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So. I've been planning some Only War stuff now for a while. Didn't really like the enemies as written, so I'll have the players fight other kinds of enemies. The ones I intend to throw at them are the Tau.

While in the planning stage I however started thinking about other kinds of xenos they could face. Such as Orkz. Which led me to a kind of Eureka-moment.

Tau aren't as xenophobic as the humans are, would they be against hiring Ork mercenaries? I know they've had quite a lot of trouble with the Orkz, but would they be able to put that aside to hire some of them?

Also, what battlefield roles would the Tau assign to them?
What could the Tau pay the Orkz with to make sure they don't just turn on their employers?

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What all Ork pirates want, Teef and a good krumpin not to mention loads of dakka.

Freebooters are literally Flash Gitz on steroids.

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Yeah. But... Tau mostly use energy weapons.. not a lot of Dakka there. And there will not be any Teef, since the opposition are humiez and the employers are...
What's the Ork word for Tau?

And the Krumpin'? Eh. When they are out of Humiez, they'll just turn around and charge the Tau. Would the Tau try to avert this, or just count it into their plans?

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Tau are notoriously manipulative. Especially with enemies they've dealt with before like the Orkz. I wouldn't be suprised if they had rifles to the Orkz backs the whole time.

Freebooters might be greedy but they're still Orkz and a good fight is a good fight. Orkz have conducted Waaaaaghs for less, like getting trophy hats.

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There are also rokkits
Orkz love rokkits

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Ork word for Tau is "Fish'eads"

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So... The Orkz could join up with basically the promise of "We'll keep them from running away, and you can take everything they have."?

Aaand then having the "Ork High Command" followed around by drones and stealth suits to make sure they can always send a few Seeker Missiles to show why it's a bad idea to Double-cross the Tau?

Fish'eads? Good one.

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>not a lot of Dakka there
War of the Dakka would call you a git. I could very well see Freebooters working for roight flash tau guns. And besides, those missile suits are right proppa orky with all those fuckin rockets going off at once.

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Tau could hire Ork mercs, hell, the Imperium has hired Ork mercs and pirates before. It aint too hard, just give them something they like and promise them a fight, for what they like, usually it involves guns, lots of guns, if not, hand them a pile of scraps.

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>"Ya, dese ere Fish'ead shootaz may not be as good as Ork shootas, but strap nuff of em togedda and it's proper bright, blind da udder gits before youze shoots em"

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The Riptide is based off of ork tek, so tau have plenty of orkiness to them. Also, I dont know how often I have head the fishead thing. I know they call em greyskins, too.

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OP, learn about the Blood Axes.

They're Ork mercenaries for hire. They tend to work for the Imperium in the fringe systems, Tau, and a variety of aliens. IG regiments will hire them when they've got nothing else around to help them in their current situation. And the Tau have been known to hire them at times. Of all the Ork clans, they're the most likely to barter, trade, or attempt diplomatic relations. They even go so far as to try to learn tactics, strategies, and uniform dress of other factions as well.

Since the Ork economy is based around Teef, and only Ork teef work, most 'payment' measures tend to take the form of equipment, vehicles, weaponry... swanky hats... etc. Exceptionally profitable campaigns tend to end up with whole Blood Axe warbands outfitted to resemble the faction they've worked with. This has led more than a few Ork fans to custom build Ork armies that 'mimic' other armies, like 'Death Korps' Orks, or 'Cadian' Orks, or 'Fer Da Greata Waaagh!' Orks.

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Even better is their word for Necrons. Technically there's two... Tin'Ead, and Toaster.

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I love it.

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I bet Blood Axes and Freebooters get along well. Either that or they are sworn rivals.

They even have similar tastes in hats.

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Eh. According to Rogue Trader, the Freebootaz are still within the Klan-system, so... I suppose a lot of Freebootaz are Blood Axes.

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Nah... think of it more like this. The Blood Axes are an actual galaxy-spanning clan, similar to the Goffs, Deathskulls, or Bad Moons. The clans tend to be a 'mindset' of sorts, and operate in their own distinct ways. Blood Axes tend to try to understand other 'not-ork kultures', and often take up mercenary work. They're distrusted by other orks, due to their dealings with other races. And ultimately, the Blood Axes are looking to further their understanding of the races they work for, with, against. And are apt to learn from them.

