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Shorter thread tonight. Feeling tired.

Suptg Archive: (scroll to bottom)


Archive compiled using with only story posts for easier read-through (update status unknown):


Twitter (quest times, cancellations, updates):


Theme music:



Notes on Rolls and Voting:

When I request rolls, each set of three rolls counts for one action. For example, a two-step plan would take the first 6 linked rolls. A particularly bad failure can stop your plans early.

When rolling 1d100, I will consider criticals within the first ten linked rolls. Only criticals that occur in the first three rolls will be counted as "supercrits". This is still the case even if you'd have plan long enough to require more than ten rolls.

When I roll 1d20, the rules are the same, but I only consider criticals for the first five rolls, rather than ten. Criticals in the first three are still "supercrits".

When a plot choice results in extensive debate, I'll try to weed out the most popular trains of thought, and then call a vote on them. When voting, please respond with only a link back to the post and the number corresponding to your opinion. Other votes are discounted.

Finally, note that this is not a democracy; it is a benevolent dictatorship.

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>Shadow Quest

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I figured you'd like this, Knob-Lover anon...

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Recent Events Summary:

Abigail was twisted into a complex political situation. Fang requires his own trustworthy leader to succeed him, and he sees Abigail, his niece, as that leader. But unless she performs, her admission to the Archonium - a requirement for any would-be councilor or archmage - is in question, and while that is so, she is a target for those that would take a seat, or the archmage's tower, for themselves. Fang sees you as the "summon" that will ensure none question her abilities.

You've already destroyed a family that targeted her for their own political gain, but learned that they were only puppets of a greater threat - the councilor Hae Cheung, who seeks the title of Archmage for himself.

There are ten council seats - 9 currently occupied. Abigail requires a majority approval to be admitted to the Archonium. After securing the vote of Tae Wong, you were ambushed by Cheung's forces on the way back to the city.

With the Cheung family caught twice crossing the line, Yi Fang plotted revenge of an immediate and violent nature, but you convinced him to change his plans to that of a stealthy assassination. By replicating the appearence of Hae Cheung's favored nephew, Jun, who you've already killed, you've managed to sneak into the heart of the Cheung family household.

You met withe Jun Cheung's wife, Lanfen. You attempted to preserve the lives of innocents - including Jun's own family - but Lanfen refused to abandon you, and promised to stage a coup while you confronted Hae Cheung.

You managed to slay the councilor and his two sons, and consume the mysterious shadow that showed up at hte battle.

With Abigail's immediate problems taken care of, you returned to help your allies establish themselves in the forest. After fighting off an attack by more robots marked with "002" the teleportation was successful. You decided to explore the forest and scout out any possible dangers - and you found a lone hunter...

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Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

All Revealed Ability Descriptions:


Books the Main Character has read:


Character Sheet including learned abilities and other important information:


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Rolled 7

wuh..... why is this an actual thing?

rolling will save against new fetish

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It's Shadow time.

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Current Statistics:

HP: 54/81
Mana: 22/34
EXP: 3
Humanity: 444
Temerity: 287

Shards of True Darkness: 3
(Isolation) - Weak
{Hunger} - Fragile
(Silence) - Normal


Wisp (1 mana per order, does not break control, stealths with you)


Earthen Construct


Utility belt with purse


Moonsong Shards x 2
Sun-Moon Key
Succubus Reagents x 1

Current Location:

The Great Forest - camp

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You told me you'd fix Shadowrage not being underlined.
You lied to me, you fucker.

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P-please, get inside me

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>Last time...

The man hesitates.

For a moment, you feel something wild and fierce twist in his soul - almost like magic.

And then, it subsides.

"...I don't trust you." He slings his bow over his back. "But fine. You want to play? Welcome to the woods." He folds his arms. "Three miles southwest of here is a small clearing with a tall boulder in its center. Three nights from tonight, be there, with whomever you call a leader. But tell your 'refugees' that if they try anything, they'll bring the wrath of the forest down upon their heads. All the forest." He turns and begins to walk away. "Follow me again, and you'll regret it. I'll know if you do. The trees are too silent where you walk."

He vanishes into the thick of the undergrowth.


You're not sure what he means, but you decide that the first thing you should do is scout this place out. You do a quickly flyover of the forest in the direction he indicated.

You quickly find the clearing he mentioned. It's a wide, grassy plain, almost oddly circular in dimensions. The gloom of the forest stops short around its edge, leaving a heavy boulder isolated in the middle of the field. That must be the meeting spot he mentioned.

What do you do?

>fly back, report your findings
>use deep focus; investigate the clearing more thoroughly
>explore elsewhere
>some other strategy

>timeskip to night of the meeting?


It's fixed in my .psd file. You just haven't had a new ability jpeg yet.


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>use deep focus; investigate the clearing more thoroughly

then lets tell Aurial and Ila about our encounter... then I guess we head to Kelvere?

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deep focus

>> No.25743025

>use deep focus; investigate the clearing more thoroughly

>> No.25743032

Just use regular focus on the clearing.

There's no need to keep blasting it over miles wide radii when focus works well for small areas.

That's why they are separate skills, not upgrades.

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>use deep focus; investigate the clearing more thoroughly

>> No.25743048

>use deep focus; investigate the clearing more thoroughly

>> No.25743053

agreed, Kelvere is right next door, we should at least check up on the state of things

>> No.25743056

Nah. Deep focus. GOTTA FIND EM ALL.

>> No.25743058

Let's go check out the meeting spot.

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>fly back, report your findings
then we can spend the next few days investigating kelever. i want that key

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A list of ongoing tasks of varying importance, sorted to groups by relation, ongoing starred:

>Make sure Abigail isn't murdered in school
> *Deal with Flint's parasite (Yi Fang promised to help)
> *Find the Staff of the Winds (Yi Fang needs it too, see above)
>Assimilate more fragments of Shadow

>Free Geb, make a new friend (Or don't)
>Free Hecate by finding all the four keys (Adavan wants to help)
>Free the Water Elemental whose name escapes me

>Find out situation in Kelvere, is the Duke really dead?
>Find out what else the Duke was hiding from us
>Find out what's up with the Black Lady. Could she be trusted?
>Get information on Sandalphon’s movements and the Light empire’s situation
>Get in contact with Steward/City 001
>Get Obis his throne back
>Ask the Elven Queen some very pointed questions about our memories

>Find Joey
> *Help establish Fort Haven
>Research Dynamos
>Repair the Noiralev to full functional capacity

Potential new tasks (Mentioned but not yet agreed upon):
>Share your power with more people/make your Gift more powerful
>End Skysever (core can be found at the islands of Xile)
>Explore, this world feels small
>Convince Flint to become the leader of his people, after the parasite has been dealt with
>Find what happened to the Dwarves
>Find out about the Presence we felt when using Focus in the Shadow temple underneath Tarun Gakt
>Find the rest of the Sword
>Deal with City002
>Deal with Dave "Legion" Jones
List open for discussion, will attempt to update for each new chapter.

>5am, just woke up

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>use deep focus; investigate the clearing more thoroughly

Then lets go to Kelvere and check how utterly fucked that place is!

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Roll 1d100 for deep focus

>> No.25743096

Rolled 50


>> No.25743097

Rolled 75


>> No.25743098

Rolled 63


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From the pastebin
>Deep Focus - Enhance focus, and gain the ability to focus over very long ranges
I'm pretty sure they're not separate skills

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Marid time

>> No.25743115

Rolled 8

pretty decent rolls so far

>> No.25743121

Rolled 95


>> No.25743124



Also, SM, if we compressed ourselves before using Deep Focus, would that reduce our magical signature?

I can only imagine you didn't intend for us to combine these two powers.

>> No.25743125

Good enough

>> No.25743130


To clarify, you can use your normal closer-range focus at any time.

>> No.25743131

good question

>> No.25743138

why isn't shadow blast purchased on the tree?

>> No.25743140

Can't we timeskip to the meeting then head off to Kelvere? I'd rather make sure these werewolves aren't going to fuck with Haven before leaving.

Maybe with Shadowmeld.

>> No.25743150


No, the 'ping' of deep focus is what it is no matter your level of stealth. However, enemy knowledge of your location and actually finding you are two different things. Focus does not automatically break stealth.

>> No.25743151


>> No.25743153

Rolled 70


>> No.25743163


I forgot it. It's on the character sheet, though.

>> No.25743175

So, when we say deep focus, does that always mean it's bigger in range? Is using a small-sized focus less effective at giving us information?

>> No.25743181


>> No.25743184


Fair enough.

It might serve our interests to compress ourselves more frequently when in stealth mode.

>> No.25743186

People just like givin ya shit SM, you know we all love ya.

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From about half a dozen countries with the same time zone, your guess... was correct.

Want a medal?

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>SM's face when everyone ignores the quest just to bitch at him about abilities

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Rolled 6

Nah, yuo are our greatest ally! Just keep up making more delicious koskenkorva!

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You use deep focus.

Your senses pick up something unusual about the clearing. It's rich with life, and the soil is thick. It seems strange to you that the forest has not grown over this clearing.

Your senses are deflected by the boulder. It's a very odd sensation. It isn't that you can't tell it's there, but that there's a sort of wall around it, stopping you from 'feeling' it.

You move in. Up close, you find it quite large, about two stories high an twice again as long. You tap it with a shadowy fist. It sure feels like a rock. You push on it, and it shifts slightly. Bugs crawl out from an indentation left in the earth. You let go, and it settles back down.


As the tail end of your focus drifts away, you pick something up. It stabs into your mind like a cutting wind.

You look up. And, squinting, you can make out something high in the sky - a tiny dot - a sphere of twisting winds.

You remember reading about this. It's the core of the Sky-sever, said to be over the Great Forest. Though it's visible, it's been concluded to be nigh unreachable after a storied history of attempts both mundane and magical.

What do you do?

>to the Sky-sever!
>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.

>timeskip to meeting?

>> No.25743295

There is nothing to yet ignore.

We voted to deep focus, we rolled for dep focus, and we bitched about abilities.

That's pretty intent on the quest. Stop trying to suck SM's e-cock.

>> No.25743316

>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.

>> No.25743322

>>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.
>>timeskip to meeting?

>> No.25743326

>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.

>> No.25743335

Obviously chucking the silence boulder at the Sky-sever core is the best solution.

>> No.25743338

>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.

We are going to need the Staff of winds to get to the core anyways, if we even want to work toward that.

>> No.25743344

Ending the sky-sever won't do us any favours just yet.

Let's do this meet'n'greet.

>> No.25743347

>>>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.
>>>timeskip to meeting?

>> No.25743351

>Get hunger and isolation to resonant
>Nightblaze the skysever
>CONSUME whatever's left

>> No.25743353


Are you guys kidding?

We got to try to take a peek at what's powering the Sky-Sever.

>> No.25743368

>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.

>> No.25743377

I'll give you a hint.

It's fucking magic.


>> No.25743381

>timeskip to meeting?
I know you want to speed things up SM, so have a vote.

>Not hypersonic Shcattenkrieg while burning mana for extra shadow power to become the drill that literally pierces the heavens

>> No.25743394

calling it now, the boulder is hiding the true core of the sky sever

>> No.25743404

It's protected by impenetrable winds similar in force to those of Geb's prison.

We aren't getting anywhere close to it without being ripped apart.

>> No.25743414

>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.
<So, uh, I had a bad night with sneaking.>

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Here's a hypothetical ability tree for a light elemental. It's pretty densely packed and unfinished besides, but I hope it's at least readable.

>> No.25743420

The boulder holds the wind elemental.

Geb is sealed in winds, Aeoulus is sealed in stone.

>> No.25743424

>timeskip to meeting?

Sure, but we should talk to a few Angels and Shadow Mages for representatives before that.

>> No.25743427

Meditate on shards until meeting.

>> No.25743442

>>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.
>>timeskip to meeting?
Not QUITE yet.

At least let whoever we're taking with us to the meeting know what we felt from the mysterious hunter (and maybe let them know that we theorized that it could mean that he's a werewolf? We've never met one, so we have nothing to compare him to, but we know they exist in this forest, and that seems like the kind of thing that would give a guy a hidden, feral element to their inner self.)

>> No.25743443

This is always a good choice.

>> No.25743444

I vote we don't free Aeolus

He was a jerk

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Meditate on the shards while we wait.

>> No.25743450

Good call. Second.

>> No.25743459


Too bad you went and revelaed it. Now you can never run Light Quest without repathing it.

>> No.25743464

>I've got enough on my plate at the moment. Back to camp.

Well, at least we found it, that was easy.

>> No.25743466


>> No.25743493

Good idea.

>> No.25743512

This is probably the best idea.

>> No.25743517


You're giving me ideas.

Shit, man, I need to take graphic design or something.

>> No.25743519

Good idea

>> No.25743522

I'm assuming the assimilate tree is like CONSUME. I don't think a light elemental would have that.

I think the different elementals got xp in different ways. Shadow consumes, light spreads. Light would get xp for gathering followers, for spreading itself and illuminating the world.

>> No.25743546


alright, info + intensive meditation

Roll 1d100, I assume everyone wants to work on hunger and isolation. First three hunger, next three Iso

>> No.25743560

Rolled 64


>> No.25743561

Rolled 79


>> No.25743563

Rolled 91


>> No.25743568

Rolled 55


>> No.25743571

Rolled 100


>> No.25743575

FOR something, i have no iddeea

>> No.25743576

Rolled 37

Expanding. Fire would probably be the only other with consume.

Or maybe they get better bonuses for consumption because it's more in line with the nature of their element..

Maybe light does get it, but the xp is lower compared to shadow consuming, but light can make up for it by proselytizing.


>> No.25743579

Rolled 66


>> No.25743595

>First roll in a long time that went well for me.

I think the Seal God's have forgiven us.

>> No.25743597

welp, isolation just got ANOTHER 100.

>> No.25743598


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File: 1.10 MB, 320x240, Brofist.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25743605


>> No.25743612



>> No.25743624

what is that now? 5 of em?

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File: 439 KB, 500x378, GREAT JOB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25743644

I bet you lift. Everyday.

