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So, /tg/, what're Your Dudes like?

What makes your warband/chapter/legion/hive fleet/whatever else different? Any distinctive guys/squads?

Tell me about them, fa/tg/uys!

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Aw yeah, son.

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>those exotic FW bolters in the background



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those are just 2nd edition plastic bolters, anon.

I guess someone who never played back then would find them exotic.. but..

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>implying old models aren't exotic

Tiny Rhinos, away!

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lol newfag. If you want to pay me Forgeword prices, I have a ton of these I can sell you. Still has the stock and everything.

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This aint FW Bolters, those are like 2nd ed plastic ones.

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Slaan modeled Imperial guard.

Basically I make my guardsmen look like Lizardmen.

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The Dominators Space Marine Chapter. One list is played using Blood Angels, spamming assault Marines, this is the rapid insertion force. Another list is Space Wolves, mostly just Longfang spam, this is the heavy penetration force. Most often I end up allying the forces together, which is why they needed to be from two distinctive codexes.

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FW bolters aren't that expensive. It's $16.67 for 10 bolters and they come with bayonets.

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>2E was 1993

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>Space Wolves

Take 4 Rune Priests.


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Time traveling Dark Eldar. All their crazy wargear is refluffed to used temporal energies. They don't screw up the time stream in any really horrible ways because they just don't give a damn.

Instead of using clones, they just grab copies of the guy from the past. No complications thus far!

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My dudes are a renegade penal legion who use ghillie suits, camoflauged gun emplacements, foxholes, tunnels, and every form of deception and guerilla warfare they possibly can to fight enemies on the jungle death world they were stranded on.

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My Warboss is Warboss WAAAAGulous. A flamboyant Bad Moon, that stays with his pack of Nobs, equally as catty as he is, known as The Heathers.

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My dudes and dudettes are a mobile infantry division fighting for a new homeworld after theirs was destroyed by a necron dynasty awakening. They regularly find themselves up against a space marine chapter who spreads the original imperial truth, several tau septs including oshovah's renegades, and the grey knights

Basically wanted to convert some guardsues for my girlfriend and our friends. Pic related

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My dudes use as many things with storm in the name as possible. Storm Bolters, storm shields, land speeder storm, etc.

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Storm Talons?

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I play...reasonable Eldar.

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You should use Thunderfire Cannons because Thunder and Storms go together.

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>Da Hevvas

Dey'z brutally kunnin'.

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I can only see them releasing the most crushing, brutal catty comments.
>If yer outfit wuz any louda, Oi'd need earplugs to look at ya!
>The Farseer was last seen drowning her sorrows in ice cream

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>>The Farseer was last seen drowning her sorrows in ice cream

Hopefully the fat will go to her much needed breasts.

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>That commissar

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Oh shush you, it's getting repainted this weekend.

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You need to thin the paint on your table.

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>Tch, dat grot'z flatter den Oi am.
The farseer was again, slamming her face into a pint of Banana Baneblade.

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Wish I had pictures.

Lost and the Damned army, specifically a Catachan army.

They were the settlers of a swamp deathworld, centuries ago. The world was eventually selected as a recruiting world for a new chapter, given it's hardy stock of people and deathworld traits.

However, relatively isolated, the planet and it's people began to fall to chaos worship.

It's not totally widespread yet, but it is accepted by both the people and the chapter. The chapter specifically regards any advantage to win as alright in their book, and they have outright betrayed others in order to ensure their goals.

The chapter avoids letting in anyone who has chaos taint as an initiate, so the corruption hasn't made it to them yet, but it's only a matter of time.

The army fights with a combo of a meatgrinder and ambush tactics. They throw native beastmen tribes into loose formations and basically force them towards the enemy, and they also throw anyone who's heavily mutated(which is considered a weakness) into the same formations to keep the enemy distracted while their actual elite units move into ambush position.

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I remained undecided on what exactly was causing the corruption though. I was considering on one end a greater daemon, trapped on the world who's slowly and subtly corrupting the men and marines to his own ends, or simply by having them do it themselves, a willing fall in the name of defending the Imperium.

But the army is basically right in the middle of them falling, having already been declared heretics, but still not totally corrupted and angry that centuries of defending the Imperium with the need of such drastic tactics being returned with being calling heretics.

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Makin' fluff for my Word Bearers. The major thing that I like is I have 5 chaos spawns, Each one a previous Apostle that led them, each one fallen to a different god, and the final one a undivided spawn that requires a wrangler.
Fallen Apostle Fetis- My Nurgle spawn was the first to fall. He simply took to long to do anything worth veneration, all but Nurgle gave up on him. His soul was easy to claim, all he had to do was wait. it feels as if he had been with the legion since inception, hell some cant remember if he is 3 different apostles or 1, due to head count.
Fallen Apostle Malphenus- Fallen to Tezneech after he allowed distraction while summoning lesser deamons. Quick to fleet, he aften enjoys picking what molted feathers manage to pierce his flesh and decorate his twisted croziux with them.
Fallen Apostle Behning- Fell while reviling in the combat against a Dark eldar, Slannesh simply forced his hand and took him mind, body and soul. Deal with it Khorne
Fallen Apostle Vienus- Fell almost immediately within the first hours of combat after status elevation. Khorne be damned that pink sissy going to force whatever he wants.
Currently Dark apostle Pattersin Leads this warband, Getting tastes of deamon hood in the throws of battle, certainly his ascension is at hand, hes had so many tastes, he can hardly contain himself.

-I have more fluff, Im currently making a scrap book which tells some more.

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I have one marine with a red bolter. All the rest are black. He was my first painted and assembled marine.

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My Tau are localized police force that regularily stamp out political demands for self governance in the solar system in which they are stationed, which has a high population of displaced humans from frontier worlds and an exodite world.