The Freebootas aren't technically a clan, per say. They tend to be a catch-all bunch of independents out lookin' for a fight. They're more like pirates, really. Often acting much like pirates would. They can be hired, sometimes... but are a lot less likely to bother to deal with other races. And they really love their swanky hats.

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Oh, and the freebootas tend to incorporate any clans within their numbers. It's not uncommon for a small tribe of Orks to go Freeboota, and end up as a Freeboota warband filled with different clan archetypes, united under one warboss and his mad quest for the swankiest hat in the universe.

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Not to derail the thread... but could a joint Ork Warband with members from two or more klans work?

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... Are the characters in TF2 orkz?

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pretty much every, any and all WAAAAAGHS, small and big ones have a multitude of Klans in them. There arent only the big Klans either, but myriads of smaller ones.

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Also Blood Axes tend to use stealth tactics, while Freebootaz are just Ork pirates. Freebootaz will probably work for you if you give them a good reward, but they won't do it quietly (or as quiet as Orkz can be)

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Oh certainly, in fact the bigger the warband, the more likely the klans will mingle.

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Yes. Though infighting is bound to happen. Except particularly mighty warlords tend to have the charisma (er... direction) to unite the clans involved and aim them at a common enemy.

For instance, Goffs eschew non-Ork tech. Generally speaking... They're a no-nonsense, "beat their fucking faces in" style of clan. Full frontal assaults and bloody hand to hand combat tend to be their "master plan".

Deffskulls by contrast, are the master-looters of the Ork clans. If it's not nailed down, it's theirs after a quick re-paint (blue). And if it is nailed down, they'll be back with a crowbar. Fighting for them is more like a shopping spree, as the after-battle wreckage is their spoils. Most of their equipment and vehicles tend to be built, salvaged, or looted from whatever it is they fight.

The two clans don't get along well... Usually. As they follow separate ideologies. However a particularly powerful warlord, like Ghaz, could easily come along and get them to throw down their differences and fight against a common enemy (i.e. Armaggeddon).

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To some degree...

Borderlands 2 however, is basically "Orks: The Video Game", reskinned to be humans.

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I could have sworn Freebooters were called the Fifth Klan, but I think that was in DoW2 and Relic isn't exactly perfectly accurate to lore and maybe even they meant it as more of a spiritual thing, where Freebooters aren't actually a Klan, but they operate so differently from the other Klans that it warrants distinguishing them as a separate entity.

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See the lower pic.

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Well infighting is likely with even same klan Orks

>> No.25829183

The smaller 'klans' tend to be more along the lines of tribes, or warbands. The 'klans' themselves, are full blown ideologies of sorts that spread across the universe. Two deathskull warbands may not agree with each other, and may even fight each other. They may also never have heard of each other, and both exist on opposite ends of the galaxy. But they both follow the same ideology of lootin', thievin', and wearing lots of blue.

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Also this.

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Freebootaz is whatever we wants ta be, ifin' ya got a problem wit dat, ya can take it up with me shoota!

>> No.25829195

But, say.... Bad Moons and Deffskulls would work... decently together? The only problem will be that the Bad Moons will be pissed that their fancy stuff keeps gettin' nicked by da gitz ova dere.

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So do Orks have actual space ships and not just Roks? It would make Freebootas even better if a crew flew about the systems with a giant ramshack pirate ship. Or maybe converting a Rok into a giant fucking pirate ship by just welding a bunch of space ship bows to the front of the Rok

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Deffskulls I feel would be most likely to side with tau other than Freebootas. Just pay them in fancy loot. And always be prepared to either keep the orks busy or put them down.

Also, I love the Loota mentality that if someone steals from them its just part of the looting cycle. They don't get mad when their stuff gets stolen. It just means they get to steal it back

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Oi, if youz wants ya stuffs, then come ova 'ere and try and take it you Snawtlin'!

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Oh. Lots. Battelkroozers are among the toughest things in space.

But one of the things that beat that, are Ork Looted Hulks. THE nastiest thing in space. Thankfully, they are slow.

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True. Infighting is likely even within warbands. But orks tend to rally around like-minded orks, and tend to be especially violent towards what doesn't follow their mindset. The way I always saw it, the more 'bored' an ork gets, the more excuses they'll make to throw a punch at one of their mates. Thus it's an escalation of sorts. If there's nothing to fight, the warband's a mess of infighting, and it looks for other warbands to fight. If there's suddenly an invading force, all the warbands throw down their differences to fight this common enemy. Or a powerful warlord convinces them all he can lead them to a common enemy to fight.

