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did someone say /tg/ humor thread?

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What is this, a thread for Formians?

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I was expecting Necrons.

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Needs goatse hands pulling at the edges.

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>was about to ask if people really wear these
>remember that I met a friend last week using one of those AssCreed's hoodies

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If I knew where to find one, I probably would.

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Neat, got the whole helmet look alike thing going on. Wonder how good that would be for skiing.

>AssCreed's hoodies
Huh, didn't even notice the armguards and everything looking like that until you mentioned it. Though it was just a cool fake armor dealie.

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I love everything about this.

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Are those Angry Necrons?

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Dunno. I assume this guy is from the same series of photos.

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People made...

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This is madness...

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>Wear it in public?
Hell no
>Wear it as a joke/to conventions?

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how does car not believe in god

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>Mirror piercings

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>Atlas Shrugged
>Thomas Jefferson

Wow, stories run by GMs are AWFUL. Apparently.

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>mirror piercings

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One of my personal favorits

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Agnostic is the belief in that their may be a god, but you won't discredit the posibility that their isn't one either.

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I can only assume it is an edit of some kind of comparison between Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Rising.

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Because always saving the orphans can lead to some awkward moments

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aw shit, is that some Sandwich?

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just gonna post this for help

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Could be I found this without context...

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I am offended that agnostic polytheism is not on that list. "A" god indeed.

Contributing. I find it a hilarious picture, at least. Others may not.

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This was a good one, I think its an edit of a 40k romance comic we did a while back.

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look up sandwich on the tg wiki

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Will do

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Is there a different version to this with more dramatic text or is this the only version that exists?

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>Dislikes rapists
I think you are alone there. Also, nightmare time, go to deviant art and look up [your name] the hedgehog. Despite being a guy most of my results were female.


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That IS hilarious. Saved.

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Just looked it up, and it is indeed Sandwich Stoutaxe

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That was glorious.

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I have always wanted to play sandwich stoutaxe in a game..... but am afraid it would be rejected as fetish bait :-(.

Also, don't read the later fanfics... they're really bad and totally miss the point of the character.

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The real question is: Is his name large or is his name actually "Huge"?

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>Is his name large or is his name actually "Huge"?

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But does he have a very big name, or is "HUGE" his name?

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This one always give me the warm-fuzzies.

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A story about a crumbling economy in the face of socialism and the attempts by industrialists to keep it going in the face of the BBEG who is attempting to get rid of them all to stop them all from restarting the economy, which turns out the BBEG is actually recruiting them to his invisible war. It ends with the protagonist leaving everything she has ever known behind, including the industry built by her family and her traitorous brother whose incompetence nearly ran it into the ground, while the rest of the world begins to revolt with the last means of production and transport having disappeared, throwing off the oppressors who make laws not to protect men, but to coerce them through guilt.

A man in colonial America going against the rulers he's known all his life in an attempt to secure the same rights that the landowners in the mother country receive, only abandoning this in the attempt to create a new country later on through the revolution.

A massive deconstruction of modern society in an attempt to bring it to its most basic forms, shunning grand widespread ideas, leading to musical revolutions, new scientific hypothesis, art, and architecture.

And a study of the human cranium in an attempt to explain intelligence during a period where science was beginning to take off, relying on things that could be observed at the time, only discarded when there were better ideas and new techniques such as genetics and idea that the folds of the brain led to intelligence.

These are the four things that you dislike.

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Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring, Banana-Cron!

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Ah thats glorious

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Try again. On all four counts.

Atlas Shrugged: a story about selfish people justifying their selfishness in the face of the most unrealistic, infantile, and stupid caricature of socialism that has ever existed, fighting back with their OWN unrealistic, infantile, and stupid philosophy.

Thomas Jefferson: an autistic man who inherited his entire fortune from his aristocratic parents who gained said fortune the backs of countless slaves, who thought we would have an unrealistic utopia of people exactly like his idealized version of himself if everyone did exactly as he said.

Postmodernism: A philosophy that attempts to tear down the perceived pretense of everything else and replace it with its own elaborate, vague, meaningless pretense.

Phrenology: a study of lumps on people's heads in the belief that this had meaningful correlation to the brains inside them, a pseudoscience from its inception, built on raw speculation and confirmation bias, little more than a fancy version of palm reading

These are the four things you are attempting to defend.

