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It's that time again /tg/.

No, not rape time.

Chapter Creation time!

1d10 for why the fuck they made this Chapter

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Rolled 6


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So we were made to fight a specific threat. Could be Chaos, Orks, you name it, I'm sure we'll find out later.

1d100 for when we were founded. Are we old fuckers, or snot-nosed brats?

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Rolled 17


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But rape time was the game that defined my childhood.

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Rolled 61

Rolling for Great Justice.

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34th Millenium, which would make us part of the 8th Founding, created with other Chapters such as the Mantis Warriors.

OK, so we've been kicking around for a few thousand years and we're made to specifically fight something, or someone.

1d100 for our progenitors.

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Basically, a bunch of inquisition watched suicide marines, all of them have committed some form of heresy.
Only through battle can they regain their honour or die trying.

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Rolled 69

>Captcha: "confident gybrougg"
I'm feeling confident!

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Rolled 50


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Fuck yeah Dark Angels.

Let's keep going.

1d10 for our gene seed purity.

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Rolled 8

Fuck yeah!

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Rolled 7


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In the email field, friend.

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>Altered Stock.

Looks like there's a bit of a problem with our gene-seed and one of our implants isn't working the way it should be.

Let's figure out what it is first, and then move on as normal.

1d10 for mutation.

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Rolled 6


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Rolled 6

Lets do it!

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Rolled 10

Eh, why not.

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OK, so we're missing a whole organ.

1d19 to find out what we're missing.

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Rolled 8

To dance the funky night away

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Rolled 1

Adrenalin glands

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Rolled 10


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We are missing the Omophagea.

Which means we can't learn by eating stuff. No big loss there really.

Right back onto the tables.

1d10 for our Chapters Demeanour.

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Rolled 14

C'mon pancreas!

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Rolled 2

Was late on the last one!

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Rolled 7


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Rolled 6

Let's hope for a good demeanor.

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Rolled 7


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>We Stand Alone

So the other Chapters don't like us. Mis-trust, hatred or because we smell bad. Does fit in with the Dark Angels secrecy though.

>34th Millenia - 8th Founding
>Dark Angels Successor
>No Omophagea
>Don't play well with others.

1d100 for our Figure of Legend

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Rolled 32


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Rolled 54


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Rolled 69


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' What?

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Our Chapter Master is the guy we revere.

Another 1d100 just to see what exactly he did that was so badass.

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Rolled 97

Nice Bad-ass slaying here we come!

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Rolled 76

I hope it was something especially badass.

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Rolled 36

Here we go.

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Oh shit.

He basically lead the Chapter on GLORIOUS CRUSADES before being taken down by a Vindicare assassin. And no one knows why.

Looks like this Chapter's main export is secrecy.

1d100 for our Chapter Homeworld!

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Obviously tore out his own omnophagea

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Rolled 31


>> No.25734046


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>Feral World
>...or is it?

OK, so we basically live in a Jungle. This Chapter is becoming quite hard to figure out.

1d10 for how we rule the homeworld.

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Rolled 9

Here goes.

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Rolled 7

Complete and utter tyrannical rule.

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Rolled 6

Here we go.

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>Distant Rule

Oops, missed out one part.

1d100 for the homeworld terrain

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Rolled 84

Wasteland, ho!

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Fucking hell, it's a Dead Feral world, that we sort of rule, but don't.

How does this even work?

1d10 for Chapter Organisation now.

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Rolled 7

Distant Rule, mayhaps?

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Rolled 9

Simple, it protects us, many attack but the planet itself COMES TO OUR AID!

Krogan Marines FTW!

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>Unique Organisation

So we pretty much ignore the Codex and do things our own way.

1d10 for our combat doctrine

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Rolled 8

C'mon, Stealth!

>> No.25734189

Rolled 2

C'mon terror!

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Clearly the chapter was created as a counterforce to low-key Chaotic corruption in the form of cults and the like, made to do stealthy investigative work and overwhelming lightning raids on suspected cult bases. Such missions require a great deal of secrecy, making Dark Angles the logical choice of progenitor. However, the combination of the DA being less than well liked, frequent contact with chaos, and tenancy towards secrecy does them no favors in the eyes of the Imperium at large, culminating in the chapter master's assassination under suspision of chaotic corruption/Tzeentch worship by order of one of the High Lords. The Omophagea's loss was considered a mixed blessing, as it removed one possible method of the Taint entering the minds of marines.
The chapter's homeworld was chosen for security purposes first and foremost, and outside of ensuring that their records and stores of relics are secure, the chapter has little interest in governing the handful of inhabitants. Owing to their highly non-standard goals, a unique chapter organization was called for.

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Completely the opposite.


So we crush the walls and batter the gates down and pour in, slaughtering everything in our path, before going right back to MUH SECRETS.

1d100 for our speciality restrictions.

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Rolled 97

That fits pretty well with >>25734192 come to think of it. Chaotic base-breaking is a go.

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Rolled 9


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I like it. Not sure how the siege warfare comes into it though.

Maybe we just do really quick smash-and-grab tactics, before fucking off back to not talking to anyone.

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So we don't field Librarians at all. No psykers for us then.

1d100 for our special equipment.

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Rolled 14

Clearly the higher-ups would rather the guys digging around chaos cults NOT have troops that are especially prone to exploding into deamons.

>> No.25734237

Rolled 29

Do we know that we're countering Chaos/cults? I want to fight the Horde

>> No.25734254

I don't think so. It just seemed to fit best.

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I think we're pretty much set on the fact that we're a Chaos-counter measure now. It all fits perfectly.

>Totemic charm

We've got some kind of icon or symbol that the Chapter always has on them. Could be something from the Emprah, the Lion or our Chapter Master.

1d100 for Chapter Beliefs

This will determine what kind of symbol we're going for.

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Rolled 89

A warded image of the Emperor to shield them from corruption.

>> No.25734295

Rolled 60

Purity of Flesh, I can agree with this.

>> No.25734303

>Purity of Man

Ummm...I'm guessing our totemic icon will be something to do with our Chapter Master then.

1d10 for our Chapter strength!

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Rolled 8


>> No.25734318

Rolled 6


>> No.25734323

Rolled 2

Overstrength, let's go!