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Oy! Come ova 'ERE an say dat to me face!

>> No.25829242

>They don't get mad when their stuff gets stolen. It just means they get to steal it back
Orks are so fuckin zen in their own little way, man. I fuckin love em so goddamn much.

>> No.25829248

Plus, if they loot, what was loot'd from them, then they can double loot it!

>> No.25829260

Aye I'll do just that, but I'll say it with me choppa! 'ow'd ya like that ya git, when I'm tru with you not even the Dok will be able ta put ya back togedda!

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>I could have sworn Freebooters were called the Fifth Klan,

No... they've never been called the 'fifth klan'. Maybe the unofficial 'seventh'.

The clan list is:
-Evil Sunz
-Blood Axes

And the 'not-clans' that bridge those boundaries tend to be
-Kult of Speed
-Dread warbands

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It may not be the best reference, but in Winter Assault, Gorgutz starts his WAAAGH by uniting multiple ork tribes, and each of those tribes matched up with one of the four klans. There was even a vehicle centered tribe that was totally part of the Speed Kult.

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I wonder if an Ork will end up fighting himself if there is nothing else around

>> No.25829275

>No... they've never been called the 'fifth klan'
Looks like I'm just going crazy, then.

>> No.25829279

And by doing so release spores that give him orks to fight.

>> No.25829282

One living ork means their will be other orks to fight in a little bit. And until then squigs and snotlings will start popping up to fight

>> No.25829290

I'd imagine most people would shit their pants to see a Hulk cruising towards them with a massive ship bow stappled to the front, and big Gork n Mork faces attached to the sides

>> No.25829299

Unless he's sterile

>> No.25829305

Nobody 'works well' with anybody, as far as the klans go. Goffs and Bad Moonz traditionally get along well... enough... Though it's more a mutual respect as being the two more numerous or powerful clans. They still disagree on everything, and beat each other up.

Generally speaking, there's enough reason for any klan combination to fight or work with each other. Orks are easy like that. Anything goes. Want a Bad-Moon + Deathskull warband? Do it. Want a pure Blood-Axe only 'Death Korps of Waaagh'? Do it. Want a bunch of snake-sucking crazies with voodoo magic and tribal tattoos? Do it with the Snakebites. Want a 8-player Apoc game of Orks versus Orks? Makes more sense than any other Red-Vs-Red matchup.

>> No.25829308

Yeah. And shit themselves again when they see battlekroozas disengaging from the hull. To get in on da aktion.

>> No.25829318

Ork Only battles...

Why do I keep thinking Deff Skwadron?

>> No.25829324

I still love the idea of the Scraplootas and how their Krooza is mostly a Looted Titan Deployment Pod that they use to deep strike an Imperator Titan. Its just so fucking orky.

>> No.25829325

So if Orks give off spores just by existing, how come there aint no Orks walking around with mushrooms sprouting off their clothes, or even a Warboss waltzing around with a bunch of mushroom caps on his head.

>> No.25829330

How is that possible? Their breed through spores.

And to be honest, I kind of imagine them working a bit like potatoes. Cut an Ork into tiny chunks and they will eventually grow into full Orks

>> No.25829336

Ehh... The whole 'ownership' or 'working for something' thing doesn't sit with the Deathskulls well enough. Blood Axes would answer the mercenary work for Tau. Deathskulls would just take the loot, run off shooting it. Take more stuff. And probably come back to kick over your sand castle, while their space-ship crashes into the fucking mountainside behind you. Deathskulls are like the fucking Pikeys of the Ork race (see reference movie: 'Snatch').

>> No.25829346

No... that's a pretty good reference, actually.

>> No.25829356

I think he'd just look around for something to fight. Be it a bear, or another ork.

>> No.25829359

Would such a thing even have "docking bays" for the kroozas, or would they just hook them up with giant chains or stuff them into the Hulk's holes?

>> No.25829361

>four klans
Not four. I honestly dont know where I got that number from because I totally knew there were more than that.

>> No.25829363

You talk like for Orkz there is a difference between those two.

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I personally adore everything about Orks, and I would love to learn more about general Ork society outside of combat, I know they have a semblance of civilization, but I'd love to just see or learn about an Ork city. A whole fucking shanty city.

