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I sent an email to place an order with our mutual friend in the middle kingdom.

It's been two days but no invoice, how long does he normally take to respond?

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quickly. you dun goofed

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well- fuck.

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It took 2-3 days for my first time i cannot remember anymore.

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IIRC, my first time was a bit under two minutes.

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Depending on what you ordered, if you got something off the special order tag or a full kit, he takes a bit longer, longest for me so far has been a week

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Is this about Chonaguy's recasts? How does one find out which casts are available? Never ordered a recast before so I don't really know the protocol. Also, does he ever offer recasts of imperial navy fighters like the Thunderbolt? What kind if pricing should I expect?

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1- Can't tell, sorry
2- Nope, doesn't have most FW fliers
3- *At least* 50% off retail, often more (necron lords are .50 american)

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1. I am guessing it's one of those "you gotta know a guy who knows a guy" situations.
2. Too bad. Would love to get some Imperial Navy flyer recasts, although I suppose that's a bit of a tall order.
3. Sounds good.

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Yeah, sorry, I'd normally be more forthcoming about this but we've had a GW snooping around lately, and our dear friend has had to move his business around a few times

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That's understandable. Hopefully someday I can get in on some of this cheap recast lovin', but since I am mainly interested in FW flyer recasts anyway it's not like I'm in a huge rush.

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You play sharks right? I know CC has Tyberos but what do you do for your normal infantry

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CC doesn't have tyberos actually, I asked him some time ago and he said he'll let me know if he gets it

Right now I only use AOBR and DV guys as my regular marines

He has MKIII assault guys, i'm buying about 10 soon to use for CC, he also has the independent bits to make regular assault squads, I did the math and it's about 60 bucks for 20 of them, with magnetized backpacks they should serve well for pretty much anything.

Yeah, maybe you can get some from the eastern european guys, but I wouldn't know, I don't trust anyone from eastern europe when it comes to money

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The grossest of the marks. Step it up CC.

Get that Mk IV-VI.

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I have seen some discounted Thunderbolts on ebay from Russia that I assume were recasts, although they were only about $15-20 cheaper. I would have hoped for a better deal than that if I am buying a bootleg, although I don't really know what would be considered a reasonable deal when it comes to knockoffs.

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OP, I didn't get a response for about three days. Review the email you sent and make sure you used his format right. If you did, just wait a bit and hell get to you. If you wait about a week, though, I'd resend it.
Have flamers and dreadnought parts galore that I'll take pictures of when they arrive. Tracker currently says my shipment is in dispatching, at the location of 21504300 with a destination country of SI as of June26th. Anybody know what that means?
Also, just got a second email yesterday from MiniaturesHobby, which is one of their older websites, saying my order was shipped out on Jul2nd and he gave me another tracking number that doesn't work. Anybody know what's up with this?

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WUT?? MKIII is the best, all rough and gritty and shit, with the locomotive helmet and everything, it's my favorite

$20 off is not bad, but you also have to consider shipping, I like CC's stuff because it's always discounted to less than 50% and shipping is free on orders over $35

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The only good part about Mk III is the shoulder pads.

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It was MK II, whoops...

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Mk II is cooler than Mk III.

That Robocop visor.

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Yeah I state my opinions as facts. WHAT OF IT

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I just got in a set of plague marines and plague termis.

Already setting them up to have mold material poured on it tomorrow morning.

Fuck yeah, nurgle.

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>buying the GW sculpt plague marines

Why do people do this.

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Forgeworld bro.

Did you read the thread or are you reading comprehension skills that below par?

I ordered from my fellow castingbro/chinabro.

Got a Dreadnaught, and one set each of the FW Plague marines and Plague Terminators.

Just the marines and termis are getting recast though, I don't need more then one dread.

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>recasting a recast

pretty sad m8

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Gonna make an order from Based Chinaman for a broadside and drones. $35.50, just within free shipping. Feels good.

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Hey, a perfectly cast model is a perfectly cast model. Don't be jealous i'm going to field squads and squads of these from just one master set.

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I've always wondered about that flying lawn mower.

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Do you know how long it takes the packages to get to the US (and maybe other places I don't know cause im not shitty) ? Like a month or something.

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>Shipping will take about 20~25 days,if you don't receive it over 30 days,please let me know.
>I will track it for you.
>Thank you.
>Miniatures Hobby

Chinabro says 20some days, I would expect a bit longer but that should be fine.

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I wholeheartedly concur, my good fellow

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So it's just an RC plane shaped like a lawnmower.

You're treading on my dreams, Cleric.

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I need information for how to contact our mutual friend

I went to the old website he had up but it seems to have been taken down.

