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Our DM is running a pathfinder one-shot, where we have to invade hell. He's going to throw incredibly high level monsters at us, and we have to be level six. It's such a meat grinder, each player was asked to make two characters.

To compensate, we are given 200,000G to buy magical equipment, and are allowed free magic weapons and armor up to +7 enchantment. The only rule is, we have to be able to carry all of our gear, and bags of holding or any other extradimensional space is forbidden.

So, tell me, if you were making a level six backstab rogue and a sorceress, what magic weapons and armor would you take to hell, given the above restrictions? I've never been given such choices before for magical items.

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2 million 10 foot poles.

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Are things from 3.5 allowed?

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Hire a bunch of peasants. See pic related.

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Please tell me its time for a brown elf/catgirl dump

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Oh hey, that pic. I once used OP's pic as a paladin/rogue multiclass. That was a bit of a weird game.

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Clearly a yes

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I'm sure they are, why?

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It's always the time for a brown elf/catgirl dump.

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This thread is now an argument about shades of brown.

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Shit, I chose the wrong picture for the OP image...

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Except that doesn't work.


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You are some of the most pathetic virgins I have ever seen.

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...that came out wrong.

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Dreams and Evening Elvan are top tier

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At the very least, get a Tinfoil Hat.

For those that don't know, a tinfoil hat is when you take a metal (pref. lead) dome 16x too big to be used as a hat and have someone permanent shrink it. The result can be worn as a hat - and, since it's not a magic hat, can be worn with other magical head-slot shit.

When someone hits you with an anti-magic field, the 'hat' gets dispelled and suddenly you're in the middle of a dome that blocks line of effect. You can then teleport/buff/etc at liesure.

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This reminds me. Are there any actual ethnicities that match up to the sort of brown used in these elf-girl pictures?

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Nope, that sounds like a hat to me.

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You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never post a picture of brown girls on /tg/ if you want to stay on topic"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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The Virgin Fantasy peoples of the Imaginationland region.

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You should've known my friend. The only thing /tg/ loves more than edition wars is Brown girls

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Indian Summer and California Gold top tier.

Turkish Rosewater and Red Earth shit tier.

All of those except The Okinawan and Scent of Cinnamon could be Citadel paint names

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I actually had a similar conundrum with Pathfinder; we were making 20th-level characters, who start with 880,000 gold by default.
Some of the items on the list:
>All the bread in the world
>A robot made of prosthetic limbs coated in melted gold pieces
>Bags of holding
>Several hundred grenades
>Prostitutes to use as mounts
>Peasants paid off to be painted orange and let loose in rooms with lots of monsters

For a certain value of "wrong", my friend. Only for a certain value of "wrong".

Oh, hey, the aforementioned character in question had dark skin and brown hair. Posting my shitty art just to prove I'm not lying, 'cause that's kind of a neat coincidence.

And in response to the OP question, buy a Prosthetic Arm +4/+6.

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How Cheesy are you aiming for?

You could take all the money from one and move it to the other. That way you have a rogue or sorc with 400,000.

If you're going for rogue, I'd suggest the Caryatid armor trick.


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You seem pretty pathetic here. Everyone's having fun and enjoying themsleves, and you're wasting your time to tell them they're doing it wrong.

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that's a pretty fucking neato idea.

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There's really nothing I can do if you think masturbating to poor artwork done by fellow virgins is "fun."

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That's... pretty dang clever. The Hat of Hiding

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Sure, if your DM is inexperienced and/or a pushover.

Otherwise it's just as unviable as the peasant railgun or the portable hole arrow.

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Your loss buddy

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We're discussing magic items. What're you going on about?

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Masturbation results in an increased flow of dopamine, the neurochemical which, along with seratonin, results in all positive emotions.

Masturbation is not only fun, it is the core essence of fun.

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The peasant railgun requires a huge amount of sidetracking from the campaign to get started, it won't be allowed by a DM

The Portable hole arrow is based on fantasy physics. The DM will just disagree about its implementation.

This is just a hat which expands, nothing he won't disagree with.

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Whatever you say, champ.

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Sure, but you'll have to do some fancy wrangling to justify the "it's not really a hat, so I can wear more head stuff with it" thing.

