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Does any one have any Imperium posters?

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Bumping with tauist heresy

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I got a few things that are kinda poster-y

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Also a calendar.

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Thank you based anon

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Well this is inspiring

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what are the perks and drawbacks of joining the auxiliary, especially compared to the IG?

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No commissars, for one.

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Betraying your fellow man for (all be it sweet and juciy) Alien scum

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You trade the Imperial Creed and tyrannical commanding officers who don't value your life whatsoever for the Greater Good and tyrannical ethereals who don't value your life whatsoever but have the decency to pretend that they do.

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>all be it
>Did you mean: "albeit"?

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They also only kill you in secrecy and only do it if you are vocally opposed to the ethereals, so you dont have to worry about shit like if you are TOO pure the Grey Knights will come and slit your throat so they bathe their bullets in your blood.

That actually happens.

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I did this ship as part of a background but things got changed up and I cut out this piece to turn it into a printable propaganda poster to be pasted onto terrain. It's not huge and you probably want to adjust the dpi and size for a nice print.

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I thought I had more. I was wrong. Sorry.

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You get better gear and trade human skanks for delicious xenos pussy.

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What is this, recruitment poster for ANTS?!

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Ratlings, maybe.

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Fucker, Empire Waifus are the best
She NEEDS you to join the guard

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OP here,
THIS needs to be a poster
Words and pic

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Yeah but nuns, pretty much by definition, don't put out.

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>Implying SoB don't give out
>Implying most aren't desprate for dickings
>Implying their are NOT monsters in bed

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Nuns aren't generally known to set things on fire either.

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Hooray for Devian Tart.

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Do you mean
>Implying they are NOT monsters in bed
>Implying that there are NOT monsters in bed

I'm fine with either really.

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Ok I made a typo, feel like a big man?

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Diamond-dozen, toh-may-dohs...

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yes I do. Posters EVERYWHERE

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Anyone got the drawfaging of the guardsman proposing to a sister on the battlefield?

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>what the hell is that chick with face paint sayin-
>mfw its a tf2 reference

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Still don't get what the russian and german are saying

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"We make good time" and "Goodbye, schweinhunds"

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It's meant to be printed and put on terrain so, in a sense, yes.
I guess you tl;dr

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I was just making a joke about 40K midgets, man.

Squats maybe woulda been a better choice than ratlings.

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>"Auf Wiedersehen...Schweinehunds!" is Goodbye, bastards
no idea what the other one is

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>we make good time
actually 'its we make good team'

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you cannot have sex with the Xenos. They don't let you. You may be in their ranks but they find YOU to be an abomination. They will use you till you die. They will separate you from the main society. They don't care for you, they don't care if you exist.

The Imperium doesn't care if you life or die, but the Imperium cares that you exist. Afterall who does the Imperium fight for? the land? the trade? the wealth? Ultimately the Imperium fights to save humanities existence. A planet or two is acceptable to the ultimate cause of "survive" The Imperium is harsh the imperium is cruel. The imperium is this way because it knows that there is no better way to safeguard humanity from the evil that lurks in the galaxy. They don't care if you are happy or alive. You are one man, but as one man you have a chance to become something greater than yourself. Something that serves with a purpose in mind. To defend those who cannot defend themselves from monsters not even you understand.

The Tau may have the quality of life, but it is an empty existence, a selfish existence. The Imperium gives your life meaning, your death purpose. The tau trade you for a few more moments to get their soldiers out. The Imperium fights for humanity, fights for survival. They fight for the good of ALL mankind, not your happiness, but that you can even exist in this horrible wretched galaxy.

The imperium fights for the TRUE greater good.

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>They don't let you.
They actually probably do since you cant get them pregnant.

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>The Imperium doesn't care if you life or die, but the Imperium cares that you exist.
>mfw I shed a tear


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>That nipple piercing
Oh my.

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>You are one man, but as one man you have a chance to become something greater than yourself. Something that serves with a purpose in mind.

Sounds an awful lot like that Greater Good spiel, my Lord.

I'm just going to keep on Rogue Trading while banging xenos slave girls.

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I only know Auf Wiedersehen because of Django.

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Living the dream

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I have one.

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Stupid me.
I forgot to attach it.

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Rogue Trader life is best life. Right behind Freebooters, who are just orky RTs.

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The empire says its OK as long as it's rape
Make them feel awful, go in dry

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It's impossible I'm so fabulous girls are just wet the instant they see me.

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Pic is too small.

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>but it is an empty existence, a selfish existence.

I disagree.

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>it is an empty existence, a selfish existence
Imperium is far more selfish that tau.

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Nice poster.

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Sorry big E. To simply exist is not enough.

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>implying there is a single dry loin in the presence of a Rogue Trader
Even men go moist for RTs. Like Obiwan Sherlock Clessau over here.

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Meaning "pig dogs"

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The other one says "We make good team".

