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Probably posted here before, but what the hell.

I think I'll play a Bard next!

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Is that elf chick ever not mad?

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Sometimes. ^_^

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She's very...frustrated

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This will end well for *somebody*, I'm sure...

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Bard thinks Elf is a man. Can you blame him?

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yeah, sort of. I mean, she's got some modest tits and fair hips. Easily identifiable as a lady.

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He's the best there is...

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Those are some rockin' tits though.

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Compared to the busty curvy monstergirls with tons of meat on them, whom he typically lays, that elf is a prepubescent boy.

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And he mistakes an elf male for a female here >>25700606

Fucking androgynous elves, man.

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...at who he does. No, really.

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Isn't there one where he finds out and she is mad as fuck.

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>Fucking androgynous elves
that's the idea isn't it

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This explains a lot, actually...

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It's Andersson's Macha.

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No kidding!

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I hope he cheated at poker or something
because otherwise pretty accessible mythology got pretty screwed up

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Basically that's what it is. Elf needs a powerfuck but bard thinks she's some elf boy or something and isn't into men. Elf becomes more and more sexually frustrated. It's a running gag with andersson art.

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Driders face
>I was not expecting company today

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How things go from here remains to be seen

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Screwing mythology is what he DOES.

(thanks for the setup, BTW)

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>dorf is high as balls

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but she's an elf, they all look like that

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>give her the wood

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The Elf is obviously worried that the vamp is going to suck his...blood.

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>penetrate her

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>Titan smaller than giant
I mad

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>pound the stake in

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>and you call me unsmart!

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>mountain troll

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Another where the Elf is not mad. Considering the subject matter, that's for the best.

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>Heh eye of the... Wait a second why does the Wizard look female?

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Well, the copyright date on that one is more recent than this one: >>25700757

So maybe they started fucking offscreen.

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if they were doing that, elf would be MEGA PREGGERS.

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Magical herbal Elven birth control?

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Turns out she's really a man and was just confused.

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man have you seen how potent that bard is?

he can fuck a rock and it makes kids.

No way that birth control stands a chance.

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I am, at this point, 90% certain he could impregnate a man.

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Maybe he managed to find a way to not knock her up?

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Does it read "tg" on her waist-bucket?

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I impregnated a man once.. but it was a trap so it wasnt gay or nothin.

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That probably wouldn't work though...
Maybe she IS pregnant? Just not showing it?

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That's why she's still mad.

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Probably. And that will be black sheep of the family, the only "normal" kid.

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If that elf doesn't have a kid soon, consider my immershun RUINED

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How long do elf pregnancies last I wonder?

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Years, which is why elves never get pregnant

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what site are these from

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Says on the pictures what site.

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Are you implying Bonnie Swanson wasn'tthe model for elves?

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"The Beholder turns its many eyes toward the bard and... shiiiiit you have how much charisma?"
"No! Hell No! No!"
"Its about to get a lot friendlier."
"I'm okay with this."

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>all this elfwood art

Oh god, the late 90s. it found me again!

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That's about all of the stuff with the Bard and his gang (so have a genderflipped Fellowshhip). The artist has a lot more stuff here:


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>Female fellowship

So, this travel will take them three times longer than it took the male fellowship?

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except all this art is dated 2010

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ha ha


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>three times longer
>They might actually ASK for directions.

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I often do that to troll players who think they can get away with seducing a monster

>"I roll Diplomacy on the orc while showing some of my cleavage"
>nat 20
>"The orc is now completely smitten with you. He decides to take you back to his tribe to introduce you to his mother. Roll Reflex to get free, if you want."

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Except for all of these ones.


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No, if women would have done it it would of been over in a few pages.

>Gandalfette: Hey Frodoette, wanna see what Mordor looks like by eagle?
>Frodoette: Fuck yeah!

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>They might actually ASK for directions

Sure, to the nearest town shopping square or bakery...

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Those are still dated within 5 years of 2010.

None of that is "late 90s"

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A thread truly rich with potential.

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>People still not understanding the eagle thing
>60 yeas after the books were written

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And thus was written the most underwhelming and pointless story of fantasy ever.

