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Anyone else getting 503 errors when trying to log onto the GW site?

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Oh hell yeah XD
just takes patience I think everyone is overloading there servers just to see it all.

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This is the Gamers Edition.

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And I just want to have a quick look and then go to sleep.
God damn it.

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What am I trying to look at here?

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The servers are being reamed.

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Just the Apocalypse stuff.

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Price on the Terrain is £981.00

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That's quite dorky.

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Feel the burn Ausiecunts.

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FUCK SAKE, I didn't think it was going to be that bad for you guys over seas. they upped the price on Baneblades as well.

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Is it me or do the army deals cost more them buying them separately?

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Formation Cards.

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Looks like GW let id software design a model

Fucking what even...

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Nope. Just went to my Aussie site and no issues.

Peak at some of the new formations.

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Glenn More, get a haircut, you are confusing me.

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You make it sound like a bad thing.

It's awesome in a silly heavy metal way.

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Dude that model is from Epic, only made bigger.
But sure enough, I was thinking of Wolfenstein.

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You've never seen GW make hideously ostentatious designs before?

>> No.25704337


So....how's it even supposed to use that arm? It's reach looks incredibly short; in fact, I'm not even sure it could reach the ground. It can't pivot it's body either; one genestealer could take that out by leaping on it's back and RIP AND TEAR. And it would be powerless to stop it.

Frankly, this things an insult to modern 40K.

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It's a lot smaller than I thought it was.

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>Frankly, this things an insult to modern 40K.

Modern 40k is an insult to the wargaming genre

>If iz spend a lotta money, I win!

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I don't know man(s)
I just don't know. It's cool?

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>Hey guys we need to do up an Ork aircraft formation

>Oh alright. Hang on, we've only got one heavy metal dakkajet. Should we paint another one up?

>Nah, just copy-paste it 3 times, our customers won't notice.

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And If i see the fucker take that thing in a game lower then 3,000 points he can go fuck himself.

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>seeing models that were getting old when I 1st started playing in middle school
>be 25
I remember them saying they would retire models.

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Why is it that GW keeps coming up with these stupid and hideous vehicle designs? For the past few years now, every other vehicle they've released (that isn't just a plastic kit version of a Forge World vehicle) has been ugly and dumb as fuck.

I know the original design came from Epic. It should have stayed in Epic.

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Given that troops choices tend to be what win games for most people nowadays, in conjunction sometimes with flyers, neither of which cost a great deal, I hardly think your argument holds water. As for 40K being an insult to the wargaming genre, ok? That wasn't what I was arguing in the slightest, but ok.

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I have a question for all of you out there.
What Formations do you already own the models for?

Pic is what I have now and I might grab another ravager to give me 3 if the formation is worth it.

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They've moved almost exclusively into designing models in computers. Now, I don't know how or why this should cause the models produced to be soulless and devoid of any trace of personality, but it's happened.

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I would normally agree but I think it's quite fitting of Chaos.

>> No.25704455

I had one job...

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>bombardment dice cube

>125 themed dice
>30 dollars

this seems strangely generous for GW

>> No.25704460

literally no savings

>> No.25704478

I have no formations, I know this for sure

>> No.25704490


Recently they usually end up being nearly the exact same cost, but I think its happened before where it actually costs more.

>> No.25704501

>Stompa Mob

>It is not uncommon for Warlords and Big Meks to combine their forces prior to a battle into Stompa Mobs. Belching smoke and fire, the mob of clanking war machines lumber across the field of battle, crushing anything that gets in their way beneath their massive armoured feet. Very few things can withstand the awesome might of a rampaging Stompa mob!

>This One-Click Collection contains all you need to field the Stompa Mob Apocalypse Formation. It includes: 2 Ork Stompas.

>This One-Click Collection

>One-Click Collection


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Under the apoc section each army has a section where you can buy all the models required for a formation so it is safe to say those are the formations in the book.
Still no idea what the rules are for them.

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Back in the day they used to give you a limited edition model with the army deals. Like WHFB got a fancy standard bearer.

>> No.25704522


man how long did it take to come up with that formation name

>> No.25704523

>2 stompas

>a mob

wut? i field 9 of 'em in epic

dese fucking 'umies

>> No.25704525

Is this a metal mini from 2nd that is still on sale?

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>> No.25704536

1 Crisis suit squad away from the Rapid Insersion Force formation
>inb4 immature but still funny sex jokes
As for the Chaos Marine and Necron formations, fuck it.

>> No.25704541

Now you are finally getting 40k?

>> No.25704546

That model looks much bigger than the new full sized one because it doesn't have a scaled up space marine head and isn't covered in over 9,000 skulls.