>> No.25734334


The Chapter is completely full. Full companies, full squads, the lot. We're not over-strength, but we still have the 10 full companies.

1d100 for our Chapter allies.

>> No.25734344

Rolled 49

Here's hoping for the Inquisition.

>> No.25734360

Rolled 50


>> No.25734364

So strong independant marines who don't need no Codex. The planet is Jungle, and the dangerous kind at that. Perhaps the Distant Rule means that the only other inhabitants are small feral tribes who simply can't be reasonably controled.

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>Sisters of Battle

Huh, could be fun.

1d100 for who our Chapter enemies are. Should we have this result as the forces we were meant to counter? Or should we just have it as an extra enemy against Chaos?

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Rolled 66

I say it should be who's especially suspicious/outright hateful of us for suspected heresy, if they're Imperial. Maybe they had something to do with the CM's death.

>> No.25734391

Rolled 98

Let the dice decide

>Lord Shownpr

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I lied when I said Jungle. It's actually a dead world.

Which makes me wonder what exactly we have to rule on the planet.

Perhaps there was some kind of admin mistake, and we were given a planet that had already been Exterminatus?

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>Chaos Space Marines

Well that worked out nicely.

Gonna list all the details in the next post, and we'll try to get some kind of semblance out of them.

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Or maybe we're the BoS equivalent to a world of survivors post some sort of hyper destructive conflict, just a thought

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>Created in the 34th Millenium, 8th Founding
>Dark Angels successor
>Created as a counter threat to Chaos Marines.
>Due to a missing zygote, we have no Omophagea, which means we can't learn stuff from our food.
>The other Chapters don't trust us.
>Our figure of legend is the Chapter Master, who led the Chapter on numerous campaigns and glorious battles, before being targeted by a Vindicare Assassin. To this day no one knows why, and we hate the Assassinorum for it.
>Our homeworld is a Dead Feral World.
>We have a distant rule of the planet, preferring not to go anywhere near it.
>We are unique and don't follow the Codex at all.
>We field no psykers.
>All of the Chapter has symbols and icons of the Chapter Master on their armour or bodies somewhere, to remember his sacrifice.
>We have nominal strength, with 10 full companies.
>We have found an ally in the Sisters of Battle.

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>We have found an ally in the Sisters of Battle
imo the only thing that doesn't make sense.
rest is 10/10. It's like someone just chose the stuff

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So... a dead world is one that's completely uninhabited, right?
Maybe we recruit from across the galaxy, or something.

>> No.25734563


Maybe the planet was where are chapter master was killed.

We were fighting off chaos marines and somehow the imperium fucked up and targeted our guy by mistake but refuse to own up to it.

>> No.25734574

Why doesn't it make sense? They both have an intense hatred of Chaos, and it doesn't have to be ALL Sororitas.

>> No.25734575

It is a bit strange isn't it?

I think we have to figure out what Chaos Chapter we are fighting in particular.

We need seige warfare to destroy them.
We can't have psykers because it would be potentially lethal.

Iron Warriors fit the first bit, but I'm not sure about the rest. Any ideas?

>> No.25734585

Fuck that, we drop in recruits, the ones who survive after a year get to go to the trials

>> No.25734603

Could be fleet chapter who said we're taking this world cos they're chapter master died on it. Could be friends with SoB because of certain relics on world that we allow them to care foe.

>> No.25734604


Word bearers?

>> No.25734607

You missed out the doctrine of siege part.

>> No.25734664

Iron Warriors/Word Bearers warband, maybe?

>> No.25734690

Word Bearers from Ghalmek, the forge world? That seems to fit.

>> No.25734756

Good call.

Do we have enough info to take a stab at naming these bad-asses?

>> No.25734775

I vote for "Angels of Defenestration".

>> No.25734786

Angels of Iron

>> No.25734841

>Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.[1] The term was coined around the time of an incident in Prague Castle in the year 1618. The word comes from the Latin de- (down or away from) and fenestra (window or opening).[2] Likewise, it can also refer to the condition of being thrown out of a window, as in "The Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch".[3]
>All Marines carry windows to punch people through

>> No.25734861

How about we drop the Angels bit and just go for 'The Defenestrators'?

>> No.25734870

As the proposer of the "Defenestration" bit, I approve.

>> No.25734876

If we want this to be a serious chapter I don't think them having a name about throwing things out of windows is a good idea

>> No.25734888

Too late.

>> No.25734894

Who said anything about being serious?

We could be totally serious about this, but just have them do batshit-insane stuff.

This is why everyone else hates them, cos the Defenestrators are just fucking wierd.

>> No.25734897

>get a load of this guy


>> No.25734912

iunno. . .defenestration seems awfully heretical

>> No.25734934

What if the glass was heretical?

>> No.25734946

What if, in addition, the subject being defenestrated was a Heretic?
Two stones with one bird, brothers; you would do wise to remember that.

>> No.25734947


That's why they assassinated the Chapter Master. It seems heretical. It's also why they're avoided.

It's almost like they're trying to purge Chaos with Chaos. Almost.

>> No.25734948

Seeing as we're going silly with this Chapter, can we cram the window puns in now?

I vote our Chapter Master's name is Hightower.

>> No.25734963

Beacuse we eject Chaos, even if it means throwing it out the window. All in honour of our revered founder Janus Zizkus, who was assasinated after throwing a rouge inquisitor out a window

>> No.25734984

Not that I think you'll need this, but for reference


>> No.25735004

>God of portals
Nice touch

What's the Zizkus bit?

>> No.25735025

I approve

>> No.25735053

Jan Zizka, a czech bloke who threw a protestant out a window, leading to the death of a third of the population of Germany

>> No.25735057

Well it started 30 years of war that practically depopulated Germany so it's pretty grimmdark.

>> No.25735074

*with reservation for eventual historical fallacies, this is all from memory

>> No.25735157

I'm all in favour of this now. Chapter Founder was Janus Zizkus, brutally assassinated after throwing a heretical Inquisitor from a window.

Trawling Wikipedia for some random info just to get the juices flowing:

>The word 'window' comes from the Norse 'vindauga' meaning 'wind eye'.

I reckon the Sisters of Battle love us because we make the best windows. I'm sure they go nuts over new stained glass for their Cathedrals.