My Space Marines are a third company of a now extinct chapter, they dissapeared into the warp some time during the Age of Apostary and reappeared millions of years later. The problem? Their ship emerged from the warp heavily damaged... and then, it emerged again. Distrustful of one another (with the exception of Ironclad Dreadnoughts Monroe and Monroe- ultra bros) they struggle to reestablish their chapter and try to determine which, or if both of them are the genuine article. (SPOILERS: They're all ruberic marines or something.)

My Sisters of Battle are a newly established convent on said space marine chapter's former homeworld. Founded by survivors of a crusade to reclaim it from hereteks many of its initiates bear scars and missing eyes after purging themselves of all technology. Due to the borderline deification of the space marine chapter before they popped out of the warp that they used to indoctrinate the populace, the Sisters need to move covertly against them in order to avoid inciting a planet wide riot.

My Necrons...?
-Hey yo ho!
-You'll cruise across the stars.
-And you'll find the living in their ships
-And blow them out the doors!
-Though we're dead, my Lord
-Adventure is what we can't live without!
-And when you're a Necron Pirate---
-That's what the job's about!

And then there's the kill team...

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My Tau are localized police force that regularily stamp out political demands for self governance in the solar system in which they are stationed, which has a high population of displaced humans from frontier worlds and an exodite world.

My Space Marines are a third company of a now extinct chapter, they dissapeared into the warp some time during the Age of Apostary and reappeared millions of years later. The problem? Their ship emerged from the warp heavily damaged... and then, it emerged again. Distrustful of one another (with the exception of Ironclad Dreadnoughts Monroe and Monroe- ultra bros) they struggle to reestablish their chapter and try to determine which, or if both of them are the genuine article. (SPOILERS: They're all ruberic marines or something.)

My Sisters of Battle are a newly established convent on said space marine chapter's former homeworld. Founded by survivors of a crusade to reclaim it from hereteks many of its initiates bear scars and missing eyes after purging themselves of all technology. Due to the borderline deification of the space marine chapter before they popped out of the warp that they used to indoctrinate the populace, the Sisters need to move covertly against them in order to avoid inciting a planet wide riot.

My Necrons...?
-Hey yo ho!
-You'll cruise across the stars.
-And you'll find the living in their ships
-And blow them out the doors!
-Though we're dead, my Lord
-Adventure is what we can't live without!
-And when you're a Necron Pirate---
-That's what the job's about!

And then there's the kill team...

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The Sept's primary bulk of forces are used to hunt Farsight and friends, but suck at it. Everyone else is sent to help other septs but are ofter found fleeing earlier than everyone else.

Home planet is xenophobic space Milan

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Thanks again to /tg/ for suggesting chapters.

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My dudes were a chapter from the 13th(Dark) founding who were thought for a while to be an exception to the rule that everyone from that founding met a fucked up end. Then, three full companies of these guys were fighting alongside a Grey Knights' strike force against a Demonic Incursion. The Imperial forces won, and the Grey Knights tried to pull their usual mindwipe bullshit, but the Dragons of Karavak didn't want to have any of that. Fighting ensued, and the Dragons managed to escape.

Naturally, the whole chapter was branded Excommunicate Traitoris. Nowadays, they've turned pirate to survive.

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Where'd you get that helmet?

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Grey Knight sprue, bought them exclusively to scrap them into bits a good ways back.

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>"Yo Wolfsen, you dropped this."

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Cool, it's amazing how un-GK it looks when it's painted not GK colors.

How'd you do those bases? Sorry for all the questions.

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>"Don't bother me you double-heretic! I must avenge my lost livery!"

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oh lawd

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Used paint to adhere sand to the base, was a kludge because I couldn't procure PVA at the time. Glued on some tiny bits of procured rubble, randomly covered both with GW textured paint.

Then glued the models on and base coated.

Paint was IIRC a brown followed by the same stone shade used in the edges of the armor, followed by a brown wash, then dry brush of a lighter shade of grey, which is also on the base rim.

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Here's my homebrew chapter master, he has a warp curse that forces him so see the true nature of something like a deamons true form and has a necron tomb lord's still functioning head chained to his backpack that he has held conversations with. The chapter overall has a distinct hatred of tzeench and its followers due to a battle with the sons of ecstasy that reduced chapter numbers to a point where they are incapable of fielding scouts anymore despite their victory.

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Gotta be a troll. Gotta be.

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meant to type slaneesh, but what could be done to improve his fluff, I'm pretty crap at character creation. So tear it up if you like so I can fix my apparent fuck up.

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Ditch the Necron Lord head or at least make it something like a Warrior head that lets him tap into Necron movements but isn't some whacky lolrandom Mary Sue overdone companion that he converses with. Change Warp curse to just Warp exposure or a long time spent in the Warp. Preferred Enemy: Slaanesh and losing their 10th Company is nice, keep those.

That's just my opinion. Maybe it was just your presentation that made me cringe. That and the Necron head.

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Or super special curse

>> No.25787073

yeah the necron lord head thing was a friends suggestion, but the mini has on actually on the pack which I like the aesthetic that I link to his first battle as a full battle brother, and the warp exposure does make more sense. Anything else?

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Just say the head is a trophy off a Lord. No reason it has to talk.

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It would have teleported

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I cum into every pot of paint I buy to give it that special sheen

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I thought you would assume that with the new version we just did, sorry I didn't mention it. On a slightly different note the mini has a bionic left arm as shown in the pic, want to just call that as he lost it wherever or would it be too specific to say a tyranid tore it off when he was in an assault squad.

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It's an interesting thing to note, but it's not really necessary at all. For example, look at Calgar (inb4 lel Ultrasues) he has most of his body replaced by cybernetics but doesn't really mention how he lost those parts. Same with Ortan Cassius's face.

