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What /tg/ thinks of Kingdom Death?

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noone? Well, I think it's a copy-paste of Zelda (pic related) and Berserk (especially regarding world setting, which reminds of inside Eclipse way too much, including the monsters).

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>boobplate bikini


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Its an actual game that looks great. Pity to find it you have to dig through a mountain of softcore porn

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The hips on the women this guy draws are... unreal. Jesus H Christ if real women looked like that they'd rule the damn world with a look and a shimmy.

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I think I'm waiting for my shit to come in.
Game looks very fun.

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I couldn't find anything on what it was about or how its played really. Im not sure how far along it is but I was a little disappointed... The models drew me in at first then once I looked at them all they are a little too over the top for me.

TL;DR Looked cool then wasn't

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>I can't find anything on how it plays
>he can't even go to kickstarter and watch the two videos showing exactly how it plays
Shit is like Civilization mixed with Monster Hunter

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Some of the figures are cool. Here I mean the non porn figures.
The softcore porn, like pic there, is pathetic, with a fanbase who attacks everybody who points it out for what it is.

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Actually, from what I've seen the fanbase don't give a shit or like the porn and usually just go "well, those are extras".

People go out their way to come into the threads discussing the game to attack it though. I blame USA's hypocrital moral agenda.

>"Ewww, that girl got like, skin and stuff".

It seems like the thought of sex appeal make some people very upset.

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Im not saying that this is aimed at anybody specific, but it sure is.
This is exactly what I meant about attacking somebody that pointed it out for its pathetic porn appeal. Some people instantly begin to USA and its moral agenda, when Im not even from the same continent as USA. But really, I dont care (thats a lie, I do). If some people want their porn while lying to themselves about what it is, go ahead. As long it doesnt fuck up the finished game with loads and loads of porn. Which it probably will.

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It is an American thing: we've got some of the skankiest women, show lots of sex in movies, but for some reason sex is other media is a big taboo. I wish we had European views on sex in media. It really isn't a big deal like people make it out to be.
I have a christian friend who refuses to play this because "the models make him uncomfortable". - This coming from a guy who has plenty of premarital sex and makes fart jokes and loves to drink a lot.
It isn't pornography at all. There are no depictions of people having sex with each other. Half naked women have been featured in various forms of art for a long, long time.

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>The people who always point out the cheesecake figures, like this anon here, are pathetic. Always saying the same damn thing every thread

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I just can't take it seriously, I can only suspend my disbelief so much, goddamn battle bikinis are just straight up stupid especially when they seem to be able to wear cloaks and boots just fine.

Is there an in-universe reason why their knees up and below neck are mostly uncovered?

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No, there is no in-universe reason for the battle bikinis. They are pinups. Look, I'm gonna start dumping my Kingdom Death folder that isn't cheescake.

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pinups inspired by the setting*

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Here are all the Kingdom Death notes, this is what we 'know' so far.

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I always thought that the whole game was some weird hyperborean conan romp. I didn't even know there were non pinup models because the pinups are all I ever see posted.

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I blame Foron for that. God damnit, I just wish more people would post art other than the pinups and educate people, because the setting and the gameplay appeals to me something fierce.

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Most of the models and art like OP are just "Pinups" -sexy figures designed to get more money.
The game is actually much more serious, grim theme with a lot of really awesome looking sculpts that are both creepy and cool.
Basically you start the game as cavemen in a strange land and you've pretty much just awoken from a coma. You then wander and find an area to make a settlement. After that you start making children and hunting monsters to progress your people.

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What this guy said. Also, check out the link I posted here

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It's the pin-up art. It's made to look sexy but its not an integral part of the game.

To my understanding, in actual game you start literally bum naked then you work your way upwards by fashioning weapons, armours and tools out your surroundings.

It's a sort of "build your own nation"+"Monster hunter"+"Robinson Crusoe" chimaera or something.

Also, the non-pin-ups are equally revealing for both men and women.

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>Also, the non-pin-ups are equally revealing for both men and women.
So lewd! They are showing their faces!

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The art really annoys me. I love the idea of the game and the theme, but the pin-up art brings me out of it. I think I'll be buying it regardless on the gameplay alone though.

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>ignoring what I'm posting
There sure is no convincing some people.

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Lion Knight is such a pimp

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Grimdark multiplayer tapletop monster hunter?

It's a great concept, but the resource management and rolling a thousand times gets pretty tedious, especially when a monster 'does well' against the party. If that doesn't bother you I then you should have a blast. The models are overly expensive, and having multiple physical sets of armor doesn't mean much if you have to permanently attach them to the few characters.

The art's pretty racy for something I'd play with more than my closest friends- my LGS has already outlawed it since kids are there sometimes.

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Lion Knight is Bitch Knight compared to Flower Knight.

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Then don't bring the pinups.

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Glad I opted in for all the Knights, Messengers, Lantern Fest, and Dragon King.
I really liked the Dragon Armor and the Dragon's design, but wasn't going to get it initially. I broke down and pledged for it in the end though and I think I'll be glad for it when the models actually come.

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Kingdom death is so damn grim

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This is bait.

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It makes Dark Heresy seem like a mildly disconcerting dream.

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Lordy is that skin?

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>don't bring the pinups
Yeah, none of the monsters have naked women draped all over them / as part of their bodies or anything, right?

The art being racy isn't really a problem to ME but I would have a problem dropping the spider that has a woman's body as an angler lure or the breeder thing with all the pregnant naked women onto a table in front of people I haven't known for years and years, much less in public at the only place close enough to all of us to play anything at (we all live a ways away from each other).

The game as a game looks fine, I just don't want to drop hundreds of dollars on something similar enough to DND for the berserk-style monsters and resource checklists, as much as I like them.

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That would be my guess, yes.

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>What /tg/ thinks of Kingdom Death?
Not enough lanterns.

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So don't bring the spider. And the latter doesn't include any naked ladies in the KDM game, only the resin version pre-Kickstarter did.

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How do you elegan/tg/entlemen deal with all this grimdark?

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So fucking awesome.

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If I want porn there's a whole internet full of it for free, so you can keep your jackoff material.

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People will cry 'omg skin!' on the next one.

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Embracing it.

I wanted to fund so badly but it's so costly for a single game...

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>chinese takeout

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This is an awesome picture of him

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I'm imagining him yelling UNCULTURED SWINE

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Dressing in such shitty armor and flaunting your tits is just asking to get captured and gangraped.

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You should check out the dude version. He's just asking for some pegging.

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No. Most of it is dicks with a few boobs thrown in.
Also it's all overpriced plastic.
Have fun with it.

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People, you need to stop protecting the scantily clad models and properly embrace them goddamn. It's just humans without clothes. What's the big fucking deal? There's like 6 billions of those in the real world. Even your dear old mum spread her legs like a whore when you were conceived.

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Stop being a rape enabler.

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Why? Statistically, the majority of parties in a gangrape enjoy it.

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It's about attempting to sell a product that's not really related to sexuality with sexuality.

