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Lets see your current project/projects
Steel Legion
Dystopian Wars Prussian Empire

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I was just sitting there wondering what xenos 40k faction I should pick up. Kind of at a loss. New club store opened up in town, getting back into it and so on.

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Tau and Tyranids.

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I could post a pic of my tidy empty work bench, but an empty work bench is a depressing thing and this don't look like a baww thread.

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Tau = Pretty fuckawesome Shooting. Literally the only army I have a hard time fighting, Awesome futuristic mech stuff
Eldar = Glass Hammer
Dark Eldar = 36" movement/assault. Nasty up close but paper at range.

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worst feeling ever...i have been there waaaay too many times.

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Jungle and other terrain
Australians, Viet Cong main and local forces in 20mm.

Some 15mm sci-fi stuff.

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also, Robots

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A little unrelated to the thread, but does anyone know the url, pw and has the copy pasta on how to order from the chinaman?

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gimme a sec, i have it somewhere. You might just have to email him like i did.
[email protected]
Email this and ask for a GW catelogue.

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I would make a full steel legion army if GW didn't stop selling them. Now they either cost $5 a guy on average or are impossible to find at all on Ebay. Now I have to make due with only a single platoon of Steel Legion. Running Steel Legion with mixed foot/mechanized Al'Rahem.

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Dark Eldar are pretty good at a range, especially with all their poison and blasters. Seriously, a squad of trueborn can fuck up almost anything in a single shooting phase, whether its a squad of marines, a squad of terminators, or a squadron of Leman Russ tanks.

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The day they pulled the line, i went to my LGS and asked the manager to get in contact with the GW representative for the store. He found some metal kits and shipped them to the store for me. I tried again a few days later and he got the last of the Las Cannon Teams he could find. Still raging, i had just asked a week or two prior if they were going to pull the line and they said no,

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It's something. Thanks.

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that password expires after so long, keep that in mind. that's why i say keep in contact with him driectly

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And thank you.

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Yeah, maybe this means that Guard will get plastic or resin kits from GW or FW. Maybe when out 6th edition codex comes out. Not likely, but it is better than the rumor of plastic storm troopers that pops up every year and never pans out.

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Got that one like a week ago, used to have an older one where the password expired. So yeah, that password might very well be wrong.

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For some reason i usually hated metal models...but for some reason having Pewter Steel Legion just works for me. I like the weight, gives them a little bit of character IMO

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Is he trustworthy or?

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What IS that nightmarish abomination?

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My WiP is my Russian Coalition Fleet, my Dreadball Robots, a 1:600 model of the Bismarck, a British Para company for FoW and a couple of FoW StuGs.

I am bad at sticking to one project.

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I got my Valkyrie, some plasma guns, and some melta guns for 35 bucks within 25 days. I would say yes. I can supply pics of the Valkyrie if you want.

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Im thinking about working on a FJ Regiment for FoW, Gliderborne infantry to be specific. Im a glider pilot so it has a special ring in my mind.

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No pics, but...let's see, 1k FSA fleet, 1k Covenant reinforcements, 1,5k chinese fed fleet, 2k french, aquans and rsn for firestorm and 2 starters for Malifaux, all in different stages of decay..Imean, painting.

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This was last nights project.
A Gewitterwolke and 2 Pflicht Scouts

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You can get [whatever the FSJ equivalent of a Horsa glider is] as plastic kits for scenario games, which is awesome as you get to land them and launch an assault straight away.

FSJ are, in general, a great force. Lots of FV troops, the solid LG40, plenty of defensive options, etc. For LW the Bridge by Bridge list that has ambushing Panzerfausts is awesome.

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any tips for picking up Steel legion models on the cheap or is it one of those things you pay out the anus for?

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Never tried him, recently bought some stuff from some Russian or Ukranian dude or whatever (wargames for all or something, I can give you a link if you want) a bit more expensive, but I like having a shopping cart, easier than emailing or calling someone IMO.

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Yeah i think its the DFS-230. Kinda an awesome concept. I was going to do a list with that. Just seemed like the perfect play style for me.

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There is no nice way anymore. Bartertown has an auction up for a bunch, here is the link.

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In my experience just stalk ebay and wait, when you find something wait until the last minute before bidding to get the best deal, so instead of starting with a maximum bid of say $40 and having someone bid their way up and increasing the price or outbidding you from the start wait until there is only a tiny amount of time left and place your max bid, odds are you will save a lot of money.