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It's not a hat. It's an item that has been shrunk and put on top of my hat.

Like a pot or a pan.

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You can wear any number of mundane items as long as they don't give you a magical effect. This is not a magical effect that you would be gaining. How is this a problem?

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Ah, rules lawyers. Disgusting.

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If they are, check out the Book of Exalted Deeds. It's should have some neat feats and skill, as well as items you can use.

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Almost as though we were discussing the fucking rules. What would make this not work?

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Oh man, our DM is the kind of guy who expects us to exploit the fullest potential of game rules. He doesn't allow stupid RAW shit like the peasant railgun, but before he was GM, he was known for scrybombing people, building floating tower constructs that are filled with archer conscripts and then spun at high speeds to allow an entire battery of fourty men with near full cover fire their arrows in one turn, and had the highest morale army in kingmaker by virtue of giving every platoon leader a bucket of endless gruel and an infinite use knife of prestidigitation.

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The fact that you're trying to game the system on a technicality to fit as much advantage as possible on your head, you filthy munchkin.

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Candle of invocation.

Get as many as you can.

Gate in ALL of the solars.

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> Of course, a character may carry or possess as many items of the same type as he wishes. However, additional items beyond those in the slots listed above have no effect.

Wow, the hat of shit-I-really-want is giving me its effect, while the dome of just-in-case is giving me no effect.

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Oh, that part. Well, it isn't a magical effect giving item, so it's quite fine to wear.

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A million religious peasants, each with a farm tool, could probably make a dent in Hell.
Assuming they don't have necromancers, I mean.

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You win. I love you.

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What differentiates playing by the rules from gaming the system on a technicality in your mind? I legit don't get it.

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One day, I want to run a Wizards only pure bullshit D&D game, where I allow them to pull this sort of shit with their hearts content

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>Not having your character where 300 non-magical hats at all times

Fuck you. People like you are ruining D&D. Fucking hatlessfags.

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Wouldn't Tulani work better? Don't they have some shit about dealing both Good and Chaotic damage at once?

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This is one of two DnD games I would actually run.

The other one is five urban rangers in a city. CSI style.

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The original idea for this game was "RAW adventures", where we and everyone else lived in a universe where the rules were as written.

You would have been able to make a 0GP item instantly, due to crafting check rules

Staves are 0GP

You would touch a wooden door, and be able to turn it into a stack of wooden staves that clatter to the ground harmlessly.

We didn't run it because once we were all done laughing, he said "yeah, that's retarded, I'm going to send you guys to hell"

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That sounds fucking fantastic

>> No.25703617

>five urban rangers in a city
I like you.

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Why did you remake this thread?


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Incoming deletion! He can't stand the brown!

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Why'd you repost an image? Even though it is the best one.

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Oh shit, that thread worked!

Nah man, I made that one first, and my browser returned a 404. I thought it broke, so I posted a new image.

Check the time, this thread is second.

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>Universal School Wizard
>Craft Magical Item Feats
>Create Demiplane(Greater)
Make sure the time in the demiplane is 1day = 1 round in the material plane, Go there, spend days making expensive shit, go back to material plane, sell it, bam. 120k gold in 100 rounds.

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I didn't see the other one... just thought it was fitting for what I was saying.

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I do wish more reasonably tittied brown girls was a thing

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Deleted the old one. Long live the brown.

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Oh, in that case. Sorry for panic dumping your thread with brown

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I don't really need more moneys, I need items. Once we're in hell, we're in hell.

We did joke about each having a dagger of banishment so we could escape hell by committing sudoku.

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Unf. Any more of that?

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Well I mean items are much cheaper to make cause your gold availability and your item range to increase dramatically.

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And cause*

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Level 6? Hero Points yes or no?

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So, I want suggestions on magic weapons for my rogue and sorceress. What kinds of things are good for hell, especially if literally everything outclasses me.

>> No.25703787

hard to say - our GM fucking loves hero points, but he's throwing us into a meat grinder with intent to kill, so I'm going to guess no.

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gonna need the rest of that.

