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Old thread

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Continuing dump!

But I also really want to start assembling that Immolator now. Will try to keep posting steadily though.

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I bought a Rhino that was missing parts, and the organ+Sister at the controls attachment for $30.
Along with some greenstuff details, I've saved myself $40 (plus the little bit left to secure the free shipping).

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Hop hop, Mr B!

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Nice, Though I really like all of the iconography and extra bits that come with the Immo sprue. It's just nice to see a load of plastic SoB stuff, y'know?

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The Ecclesiarchy is my favourite human 40k faction.

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We need a whole Bioshock 40k setting.
Come on, there's got to be underwater cities somewhere in the Imperium.

It'd be one giant Necromunda scenario.

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This picture is awesome, aside from the Saint missing leg armour for some reason.

Sounds like an interesting idea. Nothing stopping you from writing it up, bud.

It could have an objectivist-esque governer and bad Ecclesiarchial relations.

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>underwater CITIES
Small time.

Let's discuss the ocean agriworld where air craft carrier sized submersible fishing trawlers criss-cross the planet processing a metric fuckton of fish to be shipped to the nearby hive worlds.

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Now I'm imagining PDF/Guardsmen with diving helmets and shark suits-like armour.

Amphibious infantry.

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>aside from the Saint missing leg armour for some reason.

Fetishistic space nuns.

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Regular Sisters generally avoid that in official art. Pic related.

Repentia and that one John Blanche (lol) picture are an exception.

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So if SoB get an update, what kind of units do you think might be added

GW can simply look to the Ultimate Apoc mod for Dawn of War and steal some units from there

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minimum work, maximum profit

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>steal some units from there
What about the powers?

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Not sure exactly about what WOULD be added (a flyer at least, I'd imagine) but I know what I'd want to be added.

Novices (SM scout equivilants) and zealot mobs (cultist equivilants or maybe tarpits) would be very nice. Would add extra troop options too. A giant Penitent Engine would make for a nice super unit that all armies seem to be getting these days,

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Fellow SoB players, roughly how big is your army? As a player who's only just starting, mine's still pretty tiny.

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Well op they're just a bunch of dykes. There I said it./thread.

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When the hell are we getting a codex? The Witch Hunters one is still great for casual games with friends but not being able to field anything remotely close to decent in tournaments sucks.

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>When the hell are we getting a codex?

Just after Squats.

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I'd say sometime in 2014. GW is releasing codexes rapidly these days, so even if we're low priority we should have something soonish.

Last time I asked, /tg/'s consensus seemed to be that Ward or Vetock were best suited to the job.

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nice horde you got there

it would be a shame if something happened to it

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Yeah, let's make them more like Space Marines!

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Yes I know that it wouldn't really work in practical terms, but rule of cool dammit.

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Something I've seen suggested for a giant walker wouldn't be a giant penitent engine but actually more like a giant animated statue. Actually a mech but with more the look of a statue than a dreadnaught.

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what about a archangel or bigger living saint

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I could get behind that. Maybe a big statue of Dominica or even Big E himself.

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>36" range
>roll to hit
>apply teardrop template
I want this so badly.

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I think that'd take away from the present living saints a bit. They're meant to be quite special.

Though something like a physical manifestation of the SoB's faith would be a very interesting idea. But Saints kind of fufil that role already, except that they seem to be summoned by the faith rather than spontaneously created by it.

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I winder if Sisters can have a faith power or something that'll give their flamers torrent USR.

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Nice picture. Apart from the spiked boobplate, that is.

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That.....would be really cool actually

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Not even the blessed Tactical Dreadnough Armour can escape the boobplate.

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That could be very cool.


Or that.

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It's to late for that

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>Though something like a physical manifestation of the SoB's faith would be a very interesting idea.
Something like the Gork'll get 'em ability which is technically also pure faith?

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CSM style Eye of the Emperor table, from which you roll every time you purge a heretic. On the best result you become a living saint as the Emperor blesses you with 20% of his maximum power.