Like throwing tits on hamburger commercials or rock solid abs and enormous bulges in shaving razor advertisements.

It's just a little silly.

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Especially the ones that take place in prison!

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nothing wrong with liking cheesecake, but don't deceive yourself that KD is anything but a dick-glorifying gangbang of overpriced plastic.

Some of it is really cool, just not nearly worth the cash they demanded in the KS.

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You mean normal

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No, I mean silly.

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>It's about attempting to sell a product that's not really related to sexuality with sexuality.

So all those vagina/cock demons are just?

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I can't wait till we get doujins for this

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The actual game itself doesn't have that much cheesecake, or dick-gangbang demons.

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Kiss me, you fool

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I seriously hope you don't actually believe companies don't already use sex to sell products that have nothing to do with sex...

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Don't you get smart with my hunsbando
He's so pure

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It is a shame this model doesn't look as good as the art.
He really needed that scowl

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It's kingdomy and deathy.

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Probably my favorite armor set.

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To be fair, it doesn't quite seem like its trying to use sexuality to sell a product. But rather using the beauty of the human form and twisting it to create something grotesque or disconcerting.

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I will, thanks.

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Well thats good. Cause looking at number of backers for each of the pledge levels, most of us didn't get it for the porn.

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This is pretty much the only valid complaint I have heard in these threads.

I will freely admit it has the unfortanate title of "Evony of the tabletop world" but the game itself seems more then okay.

Heck, either way, it still got funded 3 times over before they even showed a single tit.

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The pinup art isn't used in the game at all. Just the kickstarter, and the boxes of the pinup models.

>> No.25806305

>Is there an in-universe reason why their knees up and below neck are mostly uncovered?
No there isn't.
Because no one in-universe fits that description.

What you are complaining about is little more than just officially enforced fan art.

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I would like to know more about the setting and monsters. Monsters look awesome.

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>It's about attempting to sell a product that's not really related to sexuality with sexuality.

Remind me again about how this is your game and you are in charge of what the product is related to?

Have you even seen the minis he released pre Kickstarter?

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These topics are worse than 40k circle jerking

both the haters and supporters

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You can find info on most of the monsters here >>25795210
and the setting here >>25795237

Basic summary: The Golden Entity(God) is REALLY fucking full of himself, so he creates hundreds of monsters to worship him, but he doesn't have a physical form for them to worship, so he ends up building humans, a soulless mindless race, breed with their free will over-ridden by The Golden Entities own will, creating a super hivemind species that builds huge cities for the monsters to worship in proxy of the entity itself.

One of the humans, The Scribe, is implied to have a will of his own, and also can alter reality by writing whatever he wants into a tome. His latest hobby seems to be creating full grown humans out of thin air, giving them free will, and then sick dozens upon dozens of monsters on them. Your group plays as a few of these humans who managed to work together long enough to find an almost kinda safe place to sleep.

Its also why the player characters wake up fully formed with no memories, no language, and eyes covered in ink.

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All I care about is that sexy picture.

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Looks fun, but if 40k is any indication of the prices I won't be playing. I don't have that kind of money to waste on little plastic figurines.

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The prices are fairly reasonable, at least, comparatively. Core box seems to have around 30 or so minis, and retails for about 120 USD. 4 dollars a mini is quite reasonable, ESPECIALLY at this quality. And remember, its more then just the minis. Hundreds of cards as well.

Compared to similar games, like Super Dungeon Explore, its priced about right.

Worst case, im planning on making a plugin for VASSAL/LackeyCCG, so I can play with online buddies, and I'll be posting it here when its ready.

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>yfw she's not even the hottest or least dressed KD girl

>> No.25809131

Core is a great deal, but not exactly competitively priced.
Lantern festival is a pretty fair deal.
Major expansions are good deals.
Minor expansions are kind of par.
Kickstarter prices were fucking steals.

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which one would that be?

>> No.25809376

Hottest is up for debate. My money is on the Regen Suit.

Least clothed would be the illuminated lady (or if you dont count her because not pinup) then it would be the twilight witch who is runner up for hotness because DEM LANTERNS

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>Regen Suit


>> No.25809756

What is the scale of those ones anyway

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>It's about attempting to sell a product that's not really related to sexuality with sexuality.
But thats wrong faggot. The game has a reproduction system and even dating etc.
The game is full of fucking and baby making as a game mechanic.

Guys stop commenting on the game if you don't know shit about it.

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40mm, seen here: >>25803012
same as the rest of the game.
They were made with the intention of being able to be used as proxies. I personally don't see the appeal, but I'm sure people are into that, and hey, more power to them.

Personally, I would probably care a lot more about the pinups if they were at least armor kit compatible. Cause the regensuit IS nice, and also canon. Not a fan of the pose though.

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All the pinups ARE actually cannon. They even appear in the art.
Saying they are not canon as in optional was away of getting the assfucking moronic retards to stfu about the pinups

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Every fucking thread. Seriously. I'm about 90% certain at this point that these people are just fucking with us. There's no way there can be this many people, on /tg/, who have missed EVERY OTHER Kingdom Death: Monster thread every single time we have a thread.

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They are you know who from you know where. They are not going to let it slide due to brain cell deficit.

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Like this! No one is defending the pin ups! They're not fucking related to the game. I ordered one of them (the lantern girl, because she's actually smiling), I don't give a fuck, but 'it has dumb battle bikinis' has NOTHING TO DO with the actual game. Fuck. At this point, 'all I see posted are the tits' is literally a lie by *this thread alone*.

>> No.25809935

(I know these are trolls, but I'm replying because this game has enough misinformation without this assfuck smearing shit everywhere)

Fuck off.

There is no dating, there is no baby making, no fucking, and certainly no mechanics built around them.

The only thing there is, is a population growth table, which is just the same as the fucking FOOD RESOURCE from Civ. "If population is 10+ Roll die, on 6+ increase population size by 2" Stuff like that. That is as in depth as it gets.

This game isn't about fucking sex, or rape, or babymaking. It never was.

The pin-ups have art of them, but are not actual canon. The art of them has not shown up in any official capacity that we have seen. They are fucking CALLED PIN-UPS. DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW WHAT A PIN-UP FUCKING IS?

>> No.25809966

no your wrong

>> No.25809979

Seriously, stop replying. I don't care what your excuse is, just stop. Let them smear shit around. If someone's stupid enough to believe it, first of all, they probably aren't actually that stupid and are also trolling, but secondly of all, if they're that dumb, I don't want them around. Let them be disgusted and leave.

>> No.25810000

>There is no dating, there is no baby making, no fucking, and certainly no mechanics built around them.
You said why does a game that has no sexuality have sexy figures.
Ok well you are just flat out wrong idiot. The game DOES have baby making and unions (courtship) etc as a mechanic.
>This game isn't about fucking sex, or rape, or babymaking. It never was.

The game is about sex. Where do you think people come from you insanely stupid fuck?

Its even tied to the pinups via the lantern festival and lantern girl pinup. All to do with courtship.