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It's fine for printing for terrain

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Well, aren't you a special fucking snowflake?

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Tyranid 2001 codex near the end

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I wish cadian armour was more along these lines, at least the helmet
the current one is stupid

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That guy looks like a retarded Vietnam era soldier.

Get hazmat Cadians they look beast.

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Yeah, but it doubles the cost of a squad. What's more, speaking as an Elysian/Catachan gasmask player, having a bitz box full of heads is no fun at all.

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>not making a head golem

>> No.25789905

> Not trading the heads to an Ork player to use as they see fit

>> No.25789917

it's because of the shoulderpads
shoulderpads without a breastplate? retarded; reverse that, and it will be great
I don't get this fascination with pauldrons

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>yfw the Ork player uses a head golem against you in the next match

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Are you talking to me or Big E?

>> No.25792786


great now I want my wierdboy to have a head golem in his squad.

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Yay Space-Scotland

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they are the wives of the emperor or something like that. so no.

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Uh no, Sisters of Battle are allowed to fuck, this is canon

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it actually should be
just tacking an -s onto the word is just not a proper way to indicate plural in german. ever.

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that pic,


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Haha, puny xenos, they do not understand the size of the universe they have wandered into. If not crushing their pathetic 'empire' the brave warriors of humanity would simply be facing the many enemies of all that is righteous on another battlefield.

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war!

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>Sisters of Battle are allowed to fuck, this is canon

[citation needed]

point out the source please i've never read or heard of that in any published material ever.
in fact the only instance of fucking in published fiction as far as i know is the female inquisitor chiaphas cain got jiggy with and the stuff mention in ragnar blackmane pre-initiation.

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Traitors to mankind, deluded perverts, heretics, but most of all faggots

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No it's not. The cannon contradicts itself, it is in dispute, and currently we're leaning towards, "They're celibate," because Ciaphas Cain is parody.

>> No.25792916

>Talking bad about Cain
Ok fuck you, now you really are invalid

>> No.25792921

>Ciaphas Cain is parody.
>the female inquisitor chiaphas cain

and unless it's in the new books he fucked an iquisitor

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The Imperium of man is not the catholic curch despite all the religious ferevour in burning the alien the heretic and the mutant, neither is simple sex either hetero or homo enough to get the attention of Slaanesh the god of extreme overindulgence

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40k itself is dark parody you dumb palmfucker, there's nothing out of place about Ciaphas Cain.

>> No.25792948

This >>25787865
and >>25792894
No one ever gives the empire credit for looking out for man, nor his interests

>> No.25792959

as this guy in another thread said >>25759095
"Honestly I believe 40k is a lot like good old 2e D&D in the sense that it's not supposed to take itself seriously. Hate-mad gets old and one dimensional fast for me at least"

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After being suckered by the ''For the Greater Good'' Novel.

I hate fucking Cain.

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>> No.25792976

>40k itself is dark parody you dumb palmfucker

This. Why do people miss this? I mean, the entire setting lore is packed full of puns and in-jokes and tongue-in-cheek references to all sorts of things. 40K was never, ever meant to be taken seriously.

>> No.25792985

So you are a grognard who hates when your grim dark grimdarkness wank-fantasy is punctured? You really miss the point of Cain somehow is the only thing that makes you realize the joker that is the Imperium.

>> No.25792990

Honestly I was thinking at times it would be to sell to antsy pre-teens (lets face it you can make big bucks selling that crap to the right people and businesses aren't below that)

>> No.25792993

Not the same poster, but for a novel that purported to have a lot of tau in it, it sure was a whole fucking lot of HEY GUYS I HOPE YOU LIKED THE MECHANICUS FUCKING AROUND WITH TYRANIDS, BECAUSE IT'S WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET AGAIN.

>> No.25793003

'Canon', you mean to say 'canon'.

Cannons on the other hand are large weapons.

>> No.25793011

Who likes the Tau?

>> No.25793014

He may just be disappointed in the shitty quality of the most recent novel, as opposed with the idea of Cain being Blackadder 40K edition.

Like >>25792993.

>> No.25793016

these guys

>> No.25793017


You. A billion billion other men can live and die for the Imperium and our races very survival, but YOU believe YOU are entitled something more than glorious sacrifice.

You deserve nothing but death. You make me sick, race-traitor

>> No.25793019

I think 40k can work as a serious setting on a small scale

Like Dead men walking, that book was nails
But on the larger scale when not dealing with grunts it doesn't make sense to treat it as a hard edged serious setting

I think the Cain books actually paint a quite realistic picture of the Imperium away from the forsaken patches usually featured, life is fairly normal with some fascist elements

But then when they go to war shit suddenly becomes horrible

>> No.25793020

It's not that bad in the Tau. Sure you have to go along with everything like in the imperium, but in the Tau empire, if you go along with it you'll get a decent house and life, in the Imperium you're set for a shit life whatever so you might as well do some crime.