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Pretty much.

Actually, you've just given me the perfect explanation for the Avenging Angels in Soulstorm. Always was a bit confused by them.

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The really big question is whether SoB will get a supplemental codex for a Forces of the Inquisition codex or their own book like 3rd.

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> purgre several heretics
> get best result every time
> entire army becomes living saints
Problem, heretics?

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Fuck the Inquisition, only connection they have with them is the fact that they purge heretic like the Ordo Hereticus (and any Imperial faction that doesn't want to purge heretics is heretical). Give us Codex: Ecclesiarchy.

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This. I'd much rather the Sisters got a proper book that was more centered on them than having to share with the Inquisition.

Thoug apparently a lot of the internet thinks that this is what'll happen. We'll find out in 2014, I guess!

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>small skirmish between a group of heretics and Sisters
>suddenly living saints and daemon princes
>living saints and daemon princes everywhere
>eyes of gods are centered upon the battle
>the fate of worlds hangs at the balance
>join the adepta sororitas, they said
>it'll be fun, they said

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Breaking from dump for bit. Be back in a bit.

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SoB powers are like Ork powers? Huh...

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Do images of SoB's with love interests exist? Nuns with guns are great and all, but I want to imagine them as being more than just brainwashed imperial purging machines.

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It should be so. The whole chamber militant thing was 3e brainfart when they couldn't invent anything else. In RT Sisters were like religious commissars spread across the Imperium, in 2e codex it says one of the tasks of the witch hunters was to police the Ecclesiarchy (so Sisters working with them is like cops working with internal affairs) and there was nothing Inquisitorial in the codex, and the current WD codex has dropped everything Inquisition related as well.

If you ask me, we'll get Codex: Sisters of Battle with Ecclesiarchy playing second fiddle. Sisters of various forms, frateris militia, priests and confessors, maybe even cardinals, faith powers all over the place, relics and fancy arcane tech, penitent engines will be MCs, probably some flyer with incendiary and/or psyk-out bombs and lots of dakka, immolator and maybe a rolling battle church land raider variant with flamers, meltas and 20 model carrying capacity.

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True, true.

But I'm a big fan of greenstuff.
Got some extra elf heads and bodies from the new HE stuff to make custom Sisters.

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Fuck, we need a Warhammer "dumb ways to die" animation.

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Thorians believe the spirit of the Emperor wanders the warp and grants portions of his power to worthy subjects for brief periods of time, manifesting as saints and acts of faith.

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We can sure as fuck hope so, anyway

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Oh fuck, the terrain rules would be glorious.

Black Templar and Gray Knights would have to succeed a dangerous terrain check to move at all.

Laser and plasma based weaponry would have it's range cut severely.
Tyranids and Daemons would have to save or drown each turn.

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They also believe they can summon it from the warp and put it in a host body.

Thorians are probably considered puritans only because they talk about "the Emperor", when in practise they are trying to summon a powerful warp entity to a specially prepared body which is what every chaos cult who wants to summon something bigger than a nurgling is doing.

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Dialoguous is a neat idea, but FUCK if that model is terrible.

Not even 'eavy Metal can make it look decent.

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I've got like 20 Bolter Sisters, aforementioned Rhino+parts=Exorcist, and a Superior.
Going for a 2000 point army.

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They're the orkiest humans.

>>join the adepta sororitas, they said
>>it'll be fun, they said
>laying into demons with your sword
>not fun
What are you smoking, sister?

Literal manifestations of faith, hm. Yes, that DOES make quite a bit of sense.
Needs more angry chanting.

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We had a discussion in the last thread about the rules pertaining to sex with boys and sex with girls last thread.

Some orders cut your dick off or cunny out. Some do it for honor. Some just do it.

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Ward for rules, not for fluff.

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Not bikes.

Jeeps! Sisters get the cheapest transport possible.
EVERYONE will take a Sisters group as allies to take a jeep!