>> No.25810025

>The pin-ups have art of them, but are not actual canon. The art of them has not shown up in any official capacity that we have seen. They are fucking CALLED PIN-UPS. DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW WHAT A PIN-UP FUCKING IS?

Also again this is flat out wrong. The lantern festival art shows the pinups appear in the in-canon universe.

When it was said it was not canon it was meant that they were not required to play. They are an alternative miniatures for the same thing.

>> No.25810030


I mean, fuck, if we're gonna complain about anything, you know what we should complain about? Having to magnetize fucking 100+ arms, legs, torsos and heads for armor customization.

>> No.25810042

Makes you realize how shitty GW minis are

If the third-party stuff didn't make it clear enough

>> No.25810051

>Having to magnetize fucking 100+ arms, legs, torsos and heads for armor customization.
You don't have to do that.

>> No.25810054

Magnetize? Good luck with that. I'm more considering either some kind of pin system, or... simply learning to recast the damn things.

>> No.25810082

Nah man, just use the pieces you get as Masters for recasting, and then make a billion fucking copies in every combination.

Magnetizing them isn't really feasible at this scale.

>> No.25810085


To be fair Scanner, in one of his interviews he stated that he took inspiration from HR Geiger. So, the sexual designs are pretty much expected.

>> No.25810143

I wonder how many copies it's going to take for all combinations. Fortunately everything is small, so it shouldn't actually take much resin product.

I think that's definitely the best option, though.

>> No.25810165

Sexual designs yes. The monsters are clearly of a sexual inspiration.

But again, just like the movie Alien, they don't just go around raping people. Its just a design choice. Xenomorphs don't go around shoving their penis heads up womens vaginas AVP2 doesn't count that one sucked. and the monsters in KD:M don't either.

>> No.25810186

I think the thing that really irritates me is that there's a lot of actually really reasonable female armor in the game (most of it, in fact) that gets overshadowed by the obscenely hipsy and titsy cheesecake sluts. I mean, don't get me wrong. The occasionally hipsy and titsy cheesecake slut is delightful (and I love that they're not all stick figury, too) but it ignores the stuff like the Spider Armor, the Gorm Suits, the Lantern Armor, etc, etc. Just a little frustrating.

>> No.25810195

>If someone's stupid enough to believe it, first of all, they probably aren't actually that stupid and are also trolling

Dont you understand? GW fanboys are pretty pissed that KOD can sculpt amazing females, and sculpt really nice body proportions.
What do you expect from bunch of beta virgins?
Of course they are angry at sexy woman.

But really, out of all the cons GW fanboys can come up with is "she isnt wearing enough".


Hey GW white knights, ever seeing dwarf slayers? they are top naked,

>> No.25810207

have you been to a beach before?

>> No.25810243


Hm. I guess I'll need to look into resin casting; this seems pretty legit. Also, since games are supposed to take like 15+ sessions, it might be a better idea just to make a set or two for each game instead of trying to make all combinations.

>> No.25810283

>I think the thing that really irritates me is that there's a lot of actually really reasonable female armor in the game (most of it, in fact) that gets overshadowed by the obscenely hipsy and titsy cheesecake sluts.
That's exactly why those are being ignored.

Maybe some kind of compromise. I'll probably make sure to keep at least one remaining male and female variant of each part available to me, and cast more as I use them up or something. I don't know. I'll have to see how inconvenient it all is.

>> No.25810297

>have you been to a beach before?

Warhammer players? at a beach?

>> No.25810305


I'm not saying it doesn't make sense, it's just frustrating that a game that has more reasonable female armor (and more representation of females and femininity as a whole; let's be real here, a literal 50% split across this many models is pretty much unprecedented, especially without widely blanket cheesecake) gets shouted down for being 'nothing but tits and battle bikinis', even if it is probably just trolls.

>> No.25810316

How do you feel about Japanese Figma?

>> No.25810327

>it's just frustrating
Yes, that's the general goal of trolling. Are you having trouble understanding that part?

>> No.25810332

>That's exactly why those are being ignored.
Nothing is being ignored. I love the pinups.
The great irony is the people getting assmassacred over the pinups are basically saying
"I hate the female body"

>> No.25810349

Why are there such double standards?

GW white knights complaints female dress in none functional attire to be "sexy".

Well, GW dwarve slayers are all in even more revealing and less functional attire.
Yet they call it "fluffy"

Why? why cant they just admit they find sexy miniatures intimidating.

>> No.25810408

Who is to say thats a warhammer player?
I play warhammer infinity and PP games and I like kingdom death.
I have a feeling your posting just to create an argument in this thread rather than discuss these fine miniatures.

>> No.25810427

The guy is kind of semi trolling.

>> No.25810446

Not counting weapons?
About 6 or so 'default' heads for each gender.
Availible sets are:
Each offers a unique head, hands (x2), torso, and legs.

15 (heads) x 9 (right hands) x 9 (left hands) x 9 (torsos) x 9 (legs) x 2 (gender) = 196,830 possible armor combonations.

So tell you what. Why don't you just assemble a 'full set' mini of each type, for each gender, magnetize just the heads for a little variety, and then make a few 'custom' pieces with the armors out of whatever looks cool, or whatever survivors end up being cool enough to be kept indefinitely.

>> No.25810453

Actually test tube baby. Fuck yeah chaste parents.

>> No.25810481

Well, I'd imagine that some combinations are unlikely as you progress up the path., but yeah, that sounds kind of horrible. Maybe those pins aren't so bad after all.

Maybe I'll use one of the sets to just make the miniatures and keep a spare to copy and try to pin or magnetize or something. I just hate the idea of committing like that.

>> No.25810487

I'll just throw this out there right now. If someone were to find just the core box in a store, they would see:

>Interesting, innovative monster designs
>lack of explicit gender roles (so far as I can tell, this may prove to be wrong)
>an emphasis on practical armor for both sexes
>more fully clothed women without boob plate than you're likely to find anywhere else in the hobby, equally armed and armored with the males


Kingdom Death: Monster is a feminist game.

>> No.25810506

The idea for most people is that you make one of each complete armour set.
Then you make some of your favourite combinations.

In previous threads I've recommended the idea of adhesives/magnetic adhesives for switchable parts.

>> No.25810522

Remember, WYSIWYG doesn't apply in this game. You have cards showing the ACTUAL armor you are wearing, and that's the important part stat wise. Seriously, just make whatever combinations look cool, and magnetize the heads to make them hotswapable, or just make full sets of each armor, and use the mini of whichever set you are currently using the most armor of. Its not a big deal.

>> No.25810541

>lack of explicit gender roles (so far as I can tell, this may prove to be wrong)
Stop trolling. Look up and the game has "gender roles" Its guys and girls fighting monsters then having nooky to make more people.
>>an emphasis on practical armor for both sexes
Bit of both. Practical and clothing/armour that shows off titsnshit
>>more fully clothed women without boob plate than you're likely to find anywhere else in the hobby, equally armed and armored with the males

Again stop trolling KD threads.