>> No.25704551


Good name for a hentai at the very least

>Rapid Insertion Force Formation

>> No.25704553

>Price on the Terrain is £981.00
This can't be legit, right?

>> No.25704554

Their best consumers are 13-year olds.

I wouldn't be surprised if their product test groups were in the same age range.

>> No.25704561

Welp Sisters aren't there, though that's because of their models, really, so it's no surprise.

So do they get formations in the rulebook, at least?

>> No.25704577

If not we can confirm SoB dead forever.

>> No.25704580

They likely would reused the one they had before with immolaters and exersists.

>> No.25704581

You wanna fucking try me!?

>> No.25704583

I actually like it. Probably won't get one though, at least not for a long time.

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You must be new to Games Workshop.

I'm kinda glad I bought all that Deadzone terrain now.

>> No.25704593

They also had a repentia one.

>> No.25704608

>Mr GWexec, necron players already own monoliths and newcrons are coming out soon, we need to sell new models not let them coast by on what they've already invested in
>nerf monoliths to the weakest heavy support choice

>sir, we aren't selling enough monoliths
>make an apocalypse formation that takes 8 of them

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Is the Farsight Supplement really going to be iPad only?

I don't have an iPad. GW is retarded if they think that every Tau fan has an iPad.

>> No.25704614

That's per die.

>> No.25704620

>228 dollars
>For 3 48 dollar models

You live in Australia, by any chance?

>> No.25704625

Yeah, it looks like a lot of fun, but I can't ever see myself using it nor playing apocalypse.

>> No.25704627

Just checked a few, they're the exact same cost.

You'd think they might offer a bit of a discount if you were buying $300+ worth of plastic soldiers at once. Maybe cut the price so that the whole set comes out to a nice round number, like 299 or 575, instead of 314.25 or 583.50.

Gotta get that extra tree fiddy.

>> No.25704629

All the shit just makes me want to Play epic armageddon again.

Such a beautifull set of rules. They gave Jervis the project to do alone. He set up a Forum and ACCEPTED INPUT from the old guys that loved epic.

Fuck it ill just pull out my ork gargants and titan legion and try and put a demo side by side with Apoc. If a store would let me.

>> No.25704633

Back in the day army deals came at a discount to entice you into buying them.

Dat feel when the IG Battleforce came with a free Russ.

>> No.25704635

The Eldar supplement came out IRL. Didn't stay on the iPad forever.

>> No.25704637


Too bloody right mate

>> No.25704641


It's a lot of terrain


No, there will be hardcover version, not to mention that digital products are no longer limited to iPad.

>> No.25704643

Why the fuck do they still have models from Gorkamorka

Does any other army have models that old

>> No.25704653

Remember Android can now look at these items, but there taking their sweet ass time about it.
Black Library have them on sale.

>> No.25704655


Ork buggies are Gorkamorka.

>> No.25704671

Space Wolves have Ragnar and Ulric that I think are from 2nd edition.

>> No.25704672

That is an entire apocalypse board, including the board and enough terrain to surround most Guard armies.

>> No.25704689

Some of the classic IG models?

>> No.25704690

Those things in the Juggernaut heads' mouths are awfully reminiscent of the Heldrake's baleflamer.

>> No.25704692

>10 boxes of warriors
>120 necron warriors
>3.02 a model
+30 scarab bases

>infinite phalanx
>120 necron warriors
>$3.02 a model
>no scarab bases

go fuck yourself GW

>> No.25704705

>Guys we forgot to give the Sisters of Battle any formations.
>So? We also didn't give them a codex.
>Can't we just slap something together before release?
>I'll get around to it eventually.

>> No.25704816

I'mma cry...

Either Sisters are going to go away and get smacked with the retcon bat, or GW are going to update them in a big way.

>> No.25704834

You do realise that the one click collections are just a "time saver", right? They just send 10 boxes of warriors with the contents of 10 boxes of warriors for the price of 10 boxes of warriors. They still contain the scarabs, they're just not pictured.

>> No.25704847

Well they've put out a youtube video.

>> No.25704857

>new formation
>a huge mass of generic sisters, they valiantly take the charge, they must deploy in a large line in front of any space marine or grey knights
>any nearby allied infantry that suffers a wound can instead allocate it to the sisters, which then takes the wound with no armor saves allowed
>when in 6" of a Grey Knight currently in a fight, you may instead sacrifice that sister to give a Grey Knight +1 WS, S, & T for the rest of the phase.
>regardless of whether that Grey Knight is an ally or not

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>> No.25704887



>> No.25704894

If the former happens i'll burn all my stuff

>> No.25704908


I love the GW Realm of Battle and official terrain but at those prices, you're better off just putting in the effort to make your own.