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>tfw SoB gf

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That didn't give me a boner.
It didn't get me excited.

It gave me chills. Very very welcome chills.

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SURELY a statue of the God Emperor can't be evil?

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That wasn't the picture I wanted to post.
Not at all.

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We need a Sister of Battle PROMOTIONS edit for that.

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The church SHOULD have it's own book.

Shuffle the Templar or Knights into it, but the Sisters should be on top.

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That's the Order of the Argent Shroud you're looking for.

They're Lawful Good even in the grimdarkness of the 41st millennium.

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>Sisters fighting daemons
>wild GREY KNIGHT appears
>it's super effective

>> No.25733824

>Create a clone of the Emperor
>Clone Emperor awakens real Emperor, they both march hand in hand with the Ecclesiarchy in tow

A girl can dream...

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See, when you play a game that allowed a roll for a random effect off a "Random Encounters" table every turn, shit like that is bound to happen.

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>A girl can dream...
Stop inserting your Yaoi selfcest fantasies, Sister.

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~100 Bolter sisters, 12 Flamer sisters, 6 Melta sisters, 3 Canoni, 3 Rhinos, 2 Immolators, 2 Exorcists, 30 Stormtroopers and 2 Chimeras.

>> No.25733862

See, when you play a game that allowed a roll for a random effect off a "Random Encounters" table every turn, shit like that is bound to happen.

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nobody notices the tedy bear hanging for ze chains?

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I'm reminded of that scene in Watchmen, when Dr. Manhattan uses multiple copies of himself to have sex with Silk Specter.

>> No.25733897

Still works.
Post the other one too.

Pic related.
That's how Faith will work.
>Ultramarine holding onto the seat for dear life and screaming while the Sister smokes a cigarette and cackles while doing donut figure 8888's around Daemon Princes.

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She's Argent Shroud.
Clearly a little girl she saved gave her hero a cute cellphone charm, which the Sister wears and draws faith from.

>> No.25733930

>faith holds the thing together
>the moment the sister stops paying attention to the vehicle, it falls to pieces

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Ever hear about /co/'s version of Watchmen?
Every scene, even ones where Manhattan is not around, has his penis in it. It just slowly rises out of the corner of the screen.
The opening of Vietnam is a giant shadow falling as his penis rises over the horizon while Flight of the Valkyries plays.
This is what Sisters wish for on their birthday from the God Emperor.

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Continuing dump.

As it's an awesome SoB thread, this video is obligatory.


It's that fucking mouth. It's a black hole no matter how you paint it.

I like this theory. Could be that the SoB are faithing so hard, that they're actually getting through to the part of the Emperor that's in the warp and recieving help from it.

It's also very easy to see Living Saints and The Sanguinor as "Daemon Princes" of the Emperor.

I don't mind them being the chamber militant of the Ordo Hereticus, it makes sense. Of coure the Hereticus are going to ask the army that specialises in fighting heretics for help.

But yeah, it should very much be secondary to their status as the army of the Ecclesiarchy.

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in my zeal, I forgot to actually dump anything.

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>Sister grabs the Marine, covers herself in red paint kept in the glove compartment, and runs like the Flash back to the start zone.

>> No.25733974

But Fear and Terrify work on Sisters, not Space Marines!

Although Terrify works on Chaplains Draigo, Purifiers and DA Inner Circle

>> No.25733982

He did an okay job in the WD codex, in my opinion. But Vetock is also noted for writing good fluff. Or so I've heard.

>> No.25733983

>Shuffle the Templar or Knights into it

Neither of them work for the Church though.

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Glorious vid.

Also, some paintjobs I've seen are downright horrifying.

Also, lends credence to the idea all the worship is making the Emprah into the Chaos God of Order.

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>I like this theory.

It's in the Thorian Sourcebook for the Inquisitor game.