>> No.25703828


It turns into futa. Fair warning. Also, I don't have the rest of it

>> No.25703838

>quoting Magic Item Basics section for slot restrictions

>Shrink item:
>You are able to shrink one nonmagical item [...]

It's still a non-magical item when the spell is cast on it, you know. It provides no magical benefit to the character for being equipped, either. The only reason you wear it on your head is so it's above you, concave-down.

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Just reverse google image search it. It's on g.e-hentai.

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What if we combine the two?

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Well, liking anything other than pure Aryan women is pretty wrong.

Fetchlings are alright too, since we're talking about Pathfinder.

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I told you upthread. Candle of motherfucking invocation.

with 200,000 gp, you can have TWENTY THREE gate spells worth of summoned angels to go a smiting with. What more could you possibly want?

>> No.25703893

This. Seriously, buy them all and just go insane on some Devil ass.
Convince your friends to get some as well, and bring the Apocalypse some hundreds of years sooner.

>> No.25703895

>I accidentally a whole divine war

Man, God is going to be PISSED when we find out we wrecked Lucifer's place!

>> No.25703925


It gets better. Gate can get you a Solar. Solars come with a single use of both Wish AND Miracle. Wish for another gate! Miracle for even MOAR.

You have the infinite recursive army of angelic doom.

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Find a level 20 adventurer willing to take a job for 350,000 gold and pay them to go with you. Each character pockets 25 grand.

>> No.25703953

Wait, does Pathfinder have the Blood War?
I doubt that you could summon Demogorgon himself, but a couple of his avatars would work just as well.

> ppearav sacrilegious
Yes, captcha, pretty sacrilegious.

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Sweet, can't wait to not participate in a one-shot game!

>> No.25704004

Oh, I know. I've done something like this in AD&D.


So we made an army of skeletons from a nearby graveyard, got them digging a moat, and then started using ridiculous fuckhuge cleric spells to make us an army of celestial beings.

All in all, the planning took 2 hours.

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Oh, and time for some more brown girls.

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>cause an open war between heaven and hell
Now you're thinking like an adventurer.

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If you're going to dump brown girls, could you please post an enchantment good for sneak attack rogues with each picture?

>> No.25704231

"Now put the hand... DEEPER!"

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That shit eating grin.

>> No.25704276

I'll do you one better. Check out the Hellbreaker, it's a PrC for Rogues that's focused on screwing over Devils.

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>> No.25704285

We're level 6

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Flaming is good for just +1 cost, extra D6 is always helpful. However, since this is hell you are going to, make it icy instead. Same mechanic, cold damage instead of fire to avoid resistances. Bane would be good since you know you are going into hell, as would holy to get you past all DR in hell.

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Holy Bane Icy +4 Dagger?

sounds legit.

>> No.25704349

Then go with >>25704308
Also check out the Book of Exalted Deeds for 3.5e, I think there's some enchantment that basically poisons or gives diseases to devils, but doesn't count as a poison per se, so their immunity doesn't work against it.

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>> No.25704369


One more from me because I need to be up in the morning.

>> No.25704381

Get Holy Surge. +3d6 damage 2+cha mod/times a day, only a tiny bump in price (+4k or so)


Get Baneblind armor for your whole party. (Specifically, devilbane, of course). None of the target's senses will pick you up. Its not invisibility.

>> No.25704387

costs 98K. you still have 102 to spend on other goodies.

>> No.25704475


Brown skin is all the "magical equipment" you need.

>> No.25704507

dual keen shocking burst +7 kukri for the rogue

A floating cannon for the sorceress.

>> No.25704524

Dammit /tg/ Time to make a new folder for brown girls, I didn't know they were this hot

>> No.25704529

Don't forget devilbane armor.

>> No.25704579

Oh yeah. See if we can get devilbane cannon balls too.

>> No.25704731


>> No.25704740

+7 is above the legal limit in pathfinder. you can have a +5 max bonus and +5 in other bonuses like keen and holy, but not above.

>> No.25704865

Rolled 65, 100 = 165

This gets me in the HNNGGGG whenever I read it

>> No.25704874

presumably they meant +7-equivalent.

>> No.25706491

people who are half-black, sometimes persians and certain greeks.