I think it adds to the mystique of your character. Did he lose it in a youthful indiscretion? Or did he fight some indescribable monstrosity as a chapter master in defense of his chapter? Who knows. Maybe Slaanesh herself tore his arm off after laying waste to all his neophytes.

>> No.25787486


From his days in the 8th Company is good enough. Getting too specific like a Tyranid tore it off sounds too busy.

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I see, moving on to the rest of the chapter I was thinking a heavily forested planet as the location of their fortress monastery while the people live in city states similar to ancient greece and having a similar tech level to what was around in mid ww2.

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I actually go the other way, and prefer to build lists to make my army my impression of a rather standard iconic example of that particular faction.
My 1500 point Guard is over a hundred troopers loaded with heavy weapons voxes, 3 Leman Russ Battle Tanks and a Commissar with a cheap command squad

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It's hard to fuck up homeworld and recruiting stock. You can pretty much do whatever for that, but it helps if it's not totally random and ties into your chapter themes.

For example, Space Wolves basically recruit dying tribal warriors on an ice world, that's why they all have snow and warrior themes. Same with Ultramarines recruiting nobles.

So if you recruit from a forest world with Greeks and WWII tech, make that reflect in your chapter's style. Though that's a kind of weird combo you'd think WWII people would advance beyond ancient Greek culture and learn how to deforest.

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>The problem? Their ship emerged from the warp heavily damaged... and then, it emerged again

Wait...wait....an entire company of space marines...and time displaces doubles.

I like you.

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I was thinking that the population had a reverence of nature for some reason or another so they choose not to unless they needed to make some sort of highway or structure. But the chapter mostly recruits from a "middle class" as they see the life of nobles as too posh to provide effective troops while those in poverty ridden areas are too easily corrupted by the allure of slaneesh and the excess he/she represents.

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My custom chapter is split into warring factions of Loyalists defending their honour as the Sons of Sanguinius and Renegade Separatists under the current chapter master who is currently possessed by a Daemon weapon after being tricked by a scheming Red Corsairs Chaos Lord into acquiring it.

They focus on raven imagery and see the God-Emperor as the Lightbringer, emphasizing the use of heat based weapons (Plasma, Melta and Flamers) to express their reverence. While not many have been taken by the Black Rage, there is an active Death Company largely under the command of the chapter master. The Red Thirst has instilled pyromania in marines who have experienced it, and their eyes begin glowing red as a result of mutation caused by solar radiation from the system star.

>> No.25788268


Too bad they're not girl marines so you could have the two fiery girls glare at each other while the two cheerful girls play with each other and the two arara~ girls go arara~

>> No.25788283


If you ditch the Greek vibe you could have a very interesting WWII steampunk culture that lives amongst the forest. Motherfucking steampunk human elves.

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Tau Black Ops cadre, Sept N'Dras. Recruited from secret and restrictive Fire Caste reproduction and training facilities on the sept that was abandoned. Information is given on a need-to-know basis. Conspiracies abound: everyone Shas'o or higher knows of some sort of mystery that most Tau don't know about.

The purpose of the cadre is jobs other cadres aren't meant for. Other cadres from the Sept are often used for attrition warfare(normally avoided by Tau Commanders) to weed out the weak. The survivors are usually inducted into various elite Pathfinder and Stealth teams.

These strike teams form an elite secret police, hunting down other Fire Caste commanders suspected of going the way of Farsight, or otherwise in need of punishment. However, besides being used for the Ethereal's dirty work, they ultimately hold a much more confidential purpose.

The Sept color of N'Dras is black. The cadre's teams wear urban camo with unpainted weapons bearing the metallic grey of the alloy they were built from. The strike teams wear jet black clothing and blackened metal armor.

Individual characters(events based on actual game experience):

Sub-Commander Swordtide: A hardened veteran of many wars, Swordtide is a true disciple of the Kauyon, preferring to set up a fortified gunline and flank the enemy with massed infantry fire as they approach. Among his achievements are successfully commanding the destruction a cadre of Tau that had fallen corrupt to a mysterious force, and miraculously felling a Gue'la Space Marine Sergeant with his bonding knife. Swordtide is considered to generally be more aggressive and emotional than most of the other Tau from his Sept, something seen as a weakness by some. (he uses Darkstrider's rules)

(to be continued)

>> No.25788421

no problem here, I was also planing on having the chapter work as like a board of the acting captains with the Chapter master as the head of sorts voting on certain measures if time isn't an issue on them. While the planet itself uses the typical imperial politics.

>> No.25788499


Having a council of captains and a chapter overseeing homeworld politics is standard space marine stuff. A lot of chapters do this.

>> No.25788514

>Taste the Rainbow
> Not 'Look at my Dakka'

My custom warband is black....and by that I mean salamanders founded. Also their leader, vandar kardo, is missing the left side of his face due to a SoB's flamer (using half a regular space marine head, half a tomb king skull with the eye socket hollowed out)

>> No.25788526

>Salamanders founder

But Salamanders have no known successors...

>> No.25788543


Commander Ironstar: Ironstar is a mysterious and terrifying figure, even to the Fire Warriors under his command. Highly paranoid, he is known to order Shas'vre Crisis pilots under his command to paint their XV8 mobile suits to resemble his, to prevent his assassination. Ironstar is cold and distant from the soldiers under his command, holding them to be immeasurable expendable in the name of the Greater Good. In battle, he prefers to offer anti-air support, using a velocity tracker to properly direct his surface-to-air missiles into enemy aircraft.

Ironstar is known for surviving impossible odds during the battle for the two frozen worlds of the Valos system. During this struggle, he held out despite tremendous casualties against the Deathwing of the Dark Angels Space Marine chapter, his quarry, not knowing their true purpose in the system was no quarrel with the Tau. During this time, a Sub-Commander in his battlesuit colors had encountered an entirely different Space Marine force, one indescribably filled with the essence of the Mont'au in all its mannerisms. This Sub-Commander succeeded in killing the Space Marine leader: upon the eve of the ceremony for his commendation by the Ethereals, strange transformations were seen by the Earth Caste attendants to appear in his face, and his clothing began to harden into strange patterns. He fled at once, and was not seen again. Ironstar was personally responsible for his tracking and execution.