>I don't mind them being the chamber militant

No, but you can deploy just about any force to fight heretics, from Guard to Marines. Same with aliens. Deathwatch is just a more specialized force that seems to use more their knowledge and tactics vs. aliens than their actual combat prowess, which probably isn't any better than the average Marine. Grey Knights, however, are a different thing in that very few things can actually go toe to toe with daemons and survive with their bodies and minds intact. There's been even Marine chapters that suffer from the effects of fighting daemons and forces of Chaos, and have had to be mind-wiped, even purged. Aliens and other humans are easy to fight, but how do you fight something that's not of this world and can twist reality to its will?

That's why I think Ordo Malleus, above all other Ordos, needs a chamber militant the most. Others can utilize any Imperial fighting force as they see fit.

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What I like about this picture is how the Sisters in the background aren't even bothered about fighting anymore, just praying.

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>>I like this theory.
>It's in the Thorian Sourcebook for the Inquisitor game.
True, but isn't it still a theory within the fluff? I don't think it says that the Thorians are definitely correct.

> That's why I think Ordo Malleus, above all other Ordos, needs a chamber militant the most. Others can utilize any Imperial fighting force as they see fit.
Of course, the Inquisiton's whole schtick is that they can requistion (or at least request) anybody they need to. But if the Hereticus has access to some SoB and needs to purge some heretics, then of course the SoB are going to be the preferred ally.

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>> No.25734148

>> No.25734160

>> No.25734167

>> No.25734190

Why is that bitch with the flag preventing the Hospitaller from doing her job?

>> No.25734196

>Codex: Inquisition
>no one's a Trusted Ally
>"I'm watching you, heretic..."

>> No.25734204

She's just cupping a feel. Battered, dying women make her moist.

>> No.25734239

The fluff behind that picture is that it's a Canoness passing her sword on to her second in command.

Presumably the Hospitaller wants to try and save the Canoness, but the Sister sees that its too late.

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>> No.25734259

>> No.25734290

>> No.25734299

>> No.25734324

> She's Argent Shroud.
So is this one

>> No.25734337

>> No.25734346

>> No.25734355

I thought she was playing a piano from the thumbnail.

>True, but isn't it still a theory within the fluff? I don't think it says that the Thorians are definitely correct.
Hm. It "feels" right to me.

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>> No.25734404

Sure, I'd like to believe it too and think that it's quite plausible and explains a lot.

All I'm saying is that it's just the theory of the Thorians, and 40K fluff is deliberatley ambigous, so we can't treat it as absolute fact.

>> No.25734431

> I thought she was playing a piano from the thumbnail.
Sisters have professional piano players. They're called Exorcist gunners.

In Soulstorm. if you look you see that the gunner actually fires the missiles by playing the organ keys in front of her.

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>> No.25734455

>> No.25734468

>> No.25734483

Fuck you, books!

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So... Is tiny sista actually Xeno's clone?

>> No.25734504

Woops, meant to post the books thing for this picture, but forgot to clear the text after it failed.


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>> No.25734524

>> No.25734539

>> No.25734545

>> No.25734552

So... Is tiny sista actually Xeno's clone?

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>> No.25734578

>> No.25734583

OP, why are you dumping the very same pics we've already seen a billion times over again?

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>> No.25734596

They're new to me so shut up.

>> No.25734616

I'm not the OP, bud.

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>This kit contains one Sisters of Battle Mistress Penitent Engine
>Mistress Penitent Engine

>you will never have a Penitent Engine as a mistress

>> No.25734619

Well first, I think you're lying; even if you aren't, you're an exception.
Second, you could do like everyone else and do a quick deviantart search and find them
Third, it isn't constructive in any way.

>> No.25734627

That does not invalidate my question.

>> No.25734633

> Mistress Penitent engine
Some sort of leader penitent engine to lead the other penitent engines? Interesting.

>> No.25734645

Because people apparently want me to.

Also, I enjoy it.

Deal with it, heretic.

>> No.25734646

No, stupid. You don't let heretics lead other heretics into battle if they're strapped to a huge warmachine.