A lot of custom made terrain is shit because people just do it real quick or don't want to spend money or simply don't know how to do it, but you can make stuff that's as good or better than GW terrain for a fraction of the cost.

And I'm not talking about fucking milk crate or foam cooler skyscraper ghetto terrain bullshit.

>> No.25704934

Isn't the Scarab Base on the warrior frame?
Cause if so they're in there. Secretly.

>> No.25704953


They're going to be Squatted...
They're going to be Squatted by a hundred tiny deaths, suffering not the retcon of a single edition, but the gradual eroding of support and releases for years...
It's BFG, Epic, and Necromunda all over again...

>> No.25704970

It certainly looks nice, but there's no way in hell that I would pay $250 for that.

>> No.25704993


>Comments disabled

Oh GW, you never cease to disappoint me

>> No.25705005

That's a lot of people's thoughts on Warhammer in general.

>> No.25705027

And another point is that I can't seem to see if it comes with a fluff book.

>> No.25705087

They learnt their lesson after the storm talon video.

>> No.25705094


Why hasn't somebody chopped a SoB head, cut it in half horizontally, and glued the top half of the head to a GK helmet yet?

>> No.25705102

>mfw everyone who looks at this guy from the front is staring at a dead baby boy's ass

>> No.25705109


GW already said they won't squat SoB and that all books would get a real 6th codex before 7th. They might be supplemented but they won't be squatted.

>> No.25705123

Those two campaign booklets are probably the most fluff you'll get in there

Sans the "certainly looks nice" part, I hope.

>> No.25705150

>GW said

>> No.25705158

What in the blue yonder of fuck!?
Captcha: Milkwar after

>> No.25705162

>Still pushing these shitty no savings bundles

How long until battleforces go the same way?

>> No.25705218

Here's a thought....
Where are the psykers?

>> No.25705249

They're saving them for the new Black Templars codex.

>> No.25705260

There is an Eldar farseer bundle.

>> No.25705359


They're not going to get squatted, wish people would bother to do some research before they spout shit.


I'd do the same thing if my customers act the way the 40k ones do online.


Because it's a stupid maymay

>> No.25705366

They have an Eldar and IG psyker bundle.

>> No.25705389

>wish people would bother to do some research before they spout shit.


Something tells me it wouldn't help. Retards will be retards.

>> No.25705455

It could have some sort of a defensive thing where it sprays burning blood on the enemies getting too close. Or maybe it's a martian warmachine spraying the ground with blood to keep it red and fertilize Khorne's skull orchards.

>> No.25705485

Well, their target audience IS 13 years old...

>> No.25705509

They also said Specialist Games is going to get updates and isn't forgotten.

>> No.25705564

>£95 for a single not even six inch model

Thank god it looks like shit

>> No.25705634

"How does it work?"
"We imprison a god, put it in the machine, drive it around, and shoot things with it."
"Sounds legit."

Imperium needs to get on weaponizing the Golden Throne as a Titan.

>> No.25705763

Its weird most of the stuff has a $10~ difference against the USD, but then shit like the Aquila Strongpoint is 150% and the actual rulebook jumps from 75 to 125.

Its weird how we a re getting so fucked on some things and almost untouched on others.

>> No.25705923

Well it's either some fancy terrain or rent, for a couple months. My only hope is coolcastguy starts making terrain.

>> No.25705940

That fucking thing
Chaos have halves of Demon princes (sorta) on tanks
Necrons have C'tan incased in monoliths
The Imperium should totally have a Golden Throne

Apoc has gone full-retard

>> No.25706054

Maybe GW could try doing some more advertising i just now found out.

>> No.25706414

>mfw every army has a psyker battle formations
>oh wait, the dark angels guy doesnt get one, fuck him.
>mfw there will be epic battles of sorcery
>oh wait, nvm everyone will be using tanks/flyers only

>> No.25706561

This looks better.

>> No.25706622

'Crons and Tau would just be on the sidelines comparing lasers.

>> No.25706649

im kinda hoping the farseer formation just ups ranges from powers to 120".

>> No.25706778

That isn't just some fancy terrain, that is an entire board and a metric fuckton of cocaine.

>> No.25706857


Perhaps they aren't, Bloodbowl is getting a release in October with brand new models.

>> No.25706870

You know, it's not perfect but I really do like that one a lot more.

>> No.25706871

Yeah, people keep saying it's the Lord of Battles, but it's not nearly the same scale. It's about the scale of the Deathdealer.

>> No.25706928

This face is superior, but the horns aren't. Mix and match needed.

>> No.25706947

$10 says it's a Dreadfleet/Space Hulk style limited release to milk some nostalgiabucks out of old farts.