Would've made for a pretty short trilogy. Fifteen minutes, if they add pointless "where are they now?" to credits roll it might last twenty minutes.

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If it were REALLY an all-female fellowship, they'd have never left Rivendell, because fuck the outside, it's all yucky and nasty.

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>implying andersson is the was the first artist on elfwood
>implying andersson is the was the only artist on elfwood

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well, if he used a condom, he would just make a condom baby. which would not impregnate the elf so i guess it works

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Ah right, I didnt read who you were replying to and assumed it was somebody asking if they were finished making these.

Carry on.

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>last page is the fellowship getting torn apart by nazgul on fellbeasts
>feminist community turns on anon for suggesting women don't understand strategy

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Why wasn't Boromir back there genderflipped? Because he dies?

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He... is though.
You can see his/her bust outline if you look closely enough.

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Oh are we talking about women again? Can you believe they don't even have dicks.

What's that about? It's just... weird.

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Some women have dicks.

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*Werewolf,* you doof.

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>if you look closely enough

Dude, a set of cannons that size belongs in a galleons broadside. It isn't exactly hard to miss.

How her yelling, lipstick lined mouth looks like a beard I cannot explain.

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If it has a dick, it is by definition not a woman.

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It's the mouth, it looks like a beard.

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I heard all women have a secret spinal tail and if you pull it they explode in a puff of brimstone.

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I considered posting this and then didn't.

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No little billy, those are men. Or hermaphrodites.
So it's only furry on a full moon? That's still furry...

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well that explains /d/, at least...

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There should be a lot more with the bard and gang, not even sure that was half of it.

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don't you go there you sick, sick person

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>No little billy, those are men. Or hermaphrodites.
To be honest there's a whole host of different genetic oddities out there so it's difficult to call absolutely.

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>being this privileged

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...Why do I have a sudden urge to yell "TOBLEROOOONE"?

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What's the difference between a woman and a gorgon? I never understood that.

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Because you've seen a Bad Thing.

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A woman only hardens *part* of you when you look at her.

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Okay, right. Now, all women are witches right? That's just like, a fact? So good presents for women are like, big witch hats and broomsticks and stuff?

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SRS plz go.

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a woman normally doesn't have hair of venomous snakes, giant fangs, brass hands, a petrifying gaze, or immortality.

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I think you guys are mixing up witches and jews.

>> No.25701621

Did the boner joke just go over your head or...? I have no idea where you got witches from.

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pls go summerfag

>> No.25701629

>Often keep small animals as familiars
>Speak to their peers in strange and unknown tongues
>Have entire shelves devoted to vibrant and aromatic elixirs
>Float in water
Well, yeah, pretty much.

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Are you sure? I mean, I can't say I see women frequently but sometimes I wake up when it's still light enough to see outside the basement window.

Admittedly, there is a patina of grease that might obscure the, uh, fine details but I'm pretty sure I see the snake hair, brass hands, etc.

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sounds like most women.

>> No.25701648

>>Float in water
This is the #1 difference between the sexes.

>> No.25701654

That's the joke.

>> No.25701673

Just from these girls that keep circling my street flying on broomsticks cackling.

Well, not always broomsticks. Sometimes hoovers.

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I really hope he and the elf get together. And live happily ever after

>> No.25701704

>all this hilarious joking on womens expenses

You've done me proud, boys.

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There is literally no difference in the image.

>> No.25701744

This fear is no joke.

>> No.25701755

The bard looks like Shinji. I am now depressed.

>> No.25701778

Brass hands, man. Brass hands.

>> No.25701785

What's that little dragon dude doing down there?

>> No.25701802

>they're ancient powerful demigods
>they'd get torn up by monsters

This fandom knows their stuff

>> No.25701816

Yeah that worries me. How would you ever escape if they got a grip on you? Do women ever just... grab you, out of nowhere? Is that a thing?

>> No.25701822

Those aren't exclusive, you know.

>> No.25701851

The eagles are the ancient demigods, the fellowship are the ones who'd get their shit kicked in if they tried to paradrop into Mordor

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>> No.25701893

Unless the Bard was sleeping with the Eagles, I'd say we're off topic.