>> No.25734654

I was wondering what kind of mistress you meant and then I looked at the Mistress of Repentia figure.

>> No.25734656

I think that's a lie, I think you're doing it because you want there to be a battle sister thread on the front page at all time to compensate for the lack of attention they got from GW, perhaps even out of spite.

>> No.25734661

Hey /tg/, been trying to homebrew some update SoB stuff, what do you think so far (just 2 exorcists without point costs for now)

>> No.25734671

obviously the Mistress one wouldn't be a heretic. That could be some different variety without the built-in drugs and guilt machine.

Didn't say I necessarily wanted one anyway. Just wanted to try and solidify an intereresting concept.

>> No.25734680

>tfw when there will never be a good 40K RPG based on DH where you collect a party of acolytes to stop someone summoning a demon, including a Sister of Battle

>> No.25734694

>> No.25734702

>> No.25734713

>> No.25734716

Would they be acolytes with attitude?

>> No.25734721

>> No.25734731

>> No.25734733


mos def

>> No.25734735

mfw a heretic was heretical near me

>> No.25734746

>> No.25734754

>> No.25734761

>> No.25734776

Old thread be dead

I hope you saved all of the pictures you wanted from it, anon!

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>> No.25734803

>> No.25734811

>> No.25734816

>> No.25734822

>> No.25734829

>> No.25734834

>> No.25734839

>> No.25734850

>> No.25734859

>> No.25734862

Why do I keep seeing the heretical downsized version of this one?

>> No.25734873

Nearly finished, just under two rows to go.

>> No.25734884

Thank you. I have upgrade mine to the superior version.

>> No.25734892

>> No.25734899

>> No.25734906

I've been told that this one looks like Hilary Clinton.

>> No.25734910

>> No.25734913

>> No.25734917

>> No.25734927

>> No.25734933

>> No.25734943

>> No.25734951

Love the armour on those two Sisters on the right.

>> No.25734964

>> No.25734973

Looks good to me.
Keep going bro!

>> No.25734975

>> No.25734981

>> No.25734989

>> No.25734995

>> No.25735002

>> No.25735012

Stern would be great as a special character for the SoB.

>> No.25735017

Little known fact: Sororitas zeal is powered by tea.

>> No.25735026

>> No.25735027

Needs less manfaced sisters in this thread.

>> No.25735052

>> No.25735062

>> No.25735081

>> No.25735089

>> No.25735090

I've wanted to get Sisters for a while now but with all the rumours about them getting dropped or never getting updated again I'm starting to wonder if it would be wise to.
I'm not sure if I should wait and see what happens or just get a small force and if worst comes to pass at least I've got some pretty toys i guess.

>> No.25735099

>> No.25735109

depends on who's drawing ephrael stern

she can look pretty cute

>> No.25735130

haha ohh wow

Immolator is the same price as a vanilla rhino

>> No.25735135

Don't let all the doomsaying get to you, it was the same for the Dark Eldar and Necron players at various points. Sisters will likely get something sooner or later.

If you do decide to buy some, try to get what you can from ebay. You can score some stuff cheaper on there than from GW.

Also, you may find this useful.


>> No.25735147

It also includes alternate instructions to assemble it as a Rhino instead, and it's quite easy to convert it between Immolator and Rhino. it's a nice sprue.

>> No.25735148

Dem price increases...

>> No.25735162

oh, it was cheaper before?

Eh. It has a plastic Sabbat helm. For me, that's pretty great.

>> No.25735168

>> No.25735176

Rhinos used to be $26 Canadian, while Immolators ran $40-45. Now they're all $45.

>> No.25735179

>tfw I will never have a slender qtpi sororitas of the ordos famulous be my personal house maid
>tfw she won't lovingly grasp my hand to correct my shooting stance so if heretics attacked my estate I could defend it
>tfw I won't ever look into her eyes as she decides not to call on her superiors to investigate my house because I've been a loyal and hardworking citizen of the Imperium and she's quite pleased with the length that I've gone to make sure all my retainers and employees are devout and steadfast believers of the Emperor

tfw ;_;

>> No.25735180

no, the rhino was

>> No.25735182

And that concludes the dump. Hope you got some cool pictures out of it, guise.

