She looks up from the plants with a simple smile on her lips, "Yeah I do - I had a garden before I came here where I used to raise flowers" she leans forward and gently rubs the top of some large yellow-like plant "Used to have these, they are good for luck people say - its named after a saint "Lilismans Blessing", and this orange one is a "Guardsmans glory" - its said a field of them bloom when-ever the emperor wins a battle... she trails of slightly peering out over the massive hall, "Its so many in here.." "Yeah, you agree rubbing some more sweat of your face, making sure however to note what she said - learning about plants might be a good thing if you are to live on a planet.

Outside however a sharp ringing shakes the world around you so loud you're forced to put a hand over your ear to block it slightly, "That must be the bell the silvery lady told us about" Angelina yells out, looking towards the door, "Think we should go to the others?" you nod, and the both of you rush towards the door, in a hurried fashion, to tired to run but enough strength to walk at a fast pace still, outside the world is a

You do look around for some paste, but.. to no avail - probably already been shipped off, you are going to get dinner soon right?


>> No.25858146

Time to eat!

>> No.25858384
File: 709 KB, 1000x1308, 1373005473887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

outside, the world is a mess you cross the area leading up towards the fountain, noticing that massive amounts of people have begun pouring out of the various buildings, moving in groups or lines towards other buildings - or gravitating towards the walls - a few passes you on the way to the greenhouse - a large amount seems to be heading in particular to the lower-roofed southern building that seems to try and make up for its measly four stories with being a lot wider then the other buildings. It gets harder and harder to actually get to the fountain as people pile up around it, but with some maneuvering you find yourself seating on it among what appears to be the people you exited the ship with - or at least the new arrival, judging by their general confused and somewhat scared look.. a look you are sure you're mirroring to some degree at least, for its what you felt. A few stray droplets of water hit your behind, as you turn to look past Angelina, to find yourself looking straight at Nikkobars ugly mug as he slowly begins to creep up on the fountain surrounded by his group of friends... "Typical he made it.. " you think to yourself.

The twilight is here in force now, as darkness slowly seek to consume the dawn and plunge the world into Night-cycle, not that you are to bothered by it, but the sweat clinging to your body, and the plummeting temperatures seem to chill you down further by every second.. if only you'd have had a blanket..

You don't get to muse on it for long as a booming voice calls out from the fountain side - on your left, the low-southern building behind it. A man in a long red coat stands there.. alone, calling out again as there is still some rustling in the crowd "A-tten-tion!" soon silence falls as he man approaches "Congratulations, you have made it here in time for supper - a small amount, it seems of the people that made it, it seems you where the lucky ones. You are cleared to enter the dinning hall behind me, and...


>> No.25858417

Woohoo! Time for yellow paste. Best time of the day.

>> No.25858442

I wonder what flavor yellow paste they have here?

>> No.25858459



the suspense is palpable...

>> No.25858555

I bet it's yellow flavor.

>> No.25858568


The best of all the flavours...

>> No.25858594

We better ask Angelina what her favorite paste is.

>> No.25858596
File: 78 KB, 600x836, 1362347360854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"And, once you've eaten you are to report to primary gathering hall one - its straight a head in the big building, you've managed to navigate the forest, if you get lost here I will shoot you myself." if he was a joke, nobody laughed as the man turned around to leave, his coat flowing up behind him in a wide arch by the simple gesture, you see a glimpse of the mans large gun.. Whom-ever these red-clad men where, you always felt slightly off among them.. they where scary for sure, but the way they moved seemed to ooze confidence and a clear a simple "you will follow me" command, without even stating it out loud.

You are torn from your air-castle however by Angelina nudging your arm and pointing towards the hall, "Should we go?" to which you nod in turn, deciding it would be best to avoid the red-clad mens wrath by just doing what they said, besides you want that paste now, you've sure earned it with all this running - they'd better had yellow paste.. or at least the orange one..

The approach is quick - and very devoid of much scenery aside from other people as you find yourself in the center of the group moving forward - you don't even have the opportunity to chat with Angelina as you keep getting shoveled around or over voiced by the other people talking, or in most cases screaming to one-and-another, you got a few extra bruises and more then one toe stepped on before you are shuffled in the door - and greeted by two large women standing in a large hallway with several openings, they seem to be moving between them closing automated doors or opening them, herding people through like cattle.. you and Angelina are like many others shuffled into one of the doors and lead into a corridor of some sort, you're a bit confused while moving through it, up a flight of stairs - but finely away from the churching crowd you can turn to your companion and ask: "You think there's any paste left..?"

Your answer is forthcoming however...


>> No.25858620

There's others?

>> No.25858627

Yellow IS the flavor, anon. Its like Kool-aid. Kool-aid doesnt have flavors, it has colors, and my favorite flavor is blue.