>> No.25735234

How about the heretic preacher was using physic powers to enslave the sisters till Janus came along and threw him out of the window and now they form the forlorn hope in the storming of any fortress the Defenestrators are storming to atone for their order falling?

>> No.25735345

I've just realised that we could have our own 'The Fallen'.

Literally, in fact.

>> No.25735506


The seige specialisation makes perfect sense now. How do you throw someone out of a building if you can't get into it in the first place.

>> No.25735535

OK so we've going full tongue-in-cheek here with Dark Angels aren't we?

The Fallen are Defenestrators who, in their adrenaline-fueled rage, have accidently thrown themselves out of their own windows. This is considered extremely shameful to the Defenestrators, and all Marines who have done this are grouped up into a group dubbed 'The Fallen'.

Naturally, the Defenestrators want nothing to do with the Fallen and even deny that they exist.

>> No.25735548

God this Chapter is so stupid, and yet everything fits into place perfectly.

>> No.25735579

You're welcome.

>> No.25735745

My sides!

OK so the Chapter specialises in breaking into fortifications and then throwing the occupants outside, preferably from a great height.

The Sororitas love us, because we make all the windows for their churches, if we can stop breaking through them.

What else do we need to discuss?

>> No.25735826

I only have one question:

How many heretics do I have to throw out a window to join these badasses?

>> No.25735853

So we're discussing recruitment tactics now?

I highly doubt there'd be training methods for throwing people out of windows.

What about they take their recruits from other Space Marine Chapters, the Marines of which have killed someone by throwing them out of a window. The Defenestrators show up and recruit them into the fold.

But the answer to your question is 'many'.

>> No.25735923

Recruits in a trial by fire method.

2 recruits enter a room with 1 window.
One passes and one becomes a fallen

>> No.25735947

Weapon specialties? Throwing people out windows seems to imply we're a melee-oriented chapter.

>> No.25736030

Nothing's stopping us from punching people out of windows with powerfists. Or, smacking them out with thunderhammers.

>> No.25736120


Or more accurately, Croquet Mallets.

>> No.25736164

Hey, OP, this isn't exactly related but if I don't have a 1d100 can I just use 10d10 in place of that?

>> No.25736168

Power panes

>> No.25736170

Lots of weapons with power behind them, for maximum defenestration.

We definitely need some writefagging for this Chapter.

>> No.25736178

So it's official.
We're a full-strength Chapter of Defenestrating Space-Marines with Thunder-Croquet Mallets.

>> No.25736200


1d100 range is 1-100
10d10 range is 10-100

>> No.25736232

You use 2d10: one for the first number and one for the second

>> No.25736249

A specialist unit armed with window panes and power fists/thunder hammers, for on-the-go defenestration?

>> No.25736259

Writefagging puns:

>Window of opportunity
>'Pane' instead of 'pain', e.g. high pane tolerance
>Being 'transparent'
>'Awner' in place of 'honour'?

>> No.25736342

>The thought of such heresy makes me shutter

>> No.25736379

so, do they go for the eyes when shooting?
Firing bullets through the windows of the heretical soul? Drawing the blinds on the enemy?

As a siege chapter, they're fantastic at finding openings in the enemy's defenses.

>> No.25736397

Members of this chapter can create some of the most beautiful stained glass windows known to humanity, such that the Emprah Himself would weep at their glory.

...and then they take these tragic masterpieces into battle.

>> No.25736430

Stained glass windows in place of Company Standards!

>> No.25736480

Oh that's just beautiful.

So our guys favour the Marines who make the windows really highly, much like the Salamanders and their blacksmiths.

What should they be called? Artisans? Glaziers?

>> No.25736487

Being renowned glass-makers, the Defenestrators make use of the vast array of multicolored ashes and sands of the dead, feral world they call home, crafting some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring glass intricacies ever seen in the hands of a Space Marine; some say these glassworks are blessed in the same way as a Chaplain's Rosarius, fueled by the passion and fervent respect for their long-lost Chapter Master, serving as nigh-unbreakable shields in battle.

>> No.25736515


Epic win

>> No.25736534

There are rare instances where a Space Marine Chapter and a Sororitas order forge lasting alliances. Even rarer that the descendants of the Lion create such attachments with outsiders at all. Yet such an attachment has occurred between the Defenestrators and the Order of the Flattened Busom, who had been manning the defences of Hive City Orgunit against the besieging forces of a blasphemous alliance between Word Bearers and Iron Warriors. The latter had jumped in at the opportunity to utilize brand new siege devices against the city, touted as a "bastion of righteousness against the unclean hordes" by overzealous and utterly ignorant ecclesiarchs in matters of defence. The Iron Warriors were all too eager to disprove this statement, and obliterated each outer wall, each defensive bunker, each turret slowly and methodically, until only the inner walls remained. Canoness Armenia was in the process of commending the souls of the citizens, the PDF and her own women when an unlikely request was produced by her vox pearl.

"Move all your forces to the eastern wall." It was none other than Janus Zizkus, Chapter Master of the newly-formed Defenestrators. Having not a better plan aside from resisting to the last, she complied. What followed was counted as one of the greatest reversals of fortunes in the Imperium's history of siegecraft. In a daring, massive Thunderhawk deployment, the Defenestrators devastators occupied the ruined remains left behind by the heretics, in a way returning the defences to operational status. The assault and tactical marines created walls of ceramite, bolter and chainsword with which to repel the counterassaults, and soon enough, the flanked heretics created a circle of their own where Zizkus had predicted. It was then, when the besieging force found itself besieged within the shattered walls of the city, that the Chapter's Dreadnoughts, Veterans and Terminators were launched in a massive drop pod assault within their ranks.

>> No.25736538

That's awesome, well done sir.

Name for our home world? Should we go with the generic window-based names and call it Vindaugr?

>> No.25736581

God I hope there's more.

>> No.25736583

Their artifice armor is called gemmail. Named after a stained glass technique that overlaps individual pieces of glass and uses a clear sealant rather lead came as is customary.

>> No.25736619

For the love of the Emprah, I hope a somebody is recording this glorious thread for posterity.

>> No.25736639

this has potential
who's doing the colour scheme>

>> No.25736666

I don't know about their symbol, but their pauldrons have to have stained glasswork on it.

