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old thread died or something

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Eh... you are aware that you're on the internet, right?

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when they start fucking each other?

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Don't you start sexualizing my pure maidens.

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when can we expect to see coitus depicted?

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So where can I read/DL this instead of waiting for each post?

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>All girl RPG group.

Truly the Orient is a strange and wond'rous place.

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They're already, playing non-erotic RPG's in a timely fashion ,in my head, and you cannot stop me!


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>Cute girls doing cute things
>The cute thing is playing RPGs
Eh, I'd watch the 13 ep series.

>In Alshard, Characters start with 3 classes, picked from a list...

Wait, this sounds awesome. Do we have these rules anywhere?

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Unfortunately we'd have to find someone to buy it, then get someone to translate it.

Though it is pretty much the best Final Fantasy game system out there.

All the spells, none of the zippers. One of the ONLY times I have ever been jealous of the Nips.

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that's all that's been transalted so far

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Every time I see something like this I have to make obligatory post of


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Isn't that FFd6 over here?
But yeah, the comparison made previously is
Alshard : Final Fantasy :: D&D : Tolkien

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Alsard is pretty much old school FF from what I've seen, maybe 7 at most.

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the TBZ guy is translating it.
In the meantime [meantime being a decade] if we want something workable before the perfect-translation comes out, we'd need happy translators obsessed enough to bother?

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Yeah, through 6 and 7 is when the major shift in FF design happens.

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Still, a lot of us fucking love the old kind.
I'd certainly not be wishing to play in 8 and that junction system anyways.

3-6 is where its at for me. Dragoons, Blue mages, autocrossbows, fucking sexy stuff.

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1-7 here, and by 7 I mean disc 1.

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>4Koma series about cute girls playing RPGs

Oh my god why was I not informed this exist-

>almost entirely untranslated

fuck this gay earth

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Who's been doing the TLs?

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It was just released a short while ago.

Some dude here on /tg/ who did it in his spare time. He namefags as "Exaltedfag".

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The OP is the one translating it, he just started a few hours ago. Believe in him.

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A kind and elegan/tg/entleman, Exaltedfag. Translated it in-thread.

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What has been translated (and is posted in this thread) was literally translated today, in the previous thread, by a glorious namefag as we awaited each new image. Sometimes being on the bleeding edge is painful.

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no, op is same op of original thread, not Exaltedfag

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>Mizuho Touko
>Washima Fumi
Are you scanlating it as first-name-first or last-name-first?

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Going by the raws, it looks like the translation's last name first.

Also, OP isn't the translator.

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Then we shall believe in him, who believes in us.

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I wonder if Exaltedfag heard about this from SA

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OP here, i saw the cover at SA and immediately thought, "If I post that on 4chan, I bet it'll be translated within a week"

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Well it's looped back around and someone posted the first page on SA. Maybe they can get a translation of Alshard since they have a few JTRPGS shared already.

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>4 panel comic
>not an actual serialized manga

for fucks sake

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fucking goons, now they're going to run this shit into the ground.

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>not an actual serialized manga
Uh, yeah it is

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Its called a "4koma" you uncultured gaijin.

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Just like my American Newspaper Comics!
Totally Tubular, Dude!

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No, stahp. Exaltedfag said he wouldnt get to more pages until tomorrow, meaning this thread is gonna fill up with idiocy before too long.

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Seriously though. If I could read the moonrunes I'd be all over this shit.

Not out of some pretend-altruistic attempt to gather attention online with my tripcode or the like, but because our group really wants to fucking try that game so once we translate enough to play with might as well just stuff it online anyways, before I suffer another HD meltdown and lose everything when internets could have stored it for like ever.

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Girls can't love girls.

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The entire Atelier universe is staring at you.

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Square eggs disagrees with you.

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Not so subtle /u/ request noted.

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I have never heard such filthy lies in my entire life! And I studied international propaganda!

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Girls can love girls all they want.


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ain't nothing wrong with FORBIDDEN LOVE

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You insult me.

I am the Yuri Hunter, if there is Yuri, I am there. But I get your joke. So, well done.

Touhou also.is basically Yuri. Fuck, even Monster Hunter has Yuri hentai doujinshis/mangas out there. See pic. But there is a difference between Love, Sex and Class-S. Yuri Yuri, for example, is Class-S.

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So I heard that an actual scanlation group may be picking this up soon, to my surprise. Not sure who, though.