>> No.25706950

>the skull in the gun is full of smaller skulls

>> No.25706963


See, THAT works. Having actual legs plays so much more into the whole bio-mechanical thing. Tracks just make it look like a disabled daemon.

>> No.25706966

>playing in stores

>> No.25707023

Outstanding gif, sir.

>> No.25707026

Because some poor bastards don't have the room or money to make their own boards

>> No.25707262

Weren't there stats up for it in another thread which were better than a Warhound Titan? It's only about half the size...

>> No.25707504

>You are going to have to be quick to get your hands on this because it is going to sell out fast. In fact, click on that "add to cart" button now and then come back and read the product description.
Ah, GW. Your subtlety is exceeded only by your respect for your customers.

>> No.25707539

Nice try merchant. Seriously GW is fucking hilarious in its marketing. "Buy this $250+ thing now then read what the fuck you just bought."

>> No.25707600

>However, there is a legend that the Phoenix Lords can instead rouse him [Khaine] if they combine all their powers.
By your powers combined I am Kaela Mensha Khaine.

>> No.25707672

That's... most entertaining. GW arrested for baby porn when?

>> No.25707708

heavy 5 large blast s9

>> No.25707731

Silly GeeDubya
Every Chaos player ALREADY has three of those

>> No.25707790


>> No.25707793

How does that compare to the Warhound?

Well... presumably the Warhound might have changed, but what are the old stats?

>> No.25707909

>oh hey buy 3 heldrakes for apoc
>get this nifty special rule that allows pre game vector strikes
as if people didnt already hate the heldrake enough. i wonder if we'll get some new superheavy stats for say the plaguetower or silvertower

>> No.25707920

Ha, Orks get an Armageddon formation for Herman von Strab.

>> No.25707969

2 shields
it is best used with 2x turbo lasers
Heavy 2 large blast S D ap2

>> No.25707976

>as if people didnt already hate the heldrake enough
Eh, it's only for big silly Apocalypse games, no? I know American people have a habit of playing 40k more competitively than it's designed for, but surely nobody takes Apocalypse seriously?


>> No.25708013

And how many points? Seems silly that they both have the same HPs given that one is twice the size of the other...

>> No.25708046

The only way Epic Armageddon could have made me happy is if it threw Epic 40k in the trash and brought back Space Marine/Titan Legions.

And even then there'd still be the "battle that only involves orks and imperium" in its name.

>> No.25708050


>> No.25708123

I would still need a squad of stealth suits.

>> No.25708168

Their designers know fuckall about 3d modelling programs so they don't bother adding any texture to the models.

So you get shit like dragon ogres with smooth skin instead of scales.

>> No.25708194

no my friend, this is the beginning of chaos dominating apocalypse. tables will burn and loyalist will die. who needs ahriman and his thousand sons super sorcerer unit when you can kill tons pre game. matter of fact, i dont think there any other ways to fuck up your opponent pregame

>> No.25708239

What's wrong with the current rules? They look cool to me... haven't actually played, though. Also
>not liking the 'Armageddon' name because it's only orks and imperium
>wanting 'Space Marine' name back

>> No.25708271

OK, that is weird. Unless the Warhound's gone up a whole lot in the new one.

>> No.25708305

But, again, does anyone actually play this stuff competitively? It's pretty much 'pile everything on a table and throw a shit-ton of dice'.

>> No.25708452


Holy fuck, the Ork Bommas are still £27.50 each

>did not see that coming

Seriously, the size of it, the amount of bitz, compare it to things like the crimson hunter and tau bomber and it's like the only reasonably priced model GW sell

>> No.25708483

Yeah, I remember being pleasantly surprised when they came out. Was a weird, weird feeling.

>> No.25708510

i just happen to have

>> No.25708569

Awesome. Needs 'I has a hat' written around the base. Or maybe 'Habeo capello' up the sword.

>> No.25708577


All those "white dwarf" flyers are still that low price. I'm surprised, given how popular and played it is, that the necrons flying circus hasn't been bumped up in cost

like seriously

I bet they sell more doom scythes than they do stormtalons

>> No.25709597


Never, putti have been drawn practically naked for hundreds of years.


Got to say, this is a pretty interesting idea.

>> No.25709770

what is happening

>> No.25709823


Probably some kind of clever ruse trying to stir up an anti-GW shitstorm.

>GW fans say XD!

>> No.25709871


being shit at 40k isnt actually any cheaper.

>> No.25709971


It is if you play space marines. Easy conversions and using basic troops to fill all your slots.

>> No.25710731

But that's actually a decent army.