Since this incident, Ironstar has forever remained more aloof than before, a co-conspirator with the Ethereals in whatever secrets may bring the forces of Sept N'Dras into conflict with the Tau Empire's most dangerous enemies.

>> No.25788572

When in doubt, Cursed Founding.

>> No.25788626

well that cuts away some work. As it sits the marines meditation is incorporated into their hand to hand training as they (like most other chapters) see service to the emperor as the greatest of honors and do this to reflect that.

>> No.25788672


Loyalist forces of the Hell Ravens are under the First captain and an Epistolary who have access to sanguinary priests and several Dreadnaughts, Stormravens and Baal Predators. They have the allied support of their sister chapter, the Hellcats, who are codex compliant.

The renegade Hell Ravens under the Chapter Master have regular predators, rhinos and a stormraven that has mutated into a heldrake. They are allied with a force of Red Corsairs and assorted warbands under their thrall. Until the civil war is won or the Inquisition arrives,

Am I too Sue yet? I'm basing off my army after touhous

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My guardsmen have no standard uniform hailing from an under supplied backwater world the Imperium only remembers is there when its convenient. The only standard is the right pauldron is solid blue, and displays higher honors. Otherwise, uniforms range from basic tan, minor camo striped tan, green, brown, black helmets, red helmets, mostly green helmets, hats, no pauldrons, and other assorted gear. 95% of the models are cadian, btw.
I do have fluff behind all of it, and used to have a roster of names by squad, but I also only had a platoon at the time.

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Im the only guy in my local area who paints the cleaved

>> No.25788762

I'm working on making a Necron Daleks! It a Flyer List.

>> No.25788769

Good job, be proud of yourself for painting a tough design. Bonus points if they're good

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Sum turpis, Sum turpis, irrumabo, Sum turpis!

>> No.25788826

My Word Bearers warbadn are the CSM equivalent of Bad Company, a sordid bunch that collects from failed renegades and warbands collectively known as the Flames of Damnation.

Among their motley ranks are: a Nurglite death cult that rides into battle on bikes with melta guns who hope to die in the ensuing explosion, a bunch of pre-heresy era Havocs who have a tendency to fire on their own men, a beat up rhino that they bought on discount from some World Eaters, a HelDrake that they STOLE from the dark mechanicus, and a bunch of cultists who they keep trying to kill. They're lead by Maria, a corrupted Sister of Battle who's attempt to found a Chaos Sisters order backfired horribly.

>> No.25788840

Tell that to all the metal ork dreadnoughts.

>> No.25788859

Hmm, Carcharodons seem to have much heresy era equipment. especially MK V armor

>> No.25788874

>tough design

I'd just paint them flesh colored and go to town with red and green.

>> No.25788886


Mk V is their most commonly used armor. It's because they fly around outside the galaxy so they can't exactly just get new armor from AdMech. They usually just repair what they have or loot/steal/"request" supplies from the guys they save.

>> No.25788940

Might as well paint some generic zombies leaking blood and green goo. The Cleaved is supposed to be enigmatic as people will see them as a Chaos Marine leaking a mysterious substance; painting them flesh coloured would be like painting them as generic flesh creatures

>> No.25789568


Cleaved armor is flesh colored though.

>> No.25789604

I assumed he meant something like Dwarf Flesh or Elf Flesh

>> No.25789683

Don't you mean

Get gifted supplies

>> No.25789693

Cleaved are light purple with a light flesh tone over the top bro.

>> No.25789716

I'll tell ya what you need to paint cleaved easily guys.

Reaper Mini's HD Ashen brown.

Shit goes on brown and dries off purple-fleshy.

>> No.25789777

before the bio-transference my necrons were one of the the ruling families in necrontyr organized crime. arms dealing, drug, human (necrontyr) trafficing, gambling, and any other sort of fuckery that a mafia family would be dealing with, they had a hand in. to them the bio transference was seen as a one time investment to make endless profit throughout all of time, with anyone shady enough to do business with. after the war in heaven they were one of the first to turn on the c'tan, if for no other reason than to hoard as many shards as they could acquire. once the c'tan were defeated but before the sleep they then locked away all of their resources in their tomb worlds so that it could be sold off to whoever the highest bidder would be once they awoke. however during their awakening one of their own lords managed to destroy essentially the godfather of the whole family, so now theres a massive internal struggle for power as each lord tries to gain control of each of the fragmented families and the massive amount of wealth they have.

>> No.25789801

Oh gods, all this lack of punctuation and capitalization.

>> No.25789861

How's this for my first model of my custom chapter, got another 61 marines to do, sorry for my crap painting

>> No.25789881

>forgot pic

>> No.25789888

its 4:30 am. you'r gonna have to wait till daylight for that

>> No.25789895

Sorry pic

>> No.25789951

>those well-painted eyes
>that horribly-painted everything else

Welp I don't know what to tell you. I guess your paint is thin enough so that's good. Maybe try taking your time and going slow so you can paint more neatly. Or go back and tidy up to make it neater.

>> No.25789980

Get some proper lighting. The flash makes the thickly painted parts look even worse

>> No.25790279

Haven't yet done them so this is a nascent CSM warband idea, so if it doesn't work lore-wise then I can go for something else, but My Duded are a largely un-dustified Thousand Sons warband. The lore possibility in question is the ranges of Magnus' "we into Eye of Terror now bye Russ" spell and of the Rubric of Ahriman. My thinking is My Dudes are a sort of arcane artefact seeking task force who get shit Magnus wants for his warp dabblan. They were away from Prospero when the Space Wolves sacked it and so did not get transported to the Eye of Terror and were not then later Rubriced. They returned to Prospero with whatever item they were sent to get to find nobody there. However seems most fitting, they found that their Primarch and legion were chilling in the Eye of Terror and had gone all Tzeentch. They were split, some staying loyal to the Emperor and Imperium and some staying loyal to their betrayed Primach and legion.