>> No.25810553

>lack of explicit gender roles (so far as I can tell, this may prove to be wrong)
Only females seem to be able to be saviors, if that counts. Same for white speakers.

Likewise only males seem to be able to be Forsakers, although thinking about it, the fluff for the Forsakers and the White Speakers is actually pretty close. Wouldn't surprise me if they were related.

>> No.25810557

I know, I know, it's probably more in line with my skill level as well to simply make static models.

It's the fact that it's POSSIBLE that's giving me an OCD fit.

>> No.25810559

>Remember, WYSIWYG doesn't apply in this game.
This is probably on a house rule basis but the game has been developed with wysiwyg in mind. Hence all the interchangeable pieces.

>> No.25810579

I'd really recommend avoid options that require you to really damage the minis.
It will make your OCD worse.

>> No.25810596

Frankly, there's no reason to have WYSIWYG, and I'd laugh in Poots's face if he even suggested it, despite WANTING to have accurate models. WYSIWYG is mostly for sales purposes.

>> No.25810611


>being this ignorant about what the term 'gender role' means

Ishiggydiggydooda? And, admittedly, 'more fully clothed women... than you're likely to find elsewhere in the hobby' (or women wearing at least as much as the men in a few cases) is an incredibly low bar, but it's there, and KD:M makes the leap.

>> No.25810621

Except they aren't interchangeable, they are just compatible.

Plus it doesn't make sense from a business perspective. If he was selling armor kits individually, then yeah, WYSIWYG would make him some dosh. But he isn't going to be selling them outside of kickstarter, meaning the ONLY way for people to actually do it that way, is to recast his stuff themselves.

Besides, what you see on the EQUIPMENT GRID is what you get, not what you see on the mini.

>> No.25810639

Its for fun. Remember fun. Kind of reminds me of diablo in a board game. It was his intention to have that customisation and character development in a board game.

>> No.25810650

I agree, but not as a rule, of course. It's a goal to be able to do it, but not a requirement.

>> No.25810666

>being ignorant

No i'm not. I'm just not giving your gender studies bullshit any credit.
The women are baby makers and the men are warriors. Also women can be warriors too but i'm pretty sure the females get a stat penalty for being soft and tits.

>> No.25810675


Oh, hm. That's true. I'd argue that we know next to nothing about White Speakers, so it's possible that we've just only seen female models because lol sex sells. In defense of my argument, I don't think either of those are included in the core box, so my point still stands.

>> No.25810680

>Except they aren't interchangeable
If you don't glue them they are.

>> No.25810682

He suggested the exact opposite actually. He said just make the combinations that look the coolest to you. The important part is the card. The Armor Kits themselves are just a gimmick to get his claws into the hands of modelers who drool over that kind of cross-compatibility.

He only started offering the armor kits separately after people repeatedly bitched about their OCD needing to be able to make multiple variations. (and people wanting to use them as proxies in other games)

>> No.25810697


Well at least you signal when to stop replying pretty strongly.

>> No.25810719

>Except they aren't interchangeable
If I can magnetise interchangable arms on GW 28mm miniatures (and I'm not talking bulky Space Marines) sure I can do the same with 35mm miniatures.

>> No.25810721

>The Armor Kits themselves are just a gimmick
They are armour tiers. Its basically wow. It isn't really a "gimmick"
Its basically the whole point of the game. You start with nothing and develop equipment to survive from meager resources.

>> No.25810723

But chicks fighting is hot, this invalidates any argument

>> No.25810730

Being upset isn't an argument.

>> No.25810737


Still gonna be a helluva chore to do all of them. I'm gonna ask around at my local shop, there are some really good modellers/painters there; I'm sure a few of them will be able to help teach me what the fuck to do.

>> No.25810741

The limited runs is annoying when I just want to throw money at him.

>> No.25810757

Sure but the game does make women fighting and hunting practical because its a scenario where all hands on deck is needed when a penis monster randomly appears in your village.

So yes we can cheer on the brave women.
>though lol they are going to get owned.

>> No.25810778

The Butcher is in the core, which is a Forsaker that is 'too far gone'

Heroic scale. They have bulkier bodies. These things are pretty fragile. If you have the ability, more power to you, that would be pretty fucking awesome. Just trying to give you a warning.

Nonono, the armor CARDS are that. The armor KITS are the minis that are used as nothing more then showing where you are standing, and preferably being unique enough to not mix it up with other players game pieces.

The mini's themselves are the gimmick, is what I'm saying.
Okay this has gone from being frustrating, to just being really funny. Keep going man.

>> No.25810787


You guys are kind of arguing the same point from different angles.

Scanner is saying that, while you can go to a lot of trouble for modelling, you don't need to and aren't even necessarily intended to; you just need to track your cards. The anon is saying that all the extra armor is a core mechanic of the game with super pretty representations. These are not mutually exclusive points of view.

>> No.25810798

>though lol they are going to get owned.
Well yeah. But so are the men.
You say that like you expect people to actually SURVIVE the penis monsters instakill attacks.
Its like you've never even played dark souls!

>> No.25810801

>Nonono, the armor CARDS are that. The armor KITS
They can be both used at the same time. The sets are even coming with unique items in miniature parts and card form.

>> No.25810812


>heroic scale

...that is totally true. Hm. Well, we'll see how it goes anyways.

>> No.25810816

Yeh the men will have a good chance of death and serious injury but i'm prettaaaah sure the gameplay vid suggested females have a stat penalty and roles like basket weaving and gossiping.

>> No.25810923

Alright, I'm gonna try to clear up what I'm trying to say, cause I might not be explaining it properly, and if so, my bad.

You buy the GORM expansion. Your character gets cards for the Regen Suit accessory, the Black Sword, and the GORM ARMOR chestplate.

You decide to make a mini with the Unarmored chest, cause you like the berserker look it gives, and just give Gorm leggings, despite not having them equipped, just to show that you are using some Gorm armor.

Mechanically, as far as the game is concerned you have: Gorm Chestplate, Black Sword, Regen suit.

As far as your miniature is concerned, you look kinda neat. That's all there is to it. You're game piece does not have to reflect exactly your current armor loadout.

Which is good because the minor expansions include loot that there aren't actually armor kits for.

>> No.25810969

>As far as your miniature is concerned, you look kinda neat. That's all there is to it.
Yes dood but taking your thinking to its extreme logic why have miniatures at all?

>> No.25811034

For the miniature enthusiast this game is marketed towards. This isn't a wargame. You don't need the mini's to show LoS, or to track movement by the exact millimeter, or anything like that.

If you wanted to use just paper cutout tokens, that is perfectly feasible with this game.

Fuck, for the VASSAL plugin, its pretty much REQUIRED to do exactly that.

The minis are just there because this game was marketed to miniature enthusiasts. They are there for people to paint, and post online, and if they feel like it, hey, maybe even play a game with them.