>> No.25736693

Ancestral Weapon; Glazier's Gauntlets, a pair of Power Fists with built-in melta-guns. Previously owned by a prior chapter master known only as "Glazier", these articulate, powerful gauntlets can unleash a hellish burst of heat, practically able to glass any substance with just a well-placed shot. As well, the gauntlets enhance the wearer's strength, allowing them to even more easily throw an unfortunate heretic through a beautifully-crafted window.

>> No.25736704

the stained glass standard
a dead planet enclosed with janus' fist

>> No.25736725

If I meet a heretic, and he's stood in front of a window on the first-floor, do I kill him and then throw him out of it, or do I throw him out of it, and then kill him?

>> No.25736740

The reinforcements took to destroying the most potent siege weapons of the enemy, for they were exacting a heavy toll on their battle brothers. Battered from without and eviscerated from within, the mortals amidst the ranks of the Ruinous Powers either fought to the last and were slaughtered, or threw themselves at the feet of the Defenestrators with false promises of redemption. It was a surprise for them, that their pleads were accepted, and they were disarmed while the Marines continued their purge. Zizkus himself lopped the hands and feet off of Warsmith Hinsei and Dark Apostle Memnoch, not yet giving them the Emperor's Mercy. Soon enough, a bloody victory was gained for the Emperor, and the survivors among the heretics were corraled and lead into the highest remaining wall portion. It was a strange event that the defenders witnessed: their saviors had arranged for scores of servitors holding down window glass in place, and one by one, the Defenestrators hurled the heretics at the glass. It was an even greater surprise when the executed ones came off the other side as mangled mush, for the glass had been fortified to ensure their body would be squeezed through the small gap created by the impact. Deaf to their pleas, the heretics were culled one by one in an hour-long mass execution, and Janus Zizkus himself threw the ringleaders through the Window of Penitence. The mangled remains were later torched by the Sisters, the very first act of union between the groups. It was the following deed that forever cemented their friendship, if such a thing can exist between so different a pair of organizations. For the convent of the Flattened Busom's windows had been shattered during the siege, on account of the blast waves of the Iron Warrior's siege weapons. It was obvious that the Defenestrators had a knack for strong glassware, and so Armenia made a daring request: that the Defenestrator's Master of the Forge oversee that portion of the repairs.

>> No.25736746

throw him through it
jump out
grab him, then toss him into a higher window
go up, grab him, now throw him out a different equally high window
complicated, but awesome

>> No.25736751

It should be obvious. You throw him through the window hard enough to kill him, either from the glass cutting him severely enough to bleed him out, or hitting the ground too hard; two stones with one bird.

>> No.25736776

I'll handle the archive later on.

The colour scheme is gonna be difficult to work with. Unless we do complete black, but with really intricate glasswork on the pauldrons and other parts. I don't think we'd be able to use the Chapter painter tool for this, we need a drawfag on this shit.


Also begs the question, does the Chapter pour their skill and time into each and every window, just for it to be smashed, or do we save the really ornate stuff for the most heretical?

>> No.25736797

I'd say give the complex paint schemes for their terminators, sergeants, characters, etc.

>> No.25736802


>> No.25736822

If he's a really low level heretic, like jaywalking or some shit, then first floor is fine.

However, if it's Horus, you gotta find yourself a taller building.

This is fucking awesome and you should feel fucking awesome Armarius. The Window of Penitance is now a thing.

>> No.25736828

They get the Acolytes - Recruits - Whatever we decide to call them, to make most of the windows the chapter commonly uses. The greater one's skill with making glass, the more glasswork they are entrusted with. In the higher echelons of the chapter, the master artisans are entrusted to make the most ornate and intricate windows, only put to use in purging the most vile and irredeemable of heretics and daemon-worshippers.
Essentially, the Scouts and acolytes more or less mass-produce most windows in their off time, the best stuff is made by the best glassblowers and such.

>> No.25736833

We could say they make use of serfs, aspirants and such to produce "lesser" windows, while the skilled tradesmen make elaborate works used by veterans.

>> No.25736907

We need to start thinking of names for all the troops.

Blowers sounds too gay.
Glaziers or glassmiths are good.
Artisans, artificers sound good as well.

Are we gonna go high-gothic with the names, and just translate everything to Latin? Master Glazier Vitreus?

>> No.25736972

Imagine a spaggety western with space marines, and a saloon fight.
One of these guys is played by Bud Spencer.

>> No.25737070

And so, without a single window to be found, it was left to the annealation squads to create their own.
Bursts of extreme heat reduced the very walls to their base elements. Silica and sand melted and melded together before being stretched and worked into magnificent, gleaming glass.
The Chief Glazier inspected the window keenly, running his hand over the fine surface, feeling the quality of the work.
--"I trust you take this much care in every aspect of your duty?" Came the sneering address from Inquisitor Kharalov.
It took all of Brother Kimax's resolve not to send Kharalov through the newly-wrought glasswork right then, but he stole himself and made do with a stare that answered the question well enough.

The true enemy were just beyong the fortress walls, though they would not be outside for long. Chapter Master Zizkus approached, armour-clad footsteps rattling through the narrow corridor. He nodded acknowledgement to the Glazier in appreciation of his craft.
--"Brothers! Defenestrators! The enemy is here. The combined forces of one hundred dead worlds descend up on us. The dread tide of vile heretics has once more vomited itself upon this sacred ground and it falls to us to intercede. Have faith in your brothers and yourselves and we will win the day. Take no prisoners save one. Find the sorcerer at the heart of them and shackle him. He will face the Window of Penitence before this day is out. Steel yourselves brothers! For Vidaugr and for victory! Show them the true meaning of Pane!"

>> No.25737147


>> No.25737148

Well /I'm/ motivated

>> No.25737163

Oh sweet mercy.

I'm so glad I decided to do this Chapter today.

>Annealation squads
I love it.