Besides, it's impossible to have a galactic empire without being an authoritarian dictatorship.

>> No.25793025

I enjoy the Cain novels, I love them...but they are a terrible representative for the 40k setting.

>> No.25793027

Lots of people. My local meta was crammed with Tau players, even before the new 'dex was released. My city's a military-heavy one, though, so it could just be that people from the CF like their Guard and Tau.

>> No.25793028

The novel had a picture of Cain fighting alongside the Tau versus the Tyranids. I thought we gonna get some nice Imperial and Tau action going on in the novel.

But No! All I got is Tau ambassador appearing in a few pages and then buggering off, and then the whole book turned into just Cain being chased around by Tyranids. No glorious Tau and Imperial alliance, just more boring Imperial shenanigans!

It didn't help that novel was included in the Tau books section. Talk of false advertising, this is a text book example.

>> No.25793030

That doesn't seem a good reason to hate Cain entirely just because one of the novels was bad.

Unless he only read the most recent novel, though who does that? Wouldn't it be best to start at the beginning?

>> No.25793032

Yes, "the cannon contradicts itself" is a horribly pretense way of describing a misfire.

>> No.25793045

It would blow peoples minds if they could actually grasp that there are peaceful worlds in the Imperium, with no chaos or alien infiltration taking place or invasions about to happen.

The Imperium of Man is a huge place with jillions of worlds afterall, the only reason we only hear about the ones at war is because... it is a WARgame afterall.

>> No.25793054

The Tau are a tiny civilisation who only survive because they are out of the way and the big dogs are too busy with each other to focus their full might on them.

>> No.25793055

I didn't ask to be born, I'd rather take my chance at happiness than 5 minutes of emotional meaning.

>> No.25793067

>boring Imperial shenanigans
Ok I'd don't think you've read the other books
>Boo hoo he didn't bang a blue berry

>> No.25793070

Yes, but they're fucking boring so no one talks about them.

>> No.25793081

Pretty much this. The aren't psychically active, and almost all of their territory is outside the range of the Astronomicon, so no one really cares about them.

>> No.25793088

Propaganda, for space chinamen
They don't give a crap about you as a man. You're just a subserviant 'pet' race, albeit a well kept one

>> No.25793093

They are literally soulless

>> No.25793094

Well then again thats like saying that any setting that takes place on one world is boring. You can get alot of variety and stuff going on in an imperial fringe planet. The galactic higher-ups don't care as long as the world keeps to Imperial Law overall and doesn't fall behind on its tithes.

>> No.25793095

The emperor doesn't believe in unnecessary deaths.

>> No.25793103

If they didn't give a crap they wouldn't try to be friends with the necron.

>> No.25793108

I read ''For the Emperor''.

And for the record, Cain can't tell the difference between male and female Tau.

>> No.25793114

Well of course, wasting your life pointlessly when in could have otherwise have been spent in the name of the Emperor is a disgrace

>> No.25793117

>Befriending Necrons
Ok they are just stupid

>> No.25793121

No, they literally aren't. They're described as being candles next to torches or campfires, but they still have SOME warp presence. Just tiny ones.

>> No.25793124

They are naive enough to think Diplomacy is a tactic that should be a common approach with alien races

>> No.25793127

You can mock their small empire but their military will fuck you up.

>> No.25793135

Lazy jew and his half-assed cleanups

>> No.25793137

>Plasma guns are ment to scare me
I eat and create plasma fggt
I'm a fucking star

>> No.25793139

Unless you happen to be outside of 36", that is.

>> No.25793144

A Necron Overlord is a friend of the Ultramarine Primarch.

Necrons can be befriended, however the Necron Overlord the Tau met had staff of light up his rusty ass and didn't want to be friends.

>> No.25793150

>> No.25793152

Worked more than it failed, really.

>> No.25793160

Still befriending a Necron is like playing chicken on magnetic hypertrain tracks

>> No.25793177

And it works, you will have a powerful ally.

Oh...yes. I just remember that in Black Crusade there was a fluff about a Necron Lord and Chaos Sorcerer joining forces. They went treasure hunting together.

>> No.25793182

If it*

>> No.25793187

>And IF it works, you will have an unpredictable powerful ally.


>> No.25793195

I think it would be hilarious if there was a Space-Bloodbowl universe like how there's an alternate Bloodbowl universe for Warhammer fantasy.

All the different civilisations gathering together in semi-cooperation to murder each other on the warpball field.

>> No.25793207

Main issue is that a setting defined mostly by it's weapons meshes poorly with unarmed ballplay.

>> No.25793208

Necrons are not Orks!

They got honour protocols and codes to check their behavior.

>> No.25793211


I agree with this whole post.

>> No.25793219


Yes. But they also have robot Alzheimers, so, you know...