>> No.25811075

No you are right it isn't a wargame and wargames tend to have not the best miniatures (inb4 gw) they are just functional.
Kingdom death is sold as a boutique highquality miniature board game.
The miniatures are a big part of why it is popular.
They are the very best out there.

>> No.25811090

Also I forgot about the Rawhide and White Lion armor kits.

New total for armor kit combinations is: 497,794

Not counting the 'extra' bits that comes with each armor kit, like shoulderpads, or mufflers, that are only their for aesthetics.

>> No.25811160

Anyone have the pinup savior? thinking of getting her

>> No.25811176

I dropped $300 into this shit.

Not even for the game. I ordered only the cheesecake figurines.

What am I doing with my life.jpg

>> No.25811186

Indeed they are! I fully agree with you. I love the mini's. Some of the best detail I've seen out there.

But as far as the GAME that is being sold is concerned, they aren't even close to being required to play, and the miniature you build to reflect your own character, doesn't have to have a half million variations for every possible gear combination. I'm not saying people shouldn't try to make cool mini's, or that the ones in this game aren't pretty.

Just that WYSIWYG doesn't apply, its just something that the target audience would probably enjoy doing, because they are getting the game specifically to make a bunch of minis. But for the people who aren't, just throwing together a few of them, or not even assembling them at all and just using paper cutouts, is a perfectly valid option for play.

A huge waste of money. But a valid option.

>> No.25811198

What flavor of cheesecake?

>> No.25811222

>I dropped $300 into this shit.
>Not even for the game. I ordered only the cheesecake figurines.
Oh, well carry on then.

>> No.25811236

>But as far as the GAME that is being sold is concerned, they aren't even close to being required to play, and the miniature you build to reflect your own character, doesn't have to have a half million variations for every possible gear combination. I'm not saying people shouldn't try to make cool mini's, or that the ones in this game aren't pretty.

Yes fella but the whole point of this game is the minis, art and setting. Not the rules.

>> No.25811239

He spent 300 dollars. Probably EVERY flavor.

>> No.25811253

I dropped exactly 300 too. The bonuses were so good for hitting 300.

>> No.25811271

I like passionfruit cheesecakes

>> No.25811278

I ordered ALL the cheecakes.

I'm a sucker for these things.

In b4 the guy ran away with all our money. Didn't he get like 2 million bucks in the end?

>> No.25811287


>> No.25811297

I have it. It has a camel toe.

>> No.25811308

Was that a highlight or a low point for you?

>> No.25811338

>Didn't he get like 2 million bucks in the end?
Yes, that he did.
Most successful kickstarter so far.

>> No.25811344

Bit of a giggle. Its really wedged up there

>> No.25811349

Most succesful in percent over?

>> No.25811370

>Yes fella but the whole point of this game is the minis, art and setting. Not the rules.
For a lot of people, yes!
For me, the art and mini's are just a bonus. I got into this kickstarter BECAUSE of the rules.

Because "Monster Hunter vs Demon Souls: The Board Game, Civilization Building Edition" is the game I have been waiting for my entire life.

I dumped $600 into this not for the minis, but because I think it will be [spoilers]fun.[/spoiler]
Kickstarter and Amazon take quite a bit of the profit, and about 15% of backers on average, never follow through with payment. If he DOES follow through, which, given the regular updates, it seems like he really does plan to...
He will probably fall into debt, from all the production costs + shipping.

But it will make his BUISNESS vastly more successful after the fact, and he will make that money back fairly easily. This exact scenario has happened with pretty much every major kickstarter in the past year.

>> No.25811378


That's pretty debatable. There are some really interesting ideas in the rules, and although we haven't seen a full layout yet, what we have seen makes me REALLY interested in seeing the rest of them.

>> No.25811410

I'm not saying the rules are getting less input. I'm just saying the game is not a rule set exclusively. Thats not the point of the product.

>> No.25811436

Most successful in total sum / sum over goal.

Can't say if it's the same in percet since that one ain't that hard to mess up (say if someone set a goal of $1 and got a $1000).

>> No.25811462


You're arguing that the miniatures are the primary focus, and I'm saying you may want to consider that that's a very subjective point of view. The minis sold the game, definitely, but that's pretty much the only way a product of this scale could sell: on the back of incredibly good visuals. I'm willing to bet that the cheesecake sold monumentally well, especially with hips like that. Mmnf.

>> No.25811527

Most successful /tg/ kickstarter. Others have been higher up. The E-paper watch and OUYA blew it out of the water.

Not as much as you might think! Check the number of backers at each pledge level. the 15 dollar level is the one for getting only addons. IE: The cheescake level.

I'm sure a lot of cheesecake did sell, but if it did, MOST of it was in addition to the game, not the other way around.

>> No.25811554


>> No.25811571

Actually no, not even most successful /tg/. Bones outsold it both in total%, and money earned.

>> No.25811631

So it did. Disregard, cocks, sucking, etc.

>> No.25811688

Is this game getting released to the public, or is it remaining backer-only?

>> No.25811737

Will retail for $120 after all backer orders are fulfilled. Will probably be for sale start of next year, and thats only if there are NO delays in the production pipeline (spoiler: there will be delays in the production pipeline)

>> No.25811799

the game is pretty much a fantasy version of x-com + the atmosphere of dark souls + monster hunter (which sounds awesome). But I will probably never play it because of what people would think of me for suggesting it.

>> No.25811815

What does the game imply?

>> No.25812826

I probably overspent, considering it'll be forever before I feel confident enough in painting to try painting the pinups, but oh well.

My brother's order was 600 something, if I recall.

>> No.25812842

It's kind of crazy how successful Zombicide is, given how many people houserule the hell out of it.

Then again, it's certainly easier to houserule than other zombie games.

>> No.25812862

>> No.25813587

bikini-plate "armor" is dead weight.

>> No.25813614

>Ruling the world when they can't even fit threw doors.

>> No.25813641

And you are into tabletop RPGs? Big surprise.

>> No.25814475



>> No.25814499

This one looked so cool,was gonna be just like Guts. Turned out to look nothing like him

>> No.25814869

They haven't actually finished the model.
Give it time.

>> No.25814926

What are the chances of KD registering on some "mainstream" feminist's radar? Sure the traditional games industry is tiny in comparison to the videogame industry, but what if an Anita Sarkeesian came around and rained fire and brimstone on this thing? Do you think it would affect the game's distribution and sales at this point?

>> No.25814958

It already registered on a few feminist blogs that basically took one looks, saw pinups, and turned away making comments about it being a rape simulator.

Its basically the Mass Effect release all over again.

>> No.25814992

Also as a followup: I showed this to a few of my feminist friends, and they are hesitant because of the pinups, but the actual game looks really neat to them. They said they like that the armor actually covers the women, and in the one or two cases where it doesn't (for example, the Unarmored Promo characters) its still pretty tasteful.

>> No.25815003

>What are the chances of KD registering on some "mainstream" feminist's radar?

It did. The general reaction was something like: "Gee, look at all that cheescake.", but then people pointed out that that's just to fund the game and the writers accepted that they [email protected]

Then they turned their attention to actually relevant topics again.