>> No.25701934

>implying the bard wouldnt fuck the female eagles

>> No.25701948

>Legolas: I've just been on to Gandalf. He's very proud and pleased.

>Gimli: Pleased?

>Legolas: Of course. He thinks the war of the ring was 90% successful.

>Gimli: But what do you think?

>Legolas: Well, as you know, I always felt we tried to go a mountain too far.

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Welcome to /tg/, where off topic is an art form.

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oh elf and bard

>> No.25701992

Why is Parsee participating in WWII?

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No idea, but his mention of LotR and paradrops gave me an excuse to post it again.

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He is. That's not facial hair, her mouth is open.

>> No.25702045

I wonder how turned on she is just from having his hands on her ass.

>> No.25702052

Speaking of bards, does anyone have that screen cap where they made their group into The Who?

>> No.25702069

No, but I'm curious

>> No.25702071

Fuck you, invisible giant eagles are way more interesting.

>> No.25702117

Is it bad that I only recognize the three on the left?

>> No.25702130

I mean, it fits.
>nobody can go out in the open or invisible giant eagles destroy them
>the elves retreat to their forests, dwarves their mountainhomes, hobbits their burrows
>refugees of the realms of men journey to all of these
>social pressures ignite and explode as other enemies put pressure on these eagle-safe strongholds

>> No.25702186

It was something like "Ro'gar Dale Tree", "Peter of Shedtown", "John EntCaller" and Keith Moon was just Keith Moon, IIRC

>> No.25702241

I recognize Halford, I think righty is Bruce Dickinson, and I'd guess lefty is Ozzy. I don't know the others.

>> No.25702253

The Ranger is Lemmy.

>> No.25702261

What is this even about?

>> No.25702263

I can only see this as the image that spawned the great Homebrew "Hail and Kill" What a great setting...

Well, I know the guy on the far right is lead for Iron Maiden, though his name escapes me right this second. No idea who "rogue" is. The other three are obvious.

>> No.25702271

I recognize ozzy and the hat is from some professional wrestler, right? Looks like hillbilly heroes. I think being unable to recognize them is a good thing. Maybe one of them is a nascar driver.

>> No.25702288


God damn I want to fuck the elf chick.

>> No.25702289

i have it. let me dig

>> No.25702296

Had to look that up.

Could Fighter be... Dio?

>> No.25702306

I had no idea that image would spark so much debate

>Ozzy - Black Sabbath
> (Dio? Maybe? Honestly no idea)
>Lemmy - Motorhead
>Halford - Judas Priest
>Bruce Dickenson - Iron Maiden

>> No.25702309

C'mon, man. Even I recognize Halford and Dickinson.

OF course, I don't recognize anyone else.

>> No.25702314

I only know him because I play bass.

>> No.25702336

fuckit, i cant find it, so i post to you the very first screenshot i saved

>> No.25702371

It's still pretty damn furry.
Not that I have a personal problem with that.

>> No.25702408

The thing that bothers me the most is people arbitrarily choosing some random point at which to draw the line, and pretending it's justified.

>> No.25702412

>not knowing Lemmy

>> No.25702430

There are literally people in here who can't recognize Lemmy, Dio, Ozzy, Halford and Dickinson.

I think /tg/ being full of 12-year olds is confirmed.

>> No.25702431


The fighter is Dio.

>> No.25702472


I'm 25, I just don't listen to that kind of music.

I listen to kpop

>> No.25702503


Deep in the Heart of the Mountain: Crom, who gave us but Life and Will, laughs at your choice in music.

>> No.25702513

>the hat is some professional wrestler

That, my friend, is Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka 'Lemmy', aka 'GOD'.

>> No.25702539

I'm in my 30s... metal just sucks.

>> No.25702556


>> No.25702566

>how fucked is the BBEG
Oh, he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

>> No.25702586

>> No.25702588

>this campaign

My god

>> No.25702594


>> No.25702604


Yeah I don't listen to it either.

Dio was kinda cool but the only thing I really like about metal is Spinal Tap

>> No.25702607


>> No.25702609

I don't get it

>> No.25702653

On the main site linked above, a gold star means the picture was basically favorited by the mods.

Ironically, that pic really did earn a gold star.