>> No.25743662

Lonely shadow, online.

>> No.25743680

Were you planning on actually using this for something or just dumping it here?

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Aww yiss

>> No.25743705

We have REALLY high resonance with that Isolation shard.

I wonder what that says about our character.

>> No.25743722

Second 100 I've gotten. Other time was when we were escaping that angel that found us in the Duke's castle. Got the 100 for clinging onto a wall to slow our decent. The good old times eh?

>> No.25743724

I don't think I'll ever have enough time to run Light Quest. Anyone is free to use the tree if they want.

It's really just a flowchart. I made it in LibreOffice, and it wasn't very difficult. Only tedious.

Assimilate may as well be a placeholder for something better. I just thought the tree needed a companion ability to CONSUME, and I originally envisioned the light elemental it applies to as being the polar opposite of Mr. Shadow. Basically, whatever Mr. Shadow would have become if he took the "Evil" path, but light-flavored.

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File: 137 KB, 900x1051, Crona_shadow_by_RasEdd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It says things.

>> No.25743756

Just dumping it, in case anyone can find a use for it.

I half-expect SM to throw us up against a successor to Hyperion in a few dozen threads, now that I've made it easy for him to stat one.

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File: 6 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We a monk now

>> No.25743763

Our blood is black ya know?

>> No.25743779

For the Gary Oak to Shadow's Ash Ketchum?

>> No.25743804

We identify most with isolation. It's the very thing we've been striving to rectify. The only willing fusion that occurred out of all the shards we've encountered.

I'd be surprised if we didn't mesh so well with it.

>> No.25743826

>High resonance with Isolation

Because Hope rides alone

>> No.25743854

Someone should shoop the image of the Nameless One into Shadow and replace the text with "Meditated on my shards"

>> No.25743866

Can I eat the aloneness? There's so much of it! You wouldn't miss it anyway. It's like removing the missing it. So can I eat it? Please? There's so much...

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File: 102 KB, 373x355, 244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 271 KB, 1280x1024, 1334425666882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25743894

I'm a little confused as to why everyone loves the Protomen...

>> No.25743902

Gimme a pic you wanna use and I'll try it,

>> No.25743903

I think it's something like opposites attract. Mr. Shadow likes making friends.

>> No.25743913


It's not a incredibly deep work of artistic achievement, but it's pretty cool and I like the music.

>> No.25743935
File: 52 KB, 448x419, tumblr_me6tryot3I1rw12nho1_500[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25743939

You decide to return to camp.

Your allies listen to your story intently. At the end of it, Auriel nods. "You said it felt...wild, huh?"


"I'd bet my wings it's werewolves," Tyrael says. "So. What do we do?"

"Well, the brutal, simple answer is...exterminate them," Auriel says. "But firstly, we're a bit short on friends at the moment. Secondly, it's probably not just one idiot running around by himself. Thirdly...I've had enough of judging people before meeting them." She glances at the gathered faces. "We go to the meeting. Myself...Ila, Hamil, and Shadow. Tyrael will remain hidden with a small backup force so get us out of there if it goes belly up. Otherwise, our goal is to introduce ourselves and hopefully gain a few friends. Or at least avoid making enemies."

With a plan of action sorted out, you decide that you need to meditate on your shards.

Hunger is strengthened by your efforts.

{Hunger} - Strong

But Isolation leaps to your call - and it becomes almost stronger than you've ever felt it.

(Isolation) - Empowered

>con't with timeskip to meeting

>> No.25743943


I think part of that is that we DO feel isolated because of our lost memories and unique nature. We don't have a defined place in the world, so we set out to carve a new one and attract other people to our cause who also are marginalized and abused by the current system in place.

>> No.25743945

Well, the flowchart look really makes it reinforce the "Light is Lawful Evil Bureaucrats" thing.

Have you considered reforming it to flow as the shape of a crystal? Or maybe a single beam hitting a shape and branching like a prism?

>> No.25743946

So Isolation is a shut-in Agoraphobic?

>> No.25743976
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Rolled 72


>> No.25743977

Shut the fuck up darkxXxSizz666, you just jelly you didn't get the 100. Go back to sucking off Michael and Magcock.

>> No.25743994

I like their music alright. Don't really care much for the story outside of a few parts, though. Megaman X/Zero is already a darker version of the franchise, so I find it redundant.

>> No.25744004

>"Well, the brutal, simple answer is...exterminate them,"
scared the shit out of me for a second, man

I doubt the backup is going to go unnoticed, though. This is their turf, after all. Let's hope they aren't too offended.

>> No.25744005

So, Shadow has Two Steps from Hell.

What would Hyperion Jr have?

>> No.25744026

The edgiest band you can think of.

>> No.25744035

<Backup.... Hiding... Auriel, he detected /me/ instantly. Tyrael and the backup force will stand out like a beacon set ablaze.>

>> No.25744051

Muh Shadowrage underlined.

Muh Shadow Blast.

>> No.25744052

Man, that was a nat one, you can't judge prowess on that

>> No.25744056

He found us because we fumbled a roll

>> No.25744058

That's a neat idea.

>> No.25744059


[email protected], nothing says good guys like little girls singing songs about happy stuff.~

>> No.25744072


>> No.25744077

Faith +1

>> No.25744078

Rolled 7



And <I have picked up a few new tricks in Archon, if things go south then I am more than confident that the puppies will regret even thinking of harming my friends.>

>> No.25744079

Geb's themesong should be something really indie. Because he's underground, get it?

>> No.25744089

<I was even singing my special sneaky song! Nobody could hear my special sneaky song before!>

>> No.25744093
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>mfw I'm listening to The Aquabats! right now

>> No.25744097

Actually he's above ground in a magic tornado being driven insane by parasites.

>> No.25744103

We collect companions and allies like pokemon, so I think that's apt.

>> No.25744113

The grassy knoll holding the boulder is quiet. You step forward with your three companions, braving the open terrain. Tyrael and a company of angels linger in the trees, weapons readied.

Another party comes from the forest opposite you. It takes time for you to make them out, but eventually, you do - it's the young man you met from before, and an older man. They bear a sharp resemblance.

A third person is with them - an elf woman. For a moment, you stiffen; but it isn't the one you're looking for. She does, however, carry herself with an easy grace that speaks to her station.

As you close the distance, there's more movement from other parts of the woods. You see a man, walking alone. He has short brown hair, and has a cocky sort of air, but his soul is unremarkable. His clothing, however, is outrageous in its mismatched properties. His fingers glimmer with rings; a fur robe drapes down all the way to the ground. He wears a strange woven hat with a rounded top, and belts and pouches crisscross his chest as if sewn into his outfit.

Every piece of his getup glows with magic enchantments.

And then, from opposite the man, walk three orcs. Their burly figures make the rest of the individuals look small by comparison. One of them carries what appears to be a shepard's crook, and smells strongly of earth and water. The other two have some small magical talent, but appear more bent toward the giant swords swinging from their hips.

After a long moment, the three groups, and yours, meet in the center, next to the boulder.

What do you do?

>let them speak first
>let Auriel do the talking
>say something (write-in)
>some other strategy

>> No.25744126

So, what. You're saying his themesong should be pop music?

>> No.25744136


Let them speak first

>> No.25744138
File: 180 KB, 384x264, Goddamnit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That pun's a special kind of terrible.

>> No.25744153

Let them speak, it's their home first.

>> No.25744156

>let them speak first

>> No.25744161

>let them speak first

If they try to strongarm us, are we capable of turning off all stealth and flaring out aura as a massive elemental power dick waving at them?

>> No.25744167

Why do you think he is insane?

>> No.25744173

>let them speak first

>> No.25744177

god damn it, it's politics time, and I have to go. Please don't fuck this one up, guys, please.

>> No.25744182

[x] let them speak first

>> No.25744183

>You see a man, walking alone. He has short brown hair, and has a cocky sort of air, but his soul is unremarkable. His clothing, however, is outrageous in its mismatched properties. His fingers glimmer with rings; a fur robe drapes down all the way to the ground. He wears a strange woven hat with a rounded top, and belts and pouches crisscross his chest as if sewn into his outfit.
Woah, did we just meet a pimp?

>> No.25744185


I think making ourselves into a threat like that will only backfire.

>> No.25744189

>let them speak first

>> No.25744203


With Isolation empowered, you've got some bonus to your passive shard bonus. It would help. You can keep that in mind if things go south.

Writing for letting them speak first.

>> No.25744229


[door knob/Yank/new thing to be blamed tendencies intensify]

>> No.25744285
File: 19 KB, 383x230, beatingadeadhorse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25744314

...and we just found it.

>> No.25744325

>Chewing knobs this hard

>> No.25744327
File: 17 KB, 210x158, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll know when he introduces himself

>> No.25744401
File: 15 KB, 640x352, Darkness Within.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder to get Darkness Within soon.

Or just ink inside someone when we need to kill someone next.

>> No.25744431

>"And my name is, a pimp named Mageback!"

>> No.25744477

It's silent for a moment. You glance at Auriel. She catches your gaze for a second, then looks back to the strangers, waiting for them to speak.

The man with the enchanted clothing yawns loudly. "Valery, baby, can we get on with this? I've got people to see, babies to kiss. You know, leader stuff."

"Show some damn respect, thief," the young man growls.

"I prefer -professional opportunist-."

The elf woman raises her hand, then steps forward. "I welcome you peacefully, newcomers. I am Valeria Kavanere. Along with Young Bull, and Great Tree..." She gestures to the young man, and the old man. "...I speak for the Forest Den, a city of peace within the trees. My colorful friend to your right..." She smiles, and nods to the one called a thief. "...is Janus Miller. Professional Opportunist, and, despite his pretensions, the rather capable leader of a town not unlike you claim to be."

The man bows deeply, sweeping an arm low. "How d'you do?"

"Honored," Auriel mutters. Ila says nothing, but eyes the man with a look of distaste. Hamil stands with his arms folded, still as a stone.

"To your left - "

"I need no introduction from you, Kavanere," the lead orc says sharply. "I am Vaz Grak, ruler of the Green Deep, and commander of all orcs within the forest. Tread carefully, -refugees-, or we shall remind you why your little kingdoms have never tamed the woods."

Valeria gives a slight sigh, then clears her throat. "...we form of a sort of alliance, that maintains the borders of the woods from prying eyes, ensuring our continued secrecy. Young Bull called you here so that we might all better understand your intentions."

Ila and Hamil both look to you. You exchange another glance with Auriel.

What do you do?

>speak (write-in)
>let Auriel speak
>encourage Ila to speak
>some other strategy

>> No.25744533

>let Auriel speak
<I doubt I look very trustworthy to them.>

>> No.25744563

Basically this

>> No.25744566

If we do speak, say it audibly, not telepathically.

>> No.25744580

>let Auriel speak
We're not going to be the leader of the city, we won't be here enough for that.

>> No.25744592

>let Auriel speak
She has the most experience and will make a good first impression that the others of our group can build upon.

>> No.25744595

Rolled 87

Nah, we will need to say something too. It will look stupid if we don't introduce ourselves! If they have any magic talent then they know that some shadow entitity pinged the forest, and we are the prime suspect!

But we should have Auriel speak first.

>> No.25744603

Auriel is speaking.

>> No.25744613

>speak (write-in)
Well met. My name is Shadow, as you may have well guessed. With me are Auriel Lightchosen, Ila lastnamehere, and Hamil lastnamehere, formerly of the Ring City. A pleasure to meet you. Who was the man I have met in the woods before who brought us to you?

>> No.25744633

>let Auriel speak
>encourage Ila to speak

Have them both speak, leader of light and leader of shadow together.

>> No.25744639


Have Auriel ask Ila to explain.

We need to be politically mindful here, and a very strong Light mage asking a Shadow Mage to diplomance would go a long way in showing these people that we're something new.

>> No.25744646


Introductions are in order, but I think it would work better to have Auriel handle them. she has the most experience here in being a diplomat.

>> No.25744651

We'll use the first bit and the last bit after Auriel introduces us.

>> No.25744672

i prefer this honestly.

>> No.25744682

What are Ila's and Hamil"s last names?

>> No.25744708

This, followed by >>25744613

>> No.25744713



Well, shit. Do we know? I honestly don't remember if they even have last names.

>> No.25744749


I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have last names, being in slavery for most of their lives.

>> No.25744776

>let Auriel speak

Also this place is great. We have here to hide and to build a place where people could get along despite their differences and we just find out our job is half done already.

>> No.25744800

No, don't give them sensitive information.

>> No.25744813

We already inked inside someone once. They popped like a balloon.

It was pretty cool.

>> No.25744824

Ila Marril. Don't know Hamil's though...

>> No.25744843

Ila Marril.

>> No.25744847

Well if they don't we have to find suitable surnames for them.

>> No.25744890

Soon to be whatever Tyrael's last name is.

We have a very progressive community.

>> No.25744893

You're forgetting the time we ate a Drake from the inside out during the Evinbrook arc.

That was tits awesome.

>> No.25744916

We never did find out what the aftermath of our excursion through Jacob's field was.

>> No.25744930

Auriel steps forward. "I am Auriel Lightchosen, former angel of the Ringed City," she declares. "You may have heard of recent...conflict...that occurred there."

"Mmm," Great Tree murmurs. "Then the rumors are true. A schism between the angels."

"It is," she says, "and we are the other side of the schism. The city enslaved any naturally born spirit and shadow mages found within its borders. Combined with Sandalphon's continued, militaristic encroachment upon the free rule of the empire, I could no longer tolerate the status quo. Hyperion chose us to lead, not to rule. Ila Marril, to my right, speaks for those freed shadow mages, with whom we escaped. Hamil Miller, to my left, speaks for the Spirit Mages. And I speak for the angels."

"You don't seem an angel to me, woman," Vaz Grak says. "Where are your wings?"

"They have been lost," Auriel says simply. "Sacrificed to return a demon lord to the nether. A feat that outstrips anything you've ever accomplished, I'm sure."