>> No.25737166

I suppose I ought to feel privileged; for the first time in my life, I have had the honour of fighting alongside space marines. However, the chapter that led the siege seemed... odd. I'd been led to believe that they were warriors through and through, their minds constantly on the fight and their bodies dedicated to training. The Defenestrators, though, seemed to spend all their time off the battlefield working glass, making their windows. Of course, everyone knows of their marvellous glasswork heraldry, but those are made by their Glaziers, and every one of them was making windows. I asked Corporal Bent about it, and she told me it was a sacred craft to them, because it would be unthinkable to throw a truly worthy enemy through anything less than a masterpiece.
Their calm at their work was especially unsettling after I had seen them in battle, breaking the beautiful things they made with nothing less than glee.

They were so beautiful, the windows. They caught the light like anything, and the colours weren't like any I'd seen before. I caught a glimpse of one the was being made specially for someone in particular – they wouldn't say who- and I cried all night. And they just broke them, like they were common panes.

I don't think I shall ever understand space marines.

>> No.25737196

I think it's safe to say that these guys probably shouldn't inhabit the same general area as Angry Marines.

>> No.25737222

I am glad to say you did it very well anon.

Imagine if the Obstinate Marines decided to walk through the Defenestrators workshops?

>> No.25737253

It is said that at the heart of The Defenestrator's Fortress-Monastery, in a room with no doors, there lies a window unlike any other. A window with otherwordly power. A window that can tell the very fates of those that look into it. It is said that only one has ever seen the strands of his destiny through the Window. It is said that that man, the man who saw through the window, is the God-Emperor of mankind.

>> No.25737254

I shudder to think how they would get along with the Pretty Marines.

>> No.25737256

They'd be punted through the nearest windows.

>> No.25737348

We did kind of establish that nobody really gets along with the Defenestrators, the Sororitas aside.

>> No.25737355

that's some Doctor Who shit right there

>> No.25737385

Well this has been very creative so far. What other details do we need to fluff out?

We need names for the companies, the squads, things like Dreadnoughts etc.

I think we need to put a little more detail into our homeworld. Have we said why it's dead yet?

>> No.25737403

Needed materials to make the windows, and "all those fucking trees were just getting in the way."

>> No.25737413

I'm still waiting for the novel in which a full fledged Space Marine chapter is wiped out by Slaanesh's sentient cloud of planet-devouring dicks.

>> No.25737472

Keep your fetishes outside.

>> No.25737494

Or at least shoo them towards the Orks.

>> No.25737642

Apologies for the shitty drawing, I felt this had to be executed.

>> No.25737653

We have the Annealation squads, which could be Assault; they can reduce matter to a workable material akin to molten glass, why not put that sort of technology to use in something like a Close-Combat Weapon or pistol.
Forgers can be the Devastators, with heavier equipment than the Annealors, able to bring down heavy equipment and entrenched forces with melta- and plasma-cannons.

Been thinking about armor, as well. They could use a metallic, reflective armor coating, akin to that on a compact disc, both dull and grey, and reflecting multiple colors at once. The left or right pauldron could have different trim, depending on what type of unit it is, and the actual pauldron could be colored and hold the chapter's insignia. Just a thought.

>> No.25737694

Just archived the thread, better vote that shit up!

Nice one, I've put a request in on another drawfag thread to see if they'll do a full torso + head picture of one of the Marines.

I like the name Forgers. We'll also have to start thinking of a Chapter symbol.

>> No.25737698

Heh. I like how their buildings are just FILLED with walls of glass. Being in the Angels of Defenestration is like being in the Minority Report videogame.

>> No.25737850

Do you think we should have some glass related names for different troops, or companies?

Like shards, or fragments, or something like that?

>> No.25737884

We could call the Termies/Assault Termies "Shatter Squads". Deep Strikes with Thunder Hammers and Glass Shields, shattering the enemy's defenses, morale, and formations.

>> No.25737983

Maybe there's a different chapter symbol for each squad type? Perhaps for the lower levels, it's just the regular squad symbol made out of various different colours of glass, with something more elaborate for the command or veterans?

>> No.25737999

Suggestion: We could use the Black Templars codex for this, with Neophytes in the squads being "glass-bearers"?

>> No.25738053

Have we established why they hate Chaos specifically yet?
Maybe some Word Bearers made a stained glass window in worship of the Chaos Gods and the Defenestrators looked at it and went

>> No.25738071

I love this. Shatter Squads sound fucking awesome.

One of the drawfags hinted to heraldry tinctures. I looked them up on wikipedia and thought about naming the companies after them.

Until I realised there are only colours that are used...

But I see where you're going with this. The recruits would just have a bog standard glass symbol, standard colour on standard colour.

The Chapter Master's symbol would be an ornate piece of art, dazzling to behold, made up of many hues and types of glass.

Maybe the Marines have to physically make their own symbols, just to show their glass-working skills are up to scratch.

>> No.25738081

this was just an oddball thought I had regarding this chapter- but given their penchant for siege warfare and their love of artisan crafts maybe the chapter's land raiders with less transport capacity (like an achilles) are smithed to be particularly ornate?

Imagine for a moment an achilles pattern land raider with the side armor from a pre-heresy style era LR. Instead of the rear exit doors- the door frames feature a statue of a chapter hero, and behind the statue is a beautiful, stained glass window illuminated from within, captivating the attention of all that are passed by this roving cathedral on treads

>> No.25738087

>only 7 colours that are used.

>> No.25738172

>shattering the enemies defences, formations

Don't forget about their windows as well.

>> No.25738192

I'm >>25734192 and I wholeheartedly approve of the direction this thread has taken

>> No.25738256

Do they just smash the windows over the heads of heretics, or full on set them up and bum-rush them through the glass?

>> No.25738297

It depends on the situation, presumably. Like, when the fighting's hectic they just smash them over their heads, but if it's roughly one-on-one they'll beat them up, pick them up and throw them through.

>> No.25738299

Guys. Hey guys.
Was their planet glassed?

>> No.25738309

Can I propose window-shaped shuriken?
Because whilst throwing people through windows is all well and good, sometimes you just need to through windows through people.

>> No.25738310

The way I see it, the window has many applications in battle. As an opening to CQC, smashing a smaller, simpler window over the head of a heretic is more than adequate. When you've got the drop on the enemy and want to show your dominance, setting up a glass environment beforehand to punt them through really can't be beaten. And should you get a larger, wider window, you and a battle brother can each hold one end and run headlong at the enemy for some AoE smashing. And of course, the resultant shards can be used as the holiest of slashing weapons.