>> No.25702683

So if a unicorn deflowers a virgin, what happens to the unicorn? Does it lose its horn for the dirty deed? Or do they just both quietly agree that nothing happened at all and go about their normal business of virgin/unicorn adventures?

>> No.25702701

internal bleeding is what happens

>> No.25702711


>> No.25702723


This seems familiar...

>> No.25702737


Oh gosh, I've never seen this page before
Is there more?

>> No.25702741

Suddenly royal half-bolds. A whole warren of them.

>> No.25702776

That's all, as far as I know.

>> No.25702788

Weren't unicorns beasts to be feared? I could have sworn they roamed wild and free and gored any fucker who stood in their way. From what I remember, they also fucked the virgins, rather than be tamed by them.
Then again, I might be misremembering...

>> No.25702798

we'll see you after you're done

>> No.25702801

Justified as in "it isn't beastiality" or justified as in "it's not actually furry"?

Because I think for the former it's true. As long as there are human characteristics (namely sentience/sapience and a consenting attitude and the ability to convey their willingness) it's not wrong. I'd rather not get into the "Are monstergirls furry?" debate right now.

>> No.25702803

>You will never have a devoted kobold waifu.

>> No.25702808

Oh....Oh my

>> No.25702810

>Gods of Metal battle Michael Jackson

>> No.25702814

Those aren't done by the original artist, though.

>> No.25702817

But would half dragons be humanoids with scales, or dragonoids with fur?

>> No.25702821


Oh my.

>> No.25702842

>rockin' tits
i see what you did thar

>> No.25702845

>Letting those teeth near your dick like that

>> No.25702859

step it up sempai

>> No.25702870

How can you truly say you love your kobold waifu if you can't trust her to not rip your dick to shreds?

>> No.25702872

I'd do it.

>> No.25702877

She's a bridge youkai.

>> No.25702879

This thread is lewds.

>> No.25702885 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

I hate this guy and his dialogue but I will not lie when I say I REALLY dig his orcs and trolls and use them as the basis for my own in my games in terms of build

>> No.25702891


Love is based on trust. How can you show more trust than letting your adorable Kobold waifu give you a blowjob?

>> No.25702906

Massive internal Damage is all.

>> No.25702917

All this time and no one has brought up lamias yet?


>> No.25702929

Even if they take less time travelling, they'll still be later arriving because they spent so much time getting ready.

Oh, god, I can just see it now.
"Does this ring make my ass look big?"

>> No.25702938

If her teeth even slightly drag on your dick, there is going to be blood. I would trust my kobold waifu with anything, except putting razors in extreme proximity to my cock.

>> No.25702942


That's not even a dragon

>> No.25702944


The only time I bring up Lamias is when I want my Paladin to adopt a little one and train her in the ways of Smiting.

>> No.25702952

Yeah, well, YOU'RE not even a dragon!

>> No.25702965

Always good for a daaaaaw.

>> No.25702972

Lamias are a player race in my games. They... uh...

Let's just say that ALL magical realm stuff about them is kept so far into the background it's hidden under 3 layers of clouds and skybox and hills.

>> No.25702986

>> No.25702990

Depends on whether the BBEG is voiced by Tim Curry or not.

>> No.25702996

>"Yes dear. Very scary"

>> No.25703008

>If her teeth even slightly drag on your dick, there is going to be blood
Exactly! The danger involved and trust necessitated just makes it all the more thrilling. It's kind of like a rickety, dangerous roller coaster ride. For your dick.

>> No.25703022

The Queen of the land.

Captcha: onntsla otherwife

>> No.25703027

is it bad that I would totally fuck that kobold?

>> No.25703037


Absolutely not. I would. The Knight did.

>> No.25703041


who wouldn't? she's got gigantic hips/thighs/ass

>> No.25703043



>> No.25703045

and here's the King

>> No.25703046

I would too, just no blowjobs.

>> No.25703054


I don't bring them up myself because they're my favorite monster girl and I feel like a fag if I do

>> No.25703056

Why has there never been a combination Bard/Necromancer who controls his zombies through Performance: Dance? It seems like a good fit.

>> No.25703064

It's not rape when it's a monster.