>> No.25793229

Creed's special Coach ability is sneaking a Baneblade onto the field in place of a regular guardsman

>> No.25793237

But I-I-I I want to wear your warm supple flesh/Annihilate All Biological Entities

>> No.25793240

How many times do I need to pull the fluff where it says that life in the Imperium, for the vast majority of the populace, is a living hell?

Life sucks on peaceful planets too. They are living under the most brutal and bloody regime in the galaxy.

>> No.25793247

Even those guys are bound by Honour protocols.

>> No.25793249

>blah blah muh 1984
Honestly we fluff it as Brave New World
Happy Sheeple are best sheeple

>> No.25793250

>mfw I had this game and loved the hell out of it

>> No.25793257

As much as Orks are bound by marital pride.

Actually Paradise worlds are just that.
They are however exceedingly rare.

>> No.25793260


Which can go both ways.

You might get a really friendly Necron who invites you to dinner with the family.

>> No.25793264

same guy here
also forgot to say BNW would make sense to fight Slaanesh because it removes desire

>> No.25793271

Who thinks you're his long lost friend's nephew back when he had flesh

>> No.25793273

Not every world is like the Krieger homeworld or Necromunda ya grimderp babbie

>> No.25793291

>marital pride
I don't think that word means what you think it means, unless you're talking about Orkish gay marriage.

>> No.25793296

Would it really be gay when orks don't have penises?

>> No.25793298

Not really. Orks are not programmed to follow a set of rules.

The FW Dynasty despite being the most hardcore and bloodthirsty of all the Necrons were forced by their protocols to give warnings, declarations of war, and accept honorable duels.

>> No.25793303

>implying they have genders or sex
>implying not spores
I have yet to see a fem orc or haven't noticed

>> No.25793310

Neither are necrons, they are *still* not AI, they are uploaded minds.

>> No.25793321


If Orks are not sexually dimorphic do they have no sex or are they all they same sex? I think the latter, it gives far more scope for EPIC ORK GAY WEDDINGS. Can you imagine...

>> No.25793326


But the greater majority of them are a wide and varying degrees of suck.

So rare that they don't matter at all we discussing life in the Imperium.

Then the Tau were made for you.

Leave my Grimdark alone!

>> No.25793334

Technically the Boyz are more masculine than actually 'male', and since they asexually reproduce their own numbers and that of their subraces essential to their culture such as squiqz and gretchin through the spores they happen to give off.

>> No.25793339

They have no sex, and reproduce with spores.

>> No.25793342

>taking canon face value
>wanting things to be exactly grimdark
>not a homosexual
>fourth implication

>> No.25793345

Uploaded minds with command protocols governing their behavior and action.

>> No.25793348

Orks don't have sex, they were artifically made for foightin. Its why the technical orks know how to SCIENCE their gear up naturally.

>> No.25793362

They were programmed for it.

>> No.25793365

Gentecticly so, yes

>> No.25793371

I know right. Theres millions of worlds. You're probably less likely to experience war than you are right now on earth. Theres some major conflict going on about half of the worlds countries. Canon says most worlds are civilised worlds, so In the Imperium theres probably half a million planets are civilised worlds not experiencing direct conflict, probably not to different from earth.

The imperium isn't a bad place to live, 40k just focuses on the conflict aspects.

>> No.25793372

Yes, as part of them being an artificial warrior race created by the Old Ones.

>> No.25793393

Planetary governess can do what they like aslong as they supply the tithes. I'm pretty sure a lot of them will try to make good living standards and keep their populations happy.

>> No.25793395

Boy they really forgot to put some emergency brakes on their breeding

For a bunch of geniuses they were kinda dumb

>> No.25793399

thats extra heretical

>> No.25793410

>The imperium isn't a bad place to live, 40k just focuses on the conflict aspects.

For frak sake, people.

>Implying I have to tolerate people spitting on the entire point of the setting

Have at thee, Noblebrighter!

>> No.25793413

Not really, Orks were meant to scour the universe clean of the Necron threat.

Nids are are the Ork failsafe.

>> No.25793423

Maybe thats why they are all dead

>> No.25793427

>Muh grimdark canonn
Please refer to these guys
You fucking ansty 12yo

>> No.25793430

Nids are not really perfect against Necrons, considering that almost everything the Necrons have devastates the Tyranids.

>> No.25793431

You mean like Dreadball and the Warpath universe... Which is heavily taken from the 40K universe.

>> No.25793432

>artistic license.
Thats not even canon, it's not even logisitcally possible to maintain the same standards on every world.
Face it, it's no where as grimdark as you want.

>> No.25793446

So Necrons are the heros of the galaxy? Saving us all from the only HUGE threat?
They are not the heros we want
They are the heros we deserve
They are the Batman

>> No.25793454

Oh no see....
Orks are the toads made to exterminate the Necron beetles, then comes the Nid snakes which will eat the Ork toads, and then comes the snake-eating gorillas...