40k has its flaws but pay2win definitely isn't one of them. There's no correlation between an armies cost and its effectiveness.

>> No.25710759


>There's no correlation between an armies cost and its effectiveness.

>Triple Heldrake
>Necron Flying Circus
>Double Riptide

>> No.25710823

However there are Cheaper armys that are just as cheesy. And more expensive armys that are shit

>> No.25710868


Riptide's probably the only one you can cite since most armies lack a cheesy expensive mini-titan.

>> No.25710987

That..collectors edition actually looks really nice. Price is daylight robbery but at least they made a better effort than 'lol different cover'

>> No.25711043

The best way to handle a Riptide is to ignore it. The rest of the Tau army crumples easily, and firepowerwise it's just a really expensive Leman Russ.

>> No.25711127

Gave in and bought the collectors edition, I'm a sucker for fancy stuff.

Collectors edition seemed okay but I've already got plenty of carry cases.

>> No.25711174

Except it shits out AP2 .

I agree about ignoring it though, one of the best things it does in my game is soak a lot of the firepower from the enemy army.

>> No.25711182

But will a 1500-point army featuring those units be much more expensive than a 1500-point army featuring other units?

>> No.25711187

The main problem is that they're so much blander than Space Marine. Titan Legions got a little crazy with the special rules, but Epic threw the baby out with the bathwater and even Armageddon didn't do much to add the flavor back in.

The other problem is it ditched Space Marine's wonderful phased orders system for the crappy "I Go, You Go Sit And Read" system every other GW game has. Plus, it came out in the time period when GW was going "Wait, people really liked the turnover system in Blood Bowl, let's put a variant in EVERY OTHER GAME WE MAKE."

>> No.25711265

>it ditched Space Marine's wonderful phased orders system for the crappy "I Go, You Go Sit And Read" system every other GW game has
Not sure if I've misunderstood you here, but Epic Armageddon uses alternating activation, i.e. I move and shoot a unit, you move and shoot a unit, I move and shoot a unit... it's not I-GO-U-GO like 40k.

>> No.25711339


You can ignore 1 Riptide. You can't really do anything about 2-3 Riptides so I guess you ignore those too while they slowly rape you to death.

>> No.25711422

That collectors edition made my cock throb, hard.

And I dont even play 40k anymore.

>> No.25711453

Riptide would be balanced if no jetpack.

Heldrake would be balanced if no vector strike.

GW is retards.

>> No.25711456

Now I want to play a Jagged Allaince H-game

>> No.25711546


>> No.25711593


Designed for 12 year olds? More like designed BY 12 year olds!

>> No.25711809

Gotta say I really like this dark, filthy paintjob, even if the model is a bit OTT

>> No.25711815

>not liking id software

What, you don't like Commander Keen?

>> No.25711838

Better than bright red, I guess. Still, his American Handegg shoulder pads suck ass.

>> No.25711850



Is what I'm getting from this thing.

>> No.25711872

>Oh neat, Squadron boxes are back. Saved heaps splitting the box of 10 Leman Russ with a friend
>You don't save a single dollar
FFFFFFF what is the damn point?

>> No.25711915

Makin' money.

>> No.25711976

Continuing my spergout the last box of 10 Russ was $350. New one is over $800

I mean you get some more bits, but I think they took out the big accesory sprue. Fuck that, time to paint the shit I have instead

>> No.25712026

The price goes to their idioticly overpriced game board

The actual forts are ~alright value by themselves I think

>> No.25712066

It's perfect in getting Khorne's message across, that can't be denied.

>> No.25712090

>squadron boxes
They are not. It's just all the regular boxes tossed together to look like one. GW is retarded with those one click collections.

>> No.25712106

look at your calendar xD

>> No.25712118

That depends on whether GW makes any money out of them. If it does, then no, it's not stupid.

>> No.25712120

>The actual forts are ~alright value by themselves I think

Really? I buy legit FW straight from their site and I still think GW terrain is expensive. I know when the fortifications of 6th and the wall of martyrs first leaked there was literally like 2-3 people who said they wanted to buy them and hundreds of /tg/ posters bitching about how overpriced they are.

>> No.25712157





> It's not like there's a way to just say something like:








>> No.25712204

>GW doesnt give discounts
>FW gives discounted bundles

fucking GW and its schizophrenia

>> No.25712215


Those one click deals are pointless because:

a) It's cheaper to buy at a discount store
b) Discount stores don't stock them because only super rich ppl who piss away money and would never shop at a discount store buy them

>> No.25712241


I remember seeing some cheesy trick with a C'tan shard and Trazyn the Infinite that gives dangerous terrain checks to your opponent's entire force before the game begins. Seems pretty much the same.

