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Demon/monster thread.

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>and together you are doubly offencive!


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i love rust monsters. so cute

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The green flies explode when you kill them right? I once tricked my friend to fight one of them one on one. He came real close to taking an explosion in the face.

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>dat hat collection

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That looks almost like a fantasy version of X-Com

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Okay, I don't get any of these, but that one is just a fucking horse.

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and the villain from Dark Crystal

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Are you saying that a horse isn't a monster?

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>Flying monster grizzly with laser eyes
Nigga, you just went full Synnibarr.

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This is a good thread.

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The horses are Psionic and only let you ride them if you are worthy.
He's a garmentavore (totally made up that word) primarily, you can bribe him with an article of natural-fibre clothing like a wool sweater or a cotton pair of undies. But they do eat meat too...

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frog guy looks friendly

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Requesting a Gamma World pdf

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Quality thread, cool pics.

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This is my #1.

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Well, I quite like all Omar Rayyan's monsters in general. But the image of a monster as part of everyday life is immediately interesting.

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C-can I keep him?

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Reminded me of this.

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some one get this fucker some tums!

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Is there actually a name for this kind of monster? Mouth down the front of the body?

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Some beastmen type things and associated freaks.

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carnivore and herbivore are derived from latin

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Neat thanks for sharing, now I must read the rest of this

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It has the best warlock.

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THE END. No, but seriously, that's what it appears should happen next.

I'm gonna have to call a "dafuq" on that. Sauce?

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dafuq XD indeed good sir

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>dafuq XD indeed good sir

Mind your fucking language.

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>dafuq XD indeed good sir

Fucking bollocks, piece of shit summerfag cunt.

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XD why u mad tho

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Fuck off back to reddit

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good sir i think your just upset XD

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What's the sauce on this one?

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>"Gee Solomon, how come your mom lets you have 72 demons?"

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>talking like a redditfag as a means of trolling
I'm disappointed in you, son.

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I went around my usual haunts and found YouTube clips of something called "A Night Crawler", so I watched. It's apparently CCTV footage, from private homes, of creatures that are about 4ft tall and just legs and head. Seriously.

Here is the latest one:


And the original one:


Freaky looking, perhaps you guys who do games could fit one in.

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That's just assholes hiking their sweatpants waistbands up to their shoulders. I've seen it happen a lot during Halloween.

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Looks a bit like an evil Nigel Thornberry.

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Its basically a vampire cat-bug.

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I'd tap that

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It would tap you for your blood.

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Sounds like a fair trade.

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Eh, I think we had cute looking cats and cute plush cats before that.

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I was thinking the same thing.

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He looks pretty lame.

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Oh. Oh dear.

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>original character do not steal

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>With laser eyes
Holy fuck, the horror.

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I don't know about you, but that horse looks like it's about ten feet tall and damn mad.

I wouldn't mess with it.

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man pathfinder has the best goblin designs

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The serfs grow increasingly tired of the brutal and irrational treatment they are subjected to at the hands of their lord. The Baron is a feudal knight of a militant and formerly prosperous fiefdom with coffers swollen only by recent land grabs. During a campaign for further territory acquisition the Baron was made awares of a tomb on the outskirts of a neighbouring lord's manor. While rumoured to contain the dowry and burial tributes of a wealthy aristocratic couple struck down in their prime by a virulent and pernicious illness that had wracked the local countryside, it was said that grave robbers have superstitiously avoided the loot. After the Baron had dashed their remains about the crypt while ordering the collection of anything of value, he returned to his own estates. He began refusing to be seen outside of his armour, and a horrific stench emanated from both his person and quarters. He had his smithy refashion and modify his armour in seemingly illogical ways which should have rendered it unwearable by a normal person. Servant girls consistently went missing when attending him in his private chambers, and he became a rare sight outside these rooms. His lands lay in disarray, and his subjects starve and flounder.

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The Fey Folk, being barren, steal away human babies and raise them as their own, twisting them into fair forms. Often the fairies leave one of their own in the raided crib as a spiteful taunt to the oblivious parents. The Warden was a young fairy who took the place of a babe stolen from an old woodsman’s house deep in the forest. He would twist his face hideously as the old man and woman tried to love and care for him. Mischievously, the fairy would break valuables, set fires, and make the animals ill. Still, the parents patiently raised him. This continuing love puzzled the Warden, and he slowly became accustomed to it, growing tall and healthy as a young man would from such compassion. He knew that he could never live as a man in the city, so he stayed with his new parents in their isolation until they eventually died, still thinking him their ugly, troubled son. In bitter grief, the warden took to the forest with the intent of returning the same sorrow the Fey doled out so generously. He now stalks through the forest, his size immense for a fairy from his humans’ diet, and the nurturing of the old couple. He captures all Fey Folk he comes across and lets them slowly waste away, savouring their pleas as they cry out in a language he hardly remembers.
A young fairy with his wings clipped is chained to the turret in the Warden’s hat, where he is forced to use his man-catcher to snag those flitting high in the trees. An adder lives in the warden’s sleeve, darting out to capture fairies skulking in the underbrush.
Men who find themselves lost in the forest often wake up to discover a small leather purse in which is a drawn map showing the way to town, and a bundle of small, iridescent wings tied together with the finest hair.

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dat codpiece

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While the pillis hail the coming of the deity Quetzelcoatl in the form of the white bearded man who calls himself Cortés, others in the higher echelons of the Aztec Empire believe the visitation to be that of mere men from foreign lands. Cadres of elite panther warriors are sent out into the wild to hunt the pale imposters. Driven by apocalyptic visions, these warriors degenerate into frenzied murderers, eating the flesh of their victims to gain their strength, forgoing the confines of humanity. Depraved and twisted with flesh stoked potency, the wendigos decimate the conquistadors in a bloody harvest.

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The man, dressed as royalty, arrived by sea on a trading ship. He soon became popular among the elite and wealthy circles in the city for the outlandish tales of his homeland, and his cryptic but surely sage advice. Beguiled delight was always found at the turquoise mask he was never seen without.

An illness took hold in the city upon the prince's arrival; one that loosened skin to grotesque proportion. The people implored the visiting noble for his wisdom.

"Remember, I come from Mu." he said as though that answered it all. Taking it much to heart, the city's people began fervent and depraved worship of this unknown land in hopes it would cure the sickness that afflicted them and their families. Trade with other cities soured, and the country's clergy denounced the new worshipping. The lord of the land, needing some way to keep his newly hired mercenaries busy until he had more important uses for them, took it upon himself to siege the town, raze it to the ground and appease the complaints coming from his other subjects. The sick people of the city saw the soldiers at the walls and cried to the stranger for more aid.

"Remember, I come from Mu." was all he said. Dumbfounded by such wisdom, all among them slopped to their knees, worshipping the wise prince as their city burned.

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Aw dude, you forgot the story for Pestilence. It's the best of the lot.

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There's a book on drawing zombies with that in there
Alot of that guy's work is fucking cash

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Now I want to run a campaign around monster protecting their dungeon home together.

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where is this from i recognize it and want to know where.

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That's not just any horse, it's Bad Horse.

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Thanks for the fodder for my possessed weapons.

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He rides across the nation, the thoroughbred of sin.

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Why do I want these as pats?

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Pets even

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Looks like a plant demon.

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This whole thread was ruined to me since all i could see when i looked at Sachiko was a onahole.

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The next time you use your onahole, all you will see is Sachiko.

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art done in /tg/. it's basically and Angel or YHWH

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