>> No.25703066

It makes me so happy that Tomb of the Necrodancer is going to be an actual game.

>> No.25703079


You're missin' out, bro. If she finishes successfully, then you get the most exciting blowjob in existence. If she doesn't, then she feels absolutely awful about it and you get to take advantage of that fact.

>> No.25703085


>> No.25703087

Yeah, it does kind of make you a fag. Everyone knows slimegirls are the best monstergirls.

>> No.25703126

But isn't bestiality also wrong?

>> No.25703128

Is there some deeper mystery to understand?
That exists outside of your own mind?

>> No.25703132

It wouldn't even be a proper blowjob though! More a tonguejob, because she can't close her mouth without biting your dick off.

>> No.25703137

>> No.25703147


I don't think you understand the kobold tongue, son.

>> No.25703159

That's not how you spell harpy.

>> No.25703166

That's why you only rape sapient monsters.

>> No.25703167

harpies are awesome

like, even before CoC

>> No.25703180


I can't remember the name of that manga with the dude who ends up living with a bunch of monstergirls, but can't fuck any or the government will come down on him.

It was really cute, though.

>> No.25703183

Remeber, always follow the Test or your ass could be in space/fantasy jail.

>> No.25703187

>> No.25703190

Has it ever been explained why, in this artist's work, the elf is so antagonistic to the bard? He seems to get shit done, and it's never been established they're in a relationship, so...why?

>> No.25703195 [SPOILER] 

That's not a brown elf

>> No.25703197

But then isn't that Bestiality AND rape?

>> No.25703201

This what you're talking about?

>> No.25703207

Worst Thread on /tg/ this month award.

Congrats, you earned it.

>> No.25703208


She wants him to notice her, but he ignores her and bangs every single other thing with a vagina they encounter.

It's rather simple, really.

>> No.25703214


>> No.25703220

Tsundere moe kawaii desu uguu buzzword shit basically.

>> No.25703221

>implying there hasn't

>> No.25703224

>> No.25703225

I still ask myself , why I love delicious brown elves so much.
Shame that I have no friends to share this passion , so I have to hide my power level regarding the subject

>> No.25703230


Yeah, looks like it. Bitchin', thanks man.

>> No.25703234

Aphrodite is mad at Zeus...strike that, any greek god is mad at any other greek god. For cheating on someone. You'd think they'd be used to it by now.

>> No.25703235

My first experience with harpies was reading Xanth.
They were always described as being ugly, but the book covers always showed them as being cute. And the fact that they could burn shit down just by cussing seemed like the coolest talent ever.

>> No.25703236

I'm playing a bard now...
My party spoils my every attempt at "diplomacy" by grabbing me by the ear and dragging me off with a choir of "Bad Bard! Bad Bard!"
My reputation proceeds me: and I don't have a reputation et!

>> No.25703240

It's not bestiality if they can say no and mean it.

>> No.25703241


You must not read many threads on /tg/, then.

>> No.25703242

What happens when fa/tg/uys are in monster movies
alt text: Two fa/tg/uys go fishing

>> No.25703246

This is why I prefer female characters who get overpowered and force-fucked by mindless monsters and animals.

>> No.25703247

Noone was cheating on... Artemis? Was that the greek version of her? The goddess who refused to sleep with men, anyhow.

>> No.25703251

Well this one makes one less.

>> No.25703258

>Could Fighter be... Dio?

>> No.25703268

That was once! For one spell. It was fun though.

>> No.25703272 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

why not both?

>> No.25703275

Where is this from

>> No.25703292

If only the nose had been better drawn, that one could've been great...

>> No.25703293

rather like this guy's work

>> No.25703298


How can any sentient being have an opinion this wrong?

>> No.25703310

You mean like this?

>> No.25703322

Way I hear it, harpies just have terrible hygiene. They look hot under all the dirt, sure, but it's getting 'em to clean it off that's the hard part.

>> No.25703324

I blame public schools.

>> No.25703330

Well, if it's so terrible, why did you post here?

>> No.25703332

Much better!

>> No.25703342

Not always. They varied with the tellings. As with so much other. Some were horrible, some where flying seductresses.. I mean, just look at how vampires have been portrayed these last 100 years... Harpies were part of cultural myth for longer than a 100 years..