>> No.25712263


Haha, time for drop pod assault!

>> No.25712401

Discount stores don't stock em cause they aren't an actual product

My favorite Ebay seller gives great discounts for buying in bulk though (Yes I know of the chinaman, but for vehicles I'll stick with plastic)

>> No.25712437

Good that's done. Now they can update the spess muhrines then finally my Orks

>> No.25712603

not for another 2 months

>> No.25712605

Should be Fantasy next month.

>> No.25712664


Don't count your chickens before they chance, always the possibility that IG and Tyranids will be up date before Orkz.

Even if Orkz is the next 40k codex after SM, it won't be out until January at the earliest.

>> No.25712855

That trick is AWESOME for representing a shard of The Outsider.

>> No.25713155

To be fair, the Eldar have their Triple-Wraithknight

Also for the Tau it's triple Riptide, not double

>> No.25713205

nigga don't put words in my mouth

I simply said that because that's how it looks and that's kind of you know, totally out of fucking place. Although, Chaos do have essentially cyber-demons so...

>> No.25713210

Wish they chucked in an extra head choice

>> No.25713256

For Riptides or Wraithknights?
Because Riptides have two types of heads, but one of them at least has three different types for the front.

>> No.25713339

Couldn't it just be a fucking servo skull?

>> No.25713375

I was hoping for something like a death or harlequin mask kinda thing

Also a 50 point reduction

>> No.25713425

you can use any crisis suit head for the riptide though

>> No.25713457

If the apoc book has a tripple riptide combo I am going to hire someone to paint a eva scheme for them

>> No.25713474

>not converting it to be a naked SoB holding up the list

>> No.25713496

Doesn't the Wraithknight look FAR more like an an Eva unit?

It also has the neat living pilot / spirit dual control thing which seems suitable

>> No.25713512



>> No.25713525

>three Riptides in a triangle all facing outwards sharing the same jetpack
>spirals off into the sky


>> No.25713536

Damn this thread is still going.

>> No.25713641

>apocalypse release
>maybe there are some nice bundles
>all "1-click" bundles only, can't save a cent

Well fuck you GW. If someone would order your bullshit expansive formations from an online retailer he could save more than 100 €. A couple of mouseclicks are not worth that much.
So no apoc book for me and no gw purchases this month again.

>> No.25713676

Er.. we could laugh at the SM cheerleader again if you like?

>> No.25713782

Did they really have to put the giant khorne embrasment torso guy on the cover of the standard book... What is wrong with pic related?

>> No.25713827

No thank you, we need something better to laugh at.

>> No.25713832

It's times like this you wonder if maybe 40k has too many skulls.

inb4 heresy.

>> No.25713872

There is never enough skulls, except in Man of Steel.

>> No.25713941

Guys, this mini rocks.
Any chance we will find it at eBay ? Cause GW dosnt sell it separate...

>> No.25713976

You may find it on Ebay, just depends on if they sell it cheap, or sell it "Well Painted" and expensive.

>> No.25714011


>> No.25714019


I lol'd.


>> No.25714031

You might find it on a bitz site.

Because few people seem to like Waaagh Grax. It's all about the Armageddon wars.

>> No.25714068

>You might find it on a bitz site.
Yeap though so. Lots of ebayshops sells bits. Hope when this thing will be released I will be able to find it on a bitz shop.

>> No.25714093


>or scythed apart by cannons that fire bullets forged in the fires of hatred

Yeah, because all those Helldrakes I've come up against had the autocannon weapon, yes sirree.

>> No.25714147


Those track sections look suspiciously like Battlewagon tracks. Ork conversions incoming!

>> No.25714151

Would people still take Drakes without the Flamer option do you think?

>> No.25714152

Hahaha are you fucking kidding me? That's hilarious

>> No.25714176


Of course not. I just hate GW treating us like morons.

>> No.25714194

Games Workshop has zero interest in competitive play, though.

>> No.25714231

In a way, that's what Apocalypse formations should be.

Fluffy, even if they're hilarious.

>> No.25714241

>Khorne torso dude price tag.

Jesus fucking christ what are they thinking? it's a third or so higher then the Wraithknight.

>> No.25714297

Do you mean it's two-thirds of the Wraithknight's height? Because it is (6" vs. 9"). It's 7" long, though, while the Wraithknight is a tall thin beanpole and a much better looking model.

>> No.25714376

But what about all the options?
You get the blood cannon, the anger spout, AND the skull launcher

that's value

>> No.25714591


They were also released a couple of weeks early.

Also when the first apocalypse was released, they released the formations at a discount.