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this is a much better derail than whether or not swedish rpgs suck

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Pretty much everybody loves forbidden love.

You name it, I've probably got some Yuri of it.

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Why wouldn't Swedish RPGs suck? Swedes and the other Nordic Countries ran out of creative ideas with the Norse mythologies.

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Everybody loves forbidden love.

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It's the best kind of love.

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>We've got a badass here
You mean all those character sheets I've been carrying around qualify me for the title of Badass?
Move over King of the Nerds, I've got a new name!

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>You mean all those character sheets I've been carrying around qualify me for the title of Badass?
Only if you are also a moe anime girl.

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I lost it at, that's a thing too.

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I have to admit I didn't understand that punchline. Obviously the joke is about how Momo takes such obsessively good care of her rulebooke while the rest of her room looks like a dump, but I don't get the "that's a thing too" part...

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Fumi thought Momo would have a raggedy-ass book only to find out her books are in top condition. The joke is that Sachi, not Momo, is the one with the raggedy-ass book.

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So... when do they introduce a rich girl with all of her books on her tablet?

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Wouldn't be surprised.

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Don't forget a dice roller on her phone.

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Nah, there aren't any good die roller apps. The rich girl would just have extremely nice dice and a dice tray. Her dice may even be imported, since most dice in Japan are made with gambling or basic board games in mind, which is why Japanese tabletop RPGs tend to use d6es... importing dice like pearlescent Chessex d6es could easily be a status thing.

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>D&D : Tolkien
But D&D took inspiration more from Moorcock, Howard, Vance, et cetera, than from Tolkien. Originally, anyways.

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Howard and Vance, yeah. Moorcock's about as far as you can get from D&D wile still having swords and sorcerers.

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True, but the original single-axis alignment system (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic) was straight-up lifted from Elric's central conflict of Law vs Chaos.

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It was the only thing, though. The very style of stories is so different as to be nearly opposite.

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No, Tolkein is right up in there. TSR made a good chunk of changes to D&D to escape IP-related concerns, most notably replacing all references in D&D books to hobbits with halflings.

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Aside from the blatantly obvious Shire names for subraces.

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>True, but the original single-axis alignment system (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic) was straight-up lifted from Elric's central conflict of Law vs Chaos.
Why do niggers in this board keep forgetting about Three Hearts and Three Lions. You know, the FUCKING BOOK THAT ELRIC AND D&D RIPPED ALIGNMENTS FROM IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE YOU IGNORANT COCK GOBBLER?!?!?!

I mean, please do more research. Thank you.

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Might as well dump the translated chapters of another trpg 4-koma. You read this one from left to right.

DL and online reader for those who don't like reading stuff on 4chan:

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Because Paul Anderson was completely lost to history while D&D and the Elric books weren't.

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Slow, deep breaths.

>the original single-axis alignment system (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic) was straight-up lifted from Elric's central conflict of Law vs Chaos.
That's what I used to think, but the other poster is correct. Gygax credited Three Hearts and Three Lions with inspiring the alignment system, and it seems likely it inspired Moorcock as well, as it used the whole conflict between law and chaos years before the first Elric story. Of course, for all I know, Three Hearts and Three Lions could've been heavily influenced by something else.

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Say is there any more on these rules?

I need it for.. research.

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I have the physical book, and will check after I'm done with posting what has been translated.

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>boner achieved
I have a thing for d6s.

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Well, AD&D has intelligent magic swords with ego scores that can override the will of their masters. That at least seems like it's inspired by Stormbringer, especially as Gygax lists the first couple of Elric stories in the "inspirational reading" section at the back of the 1e DMG.

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That thing looks like my copy of World of Synnibar.

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Gygax claims that the Tolkien stuff was mostly fan service--that he gave things a veneer of Tolkien-ism so that people could relate to them more readily--but I frankly don't buy it. I mean, maybe for some of it, but I think the influence was greater that Gygax admitted.

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>Houkago Play
>playing /tg/ instead of /v/

Why did I not know of this? Probably because I dropped it after the first volume.

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That's all the translated chapters.

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I've only read volume 1 myself. I think what Anon is dumping is technically volume 4.

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This is weird. It's not terribly funny, yet somehow is still compelling.

Also, it's made me wicked curious about the game they're using.

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I quickly checked the book and I think the only major rule not covered in these chapters is leveling up that takes place after the mission.