>> No.25703345

See: >>25700655
Answer: Unihorn kid with horse ears and hooves.

>> No.25703358


>> No.25703382

That's why you offer to take a bath with them.

>> No.25703388

That and/or jealousy.

After all this, it could also be a matter of "What does he have that's so irresistible, and why isn't he using it on ME?"

>> No.25703417

>Having to do battle against the Evil Sorceress

>> No.25703418

might be a bit snug for two

>> No.25703432

So it they're like birds, does that mean they too only have one hole for all activities down below?

>> No.25703448

Damnit, now I have to somehow make work this into my Metal campaign. I just need a semi-plausible way to make Jackson a threat to the band in 2011-ish (campaign started after Dio died, hasn't moved quiet as fast as real time).

>> No.25703451

Probably. Harpies are like a speedrun for breaking every taboo, you get it all done at once

>> No.25703490

As it turns out, his plastic surgeon was a bit more capable than we gave him credit for.

>> No.25703506

But being snug is the point!
I think it depends on how many human parts the harpy in question has.

>> No.25703516

I dunno, I hear they make pretty good spellcasters.

>> No.25703518



Close enough.

>> No.25703528

Whelp, time to make rainbow with all the different colors of this pic.

>> No.25703534

Where does the dance come in though?

>> No.25703552

Can't be real, the knight has no fedora.

>> No.25703565


Song of Awakening simply mentions a Perform check, not that it needs to be singing.

House Rule that it can be used to animate multiple undead up to the usual HD allowed.

>> No.25703571

That's the great part about it requiring Perform(any). Just refluff that shit

>> No.25703591 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Your opinion is wrong, but I respect it nonetheless. I just want a squishy slime to snuggle.

>> No.25703616 [SPOILER] 

Why not both?

>> No.25703618

>Meet a nice Slime Girl
>Build our relationship slowly
>After two months, get the brass ring.
>While intimate, her body keeps making fart noises as I compress air into her orifice.
>Laughing too hard to fuck.

>> No.25703660

>only game harpies can play is wiimote games
poor harpies.

>> No.25703673

This guy... good lord.

>> No.25703677

Hm. Been keeping it relatively normal on the tech-side Could be part of a deeper plot or ritual.

Actually, I don't really need it to be caused by Jackson or his doctor directly, he has some crazy ass fans. Could be robo-re-creation, body theft for eldritch ritual, spirit summoning gone awry..
Heh, I'm liking this train of thought, going to save up some goodies like this for their eventual North American tour.

>> No.25703690

naw man, we hook her up with some classic zelda, set up the majoras maks port, and have fun.

>> No.25703700

To be fair, Erfworld has an actual system for dance fighting.

The KISS Army was the best.

>> No.25703711

see, I was pointing out that she doesn't have the fingers to really do much more than vaguely gesture.

>> No.25703715


That "loli" harpy is the most disturbing creature of that comic. Yes, including the spider.

>tfw I still like the cockblock agent the most.

>> No.25703718

There is a shadow over Innsmouth.

>> No.25703734

>most disturbing
In like what way

>> No.25703743

Next character: Hillbilly Bard with Perform(Hambone)

>> No.25703759


A super obsessed fan resurrects Michael from the grave with eldritch magic, but something goes terribly wrong?

>> No.25703761

>"How do I love it?!"
>"I love it LOUD!!!"

Lord Stanley is a total Bro.

>> No.25703775

I would fuck the spider.

>> No.25703781

>Harpy who plays with neighborhood children is more disturbing than rape spider


>> No.25703782

That's TOOL Stanley, Anon! Get it right! Do not belittle the Titan's mightiest Tool!

>> No.25703795


By looking and behaving like a child.

>> No.25703808

>giving werewolf girlfriend belly rubs
>hit the right spot
>one of her legs start kicking
>nonsensical baby talk intensifies

>> No.25703814


>> No.25703819


>> No.25703822

Wait until you read the chapter where the harpy is going to lay an egg

>> No.25703825

She certainly didn't behave like a child when she kidnapped the main character to have her way with him.

well, until she forgot why she kidnapped him.