>> No.25707959

overabundance of dopamine is also believed to cause schizo...
just saying

>> No.25711484


You being allowed to buy +7 equipment is irrelevant, because the actual formulae for +6 and +7 gear is fuckwagons of cash. Like, millions of gp.

>> No.25713956

Ha, OP here, I went to the game
The GM changed more than a few things. For one, the value of extra magic items was reduced to 20k gold, and once we made our characters, he made us trade them with random other players.

The result was the game took seven hours because no one knew how to play everyone else's characters.

>> No.25715725

[citation needed]

>> No.25715732

That sounds like shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit

How did the mission turn out?

>> No.25716486

That reminds me, you got any stuff of the all-brown girl team from GuP?

>> No.25716951

> obligatory

>> No.25719642

bump with brown

>> No.25719680

>goes to look for pics to add to thread
>finds picrelated
>goes to check the table >>25703297
>suddenly exactly the same image as used in it

>> No.25719697


>> No.25719719

I'll bump your bump.

>> No.25719735

Which one would that be?

>> No.25719752

>> No.25719757

Have some adorbs.

>> No.25719762


Maybe you want to look at it again there, buddy.

>> No.25719765 [DELETED] 

No brownie thread is complete without Laura Rolla.

>> No.25719782

No brownie thread is complete without Laura.

>> No.25719791


I've seen better.

>> No.25719814

The most classy brown girl.

>> No.25719854

>This tenting in my pants!
>This firming erection
>Is not sated by my hands!

>> No.25719899


Oh, I know EXACTLY why I have this boner.

>> No.25719901

Mmm, the samples are piquing my curiosity.

That "bedouin dreams" pings my trap detector somehow...

>a google search later
Well, not a trap, regrettable.
Though still plenty hot.

>> No.25719911

God damn it, I want them all

>> No.25719930

California Gold and Scent of CInnamon are the only correct answers.

>> No.25719972

That's "Ladies vs. Butlers" dvd special #4 by the way.

>> No.25720122

>> No.25720343

>> No.25720701

The person you were arguing with was an idiot; what you said is perfectly possible by the rules (which explicitly allow it) and by common sense (really, a nonmagical ring somehow won't fit on my finger because I've got two magical ones on my other hand?).

But it's not some amazing combo: if the evil necromancer can't line-of-effect you, he'll order a skeleton to cut the tinfoil down.

Or if anything's in the way, you'll just end up surrounded by scrupled tinfoil sheets.

Or he'll just do something while you can see or line-of-effect him, like run away, ready spells to cast when you appear and order minions to surround you.

>> No.25720801 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

This counts as brown, right?

>> No.25720822


Entire right side, but especially top- and bottom- right are best tier.

You had to use a door? All you need is materials that equal half of the base cost of the finished product, so you could literally use a splinter of wood from a staff or air, for that matter. as materials to instantly make a staff.

Chocolate bunp.

>> No.25720844

A-anon, y-you can't do that! The sticky says!

Would that you could, but you should delete before an anon calls Miss and tells her what you posted!

>> No.25720886

That's right. Why hide it?

>> No.25720890

I modified it, too.

>> No.25720901

It's just breasts, almost everyone here has them too in a form or another

>> No.25720911

then perhaps this is a more ws brown

>> No.25720958

Well, technically it's already against the global rules for blue board by default, so they don't have to spell that out...

Not Miss! Her delicate eyes have never set.. eyes.. upon the naked human form! That's why she suspends students who post them!

And yes, before you ask, 50% of centaurs is the human form.

Do continue.

>> No.25721019

unfortunately the majority of my centaurs are very nsfw and those that are sfw are not brown skinned. unless you count the horse half as brown too?

>> No.25721052

Can we get a link or something to those nsfw centaurs?

>> No.25721099

You can post them on /r/ or maybe /d/.

I wouldn't object to non-brown skinned/would count the horse bit.

>> No.25721125

uhh i could dump a thread on /b/ or /d/ perhaps. if some of you really want me to

>> No.25721176

/r/ is probably best. /d/ can be quite strict about what's non-Western art and /b/ is fast and full of shitposts that don't stick to their own threads. On /r/, anything goes as long as you start with "Someone asked for..." and don't mind other people joining in if they can contribute.