You wince slightly, but rather than be insulted, the orc looks impressed. Maybe Auriel's better at this sort of thing than you realized.

"To the people of the Forest Den, and the orcs that call the wood home, and," she says, glance at Janus, "to all others, we come with our intent to build a new home, in peace, and in secret. We want no part of the empire's wars, or discrimination. But I admit, should we be discovered, it could be problematic for those nearby."

Janus snorts. "My beautiful little angel...it would be problematic if -any- of us were discovered. Welcome to the club."

"You goals, it seems, align with our own," Valeria says. "Many elves disapprove of the state of the isles. War and strife made our society xenophobic and intolerant. I have heard Queen Kalladar has made positive strides, but my ancestors came to this forest to escape exactly what you yourself flee. If your actions follow through with your words, I pray that our peoples can be allies, and friends."


>> No.25744933

>implying Tyrael isn't the bottom

>> No.25744937

Wait wat

>> No.25744950

Oh believe me, I'm not forgetting. I think popping someone like a balloon is hilarious though.

>> No.25744972

Auriel thinks they are having the sex.

>> No.25744992

Naah, I'm pretty sure Tyrael plays the woman in that relationship.

>> No.25745006
File: 90 KB, 500x500, MARILL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lla Marill

>> No.25745007


I think right now it would be wiser to remain separate until the heat on us dies down.

>> No.25745023
File: 94 KB, 192x187, 1371718553339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh lawd. I can't wait for Shadow to stumble in on that.

>> No.25745032

Ila Marill. Ila with an i.

>> No.25745048
File: 961 KB, 245x250, Ressurected Emperor's first glimpse of the Imperium.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Shadow's face when

>> No.25745062

>Implying that's not Hyperion's face when he sees the Empire of Light.

>> No.25745070

Now I feel absolutely silly.

>> No.25745072

How good is our memory of the elf lady that saved us? When it's appropriate we should use replicate to take on her form and ask the elf if she recognizes her.

>> No.25745088

>implying Hyperion wasn't a dickbag

>> No.25745091

>But I though human copulation was to only be had with one member of each sex.This isn't that.
And so resumes Shadow's shamelessness.

>> No.25745094

Ila Marril. With two R's and only one L.

>> No.25745100

I'd think he'd be all "Apparently I was not as well informed on human mating as I had believed. Please, continue. You won't even know I'm here."

>> No.25745119

Fukken voyeurs.

>> No.25745125

Great Tree nods. "The werewolves seek only peace, and harmony, with the forest, and the world. As long as you seek the same...we travel the same path."

Janus just shrugs. "Don't really care what you get up to. If you need anything, though, I'm your man. Kinda sucks not having shovels and rope out in the middle of the woods."

"Magic is helpful, but not subtle," Auriel says. "Anything given in friendship now, I will return twice over, once we are more established."

"For you, angel?" Janus says. He grins. "I'll give you everything you need."

Auriel cocks an eyebrow at Valeria. "Is he always like this?"

"You get used to him."

"Used to me?" Janus asks, sounding hurt. "That cuts me deep."

"Oh, don't worry, Janus. I find you absolutely charming, if a bit silly."

"You just say that because you haven't seen me in - "

"Enough of the prattle!" the orc says. "You make good talk, but standing there is a monster, and by my standards, that's saying a lot. What is its nature?"

Young Bull moves next to Valeria. He sizes you up. "I, too, am interested in this Shadow."

Janus rocks on his heals. "Yeah...might set everyone at ease, if we got a little bit more about that."

Auriel glances at you.

What do you do?

>tell her to say (write-in)
>let her say what she wants
>speak for yourself (write-in)
>some other strategy

>> No.25745133


>"By the Light, Shadow. If you're not going to leave us be, could you at least stop that?"

>> No.25745135

Oh god, I sense a repeat of THE SPAGETTINING...

>> No.25745157

>speak for yourself (write-in)
Greetings. My name is Shadow.

>> No.25745166

Where did all this Tyrael X Hamil shit fly in from? Auriel was just joking.

>> No.25745168

>>speak for yourself (write-in)
<Erebus rises.>

>> No.25745178

>speak for yourself (write-in)
<I am neither a -thing- nor a -monster-. Say it again, orc, and I'll rip your tongue out of your mouth.>

>> No.25745182


Speak for ourselves.

<I am called Shadow, yes. I was the one who freed the shadow and spirit mages in the Ringed City and sparked the schism in the first place, if you have any doubts as to my nature or intentions.>

>> No.25745184

Not cool Sm. I wanted to see a quest where gay npcs actually worked out as not being creepy.

>> No.25745188

I think we're mostly just killing time.

>> No.25745197

That's disappointing.

>> No.25745198

>let her say what she wants
I think we can trust Auriel to speak well of us at this point. We should make a greeting, of course, but I think they would trust her word over our own.

>> No.25745199

>"You make good talk, but standing there is a monster, and by my standards, that's saying a lot. What is its nature?"

<What? Monster! Where? >

>> No.25745204

It's too late sm.


>> No.25745210


>being this tryhard

Let's not do this.

>> No.25745225

You're terrible at this diplomacy thing.

>> No.25745227

>speak for yourself
I am a sentient shadow elemental. I am called Shadow or Mr. Shadow if you are feeling formal. I have encountered others like myself but all seem to be more... singleminded then myself. It has always ended in battle so I suggest caution if you encounter any others like me.

I have lent my support to Auriel, Ila and the others here and will defend them with all my power.

>> No.25745229

Tyrael x Hamil is the best couple ever. Hopes crushed.

>> No.25745234


You give us any hint of that, and we'll jump on it.

right now it's just joking but knowing these things, it'll probably mutate into seriousness sooner or later.

>> No.25745238


Well, we'll see what happens.

>> No.25745242

/tg/ is /totallygay/, SM. Im surprised you didn't know.

>> No.25745243


Please don't feed them, SM. Appeasement never works.

>> No.25745246
File: 25 KB, 113x175, 1351260420491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.25745247

>>let her say what she wants
>>some other strategy
Ask Ila to chime in as well.

<I could explain myself, as I tried to with Young Bull, but I suspect you may take us more fully at our word if my friends were to give their own accounts.>

>> No.25745255

That's actually not a bad idea.

>> No.25745256

>speak for yourself
<A monster? That hurts. The whole time I've existed, I've spent trying to disprove that.>

>> No.25745267

>>speak for yourself (write-in)

<Hello, I am Shadow. I'm a living, thinking shadow elemental. So far I am trying to help these humans and angels find a safe haven to make the world a better place.>

nothing else really needed I think.

>> No.25745278


We should do this. OOC, we pretty much know it's the elf queen, but it would be good to confirm with the elf lady.

>> No.25745284

>speak for yourself (write-in)
Introduce ourselves, and tell what we are.

>let her say what she wants
Then let Auriel keep talking. She is a far better orator than we, better to leave the other details to her.

Tell Auriel to have ila chime in if necessary.

>> No.25745290

<I know that you have some questions about my intent. Rest assured that I have no reason to make myself an enemy of your people, as that would only bring attention from the Ring City onto myself. And given how little most think of me, that is something I would like to avoid.>

>> No.25745291

I'm crying for real right now guys, if Joey was here he would've stood up for us.

>> No.25745296

Maybe also give our own brief summary as an introduction, a la

>> No.25745297

For once, Doompaul applies to you.

You asked for this, SM. You could have stopped it. This is the future you chose.

>> No.25745310

>speak for yourself

These people have welcomed our refugees with open arms, and seem willing to help us get situated. Deceiving them about us isn't nice, and considering the number of people in our camp, information control would be damn near impossible anyways.

>> No.25745325


>> No.25745329

I like it! we tag this onto the end of introducing ourselves.

<by the way... do you recognize this woman? she's the one who saved me when I... was awoken.>

>> No.25745337


Well, this IS a joint writing exercise.

>> No.25745338
File: 95 KB, 750x1000, Erebus Rises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>speak for yourself

>> No.25745339

All my this.

>> No.25745340

<I once met a true monster with the face of an Angel.>

>> No.25745343

3rd person here, if I had more time and hadn't lost all my pencils, I'd drawfag Hamil asking if Tyrael wants to go "play" in their quarters, and him giggling in response.

Just because I find the pair adorable.

>> No.25745347

Then detail cool feats to get it to happen as it has.

>> No.25745348

I love it.

Though we should serious up soon afterwards. Just a little joke to put everyone at ease. Joking is a thing we do now, right? I think we do jokes now.

>> No.25745357

Alright, let me see if I can cobble this nonsense together into a coherent response.

>> No.25745362

We aren't deceiving them by having Auriel cover for our spaghetti.

Either way, lets introduce ourselves and then let Auriel continue.

>> No.25745364

I like all of these. Let's do it.

>> No.25745384

thats really good.

>> No.25745388


<I am Shadow. I am the reason for the schism in Ring City. and I am the reason we all stand here today, instead of on the point of Sandalphon's spear.>

>> No.25745402

>Surprised nobody said "I AM JUSTICE"

>> No.25745409

I don't really like the idea of taking her form, since that gets the idea into peoples' heads that we can transform into other people, which opens up all kinds of paranoia opportunities to any of the people who could still be distrustful of us.

Better to just send her our mental recollection of the big important elf lady with our impression stuff.

>> No.25745424

I am Shadow, guardian of the weak, killer of false angels and demons alike, and I recognize no authority save justice

>> No.25745432

>I don't really like the idea of taking her form, since that gets the idea into peoples' heads that we can transform into other people, which opens up all kinds of paranoia opportunities to any of the people who could still be distrustful of us.

Not everyone is /tg/. but yeah you have a point! We still have the shadow aura.

>> No.25745475


Here's what we say!

><What? Monster! Where? >
><I am Shadow. I am the reason for the schism in Ring City. and I am the reason we all stand here today, instead of on the point of Sandalphon's spear.>
Followed by peacemeal quoting:
>I have lent my support to Auriel, Ila and the others here and will defend them with all my power.

>> No.25745482


<My name is shadow, duh, I know. One way or another I am the one responsible for our little group being here. While I am no leader or lord over anyone I considering them my friends and their safety is a big concern of mine. I hope we can get along and maybe become friends as well. >

>> No.25745495

Yeah, kind of a big warning flag for them...

>> No.25745574

You draw yourself up slightly. <I am Shadow. I am a shadow elemental...though I am self-aware, and perfectly capable of thinking.> You swivel to 'face' the orc. <And I am not a monster. No more than you are.>

"So you say," the orc snaps.

"He is no monster!" Ila shouts. She draws a hand across her chest. "If not for him, we'd still be slaves locked at the bottom of the ring city. The shadow was captured by Sandalphon. And then he escaped, and saw our injustice for what it was, and freed us."

The orc sneers. "An appropriate amount...of monstrosity."

Shadow burns like dark fire at Ila's fingertips. "I will not have our savior insulted! Call him a monster again, orc, and you will see exactly how I survived my years beaten and chained by angels at the bottom of a sewer!"

The orcs put their hands on their swords. Janus takes a few measured steps backward. The two men, Young Bull and Great Tree, couch low.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25745589

Rolled 39


>> No.25745593


I vote for this.

>> No.25745596

Rolled 51


>> No.25745613

Rolled 29


>> No.25745615

cmon nat 1

I wanna watch shit go down

>> No.25745617

Rolled 98


>> No.25745625

hopefully the DC was low.

>> No.25745632

Rolled 85

Come on 100!

>> No.25745633

Rolled 90

<ILA, HOLD! There is a difference between zealotry and bettering others.>

>> No.25745636


<Ila, please, for your sake and mine, stand down. >

<We must not answer with violence or all the stereotypes that people have of the shadows will be proven true. >

>> No.25745643

Rolled 74


>> No.25745644

good i fucking hate orcs

>> No.25745650

Goddamnit, I knew Ila was going to speak up if e were insulted.

>> No.25745664

The fuck is this shit...

>> No.25745676


Damn, forgot my dice.

Well with my luck I'd roll a 1 for us anyways.

>> No.25745679

Hey guys
When Haven finally starts doing shit
we need to make a "No orcs from the great forest" rule

>> No.25745685

failed result with a postive spin....?

>> No.25745686

Rolled 32

"Calm your tits"

>> No.25745687

Rolled 14


>> No.25745704

Damnit Ila

I see what Auriel meant about her wanting to shout our name to the heavens now.

>> No.25745705

Well, could the comments be used for a bonus to the die rolls?

>> No.25745715

Rolled 92


>> No.25745730

Step in front of Ila, don't let her attack and take any hits directed at her.

>> No.25745740

Nah, man. The orc's kind of being a dick but his suspicion isn't at all unwarranted. This is Ila's fault.

>> No.25745748

Fucking expand in front of the conflict need be. Titan in required and chastise both with a voice that shakes both to their core.

>> No.25745751

there we go. What are averaging, now?

>> No.25745778

Also, something slightly controversial I've been meaning to bring up.

We are now reaching the point where we are starting to get abilities that require XP to activate. This obviously goes contrary to buying all these neat powers.
Secondly, the mess with getting the airship out of archon showed us that keeping a bit of xp around for when we run out of mana saved out asses and is not that bad an idea.

What I propose is this: Establishing an XP Bank/Reserve that we keep around for when we need to activate Titanic at a moment's notice, or save up for really big things like shadow mana pools. Kind of like a savings account for xp.
(Titanic = 5, hypersonic = 2, pool of darkness 15, xp burn is minimum 1)

what I'm thinking is this:
We put 1 exp into the reserve now to start it.
Whenever we gain more than 1 exp, we put one in the bank.
We agree to not spend from the bank when buying abilities - just the general xp pool.
If the bank gets excessively large, then we can discuss using it for large purchases.

Look, Shadow master's been alluding to the PLOTBERG for a few threads now. It would be prudent to have an extra stash of FUCK YOU at our disposal for when shit gets real.

Thoughts? Good idea, bad idea? An xp here and there isn't a bad tradeoff for throwing down Eclipse in defense of the homeland, or Hypersonic-ing around to deal with the skysever, shards, staff of winds and other side quests is a good investment to start now for planning ahead in threads down the line.