>> No.25858634

There are rumours that some ships have brown paste.

>> No.25858662

But the green one has a delicious aftertaste

>> No.25858801
File: 649 KB, 900x1013, 1359879147603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Upon exiting the upwards stairwell you are greeted by a large sign stating "Days meal: Grok stew with Lamins, served with scrambled Ponch" standing next to a large open door you are forced towards by the pressure of the crowds regardless of your will, Grok.. Lamins? What is this you think while entering into a large dining hall - very similar to the ones onboard the ships, aside from the windows covering one wall. "Is this Planet names for paste..?" you ponder while moving towards the food dispenser servitor in a ever changing line - you lost sight of Angelina for a second as you are forced apart, it appears however, that she's been pushing ahead of you slightly, three people parting your ways. You are given a spork and a plate in short order however and your mouth begins to water as you catch a whim of the food smell in the air.. its rich very rich much unlike the paste smell on your ship... Perhaps that is also a planet thing..?

You are soon finding yourself before the lumbering trio of servitors handing out food in pre-determined amount on presented plates, to which of course you are used to - and put your down, however, the servitors does not loud it up with a pile of paste as you expected.. instead you are greeted by a pile of brown.. with yellow bits in it, and large chunks of brown stuff - and just as you where about to pull it away, another servitor blasts the top of it with some odd white-ish thing.. it sort of looks like paste but way to fluffy, and fluid.. that goes for all of the food. Is your paste broken? Looking around, you notice everyone else is getting the same thing.. but nobody is complaining, you are forced along before you and ask more, and are soon thrown out of the queue, finding yourself standing in the open with people moving past you... W-what do you do now?

>What do we do!?
>Inspect food, what is this heresy!?
>Find Angelina(roll)
>Take a seat at random nearby table
>Look for someone else (roll)


>> No.25858828

>Take a seat at random nearby table

Well, try to make sure they look interesting first, and then sit by them.

As for the food, well we are hungry. Start by poking it a few times, lick a bit off our finger, and then eat it.

>> No.25858832

Rolled 1

>Find Angelina
Maybe she knows why our food is broken

>> No.25858833

Rolled 10

Find Angelina

>> No.25858851

Rolled 92

Find Angelina, she probably knows why the paste is malfunctioning

>> No.25858854

Gingerly poke the pastiest looking substance with your spork, then taste it carefully.

>> No.25858864

>Is your paste broken?
I laughed aloud, OP. You're all right by me.

>> No.25858866

Find Angelina and see if she knows where the paste is.

>> No.25858881

looks like we find the shit out of her...

>> No.25858893

Definitely this. She ought to know whether or not this chunky paste is safe to eat. For all we know, it could be what turned her into a not-lady.

>> No.25858933
File: 49 KB, 431x311, Grox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Grok stew with Lamins
Im not sure if that is a typo or you are just making up your own foodstuffs, but Imperial planets typically eat Grox, not Grok. Grok is a term Heinlein invented meaning, generally, extremely thorough understanding.

Just thought I would share.

>> No.25858948

Obviously the OP meant 'gronch'...

>> No.25859001

OP meant 'gunk'.

>> No.25859063
File: 203 KB, 786x1017, 1372127005302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

T-thanks anon

You turn around, and notice Angelina sitting a few tables away from you, her distinctive purple eyes giving her off among the crowd - in the slightly murky dining hall they seem to almost glow, silly as that might sound. You continue on your way through the crowds to sit down next to your previous companion, deciding that you might as well - above sitting next to another silly planet-born like nikkobar and his ilk, Angelina is at least decent, even if she's probably molding, somehow.. She looks up at you as you descend, she offers you a smile after swallowing what appears to be some of the brown-watery stuff that is like yours on her plate as well. You observer her, stunned for a moment before she breaks the deadlock with a "W-what, I got something on my face?" you shake your head from side to side, before stammering out. "I.. is it s-safe to eat? It looks broken..." "What do you mean broken? Its just stew, and some scrambled Ponch - its a bit bland I guess but not dangerous.. you've never had it before?

You shake your head.. but decide to follow up on your friends advise.. she's the most trustworthy planet-born you've meet, and you are awfully hungry.

You fish up your spork, the familiar feeling of it in your hand does help slightly with what is to come as you stick it into the most paste-looking part of the plate, the odd white-ish thing, it goes right through however - unlike where normal paste usually gives some resistance, as such when you fish it up you've got plenty of the brown stuff in there as well, noticing it slowly flowing over the edge and not wanting to mix the two more then you've done already you take a deep breaht and plunge it into your mouth.

>> No.25859089

I fear the day Otto grows up and we don't get to be so delightfully ignorant anymore.