>> No.25735207

>high heels

>> No.25735219

>that john blanche art with the sister of battle
>dem high heels

power high heels are confirmed canon, anon

>> No.25735225

I know. It's sadly common in SoB fanart.

I just try to ignore it and appreciate the rest of the picture.

>> No.25735229

Ah okay, Thanks man. That codex comp should prove to be very useful

>> No.25735253

Get what you want.
If they're dropped, you've got minis that prove seniority and command respect for whatever you proxy them as.

If they're continued, you've got minis that prove seniority and command respect as well as a start on what will most likely be the next OP army (because let's face it, everyone is OP or at least respectable when their new book comes out).

>> No.25735256

Platform boots like >>25735162 and >>25735229 I'm okay with, but stiletto heels?

>> No.25735257

Most places won't mind you using it, btw. Even GW customer service actually advises people to get a PDF these days.

>> No.25735270

Get to work anon, it's not hard to make text games and SOMEONE will make sprites for it.

>> No.25735276

Thanks so much anon!

>> No.25735300

Awesome, Guess I'd go with my second choice of Chaos if they got dropped.
Thats cool, Though I don't have a GW nearby just a normal gamestore that sells Warhammer among other things.

>> No.25735301

>GW customer service
"For replacing finecast minis, press one. For all other services, press 2."
"Have you tried opening and closing the book again? Is the light on?
Please contact a customer service representative at a later date, you will be charged $14 consultation fee. Good bye."

>> No.25735312

Yep, it's retarded allright.

Such a shame, too. Usually the art will be pretty much fine otherwise.

>> No.25735313

why is she holding the sword by the blade?!

>> No.25735316

You've done the Emprah right today anon.

>> No.25735318


yeah that's a bit tasteless although the desudesu one gets away with it at least imo.

>> No.25735326

Chaos Sisters of Battle.
Simple paintjob, and greenstuff wheels of Chaos.

You'd command respect with it too.

>> No.25735342

Sometimes, you just really need to club something.
That's what gauntlets are for! Holding swords like maces!

>> No.25735356

So is 1d4chan correct?
Do Immolators really suck?

>> No.25735361

I keep telling myself that when SoB get mass plastic release I'll make that Sisters of Nurgle army. Been waiting for 10 years.

>> No.25735381

Also note how a bolt of lightning is shooting out of the handle and into an Ork's face.

This picture gets weirder the longer you look at it.

>> No.25735394

Guess if they dropped the sisters they'd all have to go somewhere so Chaos sisters kinda make sense.

>> No.25735404

Eh, Sisters would just disappear into the fluff and never be mentioned again.

Like Tilea.

>> No.25735426

Not if you're using them with scouting Dominions and putting multi-metlas on them.

Though they're a bit crippled by their transport capacity of six.

>> No.25735463

What about Repressors? Seraphims?
I'm hunting eBay for things. Just need to know what NOT to buy.

>> No.25735547

Repressors are good, they're more or less an upgraded Rhino.

Seraphims are amazing. They'll wipe out hordes like nothing else. Check out their abilities and loadout in the codex PDF.

For what not to get:

Repentias should probably be avoided, at least at first.

Command Squads (Dialogus and Hospillars) also aren't really that useful.

The Canoness is outclassed by special characters, but it's a cool model and one of the few generic HQ choices. Take one if you really want to.

Priests/missionaries are more or less useless.

Penitent Engines are usually not that great, and the model is apparently tricky.

And that's about it model-wise. Don't feel like you absolutely cannot take any of this stuff ever, some SoB players have made them work in certain situations. But since you're new to the army, you should avoid them at first.

>> No.25735792

Perfect, thank you!