>> No.25793460

Thats dumb for the simple fact we KNOW not all worlds in the Imperium are the exact same.

Not out of probability alone mind you, but the fact that the fluff itself describes extremely various kinds of worlds across the thousands+ worlds that make up the Imperium.

>> No.25793462

And men were ment to eat tau
Also how mad/overjoyed would it be if I fed my men tau sardines when fighting them to save rations

>> No.25793471

The Nids won't fight the necrons because they can't eat metal.

>> No.25793480

Thus Necrons will stop the nids from taking the galaxy

>> No.25793491

Nids won't eat Necrons because the emptiness they projects is like a cluster headache for the Narwhals warp-senses.

>> No.25793499

>it's no where as grimdark as you want.

Oh it is. You guys simply deny it, although it's plucked directly from the rulebooks and fluff pieces. You guys are despicable.

>To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim darkness of the far future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.


>> No.25793504

Interesting, funny how they created Men a million years in advance of the Tau.

>> No.25793512

This one looks very nice.

Though it does seem to say "join the Sororitas" at the bottom, which a person can't just do. But apart from that it's good.

He's right, though. Cain books are absolutely terrible at portraying Sisters. I'd completely understand if a person just wanted to ignore everything they say about Sisters.

>> No.25793515

>he thinks 1 big of poorly written fluff defeats countless books of canon
Come off it, of course those words exist, but they're not every world, they're just worlds which most conform to the imperial law. The imperium is impossibly varied.

>> No.25793516

Ya you're 12
Summertime folks, never you mind

>> No.25793537

As I said, all those multitudes of worlds have various degrees and flavors of suckitude. Not all of them are as bad as Krieg but none of them are a pleasant place to live in.

Whatever rare exceptions there are, they exist to prove the rule. The rule that is Grimdark.

>> No.25793542

And the picture on its own.

>> No.25793544

How so?

Is it better when they are just those bitches who exist to be butchered in other forces background fluff and as finger-paint?

>> No.25793551

"The exception that proves the rule" is the most meaningless statement in the English language

>> No.25793556

>no planet can be nice
>Rule of grimdark
You're worse than those guys who say alignment in PCs is a strayjacket and not just a guide

If you aren't smart enough to figure out alignment than don't play with it

>> No.25793560

Says the guy who wants to ruin the setting because it's too''grim and ''dark'' for him.

Back to Star Wars with you!

Varied but with a constant of being an awful place to live.

>> No.25793565

>Not a single planet in the imperium can be nice
Idiot, we're done.

>> No.25793567

>I'm just too mature and grim dark, you baby
Tell me your trolling
If not please get banned or go to maplestory/hot topic

>> No.25793571

It's not meaningless at all, it's just that most people don't understand what it actually means.

>> No.25793574


You got it wrong, the Eldar created Tau to fees men. Other way around

>> No.25793580

Don't put words in my mouth, you noblebrighting fool.

I said the vast majority are awful. You can have your tiny meaningless peaceful utopia but it doesn't change the nature of the setting.

>> No.25793584

>> No.25793589

Says the guy who wants to ruin the tounge in cheeksetting because it's not 'grim and ''dark'' enough for him.

Yes *I* got it wrong
>And men were ment to eat tau
Noone actually uses back-links anymore?

>> No.25793594

No you literally said
>but none of them are a pleasant place to live in
I PRAY you are trolling, you don't need to prove you're grimdark. We already see you're retarded and what's wrong with 40k

>> No.25793602

Reading Comprehension isn't your thing, I see.

Mature enough to accept the setting for what it is.

>> No.25793605

First book where they appear: They're mostly portrayed as incompetent idiots. One squad of Sisters recklessly charges alone and unsupported into a Tyranid swarm, and promptly gets nearly wiped out. And of course, that entire order is utterly duped by a radical Inquisitor and ends up commiting mass suicide.

Second book: We have a Sister Julien, a Sister who smokes, drinks, gambles and has secret affairs. To be fair, I can see what Sandy Mitchell was going for. A "too old for this shit" sort of character. It doesn't really work for Sisters though, they're all brainwashed at an early age into behaving in a very proper, disciplined way. Next, and entire order that literally exists to show off how powerful that mind controlling psyker Varan is.

>> No.25793613

Ok you really are trolling

>> No.25793614

There is only WAR, and Demon rockbands and Eldar Punkers and The entirety of the Ork race and pressure farting space marines dancing Tango.

>> No.25793620

I said there are rare exceptions, damnit!

>> No.25793624

>Mature enough to accept the setting for what it is.
A joke on 80's Judge dredd-style Grimderp.

>> No.25793628

If anyone is being trolled, it's me.

You're poison.

>> No.25793629

>> No.25793630


Weeell if you want to get technical...

>Men were meant to eat tau
Does not = men were created to eat tau. It just implies a man eat tau relationship and some sort of planning involved in it, no temporal element.

You then inserted a temporal element.