The Primarchists went to Magnus at the Planet of the Sorcerers and learned of the Rubric and swore to quest for a way to undo the Rubric and return their brothers fully to life. I remember reading hints that the BLUD REHVENS were Thousand Sons descendants. Maybe they were those who broke away from My Duded, choosing to stay loyal to the Imperium that had betrayed their brothers?

>> No.25790358


I think the only way to make an undusted 1ksons army work is to have them be like alternate-universe pre-Heresy that got sent to the current 40K by that retreat spell or they found some way to reverse it in the far future and got time warped back to M41.

>> No.25790427

That sounds less plausible to me than "they were not there at the time". There were other forces that weren't involved with the Heresy due to being on the other side of the galaxy, could a bunch of TSons not have been on a distant campaign during the fall of Prospero?

>> No.25790465

My Eldar are based on the void dragon corsairs. I ally Dark eldar and eldar with the idea they get equipment from both. I also made them more saim-hann styled as I like to think they are originally from that craftworld.

>> No.25790475

A company of marines lost in the warp only to return 10000 years later is plausible

>> No.25790762

My new captain for my Ultramarines is He-Man. He's not painted yet, though, and I'm not entirely sure where I've put him. Unfortunately, that means no pictures.

>> No.25790932


That's just a different way of spelling Calgar. And he's a chapter master.

>> No.25791024

Painting my 'nids this weekend. I'm going with a white on red color-scheme a la The Porcelain Legion.

I haven't seen many attempts at this particular color scheme, most tend to prefer light 'skin' and dark plates as far as I can see, but I think the white skin 'nids look.... well... plastic.

>> No.25791036


I see a lot of white Tyranids with red carapace. It might be a major hive fleet or something.

>> No.25791066

Ah, the classic scheme, nice.

>> No.25791095

That's hive fleet kraken, the studio army scheme from the last last codex.

Here, I'll share with you my chart based on codexes and rulebooks, /tg/.

>> No.25791140

Yeah, I'm not crazy about the red on white. I looked through a few of the 'official' color schemes to see if I liked any, since I figured copying one would probably be easier than doing my own.

As for
Yeah, basically this, but a little less pink-ish.

>> No.25791153

I would say go darker with the red and possibly think about something like Tamia Clear red.

>> No.25791174

they are white scar company gone chaos, serving nurgle and riding bikes like a boss

warband name: rotting scar

leader - chaos lord on a bike
co-leader - biker sorceror

numbers: 14 bikers, 14 plague marines, 2 rhinos, 2 obliterators, 1 heldrake, 20 cultists

>> No.25791182

I play Ghazghkull Thrakka's WAAAGH. Lots of boys. Lots of Krumping.

>> No.25791196

still so many unpainted boyz walkers and tanks though.

>> No.25791197

I've got 2 main armies as follows:

Chaos Marines - The Mykene Legion, originally a dour and serious Space Marine chapter possibly linked to the Minotaurs who long ago sealed a demon too powerful to properly kill away on their home world. Centuries later a brash inquisitor decided to go and purge the demon with a woefully inadequate army, ignoring all the warnings from the Space Marines along the lines of "seriously it took most of our chapter just to seal it away you don't have enough mans."

The Inquisitor released the demon and immediately was "rewarded" by being sealed within a book. Their army was wiped out and the Mykene Legion were unable to stop the rampaging Chaos incursion, becoming influenced by demonic power and turned against the Imperium. Sort of like the Iron Warriors they despise mutation and love demon engines, so my army generally has lots of dreadnoughts, a Decimator and so on.

Pic is of their current leader, thanks to a /tg/ drawbro

My Tau army is a sort of not-Farsighted setup with its commander deciding the Ethereals aren't exactly needed and turning his remote sept into a military dictatorship (taking the comply or die attitude to what he sees as its logical endpoint).

He's learnt how to command from the humans who put up a good fight and so has all the nepotism, self-serving idiocy and aggression of an Imperial Guard general.

His subordinates really, really hate Necrons after a C'Tan ate most of one of their expeditionary forces.

>> No.25791226

The second "Unknown hive fleet" is most likely Arachnia, from the Dark Millenium CCG. They had a number of units like that.

There's others named (Like Dagon, Harbinger, etc), which I can dig up the colour schemes for if you want.

>> No.25791336

Well, that chart was just me playing around with the codexes and the new colourable gaunt anon gave me.

But yeah, I suppose I'd be interested in seeing the expanded universe stuff, although I'd imagine the years will be harder to track down, plus I'd have to update the list with codex numbers... oh well.

>> No.25791451

The Prolean 82nd, an infantry regiment recruited from the PDF of a largely frozen world with an abundance of fossil fuels. Most of the population is subject to hard labor in freezing conditions in the extraction and refinement of promethium. Two frozen moons hold rich deposits of heavy metals and serve as training environments for cold-weather warfare. Tithe grade Decuma Prima, primarily paid in promethium, mining products and Imperial Guard regiments.

The equatorial belt of Prolea Prime is temperate, heavily forested and infested with Orks. Frequent raids occur on the refinement facilities bordering the temperate zone, though the harsh winds and bitter temperatures prevent any incursions from gaining too much ground.