>> No.25815012

Why would artificial insemination make someone be into RPGs?

>> No.25815026

links pls

>Its basically the Mass Effect release all over again.

Wut. Mass Effect was a rape simulator?

>> No.25815051

Do people seriously not remember that?

>> No.25815125

This is so fucking painful.

>> No.25815152



>> No.25815230

>Then they turned their attention to actually relevant topics again.
What, like whining until Kickstarter stops the funding of card games it's already approved?

>> No.25815288

Seriously. With the way trolls like Foron are hellbent on reinforcing the idea that KD is first and foremost about sexy miniatures, it's lucky that it didn't actually get noticed, or there would've been an outrage and the whole thing would have been completely fucked.

>> No.25815418

It did get noticed.
They never broke the ToS. The kickstarter, contrary to what people might think, was actually quite tasteful, as far as kickstarter was concerned. There were no exposed parts on anyone.

>> No.25815462

>comparing a rank and file mass produced modular model to a larger detailed low piece count "character" model
>claims GW is shit

Can you be that dumb?

>> No.25815477

>They never broke the ToS.
They broke it as much as Tentacle Bento did.

>> No.25815500

They also recently deleted another Kickstarter that was hours from completion just because of outcry, after approving it of course. There's a blog post about it now on their homepage.

Their ToS means nothing. They let projects they like go forward even when they break the ToS too.

>> No.25815533

Was it the rape manual one? Please tell me it was the rape manual one.

>> No.25815553


Nah, that funded.

>> No.25815572


>> No.25815577

> sexist and offensive miniatures

I really don't understand this argument. is looking at an attractive female because you find them sexually appealing sexist? is creating a model of such a thing sexist? why?

>> No.25815598

What "rape manual"?

>> No.25815636

"Above the game"
Self-help book about the secret to picking up chicks, which was made entirely for Nice Guys, and telling them to make the girl emotionally vulnerable, so you could make her dependant on you, and at one point it flat out says "If you want to have sex, just grab her hand, and put it on your dick. She wants it, you just have to be forceful and assertive about it."

That wasn't an exaggeration. It actually says to do that. But he only posted those excerpts on Reddit, not the kickstarter itself, so kickstarter averted their gaze and just said "Well... its not TECHNICALLY doing anything wrong, at least not on OUR site."

>> No.25815677

That's pretty tasteless and ridiculous, but I wouldn't call that a rape manual. I mean, making a woman touch your crotch is more likely to result in a slap than a rape.

>> No.25815681


To be fair, it wasn't pointed out to them until about four hours before it was due to finish, and it TECHNICALLY wasn't violating the ToS.

They've changed the ToS, since.

>> No.25815690


Still constitutes sexual assault.

>> No.25815702

for sure, but "rape" is still a strong word.

>> No.25815742


It's not the fact that they're attractive or sexy but that they're used as the primary means of raising capital for the game. It wasn't about how neat the game system is but about how a backer'd recieve a lot of tiny effigies of sexy women.


That's sexual assault all the same. And manhandling somebody is a simple assault, so it's more of a "how to get sued quickly" manual.

>> No.25815770


Still actually a crime.

Not to mention the advice is fucking retarded.

>> No.25815775

>It's not the fact that they're attractive or sexy but that they're used as the primary means of raising capital for the game

I still don't understand how that's sexist

>> No.25815778

What the fuck? It's talking about what to do in the bedroom.

Butting a girl's hand on your dick when you're about to have sex isn't rape. Like, how the fuck else are you going to go from not touching to touching before intercourse? How do you have sex without genital contact?

That's the kind of lies the feminists told in order to get it taken down.

>> No.25815787

>They've changed the ToS, since.
What to? It already had "We reserve the right to take down anything we personally find distasteful."

>> No.25815791


What is assaulting somebody until they have sexual intercourse with you?

>> No.25815804

no i get that completely, I'm not trying to defend the book and I agree that it's a sexual assault. I'm just saying "rape manual" doesn't seem to apply. "it's still a crime" doesn't mean it should be called rape, that blurs some lines.

>> No.25815809

Well that's just terrible.

>> No.25815818


They sold their shit with tits. With tits.

They basically said: "You will get all these tits for your money!"

>> No.25815835

ok, now you're stretching the original words. It's not saying "make her touch your dick. if she resists or says no, do it again. keep doing this until you fuck." it doesn't mention making a girl have sex with you by assault. it suggests using forcefulness to try to spark a sexual encounter. still creepy and possibly criminal, but not rape.

>> No.25815862

Male sexuality is sexism, haven't you heard?

Look at the person you're talking to and how little they care about actual definitions in the face of what they don't like.

>> No.25815868

To anyone taking out-of-context passages from a book and then saying how it's a "good thing" for that project to be taken down, I hope you aren't complaining whenever someone says Kingdom Death is nothing but cheesecake.

>> No.25815873

yes, but why is that sexist?

>> No.25815888


You're trying to engage with a source that's literally called Bitch Magazine.

>> No.25815898

At least it's self-aware.

>> No.25815950

It's probably the same people who say it's nothing but cheesecake.

>> No.25816057

>It's not rape to repeatedly assault somebody until they have sex with you.

>> No.25816212


Define 'forcefulness'.

>> No.25816241


So the idea is that it's about exploiting and objectifying the female form to sell a product; Kingdom Death is a really good example of this, unfortunately, but the framework is essentially that you're taking someone and making the impression you have of that person a sex object. Now, you can say 'but people can differentiate between minis and reality' but let's be real here: that's half true at best, especially in our subculture.

Also, a lot of the violent, reactionary feminist writing is spawned almost entirely by said women being told they are wrong and stupid about everything they believe on a regular basis for most of their life. It starts out with little things like holding doors or whatever innocuous shit makes them first notice that men and women are treated differently (bad example, but I'm tired), being told it doesn't matter, picking up on workplace treatment or something slightly more virulent, being told it doesn't matter, and straight down the line. You don't usually start out a radical, people and life make you that way. Obviously, some people are reacting to personal experiences that have nothing to do with equality, but that has nothing to do with gender or sex, and everything to do with people being stupid.

>> No.25816333


Well, Kingdom Death also exploits and objectifies the male form.

So it's exploitative, sure, but it's not sexist.

>> No.25816389


>So the idea is that it's about exploiting and objectifying the female form to sell a product;

Its not exploitation (nobody's being harmed) and its definitely not objectification (this is your avatar in the game world that you're trying to bring to life, the opposite of objectification).

>Also, a lot of the violent, reactionary feminist writing

Violent reactionary feminists will be angry about anything. Anything. Don't humor them. Don't acknowledge them. They begin with the assumption of "I want to be angry" and find reasons. They are bad people.

>You don't usually start out a radical, people and life make you that way.

The victim mentality should never be humored or entertained.

Men are graphically stimulated creatures. Feminists need to grow some fucking tolerance and accept this.