>> No.25829380

Or they might simply smash into the hulk to dock on to it. Then when its time to leave they just turn on the engines full throttle until they break free. Maybe a few orks push from the outside wearing Squig helmets over their heads as space suits

>> No.25829393

Ork only battles are actually some of the funnest games of 40k I've ever played. Indeed, the best game of 40k I think I ever played was a massive get together of Ork players, playing a huge Apoc game of Orks vs Orks. It pretty much was Deff-Squadron. And the bravado. Oh god... the bravado... "You'z weedy git! Get back over d'ere and keep hittin' 'im till he's dedd!"

>> No.25829398

True, but theres major differences to the applications, if you just chain the Kroozas to the Hulk, it's a little dull, but if you stuff them into the craters and tunnels, when they launch out, they may shoot out like cannons. So it would be a giant space Hulk shooting Kroozas out like missiles

>> No.25829405

It would have all that and more.

Since we are on the topic of orky things, the Super Mario Galaxy games had a lot of things you could easily use as inspiration for an ork campaign.

A giant asteroid that was also a giant weapons platform.

A ship made out of multiple ships welded together.

A rok that is also a battleship thats been carved into the face of the Boss steering it.

>> No.25829406

Ah. That sounds like Garzog's Ded Kunnin' Device.

A "re-purpoused" nova cannon that could be used either as a big-ass cannon, a launcher of torpedoes or a launcher of boarding craft.

>> No.25829424

Mars is practically all machine right?

Imagine if a wartribe of Orks took over Mars, ignoring all the impossibility of it all, just imagine it.

>> No.25829435

GorkaMorka had the idea of an Ork 'city'. It was basically a neutral ground of sorts... For Orks. Which pretty much meant it was like taking Detroit, merging it with Johannesburg, and adding the entire Middle-East as icing. And a sprinkling of India and Pakistan for good measure.

So basically, it wasn't Neutral ground at all.

>> No.25829437

All machine and a dead C'tan at the core of the Noctis Labyrinth...

>> No.25829442

I remember seeing a picture of an ork town square with a few sites explained, but I forgot to save it.

So instead have this glossary of squigs, another thing I just fucking adore about the orks.

>> No.25829450

And then shaped it like Ghazghkulls head.

>> No.25829454

I always liked how the 'Eatin-Squig' looked like a fucking candy bar.

>> No.25829463

See, thats why the Orks are the most fun, anything, no matter how ridiculous you think up, can be Ork tech, and work. Strap rockets to a building, fill every floor with Orks and Orky weapons and vehicles, and then launch a city at your enemy? Perfect Ork weapon

>> No.25829466

Thats not fair at all, its totally neutral. Everything explodes equally.

>> No.25829467

YESSS. With huge-ass cannons in his eyes and a huuuuuge hangar in his mouth!

>> No.25829479

I always thought that was the bag squig and he was shaped like a pouch, since he matches the bag squig description a little better.

>> No.25829503

They use his giant iron gob to chew on Tyranid Hive Tendrils directly.

They bite Nids back.

Dammit, now I need a picture of giant planet sized metal ork head chewing on some tyranid hive tendrils.

>> No.25829504

Eh, whichever. I always figured the picture went with the entry right below it. But I can see that being the bag-squig. Though after over a decade of seeing the 'Eatin-Squig' looking like a candy-bar, I don't think I can un-think that.

>> No.25829511

Looking at it now, I totally see it, too.

>> No.25829512

I remember one thread I derailed into discussing restaurants, movies and video games in 40k, and how I loved the idea of Ork grease spoons. Imagine the image of walking down the road of an Ork "city" and greasy spoons are packed together so tightly, some of the buildings are built into each other, with the mixing smells of cooking Squigs and other foods that get gathered up. Then at the next corner is a giant building with tons of weapons and Orks hanging about, like a fortress, and it turns out it's a bank. Imagine the fucking shopping district, and the Mekboy districts, god it's all so interesting to think of!

>> No.25829526

Anyhow, this device was such a great idea that every ork kaptin in the Koronus Expanse has to have one. Preferably with fun modifications, to make sure his Ded Kunnin' Device is the best one.

>> No.25829532

The giant iron gob would need to be directly linked to the giant furnace engine that keeps the whole thing flying, meaning anything chewed up directly becomes fuel.

>> No.25829538


Anyone have the other picture like this

>> No.25829552

AND be the launch port for big ships. Othewise it isn't dangerous enough.