>> No.25738320

Yeah, Word Bearer windows are EXTRA HERESY.

>> No.25738330

I'd imagine not - it's a desert; they need sand to make the windows from.
Although, maybe glass in place of ice at the poles, with underground volcanoes to shift it around? Because mountains of crystalline glass would be awesome.

>> No.25738333

Word Bearer stained windows can push a Defenestrator to Angry Marine levels of rage. Trufax.

>> No.25738357

Typically, when that happens, they'll dismantle whatever's holding the heretic window, and - with some chaplains holding it up - they rush the enemy with the intention of punting as many heretics through their own blasphemous window as possible.

>> No.25738405

Now that's irony. Or possibly windowy.

>> No.25738493

so is their armour white (in practical terms)?
Doubtful anyone will ever paint up any but if they did they'd be white presumably
maybe with so much 'ardcoat they shine

>> No.25738566

Who knew window-fu could be so cool?

That does sound awesome.

I was imaging completely black for the armour, but having really detailed pauldrons for the symbol.

But whatever looks good really.

Would the Chapter symbol just be a rectangle smashed into a few pieces? The recruits would just be a plain symbol on the armour, whereas the Chapter Masters would have full on pictures of Chaos marines being thrown through them.

>> No.25738596

I vote black.
Also, rectangles? Why not the whole shoulder pad, Lamenters style?

>> No.25738616

maybe Marines Exemplar style where the armour is black except for the pauldrons and arms

>> No.25738654

What about having a set of glassmaking tools like tongs or such on a shield of stained glass?

>> No.25738670

special rule: if any kind of hammer is available as a weapon option it must be taken

>> No.25738692

I dunno just thinking out loud.

Well I'm off for tonight, thread is archived so I'll check back tomorow to see if there's any more updates.

I'm definitely going to do thread 2 in the next few days. The Defenestrators are just too good to pass up.

Great work everyone!

>> No.25738699

Holy shivs?

>> No.25738708

Someone archive this shit

>> No.25738720

This needs to go on 1d4chan, too

>> No.25738728

/tg/ threads are archived automatically

>> No.25738760

Our world was hit by a warp storm that turned the ground into glass You can look down and see the very core of the planet..
Dotted across the landscape are glass statues of people screaming in pain and terror.

>> No.25738768

A window.
With wings.

>> No.25738780

Maybe, once we've gotten the armour and all that sorted out.

It's already in suptg.

>> No.25738793

The Windows logo, but shattered with a heretic-shaped hole in it.

>> No.25738820

what about introducing some ice blue?

>> No.25738846


Like in the first panel here? I tried to make it look blocky, like it was actually done in stained glass, though maybe the little circular window with the crossed beams is too kitschy?

>> No.25738902

Wait! Windows logo color scheme! 1/4 red, 1/4 green, 1/4 blue, 1/4 yellow

>> No.25738906

That's in our Hall of Windows, a hall in which we keep commemorative windows. It is known as the Window of Defenestrating Anger.

>> No.25738987

oh no

>> No.25738997


>> No.25739000


>> No.25739051

Shard of the first window. A legendary relic that was once part of a grand battle standard. The first chapter master broke the standard over a daemon prince, and the resulting shards seemed as if they were actively seeking other daemons to sink themselves into. Stories tell that the shard still seems to shatter further when used, but somehow does not lose any of its remaining mass.

Any daemon unit within 3' of a daemon model that suffers an unsaved wound from the shard (including the wounded daemon itself,) must take a demonic instability test.

Grand battle standard
A glorious stained glass depiction of the current chapter master ninja-kicking a chaos marine out a tower window. Only the honour guards accompanying the chapter master himself may lay hands upon this chapter relic.

In addition to counting as a chapter standard, any member of the honour guard may, only once in a game, sacrifice his other melee attacks to use the standard as a melee weapon. If the attack hits, the target is killed outright, but the unit loses the effects of having a standard for the rest of the battle.

What can I say? I like game mechanic fluff as much as fluff fluff.

>> No.25739064

Dammit I just made that and was about to post it! Whatevs, I'll post my version too.

>> No.25739095

My windows marine

>> No.25739113

That's even better.

>> No.25739115

haha oh god
the shame of being put through a window by someone who looks like that

>> No.25739187

Chapter tactics: portal fighter
The anticipation of carrying out the execution of an enemy in the finest tradition of the chapter simply makes the marines fight harder. Whenever a Defenestrator marine is within 2" of a window, or attacks an enemy model within 2" of a window, he gains the preferred enemy special rule.

>> No.25739200

I think it still needs, like, a rainbow skull on their chest plate or something

>> No.25739419

At some point something needs to happen with the line "It's curtains for you."

>> No.25739426

Oh god my sides

>> No.25739652

Do they approve of killing heretics by throwing other heretics through windows at them?

>> No.25739695

Btw, CAPTCHA seems to think that a Defenestrarot officer is called Zelett. Let´s not dissapoint it

>> No.25739809

YES. With a windows-skull in the middle.

>> No.25739839

87 years in ms paint later, an attempt at a chapter icon.

I figured that since we're dark angels successors and we have a window fetish, a DA icon in a window might be a good place to start.

>> No.25739864

I tried

>> No.25739880


>> No.25739913

Chaos Defenestrators:
Fallen defenstrators who began to despise the breaking of windows, and started using them to summon daemons of Tzeentch

>> No.25739941

We kill them by throwing them through the windows they break.
But why Tzeentch? Surely Tzeentch would be pleased by the window changing from whole to broken.
To take excessive pride in your work is Slaanesh's domain, I think.

>> No.25739963

Every second marine will be totally useless, it's brilliant!

>> No.25740046

Fuck the Angry Marines, this is the shit right here.

>> No.25740086

Of course, they're made into MORE WINDOWS.

>> No.25740131

I just thought of something. Yes, the defenestrators make great windows. but they make two types. one they use for fighting with and the vast majority they sell to the rest of the imperium (the various orders, the administratum, other SM chapters, even the Navy and others) for good money. (ever notice that many of the other buildings have so many windows? guess who made them) This chapter should be well financed and equipped with the best gear, arms, armor, and transports around. they could well be building battle barges of their own.

what the Black crusaders have to move around to deal with xenos, the defenestrators have to do with those chaos cults. (they DO seem to pop up everywhere).