>> No.25745798

>Look, Shadow master's been alluding to the PLOTBERG for a few threads now. It would be prudent to have an extra stash of FUCK YOU at our disposal for when shit gets real.

I think that sounds like a good idea too.

Would that count as too much metagaming though?

>> No.25745813

Say this to both of them?
<Is any of this really appropriate? I mean come on you guys really? I thought you were better then this.>

>> No.25745828

I actually think this is a prudent course of action. Count this as a vote in favor. Maybe our preparations will mitigate the SUFFERING that is heading our way.

>> No.25745829

We do shit that's far more metagamey than this.

>> No.25745834

You can feel the beginning of magic start to glow in the elf woman. "Let's not allow passions to run high," she says calmly.

You grab her shoulder. <Ila.>

She relaxes, and lets the magic die. She glances at you. Her face is torn. Then she looks down, and edges behind Auriel.

Young Bull stands straight. "...I think...that is enough testimony, for me."

"I agree," Janus says. "Let's not all kill each other in a fit of rage, shall we?"

"I'd prefer not to be killed in the dead of night by a monster!" Grak roars. "You think you know pain, shadow mage? You might have been chained, alone, but my entire people were chained. I will not ally with Shadow and Spirit! They made us what we are. They used us for war, and we barely escaped after generations of slavery!" He folds his arms. "These newcomers bring trouble. The wrath of the angels will fall upon us. We are tolerated by the great powers because we are no threat. This will tip the scales against us."

"...I...I am sorry," Ila manages. "...but would you take insult against the person that unchained you?"

"Orcs don't accept favors," Graz says. "We kill monsters, and break our own chains. Take your devil and leave this place."

"...I've heard enough," Young Bull says. "...your name...Ila Marril?"


"Your outburst, while unwarranted, is understandable," the man says. For a moment, he glances at the older man. Great Tree gives him a single nod, and Young Bull looks back. "The werewolves will accept your group as part of our alliance, should you wish it."

Ila looks as though the world had been broken, and then suddenly healed again. "Thank you, Young Bull. I will cherish your friendship."

"Yeah, I don't have a problem," Janus says. "We get enough refugees as it is. Sharing some of the love will help ease the burden. That is, if you don't mind."

Graz huffs. "The pups will accept you, but the orcs shall not. When the angels rain Light on your heads, don't expect help from us!" He turns, as if to leave.


>> No.25745837

exp expenditure and skill gains themselves are already basically metagaming.

>> No.25745846

>Would that count as too much metagaming though?

Not really. We don't know what's coming down the pipeline.

>> No.25745872

What do you do?

>ask the orc to reconsider
>tell the orc not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out
>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind
>just let him go, you don't want his help anyway
>some other strategy

>> No.25745873

>As if to leave
Sucker Punch Incoming!

>> No.25745894

>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind
gotta earn that trust and goodwill.

>> No.25745897

>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind
Side quest, ahoy!

>> No.25745915

See if he knows Roghul. Was that his name?

>> No.25745918

>just let him go

We won't change his mind today. But hopefull our actions will speak well enough for us in the coming time.

>> No.25745920

>just let him go, you don't want his help anyway
Let them call for our help when Sal burns the forest down trying to find us.

>> No.25745925

No. We gotta get established here and then head back to Archon. Or Kelvere to grab the key.

>> No.25745926


>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind

<If you need help in the future, do remember that we shall offer to help.>

>> No.25745927


His choice is his own. We will not force people to accept us. They must reach that conclusion themselves. But just because we wish for peace, does not mean that we will not fight when needed.

>> No.25745935

>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind

>> No.25745936


Rogul was his name, the orc leading the settlement in Tarun Gakth.

>> No.25745938

Ask him what would prove we're not here to kill them. let's not go out of the way to prove it, but if we can, then let's do it.

OH! impression him with how you devoured Micheal. how you kicked the Angel's asses. THE ECLIPSE at edinbrook. he responds to violence and feats of strength.

>> No.25745940

let him go

fuck orcs

>> No.25745949

>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind

>> No.25745951

>ask the orc to reconsider
>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind

>> No.25745955

We should establish a selective breeding campaign to make stronger mages.

>> No.25745959

>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind
<Even if you will refuse to help us, that doesn't go the other way. If the orcs ever need help, we will come if called.>

>> No.25745963


Guys, let's not get distracted here. We need to get to Kelvere and see what's happening there.

This is what always happens. SM dangles a side quest in front of us, and all of sudden we're surprised when Sandalphon has been tracking us down and building his forces while we've been wandering around the woods making new friends.

>> No.25745964

Then in that case we can just leave it as an open offer like:


And then do our own shit.

>> No.25745970


I like these ideas.

>> No.25745979


What does this look like, Nazis in Fantasyland?

>> No.25745981

>ask him if there's anything you could do to change his mind

<You call me monster by my appearance, I prefer to judge others by their deeds. Is it not so by your people?>

An educated guess by his reaction to Auriel early statement.

>> No.25745982

Noooo....., that might hit to close to home for the shadow mages, being treated as slaves and all.

>> No.25745992

Yes! Maybe... See if the fact that Rogul accepted us counts for anything to him.

>> No.25746008

>ask the orc to reconsider

>You might have been chained, alone, but my entire people were chained.
>They used us for war, and we barely escaped after generations of slavery!
Uh, just like the rest of the shadow and spirit mages in the Ring City?

Dude needs to cool it on his orcish nationalism. The fact that HE has suffered doesn't make the suffering of others any more acceptable.

We're working towards a society where ALL suffering is deemed equally terrible, and people don't need to be "tolerated" by "greater powers" in order to live free.

>> No.25746010

Rolled 63

Waah waah waah. The spirit and shadow mages in front of me are personally responsible for my and my races plight. This orc is fucking dumb as bricks. It's thw exact thing we're trying to overcome with our little town.

>> No.25746014

This is nice.

>> No.25746019

Rogul never accepted us, he didn't even know we were sentient. He thought we belonged to the seer.

>> No.25746034
File: 601 KB, 291x386, 1371368586433.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25746053

Ah you're right... Well lets just lie, then.

>> No.25746054


>> No.25746058



I feel like I've been shouting this in all caps for 15 threads and no one is interested.

>> No.25746059

Yeah, this.

I think acting like a sycophant will just make him dislike us more.

>> No.25746066

welp, that settles it. we're not going out of our way to prove ourselves to this guy.

>> No.25746076

>Graz huffs. "The pups will accept you, but the orcs shall not. When the angels rain Light on your heads, don't expect help from us!" He turns, as if to leave.

<Wait!> we exclaim. <Tell me about these monsters of your people's past. > Appeal to his sense of, well, community. He doesn't realize we aren't normal. Get his attention. Maybe he knows something of the remaining shards. Then hit him with this.

<I've slain monsters that know nothing but hunger, no sense of duty, obligation, right or wrong... its revolting - but could they be the same devils from your people's past?>

>> No.25746078

Guys, we've dealt with orcs before that were bro tier to us. What did we do in Tarun Garkth (Sp?) to get accepted?

>> No.25746085
File: 20 KB, 430x304, You....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not helping.

>> No.25746086
File: 960 KB, 488x275, 1369892932624.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Calling it for asking if there's anything you can do to change his mind.

>> No.25746089

Explain to me how having more allies within our own general location is anything but advantageous come an eventual attack from Sandals.

>> No.25746103

Let's not mention Rogul at all. The orc would be far more impressed by our feats of strength, not our attempts at diplomacy.

>> No.25746113


You were never accepted in Tarun Gakth. You stayed hidden the whole time.

>> No.25746124
File: 655 KB, 460x426, 1371721138242.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm upset, but I don't give enough of a fuck to fight against the stupid.

Maybe I'll post that quote where you say that this isn't the make friends anime.

But now is time to watch the show.

>> No.25746125

and then ignoring the shit out of what he says. we can't afford to run a forest-wide quest while we're got shit to do.

>> No.25746131

Call him a sissy and challenge him to a fight. We make friends through ass whooping.

>> No.25746139

>Special Ability XP Bank

Also, more people need to weight an opinion in on this.

So far there's two positives, three including myself.

SM, can you weight in on this? Is this something you would be willing to handle bookkeeping for, if the thread feels its an idea worth backing?

>> No.25746147

please i want the orcs to die

I repeat i h8 orcs

>> No.25746151

Say that a monster we may be, but it takes a special kind to save a child

>> No.25746153

I don't know, it seems like a lot of the people voting for asking if there's anything you can do to change his mind were just using it as an open offer to help in the future, me included.

>> No.25746154


If Sandalphon arrives with his full strength and all available airships, I don't think the Orcs will be enough to save us, dude.

>> No.25746177

this setting or in general?

>> No.25746191



>> No.25746217

I think it is a good idea.

>> No.25746219

all orcs everywhere

>> No.25746221

Interesting way to put it, that SM would just deduct points from our gains to be put directly into the bank, rather than that the cummunity would keep track of the points we've decided to reserve.

>> No.25746223

that'll just piss him off. he'll leave us alone because we're the meatshield, but attacking him gets the orcs to gorilla warfare us.

>> No.25746235

...then no.

>> No.25746237

<Once I were held prisoner to a monster with the face of an Angel. Would you not prefer if the outside world judged you and your people of you character rather blaming you for the deeds of the dead? I don't assume that I will have anyone's trust handed to me, but insulting me in this manner is very ill-considerate from someone as yourself>

>> No.25746243

then there is no real reason to support you.

>> No.25746279

Half the face.

>> No.25746282


>This is not an anime. This is not a world full of friends just waiting to be made. ... If you keep jumping off cliffs, eventually you're going to find one with very sharp rocks at the bottom.

>> No.25746289

<You speak of the past wrongs of mages that enslaved your people,> you say, <but that is exactly what we are trying to end. Would you blame those before you for the crimes of others?>

"I care not!" the orc says. "Would you bet the lives of all your refugees on trusting the first new angel to fall upon doorstep? I think not."

<Is there anything I can do to change your mind?>

The orc stops. A fanged, toothy grin slowly spits his face. "...I can think of something."


He slowly draws out his sword. It's no normal blade. The weapon is etched with sigils all the way down its length. It glows with four different elements - Wind, Water, Lightning, and Light. He turns toward you. "Withstand one stroke of my blade, monster, and I'll consider you strong enough to stand with us."

You hesitate. Auriel gives the orc a look. "What is this?"

"It's as simple as I said. What is your answer? Yes, or no?"

What do you do?

>piss off, buck-tooth
>ask someone else what they think
>some other strategy

>> No.25746299

Best sex I ever had

>> No.25746316
File: 52 KB, 465x498, Dissapoint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop that shit. If you were here in the beguinning, sure why not, but you weren't, and you're being out of character.

>> No.25746325

Focus it.

>> No.25746326

awww, shit. we need discussion on this with the others. that light element could fuck us up.

>> No.25746331

Agree. Walk up to him and stroke his sword lovingly.

>> No.25746333

If this thing can do 54 damage in one shot I will be fucking surprised.

>> No.25746334


Its the only way it would work, otherwise it will be spent on nickle-and-dime things like 2xp abilities instead of saved whenever it comes time to spend it.

Even if it's a good idea, we as a community just don't have the willpower to refrain from spending it on instant gratification.

That is the opposite of the goal of a special ability battery.

>> No.25746335

[X] Fine.

>> No.25746340

We got this

>> No.25746344


Time to be STUPID!

>> No.25746352

I assume we managed to completely heal? I doubt he can insta-kill us if we are at full health.

>> No.25746355

>Yeah, no. Fuck right off, greenskin.

>> No.25746358


Take it.

If we turn him down it's just going to make his opinion of us sour even more.

>> No.25746359
File: 610 KB, 2400x3200, 1370732787579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25746362

This isn't some evil guy waiting to kill us when we trust him. This is a guy part of an alliance that are willing to take us in. He's just being hardheaded. He's more Auriel than Yi Fang or or the Duke

>> No.25746365


His own fault for hitting a shadow elemental.

>> No.25746372

Then withstand a stroke from me afterwards. Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth.

>> No.25746373

Nightflare the sword, then agree.

>> No.25746375


This seems too easy. There's no way he can deal the 80 or so damage required to destroy us in one blow.


>[X] Fine

>> No.25746378

do whatever we can to prepare, like get isolation to make a small barrier....

>> No.25746379

Let's eat the goddamn sword as he strikes us with it, utilizing the hunger shard. <This is what I think of your show of strength>

>> No.25746390

fuck yeah consume his sword wile were at it

fuck orcs

>> No.25746391

>HP: 54/81
I think we can take it.

>> No.25746395

Oh shit





>> No.25746396

<Change is coming Ork, and while you don't want to be apart of it, it is apart of you.>
<While you don't have to ally with us to have sway in this change, to ally with no one will lead to it swaying you.>

>> No.25746397






>> No.25746405

fine, but turn big while we do it. make him know we are not to be fucked with

>> No.25746407

And he just asked us to let him hit us with the fancy magic sword.

We're staring at the fucking cliff and everyone wants to just jump

>> No.25746414



also message to our group
<Everyone, after he attacks once, make sure he doesn't go for another swing.>

>> No.25746417


But FOCUS on it first!

>> No.25746419


It's unlikley that he will kill us in one swing, especially if we are bracing for an attack, and using Isolation as a shield, But if he continues an attack I don't want to be heavily weakened.

>> No.25746421

get ready to Juggernaut the sword

>> No.25746429

Nope fuck that, challenge him to a duel. Tell him to not be a total bitch and see if he can take some hits.

>> No.25746438

heal first, we have the mana

>> No.25746443

...Then he would just hit us -multiple- time with that sword.

>> No.25746446

>all these people voting "fine"
It's almost like the people in these threads are idiots. It's a sword. Enchanted with 4 OPPOSING elements. Wielded by an orc. Who the fuck thinks this is a good idea? Just because we can use water magic to an extent doesn't mean we are immune to it, not to mention the other elements

>> No.25746451

I think we're operating on the reasonable assumption that he won't be able to kill us in one blow.