So, yes *You* got it wrong

>> No.25793635

Anyway, there's plenty of good BL portrayals of Sisters. The James Swallo books are superb portrayals, and the more recent Death of Antagonis has a very good, very fluffy SoB character. She even has a big twist to her at the end, but its justified so that it makes sense within the context of the SoBs characterisation.

>> No.25793636

see this is what always got me. I thought it WAS ment to be serious to sell to ansty teens like this retard >>25793602
because there's a lot of money to be made in those tards

>> No.25793641

Judge Dredd ITSELF is almost the same kind of British parody... They play plots seriously but the setting is absurdest.

>> No.25793642

That's part of it, but it was also a joke on their own mentalities.

>"Hey! Let's take everything... and put it INNNN SPAAAACEEEE!"

I don't see the need to hate on the setting.

>> No.25793645

>There is only WAR,
Is that you Miguel?

>> No.25793648

>> No.25793653

>hate on
Not helping the "You are not 12" agruement much

>> No.25793655

Thank The Emperor for this flashlight!

>> No.25793657

>> No.25793662

Apart from Sister Julien it sounds EXACTLY how they are normally presented.

40k hates the army of women

>> No.25793663

NEWSFLASH! People like things for different reasons! More News at 11.

>> No.25793664

>> No.25793669

Whas the name of that old comic series who's main character is a Sister of Battle?

>> No.25793670

>> No.25793685

Read Faith and Fire, Hammer and Anvil, the Enforcer series (Shira Calpurnia is a sister in everything but the name.) There's a positive light from some of the writers.

I particularly like Faith and Fire for showing the pants on head fucking insanity of some of the faith systems, and how it's dealt with.

>> No.25793692


Dare I ask what the twist is?

>> No.25793696

Daemonifuge. It's pretty good.

>> No.25793697

Hell no, better dead that beaner.

No hate for the setting, I like it as a joke.
Same thing that make Evil dead a great zombie flick

It's are silly genre and only silly folks take it seriously.

>> No.25793701

How could you not recommend Daemonifuge?

>> No.25793702

>> No.25793708

Read it and find out for yourself!

>> No.25793711


I enjoyed the depiction of the SOB in the first book of the Enforcer Series. They were calm and logical when info was brought to them.

The second made me laugh when the SOB pull a 'Nope, didn't see it' to a priest who had been causing them as much trouble as the Enforcers got decked.

>> No.25793713

>> No.25793721

Ok look, middleschool is hard for everyone
Mainly because you feel confused of all the changes, friends, responsiblity, your own body

So we understand you want to be hatemad and want to defend this autsimal world you love to kill in.

Just take this and try to feel better with some truth

>> No.25793727

It's really not.

They're portrayed as the competent, elite soldiers that they are when the writer happens to give a damn. You only have to look at their own codexes, or a writer like James Swallow to see that.

Indeed. Hammer and Anil is also good at showing how people with that same faith can come into conflict with its parts where Imogen and Miriya come into conflict.

>> No.25793741

Such a fucking terribad translation.

"The this thing is shagging begun next, fellow!"

>> No.25793753

That would be telling, anon!

Sounds like something I'd be interested in. Tell me, what is the Enforcer Series?

>> No.25793759

That's the thing. It can be taken as a joke, and that's fine, that's what it started as, back when painting a model red made it go faster, and no matter what kind of helmet you wore, your space elf Mohawk came out looking perfect.

But now it's something different. It's changed, and it's meant to be over the top, no hope gray morality. Some people (Like me), like it for both reasons, and people who attempt to invalidate it because "Hurrr, my reason for liking this is the right way!" are just silly indeed.

People enjoy different things, don't waste time arguing about it, agree that you're different, and move on. Holy shit, magic.
I'm stoned. On lots of Codine. My apologies.

>> No.25793771


>Clearly hasn't seen the new Evil Dead

>> No.25793776

Life must suck being a useless asshole eh?

>> No.25793791

You guys are the best
It's like the good old days of /b/ with you morons

>> No.25793794


It's about Arbites. Sisters are in the first and Second novels, though only supporting characters in the first and tertiary in the second. Still, there and a rather good depiction in both.

>> No.25793797

Great, no reason for you to hang around here then.

>> No.25793808

he doesn't get that he can stop this by not responding

Would you feel more comfortable on Gaia?

>> No.25793816

Necron girls are best

>> No.25793818

Wrong, anon, but I got your message and all I got to say is....

HAVE AT THEE, you noblebrigthing prick. 40K ill needs scum such as you.

>> No.25793833

So I heard Necron gals are canon.

Could you source it, please?

>> No.25793838

gee whiz, logistics dictate it's easier to move one bag of shit than everything else around it.

Maybe come back in 4-5 hours, you should find more of your kind on by then.