The extreme conditions on the training moons make atmospheric flight incredibly dangerous - as such, Prolean Guard regiments emphasise resourcefulness in the face of unreliable supply chains. The only resource they generally have in abundance is their signature, highly refined promethium: blended with special additives to burn hotter and to prevent freezing in fuel lines, they use it with abandon on their enemies through their short-ranged, flame-based doctrines. The scene of Hellhounds and Chimeras rolling through the arctic wastes, spraying gouts of brilliant blue fire from their terrible weapons is a sight not soon forgotten by the enemies of the Imperium.

The 82nd has recently completed its tour of the winter training facilities, and is ready for deployment. A brand-new regiment, their current combat experience consists solely of combating Ork raids on Prolea Prime. Its men and officers are eager for a campaign, and the battle honours they are sure to earn.

>> No.25791487

That's cool, and it's no big problem, I just like the myriad of hive fleets there are, and think it's a shame everyone concentrates on the big three.

Even DoW2 just had variations on them.

Anyway, let's start off with Hive Fleet Hydra.

It's a small fleet, approaching from the galactic south, accidentally awoken by Dark Eldar looking for trophies.

>> No.25791521

Ah, forgot sources, 5e rulebook and 5e codex. The models are from WD 387.

Hive Fleet Jormungandr. Same sources. Favour orbital bombardment with space debris, followed up with burrowers. Apparently first seen in the Apocalypse sourcebook.

>> No.25791533

And of course, I forget the picture. I'm really not thinking well today.

>> No.25791606

Dagon. Found in the Deathwatch materials.

Often regarded as a mere splinter fleet of Behemoth, their skin tends towards burgundy rather than the blood red of Behemoth, with their carapace being greyer.

Most noticable difference is their tactics. Whereas behemoth concentrated on as many big creatures as possible, Dagon focuses on producing toxins. Nearly all their creatures are more venomous than their kin from other fleets.

>> No.25791629

First seen in the 4e rulebook, featured in the Priests of Mars novel.

Also first seen in the 4e rulebook. Little is known about them.

>> No.25791632


>> No.25791657

Hive Fleet Eumenides. Another possible candidate for the second Unknown Hive Fleet.

Fought the Tau in late M41. Was featured on the GW websight when the 6e Tau came out, and in WD400.

That's all I can find for the moment.

>> No.25791839

My Guardsmen are urban combatants/peace keepers with a penchant for flamers and melta, though I mostly assemble what think looks neat.
Not pictured: catachans used as veterans, mostly because only two of them are painted.
The space marines were gifted to me and I went with a shiny paintjob to differentiate them from the IG. I named them Brass Guard and they prefer to assist other imperial forces rather than embark on their own crusades, kind of living the "knights in shining armour" myth.

>> No.25791960


Thanks for the effort, man!

My brain keeps shutting off, though, so I'm having trouble reading all this. I'll have to hope the thread is still here when I wake up.

>> No.25792052

>implying I should use anything but a rainbow pun for an image of a rainbow warrior...

>> No.25792081

Are they called the Storms of the Storm's Storm, by chance?

>> No.25792103

I did not like green wood elves, so I started painting them brown. Then I thought "eh, fuck it, athel loren made them go to the desert to start a new forest" so now they're desert wood elves. And it's an excuse to have cactus treemen.

>> No.25792136

My Bloodaxes were diplomancied by a small group of inquisitorial henchmen to let them live.

From there, they worked as slaves in the mob, but eventually the boss decided that the Primarchs in all the sororitas' stories were Dead orky, and so declared Worship of the Emperor to be Orky. And so Da Fishheadz, Privateers of the Imperium (even if the Imperium isnt that keen) came to be.

Meanwhile, the Techpriest is constantly traumatised as the Big Meks "Best Grot" and watches machines being constantly abused in typical orky Fasion.

And the Psyker's become the epicentre of a minicult of pyromaniacal Lunatics, who worship the Pyromancer as "DA FIRE'AWK!"

>> No.25792148

>desert wood elves
>cactus treemen
I think I like you, Anon. Even though I have a burning hate for wood elves and usually the people who play them. But that, I like. Got some pics for us?

>> No.25792172

They're at my parents house at the moment, but I could post some later. Also converted a tree singer to be on a surfboard and doing the shaka sign, but that's been done a number of times.

>> No.25792327

Is that a Deathwatch Rainbow Warrior?

Sweet. I can't imagine he and the space wolf get on well.

>> No.25792396

>That pic

Always looks like the termagant is offering itself to the slavering hive tyrant.

>> No.25792665

A motley gang of pirates, renegades and misanthropes recruiting deserters of both chapters and renegade warbands.

Less HATE HATE HATE and more clashing colour schemes and weird conversions.

>> No.25792679

Some of their pirate 'counts as cultists'. (Also currently my necromunda gang)

>> No.25792711

What is that terminatorfaced thing?

>> No.25792737

These are cool as fuck.

>> No.25792759

Just a space marine conversion from a time when I didn't know better.

Thanks anon

>> No.25792788

The guy with the eyepatch is currently the leader of my necromunda gang.

>> No.25792814

And vehicles. I don't keep the whole army's colour scheme uniform because I get bored of painting the same thing over and over.

>> No.25792824


>> No.25792830

last one as I'm aware I'm spamming stuff I've posted before

>> No.25792835

So basically the Betalis III PDF from Doom of Mymerea?

>> No.25792844

Most of my pictures are on another PC

Had to get these pic I posted on another /tg/

>> No.25792846

thicken yer paints

>> No.25792930

Man, I really should invest in some static grass. It makes bases look so good.

>> No.25793156

That's not just static grass, those are grass tufts, you can get them ready made (they're stuck to a sheet), all you have to do is peel off and glue to the base.

>> No.25793288

So you're okay paying $1.67 per bolter? And you rationalize it by saying "they come with bayonets?"

Must be nice being rich. Again, I'll be happy to sell you some of the old plastic ones from 2nd ed. Come to think of it, they each came with a knife back then. Instant bayonet! You'll like that.