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Sure thing:
Pleaes check my photo album: http://photo.163.com/coolcastornot.vip/?u=coolcastornot.vip#m=0&p=1
When you open this link,just click on the catalogue of the album.And then key the password.
OK, you will get in the album of thi catalogue.
The password is : 45632

From the photo album,you can find what items are in stock and the price of the model(please check photo's title).
If you want to make an order,please let me know the information like blow:
1.Order list:
FW-XX x 1
WB-0XXX x 3
2.Your paypal account : [email protected]
3.Your shipping information(include tel number)
When i confirm your order,i will send an invoice to you and then tell you the order's number.
When order is sent out you will get tracking number.
Thank you"

[email protected]

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There's a decent eBay store on Taobao that does cheap FW flyers. Getting an Avenger for the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT factor...


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Oh boy, a new place to spend money on things I don't need. How does Taobao work?

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also; Holy Crap, cheaper than coolcast and so much more selection

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They have a phantom

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ROAR me big p

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Cheap but still alot for how little I know about these guys

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Great, if only I read Chinese

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Craaaaaaaaaazy low prices, how are the casts?!

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what is a web translator.

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Something that doesn't translate the whole page?

>> No.25812383

translates all the bits I need.

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Has anyone ordered from this crowd? Loving the range fantasy

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You! Mr. Orderer! Tell us of your experiences with the Taobao

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How do you order from this site?

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its like a online shop

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Any details are far as shipping rates or delivery speed? I'm on a phone so I can't translate anything so forgive me if I'm asking something obviously stated on the page.

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bumpitus maximus

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see the english bit, yeah that's all you need.

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This. I require information. How was the shipping? How were the models? I thirst for details.

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I don't know. Smells fishy

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I just checked out the site, I don't see an english section. And the prices just seem too good to be true.. 110 Yen for a Broadside = $1.10 <.<

>> No.25813628

110 Chinese Yuan equals
17.96 US Dollar

>> No.25813636

Ahh gotcha. I was assuming Yen. It's Yuan.
Mah bad.
they call dark angels "Dark Templars" lol

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The prices are still incredible cheap (in €), i really want to see how their casts look. Even more interested if they have the finecast models in better quality than GW sells.

>> No.25813655

The have some posted with some of the products. Also look at the comments people leave.

>> No.25813692

they have sisters of battle.....

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The bootleg dvds legit? got a lot of those miniature mentor dvds that are hard to ddl thse days

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No one has any more information on this website?

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TaoBao casters are very hit or miss.

These are the same guys who make eBay accounts, sell a few models then leave because of all the bad ratings.

I've ordered a few pieces from them and of a ten man squad, 3 would be miscasts like bubbles, uncast weapon tips or so, and 1 was so bad it couldn't even be fixed (Misaligned mold, so it was obvious)

They don't do refunds, they don't do exchanges and don't do replacements.

You get what you pay for.

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This is amazing. Many thanks, friend!

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>using GW's avatar instead of FW's one

I seriously will slap you guys.

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lol, enjoy.

I seriously can't believe GW hasn't updated some of their commonly used but still ancient sculpts.

Eldar Avatar, Thraka, IG commanders and the assassins come to mind.

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I want them to redo all of the orkboys

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Would it be safer to order the single models rather than squads? Or just luck of the draw?

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I ordered some stuff from him before. The resin he uses is alot softer than CC's and just as brittle, so it feels almost like finecast. There were a few miscasts (mostly on backpacks, with parts missing and details filled with blotches of resin, one was a SM backpack that had half of another backpack molded to it's side - I don't even know how it is physically possible to get such a result) and the resin was badly shrunk (most visible on heresy bolters - they were half of the regular bolter thickness). If you order a squad (say, MKIV tacticals) you will not necessarily get the exact same stuff as you would get in a FW package - mine was basically 2 identical guys copied a few times. The worst part is probably packing - my MKV assault marines were all missing shoulderpads, but they sent me an extra set of heresy bolters that I didn't order, and among the parts I also found something that looked like the end of some kind of assault cannon-ish gun.

I wish CC had more stuff so I didn't have to resort to this guy.

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Its luck of the draw.

I've tried contacting taobao sellers like i've contacted chinaman but not avail.

Seems like they churn them out and ship them. At least chinaman has a little quality control.

Perfect example of shit quality control.

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That is a little disheartening to hear. What kind of quality might one expect from the vehicles? I would rather buy from Chinaguy, but he doesn't have much selection in the way of IG flyers. If I order a thunderbold from Tabao, will I be disappointed?

>> No.25818429

*Thunderbolt. Lol tablet.

>> No.25819085

Yes. There are lots of parts on a thunderbolt and I can almost guarantee one of them will be shrunk or warped.