>> No.25829554

>Pet Squigs
Imagining an Ork doting on any kind of living thing is an endlessly mental amusing image

>> No.25829580

Don't forget the munitions storage, and a weapon port. So while the gob is mashing and chewing up things, dumping them right into the furnace, there are Orks hanging onto the jaws and inside it, shooting rockets and guns outwards en masse. Who cares about explosions? The place is big enough that an explosion or fifty won't matter.

>> No.25829593

There was a warboss with a favorite squig. It used to attack all the grots or some shit and he found it endlessly hilarious. Also, Makari Bana Wava was Ghazghkulls little buddy. Its also the idea behind Da Blue Grot.

>> No.25829599

Forgot Makari. Just look how happy he is with his big ol banner.

>> No.25829607

Cause the spores need time inside the earth to grow.

>> No.25829616

Not necessarily even earth. They grow on space ships and dungheaps, too.

>> No.25829624

It's almost cute imagining a big brawny Ork, covering in scars and a giant metal arm, laying down for the night with his fluffy squig curled up next to him

Also a Warboss kicking Grots around because they messed up his squigs hair when bathing him.

>> No.25829631

Also, harpoons, so they can harpoon any particularily nice pieces to loot before it falls into the fires.

Ok. I'm going to do this in Rogue Trader. It'll "only" be a huge-ass hulk the size of the death star (I'll name it Da Deff Star, of course) not an actual planet.

>> No.25829634

Hes just happy that he's not on the front lines with the rest of the grots

>> No.25829647

Look at this Big Mek. He loves his squig so much he made him a bionic squig and/or gave him a battlesuit.

Squigs make adorable fucking pets, too.

>> No.25829656

And as a bonus he gets to wave a fucking flag. Everyone loves waving flags.

>> No.25829667

Important thing to learn if you are an Ork.

What is the difference between a bomm squig and a squig bomm?

>> No.25829669

Though they're quick to diplomacy or diplomancy if need be, Tau DO hate themselves some Orks but BAD.

While they could be willing to negotiate in order to have the greenskins take detour towards whatever the Tau are fighting, they probably won't hire them outright for anything.

>> No.25829686

Yeah, but what if it's a heavily fortified imperial position? Lots of fire caste warriors would die to storm it.

Or what if it's a tyranid horde? Orkz would be a GOOD meat wall.

The forces of Chaos? Orkz are the only thing that can't be corrupted en masse by it..

>> No.25829688

Bomm squig. >Squig with bombs strapped on, in, over, under and through it.

Squig bomm >Squig that explodes without the above addaptatons.

>> No.25829691

This is what I envisioned

>> No.25829710

I think it would be closer to imagine the Death Star, except with a big metal mouth on it and orky as fuck.

>> No.25829716

Adorable. It's nice to see Orks do take pleasure in things that aren't strictly war, fightan, or lootan

>> No.25829717

Yeah, only, you know, rounder.

>> No.25829725

And LOTS of engines on the non-face side. Gunz and hangar bays covering the rest.

>> No.25829730

I loved the Freebooter Ork-Marines, myself. With their Deathskulls captain trying to steal war from the Imperium. They modded pulse weapons into some Eldar-scale dimension fuckery if I remember right.

>> No.25829731


>> No.25829737

Yeah, that was just my idea for a Freeboota Hulk ship basically, but I get what you mean. Hows the idea of the giant munching face being set up so that it can launch outwards to slam into shit?

>> No.25829749


>> No.25829750

Like I said, they'll gladly just toss something if it'll get the Orks off them and into their enemies.

But I don't think you'll see water-caste ships chasing down a krooza in hopes of getting an army cheap.

>> No.25829761


>> No.25829768

Nah, but when the mouth is closed the 'uge gob will work just as an armoured prow.

>> No.25829773

What exactly is "the drop" mentioned in the Juicy Squib bit?

>> No.25829792

Uh.. Ya dun' wanna know.

>> No.25829795

The Hulk should transform into a giant Stompa.

A light cruiser made of like six torpedo launchers and a nova cannon, most of them facing forward, becomes its gun, and another light cruiser made of nothing but armor and field generators becomes its giant choppa.

>> No.25829818

The communal toilet of ork communities. Its where most squigs, grots, and orks are born due to the, uh...richness, of the soil.

>> No.25829819

You don't understand how large hulks are. They are ENORMOUS. They dwarf battleships

>> No.25829830

Yup. But one of da deadliest squigs can be found dere. Da so kalled "Brown Suprise".