>> No.25793918

Hive Fleet Gojira: A splinter fleet from Hive Fleet Behemoth that focuses on large groups of Monstrous Creatures, Bio-Titans, and City destruction. They were the target of an Inqusistion experimental weapon that was supposed to sever their connection to the Hive mind, but instead gave those that survived the explosion extremely powerful mutations and turned them radioactive so even if they are beaten back off a planet, the areas attacked are still inhospitable.
Chains of Torment: Chaos warband that broke off from the Iron Warriors. Led by a Warpsmith who is hunting down my Hive Fleet as revenge after they attacked and destroyed a Space Marine homeworld he spent years planning an invasion for.
Khorne's Holy Crusaders: My chaos daemon Khorne army that allies with my CSM. They were created by the blood shed by the Crusades, and as such, see themselves as holy, heroic, and noble warriors. They are painted white, with golden weapons and horns, and have many angelic qualities to them, my Bloodthirster even being a converted Living Saint model. They appear in bright flashes of light accompanied by religious chanting, and sometimes Imperial forces will mistake them for angels sent by the God Emperor.

>> No.25794024

That's one thing I love about Chaos Marines; they can be so hilariously petty about kill stealing or humiliation that they go to great lengths for revenge. Your Daemons sound pretty awesome, care for pics?

>> No.25794073

Would normally love to, but on vacation so don't have them on me.

>> No.25794255

Alright I'll bite...

My IG army (its pretty small but its getting there. No pics sadly) is actually fluffed as the military forces of the Rogue Trader Jorvus Nostromo (Fuck you I love that book I dont care if its a planet).

Nostromo is essentially a conquistador in space, he lands on planets, loots them then flies off after planting an Imperium flag up its ass..

I plan to use count as to its fullest. Nostromo is a borderline heretic, he uses xenos tech without any qualm whatsoever and uses his connections to get quality goods.. One of the chimeras I have so far , for example, is a devilfish and the vet squad it carries uses tau weaponry.

My CCS is Nostromo and his aides, a big bulky xenos bodyguard to act as Nork, a master of the fleet (for fluff) and the guardsmen are lavish guardsmen (Vostroyan models represent Nostromos personal guard).

I've only got two vet squads, a ccs and a vendetta so far but I hope to convert basilisks or griffins into targetting arrays for ship weaponry.

>> No.25794415


>Flying Hive Tyrant with no ranged weapons

This is best color scheme

Daemons created from the noble side of Khorne? Someone else asked for pics, i'd like too see pics too.

>> No.25794434


>uses xenos tech without any qualm whatsoever and uses his connections to get quality goods

This is what Rogue Traders do, bro. They're allowed to trade with anyone except Chaos, and planetary governors/the Inquisition can't stop them. That's what the "Warrant of Trade" does.

>> No.25794447

As I already said

>> No.25794470

My Sisters are untrusting as fuck of most other groups. After landing on a planet to protect the prestigious Ecclesiarchy there from Orks, they found that the governer had basically nuked them away. Orks were invading and the Ecclesiarchy had basically taken all political power, so the governer saw it as a chance to hit two birds with one stone. Anyway, in a nutshell they got mad at the citizens for letting such a man be in power, and even madder when a few Word Bearers came along a century later and were easily able to convince the citizens to attack the Sisters. Now the Sisters trust nobody except those of proven faith, and go around carrying out mini-Inquisitons on any Imperial populations that they meet.

As for distinctive guys, all of the leaders have names and personalities, yeah. Also they carry the ruined armour of their saint into battle as a banner.

>> No.25795108

I thought the green and white-ish hive was Hive Fleet Naga

>> No.25795183

Well I have two armies, my regular Guard and my Skitarii.

My regular Guard army is made up of Steel Legion, Tallarn, Cadians, and some squads I kitbashed and converted. In order to justify them fighting together I created the 9th Amalgamated Legion, which is pretty much a regiment that was nearly wiped out and combined with new regiments so many times that it is now made up of individuals from dozens of former regiments. So they have Steel Legion, Tallarn, Cadians, and many other regiments fighting together and frequently trying to upstage each other as a matter of pride.

My second Guard army is a group of Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii from Ryza, made from a kitbash of Hostile Environment Cadians, and Elysians (using converted Elysian flamers as hot-shot lasguns), with lots of cybernetics, they are heavily augmented storm trooper like guardsmen with a fetish for plasma weapons. Their army includes lots of plasma guns, plasma pistols, sentinels with plasma cannons, and Leman Russ Executioners.

>> No.25795193

my Tau are BFF with Dark Eldar and together they go on ADVENTURE

>> No.25795281

Hive Fleet Varanus: A small splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth escapes the carnage of the battle at Macragge when it becomes evident that the Space Marine forces had won. The escaping forces, consisting solely of two Hive Ships and their sleeper passengers, attempted to evade destruction by pursuing battle ships by
entering the Tennin System; a small solar system with a wide diversity of planets north of Macragge on the solar plane. Once the lead ship was damaged both bio-ships changed course attempting to crash land on one of Tennin's medium sized planets: Zephon. Here the Hive would slowly grow and feed off the jungle planet's indigenous wild life until they were large enough to attack settlements on the planet. They adapted to the planet's surface, losing the red and blue colour scheme for a red and brown one which helps with surprise attacks and guerrilla warfare. Today Varanus is large enough to invade other systems and is currently locked in a three-way battle between themselves, my friends Dark Angels, and my brother's homebrew Tau sept (which I cant remember the name of). All our battles take place in this systems and have a lasting affect on future battles.

>mfw I got blown off the table last game

>> No.25795452

I don't like converting or excessive customization, it looks wrong, these are not legos.

>> No.25795548

Sometimes they look well enough and it certainly feels less like playing with an elaborate colouring book if you do some modeling.
Some people thought my (slightly) converted Catachan sarge wasn't converted at all. I call it a success. I'll take pictures of him when I have a better camera.