>> No.25714630

Hell yeah, the formations saved you up to ~30% if I remember right and you could buy them from some discount retailers too

>> No.25715182

>plastic sister head
What sorcery is this?

>> No.25715192

>People taking monoliths
>3e codex

Phase out was a thing you know.

>> No.25715208

Immolator sprue

>> No.25715559

Battle forces are a self contained box though, these formations are just one click, time saver bullshit where they send you 10 separate boxes.

>> No.25715562

These also a marine psyker bundle

>> No.25715665

What am I looking at here anon?

>> No.25715746

We destroy that and this is OVER!

>> No.25715777


I just hate the gimp mask

>> No.25716008

Cherubim aren´t baby servitors but machines covered in synthetic skin.... for exactly the reasons you imply.

>> No.25716123

I always thought that was so dumb. Yeah, they'd be fucked either way but come on none of them even have weapons with high enough strength to penetrate, and it would blow them to pieces.

>> No.25716195

bravens r bestest

capun thool teh smartest

>Tarkus: Captain Thule was probably the best tactician I have seen. Victory was usually a certainty when he was in charge, and very few Blood Ravens died under his command.
>Avitus: Agreed. There were no fool's errands or pointless suicide missions when Captain Thule was in command.

>> No.25716229

needs more skulls

>> No.25716230

You can't argue with that logic.

>> No.25716235

You can never have too many skulls

I still love the skull gun that shoots skulls full of skulls.

>> No.25716246

Damn straight.

>"Yes, run when you are attacked… But do so toward the enemy!" -- From the lessons of Cyrus

>After decades of resistance from Captain Indrick Boreale, Cyrus finally requested to serve under Captain Davian Thule. Thule was quickly convinced and soon began to implement many of Cyrus's tactics as a matter of course.
>"Cyrus is no fool," Thule would often remark. "There is a reason he chooses to remain a Scout Sergeant. In a few centuries there will not be a Blood Raven left who hasn't been molded by this thinking."

>> No.25716290

Wraithknights are garbage though.

>> No.25716331

just saw the collections on GW's homepage, noticed the endless swarm has no rippers.
each termagant kit comes with some rippers in the kit.
do you think the rippers have been left out in the collection?

>> No.25716403

Unless they've gone through all the sprues and clipped the Rippers off every one, they're still there, just not shown because they're not part of the formation. The one-click collections are just regular boxes that GW is telling you to buy together.

>> No.25716462

Every single Guardsman in the 'Armageddon' deals are Cadian.

Fuck you GW.

>> No.25716468

they might do it, just to make you buy their ripper package next to your army.

>> No.25716482

except for the catachans

>> No.25716493

They're Jewing it hard. But i don't blame them, every company ever Jews it hard these days, and you don't have to buy this at all.

It's bad when they Jew out on the normal stuff though.

>> No.25716494

>'Vostroyan battle company'
>Cost: All of the dollars

>> No.25716495

> 'Armageddon' deals

>> No.25716499

Maybe they represent one of the 15 Cadian Regiments involved in the war?

>> No.25716507

>Apocalypse is a new way of playing games of Warhammer 40,000. Allowing you to field as many miniatures as you like, in any combination, there really are no limits to what you can do.
Surely you could just do that with a friend by agreeing not to have a points limit. It's not like the magic GW fairy will appear and shoot you if you try to break the rules of the rulebook.

>> No.25716523

That would basicly be playing apocalypse.

Apocalypse is basicly "what if we didn't take the rules as unbreakable"

>> No.25716527

I lost my best friend back in '98 because of that damn GW fairy, thanks for bringing up old wounds pal

>> No.25716535

Yeah, i mean i guess i like that you can buy huge boxes with a ton of troops in it now, instead of having tons of separate boxes, but it's not really a huge deal, they could have just silently released boxes with more units any time. Adding a few new rules is just a gimmick for marketing.

>> No.25716543

>Armageddon 'deals'

>> No.25716545

You mean selling big boxes of minis together at no discount, may just be an attempt at selling more minis?

>> No.25716548

'>' Armageddon deals

>> No.25716556

No skin off my bones, I've been using alt ork minis for years now.

>> No.25716559

Yes. The bastards.

The big box sets should be better value.

3 individual baneblades is £255, a box of 3 is £255. What's the fucking different except less cardboard.

>> No.25716573

Nah mate, you don't get a big box

It's literally 3 separate kits in full packaging, just you buy them all at once

>> No.25716588

The one button "deals" are only named such, because you pay for the privilage of being able to buy them together, rather than adding several items to your basket.

Think of the time you save! You can use it to start painting your new Lord of Battles! What's that? You play Sisters of Battle? But it's apocalypse, you can use anything!