>> No.25829850

Reasonable enough. I love the imagery though of a giant machine flaming metal mouth, full to the brim with Orks who are armed with guns and rockets and harpoons and all kinds of weapons, it's the ideal Orky image.

>> No.25829855

This in no way invalidates my suggestion

>> No.25829863

A Hulk Stompa would be like a walking mountain

>> No.25829874

Wow, that is certainly an interesting place to be born. Hope they set it up appropriately, don't wanna imagine a Boy crawling out from a shit hole.

>> No.25829883

>don't wanna imagine a Boy crawling out from a shit hole.
Well thats a shame because that is what happens

>> No.25829900

Youse heard of da daily dunkin' of da gots, yea?

>> No.25829908

This really is a lot of cool stuff and makes you learn a lot of new stuff about Orks. Like they actually sew wounds up instead of just leaving them be, and they value dental hygiene and keeping themselves relatively clean, they also value music and having pets. The more I learn of them, the more I like them.

>> No.25829924

Must be an awkward moment when a new Boy comes crawling out while the Warboss is taking his break

>> No.25829946

There's a reason Orks are the best race in the setting

>> No.25829951

I know how you feel. Its so weird to imagine orks as doing anything but killing, but they actually have a fairly complex culture and domestic life. Well, as domestic as orks get. And not so much complex as beautiful in its simplicity.

>> No.25829956


>> No.25830000

Well now I just love the image of an old dingy Mek garage, with stereos blaring out Ork music while the Mek is hard at work souping up vehicles, like a good garage should have.

Also the image of a Warboss going on a morning jog with his Squig pet with headphones on.

>> No.25830001

I thought Freebootas were mostly made up of Bad Moons looking for ever more flash and gold.

>> No.25830015

So what would be the worse job. Being the grot who has to tend to the drop, or being the grot who has to tend to the squig farms?

>> No.25830053

There are rules for the drops in cities of deff.

>> No.25830056

Trick question, both jobs are the same thing.
Singing orks in general is a great thing to imagine.

>> No.25830085

>"Oi Snatchrash, you comin' wit me and da Boyz to the Bloodbowl game today?"
>"Nah, can't make it today, weze gots choir practice, last time I skipped out, well, how do you think I lost me hand?"

>> No.25830115

Have some pictures and fluff for Ork cities.

>> No.25830129

>There will never be a 40k game where you play as Orks and get to explore densely populated and detailed Ork settlements and experience the life of an Ork

>> No.25830131


>> No.25830145

And here we get a picture of the drops.

>> No.25830164

Huh, pictured it would look different, maybe a deeper hole and stalls lining it, but I guess Ork's don't rightly care about privacy when they do their business into a giant hole

>> No.25830167

>Based of ork tech


>> No.25830199

The Riptide shield was reverse engineered from Orkish tech.

>> No.25830228

Imagine being the owner of an Ork apartment block

>> No.25830244

It was inspired by the Ork stompas, in much the same way as gargants were inspired by titans.

Now, the repulsor impact field, that's reverse engineered Ork tech.

I imagine that's just a small one, given how close it is to the gates. Larger ones would be larger, deeper, and with lots of fungi making a "garden".

>> No.25830254

>The drops are a social focus
So Ork communities socialize around the shit hole? Interesting to say the least

>> No.25830273

Yeah, I imagined a big cavern basically, riddled with a thick layer of...ehem, soil, and bristling with fungus of all kinds and growing orks, snotligns and squigs and a giant opening at the top to let light in and the smell out

>> No.25830296

Its actuaally not too different from Roman society. Most Romans got their small talk done at the communal shitter.

>> No.25830308

It would be interesting to see an Ork who maybe sprouted up wrong, or something just happened, and his just growing fungus over his body, maybe even some annoying snotling sprouting from his shoulder halfway

>> No.25830321

>That one Snotling clinging to an Ork's leg
That little fucker's gonna get krumpt right good if he don't watch out

>> No.25830348

Ah right, cavern, not so much, since you want to get in there.

Think of the drops as a disguisting mix of communal toilet, farm and eatery.

>> No.25830360

I hate to bring them up yet again, but the idea behind the Grotocracy for the Scraplootas was that the latent warp taint the daemon core of the looted Chaos Titan gives off fucks with the grot spores that grew on the titan. However, orks being orks they werent too affected by Chaos and the only way Could make grots more evil was to turn them into was bureaucrats.

>> No.25830362

Oh, and entertainment, as you never know when a grot or snot's going to get attacked by a squig. And dat's ded funny.