>> No.25793839

>Implying I'm mad
That's cute. All that's been said is "People like things for different reasons!" I get this is an impossible concept when you're autistic and have to force Ponies down people's throat, but honestly, saying "I like lemons because sour stuff is tasty!" and "I like Lemons because I can make Lemonade!" You're still saying the same thing; You like lemons. Why does it have to be an issue?
>That bro tier techpriest.
Seriously. That dude was awesome. I'd really like to see an Arbites game, that'd be pretty cool.
>Elite SWAT unit with Stun Batons and Riot Shotguns, a door breaching powerfist, etc, etc, breaking into a building to rescue a cloister of important hostages and the Ecclesiarch.
All my money.

>> No.25793841

Has this thread not proven canon isn't really reliable and with galactic preportions you can more or less have anything you can think of

>> No.25793842


Right. I think you've gotten a couple of terms mixed up here.

Pariahs are 'soulless', and their very presence and touch is anathema to psykers and daemonic entities. Fire a psychic blast at a pariah, and they will walk through it like it didn't happen. A side effect of this is a general aura of unease and mistrust aimed at the Pariah. For examples look at the Culexus Assassain (Although their wargear ramps these effects up to 11), the Daemon Huntress' little kid from Inquisitor, or the Distaff from the Eisenhorn series.

'Blunts' has two meanings in 40k.
1 - A derogatory slang term used by some psykers to describe non-psykers.
2 - A being/species which, while not a Pariah, is physically incapable of manifesting psychic abilities, shows -some- resistance to Chaos-based mutation/influence (although chemicals and radioactivity can alter the genome as usual, and the influence resistance is speculative), and is affected by psychic powers normally. In addition to this, their 'soul' is incredibly difficult for warp entities to detect. Where an Eldar Farseer would shine like a star, a regular Human would shine like a campfire, and a Tau would be an ember in the wind. They can be found, and spotted, but provide very little sustenance to Daemons, when there are much better prizes, for much less effort.

>> No.25793858

Better have ammo when the autists show up.

Less headaches this way.

>> No.25793863

If you guys keep arguing, soon there'll be a Chaos good of internet arguing!

>> No.25793865

Hey man, Nobel Dark and Nobel Bright have their places in the world, just like Grimdark and Grim Bright. They can all be awesome if done well.

>> No.25793866


>> No.25793881


Whoa there 1 more and we have a buzzword bingo.

>> No.25793887

Indeed, chafing is not fun though

>> No.25793904

Faggot, JIDF, Neckbeard, Fedora, Tumbltard, there you go. You can leave now, you've got what you wanted after all.

>> No.25793907

That pic is actually canon. The Ultramarines books from Black Library drop hints that the Ultramarines still do that.

>> No.25793932

>> No.25793942

>My sides
was that shooped or an in-book gag

>> No.25793959

That's fucking hilarious.

>> No.25793961

Are IG allowed to paint their vehicles with pictures of hot ladies?

>> No.25793976

No that has never been done before and is unthink able
What's next? Sharks on planes?

>> No.25793982

IG are prone to more variation than any other army in the game. Each world has it's own regiments that it raises, and each regiment will have their own way of doing things. So yes, pinup girls on the sides of their vehicles is probably something you'd see on more than a few regiments.

>> No.25793984

Depends on the regiment. For example, there could be an entire regiment of hot lesbians where this is an essential part of maintaining morale.

>> No.25793992

But what would the Commissars and Tech Priests think?

>> No.25794006

In some cases they just have to accept that that's how those people roll. Chem Dogs and Regiments from feral worlds are usually very quirky, and have exceptions made for them.

>> No.25794031

Techpriests care more about the machine, than the paint-job. Commissars are another manner altogether, and typically don't come from the regiment itself (being assigned to them, instead). Most Commissars therefore don't make drastic changes to how a regiment operates. Also, not all regiments have Commissars.

>> No.25794036

>that feel when no robot tomb queen gf

>> No.25794053

Tech Priests to think machines are people. People who have feelings that should be considered and respected.

>> No.25794061


>> No.25794069

And what better way to respect your old and oft-ornery machine spirit than giving it a cute pinup girl?

>> No.25794070

Are they autistic?

>> No.25794085

You forgot to call DLFG "Dan the disgusting transvestite namefag"

>> No.25794089

Cry more, faggot, my new CO doesn't try to kill me for his snuff fetish.

>> No.25794095

No. Just emotionless and excessively logical.

>> No.25794108

It worked for the Space Marines, but then again they are all massive mary sues down to the last.

>> No.25794130

Oh my god... Techpriests just confrimed for autistic...

>> No.25794133

Pretty much.

>> No.25794139

Actually, its just that orks killed/ate all the emergency breaks and control protocols. And the Old Ones are too dead to fix anything.

>> No.25794184


The joke is that that connection has been made for decades.