And that he isn't retarded enough to try for a second when his allies are around and have already agreed to form an alliance with us.

>> No.25746466

Please /tg/, this is the cliff. Don't jump off the cliff.

>> No.25746467

>some other strategy
use focus to make sure that it isnt an elemental killing sword. then if not take the hit

>> No.25746469

>some other strategy
Challenge the motherfucker to a challenge of strength.

>> No.25746474

Fine do it, but go Titanic first for the doubled defense and strength and use the isolation shard.

>> No.25746477

3 opposing. Water is a lesser element.

Still agree with the rest

>> No.25746478


Tilt our head thoughtfully, like we're trying to consider it.
Body language, instead of an immediate verbal answer.

Use Focus on it while we do so.
HEAL ourselves up first. Like right now.

See what focus says before deciding yeah or nay.

>> No.25746479

And if I can, the sword is mine.

>> No.25746483

You know what would be interesting? If that ability activated where we faze through physical attacks.

>> No.25746484

We got Isolation at empowered and 3 days to heal. We can probably tank this. The only thing I'd be worried about is if it has some kind of poison enchantment to it.

I say we at least ask for an opinion, though.

>> No.25746486

...I like this.

>> No.25746491

<Fine, as long as my friends will be accepted should i fall>

>> No.25746501

Can I get some confirmation on whether or not heal?

It will cost you 14 mana to heal to maximum health.

>> No.25746503


Yeah, it won't hurt to get a second opinion on this.

>> No.25746507

>implying it won't cripple us somehow.
>implying this wan't just a ploy by SM to force us to use out supercharged isolation shard so he can throw some other bullshit at us and make it harder.

>> No.25746508


>> No.25746525

go ahead and heal up

>> No.25746527


defense != magical defense

>> No.25746531

This would absolutely never happen.

>> No.25746532


heal to max!

>> No.25746533

Yes heal.

Use Isolation to tank the attack.

>> No.25746534

god... if people are going to be pants-on-head retarded about this, then yes, definitely heal. and use the Isolation.

>> No.25746535

Don't forget to use fucking titanic.

>> No.25746536


<That's the stupidest thing I have ever hear. I could take that sword from you, break it in half and devoured all its power. If you want to see how strong, then come on! Try to strike me with at blade! I will see myself if talk is all you got!>

Use Fear but don't move, let him come at us and then blink.

>> No.25746538

I think we'd still take the magical damage, though.

>> No.25746540

Heal then focus pls

>> No.25746542

Maybe nightblaze the sword? This orc sounds like a bully, and kids should have their toys taken away when they don't play nice.

>> No.25746544


>> No.25746548



If we get struck down, I don't want them immediately attacking the rest of our entourage.

>> No.25746553

No, fucking don't use titanic. Wastes 5xp and defense doesn't stop the magic damage.

>> No.25746559

We don't have the EXP for titanic, and it would make us absurdly big.

Using the isolation shard is probably a good idea though, given that at empowered level it is basically an "I win" button when used right.

We should focus on the sword first though, get a better idea of what it can do.

>> No.25746560

Err guys we only have 3 xp.

>> No.25746561

yes, isolation for defense and juggernaut the sword
>did 3 days not heal us to full?

>> No.25746565

eat shadows instead.

>> No.25746569

No all we need to do is CONSUME the sword as it enters our body

>> No.25746575

I know, but the look on his face when the sword goes through shadow like fog.

>> No.25746591

What if it's not a damaging sword but a sword meant to bind/banish shadow?

>> No.25746597

<I see your bate, and it smell delicious.>

If we tank it

<And it tastes delicious too...>

>> No.25746601

SM is laughing so hard right now

>> No.25746602

Guys, seriously
Challenge him to a trial by strength. We are stronger than ten men. Ten orcs probably too...

>> No.25746605


OK but if I take one stroke from you, will you take one of mine?

>> No.25746609

YEAH!! why didn't we heal over those three days, SM?! you trying to cheat us?

>> No.25746613

We don't heal naturally, just from eating things.

Or from sitting in water, if we had water recovery.

>> No.25746615

<If your sword can survive a strike against me, then you are indeed a worthy ally.>

Then CONSUME sword while using Isolation to push away damage and hunger to munch the magic.

>> No.25746637

We have regen, it just stops at 2/3 of our max health.

>> No.25746639

We had 3 days of rest and plenty of shadows to eat, how are we not already full health?

>> No.25746641

HP: 81/81
Mana: 8/34

Vote 1:
>hunger shard to consume the sword after it hits you

Vote 2:
>use isolation to try and tank it

Vote 3
>fuck you, let's have a real duel

Regeneration works to 2/3 your max HP. That's 54 HP. You don't go above that unless you use magic or consume something.

>> No.25746645

Shouldn't we rather imply his sword wouldn't survive the hit? And then if he thinks it will, eat it.

>> No.25746646

>And if I can, the sword is mine.
><Fine, as long as my friends will be accepted should i fall>

I like BOTH of these.

<Two conditions. Should I fall, you treat my friends as equals. I am prepared to lay my essence down for them I must. However. I cannot guarantee your sword will survive the experience. Are you prepared to lose it, just to test me?>

>> No.25746647

we could have gone to the lake only a few miles away, or hunted something. just saying

>> No.25746649

>Vote 3

>> No.25746651

Regen stops at 2/3 of our max health.

Mighty regen, if we ever get it, caps at 4/5 of max health.

>> No.25746654


Vote 4:
>use both hunger and isolation

>> No.25746655


>> No.25746656


>> No.25746659


>> No.25746661


>> No.25746664


>> No.25746667

No option to just tank it without a shard?

>> No.25746668


>> No.25746670


>> No.25746674


>> No.25746678


That vote doesn't count, anon.

ONLY a link back and a number.



>> No.25746680


>> No.25746682


>> No.25746686


>> No.25746687


>> No.25746690


>> No.25746695


>> No.25746698


>> No.25746699


>> No.25746706


>> No.25746707


Sorry, seemed like that was really small compared to the other options.

>> No.25746708


>> No.25746711

1 & 2

>> No.25746717


>> No.25746719


>> No.25746722


>> No.25746723

Fuck, sorry. Reflex.

>> No.25746728


>> No.25746730


>> No.25746735

Oh god all these people actually saying 2

>> No.25746737


>> No.25746738


>> No.25746741


Why is this quest perpetually filled with idiots? Why are we doing this?

Don't you think this Orc is going to be pissed when we break his family's honored blade in a pissing contest for no reason?

>> No.25746743

Both 1 and 2

>> No.25746745


>> No.25746746


>> No.25746752


>> No.25746753


>> No.25746759


>> No.25746764


>> No.25746767


>> No.25746770


>> No.25746771

>pissing contest he started

>> No.25746772


No worries, just want to make sure you get your vote in!

>> No.25746775


>> No.25746776


>> No.25746778


>> No.25746781


>> No.25746782
File: 820 KB, 999x752, Shadow Quest2.1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are doorknob chewers, anon,.

>> No.25746784


>> No.25746786


>> No.25746787

I don't see how a duel is a very smart choice. It just risks more than one hit from the thing.

>> No.25746790

Lets worn him first then.

>> No.25746793

Ah. Screw this retarded Orc! Lets eat his toy!

>> No.25746794


>> No.25746797


>> No.25746798

Yes. That's exactly why we attempt to break it.

>> No.25746803

Also warn him that his blade may not survive the attempt.

>> No.25746806

are we allowed to tell him we'll eat his sword if we win?

>> No.25746808


>> No.25746811

Guys, eating his sword is a good way to make them declare fucking war on us. Srsly.

>> No.25746817

yeah fuck orcs I just want him to get angry so we can kill him

>> No.25746823
File: 282 KB, 400x488, 1351790389591.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


cutting off votes

Let the COUNTINGNING begin

>> No.25746827

>I must
IF i must. Bah. typoes :p

> Master !!DCsy3GU
>defense != magical defense


THIS is also *exactly* why we should setup the xp bank now.
"Lets do something cool!"
"Oh wait, out of gas"

>> No.25746828

Then we eat them too.

>> No.25746830

OH! Tell him that if we win we get the sword.

>> No.25746837
File: 205 KB, 500x500, neverends.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25746838

Just say the whole "I hope your sword can withstand an impact" thing first.

He started it.

>> No.25746841


Yeah I'll throw that in if the option wins to use hunger shard

>> No.25746843

Get out.

>> No.25746854


He thinks his sword is hot shit, it breaks went it strike us WE ARE THE HOT SHIT!

>> No.25746857


He probably will be pissed though, and it's a waste of charges to use both shards at once, when an empowered isolation would handle it fine.

But yes, tell him to his face that his sword may not survive if he goes through with this.

>> No.25746864


>> No.25746867


>> No.25746875


I was thinking if we use the Isolation shard, we'd be warning him that the blade may just break.

>> No.25746878

voting is over people

>> No.25746887

go back to sucking orc dicks you liberal handle humper

>> No.25746898

From here we need to go to Kelvere and we need to find Obis and Joey. Obis because he'll eventually die without us (this is a fact), and Joey because... I don't know.

>> No.25746905


>> No.25746912

Go back to school.

>> No.25746916


Joey factors into our big prophecy too, if I'm remembering it correctly.

>> No.25746919
File: 39 KB, 479x328, 1351548538480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hunger: 1

Iso: 9

Duel: 10

Both shards: 14

It's time.

>> No.25746920

... What, exactly, does Kelvere have to do with Obis and Joey?
Also, fuck Joey.

>> No.25746922

Joey's in Ring City.

>> No.25746937

Joey's off fucking bitches and killing angels

>> No.25746957

So the consume crowd is probably going to fuck us over. Great.

>> No.25746959


>> No.25746963

Make sure to tell him that if we win we keep the sword!

Eating it totally counts as keeping it.

>> No.25746964

was I really the only person who voted for hunger?

fucking orc lovers

>> No.25746970


So why did no one go with challenging the orc to a trial by strength. This seems like the best way to actually, you know, IMPRESS him. Everything else will just piss him off, or leave us dead.

>> No.25746978
File: 498 KB, 350x263, 1323633054215.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Both shards


>> No.25746980

14 other people voted for hunger too.

>> No.25746983

Fucking dammit here's what's going to happen.

Either he's going to get pissed we ate his blade then we have no friends with orcs


We die.

>> No.25746999


Last time we fuck Michel big time with it.

>> No.25747008

>From here we need to go to Kelvere and we need to find Obis and Joey. Obis because he'll eventually die without us (this is a fact), and Joey because... I don't know.

>From here we need to go to Kelvere
>we need to find Obis and Joey.

Kelvere has the key so we should go there first, and see if the Douk's Ministry of Intelligence is tracking Joey and Obis while we slip in and steal the key.

>> No.25747013

Shh anon. Only autism now.

>> No.25747017

To be honest. With how Orcs work, he might just be thoroughly impressed.

>> No.25747021

We're totally warning him about losing the sword first.
Or we die.

>> No.25747022


This IS a trial by strength though. If we can tank this hit then why wouldn't that impress him?

>> No.25747032

>So why did no one go with challenging the orc to a trial by strength. This seems like the best way to actually, you know, IMPRESS him. Everything else will just piss him off, or leave us dead.

Because SM said there would be an opportunity to warn the orc he might lose his sword if vote 4 went through- i

This means a chance to change our minds and direction if the ork is willing to lose his sword to go through with it.

Hopefully we will actually get that chance, and SM won't just write it out in one go.

>> No.25747033

How do you like the new RESIST THE URGE poster I made?

Hard to resist?

>> No.25747036

He'd just claim that a monster would be much stronger then an orc, and that it wouldn't count anyways.

>> No.25747039

You stare at the ork for a moment, then nod. <Fine.>

"Shadow - " Auriel begins.

You cut her off with a raised hand. <I can handle this.> You look at him. <Why this challenge?>

"Will your bleed for your conviction? We shall see." He hefts the blade.

<I don't bleed,> you say. <But I should warn you. If you use that blade on me, and I survive, you won't be getting it back. Are you willing to take the risk?>

Hesitation flickers through the orc's eyes for a moment, but then his face sets itself in a deep scowl. "We'll see."

You step into the middle of the circle. He faces you, and raises his sword for a vertical slash.

Roll 1d100

six rolls

>> No.25747047

Rolled 63


>> No.25747049

Rolled 48



>> No.25747052

Rolled 20


>> No.25747054

Rolled 2


>> No.25747055

Rolled 43


>> No.25747057

>Hopefully we will actually get that chance, and SM won't just write it out in one go.


I mean...what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.25747061

Rolled 97


>> No.25747063

Rolled 99


>> No.25747065

Rolled 41


>> No.25747066

Rolled 24


>> No.25747070

Rolled 33

pls dice

>> No.25747072

Rolled 3


>> No.25747076

Rolled 75


>> No.25747084

Welp. It's all ogre.

>> No.25747096

I hope the dc was 40

>> No.25747097

Only one even has the possibility of defeating the DC.
We just lost eberything.

>> No.25747100

Our dice. Oh well 40 isn't Horrible.

>> No.25747104

Rolled 11

I hope the fuckhuge bonuses from an empowered and a strong shard will pull us through.

>> No.25747108

Welp...it's been a nice quest guys.

>> No.25747109

Rolled 21


>> No.25747115


Unequivocally repulsive.

>> No.25747117

>with shards maybe....

>> No.25747126

Well, we're using both Shards at once, one of which is at full power.

That'll give us a big boost. Big enough? We'll see...

>> No.25747143
File: 1.45 MB, 330x300, RAGE RAGE RAGE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25747151


yeah, all I can say is that I'm really glad we got that 100 earlier on with meditating.

>> No.25747159

The first was a defense roll, the second was a consume roll. At least that's what it seems. Either way, our shards are the deciding factor here.

>> No.25747175

gentlemen. It has been an honor questing with you.

>> No.25747181

I'd much rather we would have gotten that 100 now

>> No.25747197

Good thing that anon made a Light Elemental chart!