>> No.25816390

>Two wrongs make one right

Great argument, brah.

No, actually not. You're a shithead.

>> No.25816406


The puritans on /tg/ are so fucking annoying. RPGs used to have plenty of sexy content and nobody bitched. Now the main form of advertising for Kingdom Death is people going BAWWW!!! TITTIES!!! I CAN'T STAND IT!

Jesus Christ. RPGs are based around the two primal bookends of human experience: sex and death. Bitching about one but not the other is stupid. Bitching about either is pretty stupid.

Also, apparently reproduction is somewhat pertinent to the game.

>> No.25816456

It's like /v/, only the white knights here aren't satire or trolling. It's depressing.

>> No.25816459


>> No.25816472


You should probably learn what words mean before you try and characterize my argument. Sexist is a fairly specific term. It means one sex is being treated differently.

That is not the case here.

Exploititive objectification is a wrong, sure. And it's undeniably present. But there is nothing sexist in Kingdom Death.

>> No.25816479

I remember when I got accused of being a white knight because "cuddling is more fun than raping."

Nowadays being a white knight is about "ARGH!!!! EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE AND BAD! DESTROY! DESTROOOOYYYYY"

>> No.25816523

you're not even reading what I'm typing. I said that "repeatedly" doesn't even enter into.

>> No.25816541


The pinups are explicitly not your avatar, and explicitly have no mechanical use. They're pure objectification.

As to the rest, stupid people gonna stupid, no matter what gender they are. That's kind of just a basic assumption you make about everyone. I was commenting on the less batshit radfems, not the 'all men are rapists' advocates.

>> No.25816559

You're arguing with someone taking things out of context and outright making things up. You're either being trolled or simply trying to have a logical argument with someone who refuses to use logic. Stop that. Stop replying. Replying encourages it.

>> No.25816600


There are no male pinups. Full stop. There are certainly sexy male armors, but nothing on the level of the Dragon Sacrifice or the Lantern girl aside from *maybe* the two starting male survivors, as opposed to the... what, twelve pinups? Thirteen? Something like that. Sexism isn't as prevalent as a glance at the detracting points of view might indicate, but it's still present. Note that I'm talking specifically about the kickstarter here.

>> No.25816644

forcefulness is defined in the quoated statement- making a woman touch your crotch.

>> No.25816652

>You should probably learn what words mean before you try and characterize my argument. Sexist is a fairly specific term. It means one sex is being treated differently.

It actually means treating people in a certain way because you hold ready-made notions about their gender to be true. And that to the point where you would not even bother to check if they are actually true in this particular case.

Like calling some random dude in an office because THERE'S NO WAY THE WOMAN FROM THE IT DEPARTMENT COULD FIX MY PC!

And really, you don't even have an argument as this particular game wasn't sold by means of offering a mass of pictures of semi-nude guys who're completely unrelated to the game itself to the crowdfunders.

>> No.25816661

they are also purely an object in and of themselves. having a n object be female is not the same as making a female an object.

>> No.25816686

>Jesus Christ. RPGs are based around the two primal bookends of human experience: sex and death. Bitching about one but not the other is stupid.

Yes, that's why many RPGS other than FATAL have rules that would govern sexual intercourse between players or between players and NPCs.

>> No.25816690

no, that's prejudice. Sexism can mean either prejudice OR different treatment, so both are correct.

>> No.25816770

in what society are you living that women are told they are stupid and wrong about everything on a regular basis?

>> No.25816855

God damnit, you guys are all champions. Congratulations, everyone are gonna get a piece of the retard-cake in the mail.

>> No.25816863


No, they tend to involve sex appeal.

>> No.25816880

>The pinups are explicitly not your avatar, and explicitly have no mechanical use.

They're valid use as player pieces, so yeah, they're your avatar.

>They're pure objectification.

You don't have a fucking clue what objectification means. Making an object out to be a person (what happens in RPGs) is the exact diametric opposite of objectification.

>> No.25816936

>The pinups are explicitly not your avatar
Other way around. They have no in-game rules, and were designed with the intention of being:
A: Set pieces
B: Higher detail character avatars

>> No.25816973


Explain further.

>> No.25817024

The most viable PC race in AD&D was elves, which are sexified and gracefuller humans, and there was lots of tittymonster art and a whole page devoted to random prostitute generation.

The main competitor to D&D for awhile was World of Darkness, whose flagship game was VtM, which was really sexified.

>> No.25817031


So it's a game of everyone pretending to be the busty, chubby woman punching undead horrors and building a future for humans in a land of the dead?

I guess that's a step up from being the little girl or the sad catboy changeling.

>> No.25817050

>One page dedicated to prostitutes
>in three books required to play the game

I think you're making a weak argument.

>> No.25817081

No. Its a game with everyone having the OPTION of pretending to be the busty, chubby woman punching undead horrors and building a future for humans in a land of the dead.

A non-canon option, for fun and silliness.

>> No.25817272

>Do you think it would affect the game's distribution and sales at this point?
It'd probably help it. More people who hate feminists would buy the game just to piss them off. Not exactly the market you want, but hey, sales are sales.

>> No.25817297

So they never broke the ToS?

>> No.25817298

So trolling is a game where you act stupider than you are and continually misunderstand things even when they're explicitly explained to you?

I guess it's better to pretend you're retarded than actually being retarded.

Wait, no, it isn't.

>> No.25817330

Pretty much, yeah. That's the point, though. It doesn't matter, and actually breaking the ToS means absolutely nothing when a crowd like that begins descending like vultures on a project that they feel offends them.

>> No.25817821


Seeing how well-funded the anti-Tropes Vs Women series ended up, I'd say that that's a stretch.

While one may not agree with KoD's sale's strategy you'd have to be blind to not see that they offered a high-quality product that's fairly unique in the market and they threw in a whole lot of goodies for their backers.

I'd say that was why they ended up being overfunded. A bunch of guys who hate stuff on the internet have little to nothing to do with it.

>> No.25817950

Actually, if you look at why the Tropes Vs Women series got its funding, I'd say its a good argument in favor of KD:M profiting from any hate it would get.

That kickstarter got so much money, BECAUSE so many people bitched about it, and complained, and gave it so much free publicity, that it just attracted more likeminded people to it to help support it.

Likewise, the more attention that KD:M gets, the more people are gonna look into it. And a lot of them WILL go "ew titties the feminist was right. I'm leaving!" but quite a few will ALSO go "Ew titties, the feminist was ri- holy shit is that a monster hunter civ building game, with elements of dark souls as well? Fuck it, its worth it."

tl;dr free publicity is good publicity even when its bad publicity.

This is also the same reason "Above the game" pretty much doubled in backers in the last 4 hours. Because so many people were complaining about it and trying to bring it down, that it just drew the attention of people who DID want to support it.

>> No.25818001

The free publicity is working. I was only vaguely aware of the game until I saw this thread. I skipped most of it, since I'm not interested in the argument, but I love the art and models.