>> No.25740159

this could only be bettered if someone painted a real SM fig like this. (chest symbol optional to me)

>> No.25740174

Good lord, just think how many fancy toys they can afford from the outfitting of even one of the navies space-cathedrals/battleships.

>> No.25740186

....(thinks about it) dear god, the Angry Marines might not like the Defenestrators, but they would give some grudging respect. tossing a foe though a window is a hell of an angry act, yet awesome.

>> No.25740229




Our enemies hide behind glass panes, the cowards!

We shall take away their glass panes.

>> No.25740230

Can someone come up with a quote from an Angry Marine Chaplain after being kicked through eighteen windows by the Angels of Defenestration 1st [ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT] Champion?

>> No.25740235

there are WINDOWS EVERYWHERE in the Empire! this chapter could be raking it in faster than anyone could realize! they could be a back door funnel of money transfure to their parent chapter if they still keep any sort of ties to them.

>> No.25740239

Rolled 95

rumor has it, an angry marine witnessed a defenestrator confronted with a word bearer stained glass window. when asked later about the incident, he only had these words to say "THE CRAZY ASS WINDOW FUCKERS? THOSE PSYCHO SHITS ARE ALRIGHT"

>> No.25740295

although, this chapter aims to hunt chaos cults first, i can see them hating Tau as well. the Tau don't seem to use or like windows as much.

everyone hates the 'nids and orks. they don't use windows at all.

>> No.25740334

There's a band of blood axes who after seeing one of the stained glass pictures of the Emperor, got inspired (after their boss hit the ground), to attempt to make their own.

They havn't gotten the hang of glass though, so it's more of a big sheet of metal scraps in a vague depiction of gork or mork. Filled with bullet holes, because you need to be able to see through it. That's how ya know it's a window.

>> No.25740396

First man to paint a Defenestrator, complete with translucent window-standard, earns himself a spot in my heart.

>> No.25740408


>> No.25740468

to a Defenestrator SM, upon seeing what those Green skins made, would either think "they are getting clever" or "THEY MOCK US!"

>> No.25740469


>> No.25740513

Blood Axez get hired as mercenaries. I can see the Defenestrators not-hating-as-much them.

>> No.25740559

It varies. Generally towards the latter, especially when Meks keep asking (via vox/orky loudhailer) why their windows don't have any dakka.

>> No.25740592

Dats cuz windows is CHOPPY ya grot!

>> No.25740682

Can we get a quote from the Reasonable Marines, the Classy Marines, and the Galactic Partridges?

>> No.25740687

dude, termintor and artifact armor for all of them with the best guns around with that much bankroll.

>> No.25740699

yea, they want to buy in bulk from them.

>> No.25740732

The Reasonable Marines wanted stained glass windows for their command bridges, since the Defenestrators make the hardiest windows in the galaxy.

The Partridges attempted to claim credit for their window design, but their delegation was redirected through some kind of meteoritic debris field made of silicon.

And the Classy Marines ordered all their Power Monocles from the Defenestrators, on the condition that they drive very small enemies through them on occasion.

>> No.25740737

shit nigga

>> No.25740747

>Galactic Partridges
The greatest artisans of the Defenestraters spend decades on the seventeen-story-high stained glass masterpiece that graces the eastmost face of the High Chapel of Per'tree. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. On the window is an image of a space marine. On the window is an image of a chaos demon. The space marine is striking down the chaos demon. The image relates to every single glorious battle the Partridges ever fought.

>> No.25740761

And then they dropkicked the Partridge First Company through it.

>> No.25740788

>We Stand Alone
>nobody likes us

The Defenestrators and the Adeptus Estates have a long and bitter history with one another, thanks to the operational methods of the former being in direct competition with the common goal of the latter.

Seige warfare and perpetually broken windows play merry hell with property value and insurance rates

>> No.25740802

Pane-cleaner Jalouise Venetian glared at the heretic before him. The man, if you could call him that; was radiating the unholy power of the chaos gods.

Across the great Catedral, the dead laid scattered. Their blood now covering the glorious windowpanes of the hall.

"The arrogance" Jalousie thought to himself as he let his gaze rest upon the once immaculate windows of the halls.

The unholy man infront of Jalousie suddenly charged, apparently unfazed by the hulking space marine.

"Such arrogance" Jalouise mumbled too himself, while moving into his preferred fighting stance.

The heretic screamed, the panes of the halls vibrating as if in pain.

Jalouise raised his right hand above his head and uttered the holy words "By the will of Janus and the light of the God Emperor...".

The force of the two fingers as they entered the heretics skull through his eyes causes a shock wave that lifted the dust of the ground and shattered the tainted windows of the holy cathedral.

Jalousie watched the heretics body fell to pieces as if to match the state of the windows, then uttered the final words "...The windows to the impure soul shall shatter ".

>> No.25740934

Shit, combat power-monocles? I want one.

>> No.25740983

no, baleful eye...with a monocle lense to help aim the beam!

>> No.25741029

That's a good point, and I forgot that the Defenestrators don't field psykers either, so Slaanesh it is

>> No.25741040

Shit anon.

This is awesome.

You should feel proud. It's allowed in this case. Well done. Tactical Eye-poke is epic.

>> No.25741058


Weaponized Three Stoogies eyepoke, with an awesome one liner?

This pleases me.

>> No.25741085

i guess they a modded version of a power/force fist weapons along side thunderhammers for melee weapons. but what do you think they would used for range weapons?

>> No.25741112

lot of meltas

>> No.25741119

Melta and plasma guns so as to heat sand and/or heretics into glass

>> No.25741131

>All ranged weapons have double barrels, placed at such a distance that a perfect shot in the opponents face will crush both his eyes at the same time.

>> No.25741138

Is there anything in the 40k universe that can freeze opponents?

>> No.25741139

since they are siege based, some kind of sonic / shattering weapon?

>> No.25741152

There are shock weapons that can induce paralysis

>> No.25741196

They're Slaaneshi counterpart can use their Noise cannons to break windows!

>> No.25741204

Close enough

>> No.25741284

Quick mock up

>> No.25741417


>> No.25741441

They shoulderpads should look like that.