You do it by rolling like in >>25771039 (no bonus dice) to see how much your stats increase (yes, it's possible to over double your stats with one level up).

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It sounds like something the author made up, and later decided to draw a manga so he can tell people about it.

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The original Houkago Play is about an unnamed boy and girl (seriously, they're only known as "Boyfriend" and "Girlfriend") who bond and eventually fall in love through video games.

The other volumes (which I haven't read) introduce the rest of the ensemble cast.

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The Prez is a really shitty GM.

>> No.25771582

Teens gaming for the first time, cut her some slack.

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Can the manga Quickstart be readed or download on some webpage?

>> No.25771596

I thought she said she created this RPG. Doesn't that make her experienced enough that she shouldn't be a shitty GM?

>> No.25771599

You can find the raws for volume 1, but that's it.

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You'd think.

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It looks like the Japanese equivalent of a fantasy heartbreaker (Final Fantasy heartbreaker?). Might be a cocky bitch who just finished the DMG and figured she could do better. It's something everyone does at the very beginning of their careers.

>> No.25771688

She also said she's never played or GM-d before, except 'by herself'. She gets crunch, but she has zero experience how to properly go about Gm-ing a game, as experienced by her immediately getting stumped by the players wanting to split up to explore.

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This is why it's fun to read.

It's literally a tale of THAT GM (at least to begin with)

>> No.25772275

Actually the idea or such a simplistic game with video game inspired mechanics does have a sort of appeal to it...

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>Those boots
How the hell is she supposed to adventure dressed like that?

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Does the guy translating this have a blog to follow? Like the guys translating that monster girl manga at http://monstermusume.blisswater.info/

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Exaltedfag? AFAIK no, he doesn't.

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>Those that don't take the mission have to go to another room
>It was a gas chamber
>Your character dies
We have a paranoia GM, here.

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It's an interesting light system, but the 1 in 6 chance of a crit or a fail is pretty off, especially with the extremely low health levels.

But as a "GM's first homebrew" it's not terrible.

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Wait a minute, hold on. I didn't think the Japanese were too much into running campaigns - something about how it wasn't nearly as popular as it was in the West.
Moreover, where can someone find these "replays"?

>> No.25774532

Can you even bend your legs wearing boots like that?

I don't know how spelunking in that would work.

>> No.25774642


Reading through the manga right now. This character is leg/foot fetish with a face. There's barely an early strip that doesn't end with her stepping on her boyfriend's nose.

>> No.25774662

I don't know how popular it is, but you are aware that Record of Lodoss War was a D&D game, right?

>> No.25774756

Making a new thread with the two new pages I translated today. Enjoy.

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Why? This thread's nowhere near autosage or image limit.

>> No.25774778

It's full of shit though

>> No.25776192


Fuck yes, WW1 Imperial Hanfu army!

>> No.25777210

"Replays" in the West tend to have the serial numbers filed off and tend to get sold as ordinary novels. Failing that, some people turn their campaigns into webcomics (like Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic), though few are any good.

>> No.25777268

Yeah, replays are more a Japanese thing than anything. They outright say what the system is, who's playing what, and things of that sort. Here's the cover to a Shadowrun 4e replay.
>troll technomancer
>ork gunslinger adept
>elf shaman
>human street sam (the book uses "razorgirl")

>> No.25778053

Razorgirl is a valid term. One of the characters from Neuromancer is called that, and she was basically a street sammy.

>> No.25780026

Bio-gillette, actually.

>> No.25780838

>"The best a man can get."

>> No.25781020

I'm guessing, from "Washima Fumi", that it's eastern order. I could see a girl being named Mizuho as well, but a family name of Touko is kinda weird.

>> No.25781068

I wish I could actually read that.

>> No.25781113

Same. Also that one about Scartits the One-Eyed Elf and Chinforged.

>> No.25781204

I got this, didn't knew that Japan was into Shadowrun

>> No.25781223

Japan's actually pretty big on Shadowrun, I think. I have a picture saved somewhere on here of another troll technomancer, but she's an adorable little sheep girl with pink curly hair and pajamas. There was one or two other pictures in that set.

>> No.25781232

I wish someone would translate this as well. I'd play the hell out of Japanese Shadowrun.

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>> No.25781264

That's the one.
Fucking adorable.

>> No.25781299

This thread reminded me that the girl from Houkago Play is my brother's waifu

>> No.25781320

Yeah, that's a, what, 3.5 replay? There's three ladies and CHINFORGED all in a party.