>> No.25795550

I've never read that, is it good?

>> No.25795583

My Acothyst will actively try to hit on Farseers.

Or just make grunting noises while slobbering.

Then again, that's what he always does.

>> No.25795802

You must hate the orks.

>pic not mine

>> No.25795823

Black Templars
with white backpacks

>> No.25796994


>> No.25798917

Boss, dats bootyfull

>> No.25799142

This is the closest thing to a painting thread I can find. Brand new to painting this is probably the 3rd or 4th thing I've ever painted. Thoughts?

>> No.25799175

Thin your paints, not bad at all though

>> No.25799279

>3rd or 4th thing you've every painted
>already better than mine

>> No.25799744

The 217th Experimental is named after the number of times it has been completely decimated by the forces of the 40k universe.
Only to be cloned again and sent in search of a way home.

>> No.25800502


Part of the fun of making them Deathwatch was picking chapters that don't neccesarily get along.

Personally I kind of figured the Rainbow Warrior would have a tougher time putting up with the Genesis Chapter marine.

Actually, constantly arguing with the others about their next course of action because 'the Codex Astartes says...' I imagine the Genesis marine is probably the most irritating to deal with.

Or... at least tied with the Son of Medusa, who keeps turning his flamer on 'The Weak' without prompting.

>> No.25800575

You know what sucks about playing Tyranids? Unless you make a custom hive fleet, at any moment GW can just decide "Nope, a bigger hive fleet ate your hive fleet" and your army no longer exists.

>> No.25800651


I like that scheme for some reason.

You need to practice fleshtones to be honest. They are not as hard as you'd first think.

>> No.25800673


Then you get to make up new fluff for them, have them start mutating taste buds on their skin and become Slaaneshi Chaos Nids.

>> No.25801012

My Krieg are currently stationed on an irradiated desert world, similar to Talarn. They are helping the Ad-Mech sift through the ruins of hive city's and defend their instillation from Chaos forces and marauding Xenos, along with a few Marine chapters that consider what the Ad-Mech are doing Heretical. The army is all mounted in vehicles an has a lot of tanks at its disposal. Great fun to play.

>> No.25801337


Shutup Captain Joystick that's a terrible idea.

>starts greenstuffing dicks onto Tyranids

>> No.25801358


Wow fluff that actually sounds official. I'm assuming the marines are the armies belonging to your opponents? What do they play?

>> No.25801857


FLGS folks for the most part, my current nemesis is a Dark Angels player who has beaten me pretty handily every game we play through good luck and my own incompetence. For example last game (1500 points) on the first turn he one shot my vanquisher with a land raider and my demolisher with some bikes that were *just* in range with their meltas, and this was with night fight. it only got worse from there

>> No.25802106

So far I've just painted a few models for my own chapter. Gonna be using vanilla rules, might think about some fluff/background later. Had a break from warhammer for about 5 years, so mostly reading up on rules now.

>> No.25802129

>Tell me more...

>> No.25802150

My Necrons just triple hate the Eldar. I like to think of them as "old fashioned". Also there is one Overlord model that I am pretty atatched to that I like to think of as the "leader". Also: Trazyn.

>> No.25802231


Necrons should hate Eldar. They are basically the sons of their mortal enemies who are no longer alive.

>> No.25802286

In an audiobook a Space Wolf thinks the Rainbow Warriors chapter has a stupid name.

Which is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

>> No.25802388

Currently working out my own Haemonculi Coven with it's own private militia sort of thing. Doing a gunner swap (using ravager gunners I ebay'd) for the Trueborn venoms, and I'll have Wrack gunners on the Wrack venoms.

Just not sure on colors... I'm thinking red helmets for anything with helmets, grey armor/vehicles and black cloth for the wracks/haemonculus. Well, I'm not sure on the cloth color, but I'm sure I'll work it out.

I'm actually not entirely sure on any of the colors tbh. Been too concerned with background (which is still WIP).

>> No.25802402

Pretty nice, I'm guessing you've not read/watched anything on the subject yet considering it's an early model. Looks like you have some natural talent, now you just need to hone it by learning a few more techniques.

>> No.25802427


Space Wolves have some retarded Norse name though they're not actually called Space Wolves.

>> No.25802664

If you insist....

I picture the world they are on as a single massive continent spanning desert, with some seas at the poles with some marine life. The desert itself had its main population centers build around the center of the continent, built around a massive plasma reactor that powered near enough the whole planet with more to spare. A tech marvel if ever there was one. sometime in the late m35s it got destroyed by.....something (I like the idea a Spacehulk slammed into it, completley by chance, and fucked the world by cutting its main source of power making it an easy target.) As of now the Kriegers are entrenched in a massive ring around the debris of the central mega city and fighting off the wasteland mutants and whatnot.

>> No.25802773

>Not more tentacles
>Not getting more venomthropes

>> No.25802791

I paint my nids to have white 'skin' and light grey blue carapaces with black claws and teeth. I decided to refer to them as hive fleet Cerberus, but I haven't really come up with any fluff or homebrew rules for them yet. I got the color scheme from the last page of the 4th ed codex.

>> No.25802833

Well, they do already have phallic guns that basically work via ejaculation. Slaanesh probably masturbates to the idea of corrupting tyranids.

>> No.25803104

As for the game, my turn I manage to take down the bikes in revenge, But that's pretty much all I can do. On is second out pile a bunch of terminators from his Raider and chew through my remaining two russes in a single turn (squadron so they had to stick close together, a little too close in this case.) I called it after that, not much I could do with what I had left against his near enough completely intact force. Post game he said that he only shot the vanquisher because it had a flag on it, in my IA list its the commissar tank, so thought i would make it stand out. Turns out that's a bad idea sometimes.

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