>> No.25794185

>The Imperium doesn't care if you life or die, but the Imperium cares that you exist.

the Tau both care if you exist AND whether you live or die, every soldier to them is precious and important. their people equally so. you believe the emperors lies and are offered nothing, not life, not care not a thing, the Tau offer us life, and freedom and a cause to fight for. I still hold the emperor in my heart and the Tau do not begrdge that, they offer me and my brothers salvation and treat us as equals and my Tau battle brothers would mourn my death while the imperium would do nothing but quicken my death.

>> No.25794197

I hate how EVERYONE always tries to make the SoBs more "reasonable" and never any of the other utterly ridiculous factions.

>> No.25794218 [SPOILER] 

>>that feel when no robot tomb queen gf
I got what you're looking for riiight here...

>> No.25794233

enjoy being AT BEST an expendable second-class citizen and at worst a suspect for insurrection regardless of what you do

>> No.25794245

Thats a disgusting tau in robotic clothing
Give me lolicron or heavy chan
pic unrelated

>> No.25794277

Actually, machines DO have spirits in 40K. Some do. Sort of. Either way, one time a tank crew got murdered inside their tank and the tank got so pissed it hunted orks all by itself for like a month before it ultimately killed their Warboss in a suicidal bumrush.
They really aren't though. They get incredibly impassioned about their machines. In fact, the Admech hates the Tau because they think they are abusing their machine spirits.

>> No.25794288

>You forgot to call DLFG "Dan the disgusting transvestite namefag"
When did that shit happen

>> No.25794298

Why do you still cling to that corpse-god, fellow Gue'vesa? I know some other gods that are MUCH better... They even answer my prayers!

>> No.25794307

I just hate how everyone takes the setting so goddamned seriously. It's a giant satire of sci-fi, and meant to be a joke.

>> No.25794309

Its technically an robot skeleton wearing a tau mask, but thats splitting hairs
>Give me lolicron or heavy chan

>> No.25794315

But they do need, it though. Sometimes Sisters are cast a little too far into the "raging lunatic" zone.

Soulstorm, for example, was quite a good portrayal. The Sisters are all very zealous and relgious, but at the same time they're protrayed as tactically aware and disciplined soldiers, not just a horde of raving zealots.

Also, pic related. Some Orders actually are fairly reasonable acting.

>> No.25794354

That, too. I just wish they would stop trying to "fix" sisters, usually because while giant shoulderpads and fending off giant alien bugdinos in nothing more than your Nazi fetish suit doesnt bother them, boobplate and battleheels are suddenly too unreasonable for 40K.
So what you're saying is that Sisters are perfectly fine as they are, its just that everyone has a shitty misconception of them because the only thing they know about SoBs is Ciaphas Cain, which is an utterly fucktarded representation of them? Glad to see we are on the same page.

>> No.25794355

I swear that pic's lolicron is hideous but xeno saves it

Heres the good stuff

>> No.25794364

we need more hot tombqueens

>> No.25794366

Need more orks interacting with tau or guardsmen. How do you think freebooters operate with humies?

>> No.25794376

It's kinda hard to tell the difference when they're wearing full body armor.

>> No.25794393

I actually dont care much for that picture, I was just fucking around since I have dick in the way of tau cheesecake. Maybe this new Tomb Queen will fix that.

>> No.25794419

You guys realize Alzheimers and unpredictability right?
They're women over exaggerated human women guys

>> No.25794420

mutual distrust and disgust...at least until the orks prove reliable and the humies prove DAKKAtastic

>> No.25794484

Pretty much, yep.

They actually have a fairly rich background, it's just that it's not explored in depth enough overall.

>> No.25794612

All the same could be said about today, when you think about it. Or at least Russia.

>> No.25794977

>> No.25795472

Hope and Change motherfucker

>> No.25796094

Dislike the art, but the position is great. It'd be nice if someone did something similar.

>> No.25796170


>> No.25796210

You won't regret taking a german class - mainly for Loriot&Rammstein.

>> No.25796222


>> No.25796288

Modern GW disagrees.

>> No.25796475

And i don't remember them doing that, the fluff was just one planet after the other falling silent
"I gotta go lookin' fer som'thing"
That can be reprogrammed according to Ward's fluff.

>> No.25796512

Well, the Orks weren't finished yet, or more precisely the old ones didn't carecleaning up their petri dishes when they left

>> No.25796545

Damn, Dark Knight was stupid, why did you bring that up?

>> No.25796562


>> No.25796570

Source of pic?

>> No.25796593

Well, that's how the warp works, just like german trains.

>> No.25796623

b-but it's winter!

>> No.25796673


>> No.25796699

Does someone have an mp3 of the audiodrama?
12 bucks is a bit high for an audiodrama in english imho due to most english audiodramas pulling out the worst of the worst voice actors...i'd buy it just like faith&fire if it's worth it though, black library sometimes gets a surprising spike of quality

>> No.25796713

Don Miguel? The RPG2000k guy? Yeah.

>> No.25796905

Don't go mon'keigh on us

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