>> No.25703841

That's not disturbing, it's borderline adorable, and at the very least an interesting insight into harpy biology.

>> No.25703863 [SPOILER] 


>two tits

>> No.25703992

on a side note, the spider is best character.

10/10 would date

>> No.25704012

eh, I can't get it up unless my prospect is a DEADLY RIVAL of mine.

The mermaid is close, since she is all about creating background drama. Good enough I guess.

>> No.25704072

Oh god why.

>> No.25704096

Because some people want to fuck intelligent cows.

>> No.25704108

Indeed, that is my chief thought at the moment. Perhaps having to deal with a MJ-obsessed cult and various other failures to recreate their King of Pop along the way toward dealing with the ultimate threat that these fools have unleashed.

>> No.25704118

oh god why

>> No.25704124

Hermaphroditic minotaur?

>> No.25704153

I don't know Anon. Have a chameleon girl to take your mind off it.

>> No.25704170

Attempting to talk about the topic. wish me luck.

Im currently on my 7th rogue in Pathfinder, and this time I eschewed most combat ability for social skills.

Took the "Charlatan" Archetype and got the feet "rumor-monger" at level 3. Holy shit talk about over powered. By the time I was level 6, i had lied and slandered and cheated my way into a guildmaster position that was already filled. Got the old guild master straight up hung by his neck, just by telling lies and charming people. Didn't have to lift a finger.

And then i decided i could get away with anything. I am untouchable with a keen mind and piles of charisma. My character literally tries to get away with anything he wants, in any city he goes to. He fucks Queens now.

I can lie, and i can cheat. What is to stop me from becoming a God?

>> No.25704175

thankyou anon, that helps.

>> No.25704230

The king casts Silence, and stabs you in the dick.
>wnedki pathological

>> No.25704264

I am also suddenly struck by how awesome this campaign has been when I can have serious discussion about the party, a touring metal band, battling a MJ cult during their US tour.
Be a nice change of pace from the neo-nazis, fey, and Asgardians during their current European tour.

>> No.25704354

Well, if they're all his, then he fucked a gryphon at some point.

>> No.25704465

I'm also struck by how strange it is to be chatting about it next to discussions about monster girls, and that both are still relatively on target from OP.

/tg/ - I don't even.

Heh, never change.

>> No.25704496

Or maybe he fucked an eagle with a polymorph effect and made gryphons.

>> No.25704540

While interesting, where the line is is not the main question. The question is why 4chan uses "furry" as a monolithic indicator of ThatGuyness that inevitably is aligned with liking anthropomorphic animals.

>> No.25704544

Well the unikid is from the maiden mishap, so I'd guess not all of them are his.
The griffin, the cyclops, and the (fox?) girl between them I don't recognize from anything else off hand.

>> No.25704587

Because furverts co-opted the word furry in the mid-90s, and they love to ruin everything.

>> No.25704664

I found it, took a little digging.
for the less extended, http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/8634191/#8634591
>Bard 1 Rogeren De'tree, Bard 2 Pietro de Town-fin, Warrior Kiefer Moonfallen, and the Wizard Johnathan Entcaller.

>> No.25704687

>letting others control/affect your concept set/language

>> No.25705053

Yeah, but then people won't know what I'm talking about without a convoluted history lesson.

Once upon a time there were people that liked drawing fantasy creatures and anthropomorphic animals, and why not almost all our cartoons were made up of those at the time.
Hanging out online these people took to calling that style 'furry' because that's a lot easier to same than 'fantasy creatures and anthropomorphic animals'.
Therin folk took to hanging out with that community as well, and many were also artists. Therin in this context refers to folks that in one way or another that they have an animal or mythical soul of some sort. The term therin wasn't used at the time, they were just kind of lumped in as a sub-group of the furry community at the time.
Then came there were the furverts. Artists being human, some did 'sexy' drawings.. and that drew the attention of a different crowd. A porn hungry crowd that took the darkest parts of the furry fandom and owned them. These people were called furverts. Eventually they led a campaign against the rest of the community for discriminating against them and how terrible they were for it. There were battles over it, but the worst were also the loudest where the rest were artists and hippies, most more or less abandoned ship and ceded furrydom to the furverts. THEN came the pain in the ass the rest of us know, with these same people complaining about being discriminated against when the victorious furverts started spilling into other online communities and rolling around in their fetishes and claiming offense at other people being offended. Thus leading to them pretty much ruining anthropomorphic characters for the rest of us by earning so much ill-will from the rest of the internet that wasn't willing to put up with their shit.

