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What is a Canoptek Cenotaph? Is it something from Fall of Orpheus?

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I've never heard of it before but the dictionary says that a cenotaph is a monument honoring someone buried somewhere else. I would guess that a Canoptek Cenotaph is like a tomb complex with no Necrons in it, like an outpost or something.

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Uh, no, I don't remember anything like that in it.

A cenotaph is a tomb in which you aren't supposed to put a body, so I guess it isn't a bug-like thingie but more like a beacon that houses a mind, although you never really know.

I think Xeno just made it up.

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It isn't a tomb complex, it's an artifact.

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Whatever. How can you know if it's made up?

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I haven't seen the term in any GW publication, only in Xeno's latest twitter message.

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It literally means "empty tomb."

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I'll bet it's full of scarabs.

Like Xeno's vagina.

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It is full of scarabs.

Unlike Xeno's vagina, which does not exist even in-universe.

>moregoo thick

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M-my vagina?!

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Yes. And scarabs. Scarabs in your vagina.

It's more likely than you think.

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Did somebody say scarabs?

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Actually, >>25855207 just say, "M-my vagina?!"

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Yes....But the other one DID say Scarabs....IN the vagina....>>25855207's vagina specifically...

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Daily reminder that Xeno doesn't have a vagina and that it's none of your business anyway.

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Correct, she does not have disgusting, saggy folds of flesh. She has precision-engineered panels which close tightly around her scarab hive.

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Maybe you wouldn't be so grumpy if you changed your attitude about that particular orifice.

>Xeno 52.png
I find it horrifying that you have at least 51 other Xeno pics.

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Hundreds, literally hundreds of Xeno pics.

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>descriptions of the emotions displayed in each pic because /tg/ is too autistic to be able to tell

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It's a cheat sheet to assist in interacting in social situations.

No, actually, it's a grid meme where you have to draw the character's expressions. Seriously.

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>Following Xeno of twitter

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Alright, now I'm curious. Show of hands, how many people actually follow Xeno's Twitter?

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I do, but she doesn't post anything particularly interesting to be honest.

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Updates have been fewer and farther between, of late. Frankly, the current story bores me.

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I do, but lately it hasn't been very interesting.

But it's still cute and stuff.

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Why not? Xeno is neato.

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Except not really.

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Aw quit nitpicking, she's mostly neato!

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No scans yet? Cannot find and on /rs/

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>//Engrammatic discrepancy detected in personality matrix//Correcting//Correcting//Correcting//Unable to correct engrammatic discrepancy//

Oh jeezus not again...

Guys, looks like Xeno's going on killbot mode for, like, the fourth time or something.

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Now, nobody panic. We don't know what that means. It could just be that it can't correct her derpiness or bad dice rolls.

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Not even necrotech can fix Xeno's derpiness.

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>//Error//Validating against permanent mnemonic//Engram checksum mismatch//Invalid engram detected//Attempting restoration from phylactery//
Sounds more like Xeno is being hacked!

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>Xeno mentioned
>Thread destroyed

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This started out as a Xeno thread, wise guy. OP asked about something posted on her Twitter.

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Well, now it's a blueberry thread.

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