>> No.25747204
File: 1.85 MB, 344x224, you gon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25747221

At least we didn't roll a 1.

>> No.25747226

We've gone through with stupider decisions than this and made it out alive. This is still gonna hurt like a bitch.

>> No.25747238

See >>25747204

>> No.25747279

Christ, like a fucking orc with a magic sword is going to be the most dangerous thing we ever faced.

Yeah, Sandalphon is small potatos, Legion can wait, this orc is going to be the death of us. Guaranteed.

>> No.25747288

I don't think shadow master is the sort to kill us out of hand for a choice like this, its not nearly as stupid as it looks.

we are a very durable entity, and have active defenses we plan on using. assuming that an unknown magic blade can't one shot us is a fairly safe bet.

>> No.25747317

Did we really have to go through with this? I'm not even mad about our terribad rolls, I'm just disappointed we willingly leapt into this obviously bad trap.

It pains me to see how retarded posters get.

>> No.25747319

>All this fuss
>The orc triggers Vaporal
>The magic bounces off our resistances
>We take 10 damage
>Everyone feels like an idiot, Shadow Master pulls out his trollface
Calling it now.

>> No.25747332

>I don't think shadow master is the sort to kill us out of hand for a choice like this

No, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of long lasting negative consequence of this that will come around to fuck us later.

>> No.25747337

Oh no! 10 Damage! How horrible!

>> No.25747338

we have no lightning resistance right now.

>> No.25747340

The sword plummets for your form in a heavy chop. The orc's muscles power it down hard, and the magic flares brighter and brighter as it nears your aura.

You take up Isolation.

The air seems to go still. The chill of the fall nice turns to an icy frost. The sword strikes your aura, and while the crackling magic stings you, the green tings of isolation holds it at bay with ease - though you feel it takes a substantial portion of power to do so.

>you've taken 3 damage (78/81)

The blade is already touching you. It's a simple matter to subsume it. Darkxis's mad echoes are more than happy to consume the magic.

You dissolve the blade in seconds, using all of Hunger's strength. So quickly...the magic doesn't react in time to try and repel you. It was a good choice to use the crystal, though you feel is grow even weaker than Isolation.

>you gain 14 exp (total: 17)

>(Isolation) - Normal
>{Hunger} - Fragile

Grak steps back, grasping only the iron pommel of his sword. His gaze flickers between it, and you. After a long moment, he roars, and chucks the remains of his sword to the ground. He turns, and stalks away.

"I think you made him angry," Janus says from behind you. "Cool trick, though."

Valeria clears her throat. "Well...I don't expect we'll have happy tidings from Grak for a while. Let's get the formalities out of the way."

For a moment, the members of your little alliance exchange location information. The orcs dominate the northern section of the forest. The werewolves and elves live to the east, and Janus's group is situated in the southernmost projection of the forest. Janus and Valeria both promise supplies, including food, clothing, and tools. They also give Auriel some few details about their forces, and roughly respected borders within the wood, as well as "do-not-cross" lines established for wandering outsiders. Unless they're in position to find something important, though, such people are usually ignored.


>> No.25747342

This wasn't that bad of an idea, though.

>> No.25747352

Goddamn, all these retards, the same usual gullible idiots who dick around!

>> No.25747355

>you've taken 3 damage (78/81)



>> No.25747356

We're taking a sword of many powerful magical enchantments of various element right down the center. Did I mention we're allowing it? Shut up. Our time here.. Is orgre

>> No.25747360


If that happens, I'll Hold SM's Hand as long and as many times as he wants too. I'll even do it in public.

>> No.25747369

Berle below average rolls. Rather good for this quest.

>> No.25747373

...oh no, 3 hp lost, we're all doomed. Boo hoo hoo.

>> No.25747380

darkness within time?

>> No.25747383


It's more that the players have even brought us into this idiotic situation in the first place.

>> No.25747387


>> No.25747391
File: 93 KB, 469x428, trollface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fully expecting my public hand-holdings, anon.

>> No.25747398

i don't normally support this, but the nob chewers were asking for it this time

>> No.25747399

>17 xp


>> No.25747409
File: 25 KB, 133x233, WOOOO!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Start holding...

>> No.25747411


Oh, they asked for it big time. But your Isolation saved you.

This time.

>> No.25747419

darkess within,OR
Automaton, reinforce, sharpen and harden

>> No.25747434


Step to it

>> No.25747442


B-but it wasn't ten damage! A-and the Vaporal!

>> No.25747445


Damn, we need to repair the Hunger shard, it's been taking a beating.

We've really done nothing to improve our stance with Grak, but I think he would've been pissed regardless of how we beat him.

>> No.25747453

Darkness within is our only way to increase our physical strength further without using titanic.

Must get

>> No.25747465

Let's buy the shit out of darkness within.

>> No.25747467


Thanks shadow jesus we meditated on Shards early.

>> No.25747483


The EXP bank! Remember the EXP bank!

>> No.25747489

Should we worry about retaliation from the Orcs?

>> No.25747492

well if he needed his blade to protect his people, He'll need our help now.

>> No.25747493

But if we used the Isolation shard, knowing it was going save us, doesn't that just mean we knew what we were doing?

>> No.25747495

fuck the xp bank.

>> No.25747511

Fuck that, I want me some instant gratification.

>> No.25747513

Shut the fuck up knob gobbler.

>> No.25747514

we have enough to start it with the one original, and the 1 we gain from this gain to get it to 2

>> No.25747524

We do not fear.

>> No.25747536
File: 81 KB, 447x364, BEND. OVER..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pic related

>> No.25747538

the knob-gobblers will neer allow something other than instant gratification. just remember it was a good try.

>> No.25747546


Please leave this quest.

>> No.25747552



>> No.25747554

even if the orcs don't like us, we survived the challenge HE gave us. that will at least stave them off for now

>> No.25747559


Why would I bend over if we were going to hold hands?

>> No.25747562

>>you gain 14 exp (total: 17)

Quick! start the XP Bank! Save for the future, questgoers!

>> No.25747569

We should probably ask the other members that accompanied Grok if we should expect some negative reaction to the duel.

>> No.25747570

Honestly Titan isn't worth the 5 xp, its only 4 rounds and we can't use ANY other abilities. Not even CONSUME to make that xp back.

>> No.25747572

Wow, that retarded Orc just got himself pwned!

But seriously, lets keep the suicidal tenancies of shadow low. We have impressed everyone in the forest and don't need to do anything foolish in the near time frame.

>> No.25747586

>getting mad over a joke

>> No.25747598

Don't ask how complicated those hand holding positions get, anon...

>> No.25747602

Titan sucks for 5xp.

It gets us immediately targeted by everyone and the only people strong enough to justify using it against are mages.

And guess what. Defense DOES NOT stop magic damage.

>> No.25747605

The Orcs probably soiled their panties when they realized that we are not someone they want to fuck with.

>> No.25747608

You make it back to camp before the sun rises.

It's been a week since you've been with what everyone is now calling Haven. The outer wall has been completed; it stands about 12 feet high, and has a walkway leading around its outer edge. Towers are still being built along its length. The foundation of the fortress is established, but it's going to be a long time in construction. More houses are being built, but most still shelter in the Noiralev.

The vote for Abigail's entrance into the archonium should be soon, but you've been thinking about Kelvere. You really need to see if that key is still there. And then, there's the matter of the Duke's death. He was a force of personality - but you feel as though he was what made Kelvere strong. Without him, the country could be falling apart.

That is, if he's really dead. You've been feeling suspicious about that. It was just so sudden. But then, life is fragile.

Well, there's one way to find out. But maybe you have business elsewhere.

You're a little concerned about the orcs. You talk about it with Auriel and Ila, and they agree to set up more frequent patrols on your northern side, just in case.

What do you do?

>fly to Kelvere
>fly back to Archon and check in
>explore the forest more
>some other strategy

>> No.25747611

>even if the orcs don't like us, we survived the challenge HE gave us. that will at least stave them off for now
We'll have to deal with them later, but how do we get the orcs to respect us?

>> No.25747612


I could mind putting 3 or more in the bank so as long we work our way closer to finish a tree with some cheap abilities now.

>> No.25747617

>fly to Kelvere

>> No.25747618

>fly to Kelvere

>> No.25747620

O-ok.. I-I'm ready SM...

>> No.25747631

Wait, SM.
We can't CONSUME in Titan?

>> No.25747634




>> No.25747636

also buy Darkness Within.

>> No.25747637

>fly to Kelvere

>> No.25747638

>>fly to Kelvere

>> No.25747642

>we have enough to start it with the one original, and the 1 we gain from this gain to get it to 2

Hell just put one in it now. one point! ONE POINT. You still have enough to buy darkness within.


I think we should still save for Tao.

>> No.25747644


>> No.25747657

I thought CONSUME wasn't an ability, but an action as natural as walking, thinking, or making an attack.

>> No.25747667

Archon, but i can agree to a quick trip to Kelvere

>> No.25747676

SM stated we couldn't CONSUME while Titan last thread. So word of god.

>> No.25747678

Why don't we grab Analyze? It completes a skill tree, after all.

>> No.25747684

Look at the tree. It's an ability.

And SM confirmed one or two threads ago that we can't titan and CONSUME at the same time.

>> No.25747685

>fly to Kelvere

But be aware of the time for Abigail's entrance into the archonium.

>> No.25747700


The only ability you can use with Titanic is berserk.

>> No.25747706


>oh god incoming airship
>go Titan jump into the air and launch ourselves onto the ship
>land on it and bring it down like Godzilla

>> No.25747710
File: 178 KB, 500x281, whywolf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw when after 10 motherfucking thread we're going to kelvere


>> No.25747725

SOMETHING must be going on.

>> No.25747730

>fly back to Archon and check in
>fly to Kelvere
I at least want to make a quick stop at Archon to make sure things are alright.

>> No.25747742


>> No.25747743

>fly to Kelvere

>> No.25747746


that's one of the very few times I would encourage going Titan

>> No.25747762

Airship destroyed. Can't be stolen by us.

Better to infiltrate and kill everyone on board and then steal the ship or the dynamo.

>> No.25747764

Fly to Kelvere, but keep very good mental track of how much time we have before the vote while we're checking things out in there.

>> No.25747768



time to go see if the Duke is alive

>> No.25747775


It only took you 10 threads!


Unless otherwise stated, it will be assumed you use a logical combination of getting clear of your allies, going in supersonic, and then ending supersonic several miles before your destination so as not to arrive like a giant asshole when you don't want your presence known.

>> No.25747798

and take our human form and blend in to gather info

>> No.25747800

No, I want to supersonic while as close to Ila's ear as physically possible, and then crash through his castle wall before skidding to a stop somewhere on the other side.

>> No.25747804

~No, actually SM, we wanted to hypersonic INTO the Duke's castle. He'll be forced to come talk to us if he's still alive.~
~ ='s sarcasm

>> No.25747805

he's been waaaaaitiiiiing for uuuuuuus.....

>> No.25747838



>> No.25747842
File: 119 KB, 859x679, i must show you it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we must remember to check under the castle for that passage we found but couldn't open

>> No.25747857

We should supersonic into the hole that that angel made in thread 15 i think

>> No.25747864



>> No.25747885
File: 852 KB, 2400x3200, 1369795992079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, fly out and in as carefully as we can.

>Blend in
>With the goddam doll'o'mancer.

Lets just replicate some random person that we have seen, no need to arouse suspicion with a weird looking form.

>> No.25747893

What? No. I want to shattenkreig the castle and challenge the duke's double to an honorable duel of eating spaghetti. All while inking up a giant shadow dick to penetrate a 0 mana binded Joey.

>> No.25747896

Compressed supersonic should attract less attention when we are flying.

>> No.25747926

>let orc strike you to try and build rapport
>eat his sword, infuriating him and ruining any chance of friendship

It's like the brain doesn't know what the hand is doing. The XP was nice, though. We should fool more people into feeding us magical artifacts.

>> No.25747950

Nah. Blends in fine.

>> No.25747962

We warned the fucker. And he still went through with it.

>> No.25747970

...Or we could set up a business...

>Mr Shadow's Dangerous Magical Artifact Disposal - Guaranteed to Work!

>> No.25747973

>Honestly Titan isn't worth the 5 xp, its only 4 rounds and we can't use ANY other abilities. Not even CONSUME to make that xp back.

Don't think of it that way.

Titan is for when we need Godzilla. It stacks with berserk, and we can apply spells/buffs/buy resistance powers before we use it.

Yes, it makes us a giant target. But sometimes we WANT to be the diversion.

Anyway, hypersonic is where its at for xp.

>> No.25747994


Skysever first.

Then kelvere.

If we deal with that fucking sever, we can get to kelvere faster, and it saves us time.

hell, the power core thing's even nearby.

The proper thing to do, though, would be to steal it and try to make it recognize friends and foes.

>> No.25747998

>>Orc acts like /tg/
>>Orc gets his ass handed like the bitch he is
>>Orc cries and soils his pants

Lets face it, chances are that he is going to realize what a dumb fuck he is, unless they are all dumb fucks, which means that they are useless to us!

>> No.25748031

We can't GET at the damned thing until we have the Staff of the Winds.

When we do I'm all too sure that Fang'd be happy to help us...remove that obstacle.

>> No.25748035

Assuming you are no joking, SM already told us that trying to supersonic while compressed would do horrible things to our body.

I assume he would have stayed angry whatever we did, and probably just kept beating at us if we just shielded.

It's already been said, we can't even get close to it.

The core is shielded by impassible winds, which we would need the Staff of Winds to pass.

>> No.25748038

no, we need skysever, skysever limits ring city angels from just flying to us

>> No.25748044

It's a spell. We know it kills everything and anything that approaches the core without exception. We are probably one of the most unlearned mages to walk the face of the planet.

And you want us to do this?

Bitch, do you eve read?

>> No.25748048

Both are completely useless. Stop trying to wast exp on temporary buffs when we have so many actually useful things left to buy.

>> No.25748072

You alert your allies where you're going and fly to Kelvere.