Is it too late to get in on the game, by the way? I didn't have money back when the kickstarter was up, but I kind of want to get some of the models now.

>> No.25818053

You'll be able to buy it eventually, but the price won't be as nice.

>> No.25818088

There will be a price jump when its released, but it will be available. Some things ARE kickstarter exclusive, but these are just promos, nothing major, maybe a weapon or two.

The base game will be for sale some time next year probably, since the ETA for backers is November, and there will PROBABLY be delays in the production pipeline.

Base game will sell for about 120 USD, with expansions going for about 50-60. 30 for the minor expansions. However if you didn't get the kickstarter, and want to get the entire collection, expect to shell out a full grand for all the content. This is a dozen expansions, however, and none of them are actually REQUIRED.

Also, once the backers get their games, I will be scanning the content (hence the name) and be throwing together a plugin in either VASSAL or LackeyCCG to play it, so there is always that option.

>> No.25818111

Did you get all the promos, or will you need other people to help out and scan theirs?

>> No.25818147

No, I got Survivor level + All expansions + All Promos + Nico (twenty dollars for a single fucking card. I need help.)
then also got the Hell Derado promo (THIRTY dollars for a single fucking card.)

Although if people want to help with the plugin once everything is shipped, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it.

>> No.25818148


I think that the Bitch mag was the only feminist page that bothered reporting on KoD iin the first place and even there it only happened in an opinion-piece. It hardly got the publicity the video game talk series recieved.
Plus the other ano seems to be arguing that stuff that pisses off "feminists" gets funded by "anti-feminists" to the point where they make up a majority of backers, which doesn't really seem to be the case according to what we saw in the Anti-Tropes vs Women Kickstarter.

I honestly haven't kept track of the Above the Game starter... did the negative reporting really have any effect on it? To me it seems that it was doing very well even before the shitstorm started and somebody got it shut down.

>> No.25818176

>twenty dollars for a single fucking card. I need help.
Don't worry. I did that, too. I didn't bother with the Hell Dorado promo, though. never-ending stretch bonuses are kind of pushing it, but I really don't like the whole incestual "let's all make content for each others' games!" thing.

>> No.25818220


To be fair, they've been 'creative' with their own ToS before and chose a cut over their shoddy 'principles'

>> No.25818221

I wish I had gotten in on it earlier now. I haven't read up on any of the mechanics yet, but I'd love to paint these things.

>> No.25818227

>Base game will sell for about 120 USD, with expansions going for about 50-60.

That seems like a reasonable prize point. 120 bucks get you a single barebone 40K army and the army book, right?

>> No.25818250

It didn't get shut down. And they got quite a bit of last minute money coming in, but to be fair, EVERY kickstarter sees some jump in the last 12 hours, because they put it on a separate page in kickstarter, that a lot of people monitor.

Its a good thing for indie developers, cause it lets them kinda piggy back off each others fans. From a business sense, its actually a great idea for them (although they should have done it BEFORE one of the kickstarters ended)

Also, like I mentioned, with me making that plugin I've developed an insane case of completionism, cause I can't put out an INCOMPLETE plugin. THE HORROR.

>> No.25818329

>makes them first notice that men and women are treated differently (bad example, but I'm tired)
A good example would be one that includes sexism against women, rather than female privilege and sexism against men.

Maybe when you're less tired you could think up one like that?

>> No.25818335

Anything is reasonable when you compare it to Games Workshop prices. I guess I'm a little biased in saying that, because people buying the game after the kickstarter don't get to take advantage of the absolutely massive survivor bonus in addition to the higher price.

I'll be honest, I don't really like the whole preferential treatment thing. Games like KD are one of the few times where Kickstarter isn't already being massively abused. Either way. It's all good, it's just not something I'd do.
I just think Kickstarter is a very shaky thing, and there's a very narrow line between legitimately getting a project started up and abuse.

But that's all irrelevant.

>> No.25818395

The per mini price is really good actually. About $3/mini if you buy the core set at retail. The expansions are a bit less of a deal, being about $10/mini, at retail. Then the minor expansions basically only come with 1 mini (and MAYBE a piece of an armorkit, depending on the expansion) so those are about $30/mini.

HOWEVER you are also getting quite a bit of game content for each of those, what with the gear, events, innovations, challenge scenarios, campaigns, etc.

The best thing to compare it to, would actually be Super Dungeon Explore, or Dreadball, both of which are around $100. This is what Poots was planning to charge, but after he started adding content to the core game itself, with stretch goals, he had to choose to either raise the price, or cut out content for non-kickstarter customers. He choose the one that wouldn't require chunks of the game to be ripped out because people might not have had money by a certain date.

tl;dr, yeah the pricing is pretty reasonable, considering the kind of game it is.

>> No.25818468

Also, for survivor backers, the price of the core game per mini is even better. $2.50/mini, not counting the bonus heads he added (cause I wouldn't count them as a full mini)

>> No.25818472


Still I'm going to wait out some actual tests of the game.

The final verdict on Super Dungeon Explorer was that it had little replay value, after all. Shame as the models were really adorable and the game concept fun enough.

>> No.25818670

OH MAN. I just noticed that Poots tagged the Expansions with keywords the same way gear is tagged in the game. That's pretty funny.

That's pretty reasonable honestly. I'm happy with my purchase because nice minis, and nice setting. I'm HOPING the rules will be great, and it looks like there will be at least some degree of replayabilty, with the alternate Sunstalker campaign, the Lantern festival, and the Challenge Scenarios. Plus the way events, loot, and innovations are randomized SHOULD keep it fresh (If the DnD board games are any indicator). Then there is the already large number of expansions, which will probably only increase in the future.

But thats still a lot of ifs. Waiting it out is the smarter move.

>> No.25819037

>I was commenting on the less batshit radfems
>less batshit

>> No.25819145

>Waiting it out is the smarter move.
The problem with waiting it out was that bit in the corner, unfortunately.

>> No.25819248

I'm seriously doubting that any of you even browsed the model range on their website.

>> No.25819279

Its a gamble, yeah. Safer money is still on waiting, since we honestly don't know a lot about the game.

No but really. Anyone who pledged knows exactly what they are getting into.

>> No.25819375

I think even the $600 I put into it is really safe, and I didn't do that lightly at all. They're really well-priced miniatures, with all the bundles and bonuses.
Let's say there's something wrong with the game. The sheer amount of content and potential means that the possibility of homeruling it is high.
Now, let's say the entire game is an irredeemable piece of shit. I still have a large number of well-priced miniatures, many of them with extras, and I can simply sell the extras and ones I may not want to keep, because their usefulness as miniatures will not change.

All in all though, it was a large bet, and not the kind of thing I took lightly. That's how safe it is.

>> No.25819387

Probably, but that just makes me think that none of the people, in this thread, pledged anything.

>> No.25819417

I really don't understand how you are reaching that conclusion.

>> No.25820201

So how does everyone think the Challenge Scenarios will work? Two main theories seem to be that they are either single session mini-campaigns, or that they are side quests.

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