Chinaman uses cheap resin but taobao resellers use the cheapest bottom of the barrel crap resins.

The tensile strength is next to nothing so they are brittle as all fucking sin. Anything smaller than a banner pole for example WILL snap.

>> No.25821245

That's too bad. I guess I am better off waiting for Chinaguy to start doing more Imperial flyers, even if that might be a long wait.

Does he do requests? If there is a minimum order or some other upfront expense, maybe I should look into finding some people to do a group order with.

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Are Chinaguy's warhounds good?

>> No.25822907

You could just buy from Forge World.

Just saiyan.

>> No.25822925

I dount anyone on /tg/ has ponied up for one

>> No.25822988


/tg/ likes to be a beggar AND a chooser. And then they hiss and spit at the people who don't want to be beggars.

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Anyone able to tell if that stormeagle is the full kit? I mean, I'll get it regardless cus muh XIII needs em, but if I need a raven too...

>> No.25823125

It's a conversion kit, Fuck.

>> No.25823500

It's only $150. It's no chump change, but if it's on par with his other kit it would probably be with a few minor quibbles, if there are any.

>> No.25823564

>Paying out the nose for toy airplanes because you''re OK worth GW jewing their prices

You're cute.

>> No.25825112

Then buy toy airplanes. I just assumed that if people want to pay loads for these specific toy airplanes (recasts still aren't cheap) , they must like them in some way. And if that's the case, why not support the designer in some way?

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GW could lower their prices and still be profitable, but they won't, because they would raither raise prices and increase profits. They could offer Flyers and Titans made from plastic that are available at the LGS, but they won't, because it is easier to mark up the price on models if they are "premium resin casts".

The way I see it, Forgeworld shows us what GW would be charging for all kits if they thought the average WH player was dumb enough to accept it, and Chinaguy shows us what the prices would be in an alternate universe where Games Workshop is fair and reasonable.

>> No.25825994

If you think Chinaman prices are what GW could actually afford you are stupid

>> No.25826061


Another clueless faggot with an anti-FW bias.

>yfw FW has never raised prices

>> No.25826098


Coolcast doesn't have to pay for warehouses, staff, advertisement, lawyers, injection molds, White Dwarf, office space, employee wages, etc.

Last I heard they were just a small factory with a couple of workers, some molds, and a lot of resin. GW has way more costs to take care of.

P.S. That shit that coolcast is pirating? GW hast o pay people to sculpt and design those.

>> No.25826291

Haven't GW's individual character minis pretty much caught up with Forge World already?

But anyway, you responded to the post without actually replying to anything in it, specifically
>if you want toy airplanes, there are lots of very very cheap options
>if you only want these specific toy airplanes, why not support the people that design them?

>> No.25826485


Some Finecast HQs cost more than FW HQs.

>> No.25826505

well yeah some of the finecase HQs are big and some of the FW hqs are actually well priced and not big

>> No.25826668

So, I have read the horror stories about Tabao regarding brittle resin and shrunken and miscast pieces... Are there any actual success stories? The selection is overwhelming, but if the odds of getting a decent quality kit are slim then I would much rather just wait until our trusted Chinese friend expands his product range.

>> No.25827508

Let us know how that Avenger kit turns out in terms of quality. I am genuinely curious.

>> No.25828572

See >>25822907

>> No.25828988

I just got a paycheck, and I am feeling zesty so I hereby volunteer be a guinea pig (poor me, having to spend a whole $20 on a Warhammer model). Hopefully there's nothing on it that I can't greenstuff and sand away, butr the Avenger kit is only $25 so it's a pretty low-risk investment for me. I will not feel bad if it turns out to be shit, and if it is of acceptable quality I may take a risk on one of the more expensive kits like the Thunderbolt. I will make sure to take good pics and post them here once I have the kit, although even with expedited shipping (which I will use), it will take a while to get here from China.

I would advise to buy recasts from Chinaguy whenever possible since he is well trusted here, and he is all around pretty awesome. Some forum users apparently have had good luck with TaoBao though, so I guess it all comes down to the model and the manufacturer.

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bump for recasting

>> No.25834808 [DELETED] 

The guy in this thread apparently got a lucius warhhound recast on fleabay that was good quality, aside from being yellow instead of gray. I am sure these results are not typical for eBay or Taobao, although Chinaguy is pretty consistent so I wouldn't worry.

>> No.25834848

>>25822851 #
The guy in this thread apparently got a lucius warhhound recast on fleabay that was good quality, aside from being yellow instead of gray (fw always uses gray resin).


I am sure these results are not typical for eBay or Taobao, although Chinaguy is pretty consistent so I wouldn't worry.

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