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It was a whole army painted up like this. Gods, but I wish I still had the rest.

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What song is this?

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>Born in 1991
>2004 Volkswagen New Beetle

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I think you're being a little hard on Jefferson.

Can't argue with the rest.

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Goddamn, tzeentch, when'd you get so sexy?

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Original Willy Wonka movie

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Is it this one?



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It's this one. Maybe. Or not.

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I don't get it.

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Maybe a LITTLE.

But on Jefferson vs. Hamilton, I largely (though not entirely) favor Hamilton.

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Time to contriboot.

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It's a pen.

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Well at least in the second game I could listen to Red Sun.

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Beats whatever Matt Ward comes up with

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He's been mirin the C'tan.

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Read the Iyanden fluff. It's not James Joyce, but it's pretty darn good for the G-Dub Codex Crew.

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It sounds trite but I feel like the differences between the Founders and their ability to compromise was their greatest strength. Any one Founder getting the country he wanted might not have been as resilient as one that passed its first big "can a republic this size function?" test during its very founding.

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The unofficial sequel

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Isn't there a gif of that where he shakes at the bottom?

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The following image is classified as Keter level, with a strong memetic effect that makes sane individuals spoon out their eyes.

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Not that I'd seen. There SHOULD be one if it doesn't already exist.

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Reminded me of pic related. It's all about how you phrase it.

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what is this from

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It's a shooped "signs of autism" pic I think.

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Saved me the trouble of posting this.

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I think I just threw up a bit......WHY GOD EMPEROR WHY

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Anyone have the unofficial lewd sequel?

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Hah! Knew I had the draw faggotry to this one.

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>Being this weak
Seriously this is nothing. I've seen shit (thankfully it was purged from the net long ago) that would make Slaanesh vomit.

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>tfw you realize there's a skeleton inside of your body

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>Pic related

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Love this one.

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that's just amazing.

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What the fuck, greenmarine. What the fuck?

Where'd you go? We miss you.

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Leaked 6th Ed. Imperial Guard vehicle? Or cunning shop? You decide!

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Oh fuck yes.

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I heard it costs 75 points and comes in threes.

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Has science gone to far?

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or not far enough?

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Why did you send me on this quest.

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I think it looks like its doing ballet.

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One more then I sit back and enjoy the thread.
Not /tg/ related, per say but I think /tg/ will find it funny at any rate.

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Not strictly /tg/, but I have some...

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A few lines in and I couldn't stop laughing.

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Oh my.
I have 15 Space Marines that I obtained in a bet, and now I have a goal.

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23 years in MS Paint

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Fucking movie marines.

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I love it.

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For the love of god, moar and/or sauce. Dat ass. Dat (implied) futa. Dat art quality. I need this, anon.

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Oh God, my sides.

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No idea, that's all I have.

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like $200 on etsy

>> No.25847096

i've got a shit ton of 40k humor, or at least attempts at it

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Wow. Way to deliver, anon!

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It's fanart of Final Fantasy Tactics, with a White Mage and Agrias Oaks, in the original game's style.

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Holy shit, I remember this being in one of my History Textbooks

>was noursdn
It sure was, captcha

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I know, anon. That's half the reason I need moar.

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The loss of that fantastic comic is the greatest tragedy of WotC abandoning 4e as early as they did.

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>The only tragedy

>> No.25847640


I'm fairly sure it was cut before then.

I bought physical copies to help support it, but I could only do so much as one man.

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>dwarf rhetoric.jpg

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Well, it was a beautiful dream.

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What game is that from?

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They dumped 4e so they they could push 5e to cater to the 3e crowd. That should count as a crime against humanity.

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Rolled 6, 3, 5 = 14


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My sides, my god. I wish I was in that round.

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I'm confused
is it a necron thinking he's an ork
or an ork using looted necron as an armour?

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thats not Penelo?

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>Hercules, dressed as Thor, quoting Star Trek

This is better than sex.

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>Progress is unlikely

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One of my favourite cards for a while. Just funny.

>> No.25853184

Eh. Needs more toad.

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Are there 2 missing?

>> No.25853544

One, I think. I can't tell if that's a soldier or heavy in the back with the smoking gun.

>> No.25853626

It's soldier. Both Heavy and Sniper are missing.

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Thought so.

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