>> No.25830366

I see, well I always thought Ork's had actual farms that they grew their fungus on, but now I've learned another new thing about Orks!

>> No.25830412

Oh my god there's a dapper ork. Dapper orks are canon.

>> No.25830414

well, it's hard to farm fungi. They like nightsoil to grow on. And of course squigs grow there too.

And lets face it, what ork's going to care for proper agriculture when they can just have it all in a big pit.

(There was a dwarf fortress clone about orcs and goblins where you did have a spawning pit where new guys were born. You had your goblins drag filth there for growth purposes)

>> No.25830417

Youze relyin on da drop for ya laffs? Ha, youze poor gits probably aint got a propa blud bowl pitch set up, does ya? Dats a roite shame it is.

>> No.25830439

I dunno, If Orks can care about music enough to have portable players, and like art, I'd think there are some Orks who have their own little fungi garden which they tend to in their free time.

>> No.25830443

Not relyin', dat'd be mad. I'z just meanin, ya might as well 'ave dinna and a show.

>> No.25830458

Yeah, makes sense. Hell, a fungiculture inclined ork might set up his own miniature drops in his own hovel, just for a tiny garden.

"Morky Morky, Quite an orky, how does your garden grow?"


>> No.25830466

Well, sometimes you can't make it to the drops in time, and if you got the room for it...

>> No.25830470

Just look at the guy with his own feather fan grot and mobile throne. That shit is regal as fuck.

>> No.25830488


Man, now I want to read a bunch of ork limericks.

>> No.25830496

Well datz tru, though round me place weze gots dis new buildin', da boss called it a "theeta" says a 'umie taught im about it, big place, and lots a places to sit, and the grots carry ya food out on trays so youze can eat while you're sittin', den deres a stage where music ez played, or some gits start foitan on it, and otha kinds a tings. The grots do sumtin called a "play" where dey dress up like idjits and start messin' around on stage like deys Orks.

>> No.25830534

"Oy Grunk, why you gots yur Snotlin gatherin' up shit in them bags"

"Oh, I gots me a little garden behind me hut, so I'z tellin im to gather up da best foitaliza e's can foind so me mushrooms grow roit proper"

Now I can't not imagine an Ork in frilly gloves and a sun hat, armed with a tiny hunk of metal fashioned into a trowel and a little hand rake made of a bunch of knifes.

>> No.25830548

Orks know how to live in style

>> No.25830573

>'ickry Dikry Dok
>Da Squig ran up da clok
>So I shots em and ate em

>> No.25830675

Well, now I know what my Runterda's going to look like.

>> No.25830813

So basically something like this?

>> No.25830841

Oh god why am i laughing so hard?

>> No.25830907

Thats a Blood Bowl stadium in the top left. Awesome.

>> No.25830967

An important fact: Orks are the only race in 40k known to have funfairs.

>> No.25831107

Something like that happened in the Eye of Terror global campaign. A huge number of Ork players banded together in the Green Kroosade to take the Forge World of Mordax Prime in the Scarus sector. By the end of the campaign, Scarus had become Skarus and Mordax Prime had become MoreDakka, the gigantic Deff-Skull looted crown jewel of a burgeoning Ork empire near Cadia. It all got ret-conned to never have happened, of course, but Moredakka lives on in my heart.

>> No.25831123

Would that make him some strange version of a Weirdboy, like a Mek or a Kommando? If so, he'll start by doing basic gardening, but soon the obsession and boredom will kick in and he'll be doing something to improve it and make gardening faster/louder/more explosive.

>> No.25831208

He'd probably be a runterda. The type of oddboy (weirdboyz are psykers) who deal with all matters grot, snot and squig, which by extention includes fungus farming.

>> No.25831485


I didn't hear about any retcon

>> No.25831615

The eye of terror campaign "hasn't happened yet" in the official timeline.

This means that Eldrad isn't dead, the green crusade hasn't happened, etc.

>> No.25831654


>> No.25831789

Wait most of that stuff was made by Vettok. So he might be the Savior of Orkz?

>> No.25832438

Oh shit. I never knew about wig squigs.
Now I can't get the image of an ork with some sexy hair out of my mind.

>> No.25832525

This also happened during WW1.
Well, socializing and fapping.

>> No.25832641

Hmm, blood axe orks occasionally nick human titles.

Imagine a blood axe warboss who decided to get sexy hair and call themselves Queen.

Who's going to stop them?

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