/r/ is moderately slow too, so even after this thread 404s you'll be able to link to the /r/ thread if you want to share what you've dumped in a new /tg/ thread.

>> No.25721185

I'd love it if you did.

>> No.25721195

>go on /tg/
>black people fetish
what the fuck i am not a fetish jerks

>> No.25721196

I don't anyone on /d/ complaining about western art. You must be thinking of /h/

>> No.25721218

I didn't mean user complaints.

>> No.25721251

Huh. I didn't know /d/ had rules regarding wester art at all. Nobody seems to mind it

>> No.25721257

ok this is the thread. gonna post as much as i can before i have to go to the store

>> No.25721273


Mulatto, maybe?

>> No.25721365

>someone using my Brown Girls folder

>> No.25722084

>> No.25725130

Did you delete the post ITT or did you get b&?

>> No.25725258

Would you be so kind to give everybody a link to where the previous anon got said folder?

>> No.25725274

He probably deleted it himself. If you missed it and wondering what it was: it's the OP in /r/ thread.

>> No.25725408

I didn't miss it, I was just worried about the anon. But thanks!

>> No.25725428


Oh, are you the guy who uploaded his huge /tg/ image folder?

dude, I had no idea there was porn on this. very awkward when my mate was having a look through my folder of what we both presumed was drawfag art.

>> No.25725438


Oh fuck off. I remember you. Don't even start to make another scene.

>> No.25725564

What was the last scene?

I've seen a couple of posts like that today, trying to do /pol/ trolling.

>> No.25725784

OP, care to storytime what happened?

>> No.25726186

Bumping for chocolate elves

>> No.25727052

my bad, i've been afk for quite a while. no i deleted the post myself and just finished dumping in the thread on /r/

>> No.25727081

Phew, and thanks for the dump!

>> No.25730927

Who said that this thread was free to die before it packs full 150 brownies?!

>> No.25730941


>> No.25730956

Chocolate elves return.

>> No.25730968

Ahh, Pirotess...

>> No.25730979

Not posting the de-clothed version, google it by "jessica elwood" if you want.

>> No.25730991

That's more drow than chocolate but w/e, all goes.

>> No.25731507

Chocolate elven maid: Y/FY/HFY?

>> No.25732056


>> No.25732060


>> No.25732071

Can I have a drow elf maid instead?

I prefer midnight black to chocolate brown personally

>> No.25732088

Why is it when I read/hear someone preferring something black, I always think of Spinal Tap?

>> No.25732100

Because you need to stop rewatching Spinal Tap?

>> No.25732122

I've watched it maybe three times in my life.

It's just stuck in my head.

>> No.25732225

Sorry, don't got any.

>> No.25732270

I got an old link from september last year, there has obviously been added more brown girl pics since then.

>Oh, are you the guy who uploaded his huge /tg/ image folder?
>very awkward when my mate was having a look through my folder of what we both presumed was drawfag art.
Pic related.

>> No.25732310

>I got an old link from september last year, there has obviously been added more brown girl pics since then.
Well there is ALWAYS more brown girls to be found.

>> No.25732316

Shit, forgot the pic.

>> No.25732332

>Pic related.
Oh you.

>> No.25732334

Why is brown so much more popular than black?

>> No.25732371


Because its delicious
Very dark black has the problem that it obscures features, making it a "hard" colour to work with. This even extends to real life, where studies have shown that its harder to read a black person's facial expressions

>> No.25732378

Dunno. Could be the dreaded realism.

>> No.25732386


You know, there's plenty of brown people in the real world too.

>> No.25732387

Also, I didn't expect sankaku to have an actual "black_skin" tag

>> No.25732401

Especially after seeing "dark skin" slapped on a Lineage II elf with very pale grey.

>> No.25732409

Well that's not a maid, but looks like a secretary. Special kind of secretary.

>> No.25732426

And damn, ain't this tag just FULL of furries.