>> No.25716595

They were calling them 'one click' deals when the Eldar were coming out
Sooo I guess they think saving you the bother of browsing their website and putting all the sets in the shopping cart is enough on their part to constitute a 'deal'.

>> No.25716611

Well, would you want to spend more time than you had to on the GW website?

>> No.25716680

Wow, they've saved me all of 4 seconds. I literally timed how long it took to add 3 to the cart instead of one.

>> No.25716774

sniff..i still remember when it was full of very nice hobby articles and other nice stuff

>> No.25716822

I miss those days.

>single tear

>> No.25716918

This nigga badly wants the same Swag of the Dark apostle, but even he knows he's not quite as bad ass

>> No.25716920

Good point. It's funny how on the one hand they're all 'the rules are just guidelines, have fun with them, make your own stuff up, stop trying to be competitive jerks who bother us about things like balance and wanting clearly-written rules' and on the other hand say these new, expensive rules ALLOW you to do what you like.

...eh, maybe it's just that they know their customers too well. 'If the rules don't say I can do anything, then I can't!'

>> No.25716930

Jesus.. It's basicly the old AR boxes but dobble the prices or is it just me?

>> No.25716985

Yo dawg we heard youy like skulls so we put skulls in your skull so you can skull whislt you skull

>> No.25716994

Yeah what the hell. For a while a few years ago they made a real effort, with a blog, pictures of staff armies etc but they pulled it all

>> No.25717128

Just to satisfy my lurking, are the Dark Eldar ever going to get new models again?
Or is that it. forever. Warded away?

>> No.25717391

I just can't get over how fucking dumb those 1 click things are. Especially when mass ordering is where my-flgs.com really shines. At these prices you could be saving over £100 per bundle.

>> No.25717455

Dark Eldar are floating around to be the next 40k army after Spess Muhreens. Followed by Orks and Nids in 2014. Unless the SM supplement rumour is true, then fuck knows.

As for the CE Box, it's nice, but not going to buy it. Will just get the normal book to read.

>> No.25717572

>Going to start orks
>That price increase
>Now going the alt mini route
GW does know that in order for people to play their game they must be able to afford it, right?
The fuck? DE just got an update in late 2010, why do they need another one?

>> No.25717613

Though GW for the most part just seems to assume that you are either only interested in the elite few unit armies if you're new or that you already own a million models.

>> No.25717738

That or they're trying (read: failing) to make 40k into one of those hip skirmish level games with the option of playing big battles if you feel like spending a billion dollars.

>> No.25717755

Just noticed in the 6th edition rulebook on page 368. War Zone traits.....
Does nobody ever take a wild guess when looking at the stuff they put out.
For the most part they put out rules for flyers and with GK they put out a giant model. And what are they putting out, giant models and flyers.

>> No.25717769

They would have to redo Cities of death as a skirmish type game.

>> No.25717983

I'd actually like that a lot. If GW just released skirmish rules the right way instead of jerking people around 40k might get some more players.

>> No.25718007

>skirmish rules
you mean killteam?

>> No.25718011

40k is a skirmish type of game already and so is CoD by association.

>> No.25718067

Shut the fuck up nigger.

>> No.25718086

No you stupid asshole, it's Dark Elves for Fantasy.

>> No.25718134

Me too.

>> No.25718186

The time I saw a chaos player do Kill Team he was a dick, took Nurgle and hardly any terrain on the table. He said if we chose to take special rules and such he could make them indestructible. And it bloody looked hellish playing against him.

>> No.25718260

What about the hundreds of Armageddon regiments? Seriously if they brought steel legion back only in those mega bundles people would have bought them.

>> No.25718291

No they aren't. IIRC it is going Marines, Nids or Orks, Guard, Nids or Orks. Please based Ward, write the IG codex and give us some goddamn doctrines.

>> No.25718376

That's way to many pewter models m8

>> No.25718378

Some time ago I tried to make an army list based on what was described on lexicanum for a Steel Legion army list with Chimera's. The points cost.....

>> No.25718400

They don't sell them anymore.

>> No.25719189

It isn't too bad to make a platoon, a PCS, and 5 infantry squads all in chimera, with the infantry squads having a missile launcher and grenade launcher each. Make that a formation and watch as hipster guard players eat that shit up because Cadians and Death Korps are too mainstream. Not every formation needs to be an entire company.

>> No.25719198

There is never such a thing as too much metal. I play foot slogging Tallarn and mechanized steel legion platoons. Fuck I hate working with metal.

>> No.25721384


Ward can't into GEQ, man. I would not trust him to write your codex or you're just going to turn into Necrons/GK with super vehicles and super elite guardsmen.

>> No.25721400

Why no new Eldar models, GW?

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