>> No.25859183

"This is weird. I didn't know there was other kind of food than paste."

Fuck, imagine only knowing the consistency of paste for your whole life and then being introduced to other food.

>> No.25859218

That'll be because we've grown and changed. We'll still be Otto at heart.

"I am very confused Angelina. You eat things that aren't paste, why would you do that? Why would you need anything other than yellow paste, maybe orange paste once a week.

It doesn't feel like paste. It's not bad, it's just weird."

>> No.25859268

But why eat this, when there's so many good paste to have?

>> No.25859281

Oh, forgot name.

You blink.. feeling the odd texture inside your mouth, seconds later the taste hits you, its.. fluffy and warm, there was juice filled chunks inside of it, the tastes - several all at once overwhelms you for a moment as you sit there with your spork inside your mouth, looking blindly forward as your brain process this new sensation, you chew - its the first time you've ever chewed anything but blue paste.. every chew breaks down another tiny piece of something sending a new wave of taste over your tongue, it coils around your teeth and you find yourself licking alongside of it, accidentally spilling some over the side of your mouth, swooping up a hand to catch it, and lick it up again another shallow and you feel the hot food entering down your throat and down into your belly, sending a warm sensation up your body, you tremble in delight for a moment, past was served cold - this obviously was not, smacking your lips you delight in the after taste, lingering on your taste buds for a few moments, roaming around among your teeth to ensure you did not miss anything your stunned as you look down on the food bellow you..

You had not even tried the yellow bits yet.

>And with that lads, Commissar quest comes to an end for tonight 00:00 Gmt+1 is here - that said, I'll be running tomorrow (amazing) at the same time as this one, as my DnD group failed to rise to the occasion, and I've not had the chance to run Rogue trader this week, so starving for some Warhammer.
>Like usual I'll be around for a few minutes while I wind down for bed, answering questions if you have them - I'll post some random thoughts on matters possible.

>> No.25859290

>Fast forward 20 years
>You've just watched most of the platoon you've been assigned to die.
>You drink and swear heavily, you even punch one of the command staff
>Everyone thinks you're a hardass
>You really just miss Angelina, and when you used to eat non-paste food with her

>> No.25859338

Do the yellow bits taste good?
Why is Nikkobar such an asshole?
Will anyone Otto meets need as much patience as Angelina to be her friend (cause seriously that was a lot of ignorance)?

>> No.25859354

I bet that if Angelina was new to ever being on a voidship she'd be even more confused about things than we are about planets.

>> No.25859399

You know Angelina is going to bite it, don't you anon?

>> No.25859411

>Angelina fails out of Commissar school but becomes a Stormtrooper
>ends up as our Commissarial Aide
>we get to teach her all about ship life and how yellow paste is best paste
>suddenly we don't look like quite so much of an idiot

>> No.25859419

Either that or become a SoB. Or our rival.

>> No.25859428
File: 205 KB, 1280x720, 1362347766503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do the yellow bits taste good?

Paste is rather taste-less, the yellow one would have a hint of curry-like taste to it. Its more its somewhat spongy consistensy that makes it popular, "its a bit more chewy" - the blue one is even more so, but lacks that special flavor leaning towards tasting like really bland cherry.

>Why is Nikkobar such an asshole?
.. You did break his nose, twice. Not that it was unwarroted but still - check up on him if interested, you'd bet there is a file on all the students (including you)

>Will anyone Otto meets need as much patience as Angelina to be her friend (cause seriously that was a lot of ignorance)

All characters you meet have personalities I've rolled up randomly - Angelina just happend to get "calm" "Supportive" and "likes lecturing" - I'd give you all her traits, but you'll discover them in time.

Where all NPC's are heading is based on their persoanlities.

>> No.25859451

She is actually not much worse than a foreign exchange student if you take into account that things like trees and solid foods are all cultural phenomenon in 40K.

>> No.25859454

>calm, supportive and likes lecturing
It's like Otto found her soulmate right from the start.
Will just make it more tragic when she inevitably bites it.

>> No.25859482

Followed by >>25859290, of course.

>> No.25859505

What do you use to generate random personalities?

>> No.25859567

"Angelina, you don't go for the purple paste, just don't go for the purple paste, it's just not done. And when you're walking around this sort of area skip every third white line on the ground, that's where pipes are and occasionally superheated steam comes up through there. Oh and that rumbling sound, that's the secondary support system for 73rd plasma engine, it means everything is alright unless it starts making squeaky noises, just let it lull you to sleep. Unless you hear squeaky noises, then we're moving rooms in case a plasma leak hits us.