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Low-Income Self-Help Publisher?

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To keep things on topic I might as well post the results of what I'm working on (about 1/4th of the way done with the platoon). Not the best painter, but it is quick and looks nice enough on the tabletop.

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Lonely book-keeper of a long-dead wizards library iirc.

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I wish I could rescue them :'c

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What the fuck is wrong with the bases? Why are they so shiny? Why haven't they been highlighted, or at least quickshaded?

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just about finished some Confrontation Dwarfs to a tabletop standard; hoping C3.5 takes off again at the local club!

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My current pet project is a sci-fi GURPS campaign setting. It's set in the year 2285 after the development of FTL drives and a massive colonization drive ended in a bloody civil war and the Colonies declaring independence from Earth.

We have discovered lots of alien life, but none of it is intelligent. Instead, humanity changed itself and was changed by its new environment. The early colony ships often not shielded properly. Colonists were exposed to high levels of Comsic Radiation and began to mutate. Some developed strange or unnatural powers but the majority are simply hideously deformed. At the same time, humanity created numerous Transgenic beings for specific tasks. Pure Humans look down on Mutants and Transgens and consider them to be Second-Class Citizens.

The Player characters will be the crew of a Tramp frieghter who take on various pseudo-legal or illegal jobs to keep their ship fueled and keep flying. It's pretty much Strontium Dog meets Firefly.

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Recasting 6mm stuff.

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Bought like 2000 pts worth of Dark elves for merely $70. Crossbows, spears, some characters of foot, Cold One knights. In poor condition. I'm halfway throught separating them from base and each other. Then, I'll bath them in brake fluid, remove extra glue and mold lines, reassemble and paint properly.
I wanted to finish the separation today, but due to unforeseen event I'm now too drunk to work with knife at the moment.

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Khornate Knight

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Slaanesh Space Wolf

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>Has a tail and elongated helmet

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Just painted a Slaneesh whore

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Where did you get a plastic SoB head?

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OMFG; OP must be long gone, but I WANT THOSE ROBUTS!

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DE or ChSM Trophy Racks

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I've been painting some of the original Fiends of Slaanesh.

I'm sure I'll take a better picture at some point, but that point is not this point.

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I do scale models, not minis, but just started on a Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf H.

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No, the Immolator comes with two heads.

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i have the POWA!
i think i need to give the skin another layer to make her a bit paler...

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My new Chaos Lord

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Still working on some highlights for these guys, need to make the armor more defined and highlight the gold bits as well
For my next purchase should i get some long fangs or thunderwolf cavalry, ive only got these guys and about 20 grey hunters

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Rad as fuck.

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Looks like an undead dragon monstergirl...

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So I'm working on my Nurgle Heldrake... er... Helfly. And I just can't decide how to do his baleflamer. I want it up front as a sort of proboscis. I don't want to model an actual organic proboscis because I want more mechanical elements to the model. So here's what I have put together but I'm just not sure it's right.

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So I'm working on my Nurgle Heldrake... er... Helfly. And I just can't decide how to do his baleflamer. I want it up front as a sort of proboscis. I don't want to model an actual organic proboscis because I want more mechanical elements to the model. So here's what I have put together but I'm just not sure it's right.

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Looks pretty cool, kudos anon.

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I like how it looks, but Imo, I would take a section of the pipe out of the the top tank with a hobby knife, and have some sort of green goo dripping out of it, maybe even leaving a trail of it as it flies.

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I'd say to do something up like a used needle or something. Then have vats on its back or somewhere that look like bacteria filled syringes.
Think of the needle pit in SAWII

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I'd consider getting a bigger pain dispenser, it just looks a little dinky to me for a giant goo-spewing flamer of doom.
Consider just getting a huge tube of some kind and nurgle it up, or maybe the Syringe idea above. Also, actual proboscis...es... flare at the ends, so consider having the ends of the barrel flare out in a sickly manner which will let you put some goop-looking stuff inside it. Could be sweet.

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Also thinking about cutting it off like so and mashing it right into his face and blending it in. Then adding tanks or whatever behind the head and adding lots of tubing leading into the back of the head and/or around to the front.

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What game is that from?

I'm waiting on molds to cool for a casting of a Flames of War Ranger Platoon

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That sounds metal as fuck.

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Half gnome half dragon?

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Those are from Dark Realm Miniatures. We play their system "Seeds of War".

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There you go, some WIP pic.

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