>> No.25741508

best chapter ever

>> No.25741526

That's pretty awesome

>> No.25741567

The Defenestrators lie in the thick of battle with the chaos Word Bearers. The heretics have summoned a bloodletter of Khorne and the battle seems lost for the Lords of Glass. From atop their great battle barge, the Glass Ceiling, Glazier Fenestrus convenes with the tribunal of Clerestory on how to turn the tides. After much collaboration, Lord Fenestrus knows what he must do-

>> No.25741592

I'm okay with defenestration being the chapter trials - you're tossed onto a hostile, dead, feral world and if you manage to last until the angels come back, you're welcomed into the chapter.

Sororitas have a few secret things on the planet that help make the trials truly trying, and in typical dark angels theme recruits are those who are suspect of heretical guilt. If you live you were innocent, if you die you were guilty. Sororitas are actually heavily involved in our recruitment processes.

Our chapter master died on this world, which is the only reason we even bother with it. Otherwise we're a chapter fleet. Other chapters dislike us for recruiting 'heretics' (which we laugh at, because they proved their innocence by living, The Emperor Protects) and not following codex. Would be acolytes die in hundreds of thousands, but just enough survive that we're able to keep our chapter at full strength.

Our enemies are a mix of word bearers and iron warriors.

Sound good?

>> No.25741662

I'm not overly fond of the recurring theme of 'toss dem out da windowz lulz'. But I do think it would be an adequate recruitment practice - anyone under suspicion of heresy is rounded up by the sororitas and turned over to us in the hundreds of thousands. We throw them onto the planet we 'rule', If they're guilty they die, if they're innocent they live. We recruit from the innocent, anyone we don't recruit either goes into a 'penal legion' of guardsmen, the ecclesiarchy (having proven their innocence) or the sororitas.

>> No.25741667


Since there aren't enough windows to kick that horde out. You better be crashing your entire fleet into the horde.

That's the only thing that's hardcore and silly enough for our chapter.

>> No.25741724

-On the battlefield the Bloodletter has been cleaving its way through the battlefield, charging past all windows and shattering them with its pounding footsteps. As the battle seems all but lost, Glazier Fenestrus blasts in a glass drop pod, that blows into pieces as it lands, impaling dozens of heretics with glass. As the Glazier stands, the nearby Defenestrators fall to theirs knees in glory as they behold what their Lord has brought with him. From the crater of the drop pod, the Holy Screen Door of the Emperor stands tall.

>> No.25741731

*angelic choir*

>> No.25741836

>Screen door
No just no

>> No.25741867

Lord Fenestrus, wielding dual power fists with combi meltas, begins to fire at the Bloodletter to attract its attention. As the Bloodletter begins to charge the Glazier, Fenestrus toys with it surrounding the screen door, like a Matador with a bull. Finally, as the Bloodletter begins to tire, Fenestrus, along with any nearby Defenestrator, grabs ahold of the Bloodletter and throws it with such force that nearby heretics are obliterated as the Bloodletter smashes through them, flying directly for the Emperors Holy Screen Door-

>> No.25741937


U Fooken Wat M8?

>> No.25741966

The Bloodletters body is nearly obliterated by the force of the throw, and is shredded by the glass of the Holy Screen Door. As the Bloodletter gives its last breaths on the matterium, the Defenestrators stop to revel in the daemons destruction, but the vile heretics took advantage of this pause, and began to flood the glass breakers. One by one even more daemons were summoned, and the Defenestrators believed the planet to be lost. The ground troops received an order for a full retreat by the Glass Ceiling, and the Glass breakers slowly withdrew, for they knew what was to come-

>> No.25741981

Sod off m8, just go with it

>> No.25742070

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this guy yet.

The Defenestrator is a guy from the DC comic Hitman, a member of the wannabe superhero team Section 8. He doesn't have any superpowers, he just carries around a window as a weapon.

Of course, in 40k, such a window would have to have be thousands of years old Chapter Relic, sanctified by a dozen saints, and meticulously repaired after every battle.

>> No.25742090

As the remaining Defenstrators returned to their ship, the Glass Ceiling began to reposition itself above the planet. At this point in the battle, the solar systems star had been at the peak of the sky, only to be partially blocked by the Glass Ceiling moving into its center, and then as the heretics on the ground cheered at their assumed victory, the Glass Ceiling flipped its Venetian gates, revealing its method of exterminatus- the Glassus Magnificus. A great fiery beam, concentrated from the nearby star, shot forth unto the planet, incinerating the heretics below and turning all sand below into molten glass. As the Glass Ceiling aimed its flaming pillar it released untold thousands of windows upon the remaining heretics, shredding any and all that survived the flames.

>> No.25742131

>beginning to feel the Warp drawing at its essence because it hasn't killed anything in a while
Same thing, different name.

>> No.25742233

So that's my attempt at write faggotry, what do you guys think, ignoring the Bloodletter issue.

>> No.25742275

++Assault Captain Sandius Pella++

WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 2+
Unit type: Infantry

Wargear: Artificer Armor, The Image of Purity, Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer, Glass Halo, Frag and Krak Grenades

Special Rules: ATSKNF, IC, Defenstration Demonstration

The Image of Purity: A relic of the chapter dating back to the Assault of Suspria II; this pane-stakingly crated Storm Shield is as much a work of art as a tool of War. Its dazzling beauty causes enemy models in base to base contact with Pella to take a -1 penalty to WS; in addition, any unit that attempts to charge Pella's unit treat terrain as one step more difficult (open terrain becomes difficult, difficult becomes dangerous, and dangerous becomes impassable).

Defenstarion Demonstration: Such is Captain Pella's skill at the art of defenstration, that when he kills an enemy character in a challenge, all friendly models in his unit gain +1 Attack in the following Assault Phase; as they attempt to recreate the majesty of his prowess.

>> No.25742643

They need the ability to push enemies off of tall things and through windows

>> No.25743473

I'm all for this colour scheme.

>> No.25743635


>> No.25744045

Love the symbol, but the stain glass in the background doesn't work for me. maybe a simpler version? Similar to this. Drawfags can make it elaborate, but for the sake of miniatures...

>> No.25744240

Back again.
I think that this color scheme with this
>>25741284 as the shoulderpad insignia would be pretty glorious.

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