And no, people don't freeze to death in the void, don't be silly, if you're out of sunlight it'd take about an hour for your body to freeze, though your tongue, inside of your nose, inside of your lungs and throat, and your eyeballs will freeze first as the moisture evaporates, you're likely to roast and burn if there's direct sunlight. Of course if you're out there and not in a vac suit you'll go unconscious in about 15 seconds and almost certainly die with very little chance of survival by about 90, brain damage is very possible even before that."

>> No.25859598

"And remember, Engine Level 3 is always full of heretics, no matter which ship you're on."

>> No.25859615

To a degree yes - it also ough to be noted that she's on the other hand very well aquianted with machinery - things which are to the common imperial man "sorcery" - she's even got a understanding of the workings of a cognitator, and void travel is rather common to her. So there be times where the tables will be very much reversed.

Chances are fairly high for that indeed - Commissar school is, well - not really a safe place, expect a degree of control over this but it will be limited.

I use a simple collection of character traits that I roll on, - and then I connect the dots, I can give you an example:

This was John:

Psychology: Artistic and creative
Emotional side: Kind-hearted and warm
Personality in general: Traditional, ocational bursts of traveling lust.
Self-discipline: Lacking, prone to being lazy
Social aspects: Downspoken, gentle and brings out the best in others
Honesty and honour: Selfless
Currently: Bored.

I also sometimes use some random online generators for when I need to make a character in a hurry and can't find my papers, or just wing it as I type its dialog.

>> No.25859675

Hmm, sounds useful.
So is Lak generally abrasive or just currently: irritable?

>> No.25859691

It would be cheating if I told you that anon.

>> No.25859732

Well, we -did- call him a double heretic.

>> No.25859734

Noooo it wouldn't. What if I promise to vote against making friends with him either way?

>> No.25859742

Well he is a double heretic, there's two of him, duh.

>> No.25859779

Can't really argue with that.

>> No.25859798

Im just saying that its enough to make anyone irritable, regardless of truth.

>> No.25859836

Maybe he shouldn't be a double heretic then.
Otto calls it like she sees it.

>> No.25859843

Since we're way past it now, I suppose there's no harm in asking. What was up with the medicae at the ship? What was he up to with those small animals?

>> No.25859876

Past it anon? There is no "past" nothing in my quests... ohohoh.

>> No.25859888

He came and started on us when we got off the ship, though. He didn't need to do that.

Pretty sure he's just a bit of a douche. His twin seems nicer, though.

>> No.25859903

Which one is which, though?

>> No.25859917

I was afraid you'd say that...

recommending we tool Otto up for mutant killing, guise

>> No.25859929

Lak is the one who we decked in.

>> No.25859942

For Otto they're one and the same. Sadly his twin must suffer for Lak's assholishness and manage without the glorious friendship of Otto.

>> No.25859981

I think Schulte is gonna make one creepy and odd yet badass Commissar. She already has a certain Commissarial air about her

>> No.25860002


So, did we miss any quests on the starting ship?

>> No.25860029

No, not really - there was diffrent routes to take around - and some NPC's you never had the chance to speak to but thats it really.

>> No.25860087

Any interesting NPCs we missed, or are you boy at liberty to say?

>> No.25860106

Nothing reveled there yet, don't want to much meta information, you might still meet them after all.

>> No.25860169

"So, Commissar Schulte, she's a weird one. I heard that some Stormtroopers are still afraid of her from their time at Schola. She just glares at them and they back down. What's her first name anyways?"

"You do not ask that. The last person to ask her that came out of her tent crying about mold."

>> No.25860190

not at libery, I meant.

Fucking phone.

>> No.25860289

Otto is starting to have a bit of monomania about mold, granted. Hopefully she'll never have to fight against Orks.
>Angelina is at least decent, even if she's probably molding, somehow.

>> No.25860325

Rolled 48

So, lesbian times with Angelina then.

>> No.25860358

Why would we do that? She's our new friend, not something to just hit on.


>> No.25860381

No, please no.


>> No.25860409

Her regiment will be the only one that takes bread discipline pretty fucking seriously.

>> No.25860462

And the guardsmen we're attatched to won't take us seriously at first...

Until the great mould executions, that is.

>> No.25860532

Great quest so far! Love the slice of life side if it. The MC reminds me of Ryuushika Ryuushika.

>> No.25860545

"I heard Commissar Schulte started singing about yellow paste when she led a boarding action. It was quite weird, but considering that she randomly told everyone to stop behind her, fired a bolt pistol round at the wall, and the heretics were engulfed by superheated steam I don't think anyone complained.

When asked she said it was because it was making a squeaky noise over there instead of a thrumpy one.

She's crazy, but she's a good Commissar."

>> No.25860682
File: 278 KB, 435x618, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking mold

>> No.25861224

>Otto Schulte goes planetside for the first time.jpg

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