>> No.25732449

I hate you

>> No.25732459

>Free magic items
Hire a bunch of warriors, give them lots of +5 bows and +5 arrows. Doesn't matter they're level 1 npcs, they have a +11 attack bonus, they do at least 11 damage, and there's thousands of them

>> No.25732500

play a tiefling with the tiefling claws and prehensile tail alternate racial traits and the religion trait "mother's teeth".
take 2 levels of armored hulk barbarian, and pick up the lesser fiend totem rage power and the level 1 feat for bludgeoning.
Take 1 level of white haired witch with the greensting scorpion familiar.
Take 3 levels of rogue with the thug and scout archtypes, taking the rogue talent: pressure points and the feats enforcer and lunge.

Congratulations, you now have 5 natural attacks a round, 4 of which at full BAB, all of which get sneak attack when you're flanking. You require no equipment, but if you wanted to get some, just buy a tentacle cloak, a helm of the mammoth lord, an amulet of mighty fists (with ghost touch, ominous, and cruel enchantments) a wand of enlarge person and a really badass set of full plate.

Can live without the equipment if you need to, though.

>> No.25732534

There's no truly "black" people though

There's people with very dark brown skin, but that's not the same

>> No.25732556

Well you are all literally the worst sort of nerd
"herp derp I'm making a low quality thread about a bad idea .. so I'll post BROWN FETISH hurr, you are all disgusting. Go back to /a/ or /e/ or /c/, how are imagedumps of art with no actual roleplaying content part of 'board culture'?

>> No.25732579

Six arms.

>> No.25732592

I can't tell where your strawman ends and your anger begins.

>> No.25732598

A +5 weapon takes up nearly half of that total right off the bat.

>> No.25732609

Except half of those are not primary attacks, which means they suck.

>> No.25732626


the dome is made of lead dumbass "tinfoil hat" is a reference to the paranoid loonies that used to wear tinfoil hats to protect their brains from aliens/government stealing their thoughts.

read the post before you comment

>> No.25732637

Somebody mad.

>> No.25732638 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry that being looked at like a fetish object is bad now? I mean going on /tg/ and seeing 'oh god brown girls are my waifu,' feels like its back in the slavery days with horrible people wanting to own me, ugh, why are you all even here, can't you go to reddit or somewhere where they tolerate shitposters?

>> No.25732654 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.25732665

What in fuck's name are you even talking about?

Is English your fourth language?

>> No.25732672

Fuck, I love Rebis' concepts but his style puts me off 50% of the time.

>> No.25732673

nope, all of those count as primary except for the bite. And if you go Tengu, you can get the bite as primary too.

>> No.25732681 [DELETED] 

These threads reduce me to a fetish object, are offtopic (using something /tg/ related to summon the legions of HURR BROWN GIRL LETS CIRCLEJERK), and serve no point

literally sticky in

>> No.25732687

Look, your trolling is painfully obvious. You are just coming off as a pure retard, compared to a subtle retards that skilled trolls are.

>> No.25732706 [DELETED] 


Fine, better not use spoilers then.

>> No.25732711

So having a contrary opinion is trolling? Also why do you have to use ableist insults? Retarted? Really can you be more insensitive?

>> No.25732713 [DELETED] 

>serve no point

Contradicting yourself only detracts from your trolling.

>> No.25732727 [DELETED] 

Circle jerk threads are useless threads that produce no content, are an excuse to post porn on blue boards, and encourage shitposters, (As that comment on another board says 'ironic shitposting.. is still shitposting'.

>> No.25732733

See, these words for instance
>ableist insults
Extremely obvious in your type of trolling (trying to act as a tumblr PC squad). You have no skill in this. -9001/10.

>> No.25732763

Uh, what is tumblr, the thing with the cat pictures and random blogs? I'm just someone who thanks to work has taken a bunch of sensitivity and equal opportunity classes, since I'm going to be teaching them for the next 10 months. ALso, what is wrong with political correctness? IS it bad that I don't want cryporacists, or people with minority voices to feel welcomed (because if you don't do this, our hobby will die, I mean if /tg/ becomes known as 'white men things' then we are doomed in the long term.

>> No.25732778

Political correctness is racism.

The fact that you've wasted a portion of your life taking EQO and sensitivity courses is hilarious. Your hobby is being offended, and you've decided to actually turn it into a professional career.

You are the lowest rung on the ladder in so many ways. But enjoy your delusions, at least you're contained.