You end your supersonic and land to stop the sky sever, and then take flight, keeping low and close to the Tairns river.


Something is growing in your senses. Something dark...and empty. Terribly, horribly empty.

What's going on?

You can see the peak of Evinbrook's castle up ahead. The sky near it is darkened by smoke. You flap to gain altitude.

"Oh..." The words come out of you automatically, as if you're a human, caught so surprised that you've nothing else you can do.

A huge army surrounds Evinbrook. It's in the middle of a pitched battle. Magic is being thrown by each side in giant globs of mana, storms of ice, bolts of lightning, fireballs that split and split again and explode on contact. The castle itself is blown into a skeleton of its former self, and it looks as though it could collapse any moment. The Kelveren forces have been pushed up against its walls. They're not just about to lose - they're about to be annihilated.

You sense something in the enemy army, which, here and there, flies the banner of Kan-Abar. It's a feeling you've felt before...and one you sincerely hoped you'd never feel again. A dark, rotating sphere protects the core of the Kanian forces.

The shield of a demon lord.

Only now, there's two of them. And one of them is headed directly for the castle, flying through the air.


And with that, we'll continue next time!

And, no, this isn't the plotberg.

Next time will hopefully be Tuesday, but that is very subject to change. I've got some family coming up from a while away, so my time is going to be all over the place, and then I'm going on vacation as soon as they leave. I'll post on the twitter when I know more.

Ask me some meta.

Also, EXP bank? I'm not going to set up some sort of "savings account" for you. Anon has to be a responsible adult.

>> No.25748079

We need to choose a proper time to end the Skysever. At the moment, ending it would benefit the Angels the most.

>> No.25748089

Also refilling our mana on the way!

>> No.25748121


>> No.25748124

>now, there's two of them
>there's two of them
>two of them
>demon lords


>> No.25748136

This is PERFECT.

Time to eat some demon lords.

>> No.25748140

Music selection: appropriate.

For next thread, use the distraction to ransack the castle. Let Kan-Abar take over Kelvere. Then when we give Obis his throne back, Obis will have two territories instead of one.

It's just like my games of Europa Universalis...

Anyway, I'm out. Gotta go for mah run.

>> No.25748154


good news is, angels have more pressing things to worry about than us, bad news is. Our friend in Kan-Abar needs help badly most likely.

>> No.25748161


I told you guys.

I told you guys we should have gone to Kelvere immediately. But no, we babysat a lich's niece for weeks instead.

>> No.25748168

Welp thank god for our Silence shard. This is definitely not something we're going to be able to just beat up. Time for a stealth mission.

>> No.25748170

god damn it, we will never find that key now. or what if it was blown up. damn it. if that key was destroyed we are just going to darkness withen zigzag our way through both armies. killing everyone.

>> No.25748183

Can you PLEASE stop feeding the paranoia?

Maybe throw us a bone once in a while?

I know watching us all throwing Shadowrun level tin hat tomfoolery around must be fun and all, but I'm worried that it's going to start impacting the narrative in a bad way.

>> No.25748188

I'm thinking we stealth the fuck into the castle like some horrible love child of Solid Snake and Sam Fischer, find that key, eat everything magical we see, and then bugger the fuck out.

>> No.25748190


I don't Obis is going to be able to stroll into Kan-Abar or Kelvere with demons in charge. We're going to have to do some serious clean-up here.

>> No.25748199

I have been watching with an electric flyswatter in hand for this fly to come back and annoy me like it did for the past hour. It only came back when I started playing the music. I feel like I have slain a mighty beast.

>> No.25748207

... Kelvere is lost. there's no way we can fight two demon lords. we zoom into the castle when we get the chance and take everything we don't want the enemy getting ahold of... including important people, if we find any.

>> No.25748222


It's not paranoia when he's told us that things are afoot and we choose to ignore him repeatedly.

>> No.25748237

Fuck, shit.

>> No.25748260

We are not responsible for another guy fucking up and getting his place ransacked. Yeah, it sucks, but the whole damn world isn't our responsibility.

>> No.25748264


And hope that Dave doesn't realize that we are there and possess a demon lord to come charging at us for budging in on his territory as master of darkness.

>> No.25748292
File: 26 KB, 265x297, oh god, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


fuck shit ass cunt fuck.

Can you at least update the fucking tree before my eye pops a vessel, sm?

>> No.25748294

I knew we shouldn't have wasted hunger and isolation.

>> No.25748318

I think we should just turn around and leave.

>> No.25748331

Dave is like a Saturday morning cartoon villain. The moment he comes after us is the moment he's lost.

>> No.25748335


Our party killed the Duke. Please read the threads before you shit them up.

>> No.25748341

We can't. there's to much in that castle that we NEED to know about. what if the Lightning key is still in there? do you want a demon lord getting ahold of that?

>> No.25748345
File: 889 KB, 1949x759, ability tree (83).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's the most amazing thing I've heard in weeks, anon.


The Kanian situation is less a "oh you're fucked because you didn't go over there first" and more of a plot-related event that was happening sooner or later. The exact degree of FUBAR was certainly influenced by how long you took to go, though.


Only for you, anon.

>> No.25748348

Kan-Abar seems to know about Hecate, though and is probably after the key. We need to prevent that.

>> No.25748355

we're more than a little suspicious about whether or not that was actually the duke, given his propensity for doubles. how about YOU read the threads?

>> No.25748356

Hey man, that was cold-blooded killer Flint "The Demonslayer" Arland. Don't put his blood on our hands.

>> No.25748372

Hey guys maybe we can convince one of the demons to join our side and work to find a way to make it not an asshole.


But seriously: Does this really matter to us? The only thing of interest to us here is the key, and I doubt many people will know what it is. We could probably wait for the shitstorm to end and then loot the battlefield. Especially since we don't get XP for eating demons.

>> No.25748375

His double wasn't a lightning mage. The duke we killed was.

>> No.25748379

Oh god.

There are no doubles.

They're all the real duke.

We're dealing with twins. Or triplets. Or octuplets.

>> No.25748384

We killed a traitorous douchebag out to kill us. Boo fucking hoo, it's not our fault he made dumb mistake that cost him his life.

>> No.25748388

Hey sm I know we're a lot stronger than before, but how do we measure up against them deemonz now?

>> No.25748393

Can we at least buy darkness within. I at least want to get that out of the way since we've been trying so hard.

>> No.25748407

seconding darkness within.

>> No.25748410


>> No.25748412

who says that was his only double? we know this asshole had plans within plans. we don't know, since we decided like idiots to dump the body before examining it thoroughly.

>> No.25748414


>> No.25748415

meant to link >>25748318

>> No.25748416


>> No.25748426

darkness within
eh eh

>> No.25748427

Buy the fucking darkness within, that was the whole reason we tried to unlock it in the first place.

>> No.25748431

I suppose the choice was more between MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and dealing with the duke/his replacement, which would have been something in itself.

I think now is a good time for us to save our EXP.

We don't know what we will be facing, but fighting demon armies head on is not a good idea here, even with a powerful attack boost.

>> No.25748432
File: 1 KB, 125x93, 1367379186743s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25748441

Let's buy the shit out of darkness within.

>> No.25748443

Yeah, lets do that.

>> No.25748444




>> No.25748448

We get tons of exp for eating demons. Read the archives.

>> No.25748454

Kelvere falling to anyone collaborating with demons will put The Great Forest in danger, which is whereour base is.

>> No.25748482


Considering our new city in the Great Forest is right next door to Kelvere, this is kind of a big deal.

>> No.25748483

Now THIS is a situation for Titan...

If we were stupid enough to fight the demon lords.

>> No.25748488

Hey SM, has Vaporal procced before at all?
I haven't noticed it happen.

>> No.25748498

Buy Darkness Within please
I can foresee a lot of berserking

>> No.25748504

Hey, SM. Are you worried at all that this whole thing might be getting away from you? You've been saying plot is coming for several threads now, yet it's constantly been pushed back for a long ass time, we have a giant list of objectives we just never seem to be getting to and half the player base constantly argues with each other. I love the quest but I feel increasingly lost with each thread on what direction it's taking.

>> No.25748506

remember the golem we faced just before we teleported out to the Great Forest? Pretty sure that was vaporeal in action.

>> No.25748507

Lets not make a purchase at the end of the thread after most of the people have gone to sleep.

If we get backed into a situation where we absolutely need super berserk, we can reflexively buy darkness within, but if we are going to go in and retrieve the key + find out what the hell the duke was doing and trash it so kan-anbar doesn't get to make Dynamos, then just going in pure stealth is probably for the best.

>> No.25748512
File: 240 KB, 1024x699, Dukebots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you ready to unleash a legion of Dukebots on some unsuspecting Kan-Abari scum, anon?

>> No.25748513


And then didn't follow that up at all until his whole country is hell on earth, not to mention he had a key to Hecate's Vault the whole time, which we have also inexplicably been ignoring.

>> No.25748525

I /really/ wanna see what DW unlocks.

>> No.25748528

err anon thats when most of the purchases have been.

Besides we have no other stealth purchases we can make right now unless you are thinking of Grave Silence.

>> No.25748539


It's the players, not SM. Every time we start a new thread, it's like 75% of the players suffer complete amnesia and sprint off towards the first shiny looking object they can see.

By the time the planners arrive, we're already knee deep in the Cheung mansion, or playing chess with our lieutenents, and it's all we can do to try and wrench the quest forwards again.

>> No.25748542



>> No.25748549

After weeks of absence we yet again just happen to come back THE VERY MOMENT we are needed. This really breaks the immersion. I can understand some amount of video-game logic Important events and plot wait for the player and the hero is always just in time. but this is becoming frustrating.

There is a giant banquet of enemies to feast from which apparently has been there for days if not Weeks and SM wants to distract us YET AGAIN with some decisive action that is sure to destroy the innocent city if we don't stop it.

I say FUCK IT. They survived for more than a month without us, they should damn well be capable of surviving a couple hours more. I say Shadow should ignore the Demon Lords and leisurely walk through the army and eat his fill. There are many dozen if not HUNDREDS of exp just lying around. Shadow can heal faster than any of the mooks or even mid-bosses can hurt him (Shadow-eating, Regen and Consuming together). We could just whittle down the whole army if given enough time.

>> No.25748555

Idea: apply the bed method to the demon lord

After a long exhausting trip from the nether he must be a little tuckered out

Then we strike

>> No.25748598

>Hail Summoner! Why don't you conjure me p a warm bed?

>> No.25748603

we could always just head to Kan-Abar and eat Obis's brother.

>> No.25748605

I think sm left...

>> No.25748611

>After weeks of absence we yet again just happen to come back THE VERY MOMENT we are needed. This really breaks the immersion.
It takes quite a while to set up an army.

>> No.25748615

I know it's the players but SM should be wrangling them in, yet the most he's done is just stir up paranoia and occasionally add fuel to the fire. Also, he throws tons of stuff at us that I can't help but feel he could hold back on if he really just wanted us to move forward.

>> No.25748640

I say we save the exp. we never know when we might have to use Titan to overcome the Demon lord

>> No.25748653

Anon, there's a reason he calls it a plotberg and not a plotplane

>> No.25748655

Titan would have the entire army focus on us.

We aren't strong enough to take on an entire army even with Titan.

>> No.25748657

Because we were busy getting Flint started on his treatment, and preventing Abagail from getting assassinated.
We didn't think they would be so stupid as to call TWO demon lords into this world.

I would mostly just like to have some EXP left to burn so we can Shadowmeld in easily and have something left.

I expect us to have enough EXP on the out trip to escape with hypersonic.

>At the exact moment we are needed

that would have been at the beginning of the battle. They have already lost at this point, there is nothing we could do to turn the tide now, especially with two demon lords.

This isn't a feast, this is a minefield, we have to carefully slip in and get the objective, then escape with our lives.

>> No.25748662

Fuck that shit, we're here for one thing, and one thing only: THE KEY

>> No.25748674

agreed, we stealth in with Compress, eat everything in the castle that is magic while we hunt for that key then GTFO.

>> No.25748690

Darkness Within is vastly more useful then titan, and we can use it as much as we want after buying it.

>> No.25748714

Annihilate their supply lines/supplies
Take out key targets, mages and officer

Or simply take what we want and let Kelvere burn? Naaa.... Our judgment is for the Duke, not his people.

>> No.25748732


Nope, not at all! It's going to take a long time, but that's just the nature of the quest. I think the little missions can get a little tedious sometimes, but it adds characterization and gives me a chance to flesh out the world more thoroughly. I think the whole Archon arc added a lot that was missing from your relationship with Abigail, besides.

What just happened in my last post is the beginning of a huge plot arc which has taken quite some time to set up. All is in hand, anon.


>I say Shadow should ignore the Demon Lords and leisurely walk through the army and eat his fill

You really think you can get away with that? You haven't arrived just in time. You've arrived much too late.


I'm constantly at war with myself judging how much I should introduce plot elements as I see them and how much I should let you chose your destiny. The solution is to simply rearrange the plot so that it follows you wherever you go, but this takes time, and justification.

You've just been wrangled.


Just attending to my dental work.

>> No.25748742

Of course it take a while to set up an army. They don't have need for a siege though. Remember how they wiped the floor with the allied forces of Angels and Kelvarians when there was only one Demon Lord? Now they have two, there is no Duke, there are no Angels and until just now there was no Shadow to save the day. Had they decided to just invade they could have won within a day of assembling their army. Or they could just have stayed inside their shield and leveled the whole city with spells. Instead they waited for us.

>> No.25748771

>wiped the floor

They didn't wipe the floor, they were putting up a decent battle.

The demon lord was winning though, so this must have started not too long ago.

>> No.25748819

It's a castle.
And after very recent attacks against Kelvere, do you truly expect them to not step up their defenses a LITTLE? It's not like the Angels would leave them to rot, either, considering they're the barrier between Kan-Abar and their own territory. They didn't wait for us, they're almost finished with this city. What we're seeing now might be the result of weeks of battle. Kelvere isn't a simple little town, it definitely has powerful guards.