>> No.25781344

I know that. I'm just saying that's what the book designates the street sam as (more specifically the "bio-gillette" in >>25780026); it's a particular breed of street sam. This one just prefers to wear relatively archaic clothes; the book calls it an "antique dress."

>> No.25781395

Something like that.

>> No.25781507

If that publisher anon were in this thread we could ask about whether or not these replays would be a viable thing to translate or not. I imagine that there'd be some legal friction from whoever owns the system being played, not to mention the difficulty of translation.

>> No.25781536

an Eberron replay in fact, if I remember correctly

>> No.25782038

no way to tell really, without having read any of them, so I can try to estimate on how entertaining, and therefore marketable, they would be to a western audience.

I can then try to estimate if it's viable by comparing estimated sale basically educated guesses, since it's never been done before against cost, with the two main factor being translation expenses and rights of which translation probably would be the big one, since they are more wordy per page, compared to the equivalent amount of pages in a manga.

>> No.25782142

It's always interesting to hear about other people's campaigns. The Japanese just took the time and courtesy to novelize/scriptify it.

>> No.25782409

interesting doesn't necessary mean entertaining. Just take story-time thread here in /tg, it's only a small part that's entertaining enough to get screencapped or archived.

With that said, there's probably at least one, that would be just as entertaining.
How ever, a possible plan, made on the spot, might be to get the rights to the Red Dragon replay and abuse the fuck out of the fact that it's people in the anime industry that's playing, to market it.

depending off course on the right holders estimate the value of the names attached set up against the fact that it's niche

>> No.25782431

We have the same thing here in the West (although we call em Actual Play reports), we just don't get them published.

>> No.25782575


The same stuff I said about Quick Start in the first thread kind of applies to Red Dragon - it'd be a niche product, but if you focus on digital distribution and short print runs to interested game shops/manga-oriented bookstores, you could probably make a profit out of it. The largest cost would be securing the rights and translation, then production costs would be relatively low.

>> No.25782842

I figured, I'm just saying that I believe that marketing something as replays of Japanese people playing tabletop rpg alone, might not be enough of a unique selling point, to risk the rights and translation expenses.
Unless the translator are willing to receive a percentage earning based on sale.

I'm more willing to take the risk with Red Dragon or a replay that's comfirmed to be entertaining. The Eberron one, and the shadow run one that's posted in here aren't guaranteed to be good, they might just be the only one posted, due to the quality of the artwork alone.

>> No.25782986


If it's your average player, that might be too niche. Red Dragon is the one with all the light novels writers and the guy behind Madoka though, right? You could capitalize on that more easily than "here's a random Japanese storytime that we translated." Targeted ads emphasizing the creators (if someone likes F/SN on Facebook they see an ad hyping up that guy's involvement, same for Madoka and Durarara), show off the art, so on and so forth. See about giving the first chapter/night out for free as a sample, then charge for the rest once they're hooked because my black heart only loves profit.

>> No.25783341

>Red Dragon is the one with all the light novels writers and the guy behind Madoka though, right?

yup, that's why I'm specifically mentioning that one and talking about using the names attached to market it.

Rights will be more expensive, but might still be low enough due to the whole niche thing.

Could then be used as a gateway product for future replay publishing.

>because my black heart only loves profit.

just as long as the official reply is "profit for the sake of continuing producing more stuff for your enjoyment" then I don't mind.

>> No.25783530


>profit for the sake of continuing to produce more stuff for your enjoyment

That's a large part of it. If the whole thing bombs and the publisher doesn't recoup the licensing fee they can't continue to do stuff like this in the future, we don't get more cool /tg/ shit and everybody loses.

>> No.25783903

yup, so course of action for now, find out who have the rights for Red Dragon and ask their prize, all our talking is pipe dream till then.

my email should be on in the archived in the original quickstart thread, if you still want to send in something and include Red Dragon in it. you mentioned thinking yourself unqualified in the original thread before it died, I'll say qualification is easier to gain then passion and easier to judge after seeing what you can do.

>> No.25784061

also, my english is more then regular horrible right now, so I'm off for tonight.

polite sage for offtopic

>> No.25784197


You've got a point. This is also the second day in a row I've been thinking this over, so I may as well do something about it. Give me a few days to put some data together and I'll email you with what I've got.

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