>> No.25732787

Everything is a fetish. What,

>> No.25732815

I got ordered to take those courses, as that meme on /v/ says, "I never asked for this", since I'm one of the few E6s that managed to not have a second not plant related job, so they said,

"Hey Anon, take these courses, read these books, make some courses to teach sensitivity". And unlike you, we are not 'contained," we are the future, places that aren't sensitive get sued. Also, how is political correctness 'racism,' it feels like things I hear people say when others call them out on sexist/racist/biased thoughts.

>> No.25732823

Fuuuuck, dem huge bracelets. Unf.

>> No.25732824

Oops, sent early.

What, does every teacher should feel uncomfortable all the time just because of the amount of porn fetishising the profession?
No, they don't give a fuck.

>> No.25732846


>> No.25732866


>> No.25732889


>> No.25732909


>> No.25732915


>> No.25732923


>> No.25732924

Bitch, you need a haircut.

>> No.25732928


>> No.25732936


>> No.25732939


>> No.25732943

Oh, shall I switch gears and check for some more specifically from that source?

>> No.25732952


>> No.25732960

Can't tell which class the previous chick was though. Here's a sadida.

>> No.25732965

And another

It was dumped on /d/, link was further in thread, but not sure if it survives yet.

>> No.25732977


>> No.25732983


(yes all those are puns. Don't remember most of them, though)

>> No.25732990

Pandawa and Ecaflip

>> No.25732993

Aand another osamodas.

>> No.25733002


>> No.25733008


>> No.25733012


>> No.25733024


>> No.25733034

>> No.25733066


>> No.25733090

Okay, back onto the old track.

>> No.25733102

They're more fins than ears.

>> No.25733106


>> No.25733116

Not the biggest I've seen.

>> No.25733141


>> No.25733150


>> No.25733169

Aaaand I'm out.

>> No.25733176


>> No.25733195


>> No.25733223


There's true black people. Have you ever seen a nigerian? There's a few tribes in Africa that become this midnight hue black.

>> No.25733250

I am black
no, literally FFFFF black
when we loose power I disappear, its fun fucking with new guys that way

>> No.25733261 [SPOILER] 


>> No.25733279

Shall we continue or just let it die?

>> No.25733292

well, if you still got something, I'd appreciate it. seeing as i had no brown girls beforehand, I saved all and posted none

>> No.25733319

Please do continue if you have what with.

>> No.25733377

I'll have to find a setting and group where I can play one of the people in this image.

>> No.25733412

What's a Nubian?

>> No.25733418

Penis alert.

>> No.25733459

They're a people from southern Egypt/northern Sudan. Ancient Egyptians depicted them usually with pitch black skin.
It's also a model of spaceship produced on Naboo in Star Wars. But I figure you already knew THAT.

>> No.25734321

>implying it doesn't just make it better

>> No.25734464

>implying it does

>> No.25735289

They're either black people or chrome starships. Maybe both.

>> No.25736340

>Brown Beato

>> No.25739264

>> No.25739294

Fuck yeah.

>> No.25742644

Great tastes, etc

>> No.25742669

Nah, I'm firmly into chicks with dicks.

>> No.25742794

>hat starts expanding
>your party ends up being pushed along the outer edge of the dome as it expands, with you inside the dome cut off from the rest

>> No.25748196

can we get a non spongebob version?

>> No.25751288

wont be posted, but i can give you a link

>> No.25754596

Yeah, the flaw in the plan isn't the rules; it's the uselessness of it.

>> No.25756125

Rolled 72

But you're the wizard. If you're hit with anti magic field (which this hat is designed for), you're becoming useless normally, while from inside the hat you still can try and do something.

>> No.25756196

>> No.25756892

>> No.25756983

>If you're hit with anti magic field (which this hat is designed for)
What if you're hit with a one-shot dispel instead of an anti-magic field? They're much more common.

And no, wizards don't become useless in anti-magic fields: they leave the fields, they dispel the fields, they summon monsters outside them, etc.

>> No.25759325

Firmly, eh?

>> No.25759458

Carlos, stop that.

>> No.25760446

Delicious Brown Excellence.

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