>> No.25748879

Good to know then, SM. I don't know, I guess I just feel it's a little odd how you decide things sometimes, like how you said you'd justify /tg/'s Schizophenia in the narrative. To me, that's basically letting them be the aimless and contradictory with the character rather than getting them to play the characterization and stick to the goals that have been established in the quest, which could end up really bad considering how polarizing the player base can be.

>> No.25748947

Btw, this would be the perfect time to suggest stuff we immediately want to do to be added to the list

>> No.25748966

We should get Pocket. There will probably be a lot of magical loot in the castle, and we need somewhere to store it.

>> No.25748976

Next time fighting's done, we should ask our allies about the world map.
So far, we've only seen this one continent, and, considering that is generally not how planets work, we should find out more. Did Erebus fight at some other continent? Was that where the war ended? Etc.
unless SM hasn't built the entire world yet

>> No.25749002

So can we buy darkness within now? We've spent the last however many threads gunning for it.

>> No.25749024


The trick, you see, was to make that polarization part of the characterization. And then, both problems are solved at once.

Now, as far as the plot goes, you don't need to worry. I've known for some time -exactly- how I'm going to bring everything back together. It's just meandering around to the point at which it can happen has taken a few extra threads.



>> No.25749029

we should destroy any siege weapons and eat their rations proceed with some Guerrilla warfare

>> No.25749067


Seems like there was some dissent about wanting to hold onto the EXP just in case. There's definitely a solid group in favor of DW, but I'm going to hold off for the moment.

>> No.25749069

>You really think you can get away with that? You haven't arrived just in time. You've arrived much too late.
We would have been too late only if the invaders had already ransacked the castle and left.

What I mean is this:
>From what we know the city had been far weaker than the previous army and just managed to survive thanks to Angels and our band of hero taking out the Demon Lord.
>They have been further weakened by the previous army.
>There are no allies this time.
In conclusion: The moment their army is assembled they can just kill everyone within maybe a day.

>Sieges don't make any sense because the whole point of them is that people can hide behind walls. Walls don't matter if you have flight and creatures for whom walls are trivial obstacles.
>They don't want to starve them to death either Which would have been another reason for a siege. because the wouldn't straight out attack them in that case.
Conclusion: They would destroy the city as soon as they can.

Overall conclusion: There is a time-frame of about a day or two in which they attack and destroy the city. Despite being gone for more than a month we happen to come back just in the middle of this time. Additionally we come back toward the end of it (the Demon Lord will most likely be enough to defeat them) so that we don't have any time to do fancy stuff like sneaking around and eating people but have to head straight for the key because the from the looks of it the key will be lost within hours if we don't interfere.

It's not like you didn't admit we would come to find this fight regardless of whether we had come here a week earlier or later.

>> No.25749104

>There are no allies this time
I don't belive you.

>> No.25749124
File: 4 KB, 222x211, idea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We are so fucked. You're letting this happen, SM.

>> No.25749130

It's a pure combat ability, not what we need now when our mission is slipping in under the failing defenses.
We are going to find so much magical crap that we will probably have at least thrice the EXP we need to buy it by the time we leave.

This is probably the best upgrade for now, But only purchase it if/when we find valuable artifacts that we don't want to eat.

It's a summoned demon army sustained by the demon lords, who are in turn sustained by mages in Kan-Anbar, who are probably hooked up to mana pools.

>> No.25749168

>it's a pure combat ability
You do realize we are going to be fighting demon lords here?
I doubt /tg/ is going to let them survive.

>> No.25749177

I don't believe humans can survive in a mana pool. Could be wrong, just think I remember that from way back.

>> No.25749217

If /tg/ is stupid enough to believe we can just DW and take out 2 demon lords by ourselves than I think I'm through with the players of this quest.

>> No.25749226

>they were putting up a decent battle.
Just because the Demon Lord was distracted, the enemy golems were destroyed by the duke and the Airship killed enemy concentrations.
>do you truly expect them to not step up their defenses a LITTLE?
They have expected such attacks for years, if not decades. Do you honestly think they could build better defences within a month than what they had after years of preparation? They were probably occupied with rebuilding and recruiting people to recuperate their losses. The Angels are somewhat distracted as well, what with two of their airships as well as their own city being destroyed/seriously damaged.

>> No.25749275

I meant that they were channeling mana from it, not sitting in it.

Humans can siphon mana from them, and use them as inexhaustible batteries for magitech.

>> No.25749316

The angels had plenty of time to send in reinforcements before we came and destroyed their shit, and plenty of time before the situation with Magnock.
We don't know if Kan-Abar had two demon lords readily summoned already, anyway.
Summoning demon lords certainly takes time.

>> No.25749371

There are just a handful of nations.
The Angels just lost most of their leadership as well as many of their basic angels, two airships, all their shadow and spirit slaves and a huge part of their city.
We would probably have noticed if Archon sends help.
Atlantis is mostly neutral but they might have sent some help. Doesn't seem to do them much good though judging from the condition of their castle.

>> No.25749406

>There is a time-frame of about a day or two in which they attack and destroy the city.

Alright, here's the story...

...of a lovely lady!

The army you helped defeat was only their advance force, which was trying to push hard while they had the Kelverens off balance and take Evinbrook in one fell swoop. Nulis Vin believed that the Demon Lord would be enough, but he didn't count on you and Auriel and Flint. When you defeated them, you really undermined their long-term position; basically, they took a gamble, and lost.

At that time, the Duke had the Kanians on the run. He pushed them back to Westport, but was unable to take it, because winter was setting in and he didn't want to risk his forces.

They then spread out in clusters along the border, strong enough individually to buy time while the others rallied to their position; effectively, a holding pattern. This was what was happening while you were on your journey.

Meanwhile, the duke took a trip to the ring city to secure some extra help, because he had demons knocking down his door. That didn't work out well for him, did it?

The Kanians have, in the past two weeks, finally brought their main force up to the battle lines. It has since carved a direct arrow of destruction through Kelvere, straight to Evinbrook. The Kelveren mages have spent the majority of the time shielding themselves from deadly attacks. The demon lords, wary after the first defeat, have hung back, waiting for the mages to tire themselves out rather than go crazy. It's worked perfectly, most of the mages are dead, and now they're pressing the final assault.

Now, you've arrived.

So, yeah, it was "timely". But you talk as if this all just randomly took place over two days, and I arbitrarily decided that plot was happening when you arrived. That's not the case at all. Plot has BEEN happening - you've only just now discovered it. If you stayed in Kelvere and worked with the duke, things might be different.

>> No.25749420

>Summoning demon lords certainly takes time.
I do not dispute this. Let's say it took them four weeks to summon the demon lords. In that case the city would have been destroyed at the beginning of the fifth week. Same with all other dates.

>> No.25749544

So. Hoping all goes as planned, we slip in, find Vellik's key, and escape as quickly as possible, stealing/eating vellik's magic research if at all possible.

It also occurred to me that if we get cornered underground, we might be able to use schattenkreig to tunnel our way out, given that it seemed to partially work as a magic bore the last time we used it.

>> No.25749631

>So. Hoping all goes as planned, we slip in, find Vellik's key, and escape as quickly as possible, stealing/eating vellik's magic research if at all possible.

At this point, I'd be more inclined to buy Pocket than Darkness Within.

We realized its really, really good a thread or two ago.

If we want to save people, and safeguard the keys and magical artifacts like the staff of winds, then having a bag of holding is absolutely amazing.
It also - especially with shattenkrieg - makes us a mobile troop transport. Within limits.

SM, what IS our current magic power at? I wasn't seeing it on our sheet.

>> No.25749662

[X] Told
[ ] Not told.

>> No.25749691


Magic Power 3

something to add to sheet i guess
will do later

>> No.25749759


Hmn. 27 cubic meters is a lot of space.

We could dump a small flood on top of a group of enemies with that.

>> No.25749796

27 cubic meters of steel from the orbit. It's the only way.

>> No.25749870

See >>25749420 What exactly slowed them down enough to only attack now doesn't matter.

I will simplify my point again:

1) Within a day of attacking in full force the city will be destroyed.
2) We arrived the very same moment they decided to attack in full force.

At any earlier days we would have had time to make plans/eat our fill/whatever. At any later day all would have been over and the key would have probably been lost (or very well hidden). We arrived at just the moment where we don't have any time to lose but are still just in time.

>> No.25749950

I get what you're saying, but look at it this way:

Yes, it's highly improbable for things to have turned out this way but unless they did there's no story.

You do want a story, don't you Anon?

Just imagine a million other universes where Shadow was too late, didn't find the key, couldn't release the Nice Lady, the Ring City overpowered Kan Abar after a years-long war and then rooted around in the Great Forest in the ensuing peace and exterminated everyone.

>> No.25749981

Also that OOC view into the world was unnecessary. It's not hard to find reasons for an attack to be delayed. What is hard is finding reasons two seemingly unrelated events happen at the same time.

I would not have mentioned it if it wasn't like the fourth time it happened in this quest. Arriving in the mining city the very day after Adavan and Abigail and within hours of Angels attacking was even weirder. It was three unrelated events happening at nearly the same time.

>> No.25750045


So it has been two week exactly since the Duke die? Fuck I thought his country could last a little longer without him.

>> No.25750046

And of course Shadow would now be over. Oh well.

>> No.25750201

>The average weight of a sandstone boulder is approximately 150 pounds per cubic foot. Limestone boulders and granite boulders in most cases weigh more. They average about 175 pounds per cubic foot.

1 cubic meter = ~35 cubic feet
Each approx. 1 cubic meter boulder will weigh around 5000 lbs, give or take. (Assuming the comparatively lighter type of stone.) We could carry quite a number of these stones while still leaving room for storage.

Hypersonic allows us to travel at 10 times the speed of sound. (~3400 m/s)

If we release just one of these relatively small boulders while traveling in Hypersonic, it will have kinetic energy equal to around that of a detonation of 3.1 tons of TNT.

This assumes that things exiting our Nether pocket will do so at the speed we are moving (i.e. that the Pocket is an actual thing that moves along with us, rather than that retrieving something just opens up a hole to its location in the Nether and deposits the object at whatever location we occupy when we "reach into" it), which is completely unreasonable to assume, and almost certainly not how it actually works. But it's a hilarious enough mental image that I had to do the math regardless.

>> No.25750236

So. We're basically a walking sentient version of the U.S. Sky Needles for Russia project.

All we need to do is gain speed and height and we can wreak tons of shit.

>> No.25750288

>Yes, it's highly improbable for things to have turned out this way but unless they did there's no story.
This is a very limited view on stories you have there. Coincidences or fate are an integral part of story-telling in general. Many But far from all stories employ them and I do not mind it. There are different degrees, however.

>Just imagine a million other universes where Shadow was too late, didn't find the key, couldn't release the Nice Lady,....
All of these contain fascinating stories.

Let's talk about how things would have worked out without everything happening the moment we arrive.
>The beginning. The Elven Queen doesn't arrive when we are reborn.
Solution: The blob of shadow slowly forms over the course of months or even years. It slowly regains sentience and sensory input. There is nothing it feels other than then mana-pool it uses to reform though. One day, after staying there and slowly gaining strength for [time] it notices the first disturbance of its meditation and decides to finally move from its place.
>Meeting Abigail, Adavan, Flint and Spirit at the same place.
There were no weird coincidences here. It's a place of powerful energies which is the reason the teleport was naturally drawn to it. It's no coincidence that Adavan, Abigail and Spirit are at the same place either. Only Flint is left and singular events are no coincidences.
>The town is not attacked within days of us arriving.
Solutions: Ít just didn't happen but will surely happen soon. Flint goes to get help from the duke Did he even have a name?, we follow. Or we stay there for some time before the attack. Maybe Adavan knew the attack was coming Wasn't there something like dream-walking? and timed his own attacks to be at about the same time as the other attack.

This was just the first couple of threads. What bothers me is that most coincidences seem unnecessary for me.

>> No.25750338

For the issue at hand:
>The army already attacked and left.
We go follow it and steal the key. This would just change the location of our grap-and-flee plan. Distances are pretty much irrelevant for us.
>The army is still days/weeks away.
We do what we had planned to do: Visit the city, look who rules, steal the key.

Neither of these is less of a story than what we have now.

>> No.25750413

Summing it up:

Coincidences don't make stories. People make stories. Coincidences just provide a starting point, speed things up or steer things in a different direction. There is a story because we go around an try to change the world, not because a Demon Lord decides to attack the moment we arrive.

>> No.25750581

For what it's worth, I'm not actually advocating that we try and do this, mostly because I think it's quite unlikely that this is how Pocket actually works. It will likely just drop the object on the spot with zero accumulated speed, leaving gravity to do all the work of accelerating the object we drop.

(For what it's worth, assuming Venia's atmospheric density/gravity are approximately the same as that of Earth, and the boulder is a very rough spherical shape, terminal velocity for one of these boulders would be ~1000 miles/hour, giving it kinetic energy equivalent to ~240 lbs of TNT on impact. Way less than 3.1 TONS, but hey, it saves us the XP needed to activate Hypersonic! it's actually probably slightly higher than this due to decreased air density at higher altitudes, but I just calculated it assuming a reasonable constant density.)

That said, I can't even say for sure if Venia and its corresponding world actually operate within the laws of physics that we take for granted.

That, and the story would probably get pretty boring if we just decided that our answer to every big problem from now on would be to drop fucking boulders on them until they died.

>> No.25750651

Aw. I'll still advocate to just keep a few large boulders in pocket whenever we acquire it. An ammunition of sorts for scrub killing/distractions.

>> No.25750684

Couldn't we just carry and drop stones normally?

>> No.25750810

The thing with pocket was using it to store very large stones, and many of them, instead of constantly carrying around large objects that might impact other abilities. As well as everything else pocket will be able to do, like keep the keys we gain extra extra safe. I'm sucking pockets dick just in case you didn't notice.

>> No.25750861

I think pocket is the best utility upgrade we have. Just imagine if in the last fight against automata we could have just ripped out and stored all the cores in the pocket, keeping them safe from our anti-magic field.

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