>> No.25735961

Do the Orks have a name for them, like how the Marines are Beakies, the Eldar are Cone'eads/Pansies, the Necrons are Tinnies, the Tau Grey Skins etc?

>> No.25736078

Don't think so, but Gorgutz hilariously thinks that they're quite Orky if he beats their stronghold in Soulstorm. He notes that they are "as burny as his burniest boyz" and compares their crusades to Ork WAAAGHs.

So let's think of an Orky name for Sisters. Shouties, maybe? Burna Humies? I'm sure somebody can top those.

>> No.25736251

Who is that drawfag? I think I've seen their primarch stuff, and I like their style.

>> No.25736311



enjoy dude(tte)

>> No.25736361


>> No.25736445


The dude who does voice acting for the UA soulstorm mod threw together some orky lines wrt the sisters...where was that fucker again...


>> No.25736498

Thanks dude(tte)!

>> No.25736735

Nice. He captures their character fairly well.

Seems too... personal, IMO. If we're going off of >>25735961 they seem to mostly name their enemies based on appearences and mannerisms.

>> No.25737364


Hmm. White'eads, then? Or how about candlegitz?

>> No.25737548

>Oh No, dey singin 'bout der Emprah, again...

>> No.25737781

Hot'eads, because they like fire and are quick to anger

>> No.25737833

I like it!

I would post an appropriate reaction image, but we're over the image limit again.

>> No.25738460

That feel when having huge sisters army and having Repentias
That feel when I suddenly found the perfect cultists for my Slaanesh army.

>> No.25739159


That's fine as long as you don't call them fallen SoB and just call them cultists that happen to look like SoB.

Way too many lore-breaking non-Miriael Chaos SoB armies and other retarded impossible custom armies.

>> No.25739208


That face

She just came

>> No.25739518

Though I like the way the current Acts work (very streamlined, always works on a 4+ or better), they need to bring back army wide Acts and revamp how you generate them (the d6 thing is just bad).

I'd like to see the Sarissa come back (perhaps giving them furious charge? or an AP in assault?).

Would anyone be adverse to Sisters Repentia acting like hidden squad upgrade characters, like Dark Elf assassins in fantasy? Perhaps if you take a unit of them you can peel them off and add them to Sisters squads?

There are two things the Sisters need added to the army itself: Redemptionist Cult and Frateris Militia

Perhaps Confessors could be upgraded to Redemption cult leaders?

Personally, I'd like to see the return of Ordo Hereticus units; but I'm worried about taking the focus away from the Sisters, who really deserve to be the core of their own army (they are one of the oldest factions in the game, being mentioned in the original RT rulebook).

On another note, as much as I hate how GW has been blatantly abusing their own rules system to sell more models by making the Riptide, Dreadknight, and Wraithknight Monstrous Creatures (because Walkers suck and wouldn't sell as well), I have to admit that turning Penitent Engines into Monstrous Critters would do nothing but improve them.

Would adding Arbites to the army be blasphemy? Perhaps a rapid response "SWAT" team w/ riot shields as a fast attack choice?

>> No.25739541

Necromunda House Escher models are the perfect Slaaneshi cultists and you know it.

>> No.25741147

> Though I like the way the current Acts work (very streamlined, always works on a 4+ or better)
3+, if you've got a Superior, at least one casualty and an independant character attatched to the squad. But yeah, faith needs to scale. We're crippled in higher point games.

> Personally, I'd like to see the return of Ordo Hereticus units;
Eh, I say let the GK keep them. The Ecclesiarchy can stand on its own. It just needs fleshing out. Novice squads and as you said zealots would be superb way to do this.

> Would adding Arbites to the army be blasphemy?
They're not really anything to do with the Sisters or the Ecclesiarchy. Maybe they could be a supplement for Imperial armies, though?

>> No.25741303


New thread.

>> No.25741727

Oh, also viable Celestians. I really want paint them similarly to how they look in Soulstorm, but there is litttle to no reason to take them right now.

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