>> No.25705079

Son, do you even know what political correctness is?

>> No.25705214

Effectively, furvert was the original name for the raging asshole furry that want to put their fetishes into everything and bitch and moan if you want to "stifle" him or her (still baffled by the female presence in that group, and on top of they they tend to be the most pissy about it).
Such a person is also a That Guy when playing or running tabletop games.

>> No.25705216

I feel for the kids these days (I'm counting everyone under, say, 20 or so, here) who have grown up knowing little more than the rotting face of current day furrydom.

I remember a time when I didn't know the Tiny Toons had inspired mountains of horrifying porn.

>> No.25705305

>still baffled by the female presence in that group

Side-note; if you ever find one of these women who you find attractive; give her the D.

At least once you should stick your dick in crazy and you can't get much crazier.

>> No.25705391

The force that drives the [stupid] euphemism treadmill.
Of course, you may have been poking fun at me because language does change with time. On the other hand, why shouldn't I try to drive it in directions that are [to me] plusgood?

Of course, what I'm really getting at is
>guilt by association
>convoluted history lesson
The best kind!
>Therin folk
Distinguish: therian

>guilt by association
I mean really. Every damn group has a subset of perverts, loudmouths, and others who make the entire group look bad [or different to most of the group]. Say, like how outsiders hear 4chan, and think of /b/.

Oh good, someone found that post.

>> No.25705401

Aye, same here.
Worst part is the artists that just stopped doing anything along those lines. My sister is/was a good artist, but she hasn't done anything particularly anthro or cartoony in many years. It was through her that I was aware of the whole 'furvert' drama. The community pretty much just shattered in the wake of that.

>> No.25705465

Well, I was never particularly into furry stuff.

But I didn't think of it as a horrifying den of nightmarish perversion, either.

Meanwhile, I just read through most of Usagi Yojimbo last summer, and thoroughly enjoying it. But then, I still had some of that time of innocence to draw upon and appreciate it.

It was a more innocent time...usually, people claiming that about some time in the past are full of shit, but it honestly was. At least in terms of the majority of people's exposure to the not so innocent stuff, I suppose.

>> No.25705565

>Distinguish: therian
You: probably spelling it right.
Mostly working from memory, but I'm referring to the more new-agey crowd that believe they were incarnations or reincarnations of animals or mythical beasts. Not a sexual thing, just a pseudo-religious spiritual thing. Some furverts co-opt that as well, but usually sounds more like making an excuse for their kink, though perhaps I'm just discriminating against them with that opinion.

>> No.25705641

Yeah. Usagi Yojimbo, Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, Tale Spin.. all stuff I'd love to game around today, but it seems like you'd be hard pressed to find a reasonable batch of people to run it with.

>> No.25705644

I wouldn't expect that all therians are furverts or vice-versa.
>therian, from therianthropy
The related term "otherkin" is for species we know only through fiction.

>Meanwhile, I just read through most of Usagi Yojimbo last summer
What is a good way to get [into] this?

>> No.25705678

Volume 1. Go from there.

I got mine from the public library system, your city might have them too.

>> No.25705777

>hard pressed to find a reasonable batch of people
Strangely, I have found it harder to find a game where I can play a straight-up dwarven craftsman.

>Also, since when are reasonable people common?
Was just wondering if there's collections or something. I shall check my book repository forthwith.

>> No.25705800

The series is collected into 25+ volumes. Not sure about larger book collections.

>> No.25706398

what series is this from? looks entertaining.

>> No.25708002


Is there going to be a last-minute save by Elvis appearing just to put down the revived Michael Jackson, before he goes back to... wherever it is he is at?

>> No.25708060

Not really. Wild harpies, in DnD, have terrible hygiene. But in an modern urban setting they shouldn't.

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